Sixshot smacks Decepticon Clones heads together

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Sixshot smacks Decepticon Clones heads together
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trailbreaker writes: Two Decepticons ... one mind .... literally.
Nacelle writes: Head On!
BattleConvoy writes: HEAD SMASHING IS COOOL!
Heckfire writes: NYUKNYUKNYUK...
Zeedust writes: When he was done, not even they knew which of them was which.
Galaxy_Convoy writes: Sixshot: BAM!!! Kick it up a notch! You gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette!
seminole1 writes: I told you two to leave me alone! Now look at ya.
shockblaster5 writes: After watching 8 hours of The Three Stooges, Sixshot's mine was completely warped.
Sixshot; Shaddup!
Pounce; wingspan, did you leave your Three Stooges DVD's out again?!?!?!?!
Galvatron; they don't know that I did it, soon every Deceptic
Roadshadow writes: Sixshot: Put your heads together!
Clones: God your puns suck.
DeltaSilver88 writes: Sixshot: "Let that be the last time I caught you coming home late again!!"
Decepticon Clones: "Oh, C'MON, Unca 'Shot!!!"
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Scatterlung writes: Sixshot: Ah! Blasted knock-offs!!
galvanostril writes: sixshot can do this because he is a badass.
Zeedust writes: "And until you tell me how to tell which of you is which, you'll get more of the same!"
Unknown writes: Head 2 head ya bastards!
Unknown writes: Dont pull a stunt like that again, you blundering idiots!
Unknown writes: An excerpt from Lord Alfred Tennyson Book"The Greatest Punishment"-In the days of old, before we as homo-sapiens could develop a sense of civilitiy, my mother would lecture me on proper nobility........
Unknown writes: Sixshot: Hey, Greatshot!! Betcha can't do this!!
Unknown writes: The Three Stooges-Headmasters Style!
Sixshot: Nyuk nyuk nyuk!
DKusanagi writes: SixShot: Ahhhhh...nothing like laying the smackdown on these two candy-asses
Zeedust writes: "NEVER mention Devil Gigatron around me again! EVER!"
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Nightshadow writes: OUCH!!!! That's gotta hurt!
Unknown writes: I reall, really really hate clone - how that's spidermans line.
Bruticus writes: Sixshot: Stupid . . . gimmicky . . . 1987 toys! BWAAAAAAA!"
ionacus writes: six shot:thats what you get for playing backstreet boys on my radio!!!! clones:urg!
Unknown writes: Ah... just finished baking this~ NO!!! My boysenberry pie a la mode~!
Bruticus Buckeye writes: These two Decepticons will find out why he is REALLY called Six Shot.
Bruticus Buckeye writes: These two Decepticons will find out why he is REALLY called Six Shot.
tfpredaking writes: I'm big enough for the both of ya, now get down there and start shinning my "nuts"!!
Unknown writes: Sixshot: Smashy smashy!
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Manchester Devil writes: Sixshot: Screw you guys, I'm goin' home!
Unknown writes: Hey Moe! Hey Moe! Woooooppppppp
Unknown writes: There can only be one(eat your heart out highlander)!
Unknown writes: *Drowning Pool plays in background* "Let the bodies hit the floor..."
Unknown writes: Unknown to all, Sixshot had another transformation: A 1986 AMC Van.
RandomFerret writes: "..There. They're both dead. ...Eeew, dead bodies!!"
Unknown writes: Lick yer spit off my feet NOW, punks!
RodimusPrime writes: Woah two deceptacons at one time.
Unknown writes: [sung] Shoo flies, don't bother me...
Shade writes: Duo MAxwell controlling Sixshot. I'm the god of death once more! Yee HA!!!
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Battle Angel writes: Magnetic personality there?
Dynamus Prime writes: Now kiss and make up!
Dynamus Prime writes: Now let's put our heads together...oops!
Firestorm writes: OK- time for a meeting of the minds!
Unknown writes: Sixshot: And if I catch you with my girlfriend again...
mouse writes: Outtake number 56...Sixshot battles the extras instead of the stuntmen...
Unknown writes: Yo dudes, check out my new Iversons!
Unknown writes: Sixshot:"Five dollah sucky-sucky,huh??Well, then, get to the sucky-sucky, already!!"
Pounce:"Dude, this blows!"
Wingspan:"You said a mouthful!!"
Unknown writes: Sixshot:"Yes, yes, bow before Sixshot!" Clones:"Wait, we thought you were Greatshot." Sixshot:"Damnit!"
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Unknown writes: Sixshot: Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!! Stop hitting yourself!!!
Unknown writes: Sixshot:oh great! My brother Greatshot coming over And you mess up the bathroom!
Unknown writes: Hasta la vista baby!
Sideswipe writes: arrrgghhhh Hulk Smash!!!!!!!!!!
Zero writes: (amuro ray within six-shot): ha! my gundam can kill you 2 in one shot!!!
Dynamus Prime writes: Ugh...Who mixes green and purple, anyway?
Chachi writes: Clones: *HURRRL!*

Sixshot: "Why, you drunken b*st*rds! I just had my feet shined!"
Sledge writes: "Hey! Who stole my underwear?"
Blast Cannon writes: Sixshot: I said mush!
Unknown writes: SS: EEEWWWWWW, Decepticon Lice!!!
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Unknown writes: SS: I am a great majician! Your clothes are purple!
Unknown writes: Sixshot:i said sugar wih my coffee not cream!!!!!!!!!1
Unknown writes: I need head? Howabout I give you two ninies some HEAD!!!! (Slams heads toghether)
Unknown writes: Sixshot reacts to the clones joke about him needing head by slamming their heads toghether.
Unknown writes: Wingspan: "What new shoes? I See no new shoes..." Pounce: "Yeah, youre not even wearing shoes! OUCH!!!" Sixshot: "Heheheh... Suckers..."
Unknown writes: How many times do I have to tell you two clowns, no Electron sauce! Extra Matrix oil!
Unknown writes: Now, I want a good clean fight ... no rough stuff see?
Unknown writes: SIXSHOT:-in Ermil Accent- And see we jsut add these spices and kick it up a notch BAM!!!
BOSSC351 writes: Attack of the Clones my ass.
iron hide writes: clones: WHAT WAS THAT FOR CHOO CHOO CHUMP
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Tiesemans writes: Damn doobies and Twinkies blocking my way,,better get me a smoke and quick,,,
Arioch writes: Kneel before Zod!!!
Unknown writes: I will kick you while you are down, stay still plz and keep your arms above your head so i can get you right in the ribs. thanks
Unknown writes: Ahahahah! Now I can reveal my true identity as an autobot! Arcee here I come!
FlyingWok writes: HULK SMASH! .. oops wrong cartoon.
Protoform X writes: 6sht:Boy, were just gvng thm the gay jk
Protoform X writes: Scene from Resident Evil:TF Edition
Protoform X writes: What? Generation 3? You idiots!!!;)
Eman writes: Apparently, two heads are NOT better than one!
Unknown writes: Pounce! Wingspan! Combined. (They die)
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FortMax writes: Sixshot: Wingspan..pounce there is a huge spider on you...WAP!...oh hell!
vash writes: what is it about my feet that you find so amusing.
Unknown writes: I tell you, Beast Wars is better than Beast Machines
Unknown writes: ECW! ECW! ECW!
Warpath writes: Let me show you the new way to give eachother head.
RhA writes: And so Sixshot failed once more in his quest to create a six-changing buddy.
Unknown writes: Look,If you put your heads together you can make an ass of yourself!
Unknown writes: And the coconut-like sound of their heads colliding secretly delighted Six-Shot...
Unknown writes: And the coconut-like sound of their heads colliding secretly delighted Six-Shot...
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Unknown writes: This is what the guys at do to idjits who go for the cheap sex joke.
Unknown writes: Stupid clones,Trix are for rabbits!
Unknown writes: "Woah guys! I knew my homemade apple snaps were tasty, but jesus!"
Unknown writes: 6sht: hey that big guy that hangs out with those 2 little guys wanna talk to you
Unknown writes: Now thats so much more fun than killing Autobots these dont fight back
Joe writes: ahh smashing the clones makes my day just fine hahahahhah
Cyberman writes: Now fetch me some coffe! Now!
Unknown writes: SixShot: Stop cloning around you guys!
Inhale writes: call that head? heres head for ya!
Unknown writes: How many times must I teach you this lesson, Clones?!!
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Cyberman writes: I SAID I WANTED A BEER! NOT A SODA!
Unknown writes: You clones combine, right? CLANG! Um, I guess not...
Unknown writes: Sixshot: How many times do i have to tell you two? They are my Gi Joes!
Unknown writes: Pounce and Wingspan--you two may have different bodies...but you share the same mind!
Unknown writes: Why do you think they call me SIXSHOT!?!
Unknown writes: Keep at it men! I am almost there!
Unknown writes: dont use your teeth while sucking please
Unknown writes: SIXSHOT:Let me show you two my "Three stooges" act....(he bonks their heads). NYUK,nyuk,nyuk!
Unknown writes: I want a sealed jetfire !
Unknown writes: Crap!I broke your heads and I broke a nail,YOU BASTRDS!
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Black Arachnis writes: WHAT!?you said to arcee that I`m gay?take that!*smashes their heads together*stupid clones!
Dj Flash writes: How many times have i told you! NO more wild parties while im away
Unknown writes: Sixshot:... and by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband, and uh... husband. (under his breath)these gay weddings are just freaky...
davewelttf writes: Sixshot:Now, stay out of my car mode!
Unknown writes: alright lets see you combine now
Shermtron writes: SS: Two heads are better when there smashed together!!!!
Royal writes: Metrostars tickets??? I wanted Mets tickets!!! *crack*
Royal writes: WHAT? You like Megatron better!!!??? GRRRRRR
Royal writes: How gave a G1 Optimus Prime figure for my birthday... IDIOTS!!! *crack*
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Royal writes: Allow me to demonstrate what happens to people who FAIL me.
Optimus Primevil writes: 6shot:Hulkamania is not dead! Let me show it to you.
Cyberman writes: HEADBUTTING TIME!!
vash writes: Bend down a take it like the wusses you are!yeah!Suck it!
Slappyfrog writes: Tell me guys, does it hurt when I do this?
Protoform X writes: Sixshot: Steven Seagal sends his regards...
Protoform X writes: You did WHAT with my Playboy Collection?!?
Protoform X writes: Today on Jerry Springer:The decepticon Clone that slept with your wife!
Protoform X writes: I said a #3 extra vlu meal W/O Pickel! W/O!
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Pokejedservo writes: 6shot: Hey guys knock yourselves out! (Under his breath) Literally...
Protoform X writes: (This is the last time I sponsor a special olympian...)
Protoform X writes: I compel you, with the power of the lord Jesus Christ...
Protoform X writes: Experiment #5671 Do clones have the ability to feel pain...?
Racer X writes: Wow, 2 for the price of 1!
Unknown writes: IMBECILES! This caption sucks!
Unknown writes: You die now!!!
Unknown writes: Double the Headd, double the plesure....AHHH!
Unknown writes: Bow to your master!
Cyberman writes: TAKE THIS!
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