Perceptor kicks the computer

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Perceptor kicks the computer
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Prime Target writes: Spousal Abuse!
Bee's Girlfriend writes: No, I didn't kick the computer... I kicked the b**** under it.
Optimum Supreme writes: Domestic violence isn't limited to humans.
Rainmaker writes: Perceptor: I told you not to update to Windows 10!
trailbreaker writes: Richard Simmons: Sweatin' to the Oldies.
Rainmaker writes: FALCON KICK!
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Google+ again!!!"
dirtysock47 writes: Damn that vista thats y we should get windows 7
#Sideways# writes: This is what he means by "Scientist".
Angelbot writes: Wheeljack: That's it. No more Spice Girls videos for you, Perceptor!
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REGI ICE writes: AHAHAHAHA!! See? I -can- be violent.
shadow minicon writes: Perceptor: Work damn it WORK!!!!!!

Unknown writes: Perceptor: "Damn Windows '98!"
Wheeljack: "Where the hell's Bill Gates?"
Tiedye writes: (WEELJACK)- "We lost comunications we have to reboot the system!"
(Perceptor)-"Don't worry I'm a expert at fixing computers! "Leave it to me!" (KICK-KICK-KICK-KICK)
(WHEELJACK)- "What the HELL do you think your do
soundwavegt writes: Dammit!!! I wanted Castrol Magnatec flavour!!! Stupid vening machine!!!!!
Michael9R writes: stupid dead screen
Judynator writes: Perpector: Blast it! To be bust again!
trailbreaker writes: Perceptor breakdances to try and impress Wheeljack.
Fireblader writes: Perceptor kicks teletran 1 when his copy of an armada dvd gets jammed in the disc drive

Moments later, perceptor was put into stasis lock by a electic shock from teletran 1

Wheeljack: Now that'll teach him to watch armada on teletran 1
Unknown writes: Spousal Abuse Autobot Style
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master galvatron writes: Percepter: Stupid computer, Sky lynx bring me Bill gates
kanesomers writes: 'Stupid internet connection, GIMME THE BOOBIES!'
morgenes writes: What does she mean, "No wonder you need a magnifier?!" I'll show her. Where's that damn send button?
Just Negare writes: Okay, you watching? Huh, watch this... see what I'm doing... I'll do this to your cranium chamber if I ever find out that you've again been USING MY CREDIT CARD TO BUY INTERNET PORN!!
crypto199 writes: Perceptor: Stupid Windows,
Wheeljack: It's a dos,
Preceptor: Who cares, this piece of Crap is a ripoff!
Wheeljack: You got it at a used parts store,
Scatterlung writes: Perceptor: Hey! Lets see if Teletraan can rust!
Paynerâ„¢ writes: Wheeljack's latest creation meant he could control his fellow autobots movements by remote. If you think this is bad you should see what he made Sideswipe and Sunstreaker do.....'
DestronMatrix writes: Perceptor:"F#%*ing Bill Gates and Windows 98"

Wheeljack:"perceptor it's 1985 what the hell are you talking about"
taylorbaby writes: technological advancements suck! I'll show you how to fix it!
soundwavegt writes: Darn, cheap, useless piece of scrap!! Remind me never to trust that Wreck-Gar guy again!!
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snavej writes: Wheeljack: How was that Riverdance show last night?
Perceptor: Excellent! Let me demonstrate some of the vigorous dancing movements.....oh confound it, now look what I've done!
Dr Buffalo writes: Perceptor: How dare you sleep with my sister!
Draego writes: Wheel Jack told Perceptor to reboot the system... he didn't mean literally though
prime idiot writes: Oh stop showing off Perceptor it's only a game for Primus sake!!
Magnus writes: Wheeljack: I'm telling you it will work. See, this button makes your left leg go up.

Perceptor: I don't know about this.

Wheeljack: Do you want Arcee to dance with you or not?
Roadshadow writes: Perceptor: Damn you Bill Gates, AND Windows 98!
Wheeljack: Jeez, Perceptor, don't be suck a dick to the computer.
Perceptor: I hate you, Wheeljack...
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Perceptor finally decides to use "percussion maintenance" to repair the computer.
shockwave_inoz writes: Perceptor: "BWAAAH!! AAAAARRRGH!!! DAMN!!! @#%$* SON OF A..."
Wheeljack: "Hey, HEY - what's up?"
Perceptor: "I just lost an eBay auction by 50 cents!! BLAST!!
Blaster (in background somewhere): "What?"
Starazor writes: NOOOOOOO!You B@$^&%#*! I was level 146! And you won't do anything about it!?! WAAAAAAAAAH!

*At the Decepticon base*
Starscream: Runescape accounts are SO easy to hack...*looks at screen* Level 146 and a member! I'm selling this on eBay
Minicle writes: Perceptor is well known amongst the Autobots for his polite and patient nature.
Put him in front of a computer running on Windows XP however...
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Minicle writes: Perceptor: NOOOOOOOOO!! My twenty year old collection of Hentai has been deleted! DAMM YOU! DAMM YOU ALL TO HELL!!

Wheeljack: Your... what!?

Perceptor: Ermmm... Nothing! Just go back to fiddling with your knob...

Wheeljack: ...Are you coming on t
trailbreaker writes: "Damn! It always freezes when I play GALAGA!!"
Pokejedservo writes: Wheeljack: Perceptor what're you doing?

Perceptor: I was told that Spike said that kicking technology makes it work.

Wheeljack: First of all wrong Spike and trust me it doesn't...
Arsenal 121 writes: Perceptor tries the Gunner's Mate method of trouble shooting: beating the damn thing till it works.
Galaxy Optimus Primal writes: Perceptor: "See Wheeljack this is the scientific solution."

Wheeljack: "No it's the Dinobot solution."
Dclone Soundwave writes: "Stupid ball of energy, why won't it leave?! Get out of there, you blasted little Kremzeek!"
Towline writes: Quick Perceptor, we need a high tech way to get Megatron's virus out of Teletram One!
"This ought to do it Wheeljack." Perceptor answers.
TheRoMan writes: "I knew this thing was a hunk of garbage! I mean come on...its as BIG as this room, and we have cassette bots that have more memory! And they fit in my hand Wheeljack!"
Acelister writes: Perceptor: "It crashed again!"
Wheeljack: "What were you doing at the time?"
Perceptor: "Ordering 5000 Deluxe Optimus Prime's from Crazy Jamal's Autobot Busts for Kup and Blaster..."
Acelister writes: Perceptor: "And this is for not making Beast Wars longer!"
Wheeljack: "Y'know, we only CALL this 'Mainframe'... It isn't actually..."
Perceptor: "Be quiet! I'm venting my frustrations!"
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Acelister writes: Perceptor: "First it blocks my download, then it hurts my foot!"
Wheeljack: "We built this terminal outta the same stuff they built Megatron outta."
Acelister writes: Seconds later, a group of angry femenists beat Perceptor to death with his own microscope.
1337W422102 writes: AndrAI: Oh no! We're in a Transformers game and I ReBooted as Wheeljack! I guess Mainframe DID get to make a G1 cartoon after all!
Matrix: (kicks) Why'd *I* have to ReBoot as a microscope??
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Perceptor is possesed by the evil spirit of Kicker!
Head Shot writes: wheeljack: you know, that whole trick of hitting a computer to make it work again, doesnt always work.....
perceptor: non-sense, it has worked aboslutetly fine for me in the past. damn, why isnt it starting up? ive been hitting this thing for half an hou
Exulted Unicron writes: Perceptor learns that computers aren't that friendly when he gets a trojan virus
doowaneeprime writes: Perceptor: See this is what they call tae-bo, CRASH! (accidentally boots Teletran).
Wheeljack: Remember what happened on Ceti-Alpha 2 when you tried to show all of us how to line dance?
Perceptor: Yeah, they still won't even let me back in, I did s
Heavy B writes: damn windows. DAMN YOU BILL GATES
Chromia writes: Percy:They banned me from the chat rooms again!!
Wheeljack: So, just make another account.
Percy: I think I'm going to go spam the Star Trek forums.....
Road Turtle writes: Perceptor, "...Circuit Blowing! Sludge Guzzling! Steaming pile of Planned Obsolescence!"

Wheeljack, ""
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Road Turtle writes: "I'm now telling the computer exactly what it can do with a life time supply of chocolate!..."
Damolisher writes: Wheeljack: Calm Down, Perceptor!
Perceptor: How can I, Wheeljack? have you seen this week's Ultimate Caption Contest picture on
009* writes: Damn machine ate my money! Gimme my soda pop!
KaylaTheHedgehog writes: Perceptor: Blasted pinball simulator!!
*kicks computer*
Wheeljack: It's your own fault, you know. I told you not to shake the table, but noooo. You had to keep shaking and get a tilt! That was our last ball too...
Angie Prime writes: ((AIM Chat Room Initiated))
((Booting up data))
Perceptor: (kick) Damn Windows 98!! >
Massdestruction writes: Perceptor: "It's just a jump to the left"

Wheeljack: "And then a step to the right"

Perceptor: "Put your hands on your hips"

Wheeljack: "Then bring your knees in tight"

Perceptor: "But it'
Chromia writes: No. More. SPAM!!!!
Chromia writes: Wheeljack: Just press ctr-alt-del.
Percy: I did!
Wheeljack: Didja shut it off and restart it?
Percy: Yes.
Wheeljack: Um, why dontcha call tech support?
Percy: Tech support!! I'm a 30 ft tall robot for crying out loud? I AM a comuter!! AAARRRR
Acelister writes: Perceptor: "STOP GIVING ME COFFEE! I want my bagel!"
Wheeljack: "Hehehehe..." *Pushes the Coffee Eject button again*
DarkDranzer writes: P: What!? How could that dumb@$$ Grimlock get into Harvard and I didn't!? Damn computer!! You screwed up my one and only chance to get a Chemistry Degree!!

WJ: Oh pipe down there's always Yale...

P: ...I HATE YOU COMPUTER!!! *kicks it in a
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Acelister writes: Perceptor: "Wheeljack, what is this I hear about you tinkering with me while I was in Ratchet's repair bay?"
Wheeljack: "Just watch this... *Wheeljack presses a button and Perceptor kicks* Well what do you think?"
Perceptor: &
DeltaOmega writes: "Macintosh's suck"! says Perceptor. As he politely gives the computer a lesson.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Wheeljack,"Perceptor what's wrong?"

Perceptor,"Jessica Sierra was voted off American Idol."

Wheeljack,"Dude that was like months ago."

Perceptor,"I'm just catching up on my taped shows now."
darkwind25 writes: Perceptor: I tried to change the oil in my car when all of a sudden I got doused with gross, yucky oil!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid car!!!!

Wheeljack: Oh will you just "SHUT-UP"!!

Perceptor: Aaaaaauuuuu
1337W422102 writes: I won the Caption Contest and all I got was this stupid computer!
dolenarda writes: Perceptor:"Who put the password on this blasted thing? How am I supposed to download Cybertronian porn now???"
Ransom writes: Perceptor: *kicks comp terminal* All right, Hot Rod, this means war! I am going to install Windows XP on your computer -- without security patches!
Ransom writes: For once, Perceptor was on the receiving end of trying to get a scientist's attention.
Ransom writes: Wheeljack thought Perceptor knew what he meant by the Earth phrase "Boot the computer." He learned otherwise.
Kevinus Prime writes: "Well, I'll shoot her with my raygun when she comes....yes, I'll shoot her with my raygun when she comes...."
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Kevinus Prime writes: "Hey, Perceptor, what does this button do? PERCEPTOR?"
Kevinus Prime writes: PERCEPTOR:"So anyway, I'm waching Monty Python, and the Ministry of Funny Walks skit is on, and they're all walking like this..."
WHEELJACK:" Ha! I love the Dead Parrot sketch. Classic earth humor."
Kevinus Prime writes: "I give it an 8, Mr.Clark! It has a beat, AND you can dance to it!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Windows XP" THIS!
Vile MK III writes: Percepter:"Can't you burn CDs faster!"

Wheeljack:"Hay,I'm trying to Chat online,ironbutt."
wavelength writes: why don't you let me order me for me
Thanatos Prime writes: Perceptor: So you're who my girlfriend is cheating on me with? TAKE THAT! *kicks Telettran-1 in the nuts*


Wheeljack: *I'm not gonna say anything, just move away very slowly...*
Thanatos Prime writes: Wheeljack: Whoa Perceptor! What are you doing to the computer?

Perceptor: It won't change the font!

Wheeljack: Two words: Anger. Management.
Thanatos Prime writes: Wheeljack: Hey you look like Thanatos Prime at his computer!
Acelister writes: Perceptor was a closet wife beater. Wheeljack had to tell him that the computer wasn't his wife, everytime he got high on Energon.
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Acelister writes: Wheeljack: "I told you, Perceptor... 'Don't spin around and around, it'll do you no good'."
Massdestruction writes: Perceptor (Scraping the bottom of his foot): "Darn It Wheeljack, I thought you said the Dinobots were housebroken."
Acelister writes: Perceptor: "Stupid Kazaa! 'Fem on Fem action' my skidplate!"
Wheeljack: "Perceptor... Think about it, why would earthlings have Autobot pron?"
trinity3 writes: Wheeljack: "What happened?"

Perceptor: "The shade closed again, right when Arcee was getting to the good part."
King Slick writes: Perceptor: Why those so-and-so's...mocking my intellegence. I'll show those so and so nerds who hide on the internet...TAKE THAT!

Wheeljack: *mocking laughter*
King Slick writes: Perceptor: The Computer must need a "boot" up.

Wheeljack: Please, no puns. It's bad enough we got pop-ups, spam, viruses. Scams. I knew we should have signed up for Earthlink HighSpeed.
saiyan_prime writes: P: "Dammit!"

W: "What's the matter?"

P: "Stupid digital cable. They were just about to do the "I'm Rick James, bitch" skit on Chappelle's Show"

W: "Who's Rick James?"

P: &qu
Acelister writes: Wheeljack: "Are you sure that's how to uninstall AOL?"
Perceptor: "I've tried everything else, Wheeljack!"
Acelister writes: Perceptor thought the machine was what controlled the Pong abilities in Teletran One. Wheeljack tried to stop Perceptor before he kicked. He was too late. Oregon went up in an atomic blast, miliseconds after this picture was taken.
Acelister writes: Perceptor: "Damned thing! It sprayed oil at me!"
Wheeljack: "Oh... I wonder how that happened..."
*Wheeljack presses more buttons*
Perceptor: "ARGH! Now its spraying me with Hot Chocolate!"
Wheeljack *singing*: "E
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scattershot78 writes: Perceptor: Dang, I hate it when prime makes me download episodes of M*A*S*H* for him!

Wheeljack: Why don't you get Bumblebee to do it? He loves downloading stuff.

Perceptor: Yeah, but he's been on the enerJOHN toilet for hours. I don'
JazZeke writes: Perceptor "NOOOOO!"

Wheeljack "What's wrong!?"

Perceptor "This computor had a programming glitch that caused the binary coding to corrupt just when I was in the pinacle of my project."

"And what project wou
JazZeke writes: The Autobots were caught in a humiliating spousal abuse scandal as Cybertron Weekly News realeasing these pictures of Perceptor in a violent fit.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Wheeljack,"No Perceptorsan I said show me paint the fence........."


Perceptor,"What? Cyber-roach.I got it though."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Perceptor spent weeks kicking things after watching Bend it like Beckham.

I nearly pee'd myself when Bumblebee got in the way.
Zeedust writes: Violence against computers: The Cybertronian equivalent of cruelty to animals?
darkwind25 writes: Wheeljack: Now Perceptor, after we use the Matter duplicator, I want you to brush your teeth, put on your pajamas and say your "prayers". Okay?

Perceptor: Unnggh, I don't wanna! NO, no,no,no,NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: Perceptor: searching for decepticon's down again!!!!
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: Perceptor: You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out, you put your left foot in, & shake that cosmic rust all out. You do the hokey Pokey & you turn yourself around....that's when you fall apart!!
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Nemesis Cyberplex writes: WJ: I'm never letting you play DanceDance Revolution again.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Wheeljack,"Would you cut it out,we got work to do."

Perceptor,"You can work if you want to,you acn leave your friends behind,cause if they don't dance then their no friends of mine."

Wheeljack,"What the hell is wrong wi
Acelister writes: Wheeljack: "You know, Transformers just CAN'T be the Lord Of The Dance..."
Perceptor: "We shall see..."
Acelister writes: Wheeljack: "You know you can't get mad at the computer just because you suck..."
Perceptor: "Its cheating!"
Acelister writes: Perceptor: "What's all that churning and bubbling? Call this a Radar screen?"
Wheeljack: "No, we call that Mr Coffee."
Perceptor: "... Yes! I always have coffee when I watch Radar. You know that."
Wheeljack: "
XeroSyphon writes: I... Want... My... COFFEE!!!
Massdestruction writes: Perceptor: "Fame, I'm gonna live forever. I'm gonna learn how to fly..."

Wheeljack (in an English accent): "That was just dreadful. With a performance like that you will never make it onto AUTOBOT IDOL."
Massdestruction writes: Perceptor: I never wanted to be a warrior... I wanted to be the LORD OF THE DANCE!
Wolfguard writes: Wheeljack: "Ha ha! Game ate your tolken!"
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DudRound writes: "PC Load Letter"? What the fu^* does that mean?
DeltaSeeker writes: Perceptor finally defeated King Bowser on Super Mario Bros., so he did a little victory dance.
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Perceptor is letting out his aggression as latrine duty went horribly wrong.
darkwind25 writes: Perpecptor: Urrghh, why don't girls like me!?

Wheeljack: 'Cause you're a giant microscope.

Perceptor: Bite me, ya freak!!!
Marv writes: Keep that pose, the reception's perfect now!
Marv writes: Come on! Dance with me! Lift those heels Wheeljack!!!
Marv writes: Stop s------ing Wheeljack, now my foot's stuck in the disk drive!!!!
Marv writes: In the words of Jim Davis; "have you booted your computer today?"
Marv writes: When all else fails, Perceptor resorts to the "scientific method"...
Marv writes: I'm a hyper-advanced, alien robot dammit!!! WHY CAN'T I GET THIS PIECE OF EARTHEN DRECK TO WORK????!!!!!
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elmekia writes: Perceptor never really figured out where the 'On' button was.
Arc the ZAKO writes: Preceptor: "Press any key"? Well, I don't see an "Any Key"!
TwV writes: Perceptor:"AAAARRRGGGGHHHH! These stupid porn pop-ups are ----ing annoying!"

Weeljack:"Ohhh...Did I forgot to tell ya Chip said he was working on something 'important' last night?"
Predaprince writes: "Well! Where's my tab?!?!?!"
Jaw Crusher writes: Perceptor: "Hello mah baby, hello mah honey, hello mah ragtime gal..."
Wheeljack: "Dude, you STAY on your side of the room, alright?"
g2jazz writes: damn dial up.....

i need to read the news on seibertron about my upcoming reissue
g2jazz writes: damn i want that Playstation 3 and X-box 360 NOW!
Jetfighter Prime writes: Perceptor: "danm piece of junk!!"
Wheeljack: "what is it?"
Perceptor: "it won't work!"
Wheeljack: "Is that something new?!"
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Percepter: Bloody Windows XP
Wheeljack: I thought we were running windows 98
Starscream: (Off screen) I told them to get XP but would they listen
Wheeljack: I think we should get XP
Amity-Star writes: Perceptor: My foot's not stuck, someone just placed super-glue on the control panel when I thought I saw a fly!

Megatron: ((off stage)) he he he he he he, I'm so eeeevil!
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Ravage XK writes: Perceptor: " Help, help. My foots caught in the shredder!"
Ravage XK writes: Wheeljack: "HA HAAA! I beat you at Pong again!!"

Perceptor: "Its not me, its these stupid controls! I hate this game!"

Wheeljack: " ................ You suck"
shen zhao writes: STUPID COMPUTER!!!!!
Thogg writes: dang it, dang it, dang it, i got booted again I hate AOL!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Perceptor,"It's taking for ever to download a 3 minute trailer! I hafta get DSL!"
Ratbat writes: Who knew Perceptor, the Autobots' chief scientist, could be so angry?
Ratbat writes: Perceptor! I never knew you could be so ANGRY!
Ratbat writes: Come on, you piece a' junk...WORK! We need MORE Corro-Stop!
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