Megatron points at his head

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Megatron points at his head
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Rainmaker writes: Megatron: ...and you can buy it now only for around 5 million energon cubes!
Frenchhorngirl writes: -"Look how big it is!"
-"Dude, smaller than the bottom of your head."
Frenchhorngirl writes: "See, human? Bigger than yours!"
Black Hat writes: See, when I tap my head, it shrinks! DERP!
Heckfire writes: "...seriously, I TOTALLY look like a daisy under this helmet."
darkqueen01 writes: This is my handle, this is my spout!
Gigantatron writes: Megatron: I'm special

All the other Decepticons: Good for you, we're so happy for you
Transformation619 writes: Megatron:See this?
Starscream: Yeah, it's your bulky head!
Megatron: no inside it!
Starscream: A brain...
Megatron: I have no brain hahahahaha!!!!!!
Soundwave: Starscream, just be the leader before Megatron goes crazy...
Starscream: yeah, those
Taiya001 writes: Megatron after hitting his head 10000 times over the last few thousand battles lost his mind.
Starscream: okay.....guys who votes me new leader

all decepticons raise hands
Zeedust writes: "Skullcruncher, Mindwipe, Weirdwolf... THIS is where you'll be putting the nebulan."
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Superion_007 writes: Megatron taps his head....

A hollow sound echoes from it
Sondura1 writes: As you can see its empty
trailbreaker writes: "Shockwave, do you think I'm beginning to go bald ????"
blank writes: megatron: starscream unlike you i have a brain that isn't a rotting pile of mush

starscream: me dumb dumb
blank writes: brain me no got brain. had brain once long gone why you aim boom stick at head
seminole1 writes: All the knowlege in the universe is in my cranium.
Matt D writes: Megatron claims he was the person behind the awesome beast wars.
Kamakaze Thrower writes: Megatron tries to make up an excuse for blowing up the sheriff's car.
Voyager Prime writes: Megatron: Go ahead, Prime! Try to attack my superior brain now!

Starscream: Megatron, what are you...

Megatron: Silence, you dolt. It's part of my brilliant plan. (turns to the ceiling) I can outthink your every move, Prime. Just TRY to attack
DarkMechJock writes: My brain should be in here somewhere!
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Scatterlung writes: Megatron: Notice how my head is slightly misproportioned from my chest? It's all part of my plan! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA n00b
Roadshadow writes: Megatron: With a brain like this, what could go wrong?
Starscream: I can think of a thousand good reasons...
dolenarda writes: I am so smart..S..M...R...T
Heavy B writes: this is where brain go
Starbeam writes: "Now, you see, evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!"
DarkDranzer writes: Megs: Nice try Xavier but unfortunetly for you I have no brain...HAHA!! BEAT THAT SUCKA!!!

Soundwave: *shakes head* He is a very sad panda...
ShYnE writes: Megatron: After i had this metal plate put in my head, I keep picking up 95.1 Kiss FM.
Screambug writes: Megatron: (proudly) "See how I have swiped this design from Darth Vader's helmet?"
Warhead writes: Fianlly the angry monkeys in my hair will
have thier words heard!
Armbullet writes: Don't worry.I got this idea from a movie I saw!
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azraelus writes: I had this "dream" that this planet changed my form and then this optimus wannabe threw me through space and I spent a year in some gop and I came out crazy. No, really!
Zeedust writes: Megatron: Sometimes I have dreams that this tiny guy who turned into a T-rex and had my name... He grabbed my spark, and it made his alt-mode a dragon instead of a T-rex... Sometimes, when it's quiet, I think I can still hear his voice inside my hea
Marv writes: Megatron keeps this pose for three minutes, while we hear a strained harddrive hum and groan frantically.
Starscream: "I only asked what time it was, how hard it THAT?!"
Marv writes: No honest, that guy was called "Megatron" as well, only he turned into this big tank and he had these weird pincher things right here...
Marv writes: "I'm on to you Starscream! You're going to wait 'till I'me asleep and then make little clones of Prime craw inside my head. But I'm on to you! From now on, I'll just stay awake for the rest of my life!"
Or in short
Prowl Worshipper writes: Brain? That thing that was in here? Long gone!
galvanostril writes: megatron: food goes in here!
Masterpiece Prowl writes: (Professor Farnsworth voice): I once tried an experiment where I removed my own brain.
Demona writes: *sings* if i only had a braaaaaiiiiiiin....
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "I'ma little teapot [b]SHORT [/B]and stout...."
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Zeedust writes: "Look at this face, Starscream... Does this look like the face of a happy tyrant to you? Does it?"
Kal-Seth writes: Megatron: I Am Sofa King We Tod Edd

The Decepticons Play a Cruel Yet Hllarious Joke on Their Leader
Kal-Seth writes: "Nothing up here but crackers and old episodes of H.R Puff-n-stuff"
Tiedye writes: Megatron- "If you give me 50 bucks I will give you my useless head.
Tiedye writes: Megatron-" Now pay close attention when I come back from the dead everything on my body will change."You need to know this so you will reconize me.
Zeedust writes: Megatron (Ryan Stiles voice): "And this is where we'll keep the cookies!"
Unknown writes: Megatron: So I says to Shockwave, "Hey, thats what SHE said!" Eh, eh? Pretty clever, right, fellas?
Unknown writes: [Megs]: "Nothing here... no wonder. As I said... almost all of my plans to defeat Optimus and his pathetic bandwagon of Autobots fail. I'm not stupid enough to not know [i]that[/i]." [Frenzy]: "Does this mean you�
Zu Darkness writes: Megatron: Insert Brain here!

Cobra Commander: no S^&* Shirlock where else do you want me to put it up your A@#

Megatron: That'll do
Unknown writes: Megatron: Hey, got any more of that hairgel?... wait... that wasn't hairgel was it...?
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Unknown writes: (Megatron) MY HEAD IS SNORING MAKE IT STOP!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: And that's why I'm a better leader than all of you, because I have more... more... uhh... umm... what's in here again?
Shadow Fox writes: Megatron- You dolts, Im not retarded, just stupid as there IS a difference!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Duhh, what button do me press?
Starscream: My God, your a dick.
Unknown writes: brain go in here
Zeedust writes: "See these eyebrows? With them, I will FINALLY defeat Groucho Marx!"
Rhys writes: (Sings) If I only a had a brain. Oh I, could tell why, the Nemesis is so wet (its underwater you lame-ass), I'd scheme of things I'd never schemed before, and then I'd sit, and plot some more...

SOUNDWAVE: Megatron, you&#
Unknown writes: In just two days my dandruff was gone thanks to Head and Shoulders.
Minicle writes: Megatron: For just one Energon cube i shall show you a glimpse of my fine white head of hair.
Zeedust writes: "And after we rob Hasbro, we'll keep the stolen prototypes in here!" (Remember, stealing prototypes is BAD! Hasbro is NICE to the fans, darn it, be nice to them! Or something like that, cliche hammering-in of the moral of the
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DKusanagi writes: With my new gun, I can beat all of you with one blast....KA....ME...HA...ME....HA....!!
Roddimus writes: i told u i was made in taiwan, it says here
Unknown writes: "...and so you see that, despite the fact that my head is ridiculously small compared to my body, and thus my cranial capacity is severely limited, I can STILL manage to come up with snappier one-liners than you, Starscream."
Frostic_Prime writes: Im with stupid.
Unknown writes: see look its empty
Unknown writes: Presenting the replacement of Dogma's Buddy Jezus... The Buddy Megatron !!
Nightshadow writes: Megatron: Brain? I don't have a brain! *Taps head it clangs hollowly*
Zu Darkness writes: Insert brain here
Zu Darkness writes: Megatron: Insert brain here
Cobra Commander: No s--- Where the hell else would my put your walnut size brain; up your A--.
Bill writes: "And so I'm all like,'Nah-ah!' and Starscream's all like 'Yeah-huh!' and ..."
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Rhys writes: MEGATRON: I see you have learned nothing Starscream. The reason you will never be leader is because you have a brain and I don't! See (taps) hollow. STARSCREAM: ? SOUNDWAVE: He is correct Starscream (reads from bible of 80s cartoons) although
Unknown writes: Call me.....Mullet-tron
Unknown writes: ...& at the end of the 1st issue, my head will be split open here.
Broadside writes: Tht's right turn me into a headmaster
Bruticus writes: "Don't argue with me, Starscream. After all, my tech spec says I have a 9 in intelligence."
Unknown writes: I did that with my braaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnn.
Shadow writes: Megs:They hit me right here. Right Here!
D-cons: Are you sure?
Megs: Well actually, I don't remember it that well...
D-cons: Works for us!
Unknown writes: I confused but I am sexy.
Unknown writes: "Megatron has you all outclassed in BRAIN POWER!! ...whatever that is."
PlasmaRadio writes: Megatron: "I'm a little harddrive, short an stout, here is my input here is my out!"
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Galvatron writes: That is why I am leader. Because I am the smartest. Now I say lets pretend we are dead so the Autobots will forget about us. Then we come back for domination and they will think we are all ghosts and we can pretend to be ghosts and play games with the aut
Unknown writes: Allo,there ain't much left in the ol Decipticon Noggin yet Hyuch!
Unknown writes: Brain goes in here...
Unknown writes: Why is it that whenever I tell a guy he can put it anywhere, he always sticks it in here?
Unicron writes: Fellow Decepticons, find my brain or else! It's the size of a walnut
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Head and shoulders! Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes!
Unknown writes: "And this is where my brain used to be..."
Unknown writes: Megatron:"Give me my brain back Optimus! It belongs up here, not in the blender!"
Unknown writes: I want you to hit me...AS HARD AS YOU CAN.
Unknown writes: I've deemed GGX the ultimate in deepness and technicalness. Really, guys!
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Starscream K'dash writes: WHERE'S MY HEAD AAAAAT!!!
Unknown writes: Hey, is it that you do an IK on GGX again? I keep forgetting.
Unknown writes: see the thing i hate when i transform is my head becomes the BUTT of the gun."
Unknown writes: hey, Prime, just so u know, i graduated from Cybertron High last year.
Unknown writes: Megs:" least I haven't lost my mind like Galvatron!!"
z writes: Megatron: And, what exactly's in here again?...
Alexander writes: I r smarty too!!
Unknown writes: Answer me truthfully now... Do I look like I have anything in here? Do I act like I have anything in here? Starscream: (meekly) No sir. Megatron: Good, that's settled then.
Tyrant writes: Food goes in here..oO( sure does)
MEGATRON writes: yes, i want a giant claw on my head.
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Unknown writes: Its called a brain Starscream!
Unknown writes: Duh... What goes up here?
Unknown writes: Hope you like the magic trick, check it out! nothing in here, nothing in here, and nothing up here!
Unknown writes: THE GREATEST COMPUTER IN THE WORLD IS MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: "...And, in case of an emergency, my bucket can be used as a flotation device."
Unknown writes: "...And, in case of an emergency, my bucket can be used as a flotation device."
Unknown writes: ... and just in case any of you think of throwing me out of Astrotrain, I've labeled all of my parts. See? "Property of Megatron", right on the back of it.
Unknown writes: INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!!!

RandomFerret writes: I like it! Doesn't it kind of make me look like Prince Adam?
Unknown writes: And, don't forget, Starscream, I'm the HEAD of this operation!!!!
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Unknown writes: Megatron:"...And your thinking caps go right here."
RodimusPrime writes: U gots ta have dee edgeamication Starscream. I gots dee smarts to lead and you dont. Starscream:Why the hell do i follow this dumbass?
RodimusPrime writes: Megs:Go ahead prime take your best shot. 5 seconds later Megs:Dammit!!!! WHy the hell did i have lead him on. My heads killin me.
RodimusPrime writes: Starscream:Show me your boo boo. Megs in a choked voice: Prime hit me right here
Unknown writes: "whats the deal with my head? Am I wearing a helmet, is it some sort of wig?
Firefly writes: "I would while away the hours
Thinking thoughts about the flowers..."
Unknown writes: And we all know what we think of Starscream's plan, don't we Decepticons?
Unknown writes: Beter 1 Autobot in je hand dan 10 in de lucht!
Unknown writes: Megatron:...And I want a pimp hat! Leopard print with a big brim and a long purple feather on the side!!!
Unknown writes: MEGATRON: I THINK I CAN!
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Battle Angel writes: See Megatron? I replace my brain with yours and all other Deceptacons will follow me!
Suzuki writes: Yes, that's right; purple with pincers, and make it snappy!
Unknown writes: Megatron: "This boys, THIS is where our victory lies, right here, a Cybertronian's greatest weapon!"
Thrust, whispering to Starscream, "Is he pointing at his head or the gun?"
Vector Sigma writes: "I'm an EVIL genius you see...I invested all Decepticon resources in Enron stock! We'll make a fortune!!"
Unknown writes: Megs: 2+2=5 for very large values of 2! Deceps: *groan*
Unknown writes: "You wouldn't believe some of the slag fangirls would write about us!"
Unknown writes: Megs:"And in Season 3, I become galvatron, and go completely whacko. Nuts. Bonkers. Three cannons short of a fortress. Out of my mind. no longer in posssession of my faculties..."
Decepticons:"OK! We get it!"
Unknown writes: Angel: uh, Nightpaw why is Megatron pointing to his head. Nightpaw: Because he's a complete idiot who has no brain
TeleTran2005 writes: Shockwave..Give brain back..
Ibanezjimjim666 writes: SMART......BRRRRAINNNS!!!!
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optimus156 writes: Meg: you like my new bowl cut?? really hip huh? just like the Monkeys..
tony writes: "Inside my head is the operating system of Windows XL, the greatest program on Earth!" *bleep, this system has committed a fatal system error, will crash now* "Nooooo!!!!! Now I only have the operating system of a Gameboy!&am
Unknown writes: I am so Smart! S! M! R! T! I mean, S!M!A!R!T!
mouse writes: Outtake number 245...Megatron prepares for his scene.
Hound writes: I need to go to the body shop and get this dent foxed
Bumble_Bug writes: Meg:GIVE ME THAT HAT!!!
Fred Durst: Nooooo not my baby! any thing but my hat! take my guitar player just not my hat!
Meg:*puts Wes Borland on his head* TO skinny HAD THE HAT OVER FATSO! *chucks Wes into the nearesyt trash can*
hotspot writes: I once had a dream that i was crazy. HA! HA! HA!
Unknown writes: " Insert brain here "
Unknown writes: if you push here i giggle
Unknown writes: Megs:"Not THIS head, Blackarachnia! The other one!!!"
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Unknown writes: "Behold the 3rd transformation of Megatron, PEZ dispenser!"
Unknown writes: The Mini-cons go in HERE!
Unknown writes: Decepticon leadership is all about smarts--not strength!
God Magnus writes: Grabs his sleve "Nothing up here" grabs his cannon "nothing in here" points to his head "nothing up here."
God Magnus writes: Grabs his sleve "Nothing up here" grabs his cannon "nothing in here" points to his head "nothing up here."
Unknown writes: Take my hand. You look tired. Thats cuz uve been runnin threw my mind all night,
Unknown writes: "How did I get this stellar haircut, you ask?"
Hypertron writes: i was thinking of changing my helmet purple with three prongs....
Unknown writes: I have s@#$ for brains!
Unknown writes: Megatron:Wheres my top hat and tuxedo?
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Unknown writes: You think yours rhymes are the nicest! Pass me the mic Sucka!
Unknown writes: You think yours rhymes are the nicest! Pass me the mic Sucka!
Jeremy writes: megatron: haha my head is soo small that ill never be a head in camand get it get it?
Unknown writes: Megatron:(to captured Autobots)And here is my self-destruct button.
Powerglide: GET HIM!
Unknown writes: Megatron:(bumbling oaf voice)Duh! I`m smart!
Unknown writes: See this I made it from an old office trash can, now that craftyness!!!
Unknown writes: A now mid-aged Megatron tells his fellow Decepticons that he has joined the Hair Club for Men
Chachi writes: As a public service, Megatron goes on TV to promote good hygeine...

Megatron: "Now, I keep my head shiny like new with the regular application of Armor-all..."

... And he fails miserably.
Unknown writes: Megatron: Unlike you I have a brain. I think...
Unknown writes: Megs singing: I called the witchdoctor, her told me what do do! He said O-ee O-ah-ah, ching-chang-walla-walla-bing bang! O-ee O-ah-ah. And then he shrunk my head!!
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DEVASTAT0R writes: "you know what they say about decepticons w/ small heads right? Hehe...waitaminute."
Sledge writes: I need a scalp massage !
Unknown writes: Megs: I AM MISSES NEZBIT!! You see that hat?!
Soundwave:(cunfused) Uh...yes mighty Megatron..
*all other decitpicons fall to the floor laughing too hard to speak.
Unknown writes: ... Now see after he went to the hair club for bots.
Unknown writes: (Megatron torturing Autobot prisoners) -- Megatron: Simon says touch your head and hold out your left hand! -- Autbots: AHHHH! JUST KILL US!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Look at my head, it is so small comparing to my torso, yea i am all torso!"
Unknown writes: Arg! Brainfreeze
Royal writes: Megatron: This is what happens when you watch too much soccer!
Galvatron writes: megatron:" you autobots think you are so smart,but i am a lot smarter and gooder than you hahahaha." he thinks to himself where on seibertron did i go to school to learn the word gooder
Unknown writes: Megatron--the smartest Decepticon...and the most powerful Decepticon
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Unknown writes: Megatron: me an the most smartyist decepticon to ever be taken off the defective line
Dynamus Prime writes: ...Buttered toast...
Dynamus Prime writes: No, Megatron! I said your FOOT, not your HEAD!
Unknown writes: I have no head.... I have no head....
Unknown writes: Megatron: "I had a headache THIS big...."
Unknown writes: Megatron: "I had a headache THIS big...."
Unknown writes: Megatron has the best mind of all the Decepticons. :)
Unknown writes: Megatron: I HAVE A BRAIN!! Starscream(off screen): Really? How do you know?
Unknown writes: Great minds think a like.
Replimus Prime writes: Iiiiiinput! Need input! More Input Stephanie, moe input!
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Unknown writes: Megatron: Now this is a head, it has a brain,m you use a brain to think with"
Decepticons: wow
Mr. X writes: "I want a mowhawk!"
Unknown writes: I am going to screw your fµ©king brains out doll!
Unknown writes: It takes brains, in addition to brawn, to lead the Decepticons--and only I possess both!!
Unknown writes: Heyyyyyyyyy Macarena!!!
Unknown writes: now how many times do i have to tell you all. i only have sh*t up here.
Unknown writes: Strange noises in my head... Talking to myself am I?? Oh no I have Yoda syndrome!!!
Pokejedservo writes: I have a really shiny head and a big gun now tell me HOW CAN I NOT FEEL MANLY?!
Unknown writes: Megatron: And as you see, although we can bend our arms 180 degrees, we must do it in such a way that our elbows can not be seen.
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Soundblaster writes: "Alright everybody freeze or the nigger gets it!"
(not meant to be rasist, think Blazing Saddles)
Unknown writes: "This is where the thinking hurts."
Blast Cannon writes: I start Fiiiires.
Unknown writes: Shoot my head, win a prize!
Unknown writes: See Prime,
the reason you do not get any more fembots is because you do your thinking HERE! Such heroic nonsense!!
Sentinel Prime writes: Now the base of the hand gun becomes my head while the trigger forms my...
Dj Flash writes: Dude, I got a dell installed
Unknown writes: "Two words: First Word, sounds like..."
Unknown writes: I do what the voices in my head tell me to do.
Unknown writes: Why yes, I do have a mullet.
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Unknown writes: so starscream ur telling me to pick up that rock and drop it on my head MY GOD YOUR A GENIUS
Unknown writes: Tin man needed a heart, well just call me Scarecrow.
Unknown writes: With my shiny crome I will blind the autobots and make funny faces at them
Unknown writes: Now I activate my new impersonation chip (Talks in voice of Tardy Turtle on Gregg the Bunny) Megatron like getting rubbed below the belly. Eeep. (deactivates chip) F***ing Junkions!!!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: The real battle is not fought with men, it is fought with this...*points to head*
Unknown writes: Megatron: You see, my weak point is my head and....crap, why the hell did I tell Starscream my weakness?!
Unknown writes: Me Megatron. Me is Clever!
Unknown writes: MEGATRON:I got a brain tumor in here. STARSCREAM and SHOCKWAVE:OH NO! GALVATRON SYNDROME!!!
CapeMike writes: Kidneys man, kidneys....
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Unknown writes: Megatron: YOu wont get me prime!!! OUCH *gets hit in the head with a car*

Soundwave: are you ok master megatron?
Megatron: ME MEGATRON SAY ME GOT HIT IN THE HEAD! *points his head*

Grimlock: Why megatron immitating how grimlock speak???
Unknown writes: Megatron: Look! I can turn off my brain with this button!

Starscream: Then turn it on again!
Blast Cannon writes: Yes Spike you can use my bucket head to make a sand castle...
Warpath writes: Listen Starscream, The inside of my head is even less then that of the Dinobots
mike writes: Foolish woman, you cannot give me head, I already have one.
FortMax writes: Look at my cool labodemy scar
FortMax writes: MEGATRON: Haha...check out my cool labodemy scar
Unknown writes: "Rogain. for men, women and Robots!"
Unknown writes: you actully thinki have somethig in here!?
Unknown writes: I have no brain
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Unknown writes: Me. think you need some oral sex.. see me pointing to head!
Unknown writes: its full of muffins! if prime knew he would short!
Unknown writes: I am not only the president of the hair club for Decepticons, I am also a member
MEGATRON writes: If you could know what I was thinking about, hahahaha!
{laughing with a dirty smile on his face}
Unknown writes: You know I just had the weirdest dream about a T-Rex who borrowed my spark, transformed into a Dragon and then conquered Cybertron! Man those rocket fuel energon cubes really play with your logic circuits!!
Unknown writes: ...of course I took it to the head!!!
Shermtron writes: megs: do u mean this head baby?
Darkscream writes: So how much do you think this helmet will fetch on ebay?
Unknown writes: I will pull off your gonads with my bare hand! And then, wear them like a hat!
Kevinus Prime writes: Chicks dig the bald look!
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Unknown writes: With the added power of the pentium 3 processor, I will be INVINCIBLE!!!!!!
Slappyfrog writes: Megatron fails a DUI test.
Unknown writes: Megatron attends the auditions to be the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz Megatron: "I want a Brain!"
Skids writes: "StraTEGERY!"
Unknown writes: No brain, no pain.
Unknown writes: Who swiped my damn crown?!
Unknown writes: Megatron already showing signs of mental instability prior to becoming Galvatron
Hot Rodimus writes: see this prime? I got Intel working on- Owie,headache
De_R3Z writes: Duh - but I been savin my pocket munny... can I have da ice pop Mr. Shopkeeper person.... *Drools over counter in stupidity*
davewelttf writes: Megatron: This is what I think of Starscream
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Jeremy writes: megatron: see this here shockwave its a face now i know your the caractor of the month but that doesnt mean you can have a lightbulb for a face for go get you self a real face
shockwave: yes master
Slappyfrog writes: Megatron explains why he has the worst case of bedhead in the universe.
Optimus Primevil writes: Wanna be my headmaster?
God Jinrai writes: I am so smart "s-m-r-t" ... I mean "s-m-a-r-t" smart!
Ironhide writes: i told you it was hollow
pay up prime
Sean writes: megatron pretends to be smart
Unknown writes: "Who wants some noggin?"
The Matrix writes: You see...I am a thick head.
MEGATRON writes: I told you so skywarp became cyclonus!! Jackass
Stelartron writes: MEGS: Brain? That thing that was in here? Threw that out years ago!
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Unknown writes: megatron: how come the head from every megatron toy from beast wars up looks like mine but none of them are me?
Unknown writes: Megatron: I would like to have some hair on it!!
Omega Prime writes: Meg: the more I do drugs the more mey fµ©kin head shrinks! now gimme those fµ©kin drugs!
Omega Prime writes: your fµ©kin retarted Megatron! Meg: I know!
whacko writes: Hah, Prime my head is smaller then yours!
Unknown writes: Megatron: With my brilliant brain i will soon concquer the galaxy!

*Collective coughs and snickers in the background*
Dynamus Prime writes: Look everybody! Those dumb animators drew my head too small!
Unknown writes: "Thanks to armorall spray, my head is protected from wind and rain damage for up to five years! Thank you armorall!!!"
Unknown writes: "Thanks to armorall spray, my head is protected from wind and rain damage for up to five years! Thank you armorall!!!
Unknown writes: Okay decepticons, we need to think of a way to destroy those pesky autobots. Now, put on your thinking caps!
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Unknown writes: Megatron: I really do have the hardest head in the universe!!!
Unknown writes: i have an idea lets dstroy the autoots what genius youd thin i was a decpticon
Hot Rod writes: I thinking about getting something new, do you think a perm would look okay?
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