Shockwave looks around a corner

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Shockwave looks around a corner
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snavej writes: 'No, for the last time, we don't want any cookies!'
BG the Robit writes: Psst... TF Prime Arcee... WHY THE F*** ARE YOU WITH STARSCREAM LIKE THAT!!!
Ultra Markus writes: as the one eyed creeper watches the fembots taking an energon shower..........
Shuttershock writes: Corner Shockwave is watching you Powerlinx.
Shuttershock writes: "I heard Movie Prime was around here somewhere. I don't want any of that scrap."
trailbreaker writes: "Anyone got 25 cents for the pay toilet?"
KickBack84 writes: "I always feel like somebody's watching me."
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Let's hope I never walk in on them again."
megatron1322 writes: ahh ha! i knew she was cheating! but with sound wave? hey...whys he ejecting ravage and rumble-...oh grosss!...
Sideswipe619 writes: Doo doo
Doo doo
The purple panther
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gema writes: Why send Laserbeak when you can be the spy yourself
prowl123 writes: Is he gone? Yay! Now I can eat my cookies! The dark side has lots of cookies for me to eat. Yum! Cookiescookiescookies!
Ironman21 writes: Are you done transforming yet
Dclone Soundwave writes: Are they gone yet?


......The Dinobots...............
Judynator writes: SW: This is Budapest?
Judynator writes: Swockwavy: Awahahahahahahaha! I look you, Megatron!
punycron writes: Shockwave, welcome to Narnia.
starscream_the_eternal writes: Sadly, Shockwave was the target of bulling high school. He spent many a day shoved in his gym locker.
Unknown writes: SW: Hello! Can anyone help me! I'm stuck!

Starscream: Let's just leave him and his British accent in the closet.

Soundwave: I wish I had an accent.
SilentBlaster writes: Shock Wave:Now that Ivan Ooze is gone I shall take over.
Magneto: Ha ha ha I have offically taken over.
Shock Wave: darnit!
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kanesomers writes: 'Holy...that Sparkplug Witwicky is all man!'
Roadshadow writes: Shockwave: Umm, Megatron, we're definitely gonna need a bigger insectiside can. Bombshell just got 20 times bigger from eating the world's biggest burrito...
Stress writes: ahhh finlay i can take a dump in this corner...i feel happy...*cries* i can't smile
Kamakaze Thrower writes: Hey, if YOU had only one eye, you'd be pretty freakin' embarrased, too.
archangel_tears writes: Shockwave: Now that was close, megatron almost caught us. I think we should stash the Angel Dust in my room. He'll never look in there. What do you say Starscream?
Starscream: Man my rear end really hurts now. Thanks Shockwave. I think you packed it
hellveticon_06 writes: SHOCKWAVE: (looking at the aerialbots) uhm...she's not in here, maybe you've got the wrong room number-

ELITA-1: (shouting inside the room) shocky, what keeps you busy there? Hurry up!
shockwave_inoz writes: Unwritten Shakespeare: "When in the company of others, taketh only your due, but when alone - grabbeth what you can!"

And so Shockwave did bide his time, until the court was clear and the knave, Starscream had left.

Apologies to Mad Magazi
shockwave_inoz writes: Shockwave: "Peek-a-boo, I can SEE you, and I KNOW what you do, peek-a-boo! Ha ha ha, yeah!"

Well, now we know that Shockwave's a DEVO fan!
Just Negare writes: Right... the chef's not looking... time for a dine and dash.
DecepticonDemi writes: I see yooouuuuuuuuu!!
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Soda Pop Kurtis writes: Hasbro Exec 1: So what do you propose we do about this Shockwave fellow?

Hasbro Exec 2: Well due to budget concerns we may have to lay him off. I mean it's not like he actually contributes to the series.

Hasbro Exec 1: Yes, but he is a loyal em
Thanatos Prime writes: Shockwave:Yes! that fake rat scared the bejeezus out Starscream! Man I'm good!
groovygoth666 writes: "he he one will think to look for me here..."
trailbreaker writes: "These damn elevator doors keep acting up!"
trailbreaker writes: Shockwave hides from Hillary Clinton's "Lesbian Pride" parade.
Road Turtle writes: Shockwave as he stalks the Female Autobots..."Yeah, Eltia, polish that chrome, yeah use the buffer...ah, they see me, gotta go."
A.J. writes: Coming out of the closet is embarassing, even for Decepticons
A.J. writes: "Soundwave here! Reporting a theft; yes, those wretched Autobots stole my head! They left me for dead here between two, whatever these things are, my optical sensors are gone.... Requesting immediate evacuation."

"You want fries with tha
LeafsFan2005 writes: Oh, hello, Megatron, didn't know you were out here. What's that? Missing identity chips? Of course not! Why would I want to create a renegade army? If I were going to do that I would have done it sometime during your four million year nap! Why d
LeafsFan2005 writes: Curses, my plan to break the hearts of Boston Red Sox fans everywhere foiled by those blasted Autobots. Well, guess there's always those Cubs fans to go toy with.
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LeafsFan2005 writes: Gah, would you look at that! All over my prized Insecticon collection! Soundwave, if you don't control that Ravage of yours, I'll stuff him and mount him on my desk!
LeafsFan2005 writes: "Hmmm, never seen dogs do that before."
LeafsFan2005 writes: Wha!?! Damn Bumpuss' dogs! Get off my lawn!!!
Steeleye writes: Ah ha! I have finally found where the Unknowns originate from. Now to call in Predaking to deal with them once and for all!
skull-cruncher writes: i sure hope arcee doesn't see me sneekin a peek, oooh lovely.
skull-cruncher writes: i can see you mwwahhhahhaaa!
vegetower writes: 'Take it off.. take it off..'
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Shockwave,"76..,77..,78..,79..,80 huh,snavej posted like 80 times this week.
He's under qouta."
darthsutius writes: Whirl...I am your FATHER!!!
darthsutius writes: I swear I left my face down here somewhere...
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Darksword writes: Shockwave: Welcome to Corneria
Fighter: I like swords.
Shockwave: Welcome to Corneria
Fighter: I like swords.
Shockwave: Welcome to Corneria
Fighter: I like swords.
Shockwave: Welcome to Corneria
Fighter: I like swords.
neba593 writes: Greetings MTV Cribs and welcome to my beloved estate here on Cybertron.
finir x writes: Damit ive got to stop hiding in theese trash compactors!
finir x writes: wtf?
Mini_Cooper_Kid writes: 1: "Dammit! I've left the iron on!"

2: "Nobody calls me 'The Purple People Eater'! Nobody!! You hear?!!"
Jasen_1500 writes: Whats going on down here ?
Road Turtle writes: "Oh, if Megatron only knew how much I love him. He's a gun, I'm a gun, it's only logical. He will be mine!"
Pokejedservo writes: Shockwave: I too shall try to be stealthy in order to be able to be invited on the sets for those Metal Gear Solid games. I always wonder why those Autobots such as Perceptor and Prowl get to go there...
LeafsFan2005 writes: Shockwave: Those fools. They haven't the foggiest idea that the old order is about to return. Come, my friends, let's go about our plans.

*hears a grumble behind him*

Human voice: Um, Shockwave, we've been following you for some 20 ye
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ninjabot writes: Starscream is planning another attack on the decepticon throne, if I beat him to the punch then I will be the new ruler supreme, must thank Sarscream for giving me this great plan.
ninjabot writes: Hmmmm! So this is why Prime and Meagatron fight so much, they both love Aleata1!!
kingmenasore writes: oooo i'm telling,megatron's not gonna like this,thundercracker and starscreem are having a threesome with arcee on his bed....and whoa arcee has a bubble booty.sweet,...but i'm still telling.
Dr Buffalo writes: Someday I shall rule the decepticons!
linkin park "faint" starts playing:
"I can't fail..."

Schockwave- you know, every one thinks you're a @#$%-hole for doing that, soundwave.

soundwave- what? you said yuo like my ch
crypto199 writes: Shockwave- They made my Alternator an Autobot, well that will soon change once this photo reaches the internet. HA HA HA HA HA!
HardHead writes: When Shockwave started playing lasertag, players began to wonder: 'Do we hit his chesplate or his eye to score our points?'
Road Turtle writes: "I'm so bored! It's been 4 million years since Megatron left, and there's nothing to do! I know, I'll stalk Female Autobots, that sounds like fun!"
Warhead writes: Shckwave-*hums missin impossible theme*
Road Turtle writes: "Psst, got any toilet paper? This I’m all out."
Fullmetal Prime writes: Oh why doesn't the ice cream truck come back. I've finally got enough for a Megatron ice cream...~sigh~
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snavej writes: Arcee sure looks hot tonight - as a flaming puddle of molten steel! As an evil Decepticon, I don't care how much anyone complains about it either.
snavej writes: And tonight on Jerry Springer, Megatron is complaining that someone is sabotaging all his plans for galactic domination. In a few minutes, we find out who the saboteur is. The energon's gonna fly when these two titans meet on stage. Pray that the
snavej writes: Shockwave: No, I refuse to use my mastery of electromagnetism to microwave your dinner, Ned Flanders! I don't know where your microwave oven is either. You may think that you lent it to me, but did you really? Ask yourself that. Who knows where i
snavej writes: 09082005 - more up-to-date.
snavej writes: Door-to-door charity collector: Spare some change for the poor and needy, sir?

Shockwave: My ass is shiny and made of metal: I invite you to bite it!
snavej writes: I'm not getting in that cab: the driver looks rather suspicious.
snavej writes: What's my bra size, you ask? 55FFF? 78GGG? Honey, there aren't enough letters in the alphabet to express it! Why don't you come in for a milkshake?
snavej writes: Damn these video shops! That wasn't the kind of 'Pumping Iron' I had in mind!
snavej writes: I fly by farting through my backpack and lighting it.
snavej writes: Group of children in 'scary' costumes: Trick or treat?

Shockwave: Let's see, have I got any candy? Why NO. The answer will have to be TRICK!

(Horrific scenes of logical carnage ensue.)
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snavej writes: Little boy: Have you always had that ugly face?

Shockwave: Yes, I have.

Little girl: Why?

Shockwave: Because I'm a very, very, very, very bad man. Now, go away before I shoot you. And take your flaming fudge pie with you.
snavej writes: Ned Flanders: Umm, I've been meaning to ask you, could you by any chance return my combined quantum neutron polarity flux inverter and grill, please?

Shockwave: No Ned, just accept it - the machine has gone and you'll never see it again. See
snavej writes: One potato, two... D'oh!
snavej writes: One way or another, I will get through Customs!
snavej writes: Ned Flanders (below): Hideliho, new neighbourino!

Shockwave: Nedward Flanders, I presume.

Flanders: My dead wife Maude made you some scrumdidliumptious energon cookies: try one!

Shockwave: Ingenious, and apparently tasty!

Flanders: Could I int
bigd11 writes: 12311993
Scatterlung writes: "Jazz repaint?! No! I want Grimlock's body!"
Crumplezone writes: Shockwave:The shame of it, Wheelie gets a re-release and i'm still waiting. Damn that Kup!
Ravenous Zero writes: As Soundwave watches Arcee play in the energon pool without wearing her outer hull, he detects that his oil reserves are being redirected to the section 016932. This section contains an unsed extension that has begun to activate.
snavej writes: Shopkeeper: Hello sir, what can I do for you?

Shockwave: I'd like a T-shirt printed, please.

Shopkeeper: Certainly sir. What shall the message be?

Shockwave: 'It wasn't me: logic made me do it!'

Shopkeeper: An excellent ch
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snavej writes: Psychiatrist: What would you do if the Autobots were gathering for an attack somewhere in Arizona.

Shockwave: Nuke them from orbit: it's the only way to be sure.

Psychiatrist: Humans shooting at you from the old abandoned factory.

snavej writes: Shockwave: I'm hiding here so that, if Hasbro releases a yellow version of me, I won't have to see it.

Hasbro executive (standing below): Too late, we've just launched a yellow and pink version of you. Here it is! We've called it
snavej writes: Shockwave: Soundwave, you're not so hot. Look at you troops: two midgets, two clockwork vultures, a non-aerodynamic bat and an anorexic panther. I mean, doesn't everyone just laugh at you?

Soundwave: Not when I shrink down to Walkman mode,
snavej writes: The reflective section on the front of my ample chest enables my enemies to see how pathetic they are before they are pulverised by my supreme power.
snavej writes: I accept your challenge! Truckasaurus, we shall fight to the death! If I were you, I'd bring a friend - WITH A DUSTPAN AND BRUSH! AAHAAAHAAAHAAAHAAA!
snavej writes: If we are so vastly superior to humans, why does it take so long to wash them off my armour?
snavej writes: Shockwave: I am perfectly safe here, BETWEEN THE TWIN TOWERS! Nothing could POSSIBLY HAPPEN here in the financial heart of the GREATEST SUPERPOWER ON EARTH.

Longhaul (out of shot): But we Transformers are the greatest superpower on Earth now.

snavej writes: I used to be handsome but then I had that beating from old Hexatron. Not even our best surgeons could reconstruct my head better than this!
snavej writes: Hey kids, MC Soundwave and me, DJ Shockwave are going to put on one HECK of a disco for you!
DarkDranzer writes: Shockwave: Go Jess!! Go Jess!! KICK THE BALL AND RETURN TO THE WEDDING!!

Soundwave: O_o

Starscream: He's watching "Bend it Like Beckham" on our huge plasma screen TV...

Soundwave: Ahhh...
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Thrasher writes: Shockwave: Ooh, Soundwave and Starscream covered with hot oil. I'll just watch and see where this goes and. . .woah. . .

Starscream: *puts down his whip* Did you hear something?

Soundwave: Negative. Continue.
Jackrabbit writes: Shockwave: *GASP* Soundwave!!! And... his pannels are off... I can see his... ... ... Why can't I look away?
Scatterlung writes: Shockwave: Hmm..I shadow next to me looks suspiciously like Megatron...
Screambug writes: Hey! I'm stuck between the elevator doors!
Ransom writes: When it comes to dealing with obsessive fan hordes, even Shockwave tries to hide. This time, unfortunately, he forgot to dim his optic.

Shockwave: At last, I am safe.

Fan hordes: *see glowing light* THERE HE IS! GET'IM!
snavej writes: Shockwave: My bosom is so large, it is only logical that I should hold the Matrix.

Bart Simpson: Bosom!

Lisa Simpson: Ha ha ha, say bosom again!

Shockwave (at 200 decibels): BOOSOM!

(Bart and Lisa die in agony.)
snavej writes: I can't perform cumulonimbus on any fembots because I haven't got a tongue. Maybe some modifications are needed?
snavej writes: Shockwave: Excuse me, is this Megatron's new base?

Superman: No, pal. This is my Fortress of Frigging Solitude and I'm having a frigging dump! I'd like to be left in peace, if you don't frigging mind! The Transformers continuity
Roadshadow writes: Shockwave: Crap, if the cops see me with this dead guy, I'm doomed!
snavej writes: Lurking in alleyways is one of the best ways to eavesdrop. I just heard that Swindle is selling stolen Binaltechs for ten dollars each down at the mall!
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snavej writes: If I lie down in the kid's play area, they will play Chinese Checkers on my face!
snavej writes: All I need to do is detach one leg and I will become Admiral Nelson, one of the greatest heroes of the Royal Navy. Rule Britannia!
Zeedust writes: Shockwave: "Arrr, ye rusty dogs! Avast, and make ready the space bridge!"

Brawl: "What's with the pirate act?"

Shockwave: "Well, matey, I'm missing me eye, I'm missing me hand, so I rigure it's high time
snavej writes: Here I am, lost in Jamiroqui's bathroom. Why does one man need so many mirrors?
snavej writes: Shockwave: Fellow Decepticons, all you need is love!

(Sound of a million guns being drawn and aimed.)

Shockwave: Love of battle!

(Sound of a million guns being put away again and plenty of disgruntled muttering.)

Shockwave: Sorry, normally Meg
snavej writes: Mean Mr. Mustard lives in the park, shaves in the dark, trying to save paper...

I compute that there are at least 70 million hidden messages in this Beatles lyric from the Abbey Road album! No, I am not paranoid.
snavej writes: Evil Emperor from Star Wars(out of shot): With the power of the Dark Side, I will defeat the Transformers and rule their continuity. You will be the first to fall, Shockwave!

Shockwave: Very well, but please note that there is an angry hornet on your
snavej writes: Window Checker Droid (rolling along): Big shiny window, big shiny window, big shiny window, Decepticon Commander Shockwave, big shiny window, big shiny...wait, something was different back there.

snavej writes: Shockwave: ********! Bl**** c**********s! **********! No, I'm sorry Eric Cartman; even my brilliant computational skills are insufficient to break through the anti-cursing software on this caption board. We will simply have to be creative with ou
snavej writes: My databanks indicate that Homer Simpson once said 'Purple is a fruit'. I must exterminate Homer Simpson for his disrespect to purple beings!
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snavej writes: They said 'He can't be the big purple people eater because he has no mouth', but I showed them! I opened my chest and put them in my internal nuclear reactor!
snavej writes: In a bid to ensure that the Decepticons actually win a battle for once, Shockwave takes over the cartoon production company and holds the chief executives hostage. Police respond by sending in a big mean kid to pull Shockwave's arms and legs off, th
snavej writes: Hey, Hot Rod, you are a self-polluter! I use my right hand to demonstrate what I mean. And you, Big Daddy, you are a big self-polluter! And you, Metroplex, are the biggest....[dies in massive barrage of lasers and stuff from Metroplex].
snavej writes: Have you ever wondered why the gun on my left arm is shaped like a big translucent dildo? Well, it's not just for shooting people, you dig?!
snavej writes: In order to prove that I am scary, I will hide in a narrow space, just like that monster in the film 'Alien'. Then I will slowly emerge ... and get defeated by Sigourney Weaver. No, that's not quite right. Perhaps some other strategy ins
PrivatePoop writes: Scoobey doobey doo, where are you. . . . .
Acelister writes: Shockwave always attended the Micromaster Bare Knuckle Boxing, but being in charge of the Decepticon army in Megatron's absence meant he had to hide and make silent bids because of it being illegal.
Acelister writes: Shockwave: "Once they reach this alleyway, I shall blast them all... Now all I need to do it raise my gun-hand..." *SCREECH!* "Argh! The alley is too thin! I'm stuck!"
Road Turtle writes: "Psst! Is he gone? I've got an animator that wants to redraw me for 'Transformers Cybertron'. Did you see what he did to Megatron; and what exactly is Prime suppose to be anyway?!"
Pierrimus writes: Shockwave: Megatron we have Auto...Oh no, not with Starscream! How could you? I thought I was your favorite. I'd poke out my optic but I need this one. I'm damaged forever.
Megatron: Quit your wining and join in or leave!
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Dr Buffalo writes: Seekers in unison: hahahaha! one-eye! one-eye!
Shockwave: locig dictates that words can hurt you, you... big meanies!
DarkMechJock writes: After the movie, Shockwave was reduced to guest spots on the Scooby-Doo as monster star of the week. Ratings went through the roof after he blew up the Mystery Machine, claiming it was "Autobot reinforcments."
Dr Buffalo writes: In this corner, I can now turn into Super- wait, wasn't I just He-man? Damn you Oorazumus!
Dr Buffalo writes: Hidden in this corner no one can see me turn into He-man.
Dr Buffalo writes: Maybe if I hide in here, they won't put me in 'Cybertron.'
robertj1138 writes: That's right Arcee, clean that filthy filthy armor!
Blitzwing the warrior writes: I hope Megatron doesnt find out I have been digging through his Energon stash....oh crap

Megatron: SHOCKWAVE!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Pff,pff "Come on baby Shockwave needs a new pair of shoes."
Kevinus Prime writes: "PSST! You likee handjob, GI JOE? Twenty American dollars!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Growing up, Shockwave's classmates would call him "Dot Face". One day, he would get day, he would kill them all...
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Kevinus Prime writes: "Hey! The shadow of my hand looks like a PetroRabbit!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "R2D2! Shut down all the trash compactors on this level!"
Tammuz writes: Some say shockwave died after the movie, in reality he got trapped in trypticons buttcrack
A'Arab Zaraq writes: Wheeljack - And the Bazoonyas on that Shockave... why, Her searchlight would come round the corner before Her head.. light... err Oh, Hi Shockwave!
crypto199 writes: Sockwave-You did it now Soundwave, Megatrons sure to notice "THIS" thing!
Soundwave- Well you were the one chucking the rocks!
snavej writes: I have launched a massive ground assault against the Autobots. I have sent in Trypticon, Devastator, Menasor, Bruticus, Abominus, Monstructor, Piranacon, Predaking, Scorponok and Frenzy. Nothing can possibly go wrong. They are crossing the Unstable Zon
snavej writes: Shockwave: I am a Vulcan! I have the logic, I have the strength, I lack emotions, I have the ears and I go a bit crazy every seven years or so. OK, so I'm still working on the eyebrows. Perhaps I should start calling Megatron 'Jim'?

Steeleye writes: Shockwave plays Hide and Seek with the Constructicons on a slow day.
Zeedust writes: Shockwave was always afraid to admit it, but looking both ways before he crossed the steet was a lot harder with no depth perception.
snavej writes: I really, really like throwing my enemies out of my penthouse window!
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snavej writes: Do you like them, builder droids? Yes? So do I! They are very shapely man-boobs and I'm quite proud of them!
snavej writes: My rival strategist, Prowl, is walking below in his new Binaltech form. Snooty, do-gooding fool: I will spit on him! Hach, hach, hohhhhch. Oh, fie, fie, I have no mouth: I will have to swallow it again. (GULP) Maybe if I just shot him instead. Yeah,
snavej writes: It's a bit scary in here. I think I'm being followed by...the boogie man! No, that awful smell would suggest the presence of Skalor the Seacon, lost as usual.
HardHead writes: *Out of his window* 'Damn those loud neighbours'.... "OI!! SHUT IT LEST I TERMINATE YOU.. Logically of course..
snavej writes: In order to find your way through most mazes, keep your left hand on the left wall at all times. One problem with that - I don't have a left hand, just a big gun. I don't see any logical solution to the problem so I'll just have to wait h
snavej writes: With the power of the e.m. ray,
In seconds I can turn you gay!

I threaten and rhyme
At the same time!

I truly am a super genius.
snavej writes: Hey, there's a small sign. What does it say? 'Congratulations, you are about to become the 456,832nd victim of the Big Shiny Robot Crusher!' Oh, blast! I'd better call R2-D2 and tell him to shut this thing off!
snavej writes: For Blot's sake, don't throw my virtual newspaper into the virtual lawn sprinkler! Pesky Minicons!
snavej writes: How dare you compare me to the one-eyed, purple-headed trouser snake!
snavej writes: Soon, you will be nothing but a smoking pile of ashes, Austin Powers! Mwahahahaha! No, wait, I mean Optimus Prime. I've blown my line again. I'm just not cut out for this sort of thing. Maybe I should go back to my old job as a mass spectro
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snavej writes: And the new principal for Columbine High School is ... Shockwave! No more revenge shootings, only logical shootings based on test scores.
Powermaster Jazz writes: After peeking at the Female Autobots locker room, Shockwave will never be the same.
snavej writes: Constructicons, merge for the kill! I've always wanted to say that line but Megatron hired a better agent and he stole it from me.
snavej writes: Just when we needed Menasor to win this battle, Drag Strip's gone water skiing again!
snavej writes: That's the last time you do your business on my lawn, Carnivac! Prepare to be atomised!
snavej writes: No, I am NOT related to the one-eyed aliens Kang and Kodos from 'The Simpsons'. However, the Autobot known as Whirl is my half brother and I'm very ashamed at the way he's turned out. Yes, you can print that in the National Enquirer.
snavej writes: Ooh, Jehovah's Witnesses! Please, do come in! I would so like to discuss with you about Judgment Day, the end of the world, God's wrath and high-powered death rays!
snavej writes: Shockwave: 9/11? No, don't look at me. I had no part in it. That plan was deeply illogical. My own scheme is much better. I plan to use a carwash to hypnotise humans and make them do my bidding.

Ratbat: Ahem, I have copyright on that plan, th
snavej writes: Shockwave: In this fancy dress party at a night club, I should blend right in.

Humans: SCREEEEAAAM! [Run away very fast.]

Shockwave: Once again, I have failed.
Jaw Crusher writes: "Heh-heh! I've followed Optimus all the way to Alpha Trion's secret base! Now I'll be able to destroy him AND Elita-1 while she's still...wait...what's that he's got plugged into her...oh, Sweet Primus! And this is suppo
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snavej writes: I should have won that smiling contest. Now logic dictates that I should be angry. They will all pay a high price! Bwahahaha (consults evil genius manual) hahahaha!
snavej writes: Another one comes out of the cyber-closet.
Death-Ray Charles writes: shockwaves having a "fat" day,so he's hiding
Death-Ray Charles writes: oh god my dads here...
snavej writes: So, this is where Starscream hides all his fan mail!
snavej writes: I've only been watching Optimus Prime for 15 minutes and already he's had 3 makeovers and two combination power boosts. I am so jealous, I could spit. But I can't. I have no mouth. I'll just have to swallow it again. Eughhh...
snavej writes: Giant flying space gun? That's OK but on Earth I need to blend in better. How about a Mazda Zoom-Zoom? Mazda is the name of a Zoroastrian god, according to Google. Ha, they'll never know what hit 'em!
snavej writes: Why am I lurking in a narrow alley? I have a drinking problem, that's why! I have no mouth to drink with. The liquor always goes down my front and leaves a stain. I'm so ashamed. When will it end? I'll always be an also-ran. One day,
snavej writes: I like shiny buildings! Shiny shiny, shiny shiny. Hello, Starscream; off to cause more havoc, I expect. Great! See you later! Shiny shiny, shiny shiny. Mmmmmm, shiny.
snavej writes: With my amazing logic circuits, my evil plan will last at least ten minutes longer than Megatron's evil plan! Who can challenge that? The Casseticon Ratbat? Hahahahaha! Oh, somehow you beat me, you verminous fuel miser!
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snavej writes: Of all the rotten luck: a giant rat has fallen from the sky and seriously damaged my shrubbery!
snavej writes: It's a lovely day. The sun is shining. Time for my morning jog. On the way back, I think I'll destroy a small Autobot city! The question is 'Which one?'. Ah, decisions, decisions.
snavej writes: Yes, I'd love to be a member of your handicrafts club Mrs. Bush but I have a disability. My left hand is actually a gun - see?


Oh dear. Mrs. Bush? Mrs. Bush?! Someone call 911! Tell them to bring a scraping tool of some ki
snavej writes: Damn this new movie! The paparazzi are starting to bother me more and more. Their flashbulbs are dazzling my lovely eye!
snavej writes: As with so many Transformers, my weak spot is my hose. One day, I'll have to re-route the hose inside my arm, not outside.
snavej writes: I learnt all I need to know about Earth by watching The Dukes of Hazzard and reading coasters in bars.
snavej writes: I just stepped out of the shower and we all realised that the last five years had been a dream after all, like with Bobby Ewing in the TV show Dallas.
snavej writes: By the end of the day, I will say 'The Autobots are all dead' and I will walk around in the ruins looking incredibly cool and dangerous. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Megatron!
snavej writes: Excellent! My plan to spread the gay plague among the Autobots is succeeding magnificently!
snavej writes: No, I am NOT Leela from Futurama. Or a souped-up Dalek. Or the Cyclops from the Earth legend Jason and the Argonauts. How many people do I have to vaporise to make everyone understand?
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Ratbat writes: does my sensors good to see my Sentinels working so hard creating my ultimate weapon!
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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #245 - On a Boat
Twincast / Podcast #245:
"On a Boat"
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Posted: Saturday, April 4th, 2020

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