Decepticons sitting and talking

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Decepticons sitting and talking
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Frenchhorngirl writes: "It's been ages since we last got drunk! Where's the energon?!"
BERSEKAEL writes: -ok, who will knock their door to get our ball back?
Revenge of Bruticus writes: OK. So who stole the F'n truck?
Swoopscream writes: And to this day when the wind blows... if you listen REAL closely... you can hear... Soundwave using Rumble as a sex toy.
trailbreaker writes: Blitzwing - "That's right guys, almost time for Fantasy Football again!"
KingEmperor writes: "So which one am I now? An arm or leg...?"
Silver Snake writes: I know this is difficult for all of us, and it may be painful to talk about, but when we come to terms with being bronies, we'll all feel better in the end.
peacethroughtyranny writes: Blitzwing: C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song!

Motermaster: Not a good time Blitzwing!!!!
Chrisby writes: Blitzwing: I vote we eat Dead End first.
Motormaster: Seconded.
jack270606 writes: "Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side, Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side"
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Tripredacus writes: Hi, my names Blitzwing and........I'm an alcoholic!
Black Hat writes: So, I think we agree, the old toys were pants.
dirtysock47 writes: Wheres the campfire?
Spazonator17 writes: Blitzwing: Okay guys time for group, anything anybody wants to get off their chest...
DreadstarCybph writes: Human's call this behavior as "Man Cave" We Malecons swear loyalty to each other no fembots allowed !
DarkEnergon writes: And that is how I took Blitwing's body.
spiderbob007 writes: Blitzwing: That was thirty years ago, but some Decepticons say you can still hear Starscream's ghost calling out, "Galvatron, Galvatronnnn!!!!" Listen, you can almost hear him now...

Stunticons: Eeeeekkkkk!

Motormaster: I think I just dropped my oi
Skywarp64 writes: And whoever gets the most votes must leave the island and never come back.
SideswipeSkywarp writes: Blitzwing: I really gotta use the can. Did Dragstrip fall in?
optimusprimeswife writes: Breakdown: i'm bored
(everyone moans)
Blitzwing: will you shut up for one minute!
(others smile)
Windrider: grab his legs Motormaster, Deadend and Blitzwing grab his arms and i get the head.
(rips out Breakdown's voicebox) there that is better
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maroyasha writes: Blitwing: You got the money right?
Motormaster: Not excatly.
Blitzwing: And why is that?
Wildrider: Drag Strip ran off with it.
maroyasha writes: Blitzwing: Anybody got any 3's?
Motormaster: Double war!!
Dead End: Jin!
Breakdown: I'm all in.
Wildrider: I'm the crazy one here and I knwo this doesn't make sense
Etchgraphics80 writes: Ok guys... Who forgot the weenies!? My whole camping experience has been tainted!!
trailbreaker writes: "We gotta put some REAL toilets in here!!"
Retrospex writes: Blitzwing: How much longer is Dragstrip gonna be in there for? I don't know about you Stunticons but I've been holding my fluids in for a while now.

Everyone: Uggggghhhhh....
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Blitzwing: Welcome back to combiner therapy class Stunticons. Now Motormaster,last week you said you were having troubles as being the leader. How as this experience made you feel?
mesugeneh writes: Blitz : Guess what? i can do triple change..
Breakdown : Would ya replace me for the foot?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blitzwing, "You think you have problems...I have to duck to get in every door."
SPRINGER112 writes: breakdowm:so you seen your animated version blitzwwing

blitzwing:SHUT UP!!!

PaxCybertron82 writes: So a Rabbi and a Priest walk into a bar...
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rapticon writes: "hi, my name is larry, and i'm a decepticon." "hi larry"
dedcat writes: "I call this meeting of the Square Heads club to order."
jON3.0 writes: Yeah, I got a great deal from this 3rd party! I get a new action figure and everything! All I gotta do is stop wearing my Decepticon symbol and change my name to something not as cool! It's a pretty sweet deal!
jON3.0 writes: I have a bad feeling about this "movie" I'm gonna be in, guys.
jON3.0 writes: "...and THAT'S where protoforms come from."
jON3.0 writes: Well, my voice got lower and then I got a third mode, and that's when I realized I had hit puberty.
jON3.0 writes: Motormaster, you block and Breakdown will post left... Dead End, you go long... on three. One, two, three... GO 'CONS!!!
jON3.0 writes: ...and there... hanging on the rear view mirror... was the HOOK! Mwahahahaha!
jON3.0 writes: Con-biya, my Lord Megatron... Con-biya!
AutobotCliffjumper writes: Blitzwing: Ooook guys, I can't believe we have to sit down and talk about this. But seriously, who ate the last energon bar and left the carton in the fridge?
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ladamer77 writes: Blitzwing: Listen Motormaster it's not the size of the trailer that matters it's how you use it.
Motormaster: That prime is a jerk.
rapticon writes: ...any other suggestions for megatrons birthday?
Orionseid writes: Blitzwing: ...they were calling him the Hook Bot since he had lost his right arm and had it replaced with a hook!
Deadend: Oh, that's ridiculous.
Motormaster: Shut up, I want to hear what happens!
yo5006 writes: "Yo Blitzwing, the fire went out! Time for another cannon blast."
Badass Grimlock writes: "...And Blitzwing, how are you feeling today?"

"Zees ees ze tventy-zekond day zat I haff gone vizout ze boose."

"Good! I'm glad that the program is working."
xaviercal writes: Dragstrip has been voted off the team
RoboTopia writes: MotorMaster: Now, Blitzwing, We here are all your friends and have come together because we are all concerned about your over consumption of liquid fuel products. THIS is an INTERVENTION on your behalf!
Road Turtle writes: Blitzwing, "Astrotrain and I don't talk anymore. He's always gone doing space shuttle stuff with Blast Off. How do you guys stay together?"

Motormaster, "We're cybernetically bonded to form Menasor you Idiot! We Ain't BFFs!"
Jimimus Prime writes: Kum bay ya, my Lord, kum bay ya...
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Yeah, maybe you guys didn't get in the movie, but at least you don't have to hear "Come on down, Auto-brat!" from every loser transfan that you walk by.
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dinogeist writes: I just don't enderstand why hasbro/Takara refuses to create a Masterpiece toy for me. I'm the perfect candidate,I've got 2 realistic military modes & awesome weapons. I can even be AEC leader sized because my toy & media character was portrayed as a big g
dinogeist writes: So I got a huge scene in the 1986 movie. I then got a huge part in the FFOD 5 part saga. then out of the blue I got my role went into oblivion.
PM Longstacks writes: Blitzwing - All rise for the decepticon's Prayer
Entire Group - I'm a Decepticon, but I can change,if I have to, I guess.
Oniwah writes: I hate public restrooms.
GraveBorn writes: Blitzwing: She says I'm not emotionally available.
morphobots writes: Blitzwing: "Motormaster, for the last time: Rumble is the blue one, Frenzy is the red one!"
Super Megatron writes: Why are we sitting in a pit? Couldn't the writers put us in a cave instead?
dinogeist writes: i hate that "tripple take over" season 2 episode,the writters made me appear so incompetent.
snavej writes: Breakdown: Your turn, Dead End.

Dead End: Gah! 'Invisible Edition Monopoly' sucks! I don't know what the heck's going on!
snavej writes: Blitzwing: Don't let that Kup near you. He's a cannon bender!
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snavej writes: Blitzwing: Tank, plane, robot.

Motormaster: Truck, robot, Menasor.

Wildrider: I guess we all like some three-way action!
Antron writes: "Wrecked 'em? I nearly killed 'em!"
Road Turtle writes: "...and then the man asked the lady; 'So you're here to donate blood?' and the lady shook her head and replied 'Um-Um'...I still don't get it...stupid human jokes..."
rockman_fan writes: for primus's sake, when i said to sit around the camp fire, i was assuming there would be a campfire!
Overloaded writes: So it's agreed we need to hire a new agent who will get us an audition for prime fall of cybertron and transformers four
undertowx writes: Hello.. My name is Mirage...
Hello Mirage.
Well um, I have been addicted to Energon for a while now...
destronger writes: [blitzwing]"he got closer ,and closer..." [motormaster"then what blitzwing?"blitzwing]'i threw a rock at him!"[motor master]"so wildrider...[blitzwing]"well it was a big rock"
TreyTable writes: Hello, my name is Blitzwing, and I'm an Energonaholic.
BroKevinCoffey writes: We're not going anywhere till one of you admits to that fart.
darkfalz32 writes: Alright, which one of you turned the "Big Head Mode" code on?
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iguanabytes writes: but when they opened the car door, they found hanging on the outside... A SHARPENED ENERGON HOOK!
dinogeist writes: if we stay down here long enough. we won't have to worry about nebulans stealing our heads & guns.
AutobotMR2 writes: Seriously, these animated toys of us have to stop!!! Motormaster, they made you a redneck trucker...and poor dragstrip, well we know why he....or she's not with us anymore.
dinogeist writes: Galvatron ain't that tall,in that FFOD part 5 episode near the end. I was shown taller than both galvatron & rodimus prime.
Raziberry writes: Guys, my head won't stop growing.
Road Turtle writes: ...and he's all like "You'll never be welcomed in the ranks of the Decepticons again!" That was what? A week ago? I guess it's better to be forgotten by one's enemies.
dinogeist writes: Okay,so we've now all got official aniamted styled toys. I guess since dragstrip isn't here,he's not too pleased with TFCC turning his animated self into a female.
sluman writes: Whooooo stole my golden arm? Whooooooooo stole my gooooolden arm?
5150 Cruiser writes: Man, she didn't look like no cop did she?
Jazz-Miester writes: Blitzwing: I'm only going to ask one last time. Who has the remote for the TV?
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Wreck 'n Rule writes: Mototmaster's toy has giant feet. There I said it.
omegatron1980 writes: uhh which one of u is gonna start the circle jerk???
ReinaHW writes: "Hey Deadend, how bad is the boss's knock to the head?" "Me Motormaster love Blitzwing's war stories!" "We're doomed"
jtwhoib writes: And this one time at Bot Camp.....
Heckfire writes: "...and THAT'S how they make the tiny humans. No joke!"

"Primus, that's DISGUSTING!"

"Yeah, uhm, disgusting..." >.>
#Sideways# writes: "How long will the guy in the bathroom take?! We gotta go!!"
Red 50 writes: Blitzwing: "Did you see those high-heeled legs of that bartendress-bot in Maccadam's? If there is a Primus, then it could have been only his doing..."
Motormaster:"First off, you're drunk, Blitz. Second, that wasn't bartendress, that was Drag Strip. And
silentken writes: Yup....Yuup...Hum Hummm...Yup
Swindle01 writes: so....when does this turn in brokeback mountain exactly?
WarzoneBeta writes: Blitzwing: No Deadend Elven Paladins cannot roll existing religions damn it!
Deadend: But Elvenism sound stupid.
Motormaster: Not as stupid as an Elven scientologist Paladin.
Wildrider: Scientology isn't even a religion.
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Mammoth writes: "More beans mister Tagart?"

"I think you boys have had enough."
dinogeist writes: I called this meeting to discuss, whether or not combiners should be considered tripple changers or not.
Octocon writes: Hi my name is Blitzwing, and im an alcoholic.
Poyguimogul writes: "You think this officially sanctioned spam thread would be a cool place to advertise my Marlboro Jack on EBAY?" Blitzwing: "Did you guys hear something?" Stunticons : "Your moms moans of pleasure last night!" "Snap!" "HaHa!" "He got you!"
Road Turtle writes: So Flywheels thinks he's so hot cause he can separate? HA! I hear there's this big guy called Overlord, who can also separate, but he can combine into a base; and get this, he's also a chick! I'm so out of a job.
Hellscream85 writes: So you guys hated your animated toys too, eh?
goldwreck writes: "Submitted for your approval to the Midnight Society, I call this story..."
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Is that a cannon on my back, or are you happy to see me?
dinogeist writes: guys,duocons make no sense,I'm a tripple changer & have 2 alt modes built into me.
Watcher writes: "I think it's time we had 'the talk' with the triplets..."
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SKYWARPED_128 writes: "Hi, my name is Blitzwing...and I'm an energonoholic."

Blaster Master writes: Okay! Okay! Just one more bedtime story.
Blaster Master writes: I have a confession to make...Flywheels is my deformed twin brother.
Blaster Master writes: Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!
Korvac writes: Hi, I'm Blitzwing, and I've been energon-free for three months.
FanimusMaximus writes: This is the offical meeting reguarding the replacement of Dragstrip.
SLUGSLINGER81 writes: Blitzwing-"Gyu's, I just been diagnosed with cybercancer in my right testicle and will have to be surgically removed"...
*stunticons all grab crotch*

Dead-End-"don't feel so bad mate, you still got a huge cannon that keeps the ladies happy...besides,
SamDrew writes: Man, I wish they'd put walls between these toilets!
WolfSpider1979 writes: MotorMaster: "Got any eights?"
Blitzwing: "Go Fish!"
Dead-End: "CHEATER!"
Poyguimogul writes: Blitzwing: "Sometimes I just start cutting myself to see if I can still feel." Dead-End: "That sounds Awesome!"
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funeralthirst7 writes: Blitzwing: So are you guys all here to try out for Transformers 4?
Arrancon writes: Blitzwing and the Stunticons tried to recreate a basement scene from the 70's show, but Dragstrip forgot to come with "the good stuff".
dedcat writes: The Decepticon version of "Waiting for Godot" is terrible.
acchillyaout writes: Decepticons: PUFF, PUFF, PASS!
Marcus Rush writes: Blitzwing: And when he awoke, he discovered...

Stunticons: What? What did he discover?

Blitzwing: That he was in South Central LA and he was stripped to the frame. And his paint job was covered in Dodger Symbols.

Crosshairs writes: I spy...
Twitchythe3rd writes: And when the patient woke up, his skeleton was missing, and the doctor was never heard from again!

Anyway, that's how I losy my medical license.
merthos writes: "This one time, in band camp..."
Optimus Eddie writes: One day Megatron will remember to come back for us, right?
BeastProwl writes: Blitzwing: So, ahh... I can be a part of this "Menasor" guy, and all I need to do is snuff this guy named "Dragstrip?"
Stunticons: "Yeah" "uh huh" "yep"
Blitzwing: well...
Motormaster: We'll shrink your head!
Blitzwing: DEAL!
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SJ21 writes: Decepticon group potty break.
New Omen writes: Cont. The monster screams "Arrghh!!" and tears out Shockwaves organs. Before Shockwave and do anything the beast tears off his face yelling "You DIE!!"
Motormaster: Wow that is scary.
Deadend: I doubt Optimus would just kill everyone.
Blitzwing: Well o
New Omen writes: Blitzwing:...then a human screamed "OPTIMUS!". Suddenly from nowhere the winged terror appeared and he swooped down, killing everything that moved. As he charged toward Shockwave the very street blew up. Terrified, Shockwave manages to fire, but misses. T
ranger writes: Blitzwing: Any of you ever get that not so fresh feeling?
Baneblade writes: If one of you starts singing kumbaiya I'll waste ya!
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Just admit it! Revenge of the Fallen was a cinematic masterpiece!
RoboTopia writes: Whew, Who's Got The Gas?!
#Sideways# writes: "So, does anyone know any campfire songs?"
welcometothedarksyde writes: Do you guys ever think
Powermaster Jazz writes: You think Hasbro forgot about us?
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Godzillabot Primal writes: Nobody expects the Decepticon Inquisition!!! (And why is Blitzwing's head the size of Iacon?)
wolverinetodd writes: Blitxwing: Well, this one time at band camp...
Stockade writes: Stunticons to Blitzwing: WOW! You can change into 3 modes? We only have two modes unless you count our combined mode. Blitzwing: what is this combined mode? Stunticons: We all form a super robot named Menasor! Blitawing: Damn! Im not that lucky.
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Now that we're all safely hidden from all those G1 fans, this meeting of the official Michael Bay fanclub will now come to order.
Xephon0930 writes: The first rule of Decepticon Fight Club,is to never talk about Decepticon Fight Club.
dumbprime writes: Hello, My Names is Blitzwing, and I am an addict! Its been 3 days since I last Triple changed..... (Mulit-form addicts anonymous)
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Hello. I'm Blitzwing, and I'm an alcoholic.
Wreck 'n Rule writes: So, have you told Drag Strip yet that I'm replacing him?
turbomagnus writes: Blitzwing; I'm no expert on squishy traditions, but aren't we suppose to have a fire or something?
gema writes: Blitzwing : So any of you felt burning sensation when you lubricate?
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BIGGUY007 writes: Anybody know the words to the Human Song '99 Bottles of Beer?' We'll be here for a while!!
zodconvoy writes: Blitzwing: "They were all over me. Climbing, drooling, probing. They were everywhere, all over me. I barely managed to get away. Little monsters..."
Motormaster: "Damn Kiss Players!"
dinogeist writes: look at all of us,were pathetic. Hasbro sabro made a single new mold toy of any of us yet. Bltzwing says: "no animated blitzwing doesn't count,that toy is a waste of plastic.
dinogeist writes: So when does the camp fire appear? do we say a special word for it to appear?
ausbot writes: You want me to become what?
Hellscream85 writes: Motormaster: "How long do we have to wait in this pit?" Blitzwing:"We wait until Hasbro says we can come out!"
Poyguimogul writes: "And as he lifted her veil Hot Rod soon discovered it wasn't Arcee he had married, but SHOCKWAVE!"
Vic writes: You know guys, I think we really need to install walls in this bathroom.
ILL-Star writes: Patience guys. Lassie will come for us. I promise.
Optimutt writes: Blitzwing: Ya know, boys, I feel a little like a fifth wheel with you.
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PrymeStriker writes: So, did you guys see yesterday's episode of Family Guy?
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