Soundwave & Rumble lying down

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Soundwave & Rumble lying down
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Optimum Supreme writes: Soundwave: "I am like so drunk, Rumble, heheheheheh"

Rumble: "Me too, heheheh, hey man, I love you man, can I tell you a shecret"

Soundwave: "I love you to man, you HIC you can tell me anthing"

Rumble: "I'm really Frenzy, we just like messing wit
Bee's Girlfriend writes: Dude in the Chair: Two drunk Decepticons just did 'Ring Around The Rosy' around me. At least they all fell down so I can get outta here. *runs away*
trailbreaker writes: That was a big fart.
Zeedust writes: Rumble: "That cloud looks like a ceiling tile..."

Soundwave: And that cloud loooks like a fan!"

Person in chair: "And that cloud looks like we're INSIDE, YOU MORONS!"
Roadshadow writes: Soundwave: That cloud looks like a gerbil...
Rumble: And that cloud looks like pie...
DeltaSilver88 writes: Yep... she's annoying enough to make Soundwave and Rumble commit suicide!
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Girl: I TOLD you not to headbutt each other, but did you listen? Noooo.
Operation Ravage writes: Girl: "I see they found the 200 proof Everclear I keep in my purse."
Soundwave: "Shaddup, you! Enjoy the shparkly leprachansh!"
Rumble: "Hic."
Zeedust writes: Girl (i think) in chair: "Oops... shoulda warned you we just had the floor waxed."
Zeedust writes: Girl in chair: "I told you... Take the planet if you like, but this chair is MINE! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
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Unknown writes: Girl in chair: ...AndthenwhenIwas16myparentstookmetoDisneylanditwasloadsoffunhaveyoueverbeentoDisneylandbecauseIwenttherewhenIwas16withmyparentsandIgottorideonspacemountainandseeMickeyMouseandDonaldDuck...
Unknown writes: (Rumble) Wow
(Soundwave) Yeah
(Rumble) Wow
(Soundwave) Yeah
(Rumble) It was THAT good? Dude I gotta do that sometime.
Unknown writes: Oh no! That was a phartanious explosion, which could spread throughout our base!
Elita One writes: Girl: Ashes to ashes dust to dust with out women around..."
Sound and Rumble: OH SHUT UP!!
Minicle writes: Soundwave: I tell you Rumble, we've never had it so good.
Rumble: You said it man.
Unknown writes: Sorry - that was a big one.
Unknown writes: Rumble: It's no use, Soundwave. Her mental powers are too much for us...
Unknown writes: rumble: this the second time i got wasted
Unknown writes: Soundwave and Rumble: "Ashes, ashes we all fall down!!!"
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Alert! Alert! Someone has spiked the energon.
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Unknown writes: Rumble: Shockwave... know what?
Shockwave: What?
Rumble: I left the oven on.
Broadside writes: The dangers of too much energon
Galvatron writes: RUMBLE: You ejected me too hard Soundwave! SOUNDWAVE: I don't like the songs you recorded. RUMBLE: But it's the new Armada theme song!!
Omega Supreme writes: Soundwave: Warning critical damage!!
Rumble: That's the last time I follow your instructions to connect the "In" socket with the "out" socket.
Unknown writes: Who came first?
Unknown writes: discjockey playing on soundwave- yes this is WORQ playing best of NSYNC all day, everyday.
Unknown writes: rumble "soundwave will you for the love of god stop playing stairway to heaven."
Unknown writes: Woman: Don't you think synchornized swimming is best done in water? Soundwave: Well, you see... Frenzy tried that once. It took 30 gallons of oil to get him to move again. Woman: (confused) I see...
little_fly writes: sleeping or meditation rumble? sw: sleep time
rb "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" sw stop snoring your making me deaf! ;)
Unknown writes: Souundwave: HEy u!
Soundwave: HAve u seen the scorpion King dat stuff is very tight!
CMonDont make me get savage to kill u
OH Oh yeah!HE killed everyone
Lier Hiya!
(Soundwave shoots him with laser and ravage comes out to beat him up!)
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Unknown writes: I knew the human was fast but not that fast.
Soundwave: the last thing I remember was a foot in the eye.
Unknown writes: Rumble:"Damn, that was some good stuff!" Soundwave:"You said it!" Rumble (to girl):"Hey you, bring us another round of Michelob."
Unknown writes: 30 hours of "Ring Around the Rosy" and 1 destroyed Decepticon Base later...
Unknown writes: Astoria: I've been having these really bad cramps lately . . .
Soundwave and Rumble: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please! Don't talk about THAT!
RodimusPrime writes: Oh God!!!! that was Great.
Unknown writes: shock wave i've fallen and can't get up
Manchester Devil writes: Soundwave: Rumble, transform.
Rumble: Just because you want some more.
Soundwave: I'm Your dad, so shut the hell up and get inside...NOW! YOU LITTLE S**T!
Rumble: I can't! That tart superglued me to the floor
Woman: HA HA HA HA HA!!!
gabriel writes: Galvatron:The last Of the First Era decepticons Dead Because Of Plasma Energy!!!
Unknown writes: Soundwave: What did you think of that show? Rumble: I'm still stunned by what you and Angel were doing
Galvatron writes: Soundwave: ...Man..if you watch Cybertron, and listen to the the Enerjoint.
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Unknown writes: Girl: "So then he went over to Abby, and said....blah blah blah..."

Soundwave&Rumble: *SNNOORRRREE!!!*
Unknown writes: SW: Rumble turn the sunlight on i wanna get a tan.

Rumble: I can't find the plug
Unknown writes: Merit: I think I know why they're laying there. Nightpaw: Why? Merit: Soundwave had sex with Angel and Rumble is still stunned by what he saw on Angel (Nightpaw shudders)
Unknown writes: Nightpaw:Geez what happened to them? Angel:Galvatron has them grounded for a month. Merit: What for? Angel:They ruined his syramic bowl collection. Nightpaw:.....
Unknown writes: Rumble: will you marry me Soundwave? Soundwave: EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW! You gaylord!
Sideburn writes: Transformers Yoga
Sky-Byte writes: Soundwave: Man...what the HELL did I do last night?
Unknown writes: soundwave: Man, that was a good rumble!!
Unknown writes: Sondwave:"Damn, rumble, she kicked our asses!"
Unknown writes: Girl "Hmm human or autobot a kick to the balls takes them all out "
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Unknown writes: soundwave: thats the last time i drink you home brew rumble!
Unknown writes: oh man that was some bad s**t
Unknown writes: Man oh man... We finnaly beat the autobots, and were back on good old Cybertron... Bout time...
travis writes: Rumble: Gah, Old man fart.
Dr. Arkaville: Taste mein Prunes off Doom!
Soundwave: Ravage eject,
Operation: Noseplugs.
Venom writes: Girl: Ok, your doing good, keep those situps moving! Onehundred and one...
Soundwave: I was not built for this torture!
Rumble: I feel like a pony!
DEVASTAT0R writes: "oohhhhh yeah, that was great soundwave, but next time lets go somewhere else. Professor X over there gives me the creeps."
Sledge writes: Decepticon snow Angel contest
Unknown writes: when human mind probes go bad 3.
Unknown writes: girl in the middle: What?! All I did was tell them what happened at Band camp.....
Sir Deadend writes: Girl in the middle has fart of century
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Unknown writes: Ooh! And that cloud looks like a bunny!
Unknown writes: Now I know what Goku feels under 100x Gravity in the space ship
Unknown writes: Soundwave and Rumble auditioning for "Romeo and Juliet in Space"
Unknown writes: drugs are bad
Unknown writes: oiii, raped by Galvatron again,damnit.
Unknown writes: R:Soundwave? S:Yes? R:What did the human do? S:.... Human: MUHAHAHA S:I luv u
Scorponox writes: Aftereffects of the Decepticon Mardi Gras
Unknown writes: The latest Decepticon kegger ended badly...
Unknown writes: Never tamper with the human mind! It could be an electrifying experience! :)
Unknown writes: that was some pretty good sh*t, we snorted last night. got anymore?
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Unknown writes: Soundwave: That was some pretty good head ey Rumble?
Rumble: Yeah. We actually got Iris from Mega Man X4 blow us. (Iris Has a big smile on her face. Zero walks in)
Unknown writes: *sigh* no, you were great rumble.
Unknown writes: The human has used a magic spell to put Soundwave and Rumble to sleep!
Dynamus Prime writes: Soundwave accidentily plays one of his lullaby tapes. Powerful stuff.
Gameovermus Prime writes: The Decepticons play Ring-A-Ring-A-Rosies.
Unknown writes: Soundwave:hug me hold me love me love me
pantera writes: "one beer makes everything clear......50 beers makes nothing clear!!!"
Unknown writes: Rumble:What the heck happened? Soundwave:I see stars, and pink fluffy bunny rabbits. Rumble:You should really go to a therapist soon.
Unknown writes: Rumble and Soundwave were shocked about the dangers of tampering with the human mind.
Unknown writes: Soundwave: "I see four lights..."
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Unknown writes: "Soundwave, you wanna cigarette?"
Omega Prime writes: small guy in the middle:you two stop spreading your legs this instant
Omega Prime writes: Rum: after you lay down, you try to stick your cock in the pussy Wave: disconnecting optical and hearing senser
Omega Prime writes: Rum: after you lay down, you try to stick your cock in the pussy Wave: disconnecting optical and wave senser
Omega Prime writes: Rum: I figured we got an energon overdose but what the fµ©k is up about the cum and orgasm here?!
JetFire writes: (YOGA is very good for articulations)
Rumble: and now, Soundwave, you put your right foot on your nose.
Soundwave: are you serious?
Unknown writes: rumble:rolling down the street smoking indo,sipping on gin and juice
soundwave:laid back
girl in centre:with my mind on my money and my money on my mind!
Unknown writes: rumble:rolling down the street smoking indo,sipping on gin and juice
soundwave:laid back
girl in centre:with my mind on my money and my money on my mind!
Unknown writes: Girl in center: "So she told me that he said she said that..."
Soundwave:"Audio receptors....disconnecting..."
Rumble:"Uh....Please...No more..."
Omega Prime writes: Decepticons weakness is when they fµ©k Decepticon girls and collaspe from orgasm and they could get scrambled circuits if they fµ©k too hard
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Omega Prime writes: Decepticons weakness is when they fµ©k Decepticon girls and collaspe from orgasm and they could get scrambled circuits if they fµ©k too hard
Omega Prime writes: Decepticons weakness is when they fµ©k Decepticon girls and collaspe from orgasm
Omega Prime writes: Arcee took out Rumble and Soundwave by flashing them then giving them a huge orgasm
Unknown writes: SINGING: Working can wait...this is paradise...having no work to do, and taking it easy, too...working can wait....
Omega Prime writes: this fµ©kin orgasm sure last a long time
Omega Prime writes: Megatron:Why are you sleeping on our job?! Rumble: we got fµ©kin wacked up by the Autobots! Wave:Afirmitive
Omega Prime writes: Rum: this fµ©kin orasm sure last a long time!
Omega Prime writes: that whore sure knows how to fµ©k!
Omega Prime writes: that whore sure knows how to fµ©k!
JAZZ writes: rumble:that chick in the chair sure packs a wallop!
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Voodoo writes: Soundwave tries to see God by getting some dank energon
Dj Flash writes: Rumble thats the last time i play ANY kind of drinking game with you
Unknown writes: FRENZY: I fell on my bottom.
Soundwave: Affirmative...soundwave also fall on bottom.
AutobotJazz writes: See what happens when you fight over chicks?
Unknown writes: Rumble: Ugh, now I see why Tallmook said not to eat that pound of bacon....
Soundwave: *gurgle* I.....still.....function.....
Unknown writes: Another successful smoke-out..
(Rumble) Dat wus sum good sh!t mane
(Soundwave) Affirmative
(Rumble) yo N!gga Wave, y dont u tel dat Laserbeak azz to cum down hea n nibble o deez nutz
iron hide writes: soundwave: WHOA what a night
rumbel: tell me bout it dude HEH HEH HEH
Unknown writes: Wow.... That was alot of burritos, dude.
Unknown writes: Soundwave: "So...Wheeljack was sleeping like this...?"
Rumble: "Yep, then I snuck up on him and use my piledrivers to cave his chest in!"
Unknown writes: Rumble-Who turned the lights on?!? I was just starting to count sheep!
Soundwave- Silence-Immediately, or Pain...devastating
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Unknown writes: Rumble: I hope none of the guys catch us. Oh, that cloud looks like a bunny to me Soundwave, how bout you?
Soundwave: Affirmative
Unknown writes: Decepticon hostage Monica Lewinski incapacitates her guards the only way she knows how. ;)
Unknown writes: Decepticon Monica Lewinski incapacitates her two guards the only way she knows how. ;)
Unknown writes: Both dedcepticons where incapacitated when hostage Bea Arthur Flashed them.
Dj Flash writes: When she burped it sounded like a bird, but when she farted... flowers???
Taggenagger writes: Not even an evil decepticon could STAND her beauty
Unknown writes: now that was good sex eh soundwave?

lets fµ©k again
Shermtron writes: Soundwave:damnit rumble i told you not use your quake in the base.!!!
Unknown writes: ESTORIA CARLTON-RITZ:When POWERGLIDE said I can sweep transformers off their feet;he really meant it!
Unknown writes: How to bore Decepticons to all about it on page 5.
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davewelttf writes: Rumble: Is that your wallet up there Soundwave?
Soundwave:Damn it!
Unknown writes: Rumble: A farted a good one....
Soundwave: affirmative...
Unknown writes: Rumble & Soundwave:(SNORRING) Starscream: I Told them not to stay up very late!!!!!
Raptor_7_7_7 writes: Rumble was previously banned from Ener-Booze by Soundwave. Then he just got too drunk too care.
Optimus Primevil writes: When decepticons get drunk part 2
Unknown writes: Soundwave:theres one thing missing from these snow angels rumble Rumble:whats that soundwave? Soundwave: Snow my friend, snow
Unknown writes: Damnnnnnn, thats some good s£!t!!!!!!
Unknown writes: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!! Megatron:You fools quit sleeping on the job!!
Thunderstreak writes: Soundwave and Rumble always collapse at the sight of a hot, luscious babe such as the one at the center of the room right now.
Jeremy writes: soundwave: uhhh that was some part we had i got lad lie 20 times rumble: u got luck the only one i got lad with was frenzy
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Slappyfrog writes: Naptime was very important to the Decepticons.
Slappyfrog writes: There was no snow inside headquarters, but they still felt like making angels.
Slappyfrog writes: The tug of war over the "blankie" ended strangely.
Unknown writes: This What happend to Rumble and Soundwave after the Crossed the Construckticons.
Shadowen writes: SOUNDWAVE: Sometimes when I belch and fart at the same time, I see God.
RUMBLE: Dude! Too much information!
NovaTron writes: Rumble: Hey Soundwave, what did you put in that energon?
Unknown writes: Soundwave:I see Unicrons big @$$! What do you see Rumble? Rumble:This is much worse. I see Shockwave riding Starscream! And guess what. Soundwave:What? Rumble:Shockwaves rubing his nosecone!!! Soundwave and Rumble:Yuck!!!!!!!
magnaboss writes: This is what lying around on the job actually looks like.
Pokejedservo writes: Soundwave: Rumble: You and me both brudda!
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