Mirage holding Cliffjumper

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Mirage holding Cliffjumper
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WreckerJack writes: Um, Mirage? Your shoulder missile thing is stabbing me in the shoulder.
Bee's Girlfriend writes: (Add on to last caption:) Mirage: You know, actually I don't care.
Bee's Girlfriend writes: Cliffjumper: We finally... had.. our moment... *dies*
TrinityIce writes: Well, shit.
TrinityIce writes: Well, shit.
TrinityIce writes: Well, shit.
Crashcomet writes: M: Finally! I thought he would never overload...say, where did that camera come from?
Heckfire writes: "Cliffy! Are you alright?"
"I...still...say...you're a...traitor..."
Zeedust writes: A friend will help you move. A good friend will help you move a dead minibot.
Ratbat writes: Cliffjumper is DOA. (In 1986, longtime Transformers voice-cast member Casey Kasem--the voice of Cliffjumper--had quit the show, objecting to a Season 3 episode's stereotypical portrayal of Arab characters.)
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Ratbat writes: Casey Kasem's sudden departure from Transformers in '86 left Cliffjumper voiceless...as well as lifeless.
Zeedust writes: The caption referred to by my earlier caption, for those who didn't go look:

And when they removed his faceplate, their curiousity was rewarded by the greated terror their eyes had ever seen...

...And they now knew the horrible secret of the P
galvanostril writes: I just love the "what the hell" look on mirage's face there!
Prowl Worshipper writes: CJ: Mirage! They...they

M: I'm listening, buddy...

CJ: I can't...say it!

M: Come on, I'm here for you, tell me what's wrong...

Zeedust writes: Optimus: "Mirage, is Cliffjumper...?"

Mirage: "No, he just was just waiting for Energon to start."

Optimus: "And?"

Mirage: "He thought it wa still on Saturdays, and he kept goin 'Any minute now.'"
Zeedust writes: You know, the "Phantom of the Optimus" caption I wrote for the "Optimus having a bad day!" picture would really fit in better here.

No, I'm not re-posting it here. Go over and look at that one. It's got a lot of good cap
Zeedust writes: Mirage: "Okay, how am I gonna carry my keys around on this thing?"
Zeedust writes: Mirage: "Cliffjumper... STOP DOING THAT!"

*Cliffjumper gets up.*

Cliffjumper: "Killjoy."
Unknown writes: Mirage: NOOOOOOOO!!! You can't die yet, Cliffjumper! You still owe me fifty bucks!!
Unknown writes: Mirage and Cliffjumper: the two finest Shakespearian actors in all of Cybertron.
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Unknown writes: Mirage: Cliffjumper? Are you alright?!
Cliffjumper: Gack...I just saw the most horrible sight in all of the Transformers' history...gag! Choke!
Mirage: What was it?!
Cliffjumper: You really wanna know? ...it was Optimus without his face pla
SilverStar writes: Hot Shot off screen: WOW IT A MINI CON!! Cliffjump faints into Mirage arms. Bumblee off screen: WHERE NOT MINCONS WE ARE MINI -BOTS BIG DIFFERENTS! YOU TWINK NARD!! Bumble Bee kick Hot Shot in the groin and walks away. Cliffjump twitches in Mirage arms. M
Alphatron2k3 writes: Mirage to Prime: He just couldn't take all the ilogical storylines in Armada sir.

Prime: Yeah I could just barely myself. The Matrix was only thing that kept me watching it of i would have fallen as did this you young minibot has.

thexfile writes: Mirage : (sigh) it was only a quistion , you do'nt have to faint when some bot asks for your hand in mariage...
Bill writes: I think Cliff Jumpers dead.
Unknown writes: Mirage thinks about turning invisable.
Bruticus writes: Mirage: "Be quiet,Cliffumper! I'm trying to keep all the oil from leaking out of you!"
Cliffjumper: "Traitor!"
Unknown writes: Et tu, Mirage?
Unknown writes: Moments later, the alien would spring out of Cliffjumper's chest.
PlasmaRadio writes: Mirage: "Did you ever know that you're my hero, that you are the wind beneath my wings.... sob..."
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Broadside writes: Cliffjumper.... I am your father!
Unknown writes: goddamn...this happens every time. now where can i hide this one...
Battle Angel writes: Cliffjumper: Then... how... did I... get... my... name?
Mirage: Obviously not by jumping off cliffs.
Starscream K'dash writes: C.J: I see The Light....IT BURNS!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Mirage: Cliffjumper! What happened to you?! Cliffjumper: (weakly) Watched... an... episode... of... "Armada."
Unknown writes: Cj: (Qui-Gon impression) It's too late. It's... M: (Obi-Wan impression) No! Cj: Promise me... you'll squash Daniel. M: (quietly) Yes, Master. Cj: He... is the annoying one. He... will bring stupidity. Squash him. M: Yes, Master.
Unknown writes: Mirage: why do the good always die so young Cliffjumper:I'm not dead yet
Unknown writes: Cliffjumper after listening to Kelly Osbourne.
Unknown writes: Mirage: it will be ok. everything will be just fine.
Cliffjumper: No...more...rosie o donnel...Please! how much more can a person take!?!?!?
Unknown writes: We now return to Autobot Shakespearean Theatre on PBS...
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Unknown writes: I just died in your arms tonight! Sry
Unknown writes: Mirage "cliffjumper can i have your t.v." Cliffjumper "go to hell"
Unknown writes: Mirage:cliffjupmer speek to me. Cliffjumper:(dying)t-tell ar-arcee i loved ughhh..... Mirage:noooo!
Firestorm writes: Mirage: Don't die yet, Cliffjumper! Tell me! What's the last digit to Arcee's phone number?!
Unknown writes: Cliffjumper: Ooooooh! Mirage, I've got a hole in my head! Mirage: That's your mouth, retard!
APOLLO writes: "You were right Cliffjumper, I am a traitor, now that Prime's away I can rip your nosy head off and blame it all on Grimlock."
Battle Angel writes: Should have used Duracell.
Unknown writes: Mirage: "I've always loved you...I need the feel of your chrome against mine, I need that red trim covering my...hey, hey wait, are you dead!?!?! DAMMIT, not AGAIN!"
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Vector Sigma writes: "Before I die...I just want you to have....my GO BOTS collection..."
astrotrain's first friend writes: Cliffjumper: Oh man that was just too much oh... Mirage: Dude what happened to you? Cliffjumper: i saw cosmos in the cleaning unit! Mirage: EEEEEEEWWWWWWWW! oh dude now i'm gonna have nightmares for weeks!!!
Unknown writes: "I...I just died in your arms tonight!"
Suzuki writes: ...Please...find...my brother...Tap-Out...ugh...
mouse writes: Outtake number 445...Mirage realizes he and Cliffjumper are not alone...
mouse writes: Outtake number 445...Mirage realizes he and Cliffhanger are not alone...
Unknown writes: After vigorous anal sex, Cliffjumper was exhausted, and lay in the arms of his gay lover,Mirage.
Unknown writes: Mirage:"Great, I bet all those caption guys are going to make gay jokes about us now."
Unknown writes: I have always wanted you!
Unknown writes: Oh tell moi how much you need me again! baby cakes
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Sideswipe writes: cj: romeo romeo, where for are thou romeo
Unknown writes: Mirage and cliffjumper audition for Kung-Pow
CJ:How do I look? Mirage: Alright.
CJ:On a scale of 1-10? Mirage:1
Unknown writes: Clifferjumper:"Okay i did it! now where is my oscar?"
ras writes: The autobots practice C.P.R
Unknown writes: Wait, are you Cliffjumper or Hupcap?
Unknown writes: Cue Soap Opera Music
Unknown writes: I told you bondage was a bad idea, epescially with Brawn. you moron.
Unknown writes: mirage: (singing) Just the two of us !
Royal writes: Mirage: What happened to you?
Cliffjumper: I just watched the most boriest sport in the world, SOCCER...The horrors
Unknown writes: MIRAGE:I should let you die for calling me a traitor.CLIFFJUMPER:G-go ahead... kill me...
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Unknown writes: Cliffjumper: I love u man.
Mirage: I love u 2 man
(They snog)
Unknown writes: Cliffjumper: Mirage, is that your rocket launcher or are just happy to see me?
Dynamus Prime writes: Gepetto wonders if Pinocchio will ever be a real boy.
Gameovermus Prime writes: Cliffjumper has just seen Arcee in the cleaning unit.
Unknown writes: Cliffjumper: "Lookit all the purdy colorzzz!"
Wonderboy writes: Cliffjumper: SCOOBY DOO!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!!!
Mirage: I think hes hiding where you cant find him and where he cant hear you stinkin voice!!!
Cliffjumper: *gets up* hmmm..so that means hes in the room of Arcee eh? good *evil grin*
Unknown writes: Cliffjumper: Take me...! Mirage; O_O
Unknown writes: Cliffjumper:(Dying) S....Scooby....Doo.....Where are you......
Unknown writes: Cliff: Uh, it is to you Mirage, old friend...
I will pass you my Britney Spears collection as it was passed to me!!!
Dynamus Prime writes: After the animators were finished with the movie, Mirage decided to take up ventriloquism. Mirage: Now where am I supposed to put my hand?
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Unknown writes: Have you farted cliffjumper!!!!
Unknown writes: Mirage: you sure this will hel pyour back?
Cliffjumper: yeah!
Unknown writes: HEY! whats this thing growing on my sholder
magnaboss writes: Hmm I wonder if he has an gold fillings.
Unknown writes: Cliffjumper: Dude, that bong is making me see electodes! Mirrage: can I puke in your chest?
Unknown writes: mirage: kiss me you fool!!! Cliffjumper: two words Tick-Tack!
iron hide writes: cliffjumper: oh mirage hold me
mirage: but cliffjumper i already have a girlfriend
Omega Prime writes: Cliffjumper died jumping off a cliff. Prime: so. we could always paint Bumblebee red
Blast Cannon writes: Mirage: I will never let you go... I promise.
Unknown writes: Oh my Matrix, you killed Cliffjumper! YOU BASTARD!
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Toughboot writes: Cliffjumper: Kiss me Hardy. Mirage: Yuk and whose this Hardy.
Unknown writes: Mirage: Oh, s£!t. I just had to kill Cliffjumper. I need a plan to cover my tracks. Now we sit down in our thinking char and think, think, think.
Dj Flash writes: His dead jim. Noooooooo!!
Unknown writes: Mirage:What was shoved up your butt again?
davewelttf writes: Mirage: Damn it, I hate it when Cliffjumper steals my energon.
Prowl writes: Babysiting, again!?!
Omega Prime writes: your gay mirage.
Unknown writes: Cliffjumper: (singing) "...I spent the summer wasted..." Mirage: "Yes, we *all* know that by now."
Unknown writes: Mirage, i think i snorted to much crack. i keep seeing Prime f*cking Grimlock.
Omega Prime writes: Arcee gave me one hell of a orgy! uh-oh! my cock! getting bigger! harder! need more orgies! AAAAAGH!
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Rodimus Primal writes: Alas, poor Cliffjumper. I knew him, Bumblebee.
Hot Rodimus writes: (a classic joke from "The Cridic:)
(mirage)oh Cliffjumper,how I-OH BUMBLEBEE!
(cliffjumper)thats Cliffjumper
Raptor_7_7_7 writes: After all the discipline hammered into Cliffjumper, he still came back for more...
Unknown writes: Cliff:Hold me tide Mirage!!!...Will u Marry me? Mirage: Oh yes, Cliff darling oh yes, yes...
Chee-toy writes: Mirge: I hate the fact he likes to be rocked to sleep.
Unknown writes: CJ: Anyone ever tell you, that you kinda look like Ultra Magnus from RID?
Shadowman writes: Cliffjumper:A bright light is a-comin for me!
Mirage:Thats a lightbulb, Stupid!
Unknown writes: good news, i got the crack. bad news, i snorted it. wow, look at that sexy fairy with pink boots.
Omega Prime writes: Arcee And Elita sucked my cock, then they made me tit fµ©k them, then ass fµ©king. the ass fµ©king was "hard" work! AAAAH YEAH!
Omega Prime writes: Arcee was one HELL of a cock lovin bitch! AAAAAAAH! orgies!
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Omega Prime writes: I told you so! Arcee can give you orgies that not even Grimlock can handle even if he has Titanium-Alloy on his cock!
Omega Prime writes: this is what happens when you go to the waste-disposal center. you get s£!t stucked in you!
Omega Prime writes: Wake up bitch! why did you overdose yourself with drugs again?!
Unknown writes: Can Transformers perform CPR on each other? Mirage is going to find out with Cliffjumpers help!!!
Unknown writes: Mirage: So ... Did you have fun drinking with your buddies?
Cliffjumper: Last timr I mix Mountain Dew & Beer. By the way, sorry but I puked oil all over your rug
Unknown writes: CliffJumper: Optimus? Um... We were just... rehearsing.
Unknown writes: MIRAGE: Master, I will train him as a Jedi
Unknown writes: Your missile is poking me Mirage.
Unknown writes: You got hurt pretty bad in the last battle with the Decepticons, Cliffjumper. Better let me check you out.
Slappyfrog writes: Wahhh, my diaper needs changing, mommy!
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Slappyfrog writes: Rock-a-bye, Cliffy, on the tree top....
FortMax writes: Mirage: Hey whats Casey Cassim doing in there
FortMax writes: Mirage: Hey whats Casey Cassim doing in there
Unknown writes: Mirage: No...they got JIMMY!!!!!!
Unknown writes: you know you kind of look like a bumblebee repaint
Pokejedservo writes: Why G1 Transformers should never do a "Sleeping Beauty" play.
Unknown writes: God, Mirage, that was goood.
Unknown writes: god damnit man i told u it was a enygon cube to much he cant even walk!!!
Optimal Convoy writes: Mirage: Shoulder cannon getting bigger....harder...
Unknown writes: Terry Falcot: What a lovely couple.
Zaruki: Freaks....
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Unknown writes: Cliffjumper: Hey, Mirage, will you...
Mirage: No.
Dynamus Prime writes: Mirage: Now that I brought him in from the cold, what do I do with him?
Soundblaster writes: Cliffjumper(very weakly):"I am now... and always will be...your..friend. Live long...and..prosper...

Black Arachnis writes: mirage: I told you not to mess with the junk infront of the ark but nooooo you just couldn`t listen could you?
cliffjumper:but it had pretty lights on it.
Unknown writes: I am so sueing that mail order bride company!
Unknown writes: Some assembly required? Where are the damn instructions?
Unknown writes: Never insult the Powerpuff Girls
Unknown writes: I told you not to Stick your head in that cannon.
Alpha Prime writes: I can see up your nose.
Unknown writes: Hmm, this sticker looks bad...
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Unknown writes: i....love....you....ughhh......
Unknown writes: aaaahhhhh...that Arcee is one PIECE OF ASS!!
Warpath writes: Mirage: Man the things they throw out planes these days
Warpath writes: Hey I´d never noticed that thing on the ceiling before
teletran2 writes: I told you; when Wheeljack says "Uh-Oh" CLEAR OUT!
Unknown writes: Mirage: Go to sleep and not a peep.
Sentinel Prime writes: (Gasp) It is to you, old friend, I pass the voice of Casey Kasem...as Shaggy from Scooby Doo passed it to me.
Sentinel Prime writes: Mirage: I killed da wabbit!!
Unknown writes: mirage: then i said to prime...I did it I F****ed elita!!!!
Cliffjumper: AHAHAHHAHA..cant.ahahahahh.stop...ahahahahahaha!!!! laughing!!!!!!!!.....
Mirage: hey! dont fall on my lap!!!!! its not that funny ya know!!!!
Shermtron writes: i told you not to whiz on the electric fence
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Jeremy writes: mirage: there ur safe now
(cliffjumper fells mirages balls) cliffjumper: um.....nice package good look god man due me
Unknown writes: I told you to never inhale energon cubes!
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