Galvatron and his new weight plan

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Galvatron and his new weight plan
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Nacelle writes: Look at this photograph, Everytime I do it makes me laugh
Nacelle writes: "asking others to give up their lives to form part of my head attached to a giant metal ball won't backfire right. I mean, it's not like there's a giant cityformer wanting to take over the deceptions or anything"
Nacelle writes: TH?S ?S UN?CORN
Nacelle writes: Woooooooooaah
Optimustard writes: Please take galvatron to the juicing room, I don't like the look of it.
Don't worry Cyclonus they don't send bots to azkaban for blowing up their insane boss. Now then who has the stick to whack this galvapiñata.
BG the Robit writes: Optimus: I thought you planned to CONQUER Cybertron, not... eat it.
william-james88 writes: I am not going back to Golden Corral for a while.
Caleb.tron writes: Dude waaaaay to much Mcdonalds I cant even see my toes or anything for that matter
Zeedust writes: "I once ate a PROTOFORM!"
peacethroughtyranny writes: Having realized that his plans for galactic domination were failing, Galvatron took on a new hobby. SUMO WRESTLING!!!!
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Black Hat writes: After this scene, Unicron and Galvatron agreed never to swap bodies again.
Zeedust writes: His dreams of universal conquest crushed one time too many, Galvatron abandone leadership of the Decepticons and became a sumo wrestler.
Heckfire writes: He's got the whooollle his gut...
#Sideways# writes: "I would punch you buuuuuuuut..."
coyotepack writes: Unicron: Tell me, does this make me lok fat?
Calvatron: s*** you hippie!!!
Unicron: It's not my fault the costume store didn't have the a size XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL Galvatron costume.
sonic boom writes: unicron: yay! now that you are roughly my size, we can both collect peruvian stamps!
sonic boom writes: unicron: yay! now that you are roughly my size, we can both collect peruvian stamps!
Transformation619 writes: Unicorn: Now, Megatron, behold, your knew body... and i shall call you as galvatr...
Galvatron: What the hell did you turn me into? I don't want to turn into you!
ChevyTron writes: There appears to be a giant housing unit in the middle of space. Oh, wait... THAT'S GALVATRON!
ACStarscream writes: Galvatron's Quintesson costume was very unconvincing...
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ACStarscream writes: "I am the Egg Man! Coo-coo-ca-choo!"
ACStarscream writes: GARY LARSON: Decepticon Cosplayers.
Thunderboomer writes: I eat because no one likes me....AND NO ONE LIKES ME BECAUSE I EAT!!!!
Swerve writes: Shut up you fools! My mother will only allow me to play sports as long as I where my padded suit.
Dclone Soundwave writes: "And 1, and 2, and shake that bod, shake it!"

"This is no fun for me!"
hot rod 907 writes: why did I mix liquer with Jimmy Kimmel brand slim fast!?!
Anonymous writes: i knew i shouldn't have taken a weight plan from Walter Hudson...
darth_paul writes: Galvatron: Every take a crap so big that your pants fit better? I hope that happens to me tonight, because these babies sure are snug.
darth_paul writes: Introducing Cybertron Galvatron…Literally!
GWH811 writes: argh! shouldn't have eatin those shellfish. stupid allergies!!
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Dragonoth writes: Ooooh! It's a Transformer piñata!
Dragonoth writes: In an alternate universe, Unicron spared Cybertron and Galvatron didn't betray Unicron. The chaosbringer rewarded his minion by remaking him in his own image.
bringo writes: In space he weighs why did he bulk up? I mean come on sitting around and eating energon all day does nothing for his self worth...
Dclone Soundwave writes: Help! I've fallen & I can't get up!
Roboto750 writes: Curse you Willy Wonka!!!
Zeedust writes: I shudder to think of what his alt mode could be....
Flame Cheetor writes: Help me!I can't move.Must have ate too much of those jellies....where's my hands and legs,I can't feel them!I can only feel this planet on me.
snavej writes: Hello, Dr. Atkins? I have a problem here and I was wondering if you could give me some advice. Huh? What do you mean you're dead? That's no excuse! I am a god now. I can give you a new body, and troops to command. Oh well, if you're
battlestrike writes: all i want for christmas is to be able to see my toes again!
Unknown writes: Where the hell is Kirsty Alley? That winch lied! Jenny Craig is a rip off!
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Phasewing writes: Now we have to wonder who's the real Fatty Robot of them all: Energon Optimus or this Weighty Fat Galvatron.
Tiedye writes: Anyone but me have the urge to play with a beach ball.
trailbreaker writes: Limited edition "Michael Moore Decepticon" now on sale!
metalformer writes: Narrator: ... and Galvatron's ambitions finally took him too far. By merging with Unicron's Lasercore, unexpected side effects took place....
Galvatron: What is the meaning of this, Unicron???
Unicron: You wanted my power? You have to pay my p
Roadshadow writes: Galvatron: Why does everyone HATE ME!? *cries*
Random Decepticon: Because you're a fatass!!!
Shadow of Lio Convoy writes: Rodimus Prime: For now we will call him Fatatron.
Pokejedservo writes: Galvatron: CURES YOU TAKARA AND YOUR SUDDEN DESIRE TO CASH IN ON HIGH BEACH BALL SALES! Airazror (os): Hey its still not as bad as what they did to me.
Zeedust writes: The sad part isn't that someone thought this was a good idea. The sad part is that nobody else stopped him.
Thanatos Prime writes: New Galvatron "Tons of Fun" edition! Just $49.99 plus a jelly donut.
TARDIS writes: Galvatron tried to blend in and got a car mode, but someone thought he had a flat tire and overdid it.
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TARDIS writes: Prime: Galvatron, you idiot! Even Castro saw through that one!
TARDIS writes: After Unicron, Primus, and Starscream, Galvatron tried to get in on the planet-size action.
Happy Noodle Blacker writes: Hey, hey, hey, it's Faaaaaaaaat Galvatron.
Ultra Primal writes: Unicron: so Galvatron, you sure your ok?
Galvatron: Yeah yes! of course why do I look fat to you?
Unicron: Uh no no not at all.
Unknown writes: where is this picture of Grand Galvatron from?
Judynator writes: galvatron, the fat pig. XDDDDDDD
shadow minicon writes: That settles it, tomorrow i'll go on a diet!, that is as soon i can get back to cybertron.
Road Turtle writes: Megatron/Galvatron, "Some how, this was not what I had in mind..."
Unicron, "Ooops, my bad..."

Deleted footage from the orgional Tansformers animated Movie. Unicron screws up Megatron's upgrade into Galvatron.
Acelister writes: Galvatron was always used as the ball for the annual Cybertronian Ceasefire Vollyball Tournament.
Whocares writes: Well well well we meet again Fat albert, had yourself and upgrade I see
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Kevinus Prime writes: "...and my (%^!$ is a raygun!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Maybe I should consider switching to Energon Lite..."
Kevinus Prime writes: [Oompa Loompas start singing] "Listen close, listen hard / The tale of decep-ti-con Galvatron / This dreadful mech he sees no wrong / Chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing all day long....."
cybertron2006 writes: Galvatron: Uh Primus, What happened?
Primus: You held your fart and your Bloated butt got even bigger, you fata**!
shortround writes: Gosh I feel bloted maybe I souldn't have gone to that all you can eat taco night.
cybertron2006 writes: I'm a new planet!I'm called Planet Fatass!
DecepticonRedAlert writes: Quick Cyclonus,get me a jenny craige weight plan
Grendel writes: ah, I LOOOOOOVE Chocolate,,, But i can't eat it because it'll make me FAT!
XeroSyphon writes: Oh, I am going to get you for this Willy Wonka! Mark my words! I WILL GET YOU!
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Brakethrough writes: Eveningwear by Mr. Cosmos of Cybertron Paris.
Thanatos Prime writes: When Pop Rocks and Cola go wrong...
Suzuki writes: Moments later, dozens of Autobot Micromasters were seen flying out toward him, carrying sticks, and happily chanting "Get the candy! Get the candy!"
Operation Ravage writes: "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"
TARDIS writes: Since transformers don't have a gas outlet, burritos can be...problematic.
TARDIS writes: Exploding Energon Goodies don't work right all the time.
Heavy B writes: every body leave. i have to poop

Optimusizzy writes: Galvitron this is the computer image of your son if you mate with a sharkticon
snavej writes: Galvatron: Damn you, Unicron! I said I wanted to be 'phat' not 'fat'!

Unicron: Lesser beings are so picky.
Unknown writes: Galvs:Sooooo.........anyone wanna roll me back to base?

Unicron:No way Fatso!!!!
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snavej writes: Galvatron went to join WeightWatchers but ended up crushing the headquarters into a fine dust and scattering it through the solar system. He was so sad that he moved into a far flung orbit and ate Metroplex burgers until he died.

Remember kids, dietin
Thanatos Prime writes: Crap, look at me. I was definetly expecting something more along the lines of a "Super Megatron".
Kevinus Prime writes: "Somebody shoot K.C. and his accursed Sunshine Band, and GET THAT LIGHT OFF OF ME!"
Kevinus Prime writes: New kids show: Roly-Poly Galvatrony!
Kevinus Prime writes: First pics of the SanDiego Comic-Con exclusive!
Unknown writes: Oh, my new agent is great!

Yeah, he represents Kristie Alley, why?
Thanatos Prime writes: I guess Galvatron is allergic to shellfish...
snavej writes: How can I rule the universe if I can only fire my cannon to the side?
MechaRaptor writes: Transformers the Movie Bloopers:

Unicron:Behold...Galva...Oh crap....uhm...can we start over,I messed up.Sorry,my bad!

Galvatron:I thought you knew how to use that morphing gizmo thingy of yours you...

Director:Well It's atleast better than
Onyx Prime writes: Optimus: Well I've heard of a dickhead but never a testicle tummy!
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Stormrider writes: Galvatron with elephantitous of the testicle.
Dr. Caelus writes: I want to see him take on Energon Prime in a Sumo-wrestling fight.
trailbreaker writes: Unicron "Super Sizes" too many lunches.
Road Turtle writes: It is I, Uber-Galva-Cron! Watch in sublime terror as I rotate upon my mighty axis!
Archanubis writes: Is the part of Augustus Gloop still open?
big finale writes: go fatman o wate i am a fat bot
Thunderslacker writes: "Ah warsh mahself with a rag tied to a stick."
PG13 writes: He would be more of a threat, if he wasn't about to trip over the subtitle
snavej writes: Don't mess with me - I have two huge spikes coming out of my ass!
snavej writes: Remember, kids - horizontal orange strips make you look fat.
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snavej writes: Sure, I'd love to lose weight, but trying to exercise in zero-g is a bitch!
Unknown writes: i am soo glad this was an alternate universe
Road Turtle writes: Galvatron,"...there's something wrong with me..."
Road Turtle writes: Galvatron, "Get over here, I'm gonna eat ya!I'm bigger than you! I'm higher on the food chain! Get in ma belly! Look at me, I've got more chins than a Chinesse phone book!"
vulgar_wraith writes: I'm a little tea pot short and stout......
First-Aid writes: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall...then Galvatron blasted the wall and all of the kings horses and men to hell. As punishment, Galvatron was remade as a Beyblade Transformers.
Death-Ray Charles writes: Galvatron just after the "all you can eat" energon goodie buffet
MercilessOne writes: Behold... I am Mcfattycron!
O. Prime writes: Funny thing is, the kid in the Megatron suit got ripped off in all the extras and upgrades.
Latavia writes: "To Earth, so that I can destroy the liar known as Atkins!"
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Unicron44 writes: Galvatron: Look at him, honey! Our son's a freak!
Unicronia: I knew I should've listened to daddy about not marrying Galvatron! I could've married Primus Jr., but NO!
SilentBlaster writes: Behold the power of Mc Donalds!!!!!!!!!!
† Sunstorm writes: put on a little wight have we?
† Sunstorm writes: ok, i really dont want to know what my ALT is now
† Sunstorm writes: ok, as i said ive always wanted the power of unicron, but this is not what i meant
Zeedust writes: Behold, Galva-Roseanne!
Velos writes: I Feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Bloated!
Zeedust writes: Bring in Energon Prime... It's time for the sumo wrestling!
Zeedust writes: AFter his career ended, Galvatron really let himself go.
Unknown writes: Hey hey hey!
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jsmith41 writes: Orson Welles as himself
SilentBlaster writes: Galvatron: Now i regret doing the fusion dance with you, unicron
Unicron:YOUR REGRET NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Galvatron: This is the lamist fusion EVER!
Unicron: ...
Death-Ray Charles writes: Galvatron and Violet Beauregarde's child...
Desert Thunder writes: Forget Headmasters, Powermasters, Targetmasters and Action Masters... It's all about Balloon Masters!
Thanatos Prime writes: Terrifying for all the wrong reasons...
Thanatos Prime writes: I'd shoot you but I can't see over my fat...
Archanubis writes: Well, serves me right for going with the Atkins Diet.
Archanubis writes: Should never have let E-Prime convince me to eat all those Krispy Kremes.
Archanubis writes: I'm auditioning for the role of the Jabba the Hutt Transformer.
Cybertron's Last Hope writes: I really shouldn't have eaten that burrito last night.
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spider_j writes: Kids, never hold in your farts. They have a funny way of backing up and exploding when you least expect it.
Tusko writes: "Laugh now Kitbashers, but when I regain mobility I'll hunt you all down!
Oh, wait, I'm G1? I don't have mobility. Well then I'll glare menacingly."
Glyph writes: [Fake French accent]
Would sir like a [i]wa-fer[/i]?
dabattousai writes: Galvatron:Now I know I will never be called back for the next TransFormers series after doing this.
snavej writes: I borrowed some WeightGain 4000 from Eric Cartman out of South Park. I am now a complete hunk of beefcake! Fembots will faint with pleasure when they see me!
snavej writes: Cyclonus, help me! There are some strange moulds growing between the rolls of flab!
snavej writes: And you thought Energon Optimus Prime was fat!
New Omen writes: umpa lumpa dupadoo do ive got a perfect puzzle for you umpa lumpa dupadee if you are wise you'll listen to me. Listen close, and listen hard, the tale of Violet Beauregarde. The dreadful girl she sees no wrong...
Chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing,
Ratbat writes: Cybertron and all its moons shall be MINE!!!
New Omen writes: After the Spaceballs invaded Char Galvatron had to upgrade his bodymass to fend off the Evil MegaMaid...
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New Omen writes: The next StarWars transformer will be a 20" tall Death Star that transforms into Galvatron. No one knows why, Hasbro just needs the money...
Wolfguard writes: The katakana translates as "Grand Galvatron."
MechaRaptor writes: 'I'm not fat,I'm big armored plated!'
Frobman writes: I shouldn't have eaten that last cookie! Guuurghh....
קá†äñ Çøñvø¥×® writes: GAH this is what I get for trying to do that stupid superlink thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damolisher writes: Galvatron: "MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Now I rival Energon Prime in the competition to be... the biggest lardass ruler of the universe... EVER!
Acelister writes: This is the Before and After image of Galvetron using Ultra-Slim! Proof, once again, that human diet plans don't work on Transformers.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Tonight on Action News 5 Galvatron breaks the Cybertron Twinkie eating record!"

NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Oh come on what the hell? Damn Korean animators!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Fat Galvabastard.
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cybertron_megatron writes: And Unicron said fusing with him was going to hand me the Universe... Look at me... I'm as big as the Universe!... Damn you Unicron... Damn you.
Ratbat writes: Galvatron is capable of transforming into a third mode: PLANETOID.
Ratbat writes: Now, Galvatron rivals Unicron in planet-eating!
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