Megatron w/ Sunstreaker & Sideswipe

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Megatron w/ Sunstreaker & Sideswipe
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Rainmaker writes: Sideswipe: DADDY DON'T BREAK UP WITH MUMMY
trailbreaker writes: Pervert Bots.
Crashcomet writes: Sunny: Sideswipe, WTF are you doing?
Sides: It's battle tactic! Really!
Sunny: ...
Zeedust writes: The REAL story behind crop circles: Transformers fight in freakin' WEIRD ways.
Marv writes: EEEWW!!!! Now I’ve got Autobot cooties all over me!
Prowl Worshipper writes: S&S: Daddeeeeee!
M: Oh Primus they've been into that 100% proof Energon again!
Marv writes: You're both this drunk at this hour? Man, you really have a problem, don't you?
Marv writes: After seeing his later incarnations in Beast Wars, RiD and Armada, Sideswipe & Sunstreaker are so glad to see the original Megs again, they grovel before him...
Zeedust writes: Sunstreaker: "I'm a zombie! Watch me stagger!"

Sideswipe: "Nice boots!"

Megatron: "Both of you go away or I'll hit you with this big flashlight on my arm."
galvanostril writes: whilst megatron gives sideswipe the pedigree, sunstreaker proclaims: "HOLY ----" and runs to save the day!
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galvanostril writes: sideswipe: NOW PUSH HIM!
*sunstreaker pushes megatron and sideswipe throws him up*
megatron: damn you sweden!!! *explodes in the sky* sunstreaker: now we party.
Zeedust writes: Sideswipe: "Ugh... He's too heavy! Help mepick him up and carry him back to base!"

Sunstreaker: "In case you haven't noticed, I'm busy with this transmetal tiki mask!"

Megatron: &qu
Unknown writes: You two have been watching the Rugby World cup this week haven't you? Try this Jonny Wilkinson conversion! *kicks Sideswipe*
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: Let's take this Decepticon creep, brother! Megatron: Fools! I eat Autobot twerps like you for breakfast (Megatron proceeds to beat both Sunstreaker & Sideswipe in hand-to-hand combat and blast both Autobots' legs of
Unknown writes: Sideswipe: RUGBY TACKLE!!!!!
Unknown writes: Distracted by Sunstreaker's cunning "I have no head!" ploy, Megatron was unprepared for Sideswipe's diving tackle. Sadly, the gallant plant failed to find his trigger ...
Unknown writes: And so another rousing game of "Toss the Decepticon Leader" turned sour.
Unknown writes: You brothers like to stick together
Unknown writes: Sideswipe: Oh no, oh no!!! I've got to ....BLLLLLUUUUUAAARGGG!!!!!!!.....Sunstreaker: Me too, me too!!!!!.....Megatron: Yuuuuk!!! How disgsuting!!! Pick Starscream as your restroom!
Unknown writes: Megatron: see my big pipe sticks up over my belly button and when it does i like when you lick and suck my ball barings!
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Unknown writes: Sideswipe: mmmmm... GAG! Cough, cough! CHOKE! GAG! BARF! Sunstreaker: I am not sure if i want to suck it now that you choked and puked on it!
Unknown writes: Sideswipe: mmmmm... GAG! Cough, cough! CHOKE! GAG! BARF! Sunstreaker: I am not sure if i want to suck it now that you choked a puked on it!
Unknown writes: Megatron: "You two MUST be brothers."
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker & Sideswipe: Give us that ball Megatron! Where did you hide them, tell us! Megatron: I don't have them, honestly!! Sunstreaker: Charge, bro! Let me get the ball! Sideswipe: No, let me! And thus, after the Autobot twins rolled
Unknown writes: Sideswipe: Munchies and crunchies are in here, somewhere...
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker waves the Megatron-shaped flag and yells "TORO! TORO!" as his twin bro comes charging.
Unknown writes: Sideswipe: Okay, bro, you hold him, while I try to figure out where exactly does that trigger go when he transforms!
Unknown writes: And thus, the filming of the Decepticon's version of "The Sound of Music" came to an abrupt halt.
Unknown writes: Even in the midst of battle, Megatron couldn't help but stare at Sunstreaker's oversized koala ears.
Unknown writes: Megatron: Hey! Is that a toilet on your head?
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Broadside writes: Quick Sideswipe you distract him!
autobots writes: please give us your outograph megatron pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: (sunstreaker) MY GAY BRO! I never would have thought sideswipe I would catch you sucking off megs, and wow you deepthroated him!!!! Can we share since we are bro's?
Unknown writes: JP: Now, round 1 of CWF has begun, with the Gigaheavyweight melee between Megatron, Sideswipe & Sunstreaker!
Unknown writes: JP: Now, round 1 of CWF has begun, with Gigaheavyweight melee between Megatron, Sideswipe & Sunstreaker!
Unknown writes: JP: Now, round 1 of CWF has begun, with Gigaheavyweight melee between Megatron, Sideswip & Sunstreiker!
Unknown writes: After reporting back to Optimus Prime near-fatally wounded, the twins reported that "Operational Tactic: Group Hug" failed to cause a Decepticon retreat.
Starscream K'dash writes: Megatron: Uhh....This isn't what it looks like..Honest
Unknown writes: Megatron: Stop! You're not Minicons!
Sunstreaker: There must be a powerlink somewhere.....Here it is! No, wait-that's just a nipple.....
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Unknown writes: SunStreaker: Aaaaahh! Now he's ambushing us with bathroom fixtures!
SideSwipe: Mrgh... my head. *blink* Whyyyy is there a-a-a kitchen sink in the middle of a wheat fiiiield... *Zzzzzzzzz*
Megatron: This new plan is going nicely after all...
z writes: Megatron: Ahhhh! Help! Rape!!!!
Unknown writes: [Sunstreaker] You're goin' DOWN, Megatron!!!
Unknown writes: Megs:Get off me,you mentally defected simpletons! I just passed the ball to Thundercracker! Sideswipe:Yeah,right! we BOTH just saw you hide it in your cannon!
Unknown writes: sunstreaker: SIDESWIPE!?! how could you? i thought what we had was special!
Unknown writes: Streaker: Guys! don't look now but I think we're being watched! Megatron: CRIPES! get this missile launcher out of my crotch!
Unknown writes: They set up for the 3-D(boy is megatron gonna feel this in the morning)
Sledge writes: Uh...what exactly is Sideswipe doing down there?
Unknown writes: SUNSTREAKER: "Hey Sideswipe, have you even seen the movie FIELD OF DREAMS??"
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker:"Megatron, quick! Help me get this toilet off my head!" Sideswipe:"Touchdown!" Megatron (thinking):"WTF?"
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Unknown writes: Megatron: Get off, you little Autobot twerps! Sunstreaker and Sideswipe: Make us!
Unknown writes: sideswipe: I got the whole thing in my mouth because i have no gag reflex! sunstreaker: Let me try some! megs: you think you can swallow the whole thing too?
Galvatron writes: Sideswipe: Sunstreaker! Hold em while I get his pants down!

Sunstreaker: Gotcha!

Megatron: Get off me you Homobots!
Firestorm writes: Sideswipe: IRS! We're on to you and your moonshine!!
Dynamus Prime writes: Megatron: Crap, and I almost made a touchdown!
Unknown writes: I've told you a$$hole$ before, I DO NOT DO THREESOMES!!!
Unknown writes: OUR VERY OWN MEGATRON!
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker and Sideswipe:DOUBLE TEAM!!!!!Megatron:You've been watching too much Poke'mon.
Unknown writes: And so farmer Megatron let out his cry, "Martha, fone th'thorities! 2 Damn Auttibots er drunk in the fields, third time this week!"
Vector Sigma writes: "No guys! I dropped the football!! I dropped the football!!! ACK!!"
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Unknown writes: Megatron, Sunstreaker, and Sideswipe each tried out for the parts as Crocodile Hunter stunt doubles, but ended up as motion capture actors for the next Madden video game.
Unknown writes: Quick get Megatron's pants off
Unknown writes: Little House on the Prairy vs. Transformers.
Memo writes: Megatron: "How are you gentlemen? All your base are belong to us!" Autobots: what you say?!
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: HES MINE!!!
Sideswipe: NO WAY!!! HES MINE!!!
Megatron: IM OWN ME!!! LEAVE ME ALONE YOU 2!!! AHHH!! *runs away quick*
yo writes: The Lamborghini brothers practice their Night of the Living Dead impression. Brains! Brains!
Bumble_Bug writes: Megatron: Holy crap the filed rats are big this year!!!!! and JUST when I wanted to cut sum hay for my lil bunnies!
Skids writes: Sunstreaker: "GORE!! GORE!! GOOOOOOOOOORE!!"
Unknown writes: Megatron:"Gret, now all tohse caption bastards are going to bring out the 3-way gay sex jokes."
Unknown writes: wait you turn sunstreaker i got plenty of energon for you too
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Unknown writes: 3rd down with 2 yards to go, gonna win the superbowl, baby.
Dynamus Prime writes: I guess Megatron never heard of a mosh pit...
ToXmAn writes: sideswipe your cheating me with Him !!!!
Jeremy writes: megatron: i never got what giveing head means cuz ur not even giveing somethin to my head
Unknown writes: Damn Starscream for using his Gay Ray(tm)
on me!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron finds himself in the fields of Raccoon City
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: Is that a REAL XT-97 Decepticon Vintage Fusion Cannon?!
Sideswipe: YEAH! LETS GRAB IT! We can make a bundle on e-bay!
ras writes: "Please take us with you Megatron, Prime is telling jokes again!!!!"
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Um, guys, I can transform myself, you know. Guys? GUYS!?!?"
Unknown writes: One at a time for gods sake
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Unknown writes: hold still your pedicure is almost let me get this mud mask on and your set.
Galvatron writes: megatron is at the ten yard line.the defense pushes hard to take him done at the goalline
Unknown writes: SS and SS:GROUP HUG! Megatron:Get away from me you freaks!
Gameovermus Prime writes: Megatron, a member of boy band "The Decepticons", was today mobbed by rabid fans.
Orion Pax writes: Edited by Seibertron. This type of message WILL NOT be tolerated on this site. You have been warned. Do not risk banning your entire server's network from accessing this section.
Unknown writes: SunStreaker and Sideswipe: GROUP HUG!!!
Megatron: NO!!! get away from me! Are you two high or gay?! People are looking at us!
Unknown writes: ECW! ECW! ECW! ECW!
Unknown writes: Tazz: Michael Cole! Sunstreaker and Sideswipe are trying to wrestle Megatron!
Prowl76 writes: Oh no! Sunstreaker found us!!
Omega Prime writes: looks like Sipewipe is gonna give him the fµ©kin finisher and pin him!
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Omega Prime writes: looks like Sidwipe is gonna wipe him out with a fµ©kin Rock Bottom while sunstreaker holds him!
Omega Prime writes: oh no! Megatron is getting double teamed and is taking a huge beating!
Omega Prime writes: you bastards stop taking my wrestling ideas!
Unknown writes: Edited by Seibertron. YOU ARE BOTH ***!
Unknown writes: I Love you! hicupp hicupp
Unknown writes: It never accured to me that using a love potion to take over the world would be so scary.
Dynamus Prime writes: Sunstreaker: Well, Sideswipe, is it a boy or a girl? Sideswipe: I SEE A HEAD!!
Unknown writes: Megatron:Look son. Look what you did to your little brother Sideswipe. You punched him. Go to your room! Sunstrealer: Aw man.
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker & Sideswipe: Food!! Megatron: Get away from me you dead Autobots from the grave!
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JetFire writes: sideswipe: stupid grass!
sunstreaker: stop searching! I got it! I found your lens Megatron!
Omega Prime writes: Is that a rocket attached to his shoulder or is it Megatrons big cock?
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker:DADDY!!!! YOUR HOME!!!! Sideswipe: YEAHZ!!!! Megatron: Thanky you boys, now go do your homework.
Unknown writes: But Daddy, I dont wanna go to school today!
Unknown writes: No Megatron, your not allowed to get all the Armada figure. Let the fans get them first
Terrorscream writes: sunstreaker:-hey sideswipe its my turn!
Unknown writes: Its another great match at the CWF, and we move coverage right to to our main event! A tag-team bout pitting the AutobotBrothers Sideswipe and Sunstreaker going 2 on 1 against Megatron.
Unknown writes: And if you thought this screenshot was embarassing wait til Sideswipe end up in Skkyfires arms a few screens later...
Jeremy writes: mwgatron: hey u dumb asses get off i only have threesoms with female decpiticons!
sideswipe: well we are decpiticons
megatron: no your not
sunstreaker: maybe not now but with a few million energon cubes someday we will
Unknown writes: Damned Groupies...
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Unknown writes: MEGATRON:Billy and Chuck; get off of me! SUNSTREAKER AND SIDESWPE: OH RICO!!!
pantera writes: "I thought you lved me...."
Omega Prime writes: welcome to SmackDown! looks like the match has started with Megatron getting Gored! ah fµ©k! not his cock again!
Unknown writes: "The AXE effect".
Sideshow Sideswipe writes: Sunstreaker: welcome home Daddy!
Sideswipe: Yay! what did you bring us?
Megatron: now this is prety f**ked up right here.
davewelttf writes: Sunstreaker goes in to tackle Megatron for the ball without knowing that Sideswipe had been the ball the whole time
Unknown writes: ALL THIS WEEK ON JERRY SPRINGER - Giant Gay Robot Love Triangles
Unknown writes: While trying to console a distraught Sideswipe, Megatron finds that more than one transformer was upset by Optimus Prime being portrayed as a monkey.
Unknown writes: Just another backyard friendly game of smear the queer
Unknown writes: dibs on his boots!
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Prowl writes: Brains,brains. Megatron:
I dont have one
Unknown writes: ARGH
Omega Prime writes: finally, an image thats similar to the image with Slag and Devastator
Unknown writes: Megatron: Sideswipe i told you to wait at the...... never mind keep going alittle more to the left then up
Unknown writes: Are you sure that this is legal now? I mean sodimy still carries a hefty fine in the bible belt
Unknown writes: Pardon us, sir. But have you accepted Primus as your Lord and saviour?
Unknown writes: Sorry to stop you so abruptly Megatron, but Could you help me get this toilet tank off my head? Long story...
Rail Racer writes: Sunstreaker"You suck a mean trigger Sideswipe."
JetFire writes: Sunstreaker: good job, you stop the ball, Sideswipe!
Megatron: what are you doing? playing Soccer? so you have to found Cosmos, with your three body colors you could make the Bresilian Flag!
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker & Sideswipe: "DOORKNOB!!!!"
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Replimus Prime writes: Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, the real Catchers in the Rye!!
Unknown writes: Meg: get your hands off me! but you can keep sucking Edited by Seibertron
Meister writes: (Megatron)What have you two have in the drink?? Im not your daddy!!
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: Here Sideswipe let me help you get that rocket launcher in there...
Unknown writes: Megatron: If we actually had the naughty bits humans do, this would be REALLY embarassing, Sideswipe!
Shermtron writes: Megtron is stepping up to pass...No hes being sacked bye sunstreaker and sideswipe
Warpath writes: Sideswipe:If we take him here nobody will notice.
Sunstreaker: Yeah it´ll be fun abusing old megs!
Unknown writes: We are not worthy! We are not worthy!
Pokejedservo writes: Sunstreaker: SIDESWIPE GET OUT OF THERE DO YOU WANT TO MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE THAT SLAG DID TO DEVASTATOR?! Sideswipe (thinking): What mist...ah $hit! Megatron (also thinking): Thank you, Autobot!
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