Galvatron drinks Energon!

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Galvatron drinks Energon!
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Bee's Girlfriend writes: *thirty minutes later*
Galvatron: *hurls for 17th time* g..g..go get.. someone..*18th* anyone... help...*19th*
Bee's Girlfriend writes: Does anyone else notice how big his bottom lip is?
Emerje writes: The secret is to suck in some air to bring out the flavor. *SLUUUUUURP*
f-primus-unicron writes: classy
Zinger writes: Ah ha! Photo evidence that Galvatron is indeed drunk ALL of the time.
Zeedust writes: Galvatron: "Let us drink to our victory!"

Cyclonus: "Uh, boss? We lost that last battle."

Galvatron: "Slag it, Cyclonus! I was ALMOST drunk enough to forget that until you reminded me, jackass..."
Tiedye writes: More Ale Wench!!
Backspace writes: Galvatron: Hmmm.... The last time i drank Energon, it was actually Paracetamol. How bout this one...??
seminole1 writes: Galvatron takes communion.
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Roadshadow writes: Galvatron does what he does best...beating everyone at number of glasses of Energon drunk!
DarkDranzer writes: Galvatron gets ready for the Decepticon's annual belching contest!!
Lich Lord Dranas writes: G: More! More! I shall require it to finish this funny caption!
Not Sonic writes: wow viagra comes in liquid form too oh yah
DarkDranzer writes: Cyclonus: Um...Galvatron, my lord I gotta be brutally honest with you...s------humps!!


ShYnE writes: Galvatron: This stuff i got from Jose Canseco better work.
Screambug writes: "Mmm...I like this radioactive grape juice!"
Marv writes: Galvatron: "And after this picture was taken, things get a little haxy..."
commander setinel writes: Glavatron: MORE MORE!!!!!
Zeedust writes: Mindwipe: "He's been at it all night..."

Scourge: "What makes oyu say that?"

Mindwipe: "Look how bloodshot his eyes are!"
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Nightshadow writes: Galvatron: *Hic* Got energon?
Unknown writes: Only the supreme leader of the Decepticons would have the style to drink his Juicy Juice in a wine glass.
Dash Trigger writes: Galvy never could tell the difference between the wine cellar and the urine sample depository.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Mmmm... aaaaaahhhhhhhhh dassssss goood stuffff... hey... who's leg y'gotta hump t'get a dry martini 'round here??
Zeedust writes: What Galvatron didn't know whas that both glasses were poisoned, and Starscream had spent several years building up an immunity to theta radiation.
Unknown writes: Chug,chug,chug,chug!
Unknown writes: Cyclonus [offscreen]: I guess I'm the designated driver again tonight. Scourge [offscreen]: You mean you'd let him fly you sober?
DKusanagi writes: Galvatron: Nothing like a glass of Energon to celebrate
Soundwave: Sir, that's not energon..
Galvatron: What...(explodes)
Unknown writes: wait a minuite scourge
better not made me drunk for...
Zu Darkness writes: Energon it makes the body good
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Galvatron writes: I hope you ain't getting me drunk again Cyclonus. Just so you can take me back to that stupid web planet again.
Rhys writes: After he died, Barney Gumble from the Simpson's somehow ended up in Galvatron's body. We now present to you, the adventures of BARNEYTRON!

BARNEYTRON: Must (gulp) consume (gulp) Duff. brand ener (gulp) gon. AH! Now that I'm p
Rhys writes: BEST WINE EVER! (reads label) made from 100% recycled Autobot corpses and trecherous jets. Ah! I wondered what Cyclonus did with Starscream's ashes! SLURP!
Unknown writes: Gavitron: I can't believe it Optimus Prime is alive that all because of that girl
Unknown writes: Ya mean they make glasses that big?
Unknown writes: Bad Guys ball 2006
Broadside writes: This tastes like ----!
Galvatron it is ----!
Ricochet writes: Energon, helping ugly bots get laied for the past million years!
Unknown writes: Galvatron's preparing for the National Alcohol drinking competition.
Unknown writes: Soundwave (off-screen) : No, Galvatron, don't drink that! That's my stool sample!
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Zu Darkness writes: :Board of Directors: Thats it We're finding something or someone else o do this F----- milk Campain. .
Beast Simpson writes: Energon is the only sports drink endorsed by the Decepticons.
Galvy: Aaah, that fresh brewed taste!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Mmmmmm MILKSHAKE!!!
Unknown writes: Glavatron: ha ha i will be invincible!!!!
Bar tender: is that going to be your last round for tonight.. or what??!!
Unknown writes: shut up starscream, this is actually making you look attractive.
Unknown writes: Too dry. Do we have anything from 2004. I hear that was a good year.
Unknown writes: Ziggy Zuggy! Ziggy Zuggy! Oy! Oy! Oy!
Unknown writes: Drinking Energon from a wine glass? Next thing you know the'll be sipping it from twisty loop straws.
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: Now where did my beaker of experimental acid go?
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Unknown writes: Galvatron: "Pass the Cavarcié"

Naturally, spelling is probably incorrect.
Unknown writes: slurp, YAAH!! slurp, YAAAHHHH!!!! slurp, YAAAHHHH!!!!!
Unknown writes: YAAH!! YAAAHHHH!!!! YAAAHHHH!!!!!
z writes: Galvatron: I'm not as think as you drunk I am!
z writes: Galvatron thinking to himself: You know, at first I was skeptical of this whole Golden Showers thing, but now...
Shadow writes: "Mmmmmmm, tasty. *Hic*"
Unknown writes: Galvy:"I drink to forget how much of a lunatic I am!!...oh I now I remember....Cyclonus, come here I need to shoot you a couple times!!"
Unknown writes: Galvy:"I drink to forget how much of a lunatic I am!!!"
Unknown writes: Galvatron:Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooch!
Unknown writes: There he goes again i am not driving him home again. because I dont like wearing his food!
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RandomFerret writes: Of course, like many of Galvatrons parties, civilized drinking would eventually degenerate into shot contests and repeated exclamations that Destructor "...ain't so damn big!".
nigger writes: I am drinking soundwaves cum. mmmm mmmm good!!!
Unknown writes: Got Energon?
Firestorm writes: And remember kids- always cleanse your palatte between humans.
Unknown writes: Due to new regulations this scene was edited due to a mass binge drinking in young persons after the airing of this episode. Please forget this scene and dont drink to an acess!
Galvatron writes: myself: i didn't know i could get so wasted of engergon..-hic-...ey, cyclonus... you lookin' pretty fine in that dress
Dynamus Prime writes:*hic*
APOLLO writes: Cyclonus "Galvatron that's your tenth Energodriver in two hours. I think we need to cut you off"

Galvatron "Shut Up uh ... uh ... uh ... What was your name again"
Unknown writes: Oi Waiter, I wanted the '39, not the '57! [Takes arm cannon and blasts him into fragments]
Unknown writes: "I need this after watching ARMADA !!"
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Unknown writes: OK this is the last one
Victory Saber writes: "I am the most wasted decepticon in all the universe!!!" stands and falls on face
Vector Sigma writes: Man! So this is why Snapple is so fruity!!
Unknown writes: I can't belive this shot cost me three bucks.
Unknown writes: Hmmmmm....Duff
Unknown writes: Galvy: *drink* Cyclonus: *making a stupid face* Hey Galvy, don't laugh so hard that the energon comes out your nose... Galvy: Huh? *urk* *sputter*
Cyclonus: Eww...I just bought these shoes.
Unknown writes: Starscream: Jeez, this guy's drinkin' poison like it's energon. (Nightpaw walks in)
Starscream: oh, heh heh, hi Nightpaw, uh what are you gonna do with that phaser? AAAAAAAAAAA!
Unknown writes: chug chug chug chug chug
Unknown writes: Tastes fine to me...
Unknown writes: After a long, tiring day of slaughtering millions and using his own army for target practice, Galvatron unwinds by getting s#!tfaced drunk.
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Rodimus Major writes: galvatron, being left out of the loop in the reissues, has turned to drugs and hard liquor.
Unknown writes: Galvatron:"Hey, Starscream, got energon? haha!"
Unknown writes: ...take one down, pass it around *gulp* 98 cubes of energon on the wall...
Unknown writes: I luv the tasted of cyclonus and scourges cum!
Unknown writes: man oh man! thats some DAMN!GOOD HOOCH!
Unknown writes: Prowl:your under arrest!
Galvy in a drunk voice:why?!
Prowl: cuz ya were talking on a cell phone when you were A drunken driver!
Unknown writes: Countless defeats at the hands of the autobots have Caused Galvatron to the bottle hard.
Unknown writes: BUKKAKE !
Unknown writes: **Sluuuuuurrrrppppppp!!!**
Sledge writes: Ted Kennedy as a Decepticon
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DEVASTAT0R writes: i can quit whenever the F*** i want to!
Optimus Prime writes: Optimus Prime is no longer a threat to me. I have his mojo. Huhahahahahahahahahaha!
Unknown writes: Last time I ever eat at Taco Bell... thank god for pepto bismol.
Unknown writes: Scourge (off screen): Mighty Galvatron! WAIT! That was my urine er.. waste fuel... sample!!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: "It looks like i am drinking but it actually lubs my pistons"
Unknown writes: Galvatron: I shall give my saliva sample with grace and style.
Unknown writes: Chug! Chug! Chug!...
Unknown writes: I know its not good for me but the hell with it
Unknown writes: mmmmm,yeah man!snoochie noochies.
Unknown writes: an energon drink a day...will keep the mechanic away
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Stacey writes: Someone spiked the energon.
Unknown writes: Best Homer Simpson voice: Mmmmmm Glowing ooze.
Dynamus Prime writes: Galvatron (in Ace Ventura voice): YYYUUUMMMMYYYY!!!!
Gameovermus Prime writes: Galvatron (Fr. jack voice): Drink, Slag, Arcee, Fembots!
Jeremy writes: hook comes from no where) hook: ahh galvatron u dont realy wanna drink out of that u see its actually a pipe that looks like a glass u know for smokeing weed
(galvatron: ohhh (keeps drinking it) ah thats good yeah
Unknown writes: Red red wine.
Unknown writes: WARNING: This will make you drunk.
Unknown writes: Galvatron getting drunk.
Unknown writes: Here we have Galvatron enjoying a fine cognac after a hard days work
Mr. X writes: Thinking: "I had to wait 52 caption contests to fnally drink this..."
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Unknown writes: Not Today Galvatron
Unknown writes: Galvatron:
Man, I need a drink after destroying all those Autobots!
Unknown writes: galvatron: now that makes me 268,219,754,779,857,852 drinks. man my head feels strange. how many have you had starscream?
Dj Flash writes: Its miller time
Unknown writes: CHUG! CHUG!!
Unknown writes: (off screen Jazz voice) did you remember to spike it with absinth?
Unknown writes: Mmmmm... Botanica Juice.
Chee-toy writes: Mmmmmm....... Fruit.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Hey "Buster"....everybodysing it now, PASS THE COURVOSSIER!!
Unknown writes: Thanks Spike, taste like mule juice.
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ras writes: Swindle, Starscream, youve done an excellent job, this milk tastes fantastic!"
Unknown writes: The real reason Galvatron tried to take over the universe
"The Champaign is not Corbell!!!"
Unknown writes: ey baby... have you seen my barrel lately? this stuff works wonders!
Unknown writes: Ahhhhhhh...energon! :)
FortMax writes: Galvatron just found out Optimus was resurrected
Soundblaster writes: This is what Galvatron does whenever he sees how his toy looks in Robot mode. (stupid sandcatle)
kabe2k writes: g-dog the red eye master drinkin (and smokin botanica)
in stores now
Warpath writes: Hic affffter thisssshh one iii hic iiiim going to desssstroy hic thosssse ac-c-c-curssssivvvved Auto hic Autobotsssh hic
Eman writes: It better not be tainted like last time!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Man...Being a cannon in the original series....and a whopping 10 changer Predicon in the R.I.D Series really builds up a thirst...
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Unknown writes: great taste less filling, damn it scrouge i told you chilled, but i love you anyway.
Unknown writes: Ahh, chilled Nucleon 91, shaken not stirred (damn you Inferno for beating me to it!)
Unknown writes: I like my energon shaken, not stirred.
Unknown writes: Galvatron:"Booze; It does a body good!"
Unknown writes: One for me. One for my homies!
Black Arachnis writes: Hmmmm,chateau prime... vintage 2005.
overall a bad year.
I would suggest a chateau starscream with steamed human preverbly witwicky.
Taggenagger writes: Cheers! G1 Transformers are back!
Unknown writes: Hillbillie with Accent: Hey Galvy, I peed in yo Drink!
Unknown writes: Cyclonus (offscreen: Thats his tenth one tonight! If we dont stop him soon, hell lose all capability for rational thought!!!

Scourge (next to Cyclonus): Since when has he ever had THAT?!?
davewelttf writes: Galvatron:Bartender, You sure this stuff is safe (glug)to drink?
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prime writes: Galvatron "Deceptican jizz is purple?, oh well." slurp slurp
Spiderman writes: Galvatron:ya know, that white stuff tastes good in my beer!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: ya know, the white stuff sure taste good in my drink.
Spiderman writes: Galvatron:Alright, which one of you bitches pi$$ed in my fµ©kin beergon?!
Otacon writes: Galvatron:Hmmmmm that salty white substance floating on the top really brought out the flavour!!!
Unknown writes: Why smoke water when you can drink it.
Unknown writes: This P*$$y fluid from Arcee sure tastes and smells fishy.
Unknown writes: NEW from planet junkion: Daniel a la creme. The new milkshake with a difference!
Unknown writes: Panzy ass shii....
Where are the 40s!!!!!
Unknown writes: got milk autobots?
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Transformers writes: Galvatron:mmmmmm energon
Unknown writes: Mmm......Energon.....*Gulp*
Spiderman writes: Galvatron:Gulp!gulp!gulp! Starscream:He swallows the same way he tried to swallow my cock!
Unknown writes: Galvy: Hmm, 30 weight energon whine, circa 1989, petrolium based energon with just a touch of ethanol in the mix.
firmpulse writes: shiiiii....crystal is the BOMB! i love a puff daddy party! whut up soundwave!
Speedbreaker writes: Galvatron singing):"Butta buh ba ba... the joy of energon.."
BZArcher writes: The breakfast of Champions! (Or something...)
Unknown writes: hmmm...yes and i can smell the sweetness of DISTRUCTION blended with just a pinch of MAYHEM and DEATH.

(My take on UK program Food And Drink.)
Unknown writes: The Energon of fallen foes.
Unknown writes: Red Bull gives you a metallic skiiin
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RhA writes: Und... Vith this pvotion, I vil becom ze most zzzzexy rrrobot on ze face ov caibazron!
Unknown writes: I love taking Pepto Bismol in a glass!
Unknown writes: Toasting to the former victrories and the ones to come.
Unknown writes: Even decepticons need Peptobismol for heartburn, diarreah, indegestion and upset stomach
Unknown writes: Participating in the Pepsi challenge, Galvatron selected Coca-Cola. Unaware of the "Sodabots" planning o kill him afterwards.
Unknown writes: Decepticons offscreen: CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!
Anonymous Iggy writes: Wanting to forget that he was in TF: TM, Leonard Nimoy drinks away the memories.
Unknown writes: Being dared to drink the unknown liquid, he later found out it was donkey pi$$
Spiderman writes: Galvatron: This is good! What is it? Barbot: Its acid. Galvatron: Acid! (hisss) fµ©k you bitch!!!(hisss)
Unknown writes: GALVATRON:A toast to Dracula.
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Dynamus Prime writes: After another humiliating defeat, Galvatron hits the local bar and has a drink to forget his problems.
Unknown writes: My favourite Transformer!!.."Ever danced whit a devil in a pale moonlight??"
Thunderstreak writes: "Mmm....nothing like liquidated Daniel!"
Unknown writes: Galvatron: "Now lets all get drunk and play ping pong!
Unknown writes: After toasting to world evil, Galvatron drinks deeply, forever becoming a member of the republican party!
Unknown writes: This is the only way that Galvatron can console himself after another bitter defeat at the hands of the Autobots and their new leader Rodimus Prime!!
brian writes: galatron is just drinking transformers verison of budwiser
Unknown writes: .. now i will jsut urine in the glass for the extra flavor and give it to my lore galvatron.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: (drinking) *BURP!*
Cyclonus: MAster galvatron!!! PLEASE!!! DONT DRINK TOO MUCH
Galvatron: ASHADDAP CYCLONUSSHHHH *hic!* (looks at cyclonus in a weird way* hey what about me and your fembot @$$ go to a room and *hic!* you know?
Cyclonus: (loo
Unknown writes: this cabernet savignon is superb!! would you pass the grey poupon?
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Unknown writes: To beer; cause of, and solution to, all of lifes problems!
Unknown writes: To Cybertron! *gulp*
Prime Nova writes: Ostracized by the other Decepticons due to his violent outbursts, Galvatron turns to a 40 oz. bottle of cheap energon to numb the pain.
Unknown writes: the REAL reason Galvatron was so unstable and moody in the post-movie episodes
Unknown writes: 1963, a verry good year for penzoil.
Unknown writes: Hmm, 1985 vintage Chardonnay?
Unknown writes: galvatron: "glup" "glup" ah..... refreshing starscream give me some more oh wait i killed him unicron more oh wait i was the reason he got killed prime more wait i killed him damn i drink to but of that energon my bodys
Unknown writes: got energom?
magnaboss writes: Over the lips and past the gums look out stomach here it comes.
Galvatron writes: why the fµ©k do I have to drink this s£!t?
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