Scorponok attacks Sgt. Epps and friends

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Scorponok attacks Sgt. Epps and friends
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Microraptor writes: can't love!
Microraptor writes: Or a high-five? Just cause i'm a metal alien doesn't mean i
Microraptor writes: Give me hugs damnit! HUGS
megatron1322 writes: Soldier 1:aaaaaahhhhhh mommaaaaa! soldier2: quit playin! quit playin! AHHHHHHHHH!
Zeedust writes: "We're gonna need a can of Raid the size of a fighter jet!"
Towline writes: Iraq does not have weapons of mass destruction my ass!
Tripredacus writes: Be an army of one.....giant scorpion out to eat people!
dirtysock47 writes: lets play tag hes it first.....

holy sh*t i shoudve thought this through
maroyasha writes: Epps: Holy Mother F@#$*r. RRRUUNN!!!
Spanish Dude: Anybody got some energon goodies to feed it?
Guy on the Right: This isn't G1 you idiot.
All Together: Ba weep granna weep niny bon
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Rex Prime writes: SGT: stupid bay....i knew this was a bad idea...he was the mastermind behind everything.

Friends: Darn you Bay! Darn you!

Scorpnok: what the hell talking about?
Black Hat writes: Come back! I just want a hug!
Ultimos writes: Everyone: SH*T! SH*T! SH*T! SH*T! SH*T! SH*T!
BeastProwl writes: Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!!
Godzillabot Primal writes: HUGZ!
michellatron writes: LEFT CHEEK, LEFT CHEEK, LEFT CHEEK!
Ratbat writes: Although Scorponok is a computer-generated image (CGI), the terror Tyrese and his colleagues faced is quite real. Det cord was placed under the sand, and Tyrese and his colleagues had to run as fast as they could.
Blazefrost writes: Skorpy: Hey, did you guys know i'm the ONLY element of CGI here.
Sgt.: Really? so what's making the sand go up?
Soldiers: AWWW CRUD RUNNN!!!
Blazefrost writes: Skorpy: HHHHUUUUUUGGGGGGGZZZZZZ!!!!!
moonie writes: epps:you call that running like hell??!!! Bull[!!!]
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Dinobot13 writes: Tyrese:-I knew i should have stuck with R&B!!!!!!!!!
cybertronianjedi writes: Epps: this is all your fault Bay!!!!!
Michael Bay: atleast I have chicken.
Skorponok: WTH????
moonie writes: humans: BLUE SCREEN ACTIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!
SoundMaster1 writes: i don't wanna scorponok hug!
Mosaic writes: Sgt: Slag it all! I knew I should've been been a veterinarian like my mom wanted me to be! But no, I had to play soldier!
Friend: Run now! Regrets later!
Mad_Mexicoy writes: What scorpion??
Heatseeker writes: I gotta save my left cheek, left cheek, left cheek!
shockticus writes: HUG ME!!!!!
Ratbat writes: (Tyrese) I gotta pretend I'm running away from Scorponok! I'm actually running away from NOTHING.
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Q_Silverbolt writes: "Why did you have to tag him? Now he's it and we're dead!
Deceptiwho? writes: Michael Bay Shouting: Now remember ppl really sell it to me that your about to be impaled by a 3 ton metal scorpion!
Transformation619 writes: Sgt. Epps and friends: what's the time mr. scorponok?
Scorponok: hmm let me check...DINNER TIME!!!!!
Thundertread writes: fear my powerful spining claws of doom!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taiya001 writes: soldier on right: WTF IS THAT?
soldier on left: WHO CARES RUN, RUN LIKE THE WIND!
ACStarscream writes: Later, when asked about that "Incident in the desert", Sergeant Epps would curl up into a ball and sob uncontrollably for hours on end, muttering something about "The scorpions. The scorpions are gonna kill me"...
Freddery writes: Guy On Left: WHAT DO YOU WANT!?
Guy on Left:... why?
Scorponok: THEY LOOK COOL!
Blazefrost writes: SN: *singing* Boo! we're everywhere you see, look out we might be real, this time we've got you CAUGHT UP IN A DREAM!

(song is caught up in a dream by AIK)
Dragon_Convoy writes: mmmmmmm fast food
ChevyTron writes: The new director at the school choir.
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ACStarscream writes: The consequences of not delivering a Decepticon's pizza order on-time...
Roadshadow writes: Scorponok: Don't run away! I just want to be loved! *Sniffs*
Nemesis Jason writes: DAMN YOU SADDAMM!!!!
Ironman21 writes: SGT: Hurry theres a big sale at biglots
Scorponok: hey I can I tag along with you
REGI ICE writes: Getting Chased By Giant Scorpian Robots

Wish You Were Here.
REGI ICE writes: Sarge: *Dancing* Dydle, dee, dydle, dee, dee, dee, dum...
Rgt. Private: Really, Sarge, now would be a -GOOD- time to start running.
REGI ICE writes: Everyone: *thinking* I LOVE this place!!!
dura maxamis writes: Weres the van
galvatron224 writes: MAN ON THE FAR RIGHT: IT'S A MOTHER F****N SCORPION!!
Swerve writes: Every year the military found some way to make their full medical check ups worse but none more so than the year they got the new prostate examination machine.
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trailbreaker writes: Mommy, I want one of those!
Unknown writes: Oh come on i only farted! it weasn't event hat bad.
darth_paul writes: Sgt: *Professor Frink Voice* Horrible, bad, nasty things with teeth and, and claws, and, the glaven! Oh, egad!
Cyros writes: Sgt: *Grunt voice* Horrible, bad, nasty things with teeth and, and claws, and, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Cyros writes: Private: See this look!? It's terror!!
Sgt: Marines, did I give you permission to bitch?
Sorna-Primeacon writes: African looking dude: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Commander Decimus writes: This one time, at band camp...where ya goin?
Mad_Mexicoy writes: SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!
BeastWars 4ever writes: There are some things money can't buy. But for everything else there is Master Card!
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Dragonoth writes: Aaahh! Sandstorm's gone evil!
Zeedust writes: The latest crossover between GI Joe and the Transformers ended badly for Long Range, Tunnel Rat, and Heavy Duty.
Zeedust writes: Scorponok: "Dammit, Blackout, where are you? Come ON, slag it, I wanna go HOME! MAN, know I know how Laserbeak feels."
Pokejedservo writes: Right Soldier: Where that come from?!

Left Soldier: Who cares I'm more worried about where its going!
ZaberFang writes: Should've switched to Capitol One...
Minicle writes: Scorponok: What's in your wallet!?
Unknown writes: Solider: Ummm guys I dont think trying the Universal Greeting is going to work this time RUN!!!!!!
Suzuki writes: YO-JOE!!!... Oh snap...
Minicle writes: Solider: Damn these modern special effects!
JazZeke writes: Black soldier: "Ha! The black dude ain't dying first in THIS film! See you later, slowpokes!"
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JazZeke writes: "Run! Run from Bay's evil machination!"
Unknown writes: damn sarge if that thing came out of your arse then what the hell did you eat!!!
spaceduk writes: sh*t i think we accidentally walked into wild wild west. wheres will smith when u need him!
Ecto writes: The Americans went to Iraq and found a suitable opponent for Godzilla which destroyed the Chrysler Building and Madison Square Garden back in 98.
Ecto writes: When the Canadian Soldiers wanted some better gear they never thought that Canada would buy a Terrorizing Giant Metal Arachnoid from Bernie Mac and send it to them.
TransX writes: Upset by the the Eagle's loss to the Saints, Scorponok decides to take his frustration out on Cowboy's fans.
Kamakaze Thrower writes: By now they realized that poking it with a stick was a terrible idea.
Kamakaze Thrower writes: [Insert generic statement about Starship Troopers here]
shortround writes: oh crap are we in a all robot version of starship troopers.
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Black Bumblebee writes: Dang it! Bush was actually right... they do have WMDs! RUN!
Road Turtle writes: Sgt. Epps, "Run! It's a prostate exam!"

Scorponok, "Let's hear you cough..."
autobothound writes: Middle guy: Make like a Taco Bell and run for the border!!
autobothound writes: Scorponok: Pardon me, would you happen to have any Grey Poupon ? Heh Heh I said "poop on".
autobothound writes: Scorponok: Awww.... Come on fellas! I was just kidding! I'm not really a robotic killer scorpion!
Thanatos Prime writes: Sgt. Epps: This one's all yours Al-Queda!!
snavej writes: Join the Armed Forces, see the world, get squished.
snavej writes: Sgt. Epps: I've been living in a hole for the past 40 years. Are these sorts of things supposed to happen in movies?

Scorponok: SSSSSS! Like the Al-Qaeda terrorisstss, I have been watching moviess mosst of my life and I can asssure you that they
snavej writes: This ain't MASH, it's a big budget rip-off of Stargate SG-1.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Damn these missing episodes of MASH are incredible!
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Death-Ray Charles writes: Transformers Meets Starship Troopers
Road Turtle writes: Sgt. Epps Bug Hunt goes horribly wrong...
Road Turtle writes: Sgt. Epps, "We've got the most advanced military hardware available, and I'd trade it all in for a lousy can of Raid!"
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "Hurry up, Scorponok! We'll never catch up to Skid-Z and those children if you keep lagging!"
Death-Ray Charles writes: Get The Goddamn Bugspray!!!!
Roadshadow writes: Scorponok: Tag! You're it!
Thanatos Prime writes: Scorponok: Wait come back! We haven't even finished the first season of Sex and the City!
Fireblast writes: I want to eat your children!
rad902 writes: Scorponok Munch! Scorponok Crunch!! Crunch these little green hobbitses!
Cybertron's Last Hope writes: I'M GOING TO GET YOUUU!
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LunarFormer writes: Scorpinoc: Man, this sand stuff really gets in everywhere, doesn't it? I'm gonna be cleaning my gears for a month!
vectorpaulie writes: Scorponok-"WASHROOOOOM....OUT OF PEPTO"
Soldiers-"OH S*** HES GONNA CRAP"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Scorpinok, "Mmmm crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle!"
autobothound writes: Scorponok: PLEASE DON'T GO !! I just want someone to ki...err talk to.
autobothound writes: Scorponok: PEEK-A-BOO !!!!
autobothound writes: Scorponok: Everybody RUN!!! Bernie Mac is behind me! Don't let him get me !
underwear ninja writes: "We stumbled on to the set for the Eight Legged Freaks sequel! RUN BEFORE WE'RE FORCED TO WATCH!"
VkmSpouge writes: Scorponok: I've had enough of you doorstep salesmen!
Sky Shark writes: Soldier: What the hell is that thing?

Soldier 2: I don't know maybe its the new Soundwave

Scorpinok: That's a joke at Megatron's design isn't it. Now I have a reason to kill you. By the way, to all you cute little children i
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Tom_Servo writes: Their eyes met across the battlefield. It was love.
Unknown writes: President Bush: The American people are getting restless. We need a new threat to excuse our presence in the Middle East. OK, fellas, hear me out; how about the Decepticons?

VP Cheney (to secret service officer): Can we get more legos in here to occupy
TinChimp writes: Middle Soldier: Call my agent!! It didn't say anything about ZOIDS in the script!!!
snavej writes: Soldiers: Help us, Superman!

Superman: I'll have to clear that with the lawyers. There are all sorts of copyright problems to deal with. Can you hold on for a few years?

Soldiers: [Eerie silence, heavy footprints moving into the distance.]
snavej writes: We told him we ain't got no 'Lord Zarak' but he didn't believe us!
snavej writes: After this, no one dared to laugh at Transformers fans, who were regarded as prophets.
Zeedust writes: Quick, get the Raid! Lots of it!
Archanubis writes: Soilder: "Momma warned me to wear clean underwear if I got into trouble."
ReinaHW writes: The British Army got bored with being mistreated by their government, so they decided to have some fun with the US troops by going a little A-Team on them:

"Who's got the working weapons now, huh, huh?!"
"I told you they needed som
New Omen writes: Sgt.Epp's to Scorponok "Tag, your it"
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Archanubis writes: Scorponok: "Who wants a hug?"
Grimbot writes: White guy 1: "GAAAAAAAAH! HEARTATTAAAACK!"
White guy 2: "Sweet mother of mercy! Where are the Power rangers?"
Autobot bubbs writes: Scorpinok: " Escuse me... have you all accepted primus into your lives?"
Stalker writes: Skorponok: the world's most persistent door-to-door salesman.
Nico writes: Run Forrest Run!
Death-Ray Charles writes: Get to da Choppa!
Acelister writes: Sgt. Epps: "You can't say they never warned us about scorpions in our boots!"
tian17 writes: Scorponok:how come the black dude dont got as many clothes as the white dudes!
Racism, it's gotten to the army!

Epps:you talkin about me foo!
sebbyr writes: Three of these things belong together..
Three of these things are kind of the same.
But ONE of these things is is going his/her own way--
Now it's time to play our game-- it's time to play our game!!!!
sebbyr writes: Stop knocking on my door!!!... I don't know any Osama bin Laden!!!!
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sebbyr writes: good news: we found the weapons of mass destruction!!!
bad news: we found the weapons of mass destruction!!!
Heavy B writes: epps: sh*t
Heavy B writes: epps: sh*t
Thanatos Prime writes: Soldier: What does the manual say about a giant metal scorpion attack?

Epps: Hmm... "Stick head between legs and kiss ass goodbye."
Liege Evilmus writes: "Dude that thing just gave you the nastiest wedgie we've ever seen!"
Archanubis writes: *ala Monty Python*
Humans: "Run away!"
Archanubis writes: Epps: Damn Defense Department! We told them we needed better armor than this!
snavej writes: The 103rd Airborne Choir put on the best modern opera ever, with superb CGI.
snavej writes: I need a laundry - fast!
snavej writes: Saddam DID have WMDs buried in the desert after all!
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GrimSqueaker writes: Sure-It wont let you down
First-Aid writes: The British are Coming! The British are Coming!
Velos writes: It came from the latrine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Optimusizzy writes: I was hoping for Beast Wars Scorponok not kill everything in sight robot
Unknown writes: It was then that the fans realised that Berney Mac was also providing the voice of Scorponok and playing a used car salesmen. Those that didn't die of strokes then and there got up and walked out.
Nico writes: AAAAH! Scorponok!

(Say it whit the voice you use to say AAAAH! Godgira!)
Deszaras writes: Soldier 1: Are those the movie toys?
Soldier 2: Yeah
Sgt. Epps: Then run and don't look them!!!!!!
Ravage XK writes: Scorponok: "Coo-ey! Fellas. My, isn't it hot out here? Its playing merry havac on my optics but don't you worry yourselves about little old me. Why are you running? I have sun lotion, you can have some for baldy over there....Fellas! Ok, lo
Ravage XK writes: As Scorponok popped out from the sand he couldnt decide which idiot to kill first. The guy who was so hard he decided not to wear any kind of sun protection while out in the desert, the guy who thought the bandana was a good look or the guy who wasnt runn
hellveticon_06 writes: SOLDIERS: MOVE OUT!!! HE'S GONNA BLOW!!!!


SGT. EPPS: Oh, Sh@t what do we do now?!
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Nynja writes: Where's Jack Bauer when you need him?!?
billyIII2003 writes: Hey Tyrese Gibson. whats in your wallet?
Editor writes: Starship Troopers 2:
Metal Bug Boogaloo!
shadow minicon writes: Scorponok: I'm going to kill these hunas for what thay did to my leader!!!!!!!
SdazVarence writes: Super Sparkle Tooth paste, Keeps your teeth White even during a Decepticon attack!
Byrerprime writes: Interviewer: Since Scorponok was added later, what were they running from with such fear and conviction.

Bay: Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump.
Sword of Damocles writes: Jarhead: The Director's Cut
HardHead writes: Aww crap... Scorps farted!!!
XeroSyphon writes: "Humans, I just want a hug!"
Boomstick69 writes: Sgt. Epps: Look at my nice clean teeth
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Boomstick69 writes: Scorponok: I'll kill anyone who says another rubbish line from the matrix!
Sgt. Epps: We're sorry please don't kill us AHHHHH!!!
hot rod 907 writes: soldier 1: "MORPHEUS! THE MACHINES ARE ALMOST INSIDE OF ZION!"

Ecto writes: When the Canadians met a Sergeant form the US in Iraq, they never expected a Large Metallic Arachnoid.


Sergeant: No one said the Talibans had these!

Boonie Hat: Yeah Dude, he's probably angry because Macdonald&
1337W422102 writes: "Oh God, it's Michael Bay's ego! Haul ass!!"
BigEDO22 writes: Solider on the right:"My recuriter never told me I'd have to fight big @#% robots for space!

Solider on the left: "Mom always said there was other lifeforms I should have believed her! What in the world is this hunk of moving metal?

Crashinibon writes: Ohshi- it's a Scorponok, get in the car!
kryptondave writes: The Press Your Luck game show gets an upgrade.
Sgt. Epps: "I said 'Big bucks, NO WHAMMY!'"
maximus primus writes: epps: join the army they said, see the world they said, kick some enemy of freedom butt, no one said i'de be fighting a reallt pissed off mechscorpion.

scorponok: join the decepticon army he said, see new worlds he said, crush all my enemies, he d
signit writes: Stupid soldier on the right, NEVER make eye contact with Scorponok!
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Kevinus Prime writes: "This is the last time I do "Dancing with the Stars" with a Decepticon!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "RRAAAAIIIIIIDDDDDDDDD!!!!!
Optimutt writes: Epps: Dear, God, man! It's Cujo's big brother!
dismembled writes: Sgt Epps: Holy f***!!!

Left soldier: What in god's name is that?

Right soldier: ARGH!!!

Sgt Epps: Screw fighting for my country! I don't get paid enough for this. RUN MEN!!!
Giga Prime writes: It was when Michael Bay introduced Scorponok's Harajuku dancers, that the fans really got mad.
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