Megatron plays with his remote control

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Megatron plays with his remote control
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TFPhotoguy writes: Oh look Shockwave texted me: Are you there?
Ill text back: Yes
Shockwave: I sent that was 4 million years ago
Passport writes: MEGATRON : lets see who should i call ?
I know ill prank call the autobots !Dialing number now 288 - 268 ...(RING,RING.RING)...HELLO?yes this is the power company is your tellatran running ??? .... WHY yes
Megatron : well you better go Catch it !Megatro
Passport writes: MEGATRON : lets see who should i call ?
I know ill prank call the autobots !Dialing number now 288 - 268 ...(RING,RING.RING)...HELLO?yes this is the power company is your tellatran running ??? .... WHY yes
Megatron : well you better go Catch it !
Passport writes: MEGATRON : lets see who should i call ?

I know ill prank call the autobots !

Dialing number now 288 - 268 ...(RING,RING.RING)...HELLO?

yes this is the power company is your tellatran running ??? .... WHY yes

Megatron : well you better go
BG the Robit writes: Megatron: Okay, I had Shockwave reprogram this so it can control you instead.
Starscream: Wait, what? *starts moving involuntarily* Woah!
Megatron: Why you hitting yourself? Why you hitting yourself? This is fun!
Rainmaker writes: Megatron: What is this? A contact request from 'HotBae955' on Skype?
DeathReviews writes: 'Can you hear me now? Good.'
Bonerking writes: The human "Zack" thinks I'm just borrowing this, but it shall be I who wins the trip to Hawaii!
Riptidemtmte writes: "Buildin' a Sentry!"
Rainmaker writes: Optimus: Come on, Megatron hurry up!
Megatron: Wait, I just need to check my Twitter, then Facebook oh then I should check my MySpace...
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Skyspeed writes: "With this Cassio Classpad 2, I'll never have to use my fingers to count ever again!"
TF Cagle writes: Megatron: Whee ha ha, this is fun!

Starscream: Okay we can stop now Megatron, please!
william-james88 writes: "Dorothy, please use this oil on my joints to get my unstuck!"
Black Hat writes: Megatron got hours of entertainment from his new Scalextric set.
Saphire writes: THIS BUTTON DOES NOT TURN ON THE DEATH RAY. Soundwave, get me some new batteries!
Bluespindash97 writes: At the end of this day one shall stand...
Not now Prime I'm playing candy crush!
jpmonge1984 writes: "This needs to be posted on Facebook!"
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Oooooh... These RC cars are awesome! Wait... I now have control of Roller!!! Wait... *bomb goes off*
Mjochmann64 writes: (deep voice) No Autobot killing and all play with this magical box is just what unicron ordered!
greenlanterncorpsman writes: This thing is totally bitchin'. Ooh Netflix.
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Slipstream619 writes: uh soundwave I might have...well....ummm..... broken rumble and frenzy

S: what did you do!

M:i tried to make them do the makarena and the control didnt work so i reprogrammed them and now they wont stop
kruiz220898 writes: "I'll show those Autobots who is sexiest with the penalextendinator. Muahahahahaha!!"
trailbreaker writes: "OMG LMFAO LOL"
spartanH85 writes: Megatron after watching Office Space:

"Ill show those pathetic fools how to smash a POS Copier!"
Grimlockuppercut writes: *Continually pushing button in anger* WHY DOES NOTHING HAPPEN!?!? Meanwhile, in Starscream's Brain... Brain on, Brain off...
omegasupreme69 writes: and this button no wait thats for Megatrons special alone time....
Red_Sun writes: Megatron: "Why is the bomb not exploded Soundwave?
Soundwave: " Umm... that's the remote of our television Lord Megatron.
ldsam01 writes: Megatron- "I wonder what this button does...
Starscream- "No, my lord, DON'T!!!"
Megatron- "Oops" *Evil Chuckle* *Presses Button*
*Starscream's House Explodes*
WolfSpider1979 writes: Megatron: "What does THIS button do?"
Archevile: "PLEASE! Oh please do not press the button! You do not know what it might..."
Archevile: "!"
LimeyDragon writes: How the heck does this DVR remote thing work, it's as bad as my VCR remote.
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Red_Sun writes: Yes! I finnaly found the newest episode of 'My Little Pony"!
EunuchRon writes: "... and now that the Decepticon page is up on Facebook, even all you pathetic fleshlings can hail Megatron!"
TopHatProductions115 writes: Let me text my idiot pal StarScream; just to remind him of his inferior status!
Short Circuit writes: Shockwave, can you hear me now?..... Excellent! We shall defeat the Autobots with our superior cellular coverage!
necr0blivion writes: Now, let's dial 1-800-MIX-A-LOT. Heh heh, heh heh.
Road Turtle writes: "8-6-7-5-3-0-9 Ah, yes, is Jenny there? Tell her I've got her number! Ha-Ha-Ha!"
Road Turtle writes: "Ah, yes, excellent! Nightbird friended me on Facebook!"
gas-cap writes: why didnt i think of this before?! hack the face book of optimus prime!!!
gas-cap writes: Soundwave!!! you must see this web site its called seibertron. com! it's filled with toy versions of us! i never looked so good.
Bumblevivisector writes: MEGATRON: "I'll just tell the Autobots that this is the control for my ULTIMATE WEAPON, and they'll back down like the cowards they are...wait, what am I saying? Why, I'd have to go completely insane to think they'd fall for that..."
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Bumblevivisector writes: Little did Megatron know he was holding Scrounge in his new alt mode...
Bumblevivisector writes: I can't believe these awesome Bash-Bots ended up at five Below! Huh? What do you mean they aren't RC toys, and I'm holding a grill lighter!?!
Trikeboy writes: Megatron: Hello? Who is this? Kim Jong Un? GET OFF THE LINE! This is only for people who are actually a threat to the planet.
Coolguy1o6 writes: Hey Bro, Destroying Autobots, gtg text ya later
azkyote22 writes: "Starscream! I thought you told me to dial a 7 first?"
snavej writes: Hello, is I. P. Freeley there? No? Could I speak to Ivana Humpalot, then?
snavej writes: 'How would you describe your race or colour?' Well, I'm mostly white with red eyes, so that makes me an albino.
snavej writes: Smithers, have the Rolling Stones killed!
snavej writes: Now, if I give this device to the computer system 'Skynet', it reverse-engineer it to create an army of robotic assassins. Yay, this is so recreational!
snavej writes: Hey Optimus, just called to say I got a new cell and it's way cooler than yours. It even blows stuff up! There goes the Arkansas Home for Disabled Puppies! BOOOOOMMMMM!
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snavej writes: That settles it! All contributors to Seibertron's caption competition will be exterminated! The nerve of these people, honestly.
snavej writes: Megatron holds Soundwave's communications colleague 'Black Bury'. He tactfully overlooked the colour issue.
trailbreaker writes: "Soundwave, I'm changing the station, I don't want to watch THE VIEW again!!"
snavej writes: Now to reset the ringtone of every cell 'phone on the planet to the most annoying tune I know, at full volume. Bwa. Ha. Ha.
snavej writes: Engrossed in watching award-winning documentary series 'The Jersey Shore', Megatron didn't notice the army of Ents creeping up behind him.
snavej writes: And you thought Baysplosions were awesome: wait until you see what this baby can do!
snavej writes: The drawback with the magic yellow detonator was that it could only blow up yellow things, like sandy beaches, AA vans in the UK and parts of wasps.
snavej writes: Too much texting gives you red-eye.
snavej writes: And with this button, I can make the remote-controlled 'plane fly directly into little Suzie's pigtailed head.
snavej writes: In his spare time, Megatron used his vastly superior brain to become the King of All Internet Trolls! Billions of people were exasperated to death.
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snavej writes: Hi Mom, hi Dad! Erm, could you come and pick me up from the park? I've had enough kite flying for now. I'm getting a headache too.
snavej writes: In the event of a Dinobot attack, always have your satellite 'phone ready and try not to drop it in the sea like on Jurassic Park III.
snavej writes: Megatron tries to look busy in front of his troops but he's actually playing 'Angry Birds'.
snavej writes: The stolen prototype iPhone 17 was awesome but unfortunately yellow. Megatron later changed that with a permanent marker pen.
snavej writes: Time for another random act of excessive terrorism: I'm going to BLOW UP URANUS!!!!
snavej writes: I frakkin' love LOLCATS.
snavej writes: To all staff at 'The Accident Group' in Manchester, UK: 'U R all sacked. Take your belongings and get out now. There will be no redundancy pay or pensions because all the money was lost in a freak money-laundering accident. Have a nice day! Ciao! The
snavej writes: With this device, I can do unspeakably evil things, like introduce spelling mistakes into EVERY YouTube caption! Oh, nearly forgot: Bwaahaahaa!
snavej writes: 'All your base are belong to Megatron: LOL [smiley face]'. Now press 'Send'. Cell 'phones are funnnnn!
snavej writes: The real mastermind of 9/11.
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Black Hat writes: Awesome! I caught a shiny Abra!
cybertronprime1 writes: what's the number to Jimmy John's?
The Potentate writes: Now, If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty eight miles an're gonna see some serious s...
Deruji writes: Who needs a smartphone?! I'm smart and this is my phone!
ClockWorkMecha writes: Starscream, whats the number to 911?
ClockWorkMecha writes: I need a dialing wand, my fingers are too big.
MarkNL writes: This is the official poster of the 40 years anniversary of the cellphone. Here we see Megatron using a cellphone in 1984.
VioMeTriX writes: ok so this controls vibration and gyration, but wheres the button for deeper penetration?
Maestro Meister writes: It's not working! Who dropped my phone in the Golden Lagoon?!
#Sideways# writes: Megatron still couldn't get past Silph Co. in Pokemon Red. Thankfully, he found FireRed's help feature.
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NTESHFT writes: .......and how do I get the Star Wars Angry Birds app again?
Transformers Matrix writes: i think Megatron is calling by cell phone from the planet Earth to Shockwave in Cybertron. It must be a powerful cell made in planet Cybertron.
r4nd0m1z3d writes: I have no idea what am I holding....
Lucius Prime writes: And now, Perry the Platypus... Behold the power of my TURN EVERYTHING INTO ENERGON-INATOR!!
Lucius Prime writes: When this thing hits 88 mph, you're gonna see some serious s***!
SentinelA writes: Damn, no bars!
datguy86 writes: "Remote? This is not a remote, Starscream. This is an electrified proctology spike."
RhA writes: "And now I will delete ALL OF HIS SAVED GAMES!"
Mindmaster writes: "This device... I must have it!"
WolfSpider1979 writes: What sequence do I press for "The Lugnuts Channel"?
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StoneXZ4 writes: When I push this button, the humans will no longer have the ability to think for themselves. I give you Reality Television!
trailbreaker writes: "Wow, 1500 channels on Time Warner Cable and still can't find anything worth a damn to watch..."
Thadicon writes: Man I got to get me one of them Smartphones one of these day's. This Alcatel just isn't cutting it anymore
King Slick writes: Soundwave, how do I bring up Netflix, I need to get caught up on the latest season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Optimum Supreme writes: A portable phone? I love the 80's!
ldsam01 writes: Megatron- "I wonder what this button does...
Starscream- "No, my lord, DON'T!!!"
Megatron- "Oops" *Evil Chuckle*
*Starscream's House Explodes*
alekesam writes: Tetris...yesssss. *evil chuckle*
sdn1337 writes: *Megatron posting on his new twitter account*
@Megatronus: About to rule the world brb. #Decepticons
sdn1337 writes: *Megatron posting on his new twitter account*
@Megatronus: About to rule the world brb. #Decepticons
Super Megatron writes: So this is why Optimus and his flunkies are so protective of the humans - this control Laserbeak stole from Optimus has nothing but macro keys set to something called "adult entertainment".
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Wigglez writes: "Hold up. I have to tell this chick I'm blowing up the world and I'll get back to you."
Maestro Meister writes: "Look, if you turn the batteries around a little and give it a smack or two, the remote'll still work."
Black Hat writes: Hooray! My uber-rare wireless Atari 2600 controller has arrived!
SkywarpPushesYou writes: Which one do I choose. Charmander or squirtle?
Ravage XK writes: OK, so I've entered the number but it just sits there. Its not dialing. There are 4 bars on the signal strength so it should work, right? Did we top it up? RUMBLE, did you top the phone up? Look, just get Soundwave, he knows what he's doing with these thi
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Look Starscream! This devise will show me all the f***s I could give! What's this? Nothing! Oh shame Starscream, shame.
welcometothedarksyde writes: I knew I could capture the adult channels
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