Rumble gets a ride on Dragstrip

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Rumble gets a ride on Dragstrip
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misfire19d writes: The awkwardness passed after a few lapse
Towline writes: Rumble is desperate to get in on the latest Combiner wars action.
Bumblevivisector writes: RUMBLE: Whaddya' mean, "Deja Vu much?"
Chrisby writes: Lookit me, I'm Mario Andretti!
shadow minicon writes: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bringo writes: Whoever said this was a bad idea, was wrong. Driving you is so %$#% fun. You don't even seem to mind my crotch in your camshaft...
bringo writes: Our love feels so right.
Judynator writes: *Driver
Judynator writes: Forma1 Driwer
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Unknown writes: Rumble: Come off!
Dragstrip: I'm not a damn LEGO Kit!
Dragonoth writes: Rumble's uncharacteristically ingenious new plan: stealing Autobots while they're in stasis lock.
shockblaster5 writes: Dragstrip; I'm not a Decepticon yet! I'm still just another race car!
Rumble; Pipe down or I'll tell Motormaster!
Korium9 writes: You have two seconds to remove your hands from there.
soundwavegt writes: Man! How the hell did that Nigel Mansell guy manage 200 laps every week?
Scatterlung writes: "Come on, Dragstrip! You can't let that fatalistic pile of scrap beat us to the Energon Pub!"
Roadshadow writes: Rumble: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
Dragstrip: How the hell did I ever talk myself into this?

*12 hours earlier, at a Cybertronian pub...*

Dragstrip (drunk): Hey who wants ta ride me? I'm so wasted, I could puke myself. *Passes out
Flashwave writes: I specificly told soundwave to get a toy car, make sure it's one i can fit in!"
Dragonoth writes: What's next? Decepticons delivering pizza?
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Dragonoth writes: Decepticons have infiltrated professional racing!
optimus9504 writes: Rumble said "dragstrip, I need your ride,"

Dragstrip said "sure, but before this I will tranaform if need for emergency battle okay."

Rumble said "okay, not for long way just for short time. and enjoy for the racing"
gauthic_angel7680 writes: let's get the hell out of here, megatron is on the warpath. starscream didn't get the sh*t stains out of megatron's thongs again.
Road Turtle writes: Rumble, "Give me back my Stan Bush CD!"

Dragstrip, "You got the Touch! You've got the Power!..."

Rumble, "Shut up and gimmie back!"
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Dargstrip: Get out or I will Transform
Rumble: go faster Hot Rosd is catching us
Dragstrip: Shut up he isn't even chasong us
Rumble: Riight
Dragstrip: .... SHUT UP!
gauthic_angel7680 writes: Rumble: oh come on dragstrip can't ya go faster, you know i like it that way.
Dragstrip: man get off me. you know i like to be on top.
kewlcastud writes: Rumble: Come on Drag Strip, quit playing around, where is it? .... I know that damn toilet paper is in here somewhere...I don't want to have to use Laserbeak again...
Pokejedservo writes: Rumble's good-natured but all too odd attempt of a birthday present for Frank Welker's recent 60th birthday.
star_sabre86 writes: Rumble: I'm a big boy now
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Masterpiece Prowl writes: Rumble joins the shriners.
Powerstorm writes: Maybe they'll make a Scalextric version...
Jetplague writes: *Grumble*Grumble* Damn cheap Hasbro...can't even afford a decent sized car for me ride to the Transformers movie premiere. HONK! HONK! Hey nice signal jerk! Oooh real cute Soundwave...put that finger down and just speed up will ya!
Road Turtle writes: Rumble, "Hey!!! Gimmie back my Stan Bush CD!"
ninjabot writes: Hurry up, we gotta win, I want that 2000 picce Craftman tool kit.
Atlanticus Prime writes: Speed Rumble.
Atlanticus Prime writes: Speed Rumble.
Atlanticus Prime writes: Speed Rumble.
Road Turtle writes: Doomed to transform into an obsolete magnetic cartridge, Rumble the Cassettacon swore to rip the CD players from each and every vehicle he came across.
Rumble, "Down with Digital! Analogue Forever!"

Hide your MP3's.
Ratbat writes: Once we get enough cars, we'll be able to fight the Autobots on their own turf!
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jmananquil writes: Rumble: "Damn, "D"! You had WAY too many cybertronian cocktails! Let ME drive YOU home!"
doodoobrova writes: Rumble: "Ah slag, friggin' traffic. If you weren't in the bathroom primping yourself like a little bitch we could have made this. Megatron's gonna be pissed. I'm gonna choke ya, ya bastard.
Shermtron writes: Dragstrip: rumble dont poop on me
Shermtron writes: Rumble wins the Indy 500!!!
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: Al right, that's it! The designers at Tyco are officially scraping the bottom of the barrel....
1337W422102 writes: Next week:

"Scattershot gets a ride on Mirage" !
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"What the.....Backstreet Boys CD's?"

Dragstrip,"Uhhhhh those belong to Tracks."

Rumble,"So you and Tracks are sorta what dating?"

Dragstrip,"Once or twice,but I'm still seeing Swindle."
Emerarudo_chan writes: Dragstrip: Soundwave better pay me double for looking after his kid!
Emerarudo_chan writes: R: hey man whats with the snow plow for a nose, i mean theres no snow!
Emerarudo_chan writes: R: we all live in a yellow--
DS: sing the song ONE...MORE...TIME and I'll pearsonally snap you in two!
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Emerarudo_chan writes: The new and improved Banana boat!
Emerarudo_chan writes: Rumble: damn my butts to big to fit in you slagin seat!
Dragstrip: I like big butts and I can not lie!...
Emerarudo_chan writes: Rumble: AHHHHH!
Dragstrip: What? What is it, Autobots?
Rumble: No your tapeplayer is trying to eat me!
Emerarudo_chan writes: DS: seatbelts please, remember Rumble saftey first!
Cap'n_falcon222 writes: "uhhh.... dragstrip?" "yeah, rumble?" "I GOT MY FINGER STUCK IN YER CIGGARETTE LIGHTER AND IT HURTS LIKE THE PIT!"
Dirtbag writes: Rumble: *reaches for mint* ahaa!! Dragstrip I got my hands stuck in your compartment!!!

Dragstrip: This reminds me when I was reaching for my favourite music cassete in sound wave and he closed the door on me...
TheRoMan writes: "For the Last time Rumble, quit makin' fun of my six wheels!" Rumble–"Why? Thier outdated, and whats with the snow plow on your nose?"
Dragstrip– "You know Rumble, some day, and soon...Cassette tapes will be replaced by
Minicle writes: Ever heard of the phrase, "Touch and go"?
Minicle writes: Dragstrip: GRRR! Soundwave is so gonna regret recording the Speedracer theme onto Rumble!
Kit writes: Rumble, RC car mechanic extraordinaire
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terradive2020 writes: damb it! I am not a porta-john
terradive2020 writes: wow! I havnt sat on this much power since prison
Road Turtle writes: Rumble, "KITT! Turbo Boost!"
Road Turtle writes: So how long before Rumble realizes that his not the one driving?
Road Turtle writes: Zoom!Zoom!Zoom!
Arc the ZAKO writes: Rumble: weee! We're gonna win this race!
*Rumble sees a brick wall ahead*
Rumble: AH! AH! AH! FOR GOD SAKES! USES THE FRICKIN BREAKES!!!*Drag Strip slamms on he breaks, sending Rumble off of him and slamming into the brick wall, an imprint of Rum
Arc the ZAKO writes: Rumble FASTER MOMMY! FASTER!
Drag Strp: I ain't your mommy! Get off of me or else I'll blow you up!(I'll blow you up anyway for riding on me in the first place)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Dragstrip,"This would be alot easier if you transformered into cassette mode."

Zeedust writes: Dragstrip: "Get your hands off of that!"

Rumble: "Easy, man, just shiftin gears for ya..."

Drag Strip: "I'm NOT a stick-shift!"

Rumble: *Confused pause, then relization dawns.* "EW!"
Tammuz writes: Dragstrip: I am NOT a bidet
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Dragstrip,"What are you doing?"
Rumble,"I saw Battletrap do this once."
Dragstrip,"But were not a Duocon."
Rumble,"Yeah so?"
Dragstip,"So it won't work you moron.Are you really this stupid?"
Warhead writes: GOCARTS!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"Hey what's dis button do?"
Dragstrip,"Don't that's the ejector seat!"


1337W422102 writes: For some strange reason, most Americans still prefer NASCAR.
Chaingun writes: Damm rumble, I knew you were strapped for cash, but I never thought you'd resort to digging in the cracks behide our seats.
Mixxin writes: Rumble:Man i got the squirts real bad.

darkwind25 writes: Rumble: Oh man, I think I've got the trots! Ohhh, gotta hold it in. C'mon Rumble, don't do this now.... not with the big "Look like a Moron on a decepticon car" race.

Drag-strip: Get the freak offa me, you little turd!!!!!!!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Dragstrip,"There goes my suspension."
RogueDeathangel writes: Rumble: NOW can i be a gestalt peice?

Megatron: *tee-hee* uh... yeah... sure... gestalt peice... one more lap.
(to soundwave)- once this tape hits the 'net, it'll be bigger than that star wars kid.
olimus prime writes: finally, a game to rival super mario kart!!
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steve2275 writes: dragstrip: you better not fart on me
rumble: too late
Minicle writes: Rumble: Is this a gear stick, or are you just pleased to see me?
Minicle writes: Rumble: I'll giv em Congestion charge!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble was met by a hail shotgun blasts when he compared himself to the Intimidator.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: With the finger from a rubber glove filled with gears,wires and 10w30,Rumble preformed a little psychic surgey on Dragstrip,supposedly curing him of carborator burn.

Dragstrip died 3 weeks later.
-Ry- writes: And it's Rumble taking the lead on top of Dragstrip err....Frenzy maybe?..nope ots Rumble wait maybe?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble provides the Decepticons with a little hot lunch.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble was disqualified from the Boyscouts,soapbox derby.

Needless to say him and Dragstrip laid waste to nearly all of Troop 420.

Funerals are scheduled for the next few weeks.
Marv writes: Scene cut from the G1 cartoon episode "the key to Vector Sigma", in which Rumble's pulled over by the state partol after being stupid enough to steal a car on a live TV broadcast...
Marv writes: Photo taken during the Decepticon teambuilding weekend 2002. Rumble and Drag Strip cheated in the kart race!
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Marv writes: Now all Rumble needs is a clown outfit and this pic's trully complete....
Marv writes: Rumble: Darn! The humans noticed we're
not a normal racing team!
Darg Strip: I wonder what tipped them off?
Marv writes: Failed Energon Conservation Plan #94: Carpooling
galvanostril writes: when trying to recover ravage from the 8 track player...
galvanostril writes: nelson: HAW-HWAH!
rumble: do you find something comical about my automobile!?
galvanostril writes: dr. rumble performs high speed surgery in transformers the movie 2: return of GRUMBLEBEE!
galvanostril writes: the collectors of gen1 merchandice reach a new level of tenacity and greed...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble(singing),"Ride! Ride like the wind.."

Dragstrip,"Nnnnnnn when are you gonna stop singing the theme song to Hardcastle and McCormick?"
Diablocon writes: Rumble: So what are you exactly? Some kind of Racing car/Snowplow/Monster truck hybrid?
1337W422102 writes: Dragstrip: "Isn't your ass a bad spot for a Powerlink point?"
Rumble: "You should see Skywarp. HE has to stick this fists in his mouth and do the splits!"
Dragstrip: "Damn, we should have NEVER stolen the technology behind
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: As strange as this is you should see the picture of when Dragstrip got his hands stuck in Frenzy.
Kevinus Prime writes: "Dammit! Frenzy's head is stuck in the player again!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Rumble qualifies in 5th place at Daytona this weekend...
Kevinus Prime writes: "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Rumble: "Why is your steering wheel so small?"
Dragstrip: "So the Mexicans can drive me too!"

(I know, old!)
Kevinus Prime writes: "MOM! Just one more quarter, PLEEEEEZE?"
Kevinus Prime writes: Rumble joins the Shriners parade...
Kevinus Prime writes: Dragstrip: "Uhh, that's NOT my gear shift!"
Rumble: "EWWWW!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "#$!^#%@ Go-Bots..."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Bumper cars RULE! Did you see the expression on Starscream's face?"
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Soundwave,"Rumble commence Operation:Doughnut Run!"
Dark Monkelus writes: dragstrip: pile driver arms and fairy wings. Aren't you on the wrong website?
rumble: ...I prefered it when I was on that train...
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Rumble: "Damnit, my hand's stuck!"
Dragstrip: "Just let go of the Bananarama tape, then your hand will slip right out."
Rumble: "NEVER!"
Pierrimus writes: Rumble: "Damn it, I can't seem to find any loose energon chips that fell out of my pockets."
Dragstrip: "Urp! Sorry I thought those were my tip."
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: They finally thought of some way to make Pole Position more exciting.
Thanatos Prime writes: Dragstrip: You know, I really can do whatever I want to you and your helpless to do anything because I can just leave here in the middle of nowhere!
Rumble: Oh yeah? Well...I got your um...steering wheel!
Thanatos Prime writes: Rumble: Heave! Geez that bom..Imean rock is really stuck in there.
DeceptiGojira writes: Dragstrip: Rumble¡¡ for the last time, GET OFF ME¡¡
Rumble: c'mon, DR¡¡, dont tell me you dont like it.

Dragstrip: hell Yes...I mean No¡¡Dammit, you little perv¡¡
JelZe GoldRabbit writes: Drag Strip: This is the last time we play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with you, Rumble!
Rumble: Your teammates won the last four times, so shut up. You aren't exactly lightweights you know, especially Motormaster!
Drag Strip: But why have I l
wobblefunk writes: dragstrip: im not meant for transformers, im meant for humans rumble, so get off

rumble: but i am a human..humaniod that is

dragstrip: you've always got an excuse. *grumble* *grumble*
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wobblefunk writes: rumble:you know you said not to go fast?

dragstrip: yeah

rumble: well...speed up man, you're going granny roblt pace, even i could catch tyo0u as a tape!
wobblefunk writes: damb, the steering wheels too small, ah curb!
Bed Bugs writes: Dragstrip: You know rumble, if you transformed, you could fit inside of me.

Rumble: No way! I'll fit, just a little more...*crunch*
Bed Bugs writes: Rumble: Tickle, tickle, tickle, hehe
Dragstrip: No, haha, stop, haha, getoff!
Bed Bugs writes: Rumble: He took my Wing Sabre and won't give it back!

Dragstrip: It's mine!
Bed Bugs writes: After the gestalts decided to play a game of football, they soon realized that they needed a center, and something to throw...
Dark Monkelus writes: Rumble: you got the touch!
Dragstrip: nah, you got the touch!
Rumble: No baby, you got the touch. I got the power, ahhh yeah
DeltaSeeker writes: He followed me home! Can I keep him?
quetze writes: Soundwave: Rumble your meant to use the controller for the slot car set I bought you!
Sinister Mentor writes: DS: Uh... Rumble?
R: Yeah? What is it NOW, you whining piece of scrap?
DS: Remember the time I said that my steering wheel was a TAD loose?
R: Yeah, so?
DS: Well, if you don't let go in approximately two seconds it will snap straight off and I wi
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Acelister writes: Dragstrip: "Are you sure this is what Megatron meant by 'car sharing'?"
Acelister writes: Rumble: "Uhhh... Soundwave! Its not how it looks!"
Soundwave: "Rumble... How could you?"
crazyfists writes: whenever i drive you dragstrip, i keep hearing that same old cake song in my head.
Bed Bugs writes: Due to his numerous failures, Megatron demoted Dragstrip to "Porto-potty Patrol"
little_fly writes: r:i wonder how fast you can go around this track ? ds: i think over a hundred miles per hour you better hold on!
r:i hope i dont fall off
AfterImage writes: Rumble: C'mon, man! Let me ride you!

Dragstrip: Hey, man, I checked with Megatron. You can only do that once!
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: The only thing more curious than why a human-sized transformer couldn't fit into a indy car, is why the indy car has 6 wheels.
Skylord writes: aarggh - "Made in China" - I should have known, that it would shrink in the rain.
Dirtbag writes: After Megatron stole the vehicle alts and used them as bodies for decepticons.....He realized that Dragstrips vehicle mode was an old school hot wheels toy! Rumbles enjoys riding on the bite sized car until he breakes the steering wheel off and cries.
Dirtbag writes: *shake shake rumble*


Man: hey give this 3 year old a turn! besides you need another qurter!
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Dirtbag writes: Soundwave: ahaaa...Rumbles first hot wheels toy.......
Dirtbag writes: Soundwave: ahaa............Rumbles first hto wheels toy.........
Minicle writes: Dragstrip: Are you sure you know what your doing!?

Rumble: Pfff! If Optimus and Monkey bot could do it, then so can I!
Minicle writes: Rumble: Aww crap! My hands are stuck!
Rodimus sucks writes: Rumble drives of fast after shooting Xzibit for the unauthorized pimping of Dragstrip!
King Grimrob writes: Rumble: dual exhaust! Lift kit! Spinner rims! and.... eight track??
Dark Monkelus writes: Dragstrip: What is it with you and having to be inside other transformers?
Rumble: Soundwave is like a biiiig blanket
Dark Monkelus writes: Rumble: Push Dragstrip, push. just l little more, come on, I can see the head!
Wreck 'n Rule writes: New from Rockstar Games, "Grand Theft Auto; Iacon"
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Zeedust writes: Rumble: "I hate to break this to you, but six-wheeled race cars aren't exactly inconspicuous..."

Drag Strip: "And purple cassete tapes are?"
Nemesis Sturmvogel writes: Uuuhh, Rumble is too big for ride on Dragstrip
Mystery writes: Dragstrip: Get off, Rumble. NOW.
Rumble: I know who's been responsible for the recent energon shortage...
Dragstrip: *grumbles*
Suzuki writes: Little known vacation photo, of the Decepticons at the Faimily Fun Center.
DeltaSeeker writes: After years of suffering abuse from Megatron, Dragstrip and Rumble quit the Decepticons and join the Shriners.
cecilia writes: Rumble learns the problems with driving if you attached a joystick instead of a steering-wheel to a go-kart.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"Dammit Rumble I asked for a real car no a slot car!"
Napalmscreamer writes: Rumble: You fool Dragstrip, the car sterio has chewed up Ravage!! Soundwave is gonna kill me! May you turn into a Retooled Windcharger!
Air Dawg writes: Dragstrip: Get off me, Rumble!

Rumble: NEVER!!
Air Dawg writes: Losing my religion.
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Lorekeeper writes: Look what we unlocked in the new MarioCart! I knew something good had to come of that Armada game... even though neither is from Armada... and Armada was on the PS2...
DarkPrime writes: Dragstrip: "Whoa! That ain't the stick shift!"
Dark Monkelus writes: Dragstrip: ...but I'm an automatic...
Dark Monkelus writes: Thank god we can disguise ourselves as everyday Earth objects, otherwise we'd really be drawing attention to ourselves right now...
Dark Monkelus writes: Michael Schumacher: hmmmghhg...brrrgrrrdd...errrggggggg... *gasp*
Dark Monkelus writes: dragstrip: so Rumble, as a cassette I guess you're pretty much obsolete.
rumble: and what are you, a car and a left arm?
dragstrip: I feel so dirty, and I can't get clean
Omegawrath writes: "Now turn your wheel and cough."
"GAH! It's just an 8-track."
Dark Monkelus writes: rumble: gas... break... gear shift... Which one did you say was the flush?
Brakethrough writes: Dragstrip: Is this really necessary?
Rumble: Yeah, since I don't have a vehicle mode, I'm authorized to commandeer Stunticons.
Dragstrip: But couldn't you just hop into soundwave? he flies!
Rumble: Less talk, more drive, you six-wheeled
buddhaquest writes: "Rumble, you (grunt) aren't a licensed proctologist, are you?
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Acelister writes: Dragstrip: "You'd best watch out for my engine..."
Rumble: "Why do you say... ARGH!! Hothothot!"
Dark Ops writes: Rumble: C'mon Frenzy, time for some double dash!
wraeth_x writes: Do you find something comical about my appearance while i'm driving my automobile?
Sonicus Prime writes: Rumble: Daddy I'm stealing, I'm stealing!
Soundwave: That's my boy!
redsky writes: "I think I got my arms stuck..."
overdrive writes: rumble: i'm a big boy now.
Magnus writes: "When you suggested we go to a drive-in movie, this is not what I had in mind."

"Shut up. I'm getting you in for free, ain't I?"
RichGarner writes: Rumble: "Can't... get... finger... out of... cigarette... lighter!"
King Slick writes: and qualifying on the last row of this year's Indy 500, Rumble in the yellow Decepticon entry.
Diablocon writes: Rumble couldn't put his finger on it, but something seemed awfully wrong at the size-matter converter in Drag Strip.
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FortMax writes: Hey, Frenzy! How do you hotwire this thing again?
Wolfman24 writes: Rumble, "Can't this thing go any faster?!" Dragstrip, "Would you rather get out and walk?"
Jaw Crusher writes: "...this ride sucks. I wanna go on Space Mountain!"
Cybertron's Last Hope writes: How many buttons does this car need. It looks like the Mark-5 minus Speed Racer.
Tails writes: Weeeee!!! Lets go around again!!!
Roux writes: This is the part where Rumble gasps and realizes he can't drive a stick!
Casual Matt writes: Rumble: (mockingly) This was the largest auto I could afford...

Dragstrip: Put a sock in it.
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Hey, I thought Rumble was only as tall as Spike!
DeltaOmega writes: Go, Go, Go-cart
Dark Starscream writes: Man, I hate it when I drop M&M's in the car!
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Ratbat writes: Geez! It's gonna be a real challenge, gettin' this thing to headquarters! Megatron's gonna be really upset if I don't bring it to him!
GetterDragun writes: Is that the NOS button?
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