Ratchet stands in front of Optimus

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Ratchet stands in front of Optimus
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trailbreaker writes: G1 Masterpiece Prime is big !
digigirl411 writes: Optimus Prime I thought I told you to stay back at the Autobot headquarters. Its doctors orders!
LoEM_1942 writes: Ratchet: So a Mazda walks into a bar-
Optimus: That's enough, stop right there.
Ratchet: But it's the best one yet.
Optimus: We need to get moving Ratchet.
Ratchet: What's the difference between BMWs and Porcupines?
Optimus: RATCHET!
Rainmaker writes: Ratchet: Now, Prime. First things first, were do you keep your trailer?
Crashcomet writes: R: Prime. Prime. Prime, my face is up here.
Zeedust writes: "Slag it, Prime, I'm a doctor, not a traffic cop!"
bringo writes: You can't just say stop and expect me to stop.
You did though....
bringo writes: Ratchet, you don't understand this human game of "Chicken" do you?
Michael9R writes: Mr. driver show of your papers
Roadshadow writes: Optimus Prime: Get out of the DAMN WAY! I'm trying to get to Burger King.
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DarkDranzer writes: R: Halt!! Yeah, like I forgot the time that you ran over a few innocent bystanders at Autobot City!!

OP: What!? They were Decepticons and they were the bad guys, and anyways how would you know? I thought you were dead when that happened!!

R: ...I go
Garurublue writes: "Can you see me now?!"
King Slick writes: Rachet: ...and about those unpaid parking tickets, they are not going to pay themseleves! That and the cost of energon production...and that also brings up the damage caused to the town of...
Rachet: That
Towline writes: Jim Bob I can't let you drive that truck. Megatron will think you're Optimus Prime and blow you to smitherenes.
Warhead writes: optimus-HIT AND RUN!!!!
galvanostril writes: a hystorical photograph taken in iacon square.
Zeedust writes: Since Scourge's "End of Evangelion" routine was such a big hit with the Coaption Contest audience, Ratchet tries to appeal to the anime fans in the crowd by recreating a scene from episode 4 of Komugi, with a littl help from Optimus. Too l
Marv writes: Ratchet only noticed his mistake when Prime suddenly tapped him on the shoulder and asked him why the heck he'd been talking to a perfectly ordinary truck for fourty-five minutes straight.
juggaloG writes: O: Get outta the way, Ratchet! I got some Decepticons to fight!
R: No way, Prime! I haven't medically cleared you to fight yet! The only way you're fighting the Decepticreeps today is over my dead body!
(Runs over Ratchet)
O: Alrig
Demona writes: why is it that all these g1 guys seem to grow or shrink whenever they transform?
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Zeedust writes: Ratchet: "It's not looking good, Prime. I don't think your trailer's coming back."

Prime: "You're a DOCTOR, slag it! Do something!"

Ratchet: "There's nothing I can do... I'm sorry."
Magnus writes: Ratchet: No one may pass by me, until they answer these questions three.

Optimus Prime: Remove him.
Suzuki writes: Okay, I realize you're upset about how fat your new Energon form makes you look, but you can't stay locked up in your G1 alternate mode all day!
Zeedust writes: Ratchet: "New paint job, Magnus?"

Prime: "Yes, Ratchet, I know Ultra Magnus and I both have the same cab in vehicle mode. YOu know what else we have in common? WE'RE BOTH SICK OF PEOPLE BEING SNARKY ABOUT IT!&q
Shadow Fox writes: Ratchet- I don't see how your plan works optimus? You run me over then what...?

Optimus- Hehe..annoying bitch..

Ratchet- what was that optimus?

Optimus- Oh..nothing..nothing just trust me, this will help us defeat the decepticons..trruus
Unknown writes: Ratchet: THIS is a nice Earth artifact! An old 18-wheeler! Let's have a look-see here... Prime: It's ME, Ratchet, your boss...Optimus Prime! Rachet: Sorry, boss!
Unknown writes: ...and then I looked him square in the optical receptor and says "sorry about that, sport, but I didn't realize you had dual exhaust" get it Prime?...dual exhaust?".
Unknown writes: Get off the road, Ratchet. I don't want another story of you having sex with Cathy Lee Gifford again.
Unknown writes: ratchet will you move so i dont crash into you, AGAIN!
Spitfire writes: Ratchet: Oh no you don't! You're grounded!!! Now get back to the Ark pronto before I strip your wheels and lock you in car mode! Prime: But I wanna go fight the Decepticons!
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Unknown writes: I'm sorry, sir, but this path is blocked off due to reconstructive repairs. The detour is this way.
deezel2003 writes: i can't let you drive optimus, you've had too much to drink
thexfile writes: Ratchet: hey prime pul my finger...

Optimus : if you do'nt get out of the way i'll give you the finger Ratchet...

Ratchet : ha ha you stopt anyhow ha ha

Optimus : we must stop him telling yokes.. tsss
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Please, stop. Dont kill me.
Zu Darkness writes: Racket: I'm sorry but your taillight is out that'll be a $50.00 fine. Prime: $50.00 fine my a--. Transfors and beats the hell out of Ractchet
Rhys writes: Liscense, Registration and Insurance certificate please Mr. Prime.
Unknown writes: STOP!!!!
Unknown writes: there you go prime all nice and clean
Unknown writes: op: can I pass becuase I have a load to carry!
Unknown writes: rachet:stop right there!
optimus:what did I do now? rachet:you were about to hit me!
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Unknown writes: Okay, Prime. This is how we do it. I will jump from the mountain and then you will hit me as hard as you can.
Unknown writes: optimus prime auditions for "Dule"
Zu Darkness writes: Rachat gets runover by Optiums Prime for declaring leadership over the autobats

Serino 2: Sorry Prime you must duel me to pass
Unknown writes: Ratchet:"None shall pass!"
Prime:"Crap, he's been watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail again."
Shadow writes: Optimus: But I don't see a toll booth. Do I really need to pay five bucks?
Unknown writes: from Diana Ross and the Supremes "Stop in the name of Love"
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Stop for a minute, antz're comin' through.
Unknown writes: Ratchet: "Prime, I don't think you'll pass the State inspection." You have a headlight out."
Unknown writes: "Okay okay! I'll get you the Energon. Just don't run me over."
Unknown writes: Prime... just how many licks DOES is take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
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PlasmaRadio writes: Ratchet: "Gee, I never noticed you had an all leather interior."
PlasmaRadio writes: Ratchet: "For the last time, JUST TELL ME WHERE YOUR TRAILER GOES WHEN YOU TRANSFORM!"
Broadside writes: Can i see your license sir?
Unknown writes: rachet:optimus! slow down!
Unknown writes: Do i look fat in this?
slizerpro writes: Op(driving at 20 mph)- Get outa the way! Move, Move, Move!
Unknown writes: Optimus: Fill it up with Premium, and try to get the bugs off the windows.
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Excuse me, but I need to see your Licence, Registration, and Proof of Insurance.
Unknown writes: Optimus: Ratchet!!! This is not a cross walk!!!!
Shadowen writes: The original dialgoue was as follows:

RATCHET: ...and that's why the French don't wash. OP: Ohhhh...
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frank writes: "Ratchet, waddya mean I left my trailer back at Headquarters ??"
Unknown writes: Optimus, don't be alarmed,but you just ran over a kid!
USAF Prime writes: *Ratchet* I can't take it anymore!! Goodbye cruel world!! *Optimus* You watched Armada again didn't you?
Unknown writes: Optimus: "Nice rack."
Unknown writes: op- ratchet will you sop writing "wash me" on my windows?
Unknown writes: Optimus: Hey Ratchet, have you seen Daniel or Spike anywhere? Ratchet: Oh, he was standing right in front of--uh oh.
Unknown writes: OP: Hey Brittany Spears where's Justin? Ha ha ha!
R: I'd kill you but the ratings drop every show your not in.
OP: You Know, one punch of the gas pedal and you'll be flat.
R: Then give your best shot!! Please!!
Unknown writes: If ya don't get outta da the way, I'm gonna hafta run ya down. Really...I'm serious...I'll do it...don't push me...oh, never mind, here's the five bucks.
Unknown writes: OP: But Ratchet, I mean it. I'm really Optimus Prime. R: Yeah, yeah. you and every other tractor trailer around here. Now scram, pal, before I call out the cavalry.
Unknown writes: "Sorry Prime. Your 500,000 mileage has expired and I can't let you go any further."
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Unknown writes: Aww comon optimus let me drive we have been lost for 7 hours because of your lousy directions!!!!!
Unknown writes: Ratchet: How many fingers am I holding up?
Glen writes: R: Sure, you're over 21! Let's see some ID?
RandomFerret writes: "Prime, answer me! I know it's you! Aargh, you get like this whenever anybody needs money. I need that breast reduction surgery!
Unknown writes: Hey prime, both me and Ironhide wanted human bodys because we didn't like our toy designs!
RodimusPrime writes: Ratchet:"Does pappa like what he sees?" Prime:"Yes I do belive he does"
Unknown writes: Optimus "Ratchet do these head lights make my tailgate look big"
Unknown writes: Prime:"Autobots! Transform and Rollout! Rollout! Rollout! Rollout! Rollout! Rollout! Now ware'd u git dem platnum neklis wit dem dimondz in it!?!...."
Ratchet:"Prime, I lost the straw drawing contest to chose who&#
Unknown writes: Ratchet: "Excuse me Prime. Are those PEP Boys your wearing?" Optimus Prime: "Why, yes it is Ratchet." Ratchet: "I knew it!"
Unknown writes: Look Ratchet, Ive been animated totaly out of proportion again! ...unless uve been made to look smaller..yes that must be it. Now get in and stop whining we are not stopping at Dennys
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Galvatron writes: Ratchet: Sorry, Prime, It's still five bucks to get through, even if you are the Autobot Leader.

Prime: I'm sooo..gonna kick your ass.
Firefly writes: 50 POINTS!
Unknown writes: (Prime thinking Ratchet's a hooker) "How much do you charge love?"
Dynamus Prime writes: Ratchet: Fifteen dollars, little man. Put that @%*) in my hand. Optimus (think): Damn, rap sucks.
Unknown writes: You ratchet dude, pi$$ my windows clean will ya
Unknown writes: Ratchet: "Listen up pretty boy, I DO NOT CARE If you have the freakin' Matrix inside of you! EVERYONE pays the toll jackass, now spill you dough or for god's sake ROLL OUT!"
Unknown writes: now roll over and play dead.
Replimus Prime writes: Ratchet: Oh, uh I'm sorry you looked like a friend of mine.
TeleTran2005 writes: Prime: Ratchet, I never noticed your hugh rack.
Unknown writes: Where the hell is your trailer anyway?
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Unknown writes: Ratchet- now prime you know you cant suck it unless you transform
Unknown writes: When Ratchet started talking to trucks, the other Autobots got worried...
Unknown writes: Op:"Hurry up, Ratchet! I think a cop car is coming!"
Ratchet:"Man, I hate having to pee on the side of the road on the way home from the bar!!"
Amph writes: let me get that out your eye
Unknown writes: Ratchet:"Hey Optimus, does this look infected?"
Unknown writes: Ratchet:ummm optimus the speed limit is....Ow...
Dynamus Prime writes: GET THE @%#$ OUTTA MY WAY, YOU CRAZY TOURIST!!
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Prime! Stop!
Prime:(running over Ratchet)Sorry Ratchet! Can`t stop! Gotta get this weed to my dealers!
Unknown writes: Prime:...WOA!....
Unknown writes: R:Are your windshields always that big, or are you just happy to se me?
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Unknown writes: P: WOA!Thats a big chest plate!You could compete with Alita-1 in the wet t-shirt contest.
Unknown writes: *Splat!* Optimus: Oops! Sorry, Ratchet! Are you okay?
Sledge writes: Ratchet -- "Can I clean your windshield, mister?"
Windcharger writes: I see your schwartz is as big as mine.
Unknown writes: BUT PRIME!! LISTEN RATCHET! We dont have enough energon to keep banging these chicks all night, I want you to make a special run to Autobotbase here on Earth...
Unknown writes: Hitchiking Rule Number 47: Never attempt to use your big metal breast to slow an on coming truck..."
Unknown writes: Good idea: hitchhiking
Bad idea: hitchhike while standing in the direct path of the vheicle.
Unknown writes: Prime: "What? Oh! I thought you said go TRUCK yourself..."
Unknown writes: alright alright....how much have u had to drink?....heres the breathalizer
Unknown writes: Hell with it prime! I just decided to RE-ISSUE you instead of putting you together with scrap parts....PRETTY SMART EH ?
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Unknown writes: greetings optimus,
lookin good today. let me guess new paintjob?
Unknown writes: greetings optimus,
lookin good today. let me guess new paintjob?
Unknown writes: Does this windshield make me look fat?
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Stop looking at my chest, perv.
Unknown writes: Sorry Prime, but you are underaged to enter this club.
Unknown writes: Prime: Caught you red-handed!
Ratchet: But wait till you see what collor I painted your cab. hehehehehe."
Prime: It was red to begin with, ASS!
Jeremy writes: rachet: no offence but u look kind dumb like this veiw of a truck
Unknown writes: Hey..eyes UP mister.
Jonathan writes: Ra: "Common Prime, everyone on the team needs their anual enema." OP: "I am NOT Transforming!"
Maxi-con writes: Say man, can you spare a quarter
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ToXmAn writes: They went that Way !!!!!
Unknown writes: Hmmm.... no, I cant remember seeing your trailer lately Prime.
Unknown writes: Rachet: Carley?! Spike!? no humping in Prime!!
Unknown writes: Most of the time I prefer the other person on their knees for this, but this could be intresting
Maximus Prime writes: How fast were you going?
Maximus Prime writes: How much were you going?
Rodimus Primal writes: Ratchet: Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?
Unknown writes: Prime: Ratchet, I need you to fix my brakes...(SPLAT)
Unknown writes: I will gladly pay you on Tuesday for an energon cube today (think Whimpy)
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Unknown writes: Ratchet: Now this is a stick up! Prime: Stick this up, your rear! *runs him over*
Dj Flash writes: Ratchet: Alright liscence and Registration Prime. Prime:Awww come on...
Dj Flash writes: Alright Liscence and Registration Prime:Awww come on...
Unknown writes: Optimus: Move it Ratchet!
Unknown writes: Prime: Where is Spike? Ratchet: I could swear he was right here a minute ago...
Unknown writes: "Also meine Freunden Transformiert euch und...
Hey! Prime, We are not on the Germans Network anymore...
Unknown writes: "IT IS I PRIME!"
Unknown writes: Remember the times that we used to sneak out of the class Prime? Sure I remember, why that must be about 21.345.678 millions years ago, but I remember it like it were yesterday!
Unknown writes: Now how many fingers do you see Prime? 6!
That one does not count as a finger Prime...
Unknown writes: Prime! What is it Ratchet? I acccidently swopped the Matrix for a potato, Optimus.
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Unknown writes: RATCHET: "Now this looks like a job for me, so everybody just follow me
Prime: STFU!!!
Unknown writes: Sorry Prime, but you were not casted by a long shot for The Fast and The Furious.
Unknown writes: I find it very corcerning Prime, I have made this for you... I call it Viagra.
Unknown writes: Ratchet: "Pass the courvoisier".
Warpath writes: Ratchet: I´m telling you Prime, I won´t let you go any further till I get my rase.
Optimus: Rase this you fool (runs him over
Unknown writes: Optimus: DAMMIT RATCHET! GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!
Unknown writes: Rachet: ya know me and this hot bot are going out to night. Optimus: Shutup you wasting valuble tv time just like that RID cartoon when they transform
matrix_primus writes: Ratchet: did you know our G1 toys are coming back? Optimus: cool.
Slappyfrog writes: Ratchet resort to squegeeing for money after blowing his cash on a Craftman tool.
Unknown writes: optimus: Uhh, Ratchet?
Ratchet: Yeah Prime? Optimus: your zipper....
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Kevinus Prime writes: Like, where the hell DOES your trailer go when you transform, anyway???
Chris writes: Optimus..i took up crossdressing..does this bra bring out my chest?
Meister writes: Ratchet, Prime Jazz is careful whit your sister. They is only on a drug party.
davewelttf writes: Ratchet:...So then I said to so and so...ramble ramble...
Unknown writes: To pass me you must answer these questions three
Unknown writes: Optimus: Whoah, check out the headlights on that one.
Soundwave writes: Heeeeeey Optimus. Do my t!ts look big in this?
Blast Cannon writes: Ratchet: I am the invincible Black Knight *Prime runs him over and carries on* Ratchet: Damn
Unknown writes: "Wash your windows for an energon cube."
Unknown writes: Optimus: Ratchet, Will you please get the hell out of the way?
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Shermtron writes: Rachet:Prime would you please run over me
Dynamus Prime writes: Ratchet: Did I mention my favorite color is blue?
Dynamus Prime writes: Optimus: You stopped me just so you could say your favorite color is BLUE?!
Dynamus Prime writes: Optimus: You stopped me just so you could say your favorite color is BLUE?!
Royal writes: Damn it Ratchet hurry up! I need to transform! These wheels are killing me.
Ratchet: Baby
Unknown writes: Optimus! I just got word that your Powermaster Process is almost complete! :)
Soundblaster writes: You know, while your down there, I could use a lube job.
Unknown writes: Ratchet: You Put Your Right Arm In, You Put Your Right Arm Out, In, Out, In, Out And Shake It All About!
Unknown writes: RATCHET: Dammit Jim, I ordered you to stay at sickbay! OPTIMUS PRIME: STAR TREK THIS!(He runs over him)
FortMax writes: Ratchet: If we are not lost...THEN WHERE THE HELL IS THE ROAD Optimus:oops
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optimuslives writes: All right, you can diverge off to the right to the detour road
Unknown writes: "and if you drink your energon like a good bot, then one day you too will grow into a big stronge Autobot"
Gameovermus Prime writes: Ratchet: Do you know how fast you were goin?
Prowl writes: None shall pass unless you can answer me these questions three...
Unknown writes: Alright slow down...stop...stop..Stop!..STOOOOOOP!!
Pokejedservo writes: Ratchet: These bridge trolls get weirder and weirder...
Unknown writes: Would you please MOVE!
Unknown writes: Rachet:There is a fly on ur window!! Optimus:So?
BZArcher writes: Hey, baby. You come here often?
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