Sightings for Jetfire

Series: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen
Character: Jetfire
# Sightings: 175 Total Sightings
Last Sighting: November 28th, 2010 2:14pm CST

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Jetfire has been sighted at the following locations:

# Date Found By Store Location Remaining
160.2010-11-28 2:11pmwarpainter24KmartNottingham, Maryland [Discuss]1 remaining
159.2010-07-17 1:07pmDuckietronKmartHenderson, Kentucky [Discuss]4 remaining
158.2010-05-30 2:05pmprimebot96Walmart - Wal-MartStone Mountain, Georgia [Discuss]0 remaining
157.2010-05-23 6:05pmJetOptimus23TargetCarrollton, Texas [Discuss]2 remaining
156.2010-03-31 1:03pmJohnny-TronicWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterMonroe, North Carolina [Discuss]1 remaining
155.2010-02-22 2:02amang3l3sToys R UsLasalle, Quebec [Discuss]3 remaining
154.2010-02-20 6:02amZ3ROhourTargetModesto, California [Discuss]0 remaining
153.2010-02-19 9:02amjlogano20TargetRochester, New York [Discuss]2 remaining
152.2010-02-17 8:02amSetsuna68Walmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterState College, Pennsylvania [Discuss]4 remaining
151.2010-02-16 9:02pmjlogano20TargetVictor, New York [Discuss]1 remaining
150.2010-02-13 5:02pmjlogano20Walmart - Wal-MartWebster, New York [Discuss]2 remaining
149.2010-01-30 12:01amvbjjuneWalmart - Wal-Mart Supercenter StoreThe Woodlands, Texas [Discuss]1 remaining
148.2010-01-18 3:01pmtmthorWalmart - Wal-MartHalifax, Massachusetts [Discuss]1 remaining
147.2010-01-05 5:01pmDracoprime13666Walmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterMesa, Arizona [Discuss]2 remaining
146.2010-01-04 6:01pminvaderleemWalmart - Wal-MartPanorama City, California [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: didnt really count him, possibly more
145.2009-12-31 9:12pmDuckietronWalmart - Wal-MartHenderson, Kentucky [Discuss]3 remaining
144.2009-12-23 7:12amRamscreamerToys R Us - YorkYork, Yorkshire [Discuss]1 remaining
143.2009-12-05 1:12pmturn2dustSuper TargetAlgonquin, Illinois [Discuss]3 remaining
142.2009-12-02 8:12pminsecticon17Walmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterEL Paso, Texas [Discuss]2 remaining
141.2009-11-29 6:11pmiceman75aWalmart - Wal-MartWindsor, California [Discuss]2 remaining
140.2009-11-13 11:11pmMarto6Walmart - Wal-MartWillmar, Minnesota [Discuss]1 remaining
139.2009-11-08 11:11pmDownshift7Walmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterPekin, Illinois [Discuss]5 remaining
138.2009-11-08 7:11amKup98ssWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterHenderson, North Carolina [Discuss]0 remaining
137.2009-11-07 11:11amputtster3Walmart - Wal-Mart - Brantford Plaza - Store InformationBrantford, Ontario [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Didn't have the time left to look. They seperated them from toy section to front of electronics
136.2009-11-06 10:11pmkageokami666Walmart - Wal-MartHackettstown, New Jersey [Discuss]2 remaining
135.2009-11-06 7:11amStockadeWalmart - Wal-MartMiamisburg, Ohio [Discuss]2 remaining
Comments: Not this location, the one in Moraine.
134.2009-10-26 4:10pmLove StainWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterColorado Springs, Colorado [Discuss]0 remaining
133.2009-10-17 6:10pmDinobot4everToys R USCharleston, South Carolina [Discuss]1 remaining
132.2009-10-17 2:10amfakedevastatorToys R USMcallen, Texas [Discuss]4 remaining
131.2009-10-14 8:10pmJetOptimus23Toys R UsLewisville, Texas [Discuss]1 remaining
130.2009-10-12 3:10pmDepthcharge27Walmart - Wal-MartGibsonia, Pennsylvania [Discuss]0 remaining
129.2009-10-11 8:10pmmlprime350Walmart - Wal-MartPerris, California [Discuss]4 remaining
Comments: plenty
128.2009-10-04 11:10pmDoubleOScorpioWalmart - Wal-MartBrooklyn, Ohio [Discuss]1 remaining
127.2009-10-04 6:10pmProwl1529Toys R Uslisboa, Lisboa [Discuss]0 remaining
126.2009-10-04 10:10amJetfire PrimeTargetClarksville, Tennessee [Discuss]2 remaining
125.2009-10-03 9:10pmMadpowaWalmart - Wal-MartRiverhead, New York [Discuss]2 remaining
124.2009-10-03 10:10amOmega ChargeWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterFlorida City, Florida [Discuss]2 remaining
123.2009-10-03 9:10amSeibertronWalmart - Wal-MartMount Prospect, Illinois [Discuss]1 remaining
122.2009-10-03 3:10amclubkid74Walmart - Wal-MartOrland Hills, Illinois [Discuss]3 remaining
121.2009-10-03 12:10ambluearachnia88Walmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterTulsa, Oklahoma [Discuss]5 remaining
120.2009-10-02 1:10pminfinitimagnusToys R USOrlando, Florida [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: now they send them to orlando...
119.2009-10-02 12:10amerol312006Walmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterPhoenix, Arizona [Discuss]1 remaining
118.2009-09-22 6:09amnemesis-primeToys R USSaint Louis, Missouri [Discuss]0 remaining
117.2009-09-21 9:09pmmlprime350Walmart - Wal-MartPerris, California [Discuss]3 remaining
Comments: bought 2 at 35.00 each
116.2009-09-21 9:09pmMegatron WolfToys R USRiverhead, New York [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: only new figure they have
115.2009-09-16 6:09pmMirage22Walmart - Wal-MartWarren, Michigan [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: AHA! GOT THE LAST ONE! Only $35 bucks :D
114.2009-09-15 5:09pmtfcollector2008Walmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterEast Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania [Discuss]2 remaining
Comments: this is a awesome figure i just love it, it goes well with my collection
113.2009-09-14 7:09pmbobbleheadcoltonTargetAtlanta, Georgia [Discuss]0 remaining
112.2009-09-14 9:09amForgottenWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterPhiladelphia, Mississippi [Discuss]2 remaining
111.2009-09-14 9:09amStockadeWalmart - Wal-MartMiamisburg, Ohio [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Got the last one! it's not this location, its the one on dorothy lane in Dayton.
110.2009-09-09 6:09pmOmega ChargeWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterFlorida City, Florida [Discuss]2 remaining
109.2009-09-09 10:09amdumbprimeWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterNew Port Richey, Florida [Discuss]2 remaining
Comments: also have thrust & gears
108.2009-09-09 8:09amOctopussPrimeMeijerHolland, Michigan [Discuss]3 remaining
Comments: I bought the only one last week after searching everywhere and last night they had 3 more on the she
107.2009-09-02 7:09pmJetfire PrimeTargetClarksville, Tennessee [Discuss]1 remaining
106.2009-08-30 10:08amthunderjackerWalmart - Wal-MartWarminster, Pennsylvania [Discuss]0 remaining
105.2009-08-29 5:08pmskyfire1973Walmart - Wal-MartBrick, New Jersey [Discuss]1 remaining
104.2009-08-29 3:08amMegatron WolfToys R USRiverhead, New York [Discuss]1 remaining
103.2009-08-28 5:08pmjoshnpowellWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterLexington, Virginia [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Awesome Figure!!
102.2009-08-27 7:08pmSonOfABuchBoscov's Galleria MallJohnstown, Pennsylvania [Discuss]2 remaining
101.2009-08-27 3:08pmXephon0930TargetOrange Park, Florida [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Got the last one!!!!!
100.2009-08-23 1:08pmFortMacsWalmart - Wal-MartCharlotte, North Carolina [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: walmart moved down the street on N. Tryon
99.2009-08-21 2:08pmdumbprimeToys R USPort Richey, Florida [Discuss]2 remaining
98.2009-08-20 9:08amchazzdjrToys R USHyannis, Massachusetts [Discuss]1 remaining
97.2009-08-19 2:08pmDoctor ReggaeWalmart - Wal-MartLima, Ohio [Discuss]1 remaining
96.2009-08-17 4:08pmchris0590Toys R USMiami, Florida [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: I got the last one finally blalalallalala lol
95.2009-08-17 7:08amdeathmoonToys R USMiami, Florida [Discuss]2 remaining
Comments: They could have more, the ones i saw where in the front of the other leaders.
94.2009-08-15 9:08pmchazzdjrWalmart - Wal-MartPortsmouth, New Hampshire [Discuss]3 remaining
93.2009-08-15 1:08pmOmega ChargeKmartKey Largo, Florida [Discuss]1 remaining
92.2009-08-14 5:08pmchazzdjrWalmart - Wal-MartManchester, New Hampshire [Discuss]1 remaining
91.2009-08-14 10:08amStixxTargetSpring Hill, Florida [Discuss]0 remaining
90.2009-08-13 9:08pmjmf243Toys R USCarle Place, New York [Discuss]1 remaining
89.2009-08-12 10:08amD.E.F.I.Toys R USMonroeville, Pennsylvania [Discuss]1 remaining
88.2009-08-12 2:08amOzALWalmart - Wal-MartPanorama City, California [Discuss]5 remaining
87.2009-08-12 2:08amerol312006Walmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterPhoenix, Arizona [Discuss]2 remaining
86.2009-08-11 8:08pmConstantineWalmart - Wal-MartWilliamsville, New York [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Left it. Way too much kibble!
85.2009-08-11 12:08amxjakeisgr8tWalmart - Wal-MartBristol, Connecticut [Discuss]0 remaining
84.2009-08-10 6:08pmbobbleheadcoltonWalmart - Wal-MartTucker, Georgia [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: one left
83.2009-08-08 11:08amFallenprime27Walmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterSan Antonio, Texas [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Had gotten the only one on the shelf, havent seen one since
82.2009-08-08 1:08amLucius PrimeWalmart - Wal-Mart Store #5066Avon, Ohio [Discuss]1 remaining
81.2009-08-07 9:08pmmo_teachermanWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterRichmond, Missouri [Discuss]0 remaining
80.2009-08-07 6:08pmfaraohsethWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterNashville, Tennessee [Discuss]3 remaining
79.2009-08-07 8:08amdishpit74TargetValdosta, Georgia [Discuss]2 remaining
78.2009-08-07 8:08amSSJPrimeWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterColumbus, Ohio [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: This was the only one in their Wal-Mart, so I got this along with Deluxe Class Sideswipe :)
77.2009-08-05 6:08pmSentaiPRFanWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterAlbuquerque, New Mexico [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: 16 there total looks cool might get when clearanced
76.2009-08-04 3:08pmAltHunterToys R USNorth Wales, Pennsylvania [Discuss]1 remaining
75.2009-08-03 11:08pmswervemanWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterArlington, Texas [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Actually the store at I-20 and Little Road. Bought one, left one.
74.2009-08-03 11:08amdumbprimeWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterNew Port Richey, Florida [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: he is on the end display top left corner behind megatron
73.2009-08-03 9:08amRunaelWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterHarlingen, Texas [Discuss]5 remaining
72.2009-08-03 12:08amCaelusWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterFort Collins, Colorado [Discuss]1 remaining
71.2009-08-02 9:08pmSuperior Prime09MeijerKalamazoo, Michigan [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Finally found him!! lol, very cool. haven't combined him & Prime, yet
70.2009-08-01 1:08pmerol312006Walmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterMesa, Arizona [Discuss]4 remaining
Comments: can't find the store but its on ray and power road in gilbert
69.2009-08-01 12:08amLucius PrimeWalmart - Wal-MartElyria, Ohio [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Actually at WM Supercenter in Chestnut Commons.
68.2009-07-29 5:07pmerol312006Toys R USMesa, Arizona [Discuss]0 remaining
67.2009-07-29 5:07amprimestimesWalmart - Wal-MartPorter Ranch, California [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: last one there that i saw earlier today. I did not get it cuz i had 2 already.. happy hunting :)
66.2009-07-28 8:07pmfakedevastatorWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterHarlingen, Texas [Discuss]1 remaining
65.2009-07-28 5:07pmBatmantimus PrimeTargetFairfield, New Jersey [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Got the last one!
64.2009-07-28 10:07amRambo_PrimeTargetSpring Hill, Florida [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: got the last one guys
63.2009-07-28 6:07amchazzdjrWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterKingston, New York [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Had to dig through 30 leader Prim and Megs figures last one in the far back.
62.2009-07-26 6:07pmbronzgunzMeijerLancaster, Ohio [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: some damage to box, item otherwise appers fine.
61.2009-07-26 10:07aminfinitemeTargetFullerton, California [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: First time I have seen him in a store.
60.2009-07-25 9:07pmxymoxToys R USGlendale, Arizona [Discuss]0 remaining
59.2009-07-25 9:07pmgdriley42Walmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterNorth Logan, Utah [Discuss]1 remaining
58.2009-07-25 6:07amhelloiamwreckgarToys R USAiea, Hawaii [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: awesome no money though
57.2009-07-23 5:07pmSpaceSkullTargetExton, Pennsylvania [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: I can't believe I found him I was shocked
56.2009-07-23 4:07pmosubot20MeijerMaumee, Ohio [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: I almost gave up hope looking for him. Got the only one
55.2009-07-21 10:07pmnemesis-primeWalmart - Wal-MartGlen Carbon, Illinois [Discuss]2 remaining
54.2009-07-20 8:07amdebaserWalmart - Wal-MartLeavenworth, Kansas [Discuss]0 remaining
53.2009-07-19 8:07pmGingy650Toys R USCarle Place, New York [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: I had some shit all over it
52.2009-07-19 9:07amoptimuslivesTargetLincoln, Nebraska [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: The world's most awesomest fiancee bought me the last one there
51.2009-07-19 8:07amGingy650Eb GamesForest Hills, New York [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: Back on my Bullshit
50.2009-07-18 5:07pmcannibal41Toys R USManassas, Virginia [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Don't know how many left, employee checked in back and brought one up for me
49.2009-07-18 7:07amnemesis-primeTargetSt. Louis, Missouri [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Got the only 1 they had
48.2009-07-17 6:07pmbobbleheadcoltonWalmart - Wal-MartTucker, Georgia [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Got last 1 had to dig for it to.
47.2009-07-16 10:07pmWheelJackedWalmart - Wal-MartAkron, Ohio [Discuss]1 remaining
46.2009-07-16 10:07pmCRHavocWalmart - Wal-MartLas Vegas, Nevada [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Bought what looked like the only one
45.2009-07-16 2:07pmDownshift7Walmart - Wal Mart Supercenter #3460Peoria, Illinois [Discuss]2 remaining
Comments: Bought 1 Two left.
44.2009-07-16 12:07pmDoctor ReggaeMeijerFindlay, Ohio [Discuss]0 remaining
43.2009-07-15 1:07pmChuck03110Walmart - Wal-MartHudson, New Hampshire [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: There were two somebody on another forum bought one and I bought the other one
42.2009-07-14 12:07amhotrod422Toys R USRapid City, South Dakota [Discuss]0 remaining
41.2009-07-13 6:07pmtransman487Walmart - Wal-MartLongmont, Colorado [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: looked like it had been takin was all crumpled and riped
40.2009-07-12 9:07pmJetfire4Walmart - Wal-MartNiles, Illinois [Discuss]2 remaining
Comments: Only saw 2. Bought ! for me and 1 for my cuz.
39.2009-07-12 5:07pmbronzgunzToys R USVienna, West Virginia [Discuss]1 remaining
38.2009-07-12 3:07pmPrime_FanWalmart - Wal-MartBeavercreek, Ohio [Discuss]3 remaining
Comments: I finally got one, after searching everywhere!
37.2009-07-10 9:07pmjetdaddyKmartColumbia, South Carolina [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Actually it is the kmart on fort jackson blvd. jetfire is on top shelf behind optimus
36.2009-07-10 9:07pmjetdaddyKmartColumbia, South Carolina [Discuss]0 remaining
35.2009-07-09 10:07ambigwhitey21Walmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterLapeer, Michigan [Discuss]1 remaining
34.2009-07-09 9:07amPaulK80Walmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterKokomo, Indiana [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Incredible accuracy and figure!
33.2009-07-08 8:07pm009*Walmart - Wal-MartOmaha, Nebraska [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Actually found at the one on 132 and Lst. It was the last one too.
32.2009-07-08 2:07pmdumbprimeTargetTampa, Florida [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: actually at 11627 West Hillsborough Ave Tampa got the only one
31.2009-07-08 5:07amSetsuna68Walmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterState College, Pennsylvania [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Got the only one on display.
30.2009-07-07 11:07pmDownshift7Walmart - Wal-MartWashington, Illinois [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: They had an end cap of 6
29.2009-07-06 3:07pmthe_dark_decepticonWalmart - Wal-MartNew Boston, Ohio [Discuss]2 remaining
28.2009-07-06 12:07amDownshift7Walmart - Wal Mart Supercenter #3460Peoria, Illinois [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Picked up Two gave one to friend. Awesome!
27.2009-07-05 11:07amdouble0Walmart - Wal-MartIslandia, New York [Discuss]0 remaining
26.2009-07-05 10:07amreluctantyouthTargetNormal, Illinois [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Wasn't mine from TRU 30 min prior!
25.2009-07-05 10:07amreluctantyouthWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterNormal, Illinois [Discuss]2 remaining
Comments: Wasn't greedy...already got mine from TRU 15 min prior!
24.2009-07-05 10:07amreluctantyouthToys R USBloomington, Illinois [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Got the only 1! There were like 10 each of Prime and Megs
23.2009-07-04 9:07pmpayloadWalmart - Wal-MartChillicothe, Ohio [Discuss]3 remaining
22.2009-07-04 7:07pmRock19Walmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterBoynton Beach, Florida [Discuss]0 remaining
21.2009-07-04 7:07pmransackGTSWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterAlbuquerque, New Mexico [Discuss]0 remaining
20.2009-07-04 11:07amnemesis-primeWalmart - Wal-MartEldon, Missouri [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Got the only 1!
19.2009-07-04 10:07amthe_dark_decepticonWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterSouth Point, Ohio [Discuss]2 remaining
Comments: There were 2 left as of 11pm last night.
18.2009-07-03 10:07pmMisterNewUzerWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterChesapeake, Virginia [Discuss]2 remaining
Comments: picked him up immediately, a bit testy at first, but damn he looks great in jet mode despite kibble
17.2009-07-03 3:07pmwolverinetoddWalmart - Wal-MartLexington, North Carolina [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Found @ 160 Lowes Blvd. Wal-Mart Super Center location. Other Lexington location no longer exists.
16.2009-07-03 1:07amRodimus PrimeWalmart - Wal-MartAkron, Ohio [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: I wanted him so bad, but I only had cash for Prime.
15.2009-07-02 10:07amSeibertronTargetRosemont, Illinois [Discuss]0 remaining
14.2009-07-01 6:07pmDarkspiderDavidToys R USVictorville, California [Discuss]0 remaining
13.2009-07-01 12:07pmDepthcharge27TargetPittsburgh, Pennsylvania [Discuss]5 remaining
12.2009-07-01 12:07pmquetzalcoatlWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterSumter, South Carolina [Discuss]1 remaining
11.2009-07-01 9:07ambbfan1Walmart - Wal-MartSanford, North Carolina [Discuss]5 remaining
10.2009-06-30 11:06amjwyss234Walmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterCookeville, Tennessee [Discuss]5 remaining
9.2009-06-29 1:06amclubkid74Walmart - Wal-MartOrland Hills, Illinois [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: walked in saw one and bought him awsome fig
8.2009-06-28 3:06pmbagofshhhToys R USAlexandria, Virginia [Discuss]1 remaining
7.2009-06-28 12:06pmtoxinomWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterAshland, Kentucky [Discuss]1 remaining
6.2009-06-27 10:06amshotz432Walmart - Wal-MartWilliamsville, New York [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: only 1 there
5.2009-06-19 11:06pmMaximusPrImaL76Walmart - Wal-MartWhite Lake, Michigan [Discuss]4 remaining
4.2009-06-15 11:06amDecepticon SpikeToys R UsColumbus, Ohio [Discuss]1 remaining
3.2009-06-12 9:06pmwarpath222Costco WholesaleLake Zurich, Illinois [Discuss]0 remaining
2.2009-06-08 7:06amwarpath222Walmart - Wal-MartOrange, California [Discuss]0 remaining
1.2009-05-29 4:05pmaerosmith7TargetFalls Church, Virginia [Discuss]1 remaining
This item was added to the Vector Sigma Database on May 24th, 2009 11:58am.

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