Spike and Mikaela hold hands

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Spike and Mikaela hold hands
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DeathReviews writes: "Aw man - our careers are SO dead!"
Bee's Girlfriend writes: Spike: *stares at the camera* Help, she's made me be a dog... and my arm is my leash.
Ravage XK writes: Will you come to my party later? There will be a clown and bouncy castle? The shouty man with a cone wont be there.
Black Hat writes: No! We weren't doing anything! Honest! That's just PVA glue on her shorts!
dirtysock47 writes: Thats shia lebouf for u!!!!!!
Skywarp64 writes: Hang on a sec, you're not Mikaela! You're just a stunt double!
Optimus Eddie writes: I was in shock that you were not asked to play Mikaela again. Well have fun playing Jennifer's Body.I'll bet it will be a big hit and you'll finally get some much needed respect in Hollywood. I'm off to make millions. See ya!
moonie writes: sam: my hand is on the wrong bodypart...
Rept138 writes: Spike: "Hold my hand. I'm scared of robots that are not really there but are added later on".
Ratbat writes: We have to see the movie ourselves to truly see the Transformers we've befriended or hostile, Megan!
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Q_Silverbolt writes: "So, do you come here much?"
Deceptiwho? writes: Oh thank god!! Its just ur hand I thought that was a dismembered body part or something!!
Freddery writes: Mikaela: That's MY 24 carrot gold ring Sam..
Sam : No it's mine
Mikaela: but you don't wear rings
Sam: sure I do, I'm a fancy boy...
Mikaela: I never noticed
Sam: you were to busy looking at my crotch
Sam: see you�
ChevyTron writes: Spike: They gone yet?
Mikaela: Nope. Those crazy fanboys still want our autographs. That one dressed up as Optimus scares me.
snavej writes: Mikaela: Mission accomplished. My body has been lusted at by at least 100 million guys!
gogleman374 writes: Sam:Ok I think The Autobots are busy Fighting The Decepticons!

Mikela:Lets go make Daniel!
Swerve writes: Michael Bay, if you think this one clip will forgive all the damage you've done to this franchise... consider yourself fully pardoned.
Zeedust writes: HE can see a LITTLE out of the corner of his eye, Decepticlone Soundwave? Looking at this picture, I'm betting he can see a LOT out of the corner of his eye!
Road Turtle writes: Mikaela, "Wow, this is like, the worst date Ever."
Gaijin writes: Spike: I think I'm gonna be sick.
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trailbreaker writes: BOOBS!!!!
Split Second writes: Spike: Holy crap, look how awful I look.
darth_paul writes: Mikela: let go of my hand and find me that robot friend of your they call Hot Rod!
Spike: Gulp!
snavej writes: Spike: And I'm being paid very well for it, too!

Mikaela: I think with my chest!
Screambug writes: Spike: "Let's go in Bumblebee and you'll be displayed as a 'Before Carly' babe!"
hot rod 907 writes: mikaela: "uh oh, the entire auddiance can see my boobs!"

spike: "well I'm famous for acting in both matrix sequals, so we all have our own issues!"
autobothound writes: Mikaela: I hope those BAD robot thingies don't get us here!

Spike: Don't worry. They'll never find us here out in the open.
autobothound writes: Mikaela: I think I saw a cute guy over there!

Spike: I think she likes me !
autobothound writes: Why am I not looking at her breastesses...?? Am I gay in this movie?
Dclone Soundwave writes: Spike-"I'd recommend adjusting your blouse. I can see a little outta the corner of my eye ya know........"

"Shut up, I'm tryin' to be sexy here!"
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Riotflea writes: Mikaela, thought balloon: "Just who did I ---- off in a previous life to get stuck with Golem-boy in this car wreck of a movie?"
Riotflea writes: Spike: "I'm serious! The car turned into a robot! It's doors swung in, and he got down on all fours... oh, you're not even looking."
Riotflea writes: Spike: Mikaela, why'd you stop? I was just getting into... DEAR GOD THEY'RE ALL WALKING OUT OF THE THEATER!
Kevinus Prime writes: "Is this first base?"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Spike, my God, everythings gone...(SOB) Spike?"

Kevinus Prime writes: "I swear, if he makes one more off-coloerd "Holes" comment, I'm gonna deck him!"
Pokejedservo writes: Carly: Spike why did they want to change my name into Mikaela again? Spike: Quite frank;y I have no idea...
Powermaster Jazz writes: I hear that relationships that happen under extreme circ---OOPS wrong movie. Come with me if you want to li---DAMN! Whatever, nice rack!
Dragonoth writes: Spike: "This looks like the Phyrexian invasion!"
Mikaela: "You and your Magic® cards!"
Dragonoth writes: Spike: "My car!"
Mikaela: "I told you demolition derby wasn't the same as full-size bumper cars."
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the purifyer writes: And here we have our first image from the new Mario Bros. Movie. This scene shows Peach holding hands with toad.
snavej writes: Spike: Hey, all you nerds out there! The way to get a girl is to start an interstellar war! She'll be all like 'Save me, save me!' and jump right into your arms. Shame about this town, though. It was a nice burgh once.
Halo2addict writes: Spike: Where's Master Chief, the Arbiter, and the Brute Chieftain Tartarus when you need them?
Mikaela: Your kidding, right?
Spike: What gives you that idea? The only reason I said that happens to be that rather than fighting each other, if they sp
ButtZilla writes: Hey everyone's gone, all right Mikaela, let's make Daniel.... ;)
Dragonoth writes: "Where's the Terminator when we need him?"
Dragonoth writes: I booted up my computer to see the new "Before Carly" pic and found out it's from the new movie. Maybe live-action isn't so bad…
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: And as the power plant toppled to the ground, just as Mikaela and Spike thought they had destroyed the evil and were safe, they heard the bone-chilling, bloodcurdling refrain that had haunted this waking nightmare:

1337W422102 writes: Two good reasons why the Transformers came to Earth. And the guy doesn't count.
Byrerprime writes: Girl: And when the booze wears off, you'll realize that this isn't a battle scene from some stupid movie, it's just my messy room. And you'll also realize that I'm fat and ugly.
Stress writes: ahh then wonder years....NOT
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Tusk writes: C'mon everybody! Sing with me!
We dig Giant Robots...
Chicks dig Giant Robots...
I dig Giant Robots...
Zeedust writes: After CArly, there was Mikaela.
snavej writes: Spike: That was one hell of a party! The house is GONE, the yard is full of sand and junk, and the neighbours have turned into giant robots!

Mikaela: What will your parents think?

Spike: Don't worry - I'll blame it all on the neighbours.
snavej writes: Spike: Mikaela, look over there - giant f**king robots!

Mikaela: What did you say? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention. I was too busy looking at Michael Bay's manly body. What a stud! And rich and talented too!

Spike: Please, robots - ki
snavej writes: Mikaela: Spike, why did you think that a junkyard was a good place to bring me on a date?

Spike: Well, it's definitely not because I love mechanical things more than girls. No sir, definitely not because of that.

Mikaela: Do me a favour, Spike
Insurgent writes: Who transformed into the giant pair of scissors and cut out the background?
Anonymous writes: "We've been on this island for 65 days since the plane crash. Shouldn't someone rescue us soon?"
Road Turtle writes: Spike, "If any of you can hear us, Please Send Help! We're trapped in a bad movie!"
Road Turtle writes: Mikaela, "My God, that woman keeps trying to kill us..."

Spike, "Yeah I forgot to tell you; she's my ex-girlfirend Carly, and she's bitter!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike, "Sure she's cute, but I have a robot fetish.....give me Iron Hide anyday of the week."
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Unknown writes: WE at Spike TV salute and give Spike the Manly award for his way with the ladies; even before facing Death
tian17 writes: Do you have HD Digital? We don't. Seems like we're in a photo from the 60's.
Archanubis writes: Mikaela: You know, Carrie Fisher's breasts were taped down...
Thanatos Prime writes: Mikaela: Spike, I know you want to hold my hand but I think the giant robots fighting over there is a little more important right now...
Tom_Servo writes: Spike- "Pretender Shell?"
Cybertron's Last Hope writes: spike:so i guess this means ill get to third base tonight?
Mikaela: well youll either hit a home run or strike out...depends on how horny i get from this danger
1337W422102 writes: I'd hit it. I don't have a caption, I'd just hit it.
snavej writes: Spike: All right, Bay, enough's enough. Call them off. You shouldn't have let them wreck my truck.

Bay (behind camera): That wasn't me. They've just broken free of my control! (punches control panel)

Mikaela: You mean like ED-
snavej writes: Mikaela: I can't believe it! They blew up the Love Motel!

Kyle (from South Park): You bastards!

Spike: What are we going to do now?

Mikaela: Dusty tit wank?

Spike: Okay.
Acelister writes: Spike: "See, I told you our date would be interesting..."
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TransX writes: Shia: If you think this chick is hot, wait till you see who they cast to play Carly in TF III!
Brakethrough writes: You maniacs! You blew it up!
Byrerprime writes: Look biotch, if I missed the 24 premiere event for a cheap feel, I'm going to be very upset. Now stop playin hard to get and let's find my Camaro.
Black Bumblebee writes: Spike: "Of course I've never made out with another girl in the backseat of a Transformer, baby... you're the only one..."
Mikaela: "Well... okay..."
Liege Evilmus writes: Spike, why the hell are you looking at me!?!

Wrong direction buddy!
Unknown writes: Spike and Mikaela barely escaped the wrath of the Transformers fans.... Michael Bay wasn't so lucky.
lordmegatron44 writes: spike: Mikaela will you marry me if we live through this
Anonymous writes: The worst part of this situation —
(her) Uh, I have to hold this gubber's hand!?
(him) Great cleavage shot and I'm at the wrong angle to enjoy it!
dabattousai writes: Micheal Bay: Alright, this is the scene where Spike will look down Mikaela's shirt to see if one of the mini-bots have gotten in there.

Tusk writes: For those of you just tuning in, We are live from the set of Transformers, and I'm about to propose.

Mikaela: Must... Get... Away...
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DinoHonor writes: Spike: It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

Mikaela: I doesn't matter that we are the last humans alive, the answer is still NO.
Wolfguard writes: Shouldn't this be a "Before Carly" pic. ;)
Unknown writes: *Autobot bubbs comment makes me think of Billy Madison*

Spike(Billy Madison voice): "Jackpot."
Optimusizzy writes: Spike: (Sucsess now that I touched a woman the thought of being trampeled by A giant robot doesnt seem as bad now.)
Mikaela: (Good nopw that he's drooling and probably paralise with the fact that he just touched me I can escape as the Decepticons us
R-Burst writes: Shia: Have you watched "Into The Blue Lagoon" yet? Let me show you what happened...
SdazVarence writes: Spike: I wonder if I'll be alowed to say "----" in this movie......mmm clevage
Down_Shift writes: whats her name: Alright, alright, we'll look for your famn contact. Jeeze

Spike: This shouldn't be hard to find, it must be the size of a friggin' hubcap.
Autobot bubbs writes: Spike (Internally): dear diary.... Jackpot
First-Aid writes: (starts to write caption but gets lost in Meghan Fox's cleavage and dies a happy man)
Unknown writes: Shia(as himself): Now you TF fans know why I took this role. All of your arguments against the shape of the TFs and all of the critics who are going to state that I can't act are small prices to pay to be here.

Me(to Shia): You lucky b@st@rd!
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Tusk writes: Bay: Now in this scene, you finally learn that Mikalea is actually your long lost Sister...
TransX writes: Spike: Hey! You! Stop looking at my girlfriend's cleavage!
Thanatos Prime writes: Spike: What's your hand doing here? And what did you do with that pistol that was laying here!?
Booda writes: Spike: Why do we have to be dirty and sweaty all the time? I thought this was about giant robots!

Mikaela: Are you touching me?
hot rod 907 writes: Mikaela: 'Look out spike, it's the film critics!"

Critic(off camera): "The CGI robots are beter actors then you! I havent seen you in a moive this bad since Matrix Revolutions!"

snavej writes: Mikaela: Which one of these robots is Schwarzenegger?

Spike: The one with the pot belly and the drug-induced heart problem in the governor's office, I guess.

Bay (behind camera): I am a frickin' genius! This stuff's gonna be bigger t
snavej writes: Spike: Which camera was it?

Mikaela: I don't know.

Bay (out of shot): Great, you fluffed it. I'll bill you for the wasted $4 million in filming costs!
Darkclyde writes: Spike: (... Thank God Mr. Bay didn't put Dad in this movie, I'll be a jackass if she finds out dad's name is Sparkplug...)
Mikaela: (...stay calm... don't get mad...he's a grease monkey...his hand sweaty like a pig...o God, the t
Tusk writes: Dearly beloved, we are gathered on our hands and knees, in front of this wreckage, to witness the union of Micheal Bay and Transformers...
snavej writes: Spike: Hey, Mikey - we ordered an apocalypse of giant ants, not giant robots! What kinda film are ya runnin' here, anyways?

Mikaela: I'm gonna lie here until I get lovely giant ants fondling my boobs!

Spike: You tell 'em, darlin'
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Editor writes: M) So, they will add in the robots later, right?
S) Yhea, so just look like there is something happening behind us.
M) I'm still not sure what to do.
s) Do you think I know? I'm looking right at the camera for no reason.
teejimusprime writes: do you think the decepticons got mad that mr bay brought in r2-d2?

uhm, i think that should be the least of our worries

r2-beep boop beep(pick me up!!)

no r2. play dead, scopornok is coming

(if youre confused, look at dudes right arm, behind i
Immortal Starscream writes: spike: i dont get it. wasnt there supposed to be robots or something?

mikaela: ya... im so bored

spike: ittle be alright we can still make a human intrest movie right?

TFBuyer writes: Psst! Hey! Mr. Bay! I owe you one!
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