Cheetor looks at his reflection

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Cheetor looks at his reflection
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Optimum Supreme writes: Cheetor welcomes all fans to his twitter feed. Scales, feathers, or fur...
Wolfman Jake writes: Take a good look. You'll never get a toy this on model, unfortunately.
Rainmaker writes: Cheetor: Sigh, I still have these black spots.
Nicorange writes: he is tracks in disguise
galvatron224 writes: HEY WHO'S THAT SEXY CAT!?!?
shadow minicon writes: Hey there good looken
Flame Cheetor writes: I'm getting more pimples and they're getting larger!
Tiedye writes: (Singing)"You.. are.. so MEEE!"
Tiedye writes: ''Who's a cute looking kitty?'' I am...Iam
RINOX- Cheetor get away from the mirror!!!
Judynator writes: Cheetor: Meeeow! I nice!
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GraveWaver writes: God I look ghey!
TheTouch writes: Who is that handsome beast mode im my mirror?
Unknown writes: odjects in mirror may appear larger than actuly are
Unknown writes: Ewwww! That dude in the metal is f***ing ugly!
Jasen_1500 writes: wow I'm a handsome looking cheeta
tiar180 writes: Am i hot or what
crypto199 writes: Am I really that fat?
Scatterlung writes: "Is there something in my teeth?"
-Ry- writes: wwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww immmmmmmmmmmm soooooooooooooooooo hhhhhhhiiiiiiigggghhhhhhhhhh
Pokejedservo writes: You know things are going good when the biggest sign of low budget is a lack of actual mirrors.
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Zeedust writes: "This style's getting old... I want something with rocket boosters!"
kennyman writes: Cheetor: Hey baby, wanna grab some energon tonight? My treat. okay, now to tell blackarachnia...
Roadshadow writes: Cheetor:...the hell? I'm a cheetah? I thought I was supposed to be a leopard.
Rhinox: Well uhh...heh heh, due to budget cuts, we uhh...didn't have enough cash to-
Cheetor: I hate you, Rhinox. I...I just hate you...
Road Turtle writes: "Now That's one hot P#$$%!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Black and yellow stray cat sit'n on a fence,ain't got enough dough to pay the rent,I'm flat broke but I don't care.I strut right by with my tale in the air.Stray Cat Strut I'm a ladies cat,a feline casanova hey, man,that's th
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Wow, stray cat, you're a real gone guy
I wish I could be as carefree and wild
But I got cat class and I got cat style!
Dex Antares writes: "You shut up! No, YOU shut up! No, YOU shut up! No, YOU shut up! No, YOU shut up!"
1337W422102 writes: "Awww, who's the widdle kitty cat?"
"Slag it, Cheetor, stop saying that!"
Acelister writes: Optimus Primal regretted his decision to leave all the fembots in Stasis Pods, when he saw Cheetor chatting up his reflection...
darkwind25 writes: Cheetor: Allright Cheetor honey, tonite is your nite to shine! Now go out on stage and wow the audience with your role in the "King and I". Wooo-ooh!!!
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A'Arab Zaraq writes: Dinobot: Cheetor are you cross dressing again?

Cheetor: No it was the magic make the squinty eyes and the big pink lips mirror face again...

Prime: Hey let me try!
Acelister writes: Cheetor: "Optimus! That greyish version of me is back!"
Primal: "Who let him near the CR chamber again?"
Acelister writes: Boring of his usual look, Cheetor considered getting a blue rinse.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Cheetor,"Pussycat? Ok I get the cat part,but in no way do I look like a........"
jaster701 writes: "hmmmmm should i comb my fur? & brush my teeth?"
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "You talkin' to me?"
A'Arab Zaraq writes: This new old banana style camo Rhinox fitted me out with really is the Dish!
Acelister writes: As Cheetor looks at himself, Terrorsaur kills the other Maximals in thier sleep...
Acelister writes: Cheetor: "If I wasn't me, I'd kiss me!"
Demonic Femme writes: Cheetor, "Aw s#$%, my eyeliner smeared!!"
Rattrap, "I hope your spots smear next, cause I hate lookin' at a yellow tabby cat."
Cheetor, "I hope Dinobot smears you on the wall and then eats you, cause I hate smelling you!&qu
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Zeedust writes: "Slag it.. I can't tell if I need to wash my face, or if all these are ust the spots that are supposed to be here..."
A'Arab Zaraq writes: "How does a Girl as Vain as Hot-Rod and Air-razor get this far?"
saiyan_prime writes: (sigh) Of all the things the Repair Drone HAD to scan......a f**kin' Chee-tos bag. F**K!
Acelister writes: Cheetor: "I should check if Crazy Jamal wants to sell a bust of me..."
Rhinox: "But he only does Autobot Busts..."
Cheetor: "Damnit... But I'm so good looking!"
Acelister writes: Coming Soon on Fox, animal's and thier reflections!
Oh come on... We cancelled Futurama for this!
Acelister writes: Cheetor: "Yeah... I could be a Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger..."
Acelister writes: Cheetor: "Wait... A cheeter? I chose a Saber Tooth Tiger!"
Dragonoth writes: Now we'll see who's top cat around here! *goes to find Ravage*
scattershot78 writes: Cheetor: Well well I guess Optimus Primal does cut hair pretty well. Wait until I tell Rattrap!
AirFlare writes: "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest cheetah of them all?"

Mirror: ".....Chester Cheetah...."

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DeltaSeeker writes: No, I'm serious, Rattrap. I can't see the top of my head; am I going bald?
DeltaSeeker writes: Oh no! I have measles!
darkwind25 writes: In the new alternate ending to TF:TM, Cheetor regards himself in a mirror with great satisfaction.
Suzuki writes: "Look, if you don't know the way out of here, just tell me!"
GODCONVOYPRIME writes: See Optimus even I don't suck as much as hot shot, energon ironhide,or even kicker. okay maybe more than kicker.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Cheetor,"Why the hell do my eyes water so bad?"
JazZeke writes: "Oh my God I have acne!!!!"
1337W422102 writes: I won the Caption Contest and all I got was this stupid mirror!
bwinferno writes: cheetor "not another repaint, what color are my eyes this time?"
-Ry- writes: next on cybertron's funniest home videos. cheetor mistakes his reflection for an evil clone. With lethal results."
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Acelister writes: Cheetor: "You know Rattrap, I can see you coming up behind me with that bucket of water..."
Acelister writes: Optimus Primal thought Cheetor was looking at his own reflection. It was only later, when Primal heard purring coming from his quarter's, that the truth started to sink in...
DeceptiGojira writes: ¡¡Primus¡¡ !Im so hot that I could do it myself in the ass¡
arcee_rika83 writes: Look at me, I'm ONE handsome Cheetah!
darkwind25 writes: A test shot of the new live-action "Transformers" film. Noooooooo!!!!!!!
overdrive writes: How you doin?
chi-chi writes: (johnny bravo voice) man i'm pretty!
ReinaHW writes: Always the Tom Jones fan, Cheetor breaks into song upon seeing himself - "What's new, pussy cat? Woah, woah, woah!" Primal later said that it was a mercy killing.
FIRE-BOT writes: ooh shot is that a zit
elmekia writes: Only hours of futility did he finally realise that he was trying to hit on his own reflection.
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TFBuyer writes: Friggin' acne!....
Ransom writes: Cheetor learned an important lesson that day: never stand beneath a painter on a rickety ladder.
1337W422102 writes: (In a Duke Nukem voice)
Damn, I'm lookin' good!
Thanatos Prime writes: It's crazy Optimus! This cat looks just like me and it does what ever I do!
Thanatos Prime writes: OOOH! Shiny!
Zeedust writes: Cheetor: "So that's why I have a sudden craving for Cheetos..."
Unicron44 writes: It's true! Only orangatangs know their reflextion is them! Ever when their Transformers!
wavelength writes: least it looks better than the toy did
Marv writes: Well...all things considered it still beats the hell out of Primal's gorilla look....
Marv writes: An awkward moment follows, as Cheetors comes to terms with the fact that he has, as of now, a giant cat for an alt mode...
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Marv writes: What the...there's a friggin' cheeta in here! Run for your lives!!!!
Marv writes: Things got *really* embarassing when Cheetor started to stalk and attack his own reflection.
Jaw Crusher writes: Cheetor: "Yeah, baby...I am one sexy b****!"
Optimus Primal: "Oh, great. So THAT's where the stains on the floor of the Axalon are coming from."
DecepticonRedAlert writes: whos a pretty kitty I am I am
g2jazz writes: Cheetor: Rhinox, what in primus name did you do !
i just ask a little of the top... not making black spots all over my body
Demonic Femme writes: Cheetor, "Man, this alternate-cat body makes my ass look way too big!"

Rattrap, "Ha- and I thought it was just me."
darkwind25 writes: Doo-doo-doo-doo! Ooooooooh. Uh, skiboooboo, coocoo-cachoo!!! Having difficultly coming up with funny caption. Dear god help me!
TheRoMan writes: Well, Prime says he is dead now and I should take up the mantle. So, here it goes..."They're GRRRRRREAT!" Eat your heart out Thurl Ravenscrof. There's a new Tony in town!
DarkDranzer writes: Cheetor: Meeerow!! How's it goin' tiger...Purrr...

Ratrap: Oh crap...Optimus, Cheetor's been in the cat nip again!!
AirFlare writes: ...And as Cheetor looked at his reflection, he knew he had a bright future ahead of him. Today, Cheetor makes millions of dollars on endorsements for Cheetos chips, under the alias of Chester Cheetah; the Cheetos Cheetah.
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AirFlare writes: "I thought I saw a putty tat!" "I did, I did, I did see a putty tat!"
Ravage XK writes: "I'm a cat!! I've been running around like this for months now and I'm a giant, yellow, goofy looking cat!!!"
Pierrimus writes: Oh no! Primal get out of there I gotta go now! Where's the Imodium tablets?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Cheetor,"Huh,Rattrap was right I do have a little residue on my face from cleaning my ass."
Desert Thunder writes: "Why didn't anyone tell me my spots were so blurry?"
009* writes: Dang it, this is the second time this month I woke up with this kink in my neck. I need to get a new bed!
Ratbat writes: By Primus, I'm lookin' GOOOOOOD!!!! :)
Brawn's Girl writes: Cheetor:Pretty.
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