Seaspray and Bumblebee converse

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Seaspray and Bumblebee converse
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Decepticon Stryker writes: Seaspray: "So, Bay's making another film..."
Bumblebee: "Yep."
SS: "Any chance I might-"
B: "No."
BG the Robit writes: Bumblebee: Why do you look like a pull-up bar?
Seaspray: Why do YOU look like a yellow ugly Cliffjumper?
Bumblebee: I do not! His horns are THIS high... ok point taken.
ultraprime0914 writes: well i saw something this big today
william-james88 writes: You shoulda seen the hamburger I ate, it was THIS BIG!
trailbreaker writes: Bumblebee - "I want an afro THIS BIG!"
omegasupreme69 writes: Prime: Ok Ok how has to use the lil Autobots room before we go???
VioMeTriX writes: ...and the wave came swooshing in, but i handled it like a pro. you would have been so proud of me...
MarkNL writes: Seaspray: "You saw Oprah on TV yesterday?"
Bumblebee: "Yea, I wish I was there in the studio... she said: YOU get an Energon cube, and YOU, and YOU TOO, and YOU! It was crazy..."
Lucius Prime writes: Bee: "I can TOO hit high-C! Watch!"
Spray: "You are so lame...."
chefclark writes: I wish i was a little bit taller
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sdn1337 writes: Bumblebee: I cocked my hand this far for the backhand because Arcee... that hoetobot didn't give me my energon after doing her work.
Seaspray: ...
ThunderThruster writes: Arcee said she wouldn't go on a date with me until I was at least 'this' big
Blackstreak writes: Bumblebee: "I heard iGear is remaking us and we're this big!"
Maestro Meister writes: "Seaspray, what is that?! On your leg. Is that hair gel? Great! I could use some. I just ran out."
Marcus Rush writes: Bumblebee: "And they said I had to be this tall to ride the Devil's Rage Water Slide..."

Seaspray: "Missed it by that much."
Geminii writes: "You ever get the feeling that all the real action is just propelling itself completely over your head?"
snavej writes: Seaspray: My first job was as a hoverboard for Roadbuster. It was brutal: never again.
snavej writes: Godot never appeared. Or maybe he did and no one noticed.
snavej writes: Seaspray: Why do people keep calling me 'Bath Time Fun'?

Bumblebee: I don't know but it's better than my nickname 'The Horny Banana'.
snavej writes: Autobot insignia size envy was a big problem.
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snavej writes: The audience arrives for Baymovie 4: Milking the Dead Cow.
snavej writes: Seaspray: There never was a cyberparrot. That's just not funny.

Bumblebee: Shiver me timbers, lad!

[Seaspray whacks him.]
snavej writes: Seaspray: I'm amphibious. What about you?

Bumblebee: Close. My alt mode reminds humans of fascist oppression, for some reason.

Seaspray: I may be slightly insane after too long alone at sea but you are built entirely of screws and nuts, my friend!
snavej writes: Bumblebee: Teacher, teacher, I know the answer!

Seaspray: Shut up or I'll hurt you, nerd!
snavej writes: Together, the two minibots used their most powerful weapon: colours that didn't quite match.
njb902 writes: Has anyone seen brawn lately?
spartanH85 writes: So I tried out this human drug called was the Matrix of Leadership upgraded my crotch! It was this big!!!
Thadicon writes: BB: Straight up Spray that Con was like this big yo

SS: Word?
reluctantyouth writes: Bee: "You can Dance if you want can leave your world behind"

Seaspray: "Bee I'm pretty sure you have to be standing up to do the S-A-F-E-T-Y Dance"
WolfSpider1979 writes: Bumblebee: "You know, I've had it up to..." *looks around* "Where's Skylynx when you want to over-exagerate?"
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Tranzilla writes: Can you believe he told me I had to be this tall to ride the Cybercoaster? So I showed him what it was like to have this bug's foot up his a.....
Guuhatsu Jinketsu writes: Bumblebee:"Seaspray...Have you ever had...that not so fresh feeling?"
bionic_radical writes: I dont care WHAT Prime says. I shouldnt have to pay a parking fine for Chip. Ill tell you what Seaspray, you throw that little shit out in the ocean for me, and ill let you fill in for me in season 4. Youve got to get a bug mode and lose the speech impedi
agentcastle writes: Bee- I wish I were a little bit taller
Spray - well I wish I were a baller
cusd220 writes: so*
cusd220 writes: BUMBLE BEE:why does youre voice sound so weird
SEA SPRAY:beacause ive been under water for s long.
bdougwrx writes: I really wanted to go, but Prime said I need to be this tall.
OptiMagnus writes: Bee: "Is mayonnaise a weapon?"
Spray: "No Bumblebee, mayonnaise is not a weapon. Horseradish isn't a weapon either."
Bee: "Slaggit!"
Bumblevivisector writes: BEE: "I've had it up to HERE with having to BEEP instead of talk in the Bayniverse and Aligned!"

SPRAY: "As opposed to being made a Wrecker long enough to be killed offscreen? Cry me a river blblblblb-itch!"
snavej writes: Bumblebee's Macarena was awful.
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snavej writes: Bumblebee: What's that horrible smell?!

Seaspray: Sorry, I keep getting fish stuck in my joints. They're dead and rotting.

Bumblebee: Oh, like that time when Gears found a dead raccoon behind his grill.
dedcat writes: Each autobot is gifted with a unique ability. Mirage can become invisible. Trailbreaker has forcefields. Bumblebee can make that farting armpit noise without using his other hand.
reluctantyouth writes: Bee: Seaspray...Ultra Maguns had the spark to tell me I had to be at least this tall to go on the mission
Seaspray: Preaching to the choir kiddo
reluctantyouth writes: Bee: Seaspray...can you believe Ultra Magnus had the spark to tell me that I had to be at least this tall to go on the mission.

Seaspray: Well I guess your bromance date with Spike to the carnival will be alot less fun as well...get ready for the kiddi
Bumblevivisector writes: BEE: "So you're sure Alana was staring at your robot feet, and not mind..."
Ravage XK writes: Bee, put your arm down. I can smell you from here. Oh for the love of Primus get yourself a Magic Tree!
Ravage XK writes: “So you want to get closer to Acree, try the old slipping the arm around the shoulder move in the cinema. Give it a try… the other arm Bee. No hope.”
Mindmaster writes: Can you believe Michael Bay had the BOLTS to milk my character like a cow?
Twitchythe3rd writes: Seaspray looks on in horror as Bumblebee tips his invisible hat.
Wolfman Jake writes: I tell you, Seaspray, I've had it up to here with all the short jokes.
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