Series: G1 1985, Fight! Super Robot Life
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Autobot Cars
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Tech Specs

Called "lousy Earth-lover" by some fellow Autobots because he prefers sleek Earth car form to original robot form. Thinks they're jealous of his good looks but they feel struggle against Decepticons should be his top concern. As car goes 280 MPH...uses wings under rear fenders for sub-sonic flight. As car or robot uses launcher to fire heat-seeking incendiary missiles 60 miles. Has blinding black beam gun.

Total: 54
Transformers Tech Spec: Tracks
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: "Lousy Earth-lover," is one of the nicer epithets used by some of Tracks' comrades to describe his behavior. After all, he makes no secret of the fact that he prefers the sleek and classy Earth form given to him by the Ark over his original robot form. It the war didn't require him to sometimes revert to his Autobot form, he might stay a car all the time. He attributes his fellow Autobots' criticism to jealousy on their part- they don't look as good as he does in vehicular form, he reasons. But their displeasure stems from a more serious consideration. They feel the struggle against the Decepticons should be Tracks' prime concern, not his own looks. Vanity can blind anybody to the truth, even a robot.
Abilities: In vehicular mode, Tracks can reach speeds of 280 mph on the ground. He can also sprout wings from under his rear fenders, which allow him to fly at sub-sonic speeds, and he can adapt a launcher to his hood that fires two heat-seeking incendiary missiles up to 60 miles. The missiles can be used in robot mode also, along with his black beam gun, which shoots a beam of black light that adheres for several minutes, effectively blinding anyone hit by it.
Weaknesses: Tracks' vanity is his greatest foe. His combat abilities are impaired by his concern over marring his appearance. He often remains in his more vulnerable vehicular mode in conflict situations when wisdom dictates he revert to his robot mode.
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