Spike with some giant eggs in a nest

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Spike with some giant eggs in a nest
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SillyMcGilly writes: Mmm chicks are gonna love deez.
gema writes: Don't think these are Devastator's balls. For starters....there's 3
trailbreaker writes: "Wow, this is gonna make one hell of a breakfast!"
ChevyTron writes: Yoshi?
Swerve writes: Spike: I've totally lost all respect for Megatron. The dude's a gun, he has a huge fusion cannon, and a ton of followers equally as dangerous. He can even just step on me if he wanted but what does he do? Researches my allergies, finds out that
hot rod 907 writes: wait, if I'm high, were's the yellow submarine?

oh there it is.
Kevinus Prime writes: Spike:So this is where babies come from?!?!?!
OmegaX80 writes: So this is what it's like to be on weed...
SilentBlaster writes: Spike: Oooh, yets see whats for breakfast here.
darth_paul writes: I've got big balls! She's got big balls! But, Spike's got the biggest balls of them all!
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Octocon writes: the true orgins of the dinobots

starring spike wood wicky as himself
Hope writes: WOW!!! look at those big paire of poka dotted BALLS!!!
Tiedye writes: SPIKE- Oh MAN! I saw this on Jurassis park 3!! When these things hatch,it's not going to be good for me!
Pokejedservo writes: Spike: Okay I don't either want to be baby food or be given flying lessons by getting knocked out of the nest. Hmmm... I wonder if they'll find me if I hide INSIDE the nest... Hmmmm...
Jetblast writes: "I should've taken the blue pill!"
Ratbat writes: I'm not hungry enough to eat what's in these eggs!
Shadow of Lio Convoy writes: Spike: Oh my God a birdy!! Megatron: Hello Big Bird!!
Magstar writes: Things went well for Spike in the nest until the mother bird came back.
MercilessOne writes: Megatron: Who the hell is Galvatron?

Soundwave: Ummm... oh ****! He's trying to break the shell!

Spike (with a big rock): FOOOODDD!!!!
MercilessOne writes: Starscream: Do you think he notices us?

Megatron: Of course you retard! But he doesn't know it's us.

Soundwave: These egg suits smell Lord Galvatron!

Megatron: SILENCE!

Spike: I gotta stop drinking taking Bumblebee to those bars...
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Anonymous Iggy writes: Spike: Guys, help! I've been kidnapped!

Optimus Prime: Spike, where are you?

Spike: I dunno. It looks like a manga.
okamichan writes: Now we'll know the answer to the most important question ever!

Which came first the Dinobot or the egg.
gotthejedigroove writes: So THATS where minicons come from.
gotthejedigroove writes: Optimus WAS looking a little bloated lately.
Brakethrough writes: Spike Witwicky is: The Crocobot Hunter!
Ultra Primal writes: Spike: so this is where transformers come from!
Steeleye writes: I'd hate to see the size of the Facehugger.
ghostofstarscream writes: Pamela....are you under there?
trailbreaker writes: Dinobot Swoop finally popped them out!
trailbreaker writes: "Wow, I had no idea that Arcee that THREE breasts!!!!"
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cybertron_megatron writes: Hmmm.... I didn't know Transformers could lay eggs. Weird, but still... Those are some big ass eggs!
snavej writes: Spike: You guys think you can take on the Autobots and the Decepticons?

Eggs: Yup!

Spike: I'll see you later. I'm going to the store to get me a huge frying pan.

Eggs: Sure little dude.

Spike leaves.

Eggs: What did he mean by tha
PG13 writes: TF:MOVIE 2007 SPOILER
New Secret Orgin story for the Dinobots!
Rampage writes: I have huge eggs!
Kevinus Prime writes: Spike narrowly escapes death from Metroplex's boogers.
Kevinus Prime writes: "Hello, Miss Lohan!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Gloop! Gleep! How are the rest of the Herculoids?"
Zeedust writes: "You may see only giant eggs, but I see the origins of the Omelette of the Gods!"
Optimusizzy writes: I guess I'm on time for breakfast
Archanubis writes: I knew I shouldn't have let the Dinobots be in charge of bringing the beach balls.
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snavej writes: Spike: Don't worry, guys - I've got this one hypnotised so it won't be any trouble...(falls asleep).

Hot Rod: I'm going to take out those menacing eggs. Daniel will be 'caught in the crossfire'. We'll say he's
snavej writes: Spike: Oh good grief, what now? I'm just a kid! I don't need this sh*t.

Director: Stop using that word. Remember the Movie incident?!
snavej writes: Spike discovers the secret Transformer Toilet of Talus 2.
edgegordon writes: Umm guys you in there..... Blast another one of Wheel Jacks screwups
1337W422102 writes: CARLY: I told you Spike had major eggs!
Transfaner writes: Spike: Ouch, and I used to feel bad for chickens...
Acelister writes: Spike: "Soon, my pretties... Soon you shall hatch and we will rule the world!"
Kit writes: "....joe who?"
Stormshadow writes: Spike: (in an autrailian accent) Now see here, these are the eggs of the ledgendary dinobots, you can see by the marks here that they are about ready to hatch.

Grimlock: What Spike doing?

Spike:-_- ...
xloganx writes: So, you come here often? Hold me.
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xloganx writes: Man, Fear Factor HAS gone extreme!
xloganx writes: Alright, a three way!!
snavej writes: The eggs never hatched - none of the embryos wanted to imprint on Spike.
snavej writes: When Spike hung around with the Autobots, they treated him extra special, including at Easter.
Unknown writes: These are the worst Pretender shells yet...this franchise is doomed....
Road Turtle writes: Spike, "Hum, this one reads, 'Deathsaurus'...I wonder what that's about."
Road Turtle writes: Spike, "Hummm....I suddenly feel very...anime..."
OmegaPrime1649 writes: And I thought they canceled Seseme Street! Looks like Big Bird came out of retirement and settled with a lady. Ok, since Jetfire is here with me and they might hatch. If they do, I'll say Jetfire is not teaching them to fly.
snavej writes: Spike: Hey, eggs, your mama has left you. I need to find another titanic bird who can look after you 24/7 and keep you warm. Either that or I'll put you under a 75,000 watt light bulb.

Bart Simpson: Oi, that's my idea! Sort of. On a small
ninjabot writes: Spike: If I could get Optimus to get with George Forman and make a Grillbot, we could do it big for breakfast!!!!!
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hellveticon_06 writes: deleted scene from the creation of the dinobots
Death Gunner writes: Easter has come early!
Archanubis writes: Big eggs - maybe I should be on the lookout for a big vulture and a certain sailor from Baghdad.
Archanubis writes: Spike: "Why am *I* the one who's chosen to make breakfast before the show?"
Optimus: "Well, you are the best cook around."
Megatron: "Yeah, have you tasted Soundwave's cooking lately?"
Soundwave: "Hey!"
Archanubis writes: Who's up for omlettes?
Unknown writes: Spike: OH, so the nozzle on the end of the shrink ray points away from the body!
1337W422102 writes: Needless to say, Terrorsaur and Scorponok weren't the ONLY characters to die in the first season of Beast Wars.
Vampire Hunter writes: Spike: Man, I never knew that

Spike: Man I never knew that LaserBeak was a girl!

Megatron: (Offscreen) WHAT THE F*CK!!!
O. Prime writes: Spike: "Is this....I think it is! I've finally made it to Willy Wonka's entire room of edible stuff. Like that ugly chick, you know, that wants everything! This is cool. I bet the green is Berry Flavoring!"

Willy Wonka: "
SilentBlaster writes: Spike: Optimus I wanted GREEN eggs and ham!
Optimus: No butts Spike, your eating ALL of it.
Spike: Awman.
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Death-Ray Charles writes: Damn....the hell did I do last night?
Roadshadow writes: Spike: Jesus! These eggs are gonna get me first prize in the "Giant Food" contest! Now all I need is Slag and a giant pan...
big finale writes: this will make a nice scrabbled egg sandwitch
snavej writes: Egg: When we unite with our leader, Baconmaster, we make a mighty combination.

Spike: Pah, Fortress Maximus will eat you for breakfast!
snavej writes: Spike: If you're the Egg Men, where's the Walrus?

Egg: In the Arctic Ocean somewhere. That's his natural habitat.

Spike: But the Beatles said...

Egg: The Beatles? They don't know jack [censored].
snavej writes: Spike: Could this be where Micromasters and Minicons come from?
Thanatos Prime writes: Hmm... I wonder if these belong to anyone?
Michael9R writes: Isn't frying like frying
Caelus writes: Though the debate over Transformer reproduction goes on, no one has ever suspected the truth.
Quietus writes: I wonder who would win this match: Godzilla or Grimlock (curse you poor spelling!!)
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Quietus writes: I wonder who would win this match: Godzilla or Grmlick??
Onyx Prime writes: But mommie said I came from her egg. Bumblebee, how does that work?
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Me no have kids!!!!!

Arcee: Well like it or not their yours!!!!!

Hot Rod:NO ARCEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dabattousai writes: After TransFormers started Season 3 replacing the old Spike with an adult Spike, the old Spike decides to try out for 1988s production of Denver the Last Dinosaur. He didn't make it in the show, but he is found in deleted scenes such as this.
Seibertron writes: My movie career must be about ready to hatch!
Cybertron Optimus writes: Oh, those some big eggs.
Unknown writes: Earlier that day...
Spike: Prime what do want for your birthday breakfast?
Optimus Prime: Omelettes!

Spike: Sheesh, I should have just offered to make pancakes.
shadow minicon writes: This captain contest has realy gone to the birds.
shadow minicon writes: Spike: Wow, Grimlock is going to be a father. And at such a young age!

Grimlock*off screen* Thank's me feel proud.
MechaRaptor writes: Spike:So this is the place where Dinbobots REALLY come from!
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MechaRaptor writes: Spike's first Cybertronian Easter didn't turn out as he planned it.

Spike:Uh,guys they are moving......Guys???
Damolisher writes: Spike: "Heh, and they said I couldn't find my own breakfast. Now to get these down the hill..."
Damolisher writes: Spike: "Hm, they wanna cast that Even Stevens kid as me, I'm running away to be raised by birds! That'll show 'em!"
Mad_Mexicoy writes: uhh......................this isn't a very good transformation if you ask me
Frobman writes: Carly did say she wanted a kid, but this is ridiculous!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Whoa, and hear I thought Kup was full of crap when he told me about Easter Bunny Tron."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Crap. Rock Lords."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "ugh Waiter! I'll just have a mixed green salad!"
Ratbat writes: Wow! Look at the SIZE of these eggs!
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