Little kid wears Megatron costume

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Little kid wears Megatron costume
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trailbreaker writes: "Where's the zipper in this thing? I gotta pee !"
MegaX Master writes: This is the real life equivalent of a Jewish kid wearing a Hitler costume.
Optimustard writes: Optimus: That's right starscream I want you to visualize And then attack, visualize and then attack.
Starscream: megatron you're drinking the wrong water, momma's right and you're wrong. Reeeeeeeeeeeee!!
Optimus: way to go starscream you got your manhoo
The_Duggernaught writes: Mass Shifting Cosplay
UnderYourCloset writes: The next Hitler.
Black Hat writes: The average G1 fan.
Godzillabot Primal writes: will join us...The Transfandom
Octocon writes: And thus HEAD MASTERS WHERE BORN.
Rex Prime writes: Kid with squeaky voice: all hail megatron..all hail megatron.

a random person: why are you even saying this?

Kid: the deceptions payed me well
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#Sideways# writes: We shall be forever amazed at the time it took the people of Earth to make Decepticon costumes.
trailbreaker writes: Little people, big world.
ACStarscream writes: For sale on Ebay: Authentic G1 Megatron costume for child. Near-mint condition. Missing mask and gloves. Used once. Asking for $1,000 US. Kid not included [thankfully].
Swerve writes: Kid: Why's everyone looking at me weird? The big freak show is the 2 women next to me that apparently have never been outside before.
decipticonhater5995 writes: hey megatron look at im like you but with a smaller @!$
Sondura1 writes: *megatron*I HATE PRETENDER SHELLS!!!
nausiated writes: A young George W. Bush pays tribute to his idol.

Megatron: "If imitation is the best form of flattery, I'd be really interested in what this kid can do."

George Sr.: "Don't worry there, ah, Megatron, read my lips when I say,
hot rod 907 writes: I can crap nails!
medleystudios72 writes: This poor guy went in the wrong door and instead of getting in line for Botcon, he stumbled upon the Republican National Convention.
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darth_paul writes: His days as Autobot Spike came back to haunt him as his son was born as Decepticon Daniel!
Octocon writes: Megatron: "the flesh creatures a buying our disguises! DECEPTICONS attack!"
Roboto750 writes: Kids, don't play with guns.....oh wait, this kid *IS* a gun!
Zeedust writes: Megaplex had a rough childhood
Tiedye writes: (MEGATRON)- And the winner for the Transformer costume contest isss Daniel for his Megatron costume."
(CROWD)- "GROAN." "What a ripoff!
(OPTAMIST)- "I knew we shouldn't have let Megatrom judge th
Roadshadow writes: Kid: Durr, I like being Megatron...

Poor Johnny didn't realize that Optimus mistook him for the real Megatron...and shot the boy.
Pokejedservo writes: Ah yes the Transformers, even back then they had the dangers of cosplayers in the past as well.
Zeedust writes: As if there wasn't enough wrong with this picture, that kid's arms are WAY too long...

Long arms and a yellow flag... Those really ought to be the lyrics to something. They're not, of course, but they should be.
Blozor writes: Galvatron: "Anyone else care to fill his shoes?"
Raiden Gundam writes: Mom, how am i suppose to censor this guy's unzipped pants without him knowing my face when you haven't bought me my helmet?!
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Optimusizzy writes: I knew there was a reason why Megatron never destroyed the earth.
Judynator writes: Megatron: My Shon!
Jr. Megatron: DADDYYYY!
Judynator: What?O_o
ghostofstarscream writes: the lamest pretender...
duh,duh, da-nah, na, na, da-nah, na, na, na, na, nah na!
1337W422102 writes: 1337W422102's Halloween Rival
snavej writes: After the trauma of nearly dying on Lookout Mountain, Daniel went to a dark place of the soul.
snavej writes: Mother: Why are you crying, Daniel? We just got you that badass, expensive Megatron costume!

Daniel: Waaaaa! All the other kids are making fun of me because I haven't had the Galvatron upgrade! It's so unfair!

Dad: Sheesh, what will he
ryto writes: Megatron: I shall provide you have a new body, and new parents to command.
Little kid: AND?!
Megatron: And this yellow flag.
Little kid: I accept your terms, I ACCCCEEEPPPPTTTT!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Billy was even an outcast on the 'special' bus.
XeroSyphon writes: Mom, I told you the Decepticons were the badguys!
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Zeedust writes: Leave the poor kid alone. It's bad enough he has polio.
Thanatos Prime writes: In other news, a boy was vaporized today when he dressed like the Decepticon Megatron and started to yell about his lack of brains and how scared he was of the Autobots. A man dressed as a skull-faced samurai was taken into custody, refusing to remove his
Robbie Rebel writes: suicide bombers are getting really desperate now
snavej writes: Daniel's elaborate plan to cop a feel.

'Just lean forward six inches, baby - touch my barrel!'
snavej writes: Megatron watched the Austin Powers trilogy and thought that the 'Mini Me' concept was a winner. It didn't quite go according to plan.
Castle74 writes: The Borg...the early years.....
Death-Ray Charles writes: He's looking for the kid in the Optimus Prime costume so they could battle do the death...or bedtime
Vampire Hunter writes: Prime: Dear Primus! Its a human Megatron clone!! *starts shooting at the kid*
Brakethrough writes: Support for the Live-action Transformers film dwindles when leaked information confirms Warwick Davis appearing as Megatron.
Unknown writes: I'm Megatron B
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Johnny clearly was setting himself up for a life time of shot down dates.
Donza writes: Little Johnny thought that he would get through the big brother auditions and into the house if he looked crazy enough!
Instead the authorities whisked him away on suspicion of treason.
When they dragged him away kicking and screaming, he dropped his l
demarcusgd writes: The New Main villain of the upcoming Transformers show set YET AGAIN in an alternate reality. This vile foe combines classic G1 villain Megatron with Hasbro's need to litter Transformer shows with annoying little kid characters. Behold the yellow fl
Road Turtle writes: A clip from next season's New Battlestar Galactica.....Helo notices an oddly familiar little child....Helo, " Why dose that child look part Cylon? No, that couldn't be....Our baby's alive! SHARON! Our Baby Lives!"
Dark Starscream writes: [Riiiip]

KID: Behold! This man has no genitals!!!
Dark Starscream writes: Megatron's secret Headmaster...
leader-desslock writes: When I grow up, I will date Ann Lewis, drive a 6000 SUX, and have a pet ED209.
Dclone Soundwave writes: "Look ma! I'm dressed like a gay robot! Ain't I cute?"
trailbreaker writes: See the girl in the pink dress? The kid is trying to grab her boobs....
trailbreaker writes: "Guess where I'm hiding the shoulder cannon!!??"
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Harold I'm worried about Jimmy look what he's wearing."

"Hey it's better than that Hitler costume he wore last Halloween!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: " Hesh wants hookers! " (Sealab ref.)
Megatron's true heir writes: ME MEGATRON HUNT FOR YOUR HEAD
Audtions for the Transfomers movie.
Smoke Screen writes: Gimme some sugar, baby!
joe350s10 writes: MOMMY! I wet myself and now I'm rusting....WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
snavej writes: The kid should have gone to the toilet BEFORE he got into the costume.
snavej writes: Kid: Now who's the man, Stewie (the megalomaniac infant from Family Guy)?! Huh? Huh?!
snavej writes: Kid (sings): GIMME GIMME WORLD DOMINATION!

Dad (mutters): Shouldn't have let him listen to that old Ash CD.
TheMuffin writes: Thank God this costume isn't toy accurate!
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Vampire Hunter writes: Kid: All right Megatron WOOOOO!!!

Megatron:...I don't even kn- BY PRIMUS WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING!!!
ninjabot writes: Prime: I knew AlitaOne was cheating on me, she tried to make me believe this was my son, no wonder Meagatron laughed in my face last time we fought!!!!
Unknown writes: Junior: I want to make you proud of me daddy!

Megatron: I want to be a good father to you.

Fast Tracks: But i thought I was your only son?!!
(refer to the picture of all the clones)
Brakethrough writes: The child, whose identity will remain protected, died almost instantly as the "mass-shift" effect crushed all of his vital organs before he succesfully turned into a small pistol.
shadow minicon writes: Little kid: Well i'm not perfett but at leat i will inherit the decepticon throne after my daddy is gone!

Megatron: Why do i have such an impulsive son?

Prime: He just can't wait to grow up and be like you.

Megatron*Anime anger mark* Y
Sleeve writes: I do shine my pants!
dabattousai writes: I could have sword this was Botcon, but everyone are in business suits....Where am I?
proximus writes: "And i would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids...!"
Unknown writes: Megatron in disguise: If I stab this guy on my left in the nads with this flag pole, I can cop-a-feel on this woman on my right. (evil laugh)
I like my new Earthly disguie.
Screambug writes: Daniel: I am Megatron's heir! MWHAHAHAHAHA!!!
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rockgokou writes: G-I JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stormrider writes: Megatron's bastard son.
eggshen writes: Welcome to the the first anual Flag Tickling Testicles Day!
Dragonoth writes: kid: Hahaha! I will be Daniel's arch-nemesis!
cor2879 writes: In other news, Haley Joel Osment has been cast to play the role of Megatron in Dreamworks' upcoming film "Transformers"
shadow minicon writes: Little kid: Thist is the best halloween costume ever, i look so much like my favourite bad guy!

Optimus: The only thing missing is the mask.

Hotrod: But who would want to have megatrons head for a mask.

Megatron:*off screen* I heard that! * Yell
shadow minicon writes: Little Kid: Hey megatron look at me i'm a better you!

Megatron: But i'm taller and better looking.
Thanatos Prime writes: One of the Autobots was arrested today for beating the living slag out of a poor kid. The Autobot had this to say...

Jazz: "How the hell was I supposed to know that wasn't Megatron? What kind of stupid turkey dresses like the bad guy?"
Thanatos Prime writes: The very first pretender shell Megatron tried himself...

Megs: Success! No autobot will know it's me!
Acelister writes: Kid: "This costume took me all day to build!"
Father: "Yeah... You..."
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Acelister writes: When the Autobots developed Megatron Seeking Missiles, the Decepticon's took drastic measures.
Soulstorm writes: kid: Hurray! Autobots hurray!
Op: Oh no! a little undercover deception agent! Autobots, attack!!!
Sheba writes: the world takes note of the very first ever human cosplaying TFs.
omega wing writes: Kid: Daddy daddy

Megatron: I will neverdrink mixed oil again
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Woman,"Harold! What have you done to Jimmy? All you said was you were having him circumcized! This doesn't look like a circumcision! "
O. Prime writes: Ah, man, I thought this was a Robocop costume. Cheap!
grimlock2000 writes: Little Boy: Hey everybody, I'm Megatron, the big, fat jerk

Megatron: Thank you, now beat it!
rockgokou writes: I don't wanna grow up... cause baby if I did... I wouldn't be a ToysRUs KID!
First-Aid writes: HURRY HURRY HURRY! STEP RIGHT UP! Come see me as I break every bone in my body as I attempt to change into a Walther P38 pistol just like My hero Megatron!
First-Aid writes: Waaaaa! I have a metallic crotch and have to pee!
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UFO writes: Hahahaha, I can't move my arms!
Death-Ray Charles writes: Megatron at 10 years old
Death-Ray Charles writes: Mgatrons Cancelled Pretender idea, it just never fell through
SilentBlaster writes: Little kid: Hooray for Magetran!
Blaster_6267 writes: Little Kid: Megatron is the coolest...YEA
2nd Little Kid Dressed as Prime: FU...*pulls out laser rifle and fires*
First-Aid writes: Hasbro's prototype for the Headmaster originally planned a human head on a transformers body, but no one could agree on what gender to make Bumblebee so they scratched it...
DeceptiGojira writes: Geek
MechaRaptor writes: MegaKid:Prime,I shall destroy you with my mighty............YELLOW FLAG!?

Uhm Prime...........Could you come back later,like when i'm in my puberty or so......?
Judynator writes: Little Kid: I'm Megatron! I'm the king!
Mega: Shut up, little f*cking! I"m Megatron! The N°1!
Vectorshot writes: Hey c'mon down here!!! I know you see me! You can't deny it! Even the other Decepticon's can see it!. Don't you remember the victory bash you through after taking over the Autobots moon base twelve years ago? There was a young girl the
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New Omen writes: muhahahahahahaha soon, after years of playing the HMW ill have enough exp and energon to buy the fusion cannon that goes with this costume.
New Omen writes: And now ladies and gentlemen, for your amazement, my assistant in the pink dress will now pull my crounch trigger!!!......
New Omen writes: Spikes first attempt at building an exo-suit went horribly wrong....
Archanubis writes: Kid: "I wonder how much this costume will sell on eBay?"
Roadshadow writes: Megatron: JUNIOR!?
Megatron Jr.: Hiya dad!
Megatron: Damn. I knew having sex with a female fleshbag was a BAD idea...
RPG writes: "I gaurantee that i MEGATRON will take over the world! Don't let my size fool you for i will make you weak at the knees by kicking your shins and slapping you repeatedly with this flag!"
Powersurge writes: If only his parents knew how young Megatron would turn out
Gearhead writes: I once caught a fish THIS big!
GraveWaver writes: Can I have your attention please..... I R TARD!
Bed Bugs writes: Little Boy: I couldn't decide whether or not to be Galvatron or Megatron, so I compromised.
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Bed Bugs writes: Little Boy: Lazerbeak, come to me!
Bed Bugs writes: Little boy: Hey Megatron! Can I have your fusion cannon?!
MechaRaptor writes: Megatron:I shall call him...............Mini-Me!

Mini-me:I should have stayed with mom.....
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spikatron," BEHOLD! On my left a dad's crotch, and to my right mom's righteous rack!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: This is what resulted in the unholy drunken one night stand from Megatron, and Spike.

THOR THE GOD writes: hey,every body. I am dressed like my two favorite role models. MEGATRON and HITLER
Ratbat writes: Hey, Megatron! I look just like you!
Ratbat writes: Hey, everybody! Look at my awesome constume!
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