Devastator is missing an arm!

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Devastator is missing an arm!
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william-james88 writes: Can anyone lend a hand?
Ravage XK writes: I err got a text from Scavenger. He says he stopped to pick up some fencing. He was passing the Garden Centre anyway so..... He says 5 mins max.
Ravage XK writes: Once again, animation budget cuts lead to corners being cut ( quite literally in Devastators case ).
Henry921 writes: Long Haul got so chunky all of Devastator lost an arm to diabetes.
NTESHFT writes: It wasn't me, it was the one-armed.......wait a second
Optimum Supreme writes: "Tis just a flesh wound"

"You're a robot, you don't have flesh"

william-james88 writes: Marco!
trailbreaker writes: Obamacare doesn't cover missing combiners.
Chrisby writes: I'VE BEEN DISARMED!
Skywarp64 writes: "DAMNIT, SCAVENGER!"
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cybertronianjedi writes: D:uhh...guys wheres Bonecrusher????
(movie bonecrusher's head rolls infront of devastator)
devastator's face expression:D:)
Transformation619 writes: Megatron: Constructicons form Devastator!

Constructicons: Yes Sir! *TRANSFORMS*

Megatron: Now Devastator attack the auto...Where's Scavenger?
Scavenger: Shut up! I'm trying to scavenge Devastator's right Fist!
Nemesis Jason writes: Devestator: Any day you wanna finish taking a crap, SCAVENGER!!"
Autobot bubbs writes: Don't shoot! I'm UN-ARMED! *ba-dum-dum* Thank you everyone, I'll be here all week!
Zeedust writes: Out of frame, Doctor Richard Kimble loses bladder control.
Zeedust writes: "Man, Bruticus is lucky to have the Scramble City thing going... If Vortex decides to take trhe day off he can just borrow a Stunticon and doen't have to spend the day like this!
lockepsb writes: Devastator: Megatron... I was wiping my ass and It kinda sucked Scavenger up... and he likes it so much in there he don't wanna come out.
Unknown writes: come on man, get back on. scavenger, hey! dont you get in that taxi. hey dont you go to that airport. hey, scavernger dont you get on that plane. Hey, dont you pay $5 for those head phones. alright now im pissed.
SilentBlaster writes: SCAVENGER STOP PLAYING PACMAN AND COME HERE DARNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
master galvatron writes: Scavenger we told you three times.
We are done playing hide the constructicon
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Ultra Wheelshot writes: Bonecruncher: Who told Scavenger he'd be joining the Autobots in Amarda?
Starscream: Never mind about that
Devastator: Betrayal
Kamakaze Thrower writes: Inspiration for Energon Series


Which means that Energon was a ripoff of Micromasters.
Korium9 writes: Devastator learns the hard way:
You CAN jack-off too much.
Korium9 writes: Nothing up my sleeve . . .
Kamakaze Thrower writes: Oh dear, would you look at that. My arm's gone. Rather akward, I might say.
Stormshadow writes: Starscream (offscreen): Cna you lend me a hand.
(irritated devastaor throws arm)
"I said a HAND moron"
(irritated devastator exacts harsh vengance, it's no wonder starscreams no quite there in Armada)
crypto199 writes: Now I can't pick my nose!
DarkMechJock writes: Devastator: Give back Devastator's arm!

Omega Supreme: DEMAND: SAY UNCLE.

D: Devastator refuses!


D: Devastator will hand over his lunch money!
egarton writes: (english man) oh he's somewhat 'armless.
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Scatterlung writes: Megatron: Constructicons! Pull yourselves together!!!
Payner™ writes: Just another day in the office: another spectacular animation error.
taylorbaby writes: I have no arm, i have no arm
ahhh forget it I'm a robot anyway.
Dragon Weilder writes: now wait i beg in front of u with both....... oops

one hand
Zeedust writes: Richard Kimble had nightmares for weeks after what he would only refer to as the "robot incident".
TechDech writes: "Go ahead, Defensor... shoot me! I'm... UNARMED!

"Dangit, this is what happens when you can't read the Japanese Assembly Instructions!"
Draego writes: the constructicons should've taken Scavenger's threat of strike seriously
Draego writes: Superion (offscreen): lets give him a big hand, coz lets face it, he's gonna need it.
prime idiot writes: Autobot forces: Oh yeah you and who's army?
Devastator : Me and this ar...oh for 101010 sake! Scavenger you slack bas1010101!
Roadshadow writes: Devastator: Where the f*ck is Scavenger?

*Down in Jamaica, we see Scavenger relaxing on a beach, enjoying a fruity margarita*

Scavenger: Screw the Constructicons, being a Jamaican weed seller is great!
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Masterpiece Prowl writes: Superion: (offscreen) Now will you let me through?
Devastator: It's just a flesh wound.
Superion: I cut your arm off!
Devastator: I had worse.
galvanostril writes: josh: holy ---- man! you broke my model!
mike: oh please, you used american made glue, of course it would break.
phillip: the arm's over here!
josh and mike: GOOD!
Dragonoth writes: The new cloaking device only covered 17% of Devastator.
Castle74 writes: Megatron:Well this sure is better than those times Long Haul wouldn't show!
Castle74 writes: Once again Scavenger is late for work. Those Constucticons are going to have to do something about his drinking binges!
Ultra Wheelshot writes: BC: He had to call in sick
Scav: Hi guys have I missed anything?
Dev: Scavenger arm now
Scav: But...
Dev: Now
Minicle writes: Scavanger: Hold on! I've just got to go use the portaloo quickly! Be right back!

Devastator: Just make sure you wash your bloody hand this time, okay!

Bonecrusher: Why the Hell do we need to use portaloos anyway!? We're robots!

Minicle writes: Devasator: Oh noes! Devastator lost arm! Everyone make that stupid joke now!
muddyjoe writes: Optimus Prime: "Not so funny when it happens to you, is it?!?" (see episode "City of Steel")
Acelister writes: Devestator: "Nobody move! It's around here somewhere..."
Megatron: "It's an ARM, not a contact optic!"
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ALISTAIRE_562 writes: Devastator: The bad news is that shipping takes 3 to 5 days, so I'll be a lefty till then, but the good news is that I used "BUY IT NOW" and shipping was free... Thank god for EBAY!
Death Gunner writes: Devastator:I am the strongest decepticon I belong to nobody!!
Unicron: Join me or you'll never get your arm back!!
*Devastator reading hasbro magazine*
"Well theres no way i'm waiting till next summer"
Not Sonic writes: AHHH MY MUSCLES!!!!!!
Suzuki writes: MEGATRON(off screen): You idiot! When I said to lend Starscream a "hand", I meant for you to help him fight the Autobots!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starcream and Skywarp pull the ultimate buddy's passed out drunk joke.

Devestator,"What the? I know I had two arms when I passed out last night."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Devestator,"Look I'm a slot machine! Pull my arm you might see quarters fall outta my crotch!"
ApexPrime writes: Devastator doing his Anakin Skywalker impression
ApexPrime writes: another victim of starwars' limb slashing
Acelister writes: Megatron: "Now do the Ministry of Funny Walks!"
Acelister writes: After being infected with the virus Epedime, the only way to save Devestator's life was to cut off his arm..."
Devestator: "I said LEFT arm! Left! What kind of intergalactic space shuttle can't tell left from right?!"
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Acelister writes: On the opening night of the Decepticon Players presents: The King And I, Devestator was litterally shaking to pieces.
Acelister writes: Starscream: "I told you that glue wouldn't hold them together..."
Megatron: "...Shut up, Starscream..."
Acelister writes: Devestator: "Well I've never played before! How am I supposed to know?"
Superion: "It is what human children play! They can't actually put THIER right arm in before doing the Hokey Pokey and turning around..."
ejabba writes: Mr. Megatron Sir. Can I get your backscratcher back I need my arm to fight Superion.
disco$teve writes: "First the purple underwear now this!"
Marv writes: I still just can't believe Scavenger walked out on us for that role in "Armada"...
Marv writes: Devastator was a nervous, paranoid wreck after fanatical toy collectors had stolen Scavenger...
Marv writes: In the words of Ren Höek: he's a great couple of guys, he is...
Marv writes: When Transformers get drunk, they tend to forget how they're supposed to transform. Devastator forgot his right arm, Starscream ended up transforming into a Lada instead of a F-15..
Aconite writes: And you get mad when you're missing a puzzle piece?

Think about how this guy feels.
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Galaxy Optimus Primal writes: Devastator: "Nothing defeat the Davastator, nothing! ...Ups, I lost my right arm! Megatron what I'm doing now?! Devastator confused!"

Megatron: "You fool! Yor're yousless just like Starscream! And you Scrapper, you dare call yo
thexfile writes: this is what we cal "cojote ugly"
Aparently young Devastator had a wild night and the chik he spent the night at was sooo ugly that he literaly chewed off his arm so he could leave quikly!!
thexfile writes: and you thought that not finding your contact was a pain.
thexfile writes: this is what we cal a "1 arm bandid"
thexfile writes: did you eaver wake up and felt you did not controle your body
thexfile writes: Devastator : "No you worry megatron Devastator can do job withe 1 hand behind back"
Arsenal 121 writes: Defensor: Now stand aside, worthy adversary!
Devastator: 'Tis but a scratch.
Defensor: But your arm's off!
Devastator: No it isn't!
Defensor: Then what's that, then?
Devastator: ... I've had worse...
Defensor: YOU LIE!!!
Acelister writes: Devestator: "I can't do this without my right hand man!"
Acelister writes: Devestator: "I may have lost my arm, stopping that Cuban Missle from launching, but at least I saved all those humans..."
Starscream: "But... Why...?"
Acelister writes: Devestator: "What do you mean 'Where is your arm'? Its right... Oh... I'm sure its around here somewhere..."
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Acelister writes: Megatron: "So when you woke up, how many liliputian's were running off with him?"
Sun Runner writes: Devastator: Scavenger c'mon we don't have time for this, were in the middle of a battle. I'm serious you come back here right now we don't have time for games.....fine you win.........MARCO.

trailbreaker writes: The arm isn't missing; Devastator is simply scratching his butt.
trailbreaker writes: Wait! Scavenger is still in the dressing room! CUT !!
Flashwave writes: Why you never play "pull my finger" with Primus
Massdestruction writes: What is the sound of one hand clapping?
saiyan_prime writes: Megatron- What happened to Devastator's right arm?
Soundwave- Well, he saw that pic of that Sue Perienne chick....let's just say that Scavenger got worn out
Megatron- BLAST! Say, now that you mention it, she is rather....what do these fleshba
koalatron writes: !NEW!Generation 1 Devastator.He walks he talks (come back with my pork pie kitty)Hes amazing!!!
Batteries not included
not responsible for loss of right arm or combining problems.Projectiles may cause loss of limbs.Insurance not covered for exploding i
Road Turtle writes: "Scavanger, you're more than just a mere appendage to me! You're my Gun Hand!"
Road Turtle writes: "On Strike! What do you mean You're on Strike!
Scavanger, we're in the middle of a battle here! I can't have my body parts rejecting me!"
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Road Turtle writes: Scavanger! Come back! Buddy,I'm sorry! You're my right hand man! Literally, My right hand!
Uh,Help here! My arm just walked off in a huff!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Factory Recall Notice: All owners of Constructicon Gestalts may experience loss of limbs.
-Ry- writes: Devastator:Okay Omega Supreme, its time to kill you.

Omega blasts his right arm off.

Devastator:right then, just a flesh wound, have at you!!!

OS:Result:Your bloody arm is off!!
(a lil monty python trib)
Head Shot writes: this is what happens to transformers when they fall asleep in Harlem....
Tusko writes: What do you mean union rules say Combiner teams can have no more than 5 participants? Pay a penalty? Lose dental? Just bring me a beer this high and I'll work with what I got.
Master Shake writes: Sesshomaru: Got ya, bit*h!!!!
Bed Bugs writes: Oh great, time for a Scavenger hunt...
Sun Runner writes: I'm just glad it wasn't my genitles.
Massdestruction writes: Devastator: "When I said I'd give my right arm for the Predaking Reissue, I wasn't kidding."
DarkDranzer writes: Devastator: Where is Scavenger?

*Meanwhile at the pub*

Scavenger: Bill Clinton was the better president in my opinion!!

Barney Gumble: President Rosevelt was better!!




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Acelister writes: Devestator: "You call that a knife? THIS is a knife! Wait... He isn't back yet? Ah slag..."
Acelister writes: Devestator: "Now that's a hell ova gun!"
Acelister writes: Now avalible from Crazy Jamal's Autobot Busts! 'Battle Damage' Devestator!
Acelister writes: Devestator: "Where is arm?"
Megatron: "Ah, Devestator... I see you've noticed... You see, when a bot and a fembot love each other very much..."
megatron 2005 writes: You were supposed to be the CHOSEN ONE!!
megatron 2005 writes: we're DEF LEPPARD!!! thank you. goodnight!
Kevinus Prime writes: "GESUNDHEIT!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Quick, Somebody give me a hand!"
Air Dawg writes: Defensor isn't the only one with a missing arm. Look at Devastator.
terrordive2020 writes: AAAAH!!! I finaly figured out that scavenger was using his penis to link up to me!
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Scrapper,"Constructicons has anyone heard from Scavenger?"
Hook,"Well the Deva Voice mail does say one new message."
Scrapper,"Well? Play it."
Long Haul,"I can't the play button is in my knee,can you wiggle your
1337W422102 writes: I won the Caption Contest and all I got was a stupid mail-in coupon for an arm! Damn Cybertron Post!
Massdestruction writes: The new Diamond Select Devastator Bust is now on sale... 25% OFF.
Prime Nova writes: Something missing here.

Lets see - Mixmaster, Longhaul, Bone crusher ...
scattershot78 writes: Now I have to eat soup with my other hand! That darn fool Bonecrusher has to be the laziest Decepticon I've ever know! He won't even get up for a mock battle!
ApexPrime writes: "Should have gone with the gift set instead of buying every part on his own..."
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Devestator: "Damn animation errors!"
DeltaSeeker writes: Oh no! Now I can't count past five!
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: Another Gestlat limb reformatted for the Binaltech project......

Next up: seacon Scalor.
Godfather Bluto writes: Devastator: Last time i dare Bruticus to tare off my arm.
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Mkall writes: After playing with a live grenade, Devastator is now part of the War Amps program and is now a poster child.
Mkall writes: Devastator has learned never to insult the artist's abilities.
Massdestruction writes: Devastator: "My Scavenger was missing his fist so I contacted Hasbro. They apologized and arranged for an exchange for me. They said they would send a new replacement.

Then they said there was a production delay and this replacement was not availa
Sun Runner writes: Devastator finally realized how dangerous the phrase SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED really is.
Acelister writes: Devestator: "Okay, great gag... Now where is he hiding?!"
Exulted Unicron writes: Devastator becomes the next victim of a vicious lightsabre attack from Anakin
Road Turtle writes: "I want my ho-back! Er, I mean back-hoe!"
Road Turtle writes: "What?! I don't have Scramble Technology?! Gimmie back my arm!!!"
Aeghty 8 writes: I guess masterbation is really a form of self destruction.... In Tyler we trust.
Dragonoth writes: Devastator singing "Incomplete" by the Back Street Boys. I had that song stuck in my head all night! }:(
*starts TF:TM soundtrack* :)
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Dark Starscream writes: "Scavenger Hunt"
Me am Grimwave writes: "Uh... Blast Off? Dead End? Rampage? Wheelie? Little help here?"
dmprime27 writes: Duke:"Remember kids fireworks can be dangerous as well as fun,so always remember to be careful."

Devastator:"Now we know!"

Duke:"And knowing is half the battle."
The FlatLine writes: Megatron always warned me about sticking my arm out of Astrotrain. Let this be a lesson kids.
Chromia writes: This is what I get for chosing the Decepticon HMO......
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Unfortunately, when the Dread Pirate Roberts insisted on fighting Devestator "to the pain," he *wasn't* bluffing.
Blaster_6267 writes: You put your right arm take ur right arm out. Wait a minuite, where did it go?
Thanatos Prime writes: *Devastator rips off his right arm* Look at me guys! I'm Waspinator!
Thanatos Prime writes: Dev: Hold on Superion, lemme find my right arm, then we'll fight.

Sup: Stupid Devastator, doesn't even know where he puts his own body parts...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Devestator,"RRRRROAAAAARRRR! Guys! Guys look at me I'm a bear!!!"

Megatron,"Ah jeez we create the biggest badest super robot ever,and he's retarded.
Starscream get me the special helmet."
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Demonic Femme writes: Megatron, "DEVASTATOR- WHERE is YOUR ARM? I TOLD YOU TO ATTACK!!"

Devastator, "Hold on- I have a wedgie!"
Jaw Crusher writes: Finally, after weeks on a desperate hunt, with Lieutenant Gerard trailing his every move, Dr. Richard Kimble came face to face with the one responsible for the murder of his wife...
tf_geek writes: Dev: "I'm Devastator. I can do anything."
TFG: "Oh yeah? Clap!"
Massdestruction writes: The Constructicons have the misfortune of app earing in a Home Improvement crossover.

Al Borlen reportedly had warned Devastator not to work with Tim "The Tool Man" Tayler.
Zeedust writes: After Scavenger decided to pursue a solo career, the group just wasn't the same.
Zeedust writes: After Scavenger decided to pursue a solo career, the grou just wasn't the same.
devast8or writes: If you think I'm in bad shape, you should see what I did to TFG!!
DeltaSeeker writes: Don't shoot! I'm unarmed!
DecepticonRedAlert writes: dev.look ma' no hands
megatron.but your only missing one
dev.well damnit what do supose me to do i can't pull it off
saiyan_prime writes: Maybe now I can land a date with that hot one-armed surfboarding chick....
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Devestator,"SWEET! Now I can play drums for Def Lepard!"
Massdestruction writes: Devastator: "Dude, when Grimlock tells you to keep your hands off his sword, he means it."
Massdestruction writes: Lets all give Devastator a big hand!
BLASTERBOT writes: Listen Megatron why are you shouting at me? scavenger said he needed to go potty, it's not my fault!
Dragonmaster Eradose writes: Tell me my Decepticons brothers, why is it that the cloaking tech ONLY WORKS ON MY RIGHT ARM?!?!?!?
XeroSyphon writes: "My name is Devastator, I can put my arm back on you can't. So play safe..... Now were the little sob who shot it off?"
Omega Sentinel writes: 'tis but a flesh wound
Thanatos Prime writes: Hmm... that gun blast did more than I thought...
DeltaSeeker writes: I don't think this is how you're supposed to play Strip Poker...
saiyan_prime writes: I'm looking for Dr. Richard Kimble. Has anybody seen him?
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Ryu-Shu writes: dev: oh yeah saperion you take my arm so i'll take yours!!
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Dev: Is everyone here?
Scrapper: No
Dev: Oh damn
Jedi-and writes: "How was I suposed to know he was going to call in sick today?"
doomboy536 writes: can someone give me a hand, or an arm?
Overloaded writes: well I just heard that Hasbro UK are not sending out the next wave so I will not be getting my other arm
HookX5 writes: Hrmmm, anyone else need proof that gestalts can get by without an arm or leg?
phantomfish writes: I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous
permie writes: I know I'm forgetting something, what was it..
Ravage XK writes: "I'm sorry Megatron, he said he was just nipping down to the Petrol Station for some nibbles and drinks. That was 4 hours ago! His mobile is switched off and frankly I'm getting worried."
Dragonoth writes: At least it didn't cost me BOTH arms and my legs (like the Aerialbots).
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elmekia writes: Who would have thought Megatron was so literal when asked me to 'give him a hand'?
Laserbot writes: Dev: "man this blows... im right handed!!"
Brawn's Girl writes: Hey! Has anyone seen my arm?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Devestator,"Oh what the hell Scavenger's late again? I hate yardsale season."
Ratbat writes: I'm useless without my right arm!
Ratbat writes: Hey!!! I need my right arm!
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