Blaster shows Hot Rod some new moves!

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Blaster shows Hot Rod some new moves!
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weebot17 writes: Blaster: Hehe... hey Hot Rod, let's see far the barrel of this gun can go.
MagnusLabel writes: (high pitch) Woooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
RatchetJazz writes: Haha looks like blaster showed him to much
Crashcomet writes: B: See? You can really feel the music this way!
HR: Music...riiiiiight...
Zeedust writes: You know, going through the UCC archives, it's amazing how many pictures are variants on this theme...
Roadshadow writes: Blaster: Uhh...yeee-ah, you like that, don't ya?
Hot Rod: WTF!? Get the ---- off me, you humping radio!
trailbreaker writes: Blaster - "Give me back my wallet !"
juggaloG writes: As soon as I scramble your brains...PERMANENTLY..with my electro-scrambler here, I'll be the rightful leader of the Autobots, which I deserve! I got ripped off in the Marvel comics, but I'll make the TV show have a VERY different ending!
MiGrAinE writes: Blaster: "Can I get a reach around?"
Zeedust writes: Hot Rod: "Wake me up when the sodomy jokes are over."

Blaster: "Well, if we have THAT long, I'll take a nap too..."
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shockwave_inoz writes: BLAST: "Hey, hey! Now I've got you right where I want you!! Care to see MY version of Hot Rodimus?!" RODIMUS: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" BLAST: "Okay, okay - take it easy, I
Zeedust writes: Rodimus: "Nice one, Blaster. Real graceful. Mind gettin' up now?" Blaster: I.... I can't." Rodimus: WHAT?" Blaster: "I think I broke something when I fell on you." Rodimus: &a
Unknown writes: Methinks the Autobots don't have a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.
Unknown writes: I would post something kinda funny about this image... but it's too easy... ah... what the hell...

Blaster: Do you mind? We'd like to be alone!
Hot Rod: Yeah! Mind your own damn business!
Dark Nemesis Prime writes: Give it back! Optimus sent me to take back the Matrix that you keep taking. He also said to take it by any means necessary!
Shadow Fox writes: Blaster- Damit bitch, quit squirming, your gonna take it prison style and like it!!!
Unknown writes: uh....ahh...oh yeah!!
SilverStar writes: HotRod: Blaster I'm not gay now GET OFF!! Blaster: You too are a gay admit. HotRod: Give one good reason why I'm gay and for not shutting you in the frigging head. Blaster: Cause I got pictures off you with Ultra Magnus. HotRod: DAMN YO
Unknown writes: Blaster: I've been sent by Transformers fans world wide so I could blow your punk ass away and make sure you NEVER become Autobot leader? Hot Rod: LEADER?? You must be having me on!
Unknown writes: blaster- hold on rodimus, there is something written on your back- MADE IN JAPAN.
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SilverStar writes: Springer: See I told you he was cheating on you! Springer show Ultra Magnus a picture of Blaster on Rodiums. Ultra MAgnus: NOOOO!!!! It's NOT TRUE!!
Unknown writes: Hot Rod: OOF!! Blaster, you can get off of me now. ...Blaster? What in the Pit are you doing?
Unknown writes: Blaster: Arcee's coming, time to put on my fake Hotrod disguise....
gLOVES1000 writes: Rodimus"so thats how doggie style is done"
Zu Darkness writes: Blaster on top of HotRod need I say more
Unknown writes: My mama say, boobies are the devil....Right.
Unknown writes: Blaster: you can't go there
Hot Rod: she needs me and I'll save her because I love her and I'll never give up on anyone
Blaster: Hot Rod
Unknown writes: I'm the master of stealth.
Broadside writes: You see anything Arcee can do I can do better!
Unknown writes: Hot Rod: Blaster, get off me or I shall kill you.
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yo writes: R: Uhh, Blaster? The Decepticons stopped shooting about ten minutes ago. You think that maybe you could get off now?
Bruticus writes: Blaster: "Heh heh . . . I'm BLASTER! Heh heh!"
Rodimus Prime: "Sorry, Blaster, it just doesn't work. Now get off of me and I'll show you why they call me RODIMUS PRIME."
Zu Darkness writes: Umm Blaster why is your gun Jabbing at my backside
Unknown writes: This gives a new meaning to "new moves"
Unknown writes: Hotrod: Please be gentle..
Unknown writes: Rodimus was stunned when he turned around to see that Blaster was morphing into Skeletor.
PlasmaRadio writes: Hot Rod: "Now who is gayer than ultra magnus?"
Unknown writes: is it in yet?
Chrono writes: *shsss* i promise i'll still love you in the morning.
Unknown writes: You know, relationships that start in emergency situations like this never work out. They've done studies.
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Unknown writes: hot rod if i hear you say one more thing about me not having a cd player.....
Unknown writes: "Hot Rod, don't transform or I'll be stuck in your tailpipe !"
Unknown writes: Hot Rod: *uncomfortably* Blaster, are you sure this is what Prime meant by improving my "one on one" fighting skills?
Starscream K'dash writes: hotrod: BAD TOUCH BAD TOUCH!!!!!!!!!
z writes: Blaster: You like that doncha? Doncha??
Hot Rod: Oh yeah... oh yeah...
Hot Rod writes: are you sure this is how to recieve the matrix
Unknown writes: You got 5 seconds to give me back those baby pictures of me or Ill decorate the floor with your brains!!!
Hot rod: blow it out your hole you overatted tape dispenser!!!!!
Unknown writes: BLASTER: "Let me see if I can reach the Matrix this way!"
Unknown writes: HOT ROD GOT BACK!!
Unknown writes: Hot Rod "I want to be on top next time"
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Unknown writes: "you like that don't you..say you like it or I blast you"
Firestorm writes: For the last time, Hot Rod- Give me back my NRG CD and you won't die.
Galvatron writes: Blaster: Oooh

Hot-Rod: -Wakes up- JESUS CHRIST, WHAT THE F*@&!!!

Blaster: Oh ermhm!..Sorry. I was just trying to..

Hot-Rod: SHUT UP.
Unknown writes: Stick it in my pipe !
Unknown writes: Hot Rod says: Hey now,watch where you point your other laser,buddy...!!
APOLLO writes: Blaster "In the comics I was the Autobot Badass, as I would have been in the cartoon if yo'punk ass never showed up."
mouse writes: Blaster takes "got your back" abit too far.
Unknown writes: "Too much lovin'! Too much lovin'!!!"
Vector Sigma writes: "Where's my money bitch?!? You'd best have my money!!!"
astrotrain's first friend writes: *hotrod about to be shot by Dirge when Blaster pushes him out of the way* Blaster: dude you should watch your back more often! Hotrod: Blaster thanks but could you get off me?!
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Unknown writes: And Hot Rod decided it was best to think happy thoughts of puppies and kitties...
Unknown writes: Welcome to &*$%@ OZ!
Unknown writes: Welcome to *&@$% SHAWSHANKE!
Unknown writes: Blaster: Did you pack any Vassaline for this Hot Rod?
Unknown writes: Rodimus:"Ihope nobody gets a picture of this."
Blaster:"Yo, bro, you ashamed of our love?"
Unknown writes: HR: "dude, get off me dude."

B: "is this so bad hot rod? IS IT?"

HR: "now dude."
Rodimus Major writes: blaster and hot rod
the new cast members
of "queer as folk"
Unknown writes: Hot Rod:"Dammit, Blaster, at least kiss the back of my neck when you do that!"
Unknown writes: . . . and Hot Rod bites it just two yards shy of a touchdown . . .
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Unknown writes: pssssst..hey hotrod, i forgot to tell you i have synthetic herpes
Sledge writes: Right in the tail pipe!
Sideswipe writes: Blaster:ooops I forgot the rubbers
Hot rod: Aw crap. Gee I hope Arcee doesnt see this
Unknown writes: squeal like a pig, boy!
Dynamus Prime writes: Hot Rod: GET THE #$@% OFF ME, YOU CRAZY TOURIST!!!
Unknown writes: Hey Hotrod, wanna see my Big Gun
Sledge writes: Blaster -- "Give me back my ARMADA collection!"
DEVASTAT0R writes: "Blaster, are u even thinking of me?" "Of course i am soundrod! I-I mean HOTWAVE! $#@*!"
Unknown writes: Blaster: Give it to me baby!
Unknown writes: HotRod: "Get off me Blaster. Get of.. *Thud* OO HEELLLOOO! You feel like Prime"
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Unknown writes: So I learned this massage trick from a nice little honey in Iacon...
Jeremy writes: blaster: hotrod dam it stand still this wont take long all i have to do is stick this nediel gun up your bumper hole
Unknown writes: Blaster time-travels back to the year 2005 and tackles Hot Rod moments before the impulsive lad interfers with the last duel of Optimus Prime and Megatron, thus preventing one of the greatest blunders in Transformers history. Hot Rod: Blaster, what are yo
Unknown writes: I know were on the same team but damn!!
Unknown writes: Hot Rod: Get the hell offa me Blaster!
Blaster: Not until u say "who da man!"
Mr. X writes: OH! Child Rape!!
Unknown writes: where is my crack, bitch?
Unknown writes: Blaster, could you please stop watching Smackdown?!
gr8kingrat writes: Blaster: You want me to put it where??
Unknown writes: Hot Rod, this is your second time-out since your first appearance...
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Unknown writes: Hey, lighten up, bro! This is just something I learned from watching Smackdown! :)
Unknown writes: Id like to move hotrod,but i think i got one of my inputs,stuck in your output!
Kevinus Prime writes: BLASTER! You only use dead guys as a sheild! Wheeljack is over THERE!
Homer writes: Blaster: Why do you have so many claw marks on your back?

Hot Rod: Blaster...I got a confession to make about me and Steeljaw...
Soundblaster writes: Hot Rod(distressed): I think it moved. OH GOD, I think it moved!
Blaster:Yadda Yadda Yadda...
Unknown writes: Nice tale pipe hot ROD!!!
Unknown writes: Blaster: Man, where did I put that can of WD-40?
Unknown writes: Blaster: Hot Rod? why does it say Galvatron was here?
Unknown writes: Found your contact lens yet?
Unknown writes: ...the aftermath!
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Spark writes: Pssst ... Hot Rod, have you heard of this thing called ... lubricaant?
Savannahtron writes: Blaster :Is it there yet?
Rod : Damn it for the last time, IT IS IN! DO you want me to stop?
Blaster : No, it is just, you know, about my whole "Am I bigger than your last lover?"
Unknown writes: ...and I put in a Barry White tape, all for you baby, all for you...
Unknown writes: ever seen deliverance?!?
Chee-toy writes: Blaster: Just be still Hot Rod!! I almost got that "Shoot me!" sign off your back. Another shot should do it.
Unknown writes: Hot Rod:BLASTER WHAT THE F*@# ARE YOU DOING?
Blaster:given you a tune up! :)
Unknown writes: Blaster: Oke Hot Rod on three we jump up and kill all the humans that made jokes about us being gay got that?

Hot Rod: Gotcha.
Spiderman writes: I told you to stay down! move another circuit and your dead!
Arioch writes: Now you know why they call me Blaster!
davewelttf writes: Blaster: Damn it I hate it when Rodimus naps in the middle of a battle!
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Unknown writes: Hot Rod: Umm Blaster I knew we were friends but im not ready for this kind of relationship right now.
Anonymous Iggy writes: Alright, Blaster. But the next time we impersonate turtles in heat, I get to be the male!
Unknown writes: We want me to believe THIS is on the Billboard Charts????
Unknown writes: Blaster: Dumbass, this Is for Prime.
Unknown writes: Blaster: Dumbass, this Is for Prime.
Spiderman writes: Blaster: o.k, so you stick your cock in, then you put it in and out. its just like masturbating.
Black Arachnis writes: blaster,when I said I wanted a tapeplayer I meant one for my carmode.
Dynamus Prime writes: Blaster catches on to the new "dirty dancing" craze.
Unknown writes: "TILL ALL ARE ONE!"
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Unknown writes: I agree Blaster, you have the longest of them all!!
Unknown writes: hey, how do you like my "HOT ROD"
Unknown writes: Blaster, those better be quarters in your pocket.
BZArcher writes: Pimp Daddy Blaster is on top of it!
Unknown writes: me give you hot ass sex.. im a lesbian goddess named blastara.. now give me your sweet sweet ass!
Chee-toy writes: Hot Rod: Oh yeah... little more to the left. Blaster: Ya know, you really need to find someone eles to give ya back rubs.
Unknown writes: hotrod:are you sure this is what they called a universal greeting?
blaster:sure!now stop squirming around!
Unknown writes: Hot Rod: Uh Blaster... GET THE HELL OFF ME!!!!!!!
Shermtron writes: can i check and see if steeljaw is up in there?
Unknown writes: Blaster: Ha! Caught ya thief!! Now give me back my exclusive Unicron Prototype!
Rodimus: Up yours Blaster!
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Unknown writes: Blaster: sorry about that Rodimus, I tripped, now whats your battle plan. Rodimus.....Rodimus?
FortMax writes: Blaster: Who is the leader of the autobots, bitch, who is the leader!!!
FortMax writes: This is blaster blastin at ya
Unknown writes: okay now if can...just... get his micro chip...there, now I can know what turns arcee on. SCORE!!!!
magnaboss writes: Blaster:Time to show you the real "hot rod."Hot Rod: Well thats just Prime.
Unknown writes: Blaster: Hmm....Rodimus is out cold....Bet if I act quickly...I can grab the matrix and become BLASTER PRIME!!!
Sentinel Prime writes: Blaster time-travels back to the year 2005 and tackles Hot Rod moments before the impulsive lad interfers with the last duel of Optimus Prime and Megatron, thus preventing one of the greatest blunders in Transformers history. With his rifle, Blaster then
Unknown writes: "I think it moved."
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"On a Boat"
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