Unicron sitting on a toilet

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Unicron sitting on a toilet
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172 captions have been posted for this image so far ...
MegaX Master writes: THOSE DARN ENERGON-O'S!!!!!!!!!!!
apocalypseprime2000 writes: I cant even go to the damn bathroom in peace
Wolfman Jake writes: Ooooh...I shouldn't have eaten those knock-off Transformers I found at the gas station!
VioMeTriX writes: this is a stupid picture for a caption contest.....wtf unicron cant fit on a toilet....these are getting weak and lame lately
Victinoko writes: I need to eat less planets. Uggggh. Groan.
o.supreme writes: Proceed...on your way to Oblivion!
UnderYourCloset writes: Sittin on that toilet, I'm sittin on the toilet, sittin on the toilet, and flush.
Black Hat writes: Not the best way to display your figures.
Caleb.tron writes: Dang I gotta take a dump the size of a planet whooo this is painfull!
Menasor75 writes: I really hope that toy was wiped down with sanitary wipes after this picture was taken.
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Megatron1 writes: The rest of Earth tasted good, but man, Mexico didn't agree with me. TOO MANY BEANS!!!
grimlock1972 writes: Come on Hoth!!!!!
sonic boom writes: unicron: oh, i knew i shouldn't have had all those italian meatballs...... what? they were planets? WAAAAAAAAAAH! I'VE BEEN VIOLENT! (flushes himself down toilet)
Dragon_Convoy writes: no more mexican planets
Deceptiwho? writes: What are u looking at??? You try digesting a planet tha size of Cybertron!!!!
Master Kashi writes: You should see what it looks like in space.
Unknown writes: all those planets dont do good on my intestines
ChevyTron writes: When you guys said Royal Flush, I didn't think you meant it literally! *sniff* I suck at Poker!
ACStarscream writes: Relegated to the cheap seats Unicron will forever regret not having purchased his tickets to BotCon sooner...
ACStarscream writes: MEGATRON: Captioning this is almost too easy Starscream.

STARSCREAM: Much easier, o mighty Megatron, than our entry for last week's contest.
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Nemesis Jason writes: Unicron: "I'm gonna take a crap... I will call it Wheelie..."
Swerve writes: Unicron: Oh, like you don't have to every now and then. Besides, what did you think happened after I ate all those planets?
decipticonhater5995 writes: i might have said you cant destroy my destiney but this is just stinkig wrong!!!!!!!!!
Dclone Soundwave writes: Urrrgggghhhh....ahhhhhhhh.....unh...Destiny.....you cannot destroy.....my..........DESTINY!!! Ah, there it goes..........
trailbreaker writes: "Hey Galvatron! Hand me some ALKA SELTZER!!!!"
theprime8604 writes: Mr. Bay i have sumthing let me give u a guess it warm and smelly just like the new TF movie
Unknown writes: I'm a big bot now!
hot rod 907 writes: well, this is how orsen welles spent most of his time!
Castle74 writes: Outta paper?? Of course....
autobothound writes: *singing his own song* I'm just sittin' on top of the world....I'm just s*ittin' on top of the world....*whistles*
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medleystudios72 writes: Hey Bay! I got your movie right here!!!
signit writes: At least we now know what that Black Hole was in Transformers: Energon
Mad_Mexicoy writes: DOESN'T ANYBODY ----IN KNOCK ANYMORE???
Unicron: Ahhhh..........
Ccampbell23 writes: Wow,... I guess that planet grew a lot of corn...
darth_paul writes: I am Unicronio, Heh-Heh… I need some TP for my bunghole! Do you have some TP for my bunghole! Heh-Heh!
darth_paul writes: Unicron: Well, now it's official, Pluto really isn't a planet any more. (Sploosh!)
Octocon writes: Unicron faces his greatest foe.
the planet gobbling planet gobblinger

"i am toiletron!"
Octocon writes: Unicron:
"Uranus from ...."
you get the idea
"manical laugh"
Deceptiman writes: Man, why did that laxative have to be disguised as Coke-Flavoured energon!?
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Superion_007 writes: When you gotta go, you gotta go...
Tiedye writes: (Unicron's Wife in the shower) "After work I need you to pick up the kids from school. and then you got to go to the store and get some milk, eggs, and bread. When you get home It would be nice if you could get dinner started for me."
Breeze writes: *Unicron looks at camera* What? Can't a planet eater get some peace around here?
Flame Cheetor writes: Unicron:This shall be my chair!Hey wait, whats that smell!
Castle74 writes: You think this sorta thing happens to Galactus?
Roadshadow writes: Someone help me! I'm stuck in the toilet seat. :(
Roadshadow writes: Errrrrrrgghh...AAAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!


Whew. Man, Lithone's a bitch to get out once digested and morphed into poo.
Minicle writes: Unicron had an unpleasent fate instore for Planet Muk.
Minicle writes: Unicon: WHO PUT SUPER GLUE ON THE SEAT!?
Tiedye writes: BEHOLD! I will rule the universe and everyone will have to bow before me and my throne!
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Castle74 writes: That's it! No more White Castle for me!
BluavalancheZ71 writes: Hey if you are gonna sit there and watch I need another roll of toliet paper and a new magazine I read this one already
Pokejedservo writes: Who knew the idea that shooting Laxative during one of Unicron's snack attacks would be THAT effective?
Sondura1 writes: Use Galaxative Force chewable tablets.
Thanatos Prime writes: Home Depot employee: What do you think you're doing?

Unicron: Havin' a test run!
Rumble_Frenzy writes: Something tells me I should have ate that nebulon planet instead of those cybertron moons!

*Years Later*
Narrator: And so the Headmasters were born!
RPG writes: Damn that is one huge ass Toilet!
RPG writes: After eating so many planets there was bound to be kharma in the form of "excretiating" pain.
Gemini writes: ughh... i knew i shouldn't have had that Galvatron...
Blaster_6267 writes: Hey...I don't remember eating that planet?....Oh wait, yea I did
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Zeedust writes: "Man, would you look at the stain on that wall? Devouring the universe is gobnna have to wait, I need to do some spring cleaning..."
Coughler writes: Unicron: "My Toileting Posture Is Highly Dubious. Now Transport into oblivion."
Latavia writes: "This is what you eat Gobotron."
Pulsatron writes: The only thing Unicron has ever feared: the Autobot Toilet of Incontinence. [Stan Bush singing]: "You've got the tush...you've got the potty!"
Unknown writes: And you thought his minicon was supposed to be a moon...
Unknown writes: Phew...all that Junkion food goes right through you...
Road Turtle writes: Unicron, "Primacron built me with the ability to defecate; WHY? Who dose that? You do realize I possess the largest colon in all the universe? The inhabitants of several planets could easily populate it. Who builds a robot with a colon that large? &
Road Turtle writes: Unicron, "Uh, Help! I'm, I'm out of toilet paper! Can anyone help me get some toilet paper?! Hello, it's me, Chaos-Bringer, devourer of planets, scourge of the universe, in need of toilet paper! (sigh) Well this sucks."
Road Turtle writes: Considered inappropriate for American audiences, "The Pooping of Lithone" scene was cut from the opening of the original animated movie.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Uncron, "Andddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will always lovvvvvvvvve youuuuuuuuuu......GET THAT DAMN VIDEO CAMERA OUTTA HERE!"

Primus, "HAHAHAHAHA! I am so sending that to America's Funniest Home
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Mannn I wish I hadn't just finished reading that Stephen King book Dreamcatcher."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "hehe ugh Green Apple splatters.Heh."
skullcrusher writes: No more planets after ten thousand years it gives you such a kink in the tract.
Judynator writes: Uny: Uh, this Cybertron very to relax the bowels... Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnghhhhhh...
Judynator writes: Unicron in the WC.

Uny: Ta-ta-tamm... PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.... Splott! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrr... Aaaaaaaaaah!
Suzuki writes: "Hey, Galvatron! Do you STILL want Cybertron's moons?!..."
Unknown writes: I swallowed Galvatron and the Matrix........Primacron told me that the two would constepate me, and I did not believe him.....uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh!!!!
demarcusgd writes: Unicron at Hasbro HQ, hard at work on those Star Wars Transformers designs...
demarcusgd writes: ...Creating the newest Transformers show set to air on Kid's WB...
mexi-con writes: Unicron: "Here's what I think of Don Murphy!" *BRRRRIIPPPPHHHH-SPALSH*
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mexi-con writes: Toiletron: "I have summoned you here for a Purpose!"
Unicron: "Nobody summons (*fart*) Unicron!"
Toiletron: "Then it pleases me to be the first."
Thanatos Prime writes: Sucked into my own black hole, how embarassing.
Jetblast writes: "Cybertron what was I thinking!?, I gonna need the Jungle planet to pass this out!!!"
Warhead writes: "I thought of sparing your puny planet Galvatron, but now you will watch it dismanberment........"
Zeedust writes: "Man, I wish I had a magazine..."
DeltaSilver88 writes: "I swear I will never eat refried beans again..."
real_Angel writes: It's worse than a shower but at least I got rid of the black color they sold me in...
real_Angel writes: Holly s**t...
Who knows what I did last night and ended it up here?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "AHHHH MAN! Hooker-bot gave me herpies."
Shermtron writes: Behold... Pooptron the nugget and his mighty armada of corn
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grimlock2000 writes: Holy krap, that time it came out bigger than Primus himself! Wait, I'll give it a spark and use my krap to defeat Primus! Noone can stop me now...Ahh
Fireblast writes: Do you mind?! I'm trying to take a dump here!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Damn. Bud mud."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Damn I really need to paint this room. Look at these walls what's it been? 7 maybe 8 years since I painted last. Well I suppose it's my own fault really touring and devouring the universe how often am I home? Maybe a nice blue, light blue
Thanatos Prime writes: You know, this pool is awfuly small...
Byrerprime writes: If I could only figure out a way to get rid of Primus, Ryan will play with me again. I know, I'll pretend to accidentally knock him out the window.
Optimusizzy writes: Time to create another lacky.
snavej writes: This would have been the eventual fate of the brave souls who got inside Unicron during Transformers: The Movie, if they had failed in their bid to unleash the power of the Matrix.

'Red bits in my stool - do I have bleeding piles? No, they are pi
snavej writes: And you thought Krakatoa was the loudest sound in history!
snavej writes: I really must thank the Dinobots for hitting my bottom at the end of Transformers: The Movie. It really loosened my mighty bowels and relieved my awful constipation. The super-hot curry also helped.
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Unknown writes: see that going down the drain? thats what i like to call transformers cybertron.
MercilessOne writes: Now... you fools shall witness this planet's dismemberment! *farts really loud*
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Tidy bowl man your day of reckoning has finally come!
1337W422102 writes: I told you Armada was crap!
Colinus Maximus writes: Saturn delicious, but Alpha Centauri give me heartburn.
Thanatos Prime writes: Who dares disturb Unicron on his throne?
DinoHonor writes: The true apocalypse for Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Venus...
DinoHonor writes: And so the Waste Nebla was created then suddenly lost to the Kerr Space void.
Kevinus Prime writes: "Now, I'll sit it on Primus' door, light it, ring the doorbell..."
Kevinus Prime writes: "I shall call them....Minicons!"
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Chaoslock writes: The actual question is:


Answer: There are far more powerful forces in the universe, than Unicron. We are living in their shadows.

Oh that felt so good."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Whoa I don't remember eating Gobots?"
Cybertron's Last Hope writes: soft serve ice cream....dump trucks....planes dropping bombs....3,2,1 SPLASHDOWN!!!!
The Happy Locust writes: What? Let's see you eat a planet of mechanized beings and not get indigestion.
snavej writes: Welcome, Megadump!
Shadow of Lio Convoy writes: Poooooop Unicron: 1 Pooooop Unicron: 2 Poooooop Unicron: 3 Splashes of S**t in the loo!!!!!
D-340 writes: Remember kids, Unicron says Iritable Bowel Syndrome is no joke.
Tusko writes: Seeming like a good idea at the time, it was only after that Unicron realized that they don't make toilet paper in his size.
FIRE-BOT writes: Why Did i have to eat that lava planet
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GeidiPrime writes: Uranus is now coming out Myanus.
Chaingun writes: Despite his ability to devour planets, Unicron's digestive system is still no match for one night of taco bell.
Road Turtle writes: Unicron, "Curse you Primacron for building me with irritable bowels!!!"
Road Turtle writes: "As you can see, the glutinous robot planet Unicron dose in fact possess what appears to be a colon, which he uses to process planets into asteroids. Watch as he now appears to be constipated..."

Unicron, "Primus! Put down the camera! D
Road Turtle writes: Unicron, "That's odd...it's like a thousand voices suddenly cried out in terror, and where silenced all at once..."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Unicron, "Who does Number Two work for? Who does Number Two work for?"

Tom Arnold, "Yeah, that's it! You show that turd who's boss."
cybertron_megatron writes: *sigh*... "Well that's a load off my mind"
Bed Bugs writes: Unicron looking down: Wow, it's kinda cute, I think I'll call it Mini-cron.
Bed Bugs writes: In a sad attempt to immitate the black hole from Transformers Cybertron, a small child tries to flush his Unicron into the void...
trailbreaker writes: POOOOOOOOOOOP !!
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DinoHonor writes: Ugh, that is the last time is have an Exlax smoothie and moon pie.
Zeedust writes: This is where Quintessons come from.
Thanos writes: Few people saw Unicron at his lowest point, where he tried out to be the new Charmin Toilet Paper Mascot.
omega wing writes: Damn i cant handle those spicy planets
Nocturn Prime writes: Ungh, This is what i get for eating Autobots
thor20 writes: AWWWWWW, I shouldn't have eaten that waste management planet!!!!
Chaoslock writes: And this picture on seibertron.com was the main purpose, why Unicron ate Earth.
Thank them, everybody.
Krapicon writes: Deep with in the the smelliest parts of the unknown universe, a force so powerful and horrific not even Unicron can escape the pull of, THE PORCELIAN WHITE HOLE!!!!!
dabattousai writes: Unicron: Geeze the people weren't kidding about Jupiter making you constipated.
MercilessOne writes: ...That was no ordinary planet...
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MercilessOne writes: ...That was no oridnary planet...
Unicron44 writes: I knew I shouldn't of had that Gobotron!
New Omen writes: Unicron became the "big boy" he always wanted to be and mastered the toilet. In that same moment he decided that when he grew up he would become the god of destruction....
Death-Ray Charles writes: AWWWwww...God...what a *FART!*...night...
Thanatos Prime writes: (The real reason for the feud between Primus and Unicron)

Primus: Hahahahahaha, no chair for you!

Unicron: Shut up!
Thanatos Prime writes: When Bill finally got around to collecting Armada, he realized he was running out of room ....
Black Arachnis writes: "aww crap, Matrix blocking my intestinal track...where`s the peptobismol?"
† Sunstorm writes: what are you looking at? never seen a planet size/eating robot taking a dump before?
Massdestruction writes: OH NO! No toilet paper! I can't believe I didn't check the roll before I started.

This is going to be messy!!!
Hailstorm writes: Well when you eat ENTIRE planets, you need this damn big of a toilet.
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JazZeke writes: I'm amazed someone had enough disregard for sanitation to put their Unicron toy on a toilet. THAT sure'll cut into the e-Bay resail value.
קá†äñ Çøñvø¥×® writes: MY GOD PRIMUS!!!!!!What's wrong with my poo? It looks all white with some purple and light grays in it.
Brakethrough writes: I suppose I deserve it, after all that Planet Junk food.
Brakethrough writes: Is...is that BLOOD? Oh, no, I should have listend to Prime!
Brakethrough writes: Man, that Earth was good, but I'm really feeling the China. I'll probably be hungry again in an hour, too.
SilentBlaster writes: Now unicron recents eating cybertron.
D-340 writes: They never come out as easy as they go down.
hellveticon_06 writes: ...those two moons must've hit me so bad...
PG13 writes: Here we learn where Unicron got the idea for the Sharkticon pit on Quintessa
Onyx Prime writes: You think I'm sexy, dontcha!
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kntstar writes: So that's what blackholes are for.
Archanubis writes: Slag! Forgot my magazines.
UFO writes: Ohhhh.....I shouldn't have eaten that....EEERG!...Burrtio manufacturing planet....
Roadshadow writes: Errrrrrrgghh...AAAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!


Whew. Man, Lithone's a bitch to get out once digested and morphed into poo.
Ratbat writes: I'm being sucked into it!
Blozor writes: ::groan:: "I can't believe I ate the WHOLE THING."
ryto writes: We're being sucked into it!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnng
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnn
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnnnnngh....Nnnnnnn
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קá†äñ Çøñvø¥×® writes: HAVE TO LOSE 20 MORE POUNDS!!!!! OR I'LL NEVER BE PRETTY!!!!!!
Collector Maximus writes: That last planet went right through me...
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