Transformers celebrate the New Year

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Transformers celebrate the New Year
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Tripredacus writes: Omega's still staring at me. Anybody wanna walk me to my ship?
Black Hat writes: A rare moment of the Transformers not beating each other to iron filings. It's a Christmas miracle! Not pictured: Arcee in a sexy santa outfit.
#Sideways# writes: I wouldn't touch that one guy in the front of Omega with a ten foot pole!
shockticus writes: eeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Deceptiwho? writes: Me Grimlock new years resolution is for me to stop speaking in third person!
Freddery writes: Omega Supreme: Bumblebee, that was MY present, you even bought it for me.
Bumblebee: actually, I bought it for you for myself, knowing you don't want another one of me running around.
Omega Supreme:...jerk
Omega Supreme thinking: I'm crapping
ChevyTron writes: Bumblebee: Hey, quit drinkin' up there! I can't be the designated driver if you guys get hammered!
RailRider writes: While most of the Autobots get plastered at newyear, Bumblebee gets to play with himself....
Swerve writes: Kup: Every year that Bumblebee checks to see if the toys are anatomically correct. What does he expect, we're freakin' robots!?!
Gaijin writes: Why Transformers should not drink...
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darth_paul writes: BB: Sweet it's the keychain version of me! Now I don't have to lose my keys anymore and I can finally transform again!
Grimlock: Since when you become Action Master?
hot rod 907 writes: bumblebee: why the hell would I want a toy of myself!?!
TransX writes: Kup: I don't know who invited the Deceptihumbugs again this year, but...

Grimlock: Me Grimlock love Kup's Christmas stories!

Kup: You're living one now!

Darkwing and Dreadwind: Have a gory Christmas and a horrible new year!
SilentBlaster writes: Omega supreme:*thinking*What are decepticons doing here*thinking*
Kup:Hey Jazz! you gonna take out the trash or not?
Dreadwing: Yep i'm wheeljack for sure.
Kup: Your not Wheeljack! your ...... wait who are you?
Dreadwing: I'm a regular autob
Chaingun writes: didn't we do this same image last year?
† Sunstorm writes: Grimlock: YES! just what i wished for to christmas, decepticon to SLAG
Omega supreme: im CONfused, are those two dropoffs really evil at all?
Kup: damn, the seats are already taken, and I wanted the santa role this year and the fricking micro comes and
snavej writes: Omega Supreme: Will all of you get out of my private toilet, and take the frakking christmas tree with you?! I want to drop my heavy metal log in peace!
snavej writes: Darkwing: Liquids - do they scare you, Dreadwind?

Dreadwind: No, neither on me nor in me.

Darkwing: How about snakes?

Dreadwind: Smoked snakes can be found in the nibbles bowl just behind Bumblebee. I smoke them myself, with my afterburners.
snavej writes: Party game - drink the fluid that the rest of the group excreted last month and left on a radiator since then.
snavej writes: A word of warning to double agents: never get your picture taken with 'the enemy'.
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Death-Ray Charles writes: Kup: Bah Humbug!
Death-Ray Charles writes: Omega Supreme: Who the Hell Invited Dreadwing and Darkwing?
Optimusizzy writes: Kup: Cellebrate while you can boys! Next Year were inviting Primus and we all know were he stads on Energon Highs
snavej writes: Back in the late 1980s, the G1 Transformers took control of the internet just before it became globally popular. They celebrated that Xmas with many glasses of premium rocket fuel. In years to come, they would make a 5-cent profit whenever anyone did an
Optimus_Dex writes: Bumblebee: And I will call him... mini me.
Road Turtle writes: Bumblebee, "Oh cool, he looks just like me!...but what's a GoBot, and he's called Bug Bite, and he's a Renagade; what's that about?"

Grimlock, "No Bumblebee! Grimlock Smash Gobot! Gobot bad!"

Kup, "Primus
Road Turtle writes: Bumblebee, "OH Wow! My very own Mini-Con! I wonder if I stick it on my butt like Armada Hot Shot, if a cannon will pop out of my back too!"

Kup, "No Dumble-Butt! Wrong continuity! This party's G1 only!"

Grimlock, "Then
Sherade writes: All (except Grimlock and BB): Beer is good, And stuff!
Grimlock: Me grimlock say it bad!
Kup: This reminds me of when we barbecued our own man for treason.
Grimlock: Me Grimlock say me tasty!
Bumblebee: Damn you Santa.
Unknown writes: Dreadwind: "Why are we here, Darkwing? Were Decepticons!"
Darkwing: "This must be some sort of Autobot-designed torture."
Grimlock: "You bet it torture! Me Grimlock see no fembots!!!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: It must be Xmas there's a new UCC picture......wait...*sigh* .

It's not new at all.
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1337W422102 writes: The Bumblebee Paradox
Cybertron's Last Hope writes: Kup: I sure wish Unicron was here to clean up this... Bumblebee stop playing with yourself!
Cybertron's Last Hope writes: Megatron: Soundwave! Jam their party!
Soundwave: As you command Megatron
Cybertron's Last Hope writes: I think I should've laid off the eggnog...I swear I see an Autobot in the tree.
jayme writes: Kup: Why can that little lad get to open his gift first?!
jayme writes: "click" camara flashes. Merry Christmas from Cybertron!
DeceptiGojira writes: Jesus, I dont what to be on the "wings" place after the party, Omega, Cup and Grimlock doesnt seem happy with those two.
WithoutMorals writes: Megatron: "Darkwing, Dreadwind...explain this incriminating photo!"

Darkwing: "If Grimlock and Omega Supreme invite you to a Christmas party, are YOU gonna say 'no'?"

Dreadwind: "Yeah, we're depressed, not stu
silverboltprime_1974 writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock want yellow bug!!!!
Kup: Hey I remember the time i was surrounded by male bots...
Grimlock: What..
1337W422102 writes: That Christmas, little Donny Figueroa didn't get the coloured pencils he wanted.
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Kevinus Prime writes: ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
Kevinus Prime writes: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Kevinus Prime writes: Kup:Bumblebee whats in that box....Bumblebee:Heh heh Kup:OOHHHH GOD BUMBLEBEE
snavej writes: This is the scene just before the floor collapsed under the weight - well over 1000 tonnes of Transformers.
snavej writes: All parties later sued over this illegally Photoshopped image.
Archanubis writes: Who brought the enernog!
dismembled writes: Grimlock: "I saw Optimus kissing... Santa Claus. Underneath the missletoe last night."

Bumblebee: "Eww did he really?"

Kup: "Sure did. I saw him to."

All: "EWW!!!"
jayme writes: omega supreme"Ok, were's my boos!"
brianharris16 writes: Grimlock:Someone stole me Grimlock's beer!?!?!?!

Kup: No need to look any futhur lad. Looks like these punks polished it off.

Omega: I thought those were fake ID's they gave me. Hope Prime doesn't dock my pay.
LunarFormer writes: Omega Supreme crashes the _____masters line promo shoot.
"Why this unit not get at least an Action Master?"
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grimlock2000 writes: Bumblebee: Hey, look you guys, it's Mini Me!
Kup: Speaking of mini me, did I tell you about the time I helped Austin Powers defeat Dr. Evil?
Grimlock: Me, Grimlock, wanna get shagged!
Liege Evilmus writes: Yeah, we're all happy that they finally changed this picture too!

Vitatech writes: Me Grimlock crush eggnog!
dabattousai writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock love Kup's Christmas stories.

Kup: You're in one now.
Thanatos Prime writes: Kup: This party sucks...
Acelister writes: Bumblebee: "Figure's I'd have to play with myself all over the Christmas period..."
strata32000 writes: Kup: Cheap ass decepticons. Crash my party drink my booze and s**t on my rug.
Grimlock: It ok Kup, me Grimlock whip me ass with tree.
Omega: So that is what the smell is. I just thought that Kup wasn’t very good at keeping headquarters clean.
trailbreaker writes: "Omega Supreme, quit groping Bumblebee!!!"
trailbreaker writes: "Hey didn't we do this last year too???"

Merry Christmas!
First-Aid writes: Me Grimlock peed on Christmas tree
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Kevinus Prime writes: Kup: "Where'd the 100 foot tree and 10 foot glasses come from? And how is Omega here with us?"
Darkwing:"Shut up and drink!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Grimlock: "Me work at Burger King, making flame broiled whoppers, me wear paper hats...."
SilentBlaster writes: Bumblebee: Why doesnt this thing transform?
Kup: Because its not a transformer lad.
Grimlock: GIMMEE EGGNOG!!!
Darkwing: you your your your seeeeexy.
Dreadwind: Uh oh too much eggnog.
Unknown writes: The Autobots celebrate with their new Transformer friend, Christopher the Christmas Tree.
Roadshadow writes: Micromaster on top of the tree: Everyone, this is my new wife, Vanessa!
Bumblebee: Another toy version of me? Dammit Kup I wanted a cell phone, not this junk!
Kup: You're too young for a cell phone...ya rotten punk!
Grimlock: Me Grimlock get
Zeedust writes: Dreadwind: "What am I doing with this drink? I don't even have a mouth!"

Grimlock: "Welcome to me Grimlock's world."

Dreadwind: "Yu at least have a mouth in your alt mode, I turn into a plane... Ah, what the hell,
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Bumblebee: Awww. I wanted an iPod.
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Bumblebee: Hey how come we're all glowing
Grimlock: Me Grimlocm not glowing, me Grimlock always loke this
Bumblebee: Damn you Grimlock, how many times have I told you to stop buting me toys of myself
OP: (off) Heh Bumblebess playing with himself a
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Bumblebee: Hey how come we're all glowing
Grimlock: Me Grimlocm not glowing, me Grimlock always loke this
Bumblebee: Damn you Grimlock, how many times have I told you to stop buting me toys of myself
OP: (off) Heh Bumblebess playing with himself a
Not Sonic writes: Bumblebee:hey,um wheres optimus?

Omega Supreme:he said somthin bout
gettin chips and energon dip at walmart..

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commander setinel writes: Im ok , I'll drive
juggaloG writes: Darkwing: This high=grade Energon makes me happy! Hic!
Dreadwing: Finally, I'm not depressed anymore! Hic!
Greg writes: Hey Guys! Look What I Got! A Toy Car!
Oh No! Its One Of Megatrons Bombs Again! Hit The Deck!
Soda Pop Kurtis writes: WAZZAAAAAAP!!!
DeltaOmega writes: Wasted!
Kal-Seth writes: Bumble bee: is it me or did they really screw up or color schemes?
Kup: it's called Budget Cuts Lad Get use to them
Nightshadow writes: Autobot #1: Happy Chinese New Year
Autbot #2: Its not the chinese New year you moron, that was 9 months ago.
Tiedye writes: BUBBLEBEE-OH crap, I wanted a pink car so I could pretend I had a girlfriend...sigh
Unknown writes: Should old acquaintances be forgotten,
And never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintances be forgotten,
And days of long ago !
Unknown writes: IIIII'MMMMMMM bringin home a baby bumblebee, wont my mommy be so proud of me.....
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Unknown writes: bumblebee: how do you make this stupid thing transform!? GRRRRR! *an arm snaps off* oops, *bumblebee's own arm falls off* YAAAHH!!
kup: pssst, grimlock! i think bumblebee likes the voodoo doll we got for him!
Alphatron2k3 writes: Omega and that other guy on the couch are screwed when it comes to drinking, but hey they can just pour it down their refueling ports.
And Kup... Well he's just mad eveyone said no to his past parties he's been at. And ol'Grim
Firewalker writes: Darkwing and Dreadwind: "We're going to keep drinking until a new UCC pic is posted!"
Unknown writes: Bubble Bee: Man i can't get this window in hey this thing looks lik me
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Kup,"I hate the winter it's cold in here.Makes my joints ache." Grimlock,"Me throw nother Decepticon on fire." Dreadwind,"What?"
Unknown writes: Me: Hey, happy new year, cherie! Oh and I just scored a new lady friend. Meet Faye Valentine, my newest fiancee. (a slightly drunk Faye says hello) Don't stop being 'more than meets the eye', y'all.
Ahman writes: Darkwing:...HAHAHA, and i proposhe a toasht too! a TOASHT...a toasht to *hic* our great leader, a toasht to MEGATRON!! LONG LIVE M..m..mega...tron...uh...Dreadwind, why ish they all looking at us funny all of a shudden?
Ahman writes: just smile and say thankyou boys, they dont know we cant actually drink it, and kup, dont glower so much, just coz you got coal in your stocking, look at poor bumblebee, he's really got a bee in his bonnet about his present.
Unknown writes: Bublebee: Hot Damn! These minicons are getting more and more lifelike.
Kup: That's no minicon, kid, that's a cowpie.
Grimlock: That no cowpie, that minicon.
Kup: Well, damn, then this eggnog is more than meets the eye...
Kiken writes: Hay who made the punch
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Unknown writes: Kup: OK, who cut one?
Unknown writes: Sparkplug:Only a crappy toy car,I WANTED A GAMECUBE!
Everyone Else:Cheer up and have some eggnog,these humans sure know how to through a paarty!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Dreadwind,"You know, Darkwing,looking at Bumblebee reminds me I hafta pee." Darkwing,"You're tellin me? I'm the one who finished off the bottle this runt's sittin on." Dreadwind,"You
Alphatron2k3 writes: All: 99 cubes of Energon on the wall, Take one down pass it around, 98 cubes of Energon on the wall...

Kup: I hate this song!

Bumblebee: Well i hate this toy!

Omega Surpream: Vocal processors unable to conply.

Grimlock: ... Take one down smas
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Me... GRIMlock... say Bumblebee's HAD... too much to drink!
Kup: He's dead, Grim.
Omega Supreme: Thought process: highly illogical. Likely cause: drunkenness. Logical course of action: Pour Jim "Laser" Beam
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Me Grimlock,dis Cybertronian Jackass,dis is drunk skateboarding."
Unknown writes: Bummbelbee: i'm playing with a toy version of myself...far out man
Minicle writes: Mini-bee: You've touched me in ways i've never been touched before.
Bumblebee: EEEK! The Toy just spoke!
Kup: Dum lad, yer hallucinating from all that rum you drunk, from MY bottle!
Omega supreme: I did n't know you could hea
Unknown writes: Seconds before this picture was taken, Omega Supreme let one rip. Hence he's the only one red in this picture
Unknown writes: There is the other one:
Kup: "what those 'cons do here?" Grimlock:" Me need fight when Me drunk!And Me love fight 'cons..."
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Unknown writes: Kup:Bumblebee, I have always said that you shouldn't wash you with too hot water!
Bumblejumper writes: Bumblebee, " Well, when Hot Shot pluggs his Minicon into his butt, a cannon pops out of his back. I wonder what'll pop out of me when I cram you in my nether regions?"

Minibee Minicon, "NO! For the Love of God! NO!&a
Bumblejumper writes: Bumblebee,"Yellow Punch-Buggy!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Darkwing and Dreadwind are gonna keep drinking til these jokes get funny.Go ahead drink one beer for every post sooner or later every post will be hilarious.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Ever seen an Autobot drunk and drive?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Anybody out there know the legal limit before a Cybertronian is legally drunk?
Unknown writes: All:We *Hic* wish u a *Hic* merr-AWW screw it more booze *Hic*
Unknown writes: Dinobot Guidebook p 341 Rule B17: Never give your Dinobot alcohol. Dinobot NOT responsable for any damages incured upon helpless Minicons.
ArctosPrime writes: Minicons: All together now, "Bring me two pina coladas, i gotta have-" Grimlock then eats the one in the tree
Big-Convoy writes: Kupp:Heywait this isn't lemonade.......ohh real funny guys
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yamacon writes: BUMBLEBEE-wheres the carb on this thing?
Unknown writes: Bumblebee:Ohh a toy of me uhh great.


Bumblebee:Uhh WAIT OHH GO- *Squish*
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: I don't wanna party with Kup he's an angry drunk.
FortMax writes: Omega Supreme: Ugg...Eggnog excessive, ability to hold liqour limited
Minicle writes: Megatron(From previous caption): Soundwave, do you know that there's a Christmas party being held in your exhaust. port.
Soundwave: I wondered what the noise was.
Grimlock: No look now lads, but me think we been discovered!
Bumblejumper writes: Crashing parties by passing out Minicons, Dreadwind's and Darkwing's ploy didn't last long.
Unknown writes: See, alcohol really can solve your problems.It just ended a civil war!
Bumblejumper writes: Transformers get'n faded.
Bumblejumper writes: Bumblebee,"...and I shall call him......MiniBee!"
Bumblejumper writes: Bumblebee gets his own Minicon, "I'll love him, and squeeze him, and call him Geroge."
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Bumblejumper writes: "For Auld Lang Syne my dear! Auld Lang Syne! We'll Raise a cup of Energon for Auld Lang Syne!...."
Unknown writes: The Transformers are to drunk with energon they haven't noticed that Daniel Witwicky played a joke on them: he changed their colours....
Bumblebee: What the F**k is that crap??? I asked for an economic car, but this is ridiculous....
all oth
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Robots drinking heavily how come nobody called Death Wreck? MOMEEEE!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Who hide me Grimlock's booze in stupid tree ?"
Zeedust writes: Narrator: "It is the year 2005. A spectacular Alternator version of Bumbleebee is produced, and is given to Bumblebee himself for Christmas. Unfortunately, he can't transform it without the instructions, and is ridiculed mercilessly un
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The four most terror inducing words ever."DRUNK DINOBOT COMMIN THROUGH!"
Rainbow Starscream writes: Bumblebee: Oh a gift? For me? (Reads gift tag) To Bumblebee, from Megatron. Bumblebee: Wasen't that sweet of him? (Opens gift) Ooohhhhh!!! It looks just like me! Thanks Megatron, you're the greatest!
Rainbow Starscream writes: All the transformers share the Christmas spirit by joining in with the minicon to sing "99 bottles of energon on the wall".
Unknown writes: Why is Bumblebee always playin wit himself?
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Mkall writes: "Tonight's the night we're gonna get Grimlock plastered!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Optimus thought leaving the key to the liquor cabnit with Kup was a good idea,but this is the scene he found when he got back to the ark.Maybe it was time to reconsider Kup's position as security director.
Minicle writes: Kup: What in the holy Matrix is wrong with those two.
Omega Supreme: They caught the millenium bug.
Dreadwing/Darkwing: BBZZZPP. BLLEEPPPP. HIC
Grimlock: Oi that me Grimlock's booze!
Minicle writes: Who's coming down your chimney for Christmas.
Minicle writes: This is what Decepticons have nightmares about.
Minicle writes: Kup: BAH....Humbug.
Ben writes: The Beginning of "When Good bots go Bad"
chi-chi writes: LETS PARTY ON DUDES
gruff writes: Dreads: It's OK for, Darkwind, at least you can drink yours! What the heck am I supposed to do with this drink?
Hot Rodimus writes: Bumblebee-(as Golem from LOTR)"my....prettious..."
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Silver Arrow Girl writes: Bumblebee: Wow! It's like, Mini me! Cool!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: It wasn't until the guests started lifting their glasses of Energon and toasting "'Till all are one!" that the Ghost of Christmas Past realized she'd brought Ebenezer Scrooge to the wrong party.
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: Why did you buy me my own action figure Kup?
Kup: I got everybody their own action figure
JAZZ writes: Bumblebee: Hey Kup, why so glum chum?
Kup: Well Bumblebee, this reminds me of the time that I was defending the planet of Zargon...
Unknown writes: Dreadwind: Okay, Darkwing, just act natural and maybe they won't notice...
Unknown writes: Ignored by all the other Transformers, Bublebee just sits in the corner, petting a toy Volkswagon while muttering something about "his Precious".
Alphatron2k3 writes: Kup: Another year, another postphoned retirement.
Grimlock: Who Fart? Was it Deadwind he aways steals Grimlocks drink, He will pay...
Bumblebee: Hmm, not what I wanted, but at least Coal is useful as fuel.
Omega Supeream: This area is too compact to
tony writes: Grinlock with too much to drink: "Me Grimlock see double, me go throw up now" Kup: "Oh great, and I lost my licence when I retired!" Dreadwind and Darkwing: "Megatron's gonna love us, Grimlock&
Bruticus writes: Bumblebee: Let's hear the New Year's resolutions!
Grimlock: "To find fluffy bunny!"
Omega Supreme: "404 Error: Page Not Found."
Kup: "To go back and make sure Chaos is dead!"
Mythos writes: dammmn guys who spiked the puch?
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Daedelus writes: Omega "Guys..whos the bot with the christmas tree shoved up his ass?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Omega Supreme,"Statement.A drinking problem this unit does not have.This unit drinks this unit falls down.Problem non existant." Swindler,"My @$$ pal you fall down we end up a grease spot."
Unknown writes: everyone singing: deck the halls with parts of shockwave! fa la la la la, la la la la!
Unknown writes: {Grimlock} Bumblebee say, when you hear a bell ring another Autobot just got his Matrix.
FortMax writes: Arcee resolution was to stop sitting on her ass all the time...after the new years party she won't be able to
FortMax writes: Bumblebee: I knew I shouldn't have smoked all that pot
chaoticmegatron writes: Little do the transformers know, they will be responible for running over a defenceless mini-con, after going home from the christmas party...But only one...will get a DUI...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Familar characters,with odd paint redeco's.AAAAAHHHH,I get it the newest line of Transformers Universe says happy holidays.
Spider Prime writes: Man, if we hadn't of passout at the Christmans party, then Wheelie wouldn't have painted us such crappy colors.
Unknown writes: The next morning, the Autobots thought they overheard Kup talking about the Ick-Yak again. Fortunately, he was not telling his dumb old story... he was just vomiting.
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Several hours,and drinks later.Omega Supreme,"Heyevrybuddddddiee wur wait......inthe nect roomm whur doin body sczhootz offfa Wheeelie!!!" Grimlock,"ME KNEW IT YOU SICK FREAK!Blurr told me you try to give him what you cal
Firewalker writes: Apparently the artist had a bit too much alcohol last night...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Omega Supreme,"Hey guys we're doin body shots offa Arcee in the next room."
Unknown writes: "Till All Are... Drunk"!
Unknown writes: Me, Grimlock say it Party Time!
Unknown writes: "Omega Supreme's here! He brought nachos and pretzels!"
Unknown writes: Man, I gotta put down this crack pipe and think straight......
Unknown writes: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us here at Cybertron!!!

Oh yeah....Galvatron got Coal again this year
Unknown writes: Well this is just...weeird...who knows? Megatron could come barging in at any minute wearing a tutu singing "I'm a little teapot..."
Unknown writes: What the hell is on the top of the tree?
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ShinConvoy writes: Grimlock"Why 'cepcons give puny Bumblebee little yellow car, me Grimlock want little yellow car, Me Grimlock get stupid Armor-all. 'Cepcons will pay. Me Grimlock crush puny 'cepcons and Bumblebee and have yellow car a
Cliffjumper writes: Bumblebee: Hey wait uh astrosecond my tailpipe isn't that big, and since when did I get that prostate!
Meister writes: Kup: "We now celerbrate our two new members to the autobot. The POWERMASTER's Dreadwing & Darkwing!!!
All: Yeheey...
Dreadwing:(Supprise) "You mean This is not the BOTCON?!"
Ricochet writes: Kup: How cute, Bumblebee is playing with himself
Unknown writes: Bumblebee displays bemused narcissism. Grimlock vows vengeance.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: On new years eve the Transformers drank heavily so did I,but when I sobered up Transformers Energon was still there.
gir writes: oookkk this is just plain creepy..
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Considering that glossy sheen over everybody, I think it's safe to say the Quintessions snuck onto Cybertron and flipped "the switch" while the Autobots and Decepticons were getting smashed. Oh, well; at least they went out hap
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Is that a slice of lemon on Dreadwind's glass? Diet Energon?
Suzuki writes: OMEGA SUPRIME: Um, are my optics malfunctioning, or has this EnergonNog made us candy colored? . . . Mmmm, candy . . . .
BUMBLEBEE: Uh, Omega ol' buddy? Why are you looking at us like that . . . and drooling?
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M writes: How did Omega Supreme manage to get through the door!?
M writes: You've been tricked. Bumblebee isn't holding a toy. A giant toy is holding Bumblebee.
Firewalker writes: It [i]is[/i] just like the "Autobot's Only" thread, right down to the Decepticon infestation.
Meister writes: shortly, after this picture was taken. The transformers was kiiled in a freak accident involving some mad transformers... Due to the fact that, the arc was crush by "Tripticon" in a insane act of revenge. That they did't celerbr
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The Transformers celebrate 10 years of being on earth,coincidently it's also 10 years of a war that doesn't even concern humans,10 years of US living in fear,10 years of OUR planet being used as a galactic gas station.GO THE HELL HOME YO
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Moments later Bumblebee hacked up microchips and energon all over Tailspin.
Chaingun writes: Hey! it's like the Autobots only thread in the Heavy Metal War Forum minus all the food-fighting and godmoding
USDA Prime writes: Dreadwind: "How exactly am I supposed to drink this? I don't have a mouth."
Grimlock: "You and me, both."
g2jazz writes: kup: this reminds me of that new year party at Beta4
Pokejedservo writes: Here are the three questions this pic makes us ask.

Why is Bumblebee playing with himself like that? Why is Kup quite literally black & blue? AND WHY IS EVERYONE'S COLOR SO BRIGHT?!

Other that that? Heh, nothing out of the ordinary
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SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Bumblebee had really wanted a Red Rider Light-Laser Rifle, but Prime insisted he'd "shoot his optic out." The bright side was, at least he didn't get a football.
alvahnomicron writes: ...A lesson for you all in the "DON'T"s of perspective drawing....
General Megatron writes: Cup:"aug just another year older..."
Bumbblbee:"cool just what i always wanted!" Grimlock: "Me grimlock say Me not underage to drink give me some!"
Laserbot writes: Bumbblbee:"he look gys I get my very own minicon!"
"thats nothing were all powerlinx"
Jade writes: Omega: Somethings floating in my drink!
Unknown writes: The real present: Omega Supreme is blushing because he just stepped on Wheelie.
Unknown writes: PARTY!!!!!!!!
optimal prime writes: Could u pass the transnog please
steve2275 writes: twas a good year
fishyofpain writes: Bumblebee: Gee thanks, a mint condition Bumblebee of ebay... What the? No pretender shell? Cheap bastards...
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Gub writes: Bumblebee: It CANT be that small can it....come-on, i'm bigger then leader-1 here for crying out loud!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The Autobots force Darkwing and Dreadwind to drink urine.It's a holiday tradition,started by Bing Crosby,when he forced his granddaughter Denise Crosby to drink his urine during his live Christmas special.(Whoa,sorry about that image I'm
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Is that Powerlinx Kup?
Optimus Prime, Jr. writes: A holiday postcard from the Ark.
Unknown writes: Me Grimlock say... Give back EnergonNog.
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: So if this thing is suppose to be me, then who am I?
Unknown writes: Bumbleblee: Dammit! This friggin' thing's worse than a goddamn rubix cube!
Unknown writes: bumblebee: buh.... how do you get this thing to transform? i know it should be simple for me...
Unknown writes: i love transformers and i love being drunk so good job
USDA Prime writes: Bumblebee: "All right, I got a Leader-1 mini-con!
Kup: "Dagnabbit, I thought I told you not to invite anyone from Armada!"
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Starscreamer writes: Kup: "Ya know, shame neither Starsabre or Leozak coulda made it"
Dreadwing: "well then a toast to a MASTERful New Year then!"
Bumblebee: "I wonder if I plug this in my a back..."
Senor Hugo writes: "Hulk Sma..errr..Grimlock Smash puny Decepticons for drinking Grimlock's bathtub eggnog."
Sideswipe writes: dude we are so drunk right now off eegnog

oh and merry christmas
Meister writes: Dreadwing: "I told you that the autobot give-out COOL parties!!!"
Darkwing: "Yeah! Not like STARSCREAM'S party!
( See caption below for continue story. hehe!)
Meister writes: All: "MERRY CHRISMAS EVERYONE!!!
Dreadwing & Darkwing: "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!"
(all was in shock...)
Dreadwing: (whispering.)"I think their on to us..."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Me Grimlock no believe Tailspin drank whole bottle of Enerschlager."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Pictured here for the 1st time is the one and only Foliage Pretender, Bark,as you can imagine a transformer disguised as a tree didn't end to well.He was last seen at the curb being thrown into the back of the garbage truck.Sad isn't it?
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Hey look...Bumblebee play with himself! Huh huh huh huh!
Omega Supreme: Grimlock...
Kup: Say no more. I can make it look like an accident!
PredaKing writes: Though they seemed happy now, their joy was soon distinquished. As their special, like the Aerospace program, was beaten by a Connie Chong Christmas.
Dirge writes: Twas the night before christmas, and all through the Arc, Swindler had some fun with the angel in the dark. Crasy ol Grimlock had too much to drink, and Kup kept pouting "What will Optimus think?!" Bumblebee opened a present in his stoc
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nothing_face writes: This is what happens when the Enernog starts to flow...
Unknown writes: Tragically, after this picture was taken, the two 'Cons were viciously dismantled by a handful of drunk Autobots.
Unknown writes: Welcome back to "The Korean Transformer Knock-off Christmas special."

A Rankin-Bass production
Unknown writes: "Fellowship of the... Booze".
Unknown writes: Happy
Merry, we can;t say that.
Have a, we'll ge in trouble for that one.
What the hell do we celeibrate anyways?
USDA Prime writes: Bumblebee: "I shall call him...... Mini-Me."
Unknown writes: Kup: "It's the New Years so let's all get drunk and go on a joy ride with Primus." Bumblebee: "I don't think that's a good idea!" All: Shut the hell up! Yes it is!!"
Prime Nova writes: Kup - Grimlock, stop moving your hand like that.

(could the whole image have been displayed? Prime & Jazz are on the right)
Wrecked-Gar writes: The ultimate bad New Years party: approx 200 blokes and one Arcee!
Unknown writes: What the gathered Autobots didn't know was that Bumblebee's gift was actually the first drone in his army to conquer the world...
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Unknown writes: All: THANK YOU ARCEE! Kup: All clear Bumblebee. Start that thing up...
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Me (hic) Grimlock say, (hic) me drunk! (hic) Going to (hic) puke on (hic) guy in front (hic) me!
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: The hell...? This is BUMBLEJUMPER!!! I wanted HUBCAP!!! Grimlock: Ah, shut up, Bumblebee! You not get stupid blue G2 redeco like me! Omega Supreme: Warning! 20th Anniversary Prime figures NOT Takara models - sensors indicate short smokest
Stormwolf writes: Kup: Stop playing with yourself Bumblebee!
Black Arachnis writes: me Grimlock kick butt of decepticons!(darkwingyou still think it was a bright idea to swipe Grimlock`s enerbooze?
Unknown writes: Omega Supreme: "Egg nog: excessive; patience: limited." Kup: "Chirstmas!? of all the rabble-rousing, lousy-- I'M JEWISH!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: What the hell is a drunk Swindler doing with that angel at the top of the tree?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: A scene from the upcoming series Transformers:Cheers. You wanna go were every bot knows your name.
Unknown writes: [Kup] Why are two Decepticons--Darkwing and Dreadwind--in our headquarters?! Did we invite 'em?
Unknown writes: [Bumblebee] I just looooove this Volkswagen Beetle! It's a spitting image!
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Unknown writes: Me Grimlock want to wish fellow Autobots happy new year!
Unknown writes: The Autobots are having a New Year's Eve party--and you're invited! Just stop by The Ark, permanently lodged within Mount St. Hilary, somewhere in Oregon.
Jade writes: The more i drink the more this pic looks better.
Zeedust writes: "Me Grimlock say it Kup's turn to hold up tree!"
zodconvoy writes: neither Kup nor Omega Supreme nor even Grimlock had the heart to tell Bumblebee that his Decepticon party guests were sitting on his kitten...
Unknown writes: *all autobots* wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year to all earths inhabitants, 'till all are one!

Bumblebee: horay! i got myself as a toy!
Unknown writes: A happy New Year from the cast as they go off and have a great time whilst drunk off their minds and doing 'confidential' activities! A Happy New Year to everyone!
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