Grimlock eats a car

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Grimlock eats a car
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Prime Target writes: Mmmm Tasty
Bee's Girlfriend writes: "Me Grimlock say cue Num-Num song!"
*It's Raining Tacos plays on car radio*
"You BAD radio!" *eats car* "Num num num num num num num..."
Optimustard writes: Yo Grimlock is that a pinto your eating? Cause that cloud behind you screams pinto beans!
Rainmaker writes: ...and that's why Skids isn't in Animated.
Nicorange writes: Me Grimlock want to munch metal!
Bonerking writes: Kelsey Grammer shows this image to his children every-time he has to explain why they suddenly have a new car.
Riptidemtmte writes: "Me Grimlock love this! But me Grimlock liked Pacer better..."
KickBack84 writes: Citizen: "It's Godzirra!"
chirtman writes: Car Robots baaad!! Superlink worse!!
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Gunclaw writes: Mmmmm.... Human inside car tasty....-SPITS OUT CAR VERY FAST-
omegasupreme69 writes: Me grimlock gonna kill this new artist.. hey there he is in that car NOMNOMNOM
Oncoming Storm writes: Grimlock: "This taste like it been sitting under the heat-lamp all Day?
...You said it were Fresh?!
...You lie McDonalds!!!"
Swoopscream writes: Me Grimlock teach you for pulling over and give money to freeloaders. Me Grimlock is Republican.
EXSkywarp writes: (Sari plays the guitar and sings)
Why did you eat my ride?
I bought it...
And it was mine...
But you ate it...
Yeah, you ate my ride...
And I cried...
Those tears were mine...
Megatron1 writes: "Nothin' like cars in the morning!"
Zeedust writes: "Me Grimlock need more iron in diet? Fine, me Grimlock GET more iron in diet! ...Stupid doctor, think he know better than me Grimlock..."
MarkNL writes: Om nom nom nom!
Menasor75 writes: At today's monster truck rally, we have a special guest!

He crushes, he bashes, he breathes fire, and he eats CARS for breakfast. He is....Grimlock!
armouryreviews1 writes: Grimlocks life takes a turn for the worse when he ends up working as a car compactor for a nasty junkyard owner!
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Lucius Prime writes: "Mmm... Me, Grimlock, say taste like chicken!"
MobileBattleBunker writes: Grimlock found a job in this tough economy, we should celebrate!
SKYWARPED_128 writes: RATCHET: "Someone bring out that captured Vehicon. I need to plant a tracking device so that we can follow it back to--..."

GRIMLOCK: "Mmmm, crunchy!"

RATCHET: Grimlock, I needed that!"
aaronaufdenberg writes: Blue make Grimlock sad!!
Gundamu writes: Low miles per gallon, but high in fiber! Grimlock likes!
beautypersoni writes: CRUNCH-munch-munch
BLARG! Tastes like recall!
Zottoman writes: That poor vehicon. he shouldn't have taunted Grimlock by saying "Bite me!"
MulkPrime writes: Car Baaad!! But Tastes Goood!!!
snavej writes: Grimlock loved bringing home presents for Optimus, his sweetie pie.
SKYWARPED_128 writes: Me Grinlock told you neighbor! No rev car up after midnight! Me Grimlock need beauty sleep!
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Grimlock64 writes: Me Grimlock looooove cars, but me Grimlock not supposed to eat them because they make me Grimlock fat. :)
lupinesithlord writes: Me Grimlock love new car smell.
darksabrz writes: Meddle not in the affairs of Grimlock, for you are crunchy and taste good with motor oil.
snavej writes: Yuck, snavej taste like something crawled in car and died. Wait, that exactly what snavej is! Tomorrow, me have megadump on White House lawn. It will smell BAD!
SKYWARPED_128 writes: Grimlock's stint as a hotel busboy came to an abrupt end when he tried to open the car doors for a guest the Dinobot way.
japanimefan writes: When Me Grimlock Say Me Not Want A Car Mode!!!! Me Mean It !!! Me Grimlock Is King !!!! Me Leader!!!!!
Mofo4life writes: This is your brain...(chomp chomp)...This is your brain on drugs...(chomp chomp)...ANY QUESTIONS?
Omnicron2200 writes: Take two of these and call me in the morning!
Heckfire writes: GRIMLOCK: Mmmm, crunchy on outside, chewy center...

Tracks85 writes: Excuse me, is there something in my teeth?
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ALEXD3498 writes: So that's how Obama got rid of all those old clunkers,
#Sideways# writes: "Me, Grimlock, eat Snavej's car because he post way too many captions than necessary!"
peacethrotyrrany writes: with transformers animated being aired on the hub now, grimlock took the term crush the competition a little to literary and ate what he belived to be Transformers Prime bumblebee
#Sideways# writes: Grimlock finds out that Ford Jerky really is "Build Ford Tough".
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Oh I do say this "Automobile" is quite delicious. Mmmm do I detect a bit of Mahogany? Ahhhh such fine Leather, It is sooo scrumpsious!!
Red 50 writes: Hiring Grimlock to remove illegally parked cars wasn't the best idea as he couldn't tell whisch cars were illegally parked. So he just ate the cars he didn't like.
Red 50 writes: Facing unemployement, Grimlock was forced to take a part-time job as the replacement for Robosaurus just to live off.

Naturally he was less than pleased...
turbomagnus writes: Grimlock: Grr... Electic cars not taste right. Need gas flavor.
munkimus prime writes: Me Grimlock munch metal

Me Grimlock Choking on tire

Me Grimlock pass out now
sklauder1 writes: Me a cybernetic sentient transforming dinosaur that walk down town to find food. Me spot your new ride on street. Me eat. Me mayhem. Get insurance. Rarrghh!
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freaky777 writes: Me like Cookies (cars to humans)! Yum yum yum yum yum!!
Cyhwuhx writes: Today, Freeway learned Grimlock didn't like jokes about Grimlock.
datguy86 writes: "Thanks, Grimlock! Now that's another Vehicon I won't find on the shelves!"
Rodimus_NZ writes: Me Grimlock not Ford Mustang! Me Grimlock KING!!!
Lady_Starscream writes: Me Grimlock say tastes like chicken!
Ryuki writes: Grimlock attempt to fill the role of Legendary Godzilla
snavej writes: Having lovely blue eyes doesn't guarantee that he'll be a sensitive partner.
snavej writes: 'No parking' MEANS 'No parking'!
snavej writes: Grimlock's secret origin: he was an ordinary Autobot living an ordinary life until he was bitten by a radioactive T. rex.
snavej writes: Making sweet love to Optimus gives me a healthy appetite!
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snavej writes: The real reason why Grimlock had a 'bad ass' tendency: his diet was atrocious.
snavej writes: This much better. Big tanker trucks give me diarrhoea!
snavej writes: Grimlock: Just a bad dream, little humans watching through your little windows. Please, go back to sleep.
snavej writes: Decepticon: Eat me!

Grimlock: OK! [MUNCH, CRUNCH]
snavej writes: No more anaemia for me!
snavej writes: 'F**K DIETS!!!'
SKYWARPED_128 writes: "Me Grimlock get part-time job as scrapyard metal compactor."
Red_Sun writes: Stupid black repaint of Prime Bumblebee!
Trikeboy writes: Truckasaurus goes animated
Kanyon writes: Grimlock eating his car vitamins. Blueberry flavored!
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ILL-Star writes: Grimlock say NO PARK IN HANDICAP!
Twitchythe3rd writes: No wonder Trypticon eats these things! They're delicious!
5150 Cruiser writes: Melts in your mouth.. Not in your hand!
John Dahalay writes: Om nom nom...
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