Series: G1 1985, Fight! Super Robot Life
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Dinobots
G1 1985 Slag gallery

Tech Specs

Slag is enormously strong, disruptive, and just plain mean-spirited and often brawls with his comrades... which is why they seldom help him when he's in trouble. Despite his nasty, rash personality, he does share their dislike for authority. His mouth shoots 3000 degrees Celcius flames up to 80 feet and he enjoys melting enemies into pools of liquid metal. He isn't too bright and likes shattering brick buildings with his head, he also uses an electron blaster in Dinobot Mode.

Total: 51
Transformers Tech Spec: Slag
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Maybe Slag enjoys his job too much- after all, a more sensitive Autobot might regret the waste involved in reducing an enemy to a smoldering pool of liquid metal. Not Slag. If his metal hide could take the heat, Slag would swim in the puddle to celebrate. Perhaps even more than his Dinobot brethren, Slag resents the authority of Optimus Prime, and he's not too keen on the other Autobots either. He's generally considered a disruptive force and has been known to get into brawls and turn his fiery breath against his comrades. Nasty and mean-spirited are perhaps the nicest things one can say about him.
Abilities: In Dinobot mode, Slag can spew from his mouth a bolt of 3,000 degrees Centigrade flame up to 80 feet. He possesses enormous strength and can shatter a brick building with a single blow from his armored head. In Autobot mode he carries a high-energy laser rifle.
Weaknesses: Slag is his own worst enemy. His misanthropic personality often persuades some of the other Autobots not to help him when he's in trouble. He's rash and not too bright, qualities which often put him in dangerous predicaments.
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