Megatron checks out Breakdown's trunk

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Megatron checks out Breakdown's trunk
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DeltaSilver88 writes: ...Soundwave, make a note. We will not keep dead human bodies in our trunks in the future since they keep getting stuck to the carpet.
Prime Target writes: Dat Ass
trailbreaker writes: Junk in the trunk.
DR0hNO writes: Megatron: hmm...Breakdown where is the rest of you?
BG the Robit writes: Megatron: Is this where you hide your sex parts?
Rainmaker writes: Megatron: Now let's see if this so called 'potato power' is worth it.
TF Cagle writes: Megatron: Who took that picture. Stupid TMZ!
Bismuth writes: Megatron the skirt-lifter... wait no trunk-lifter... Great. I'm confused now.
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Nope. No golden egg here, either."
greenlanterncorpsman writes: Yea you know what daddy likes.
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kruiz220898 writes: Checking out the junk in Breakdown's trunk
omegasupreme69 writes: Megatrn: still wanna say Kiss my shinny metal butt???
spartanH85 writes: Frenzy....was this the car you stole from the robbers? You said they robbed a bank? What intrest do humans have with jars of water....ill never understand humans
MarkNL writes: Megs: "Why are you seperated into two pieces?" Breakdown: "Well, let's say the traps in Skyrim are unhealthy..."
StoneXZ4 writes: Next time I'll use an autobot for my magic act.
ldsam01 writes: Just checking for a Hernia... Shit! I have a boner now! Breakdown, I never knew you had such a big dick!!
reluttr writes: "Hummm.... quite spacious indeed... *decks starscream randomly* Why isn't there a weapon here instead of a empty void!"
Nerdimus Maximus writes: Coming this Fall...
To CBS...
Cybertronian Proctologist...
(Thursdays after 'The Big Bang Theory'... at it's new time.)
Thadicon writes: hahaha is this where your head goes when you transform?
bighache writes: I like, big, trunks and I cannot lie!
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LEODRAGON72 writes: It's your name, not something for you to do!!!!!!
retrothrust writes: whatcha gunna do with all that junk, all that junk inside yo trunk? i'ma gunna git-chu git-chu drunk, git-chu drunk up on ma hump
retrothrust writes: Dat ass
Bumblevivisector writes: DESTROY-MONARCH: "The quality of those KO gestalt-team gift-sets really is going downhill; first they replace Dead End and Wildrider with Technobots, and now I only get half a Breakdown!"
Bicycletronox writes: Months of waiting and they only ship me one half of Car Crash??? NOOOOOO!!!
Axelbro writes: Megatron:really lovely trunk
Breakdown: why am i not in robot mode to slap that p###ert
rockman_fan writes: lotta junk in the trunk
sdn1337 writes: So breakdown... lets see if you can "break it down." *Diabolical Megatron laugh*
bionic_radical writes: Theres the Siagon whore that bit my nose!!
Road Turtle writes: Hummm, yes, excellent! I have no idea what I'm looking at.
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Wheelie Prime writes: Breakdown was relieved. He had feared Megatron would solve Menasor’s unequal leg length problem by taking him off the Stunticon team.
JustPlainME writes: Is that a dead hooker?!?!
Geminii writes: "THREE ankles...?"
TransFunctional writes: "..and that was when Megatron thought he could build a better time-machine than a DeLorean. Finding out he had no room left for an engine, Megatron decides to scrap the project. And that, son, is how we got our Breakdown bookends."
TransFunctional writes: "Well what do you know, I finally found Waldo."
Maestro Meister writes: Three and a half hours into the transformation process, Megatron regretted eschewing the instructions on his Masterpiece Breakdown figure.
SaTaN CoNvOy writes: Megatron watcha gonna do with all that junk all that junk inside your trunk?
agentcastle writes: sex ed class was much more hands-on than expected for teen-age megetron
JaffleMaker writes: Starscream, what is this weird swing car contraption hanging in the middle of your room? It looks like it's been rear ended quite badly and.. ewww! Please tell me those aren't transmission fluid stains.
Powermaster Prime writes: Well so what do we have here...WHOAA bras and condoms?? Ok it's enough Soundwave, you may drop this piece of perverted con hard on the floor
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Powermaster Prime writes: With this kind of engine, may break down and cry. Worthless scum
WolfSpider1979 writes: So THIS is where that stink bomb originated last week! Breakdown, your gas is WORSE than Smokescreen's!
Trikeboy writes: With the end of the war ending in favor of the Autobots, Megatron was forced to be a mechanic in the repair bays.
Nemesis Maximo writes: Megatron: "oh, oh God...oh that's...that's just...Soundwave! Get him...what's left of him...out of there!"
Ultra Markus writes: poor megatron had to find work at the auto plant to make ends meat after his fall from stardom in the mid 90's.....
maroyasha writes: Megatron: Soundwave, why is there an engine in this trunk? This isn't a Volkswagen right?
Shockwave: No Lord Megatron
Megatron: Starscream's designs?
Shockwave: I am afraid so Lord Megatron.
Megatron: *pinches nose* Ugh!
maroyasha writes: Megatron: Soundwave, why is there an engine in this trunk? This isn't a Volkswagen right?
Shockwave: No Lord Megatron
Megatron: Starscream's designs?
Shockwave: I am afraid so Lord Megatron.
Megatron: *pinches nose* Ugh!
maroyasha writes: Megatron: Soundwave, why is there an engine in this trunk? This isn't a Volkswagen right?
Shockwave: No Lord Megatron
Megatron: Starscream's designs?
Shockwave: I am afraid so Lord Megatron.
Megatron: *pinches nose* Ugh!
King Slick writes: You know Soundwave, I really would rather be something with some style. Perhaps a car. On second thought, cars aren't really menacing. Maybe a tank, or a bout you Soundwave? Ever wanted to be something better than a tape deck?
mythic_man writes: hmmm there really is no "junk" in his trunk. blasters, yes; grenades, sure; but no junk.
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DevastaTTor writes: Hmmmm, I expected it to be bigger Fansproject.
MINDVVIPE writes: My weeds still safe... goood... goood..
trailbreaker writes: Megatron - "Hasbro's G1 reissues are lacking in quality...."
Humanfactor writes: and breakdown's career as a magician's assistant comes to an abrupt end......
SLUGSLINGER81 writes: Megatron is onsite at the Fansproject R&D facility as a consultant
SLUGSLINGER81 writes: SOUNDWAVE!...gimme a beat.."but Fonda ain't got a motor in the back of her ana-conda don't want none unless you got buns hun!"
#Sideways# writes: You think that Fusion Cannon is used just for shooting things?

It's also a wrench! What were *you* thinking about?
Black Hat writes: Curses! My MISB Breakdown has been ruined! YOU did this, Starscream!
BeastProwl writes: "How the hell does he fit his legs in these?"
Optimum Supreme writes: Little known fact: Before the war, Megatron was Cybertron's top cyberproctologist.
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Mindmaster writes: "'Tis a scratch, Lord Megatron!"
VioMeTriX writes: no wonder hes broken.... who put a PBJ in his back end, he is not a vcr
Ravage XK writes: No this wont do, it's just too impractical. We need something with a bigger boot. What do you have in the way of hatchbacks puny human salesperson? Also, the front of this car appears to be missing.
Bowspearer writes: Dammit Shockwave, I'm a tyrant, not a mechanic!
Fires_Of_Inferno writes: Megatron: "They said I couldn't be a proctologist with giant metal box-shaped forearms that are much bigger than my hand. I'll show them! Try to relax sir!"

Breakdown: "Please kill me first!"
necr0blivion writes: THAT TRUNK!
Manterax Prime writes: AH SLAG! I thought I could store my burritos in here but Breakdowns engine is there. O well, like we need engines.
*proceeds to remove engine*
Dark Ops writes: Another half-assed job I see.
Antron writes: OK Breakdown. Just relax and breathe normally. Now, you're going to feel a little pinch.
Bumblevivisector writes: MEGATRON: "Hmmm, I thought this sort of thing only happened to Mirage..."
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welcometothedarksyde writes: What's all this junk in this trunk?
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