Spike w/ a BIG gun.

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Spike w/ a BIG gun.
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trailbreaker writes: I love his yellow boots.
Optimum Supreme writes: The true inspiration for the AC/DC song "Big Gun"
Rainmaker writes: Police: You're under arrest
Spike: ;(
Riptidemtmte writes: Still not enough dakka.
Frenchhorngirl writes: "I'M A-FIRIN' MY LAZOR!"
Heckfire writes: MAKE.
cybertronianjedi writes: get me my butter....PUNK!!
darkqueen01 writes: Charlton Heston is drooling right now.
Zeedust writes: "One more joke about overcompensaing, and I swear to God I'll USE this thing!"
Zeedust writes: "...And I'm not putting it down until Shia LeBouf goes away!"
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seminole1 writes: Spike: Boy, I hope my body can handle the recoil of this big sum bitch.
DarkMechJock writes: You know, this would be a lot more intimidating if he could move the thing
Demonic Femme writes: Spike, "This isn't a gun- it's a canon- IN YOUR FACE!" BOOOOOM! "YEHAWWW!!!"
ShYnE writes: Spike: WoooooHooooo...Finally a member of the NRA.
ShYnE writes: Spike: WoooooHooooo...Finally a member of the NRA.
Hot§hot writes: What now biatch!
Zeedust writes: Prime: "Where do you keep that gun, Spike?"

Spike: "None of your damn business, Prime."
Zeedust writes: Spike: "And THIS is how we say goodbye on EARTH!"

Megatron: "I like the cybertronian way better..."

(Pardon the Indiana Jones ref. ^_^)
Tiedye writes: (Spike to Megatron) "Say hello to my *LITTLE* friend!"
Unknown writes: this is what happens when you watch WAY to much anime!
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Zeedust writes: Prime: "Waiting for a Decepticon attack?"

Spike: "Hell no. This is for when Spike Lee and his lawyers come for me."
Shadow Fox writes: Spike- (whispering to Prime) My arms are giving out, can I let go of it yet..man..err..is this heavy. Prime- No spike our prisons were destroyed and you have to watch our prisoners like this from now on (thinking to himself) Yes finally found a way to ge
gir writes: "Reach for the sky Megatron we got You covered...Prime bookem"
DKusanagi writes: ha!! Let's see that other Spike with a gun like this!!
Unknown writes: "Laugh at my golden go-go boots, would you? Who's laughing now?"
Zeedust writes: This MIGHT be mildly intimidating if Spike was strong enough to pull the trigger on a gun that size.
Zu Darkness writes: Danial shoots his dad Sparkplug Dad I'm sick of you telling me what to do I'm over 20 years old!!!
M writes: Spike: "That isn't a gun, Megatron... THIS is a GUN!"
M writes: Now let's see if Starscream can ruin anymore stories at transfandom.com!
Unknown writes: The Priciple of TF's: The guy with the biggest gun ALWAYS wins.
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Unknown writes: At this point, Prime didn't even bother to tell Spike he had the gun aimed backwards.
Unknown writes: Jazz: Whoa, spike is one strong Mutha!
Unknown writes: What out for the kickback spike - Optimus.
Unknown writes: Spike: You were saying something about "harmless, puny flesh creatures," Megatron?
Bruticus writes: Optimus: "Spike . . . are you compensating for something?"
Zu Darkness writes: Make fun of my yellow boots will you now I'm gonna Bruce Willis your ass more worse than all of his Die Hard ovies ever made
Unknown writes: *thinks* size...does...matter.
prime writes: spike would you mind giving my gun back please its not a toy
Unknown writes: here prime...ur..er..this fell off..it looks important
Unknown writes: Spike: WAIT A MINUTE i can't pick this up... it's 3 times my size and pre iron Prime: it's ok spike, this episode will only be aired in armada spike: in that case *puts down gun* i might as well do this *picks up megatron*
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Unknown writes: "Hey Saddam....let's go!!"
Unknown writes: Spike got jelous of Mr Septembers Fire hose...
Unknown writes: ::straining:: I think you dropped something, Optimus
Unknown writes: say i'm going to walk home bumblebee, i dare you.
Unknown writes: Spike:"This is my boom stick!"
Unknown writes: Look Megatron. Now who's got the bigger gun?
Starscream K'dash writes: Spike (to Carly): To awnser your question earlier,it's Something like this.
Unknown writes: "Go ahead! Call me a 'squishy' again! I dare you."
Unknown writes: Spike: Go ahead! Make my day! (If you can't figure that one out, dude, you don't get out much.)
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Unknown writes: Spike:WHO'S dad is a fat bastard?!? Starscream:I was talking about yo momma. Spike:BURN IN HELL YOU s£!tTY MOTHER fµ©kER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Sparkplug:How many times have I told you son,DON'T IMPERSONATE CHARACTERS FROM ROBOTECH!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Say hello to my not so little friend!
Unknown writes: once the recoil happens spike doesnt have to worry about being buried 6 feet under.
Unknown writes: OP: Spike's got a gun! Oh s£!t run for your lifes!!!
Unknown writes: it looked smaller on t.v.
Firestorm writes: Spike gets desperate to keep the pidgeons away from his car.
Dynamus Prime writes: Maybe this will teach you to listen to authori-TIE!
Dynamus Prime writes: Say hello to my little friend...um...I mean my big friend...er...oh #@^$ it DIE BITCH!!
APOLLO writes: "If I only had this on 9/11"
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Unknown writes: MY GUN IS BIGGER
Skids writes: Spike: "Stick this in your (tail)pipe and smoke it!"
Unknown writes: THIS is for all these bad g@y jokes you made with me and Hound
Unknown writes: Spike:"This is for creating Beast Machines you bastards!"
Unknown writes: Uh Spike, You do realize that the kick on this thing is going to send your butt to China.
Unknown writes: spike is mad at megetron for a bad night lastnight
Unknown writes: Spike had a pleasant little surprise for the writer of "Autobot Spike". ^-^
Dynamus Prime writes: Hello...my name is Indigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die...
Omega Prime writes: Spike, give my cock back!
Unknown writes: Spike"Carly said to take Viagra, but this is ridicules."
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Unknown writes: Spike: (with a gun) SEE YOU IN HELL MEGATRON!!!
Unknown writes: Spike: Die bitch!
teletran2 writes: What do you mean your not translating Fort Max?
Unknown writes: And Spike is up next in the Decepticon Skeet shooting
::scoruge goes flying...Spike pulls trigger::
Omega Supreme writes: Spike:I can hardly aim this thing,how am I supposed to hit a starship??
Jeremy writes: spike: shos.... be very quite im huntin desceptcions
Unknown writes: Spike talking in Elmer Fudd voice: Hewow Megatwon, huuuuuuh.
Unknown writes: Whos gonna make light of my gay boots now.(thinking to himself;I love you Hound.)
fuelswitch writes: See Carly, I told you i had a huuuuuuuuuuuuge gun!
Unknown writes: I am just compensating for a little willy!!!
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Unknown writes: I did what you asked me to do, Prime. I aimed at that little orange gay-looking guy, Okay Spike, now take your best shot.
Unknown writes: This outta teach you for posing as me, Koji!!
Ultra Prime writes: (Tony Montana voice)Megatron you want to meet my little friend
Unknown writes: I speak softly, but carry a big gun.
Unknown writes: ' What did you say about my momma!! '
Stelartron writes: SPIKE: No matter what they tell you, Prime, it *is* the size of your gun that counts! =)
Thunderstreak writes: "You'll get my gun, when you pry it from my cold, dead arms!"
Unknown writes: IRONHIDE:Hey Prime Should we tell him the gun''s not loaded?
OPTIMUS: Hell no..Now go on Spike Now that you're armed you can go tell Megatron that he sucks sour frog ass.Go on now...Heh Heh
FortMax writes: Optimus, your penis fell off again
Silverwolf writes: Mine's bigger Spark Plug.
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Unknown writes: Spike: Hey Bin Laden! This is for the World Trade Towers
Super Prime writes: Spike: After we find Bin Laden,Iam going to blast so high in the sky that he will drift in space and he will drift into the sun and then he would the first terrorist leader dead. Spike: Also know this Saddam Hussien after Bin Laden is dead, your the next
Unknown writes: Check this out, Optimus--I'm about to ring in 2002...with a big bang! :)
Unknown writes: "Click click Boom!"
Unknown writes: I was saving this for Clinton, but now that he's no longer in power, bin Laden gets it. MERRY CHRISTMAS, BASTARD!
Unknown writes: Weakest link my @$$!
Unknown writes: Aww, man! I'd hate to do this, shooting down an airliner with a lot of my friends aboard! But, the president himself made an Executive Decision...so I've been ordered to shoot down that jet! =(
Unknown writes: Prime: Becareful Spike......the kickback on my gun will tear your arms off!!
Unknown writes: Happy New Year, Osama bin Laden! You will definitely have a blast!!
:) =) :) =)
Unknown writes: Oh sure, he can lift this huge piece of machinery - but lifting a finger to help around the house for old Sparkplug, thats a different story
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Unknown writes: Ive got a feeling the kickback on this guns isnt gonna go down too well with my shoulder.....
Unknown writes: During the cold war, people tried everything to destroy russian satalites.
Unknown writes: Bring It On OSAMA!!
Dynamus Prime writes: How bad is the recoil on this thing again?
Unknown writes: ok who ever thought up the idea of wheelie come out now (then i will shot the stupid bastard (HAHAHAHA!!!!!!)
Warpath writes: Blurr Shut the f*ck up!!
LioPrime writes: "I'm telling you Prime, with this new microphone EVERYONE will be able to hear my Spice Girls CD!!!
Master Hound X writes: Yeah time to kill some coty Hackrs!!!
Unknown writes: Heheh , Let's see Benladen crash another plane now . . . AND I'LL SHOOT DOWN EVERY LAST PLANE TILL I GET THE RIGHT ONE HAHAHA !!!!
Unknown writes: Prime - "Uh Spike you know something the recoil from that..."

Spike - "Listen Prime I know what I'm doing ok, I am not a child!"


Ratchet - "I'm no expert on human anat
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Unknown writes: i will take my big gun and shot out a mystical beam form it
ThunderCracker84 writes: Walk tall and carry a big gun
Unknown writes: [Insert Charlton Heston joke here.]
Unknown writes: Yo! Towel Rap, I'm gonna
send your ass to AllAH, with reguards from the USA.
Unknown writes: Ill show you Cliffjumper... These boots do Not make me look gay!!!
Unknown writes: Think he's compensating for something?
CapeMike writes: Spike: Hang on, prime, I'll give you your gun back as soon as I've crisped the guy who messed with the COTY polls........

Bumblebee writes: Spike the real reaon i wanted you to hold that gun was so you could binary bond with me. No not a headmaster a crotch master. transform now where is elita
Unknown writes: Damnit! I can't fire it... Oh! Trigger too big!
Unknown writes: In a sing-song voice: Siiiide Burrrrn... Come here, Sideburn... I own a red Corveeeeete...
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Unknown writes: (With apologies to darkageis): DOES HE... Oh, heavy... LOOK LIKE... can't... hold... A BIT... Oh, my back...
Unknown writes: Damn pigeons...
Unknown writes: "I'll show YOU 'overcompensation', Carly..."
Unknown writes: Prime: Okay, Spike, just aim right at Wheelie's head........
Unknown writes: How the heck am i lifting this it must weight 50 tons
Unknown writes: You too can have a gun like this with only 20 techspecs and £1.99
Unknown writes: Go ahead, Megatron. MAKE MY DAY!
Unknown writes: Go ahead, Megatron. MAKE MY DAY!
Unknown writes: Now I know what the Doom creators meant by BFG !
Unknown writes: Spike had to compensate for other small things!
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Unknown writes: What was Perceptor saying about breaking the laws of physics?
Unknown writes: Gun....to heavy,....need more.....energon.
Unknown writes: Optimus:That's it Spike. Now easy up on and take the shot BLAM!!! Spike:Was I supposed to hit Wheelie?
Unknown writes: Spike: Here Optimus, you dropped your gun.
Op: That's not a gun...
Unknown writes: I've got the Decepticon shuttle in my sights, Optimus! Jus' say the word and I'll blast it to smithereens! :) =) :) =)
Unknown writes: SPIKE:Can I have this for my FORTRESS MAXIMUS mode?
Marcdachamp writes: Action Masters? ACTION MASTERS? Hasbro must be stopped...no matter the cost.
Unknown writes: Yo, Megatron! Wait up! You forgot your gun!
grimlock writes: Behold! My Really Really Really Realy Really REally REALLY big gun! hey wait? what? No ammo? DAMNIT!!
Unknown writes: Spike: Gun...too big....HELP!!!
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Hound writes: Yet more box artwork for japanese toys that we will never get!!
Scrapper writes: Damn, the trigger lock is stuck!
Unknown writes: Optimus: Enough Megatron! We fight! Lackey my gun.
Spike: Yes master...
Maximus Prime writes: "Um...Yeah,it IS a gun in my pocket,actually. But I'm still REALLY happy to see you!"
Lioconvoy writes: So THIS is what a samoflange is!!!!
Mach Alert writes: spike: you call that a gun, THIS IS A GUN!
Unknown writes: "Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun."
Army of Darkness
Unknown writes: Hey Fembot, check out my piece.
Unknown writes: Spike: Carly, here's that 84 inch titanium-thickened, super-penetrating, double-compression powered vibrating Autopumper that you wanted for Christmas!
Unknown writes: Damn this this is heavy!! What I would not give for a car jack!!
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DARKAGEIS writes: (hey ive done it before but what the hell!)

say what one more time mutha f####r i dare ya i double dare ya!
Unknown writes: You talkin' to me..am I some sort of Cartoon for you amusment.
Zartan writes: I told you once, and i'll tell you again, Megatron. Size DOES matter!!!
Unknown writes: And now Prime can put the Gun on the mantlepiece without it falling off thanks to the brand new Spike Witwicky Gun Holder. Only $199999999.999999 plus $9999.9 Tax
Unknown writes: Hey Prime, why make me carry this!!
Unknown writes: Hey Carly, what'da think o'my gun now!!
Unknown writes: Look our girls! Mini-James Bond is on the move!
Unknown writes: Look, I've got the same level of combat-capability as Bumblebee!!
Scottimus Prime writes: Look at me! I'm Megatron!
Unknown writes: Decepticons: Why are we scared of this little guy? There are ten of us and only one of us needs to step on him.
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Unknown writes: Go ahead, make my day!
Unknown writes: Say hello to my little Friend!
Stelartron writes: Coming soon to a theater near you, Transformers: The Revenge!: Spike's back, and he's ticked!

Spike: *NOW* call me a pipsqueak! >:D
Shermtron writes: Prime: Say hello to my little friend
Unknown writes: After an argument involving Spikes emerging drinking problem, Sparkplug mysteriously dissapeared...along with half of the autobot base.
Unknown writes: "I can't stand Gear's complaining anymore! I'm putting him out of his misery!!!"
Galvatron Z writes: "Good? Bad? I'm the guy with the gun."
Unknown writes: "Who says size doesn't matter?"
Unknown writes: damn prime why do i have to carry your gun?!?!
Unknown writes: you yank there and it will shoot!
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Unknown writes: Spike: It's so BIG... Optimus: That ain't nuthin! Spike: Since when do you have a zipper OH MY GOD!
Unknown writes: You want me to put this where? Optimus: Oh comon, were friends arnt we?
Unknown writes: Optimus Prime to spike: If you shoot with my big gun i will kill you.
JP writes: Thanks for the gift guys, but um, i think you've got this size thing all wrong..
Unknown writes: I know what your think, did I fire six shots, or just five!?
Unknown writes: This is why I don't like standing between you're legs. Things are always falling off.
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