Optimus w/ arms around Autobots

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Optimus w/ arms around Autobots
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trailbreaker writes: Back rubs for everyone !
VioMeTriX writes: OPTIMUS: I now pronounce you man and wife, I'm so proud
Optimum Supreme writes: Ironhide: "Prime, personal space!"
Rainmaker writes: Optimus Prime: I'm sorry about what happened in DOTM, I tried convincing Michael Bay to cut that part out but he wouldn't budge.
Bee's Girlfriend writes: Hey, guys! I'm shoving you closer together... SO KISS ALREADY!!!
trailbreaker writes: Optimus invites Ironhide and Wheeljack to "have some candy" in his "van."
Crashcomet writes: WJ: (thinking) Just a little bit more, Prime, and I'll blow that smug face of yours off with my shoulder gun!
michellatron writes: ....and that, Ironhide and Wheeljack, were my experiences in the 60s. It was all about something they called free love. There was a lot of hugging, just like this.
Zeedust writes: Wheeljack: "Tough break on the moie designs, guys..."

Ironhide: "Yeah, yeah... How'd Jacky here get spared, anyways?"

Optimus: "Apparently, Micheal Bay didn't think there was that much the needed to be changed.&quo
seminole1 writes: Optimus: Can you guys find out if Elita's cheating on me with Tracks.
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Unknown writes: Optimus Prime:Then we started to kick megatron in the groin!It was awesome!

Ironhide(thinking):I hate it when he tells us about High School.
Roadshadow writes: Prime: Let's be friends!!!
Ironhide: Yep, he's lost it.
Scatterlung writes: Prime: Guys...They're writing the movie...I just wanted to say I love you...
DestronMatrix writes: Prime:"eventhough you guys killed humans, stole energon, joined the decepticons and stole the matrix I forgive you"

Ironhide(to wheeljack):"man he will forgive anythng."

Wheeljack:"yeah it's great"
trailbreaker writes: "Do you all think Tracks is gay?"
Godfather Bluto writes: OP: I'm sorry u guys for u will die in 20 years and i'll be ressurected while you guys are disintgrated.

ShYnE writes: All: 99 bottles of energon on the wall, 99 bottles of energon.......
Prowl Worshipper writes: OP: I don't know how to tell you this, but...there is no Santa Claus.

I: WHAT!? Slagging hell, you mean I've been behaving myself all year for NOTHING?

WJ: Thanks, Prime. Now what is there to live for?
Demona writes: Now tell santa what you want for Christmas.
Zeedust writes: Optimus: "Okay... We died in the movie and you two don't come back in the cartoon... That's the bad news. But look on the bright side, there's still the comics."
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Unknown writes: Optimus: You guys REALLY wanna screw with the Decepticons? Ok, here's the plan: Ironhide, you cruise on over to the MegaloMart and pick up an industrial sized container of KY Jelly. Wheeljack, I'm gonna need you to make a stop at Walmart
Zu Darkness writes: Optimus: Okay huddle around..the depections may have the lead by 4 points and this is the last play of the game but with our special play we can't lose

Ironhide: What's the plan

Wheeljack: Do we make use of my Atomic Warheads?
Shadow Fox writes: Optimus- hehe, it's alright, just a bit closer and I'll tell you the secret of the Matrix...
Zeedust writes: Optimus: "So, Wheeljack, now your name's been reused too. How does it feel?" Wheeljack: "Like being raped, but without the sex." Ironhide: "Hey, at least your name went to someone cool in Armada...
Unknown writes: Have I ever told you I love you?
Unknown writes: Prime: All right now, you two go play with the nice Decepticons, Prime's got an important meeting with a giant tub of popcorn and the MST3K marathon, mmmkay?
Unknown writes: (musical note) Can you feel the looooooooove tonight? (musical note)
Unknown writes: We've got to go on this anger management session with the Decepticons.
Unknown writes: Prime: Ironhide, Wheeljack... Help me...

Ironhide: But Prime, I tought it was your job today to change Marissa's diapers...

Prime: I know Ironhide, but I have to make a special run to Autobotcity...
Unknown writes: And now we retun to our main event on HBO.... "Three Autobots and a baby"
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Unknown writes: "Does anyone else think Huffer smells funny today?"
Zu Darkness writes: I've decided the right course of action to rid the Depections. We'll like GI Joe do it and we'll just move on back to cybertron
Unknown writes: Optimus: As it stands, Wheel jack double crosses us in Armada...
IronHide: What about me?
Optimus: Um..you die in the movie and come back in RID as a cow printed pickup truck wioth ninja moves...
WheelJack: ::Chuckle Snort::
Unknown writes: Prime: "Now I want you two to shake hands and make up. Go on...."
Unknown writes: Poontucket.
Broadside writes: Come on it'll be good for the three of us
Unknown writes: now you 2 kiss...
Chrono writes: Look if he's askes i was swith you guys alllll nightt...right?
Unknown writes: c'mon boys, now i know you want to please your leader. shh..itll be our little secret...dont cry, i just wanna watch.
Unknown writes: Prime:Big hug!
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Unknown writes: Pime:Big hug!
Unknown writes: I will pay you one million dollars to sleep with your wife.
Unknown writes: Prime:ok here's the plan
1)we jump and go boo when the decepticons come.
2)then we make weird faces. heheheh
Ironhide:Prime you've had to much energon
Unknown writes: "Hey Ironhide, where's your other hand?"
Unknown writes: Optimus-"All right no more fighting, now kiss and make-up........ make it a long deep kiss, make it long and sexy,...... blah blah......... and after your finished blowing him say what a lovely tea party we had. As for me, I'll just watc
ryo777 writes: PRIME: "You are NOT alone!...I am HERE with you!...Though you're far away...(Prime calms his fellow Autobots by singing Michael Jackson).
ryo777 writes: PRIME: Now calm down Ironhide, listen to Wheeljack. Sideswipe called you a "Red truck", not a "Redneck".
ryo777 writes: Prime:Hahaahhaaha!!! I got bad news, both of you LOSERS die in the movie!!
Wheeljack: Uh, NEWSFLASH, so do you MORON!!
ryo777 writes: Awright fellas, I checked with Ratchet, and our tests came back negative. The 3way is now a "GO"!!
Unknown writes: "Hey guys....did you think Wheeljack's pork chops were a bit dry tonight?"
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Unknown writes: would you guys mind if we went GREYHOUND?
Unknown writes: We have fun, don't we?
Unknown writes: Optimus:Okay guys, here's the plan,(whispers)Got it? Wheeljack and Ironhide nod Optimus: Okay, and break!
Unknown writes: Optimus: "u guyz"
Starscream K'dash writes: OP(sluring):I....Love U guys,now Help me cripple the bastards from mainframe and the other bastards who created RID.
Ironhide: Uhh.....wha?
Wheeljack:who wrote this crap,anyway? oh yeah It was K'dash. ;)
Unknown writes: W: Does too! I: Does not! W: Does too! I: Does not! OP: Hey guys, what's all the fighting about? I and W: SHUT UP! W: Does too! I: Does not! OP: (sighs) I quit.
Unknown writes: OP: The next part of this Anger Management program is to learn how to resolve our indifferences.
Ironhide: But Prime!
Ripley writes: Optimus: GROUP HUG!!!!
Alexander writes: Optimus: Whoaa!! Wasted!!
Ironhide: I told You lay off da Sh!t.
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Unknown writes: Wheeljack: Prime, do you see this thing I'm pointing in your face? OP: (gulp) Yes, I do. Wheeljack: If you ever hug me again, Prime, You are gonna find this in your face again; and I'll not be responsible for what happens next. Ironhide:
Unknown writes: Prime:"See this 'bot? This bot is the bot." Ironhide:"Prime, did you get into the energon again?"
Unknown writes: Optimus: Did I ever tell you guys how much I love you?
Wheeljack: you took him drinking again didnt you Ironhide?
Unknown writes: ok this is the plan. When rachtet comes along, iron hide u trip him, wheeljacvks u sit on him. Irondhie: What about you Prime? Prime: Time for a wedgie prime style
RandomFerret writes: OP: "..Now you both know what to do. Let's keep this.. 'in the family'."
IH: "Jeez, Prime, you almost had me there. That Don Corleone accent gave it away, though. You're too funny!&qu
Unknown writes: OP: how come they didn't shape you guys like your toys?
Wheelejack: you mean my beautiful face is ruined?!
Ironhide: i don't know, i just wanted to look more human myself.
RodimusPrime writes: Just then Optimus decides to persue a career as a priest. "Now Boyz u both no wut will happen if u tell your parents wut happened"
RodimusPrime writes: Now boys you all know that your parents don't need to no wut we did today.
Manchester Devil writes: OP: OK! Which one of you took Elita to bed!?
Unknown writes: Now I want you to say you're sorry...like you MEAN it this time.
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Unknown writes: "now let's get closer we need the heat"
Firestorm writes: Prime: I'm going off with Alita 1 for a little bit. If I'm not back, don't bother coming to get me.
Firefly writes: GROUP HUG!
Unknown writes: We are all going to be re-issued so that people can dont have to get ripped off buying a G-1
APOLLO writes: Optimus "All right guys, it's fourth and goal, and the Decepticons are up by six points. Ironhide, I'm gonna hand the ball to you and your gonna pass it to Wheeljack in the end zone."

Ironhide "Sounds like a
Unknown writes: Prime: Listen you two, Wheeljack didn't mean to blow you up Ironhide.But as punishment for your actions, I'm going to now bonk your heads together!
Unknown writes: Optimus: Ironhide, don't grab my ass in a huddle. Ironhide: Sorry Prime. Wheeljack: That it, I'm joining the Gobots.
Unknown writes: Optimus: Ironhide, don't grab my ass in a huddle. Ironhide: Sorry Prime. Wheeljack: That it I'm joining the Gobots.
Dynamus Prime writes: Hey, Ironhide! Do you remember the time I dipped you and Wheeljack in tar and stuck you to the backside of an angry robo-water-buffalo?
Unknown writes: Prime: "Wheeljack, Ironhide...I feel like I've known you both for such a long time..." *Attempts to kiss them, Wheeljack laughs, "Good thing i welded that face mask on, we expected this day to come."
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Vector Sigma writes: "I gotta tell you guys...this Preperation H works miracles!"
MEGATRON writes: Autobot group therapy.
Unknown writes: "Sorry to bother you guys, I have to fill out this health insurance thing...how many times have I died again?"
Unknown writes: Prime::whispers::"Have either of you guys seen my damn trailer?"
Sky-Byte writes: Ironhide: Uhhh....Yeah...Prime, could you back up about a foot and a half?
Unknown writes: Optimus: "...and so you see, Simford & Simon were not brothers in real life, only on television."
Unknown writes: Optimus:"I have good news, and I have bad news. The bad news is we all DIE in the movie. The good news...for me...is I come back."
Ironhide:"What about us?"
Optimus:"Nice knowing you, boys."
Unknown writes: "READYYY BREAK!!!"(clap)
Unknown writes: its about time we, as autobots, begin to explore new facets of our manhood.
Unknown writes: Optimus:" Guys, I really, really love you."
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Heather Prime writes: ya optimus pirme, iron hide, and wheeliejack hug with to me make happy hope to autobots
Unknown writes: Wheeljack "Hmmm last time I play spin the bottle"
Unknown writes: Prime "hey who touched my ass"
Unknown writes: prime: I love you.You love me were a happy
Ironhide:shut up!
Unknown writes: (Drunk) did I ever tell you guys how much I love ya?
Sideburn writes: "Now, I want you two to kiss."
Unknown writes: Optimus:Hey boys, I made some nice wholes for watching Arcee by having a shower. Wanna seeeee?
Unknown writes: los amo mis queridos colegas, pero los voy a despedir,porque mueren en la pelicula
Sideswipe writes: hey guys ummm lets not tell hot rod about this thing between me and arcee ok. Theres some extra energon and ummm Ill give each of you a turn on arcee if you promise!
Ironhide: Yeehoo Im in
wheeljack: can I stick her prime?
Unknown writes: autobotthreesomebabytherewillbesomecumguzllintonightbitches
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Dynamus Prime writes: Prime, the mediator: Now kiss and make up!
ToXmAn writes: did you guys kwew about sideswipe and megatron ? (http://www.seibertron.com/caption/index.php?id=79)
Prowl writes: op:" GROOP HUG FOR ALL!!!"
Unknown writes: Optimus: Did I ever tell you the time I kick magatons ass? Ironhide: Maybe a million times!
Unknown writes: Optimus: Ok. Ionhide you take the left. Wheeljack you take the right.
Ionhide: I dun get it.. *Wheeljack klunks him on da head*
Unknown writes: O.K. I need you two to doubleteam Shaq while I drive it to the hoop
Unknown writes: Optimus: Can you guys just feel the love? ^_^
Sledge writes: Prime -- "I just slapped a KICK ME sign on their backs!"
Unknown writes: I just had this urgent feeling that i needed to say to you guys: You are a bunch of lame a$$holes!
Unknown writes: PRIME: Hey guys...
You ever consider tryying that whole...Combinding thing? And I mean that in the totaly none Robosexual way!
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iron hide writes: OPTIMUS: BIG HUG! IRON HIDE your scaren me prime
Unknown writes: Prime: "Hey Guy did you know that i can transform into a semi? Did you??! HAHAHA"
Unknown writes: Ironhide, Wheeljack, I have a mission fo--.. hmm (rubs their backs), have you two been working out?
Unknown writes: Ironhide, Wheeljack, have you guys ever been in a turkish prison?
Unknown writes: Iromhide, Wheeljack, do you guys like gladiator movies?
Unknown writes: Good work, Wheeljack and Ironhide! You two make me very proud!
Unknown writes: Prime, that is unwanted intimicy your doing.
Unknown writes: Tell me boyz, do you think just because I am rich and powerfull, a girl like Angelina Jolie could fall for me?
Unknown writes: I know I know its hard on all of us. The tremendous loss of that cute little bunny will stay in each and every one of us till the rest of our lives....
Unknown writes: Dont tell anyone I have peed oil on my sheets the other night.
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Unknown writes: Dudes, have you seen my car?
Unknown writes: Trust me on this one guys, tonight were gonna be lucky in Vegas
Unknown writes: Ironhide, you are like the son I never had. What about me, Prime? ERrr... Wheeljack you too, but more like the girl I never had.
Unknown writes: Prime:My name is Optimus Prime and I have a problem.
Unknown writes: alright wheeljack you go long and ironhide go short, on three...ready!
Unknown writes: What if transformers was
an educational program for Kids 4 and under,
Unknown writes: Hey Buddy, spare some change for bot down on his luck?
Unknown writes: all right you guys 3secs left on the clock the score is 1000&1000 iam going for a fild goal,ready break!later all right who put lead in the foot ball megatron on the side line:hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
Optimus Primevil writes: optimus:"Share the love fellas"
FortMax writes: What if Transformers were written by the people who do 7th heaven
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Otacon writes: Optimus: now guys i know u aint very comfortable with this threesome idea but trust me you WILL enjoy it!!
Unknown writes: optimus:"why you guys starring at me like that?"
Unknown writes: Do you Ironhide take Wheeljack to be your lawfully wedded wife?
Unknown writes: "Guys, I never told you this before, but... I love you!"
Divebomb writes: You know that old friend, well come here I got somthing to show you!
Unknown writes: GROUP HUG!!!
Unknown writes: Now look Ironhide, Just because you saw something in the movie "deliverance", that does not give you permission to make Wheeljack "sqial like a pig"
Unknown writes: hey guys! i just wanted to tell you the ark is a little smelly right now i ate a bean burrito this morning and wheewwww!
brian writes: optimus: I love you guys
ironhide:no you dont
Unknown writes: Optimus: Ironhide you take the con on the right, wheeljack your center. AND BREAK
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Unknown writes: Lets get married! I just love you guys to heck!
Unknown writes: optimus:lads, i think ive drunk to much 4 star fuel,
Ironhide: wot??? get away from me!
Unknown writes: Another clue to the identity of the true optimus....the clone got a little....personal with the other Autobots
Unknown writes: hola optimus prime yo te admiro y teago referencia
de esta nota con un video que se llama the rockestar an rock superestar
Unknown writes: Now boys, do it just like the priest showed you.
Arioch writes: Do you guys ever get that "not-so-fresh feeling?
Monzo writes: ok boyfriends lets jump to the jacuzzi
maxus writes: this is cool picture.....
i like wheel jack ,optimus prime,and inronhide
Unknown writes: Guys, do you ever get that not-so-fresh feeling?
Stacey writes: My name is Optimus Prime and I drink.
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Dj Flash writes: Prime: Now boys im goin make u an offer u cant refuse
Unknown writes: Prime: I read a report in the Cybertron Times that hugging is good for morale.
Unknown writes: Optimus: Nice job, guys, I, ouch! Wheeljack, your stupid shoulder lazer rifle poked me right in the chest!
Wheeljack: Sorry, Optimus. My bad.
Terrorscream writes: op:can u hold me up,my backs gone!
Unknown writes: Wheeljack, Ironhide--you two have done very well rescuing Spike & Carly from the Decepticons.
Unknown writes: Wheeljack, Ironhide--you two deserve most of the credit for finding the cure for scraplets...namely, water!
Unknown writes: op:you see wheelhack and ironhide, when i mommy robot and a daddy robot..
WJ: we know darnit
Unknown writes: optimus, "dont tell elita1 this, but me and soundwave have a little fling going on" ironhide/wheeljack "ohhh we know, dont worry your secret is safe with us boss"
Unknown writes: optimus"can i tell you 2 a secret", ironhide/wheeljack "sure opt, anything",, optimus"i stepped on bumblebee in the dreamwave comic issue 1 second printing" ironhide/wheeljack "hahahahahahaha,
Unknown writes: Optimus: I have a plan, we go the year 2005, sneak up on Hot Rod and kill him before my death.
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Royal writes: Optimus Prime: I know how you guys feel. I hate to die in the movies too!
Unknown writes: OPTIMUS PRIME:Psst!Look guys; I need you two to tell RODIMUS that ULTRA MAGNUS,ARCEE, ALITA-1 and myself are sneaking off on a double date. Thanks for covering me up. IRONHIDE and WHEELJACK:As long as we get paid $1000 cyberdollars.
Prowl writes: OP:I love you guys.
WJ&IH:Your not geting our ener-beer!
Unknown writes: Optimus: Good work you two, you killed Wheelie!
Unknown writes: Optimus: You two are the best!
Warpath writes: If you two want to be alone all you had to do was ask me
davewelttf writes: Prime:I just wanted to tell you, I love you.
Wheeljack:Who you talking to?
Prime:huh? oh Slag!
Black Arachnis writes: prime:now you two kiss and make up!ironhide:but prime he started it!wheeljack:did not!
Hellscream writes: So...do you boys like movies about gladiators?
Unknown writes: Good work, Wheeljack and Ironhide! You two were highly instrumental in the defeat of Devastator.
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Unknown writes: Good work, Wheeljack and Ironhide! You two did a fantastic job of, uh...putting me back together! I was thrilled to pieces when I saw Elita-One for the first time in four million years!
Unknown writes: Good work, Wheeljack and Ironhide! You two did a fantastic job of bringing me back to life!
Unknown writes: Good work, Wheeljack and Ironhide! You two did a fantastic job guarding our headquarters. :)
Jeremy writes: prime: great guys u won the football game to celebrate im takring u to robohooters ironhide: i dont wont to bather my girlfriend at work
Unknown writes: Prime: "Ironhide, I know Wheeljack is no Chromia, but..."
Unknown writes: Optimus: Guys, I have soemthing to tell you............
Slappyfrog writes: Optimus: "You can merge like Devastator! I know you can! Prowl, Mirage, Hound, get over here!"
Pokejedservo writes: The Anti-"Optimus has a Bad Day!" picture, now all it needs is Mirage.
Riptide writes: Optimus: "Group Hug!"
Wheeljack: "Not again!"
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