Nanosec face-to-face with Optimus Prime

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Nanosec face-to-face with Optimus Prime
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Riptidemtmte writes: Nano (singing): My chin is bigger than yooooours!
Saphire writes: How did you keep your skin so smooth?
EXSkywarp writes: No, you will feel the sting of the MONARCH!

I told you...WRONG. SHOW!!
omegasupreme69 writes: it will be our battle cry Aurthor...Spooon....You know SPOOONNNN
Oncoming Storm writes: Nanosec: "Brush, Brush, Brush your Breath with Dentine!!"
Swoopscream writes: Nano- Seriously? You got this long skinny thing hangin' out there and you're gonna get ticked every time somebody pokes fun about your gnarly blue d-
Sentinel- You're on thin ice, there. Your name about your speed on foot or in b-
Nanosec- Point taken.H
Black Hat writes: 3 seconds later, Nanosec got his head eaten by Optimus Prime.
Zeedust writes: Never get in a staring contest with a Prime.
XDMan writes: Prime: Are you username Ladiesman217!?

Nanosec: No officer, I'm just a helpless old man.

Prime: My bad. Have a good day.
Road Turtle writes: Nanosec, "Heh, I thought it was a loose cable, I didn't know that girl-bots could even... or were even built to use tam-*"
Prime, "Give it back to her!"
Nanosec, "Ok! Sorry! I thought you didn't like spiders."
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MarkNL writes: Wait a nanosec... Is this yours?
BenderCrosby1 writes: "Hey Leno, wanna hear tomorrow's headline?! Giant Robot Empties Old Man's Catheter."
Tracks85 writes: You got a booger hangin, Hold still
Mofo4life writes: Hey, Optimus...Do you have any Grey Pupon? I understand you're mad, even furious, but seriously, do you have any? I really would like that, please? Wow, not even a smile huh? how about a jolly rancher?
The Dude writes: Through the magic of the amazing DJ WYATT CHIN, you too can have a head almost as big as Optimus Prime's! Order now!
snavej writes: Nanosec: Your head looks bigger than it does on TV! [2007 movie reference]
orionpax2000 writes: Mentos?
munkimus prime writes: Shut up and Kiss me you big lug.
Blackstreak writes: *Nervous laugh* "Was this important?"
agentcastle writes: worst bris ever...
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Ryuki writes: Optimus: how many times I should tell you that Frenzy is Red and Rumble is Blue ??!! And don't play deaf on me, just bcuz that you're looking old! I'm gonna stomp you with my chin if you said the opposite again!!
Red 50 writes: Optimus: "You ***hole! You cut the cable in the middle of the Boxing match!"
Nanosec: "Err... Whoops?"
buddhaquest writes: More chins than a Chinese phone book!
siralan500 writes: have you ever snapped into a slim jim optimus?
Hotrodimust writes: Not by the hair on my chiney chin chin
Marcus Rush writes: When using an Oklahoma Credit Card, be sure that your target is not a thirty foot robot
#Sideways# writes: The semifinals to the Chin Contest World Championships! The one to defeat their opponent's chin will go onto the finals where they will face Jay Leno!
Bumblevivisector writes: OPTIMUS: *ahem* I think I misheard you; WHO is going to stab WHO do death with their chin?

NANOSEC: Oh, heh-heh, I guess you've seen 'Fast Food Freedom Fighters' too, huh? Well, "Spam-form and roll--"

NemesisMonkeySupreme writes: "Snap Into A Slim Jim!
…um, these aren't supposed to be grey, are they?"

And that… was… mine."
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BeastProwl writes: Chin up, bud. I'm sure you'll beback in the sequel. Right? Right?
Mofo4life writes: Hey Optimus...You know I was just playing around right? Ugh...Can't we all just get along:)
Mofo4life writes: I ain't scared of the almighty Optimus Prime...Cause I when I light this...We all go BOOM!!! Ugh...You're not scared...Matter of fact I'm scared..HELP!!!
Gonshyk writes: Nanosec: It's like rigid endoscopy, not so scary like you think.
Trikeboy writes: Nanosec: This loose wire was hanging down from your crotch plate.

Optimus: That isn't a loose wire.

Nanosec: Ohhh, awkward.
Ryuki writes: Optimus: NO,NO,NO!!!, How many times I should tell you that we don't open job for Superhero sidekicks role in here ?!!

Nanosec: then, how about super-villain ??
Ryuki writes: Optimus: are you Samuel James Witwicky ?, descendant of... Whoops, wrong continuity line...
turbomagnus writes: Prime (ala Optimus Primal): And it shall be called... CHIN WARS!
Ryuki writes: Optimus: you sure looks old for a guy that is supposed to be around 20 years old...
Nanosec: well, they don't call me "Nino Sexton" for nothing...
Ryuki writes: Optimus: My chin is longer than yours !!
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Ryuki writes: staring contest between human and robot BEGIN !!
Ryuki writes: DO YA FEEL LUCKY PUNK ?!
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