Ravage finds his litter box

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Ravage finds his litter box
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Ravage XK writes: Like all cats Ravage would poop anywhere but his own garden. Bloody cats.
Heckfire writes: ...there's a joke here about him being a cassette and Justin Bieber, but I'm just not feeling it right now.
MP-01 writes: Ravage: Eject. Operation: Defecate.
Thunderboomer writes: Ravage: You will excuse my calling of nature ya? It is simply to avoid any..unpleasent accidents to my person
Zeedust writes: No matter how hard the Autobots tried to keep Ravage off Metroplex's lawn...
bringo writes: Should we be seeing this?
I mean doesn't he want privacy?
Judynator writes: Soundwave: Nooo! Bad kitty!
Judynator writes: Ravage: Meeeoooooow! I to saw wood! Meeeeeeoooooooow!
Unknown writes: "ROOOOOAAAAARRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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Unknown writes: ravge:i love to slid down on the golden rainbow wwwwwwwweeeeeeeeee
Scatterlung writes: Ravage: And then he did this and stuff went in her mouth! It was so disgusting! And all in german...
Roadshadow writes: Ravage: 'Tis a good day...to crap.
gauthic_angel7680 writes: soudwave: ah christ, ravage ate all of the pot. i just hope we can recover the stuff be megatron gets back. bad kitty.
Zeedust writes: Soundwave: "No! Bad kitty! Do that on the Autobots, that's what they're there for!"
Kal-Seth writes: Decepticon Home Videos Tape 7548/R.F.P...... Ravages First Poopy
Kal-Seth writes: Ravage learns the hard way why soundwave kept tyring to get him to eat his veggies
NightMare writes: SHEESH i can't have a little privacy go away starscream!!!!!!
Tiedye writes: (Thnking because he can't speak)There's enough sand here to fill my litterbox back at the base.
Zeedust writes: Despite its practicality, Ravage's flight mode never was put to as much use as perhaps it could have been. No one knows just why.
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Unknown writes: 'Tis a good day...to crap.
omega icecream writes: hey a fire!lets fart in it!ffffffaaaaarrrrttt.booooooooooommmmm![nucular explosion]
Unknown writes: What am I sapose to write?Ravage cant talk remember?
Nightshadow writes: Ravage:mCan't - hold - it - much - longer! *FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTT!
Unknown writes: MEGATRON: Bad cat!!!
You know you're only supposed to do that outside OR at the Autobot base!!
Rhys writes: Meow!
Unknown writes: You sure that this is how domestic cats move?
Twin Twist writes: Megatron, that last plan was a good one... FOR ME TO POOP ON!
Unknown writes: Don't worry, Megatron. He's just like a PEZ dispenser.
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Unknown writes: Yeaaaahh I'm alone with my Barbies
Unknown writes: Ravage:Finally a place where i can ---- in peace
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Ravage, prepare for poopie. Operation - Litter box. Eject.
Unknown writes: Ravage's attempt to transform into a bowling ball was met with little success.
Unknown writes: soundwave did it..candy bar he says...its just chocolate he says...*farts loudly*
Broadside writes: You think I'M BAD? You should see those beast Wars guys!
Galvatron writes: SOUNDWAVE: I finally got him potty-trained. Now he don't do that before he ejects. My insides were getting all rusty.
Unknown writes: Look, Dad! He's whizzing on the carpet!
Unknown writes: I can't believe i have a picture of me doin this on this website. can't a cat get privacy too. Does everything have to be on the freakin internet ?
gabriel writes: OWWWWWWWWW!
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polarclaw writes: megs:no!noton the new capet
Dynamus Prime writes: Ravage: I knew I should have taken my flax.
Unknown writes: Ravage: "Megatron's ultimate weapon be damned."
Unknown writes: soundwave- ravage eject operation poopie
killerbot writes: hey wheres soundwave when u need to beewalked
BlackArachnia98 writes: Frenzy: dude! is it what i think it is? Ravage: yup! diarrheaaaaa...
Unknown writes: SOUND WAVE:And this is the time where Ravage got his frist hair ball.
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Bad Ravage! Bad kitty! How many times have I told you to use the litterbox? Ravage: (thinking) Aww, canit it granloa boy. Soundwave: I heard that. Ravage: Slag!
Unknown writes: Goddard's arch enemy: Ravage the poopy cat.
Unknown writes: If I spend another day in soundwave I am gonna freak the hell out! Mexico Here I come!!!!!
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RandomFerret writes: "I'm sick of poop jokes! It looks like he's getting ready to pounce or something, not doodie!" --"Dude, face it. That kitty's littering."
BLACKBIRD writes: man that was good chilly.....come on ice cream....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats better....................
Unknown writes: This is why the Ravage PEZ dispenser failed.
Galvatron writes: Ravage: Oh shxt..oh shxt..oh..-grunt-
Unknown writes: Angel: SOUNDWAVE!! Soundwave: Yes honey? Angel: Your cat peed on your playboy's!! Soundwave: Uh-oh Double trouble.
APOLLO writes: Megatron "God damn you Soundwave, you were supposed to walk Ravage BEFORE we left to go energy stealing."

Soundwave: "Sorry, Megatron"

Megatron: "As punishment you get to clean up after him, and I think h
Sledge writes: "Can I have some privacy pleeeeeze?"
Dynamus Prime writes: The birth of the Giant Mighty Poo from Conker's Bad Fur Day.
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Unknown writes: Megatron: Phworr! Ravage naughy kitty1 You sh*t all over my Beer.
MEGATRON writes: Megatron: "Soundwave for the love of cybertron. Take Ravage for a walk."
Unknown writes: he's constipated again
TeleTran2005 writes: Soundwave: Hurry Ravage, just drop your load and lets go.
Unknown writes: This is what these rockets are for...
Unknown writes: Ravage:"Beer and Jack-in-the-Box tacos at 3:00AM oughta come with a f**king warning!!!Slag, that burns..."FAAAAAAARRRRRRRRT!!
Unknown writes: Last time I eat mexicans, those sombreros are hard to swallow!
Hound writes: Ravage:STOP LOOKING DAMN IT!!!
Unknown writes: Ravage:"Unnnggghhh!>Grunt!
Unknown writes: God, sitting inside Soundwave all day sucks. He needs to put a litterbox inside him.
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Unknown writes: "Send me on recon, will he? Lemme see if I can leave a present for Megatron. URGGGGGGGGHHHH"
Unknown writes: damn, i think im prairie doggin!
Unknown writes: Ravage:Now shockwave said the boys litterbox was to the left...Or was it to the right?
Unknown writes: oh, I got a turtle head poking out, ouch
Sledge writes: "I wish my damn Mini-Con would get out of my ass"
Sideswipe writes: ARRRGGHHH SHOULD..NT... HAVE... EATEN... DAN..IEL! Damn this constipation!!
Sideswipe writes: Growl!!! get that damn camera out of here! cant we animals ever get ne damn privacy?
Unknown writes: sexsexsexdoghumpingmotherfµ©kingbitch.
Dynamus Prime writes: Oh no...RAVAGE NO!!! NOT ON MY FLOWER BED!!!
Unknown writes: On top of Spageeeeeeettteeee, all covered in...ch..eeeeeese....
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Unknown writes: Here Ravage sits all broken-hearted. He needed to poo but only farted! :P
Sheba writes: Ravage: *sniff sniff* I can smell a kitty in heat!
Unknown writes: Oh GOD! I can feel those energon enchiladas coming back out!
Unknown writes: I need 1 second to unload plz
Unknown writes: Ravage: I have diarrea!!
Unknown writes: Soundwave: "Ravage, transform. Operation: defecation."
Unknown writes: Who Moved the Litter Box?
Unknown writes: soundwave in the background: ravage halt. soundwave need pooper scooper.
Unknown writes: Soundwave:Come here my
little witty wavage,goo
goo goo
Ravage(to himself):I hate this part.
Unknown writes: ravage quickly learned the secret of the encreado
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Jeremy writes: *plup*
Unknown writes: those damn hash brownies and twelve tons of ex-laxs got me again.
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Ravage Bad kitty you went all over the selenum karpet on the floor, first it was pure wite now its all yellow.
matrix_primus writes: Ravage to himself: I never should have had that 18th barrito.
Dynamus Prime writes: Ravage invents a new way of firing a Kamehameha.
Unknown writes: Soundwave: NO! BAD Ravage!
Prowl writes: Ravage uses the ultment wepon!
Prowl writes: Ravage uses ultment wepon
Taggenagger writes: Megatron :" I Like you Pussycat!"
Unknown writes: hep me, hep me peez hep me, yitta teeee!
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Unknown writes: Ahhh... Those Damn Energon Enchilladas!!!!!
Unknown writes: Soundwave:"Make sure you drag it all off, cause your not bringing that s£!t in me."
Unknown writes: Ravage: "Heh, wait til Daniel finds what I left in his sandbox Mwah ha ha!"
Admiral Lilwall writes: "So damn itchy..."
Slappyfrog writes: Megatron: "Damnit, Ravage, the litterbox, the litterbox!"
Unknown writes: STAY AWAY FROM ME!
Unknown writes: Ravage: Damned Predacons, everytime Razorclaw and Rampage stop by I have to go and re-mark my territory...Galvatron should have them both NEUTERED!!!!!!!
Omega Prime writes: Rav: fµ©kin Rumble put super ex-lax in my energon! NNNNNNGH! come out already!NNNGH!
Omega Prime writes: Rav: fµ©kin Rumble put ex-lax in my energon! NNNNNNGH! come out already!NNNGH!
Unknown writes: Now, where did I leave my bone??
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FortMax writes: "OH GOD THE PAIN, THE PAIN!!!"
GiGatron writes: some one put exlax in my coffie again
Unknown writes: ooooh my aching joints! How old am I again?
Unknown writes: I should of used Preparation H!!
DigitaL writes: "Spike, stop the god damn dog from wiping his @$$ on my new carpet!!"
Unknown writes: Ahhhhhhh...what a relief!
Pokejedservo writes: "MUST...TAKE...LAXATIVES"
davewelttf writes: Ravage:damn drooling odie!
Unknown writes: Ravage out marking his Territory.
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Unknown writes: Damn..... RRRRRumble and his...his...oh primus.... Ex-lax tainted..EEEEEEEEnergon...he....S.Sshall....PAY!!!!!
Unknown writes: Ravage to Rumble:WTF are you staring??
HYBRID writes: who does #2 work for???!!!!!!
starscream-yeah you tell that turd whos boss!!
Omega Prime writes: Starscream: looks like Ravage is havin another fµ©kin diarea! Rav: shut the fµ©k up bitch! UUUUUUUGGHHH!!!!
Omega Prime writes: Rav: I know I have some spare rockets in here... uuuuugggghhhh!
Omega Prime writes: Rav: finally, out of Soundwave to s£!t. Wave: fµ©kin..Ravage..s£!t in..me..circuits..faili............
Unknown writes: RAVAGE:I wish I had some humans to lie under me at this time.
Unknown writes: Urgh, sharp cutting microchips through timy... tiny hole...
Unknown writes: Man I love this new litterbox!
Sideshow Sideswipe writes: damn, ring of fire again! why must thai curry be so delicious?
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Unknown writes: NNNGHH!!!...okay here it comes...aaawh crap, its so haaaard!!!
Meister writes: Ready set Go.
Here i come to the Redbull drink. When i drink it i can fly
Unknown writes: Go poopies on the paper!
Replimus Prime writes: All I wanted was a Taco jsut one Taco, far from sucidal, but I get them tendencies bringin back the Burritos, that I really miss.....
Mr. X writes: Ravage: I knew I had another missle...now time to get it outta there...*grunt*
Soundwave writes: It was then Ravage realized that the energon Rumble had gave him did taste a little funny.
Slappyfrog writes: Starscream hated evenings, when it was his turn to man the pooper scooper.
magnaboss writes: Yo Kill those Taco Bells.
Unknown writes: Too much Buritoss....
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