Shockwave rides Starscream

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Shockwave rides Starscream
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TheBritishFan writes: Hi Starscream!
BG the Robit writes: Giddy-up, illogical flying earth-horse!
Victinoko writes: Shockwave:YEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAWW
Shockwave: in space, nobody can hear you scream starscream
Rainmaker writes: I love my Masterpiece Starscream toy!
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Giddyup!"
gogleman374 writes: Shockwave: WOO HOO RIDE THAT PONY
Zeedust writes: Starscream: "Can't you fly on your OWN?"

Shockwave: "I don't feel like it."

Starscream: "Lazy purple piece of..."
Judynator writes: Starscream: Uuuufffff.... How many you kilograms?
Roadshadow writes: Shockwave: Weeeeeeeeee!!!
Starscream: GET OFF OF ME!
Unknown writes: shockwave:yhe har cowboy ride him like a horse
starscream:i am so glad no one can see me in space
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Not Sonic writes: i lost mine, can i borrow yours?
Rainbow Starscream writes: SW: Faster Starscream, FASTER! I forgot I left the coffee machine on at home!
ShYnE writes: Shockwave: Hey Starscream..
Starscream: Yes?
Shockwave: I was wonderin if you could help me out with something..
Starscream: What would that be?
Shockwave: Well, I've always wanted to be a member of the mile high club....
Zeedust writes: Shockwave: "YEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAW! Giddy up, lil' jet figher!"

Starscream: "I let you watch ONE western..."
Tiedye writes: Hasbro thought this was such a good scene, that they thought of doing it again with Rattrap and Terrorsor in the beast wars show.
Zeedust writes: Shockwave: "AAAACK! Let me off, let me off! I'll walk the rest of the way!"
Starscream: "What's the problem?"
Shockwave: "Thanks to that turbulence we hit, my jockey shorts are now riding u
Unknown writes: Just how many miles can an F-14 (or whatever) fly in outer space to Cybertron?!?!?!?
Shadow Fox writes: Shockwave- Heh feels good to set here, like one huge vibrator..It's what's inbetween your legs that counts.
Unknown writes: I'm a cowboy! Bang, bang!
Unknown writes: Don't even think about ----ting on me, Shockwave.
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Unknown writes: Shockwave: YAAHOOOO!! WOOHOOO!!! YIPEEE! WAHOOOOO! Starscream: Shockwave, stop that or I'll land and Transform!! Shockwave: Awwwwww...
apex writes: Starscream: "when is it my turn to be on top?"
apex writes: Shockwave: "yeehaa, just feel the power between your legs"
Unknown writes: The Transformers version of "Sea Biscuit".
Alirion writes: A deleted scene from the little-known Transformers feature "Dr. Megatron: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Starscream."
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Thanks to your shotcut we still missed the turnpike to BotCon!
Starscream: Don't be a backseat driver!
Rhys writes: SHOCKWAVE: Starscream! When I said I needed a lift, I didn't mean you were to put your nosecone up my...OH PRIMUS! THAT'S SOOOO GOOD!
Unknown writes: 3rd star to the left & onwards 'til sunset.
TF2-TonePrince writes: Shockwave:what??! You're not a pony??!!
Unknown writes: Starscream: One fart and you'll be lost in space, Shockwave!!
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Unknown writes: Shockwave: (singing) I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again...
Starscream: (to himself) Primus, I hate this job...
Unknown writes: "I'm glad you caught me in the nick of time, Starscream... but... now my jewels hurt from the landing on your nose..."
Unknown writes: Starscream:Shockwave I can't see through your butt
Unknown writes: Mom, how come Starscream can fly through deep space, but Maverick and Iceman can't?
Unknown writes: Shockwave: I hope Megatron won't too angry if we go ahead with our...
Starscream: Don't even say it!
Unknown writes: Shockwave: I can't figure it out...How the heck did Galvatron ever fit inside Cyclonus?
Unknown writes: HEY!! No joy riding!!
Unknown writes: Since you bet on teh raiders Starscream you are now my hoe for the next take me to dinner.
Broadside writes: Now i'll finally win Arcee from that loser Wheelie
PlasmaRadio writes: Shockwave: "They call this first class?"
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Unknown writes: don't act unimpressed.
Chrono writes: Look i'm a cowboy *bang bang* honey.
Astrotrain writes: Shockwave:look megatron it's so long. get off me you fooool!!
Unknown writes: I know everyone likes combiners, but this is ridiculous!
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Giddy up, Screamer!

Starscream: Get off me, you stupid weirdo!
Battle Angel writes: Starscream: Hey, you're a Deceptacon, you can fly!
Shockwave: I used to be an Autobot, but don't tell anyone.
Omega Supreme writes: Soundwave: Ow I'm going to get a rash from this.
Starscream: AH shutup your the one who's got your crotch sitting on my head.
jory writes: am i a man or what look at the size of it;)
jory writes: SW: what the hell did i eat man ouch, that hurt
Unknown writes: Shockwave just now discovers why his replacement "package" doesn't seem like the same thing shown on TV.
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Starscream K'dash writes: Sh-sh-sh-sh-shockwave and his Jet!!!!!
Unknown writes: shockwave- hey where do you put the quarter?
Shadow writes: Shockwave: I always knew you were interested in new and exotic ways, but do you think this is kosher?
Alexander writes: Shockwave: I aways wanted to be a cowboy. Yeeehaaaw!!
Unknown writes: The line For The Mecanical Bull Was To Long
Unknown writes: I Think I'm Geting A Rash!
Unknown writes: Shockwave: (sleepily) Please mommy? Can I ride the airplane just one more time?
Starscream: (to himself) This is soo wrong.
Unknown writes: Starscream: Get the hell off me! Shockwave: You know you like it, bitch.
Unknown writes: Starscream: "Um, don't you have rocket engines, Shockwave?" Shockwave: "Shut up! I'm only logical in the comcs! YEEEEHAAAAW!"
Unknown writes: Geez couldnt you have just taken american airlines like everybody else?
Shockwave: Shut up you fool! we are almost to TGI-Fridays!
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Unknown writes: Waaaaah-hooooooo! You're all clear kid, so lets blow this thing and go home!
Unknown writes: MAN!!..all this power...BETWEEN MY LEGS!!!
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Open up that damn cockpit of yours and give me back my EnerCandy! NOW! Starscream: No way, man! My candy! Rumble *in cockpit*: *munch munch* Starscream: Rumble! How'd you get in there! Stop eating my candy!
Rumble: Buzz off, flyboy. I
Unknown writes: Shockwave:"You like being ridden, don't ya Starscream?" *wink-wink* Starscream:"Oh, just shut up before I barrel roll your a$$."
Unknown writes: Starcreasm: Damnit, Shockwave, if you don't stop saying, "Giddyup!" I'm gonna do a barrel roll.
RandomFerret writes: SHATNER: "There's something on the plane! Look outside if you don't believe me! We're all going to die in flames!!"
Unknown writes: starscream:get of shockwave you are to havy
Unknown writes: Starscream: get off my back, you faceless excuse for a takara-quality transformer!
Shockwave: faceless, huh? i'll bet can tak megatron's place as leader before you can!
Unknown writes: Starscream, and his one-eyed monster.
Lord Starscream writes: Shockwave: Yipee! Whoooo! Starscream: Get off of me you dolt! (previous post was a typo)
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Lord Starscream writes: Soundwave: Yipee! Whoooo! Starscream: Get off of me you dolt!
Unknown writes: check out my new dildo!!!its a vibratin/flyin type pokemon,yo.
Unknown writes: Hey baby check out my pocket rocket yo, I'm a hung type pokemon!
gabriel writes: Shockwave:Gydddyup!!!
astrotrain's first friend writes: Poor, poor Starscream
Unknown writes: Finally acceptance from fem bots!
Rollout writes: (Shockwave) Are we there yet? (Starscream) Don't make me pull over.
Firestorm writes: "Do I even get a bag of peanuts on this flight?"

"Hey- you're the one who wanted to fly 'budget.'"
Galvatron writes: Soundwave: Yee-haw.

Starscream: -Sigh- Last time I feed him any Energon Goodies.
Unknown writes: Angel: I wonder if you have to pay a quarter to ride Starscream. Nightpaw: I don't care, I want to know the ratio of transformers who ride the idiot and come off alive.
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Unknown writes: Where's Soundwave to play the Lone Ranger theme when I need him?
Unknown writes: Wanting to prove he is the ultimate Decepticon leader, not that wuss he's known for being in the cartoon, Shockwave begins his reign of terror by jumping on Starscream and disassembling him piece by piece before tearing Megatron a new one...
Battle Angel writes: Say Uncle!
Dynamus Prime writes: These animators are sick, sick people...
Unknown writes: "Shockwave rides Starscream", Well, whoever titled this stole every good joke I had.
Vector Sigma writes: "Dr Feud...I had this dream I was riding my buddy all night long...what can it mean??"
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Can I ride it again mommy? Can I can I please! Nightpaw: That guy needs therapy REAL fast.
Unknown writes: This is so wrong in so many ways
Chachi writes: SW: "Stop your griping, Starscream. This wouldn't be happening if you hadn't broken the space bridge!"
Unknown writes: Where the hell is Astrotrain?!
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Unknown writes: Yeeehaww Ride em Shockwave!
Unknown writes: Shockwave: I can see my house from here.
Unknown writes: Transformers Gone Wild. Now available on video or DVD. Uncensored, uneditted, and...totally wild! Call 1-800-sex-bots today!!!
Unknown writes: Shockwave:"Mommy, I love this ride!"
Unknown writes: Starscream: Get off! Get off! GET OFF!
Unknown writes: shockwave: Giddy up mule!
Dude writes: give it to me
Unknown writes: Shockwave:giddyup! starscream!
Unknown writes: Now promise me you won,t tell a soul, or I will tell them about you and my toaster!
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Sixshot writes: I can almost feel the power between my legs..
travis writes: Shockwave: SCHWING!!
Starscream: Stop it!
Starscream: *sob* This is going to be a loooooong flight home!
Starscream: Hey, quit copping a feel!!
Venom writes: Shockwave: I pity da fool who makes me fly sucka!

Starscream: No more A-Team for you...
Unknown writes: HMMM, a Crotch Rocket
Unknown writes: Shockwave: This sure as hell beats riding a go-kart!
Sledge writes: The Lone Ranger rides again!
Unknown writes: Is that Starscream or are you just happy to see me?
Unknown writes: SHOCKWAVE: Just stay where you are traitor, I need to impress Nighbird, and if you blow it for me, I will tell Megatron about you little "Collection"
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Yee haw! This is better than the horsey ride outside of K-Mart!
Unknown writes: He was calling me names
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Unknown writes: Shockwave: "This is highly illogical... yet suprisingly alluring."
Starscream: "GET OFF!!!"
Shockwave: "In a minute..."
Unknown writes: It seemed like a good idea at the time
Unknown writes: Let me ride that donkey donkey...let me ride that donkey...
Unknown writes: The only thing Shockwave and Starscream can agree upon is the ousting of Megatron!!!
Unknown writes: The only time Shockwave and Starscream work together
Unknown writes: (Bot-Kamasutra page 11)
The ShockScream
Dynamus Prime writes: Welcome to Seeker rodeo.
Unknown writes: Shockwave: In flight Starscream:Shut up you bozo.
Unknown writes: Look! Starscream and Shockwave are both working for the Taliban!
Unknown writes: Shockwave and Starscream aslo fight the war on terrorisim.
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Unknown writes: Osama Bin Laden hid in the caves, after the saw Americas gift. Shockwave and Starscream flying in Afghanistan. Starscream and Shockwave:Happy Birhtday!!!!
Unknown writes: This is the U.S. gift to the Taliban after 9/11. Shockwave:Die Taliban slime!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Shockwave and Starscream also hate Osama Bin Laden.
Unknown writes: Starscream:Why do you want to be like Batman? Shockwave:Because he has a Batplane.
Mr. X writes: Shockwave: "this is why I miss Skyfire..."
Unknown writes: Warning! Shockwave and Starscream are terrorist threats around the world.
Unknown writes: This is what Decepticons used before they launched stasis pods.
Unknown writes: Never imitate John Glenn.
Unknown writes: We need warp drive Starscream!! Engage!
Unknown writes: Impulse power Starscream!
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FortMax writes: Shockwave: WEEEEEEEEEE! Piggy back ride
FortMax writes: Shockwave: WEEEEEEEE! Piggy back ride!
Unknown writes: Starscream:Shockwave wanted to fly, but THIS IS RIDICULOUS!
Unknown writes: Shockwave: look, Starscream, a candy store! Starscream: you may be my lumpish friend, but we are not stopping at another candy store!
Vega writes: "It is the year 2005. The treacherous Decepticons, despite having conquered the Autobots home world of Cybertron, lack sufficient funding for anything even remotely resembling a decent interstellar transportation system. That, and Astrotrain was
Unknown writes: Shockwave:Look down there Starscream!! You dumped my Insecticons I was about to auction those damaged toys on Ebay.
Unknown writes: Cybertron. We have a nose cone.
Unknown writes: Use the force!! Shockwave!!!
Unknown writes: This is why Shockave and Starscream are not the same as Rattrap riding Terrorsaur (Beast Wars).
Unknown writes: This is why Shockwave never became a headmaster for Starscream.
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Unknown writes: Shockwave:OOOhhh!! AAAAhhh!! Starscream:Quit peeing on me!! my cock-pit all yellow!
Unknown writes: feel my thrust
Unknown writes: "A little less conversation..."
Unknown writes: Starscream: Quit rubbing my nosecone Shockwave, I am not a genie in a bottle!
Unknown writes: This is why Shockwave was too big to hijack airplanes.
Unknown writes: Shockwave:Beware Bin Laden! The U.S. airforce! Osama:NOOOOOO!!!
Unknown writes: Shockwave and Starscream serving your country in the U.S. airforce.
Unknown writes: This is why Shockwave and Starscream never did the 9/11 attacks.
Unknown writes: Shockwave:Why do I keep landing on Starscreams cock-pit.
Unknown writes: Is that an energon cube in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
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Blast Cannon writes: Starscream: Not the nose... not the nose!
Unknown writes: Autobots:Hey! keep your rocket in your pocket Mr.spaceman
Unknown writes: This is why Shockwave never became a Targetmaster for Starscream.
Unknown writes: This is why Shockwave and Starscream never did good in Star Trek movies
Unknown writes: Shockwave: I am an Oscar Myer weinner. Ohhh! Ba-doom
Unknown writes: Shockwave:I am Oscar Myer weiner!! Ohhhh! Ba-doom
Unknown writes: Starscream:Shockwave rubing my nosecone when I give you a ride. Shockwave:Sorry I just miss my frankfurter.
Unknown writes: Shockwave and Starscream. "Just Married".
Unknown writes: SHockwave uses hand to rub his frankfurter.
Unknown writes: Was it good for you as it was for me?
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bob writes: The closest Shockwave ever goto to getting laid.
Unknown writes: Shockwave:Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
Unknown writes: This is why Shockwave wasnever a man. Ohhh! Ba-doom!
Unknown writes: Shockwave points down with his hand laser. Showing Starscream where he dumped Megatron in 2005.
Unknown writes: This is why Starscream and Shockwave never made it completly to the Beast Wars.
Unknown writes: Shockwave:Frenzy! Stop playing with Starscreams instriments! Frenzy: I was just playing video games.
Unknown writes: Shockwave:Guess what. Starscream: What? Shockwave:Jets have cock-pits!
Unknown writes: Shockwave: I would totally blend in if you were Skywarp.
Unknown writes: Shockwave: I told you not crash the Ark. Starscream!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Starscream is no Astrotrain
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Unknown writes: While Megatron is away, they playout their S&M games.
Soundblaster writes: Shockwave(as Slim Pikins from Dr. Strangelove) "Yaaaahooo! Yaaahooooie!"
Unknown writes: This is why Transformers never did well in the movie Titanic.
Unknown writes: Shockwave: I king of Cybertron!!!!
iron hide writes: whoa shockwave, not on a first date
Pokejedservo writes: When 9/11 security goes too far!
Jeremy writes: shockwave: starscream if i become a gun why dont i just transform and go inside your cockpit (shockwave thinks of cocks)
starcream: yeah go in my cockpit
Prowl writes: Shockwave! Quit humping me!
Prowl writes: Shockwave! Quit humping me
mike writes: Starscream: Its not my problem if airport security thinks your a terrorist
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FortMax writes: Shockwave: Foolish energy conservation laws!
davewelttf writes: shockwave: I knew not to use starscream as a funnoodle!
Meister writes: Shock Wave,, im not your horse
Unknown writes: STARSCREAM:For the last time Shockwave; my nosecone is not a dildo!
Unknown writes: Starscream: Shockwave. I can see youre afterburners. Shockwave: Shut up! and give me your nose cone
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Ahhhhhhhh! Starscreams nose cone feels gooooooood!!
Slappyfrog writes: This gives new meaning to the term "cockpit."
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Hey Starscream. Can I use
you as toilet paper
Unknown writes: Starscream, having lost a bet, is forced to become the mechanical bull at the "Cybertroian Bar & Grill" for a week.
Shockwave: "YEEHAW!!"
Unknown writes: Shockwave:"Make it quick! You know how jealous Megatron gets when he sees me look at you."
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Warpath writes: Yeeeeeeeeehhhaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, ride´m Shockwave!!
Warpath writes: Starscream: I got you Shockwave.
Shockwave (with high voice): Too bad i didnt land on your wings though. ooowwwie
Unknown writes: Skyfire: Hey Shockwave, is that a Starscream in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.
Shockwave: Be quiet....
Unknown writes: Get the hell off me fore I tranform my foot up that ass n*gga!
Unknown writes: Shockwave:"Starscream, your front end is SOOOO BIGG!!"
Unknown writes: Starscream: Shockwave, we have to talk about wiping better.
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Giddy-up sreamie!
Starscream:... (Throws Shockwave off his nose)
Unknown writes: ShockWave:I can see Cybertron from up here!
Shermtron writes: shockwave ur to fat!!!
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Starscream, the odds of successfully passing through an asteroid field are approximately 3720 to 1.
Starscream: Never tell me the odds!
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