Rattrap hitches a ride!

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Rattrap hitches a ride!
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Rainmaker writes: Optimus Primal: You selling Bird Rides for 2 Cyberchips per 5 minutes? You got a license for that?
Rattrap: *Takes out gun* YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE
Zeedust writes: Rattrap: "Surprise, Batman! In a moment, you'll be as extinct as this bird I'm riding! Awrrk! Awrrk!"

Optimus and Terrorsaur: "... The slag?"

Rattrap: "Eh, inside joke."

(Explanation: http://en.wikipedia
Demonic Femme writes: Rattrap, "Ey- the air up here's pretty nice."
Optimus, "Why do I have a feeling something awful's about to happen?"
Rattrap, *FART*
Terrasaur, "OH PRIMUS-!!!!"
Optimus, "Awww- Rattrap-"
Zeedust writes: Rattrap: "You see this, boss monkey? This here's a dodo bird."

Optimus: "I thought those were extinct."

Rattrap: "Not for another minute and a half."
Zeedust writes: Optimus: "Just so you know, Rattrap... When Season 2 rolls around, you'll have to find another ride."

Terrorsaur: "Well that's a relief. Wait a sec... AW SLAG!"
Unknown writes: rattrap: Hey let's go sky-diving with this. terrasaur: No, I'm afraid of heights.
optimus: then why are you up here?
terrasaur: oh yeah aaaaahhhhh!!!!!
Suzuki writes: RATTRAP: The hard part's gonna involve me getting my luggage out, when we land...
Unknown writes: rattrap: lests go hunt sum dragons!
terrasaur: that dosn't compute.
Unknown writes: rattrap: i'm on my way to the matrix!
optimus: with that old thing? i don't think you'll get to Disney Land!
terrasour: ouch
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Unknown writes: Rattrap: So whaddya want, light meat or dark?
Optimus: You have to ask?
Rhys writes: MONKEY-MAN: Where did you get this idea Rattrap.

RATTRAP: Ah! I was watching G1 the other day, and I saw Shcokwave riding Starscream in "The revenge of Bruticus"
Unknown writes: Easy off Rattrap - he's doesn't make it to series 2 anyway.
Beast Simpson writes: Rattrap: I do so LOVE our little romps, Terrorsaur...
pawmaster writes: rattrap:does he really ;think i'm going to shoot him? I'm just taking him home for "dinner" prime: can I come? I've never had a terrisour before.
Unknown writes: Ya think I'll win that Terrorsaur rodeo tommorow??
Pokejedservo writes: Rattrap: And they say whips are the only way to have that kind of fun. Terrasaur (thinking): You people have NO idea on how glad I am that I'll be killed off in the 2nd season!
Shadow writes: Primal: Okay Rattrap, pull over to the curb.
Rattrap: What curb?
Primal: Oh, yeah... forgot about that...
Unknown writes: Rattrap:"I told you not to push the button, but you just had to try and screw with me, didn't you!"
Unknown writes: I caught him trying to welch out on a bet we made.
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APOLLO writes: Optimus "Rattrap what are you doing."

Rattrap. "I'm gonna ram Terrasaur's head up Osama bin Laden's ass"

Optimus: "Cool, can I watch."
Unknown writes: RT: You know, they say the early bird catches the worm, but the falling rat w/ the gun always catches the bird. ;)
Terrorscream writes: terrorsaur:i swear shockwave and starscream was in this position once!
GiGatron writes: rattrap: we get back to bace and torchure him ok boss monkey
Replimus Prime writes: PLEASE!! TEll me I can hurt him!!
Unknown writes: Prime: Am I interupting??
Unknown writes: (Ambiguosly gay due music playin in background) Rattrap: Hey, whats everbody starin at? Primal: Nothing....
Unknown writes: "Now, to LAND your pterano-glider, just fly low and pull the trig... I mean break... yeah, break!"
Unknown writes: Primal: whack that turkey!!!
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Tigerhawk writes: RT:I always wanted to join the mile-high club
Unknown writes: rattrap:ruff riders prime: we in here
iron hide writes: Hears Diner !!!
Unknown writes: Rattrap:give your your money bitch!
Sandstorm writes: Prime: Now Rattrap remember to give your food a nice workout before you kill and eat it.

Rattrap: Aww, can't we just skip the boring stuff and get right to the massacre?
Stelartron writes: RATTRAP: Hey, Optimus! Wadda ya say ta pterodactl hot wings for dinner tonight? PRIMAL: Sounds good to me!
FortMax writes: can I ride next
Silverwolf writes: Ratrap: Sex, or death. You decide Terrorsaur.

Terrorsaur: EEEEWWWWWW... could we at least LAND first?

Ratrap: NO WAY! I've always wanted to do "it" in mid air!
Snake writes: so does this make ratrap a dino rider or......
Dynamus Prime writes: Rattrap: (With Steve Irwin accent) Have a look at this little beauty! Don't get too close or it might try to bite you!
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Unknown writes: prime: um, im kinda low on fuel, you mind if i hitch a lift?
Unknown writes: Terrorsaur: You guys may be laughing now, but at least I'm never going to get reformatted!
Unknown writes: primal: TAXI!!!!!
David writes: primal: TAXI!!!!!
Unknown writes: RATTRAP: Listen, Terrorsaur--You gimme a ride, and I won't have to blow your brains out! :) =) :) =) :) =)
Unknown writes: Rattrap: "Yeah, it's not easy breaking these things to ride, first you gotta show 'em who's boss..."
Unknown writes: who want KFC?
GiGatron writes: optimus:shoot rat trap know one will care
rattrap: but gigantatron{my series} will eat me if i fall
terrsoar:just get it over with
gigantatron{from ground}:
jump jump!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Rattrap:Turn left,NOW!Terrasaur:I hate backseat drivers.
star_saber writes: rattrap: can u say it now?!terrorsor:your my dady and iam your bitch Prime:it rolled off his tounge
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Unknown writes: primal "no rattrap u dont put the laser to the terrorsaurs head to make him fly faster, u stick it up his candy ass" .
Galvatron Z writes: Rattrap: "Regular or extra crispy?"
Unknown writes: Primal- "Ah Rattrap, I see you brought the bill."
Unknown writes: Rattrap- "Well Primal, I like to inject stuffing in BEFORE cooking the bird."
Unknown writes: TERROSAUR:I have a rat on my back and an ape next to me. Guys, IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND!
Unknown writes: Terrors: This is worse than it looks. His gearbox is hanging out. Op: Hey buddy, can I hitch a ride?
Unknown writes: RatTrap, I know size doesn't matter, but really!
NeoWrecker writes: RT: That's it! I'm gonna shoot him!
OP: Remember, the target is only this big.
Terror: What does Dinobot see in these guys?
Unknown writes: "Welcome to Terrorsaur airlines we hope that you have a pleasent flight"
Unknown writes: Footage from Rattrap's short career as an opener for Aerosmith.
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Unknown writes: RT: We.re Havign Roast Bird For Lunch. Primal: Good job RT. I get the Head Though. RT: NO i do. Primal: NO I DO. Terrorsaur: This Could Take A While
Rhinox writes: Terrorsaur: damn, the things I do for a buck.
Scottimus Prime writes: OP: And here all this time I've been using my rockets like a sucker.
Unknown writes: Airline peanuts?!!! I got yer airline peanuts right here. Bub.
Unknown writes: In a strange deal with HBO. Mainframe has taken the script from the hit show Sopranos and put it to BWs animation. Tony Soprano will be played by none other than the infamous Jersey gansta Maximal Rattrap...
Unknown writes: Now THIS is how to use a sniper rifle!
Stelartron writes: Rattrap: OK, bossmokey, I'll explain it again. On the shuttle after all the 'Bots got trashed, ol' Megs said about going to destroy Autobot City. Then Ironhide said "Noooo!"And then Megs said "Such her
Unknown writes: Optimus:I WANT A RIDE TOO!!!
TERRORSAUR:They don't suspect a thing.......
Unknown writes: Terrasaur- I knew the old "trick them that your a bird" trick wouldn'y work!
Heero Yuy writes: OP:So Ratrap, where will we eat tonight?
TerrorS:I know this great place that..
RT:SHUT UP OR I'LL SHOOT'YA, let me see now....
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Heero Yuy writes: RT:..I guess you could,but lets ask to buzzard.
TerrorS:LEAVE ME OUT'A THIS!!!!!!!
RT:Shut up or do you want to become diner!?!
OP:That would nice!!
Heero Yuy writes: OP:HEY Rattrap, did you hear, the WTC's been rebuilt!
RT(to himself):NOTE TO SELF,Have to crash another dino disguised as a airplane in there!
Heero Yuy writes: OP:Meet you at the taco stand!
RT:To the taco stand and hurry!!!!!
Bumblebee writes: Iv'e always fancied you terrorsaur now let me do 69 ya while flying what a thrill now blow me ah the taste of sprog
Bumblebee writes: Iv'e always fancied you terrorsaur now let me do 69 ya while flying what a thrill not blow me ah the taste of sprog
LioPrime writes: rattrap: this should get rid of that zit on the back of your head.
Optimus: no, just use your thumb and index finger!
Unknown writes: Terrorsaur: Is that a gun or are you just happy to see me?
Dynamus Prime writes: Rattrap: Look, daddy! I caught a BIG one! Primal: Shoot him and we'll have Pterodactyl hot wings for dinner tonight!
Unknown writes: Optimus: What you got there?
RT: This is my friend squawkers. I am thinking about taking him in to get "fixed."
Bob Barker: Way to go! Then he will be just like me!!
Unknown writes: Rattrap: Hey, Boss Monkey! Betcha this dinoboid keeps going for a hundred feet after I blow its head off!
Primal: Your On!
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Unknown writes: Rattrap: If the Flinstones can use pterodactyls for flying, so can I.
Unknown writes: Rattrap:Keep going or ill blow your head off, UNG OH YEAH
Optimus:You two pull over to the side of the road!
Unknown writes: Rattrap:Keep going or ill blow your head off, UNG OH YEAH
Optimus:You tow pull over to the side of the road1
MEGATRON writes: Hay RatTrap you know that in some places you can go to jail for doing that.
Lord Galvatron writes: Hey, RatTrap... is that a Pterodactyl in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?
Black Arachnis writes: hey optimus, how`d ya like your dactylwings?
Unknown writes: Primal- "...That may be true, Ratrap, but on ther other hand, my rocket pack doesn't spit at me and call me a whore."
Unknown writes: YEEEE-HAWWW!!!! I'm a airborne rat now!! Hang a left and lets drop some bombs on Bin Laden!!
Unknown writes: Optimus:Hey, nice horse. What is that? An Arabian? Rattrap:Hell no! It's a fµ©kin' dino bird!
Sideshow Sideswipe writes: Op: Hey, nice beating rattrap, especially around the face!
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Unknown writes: Hey, Optimus do you want to hit this s£!t too?
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