The "real" Optimus Prime

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The "real" Optimus Prime
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Optimum Supreme writes: Yeah it's big, but is it articulated?
Rainmaker writes: Optimus: I am the real Optimus Prime!
Ironhide: Yeah right, come on Ratchet. We gotta find Optimus Prime.
Optimus: Ironhide! Wait!
Zeedust writes: That's the second-biggest knockoff I've ever seen!
Black Hat writes: Not much worse than the original toy!
Lucius Prime writes: OP: "Olll... cn...."
Dorothy: "What did he say?"
OP:"ooooollll... cnnnnn..."
Dorothy: "Boiled Spam?!"
Scarecrow: "Spoiled Ham, perhaps?"
#Sideways# writes: And thus, Blockymus Prime was born.
moonie writes: i have the same articulation like the toy-- only real-er!
Deceptiwho? writes: Magnus: The undertaker did a very good job with prime..

Rodimus: Yea but he just doesnt look right! I think they shoulda gave him a coat of wax..
Taiya001 writes: Prime in response to craftsmanship
ACStarscream writes: "...take ... me ... to ... your ... lea-der..."
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ACStarscream writes: "And if you walk behind him, you'll see this wind-up key. Just give it a few turns and...."
ACStarscream writes: Optimus Prime: the Mini-con Edition.
Angelbot writes: (sigh) I miss Elita.
ChevyTron writes: A transport, we're saved! OVER HERE!
Ironman21 writes: my joints have rusted can't move can't move HELP HELP ME
Swerve writes: Instead of hiring security guards, this small oil refinery thought they could ward off trespassers with their Optimus Prime.
Alex87 writes: ---- this one is terrible desingn, but i would lovd to have it in my collection hahaha
hot rod 907 writes: must... find... toilet.
Anonymous writes: must... reach... candy bar... cant... move...!!!
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Marsekay writes: what do you mean i only have 4 points of articulation?
Tiedye writes: {Prime talking to Autobots around table}
[Prime]- Remember when we were kids and we used to play at the old oil factory?
[Magnus] Green light!.....Red Light! HA HA Prime go back! BOY YOU SUCK BIG TIME HA HA HA
{Prime then punches Magnus in
medleystudios72 writes: Peter Cullen shows up at Michael Bay's set.

Michael: Um, Pete, you're just doing the voice-over in post. We won't need you for a few more months. ANd you can just come in regular street clothes...

Peter: Oh...
Mad_Mexicoy writes: What the F*CK are you looking at??
Backspace writes: Optimus Prime: I look better in T.V...!! Now here you call it realistic..?!! Eeeeewww.......
SilentBlaster writes: Optimus Prime is waiting for Megatron to get him some Burger King, but little does Prime know Megatrons not really gonna get it.
snavej writes: Come! Ride my Water Slide Park of Death! NAHAHAHAHAHA!
TeleTran2005 writes: In another 250 days, they will finally let me go.
Stormrider writes: Come on Bay - why won't you just use me in your movie?
HardHead writes: Suprisingly enough, Megatron's latest scheme: a compound designed to freeze up the servos of other transformers was surprisingly effective for a change. Even Optimus Prime was caught out by the simple fact that one of Megatron's plans actually W
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Brooke writes: OP:Crap...I've been standing here so long my butt is starting to rust! When are they going to take this caption down already?!
snavej writes: My abs grill is really good but someone's drain is going to be totally clogged with leaves come next fall.
dismembled writes: *Waits patiently* Is this ever gonna change? Someone please do something! *Starts to pull hair out and throw items around house* ARGH!
lordmegatron44 writes: autobots transform and roll out to kick some decepticon tail
snavej writes: I have arrows on my arms to remind me where my hands are.
Thanatos Prime writes: It feels as if I've been standing here since 1984!!
Broadside writes: The day Optimus upgraded to Cardboardium Alloy armor was a terrible set-back for the Autobot battlefront.
snavej writes: My lumps
My lumps
My lovely lady bumps
snavej writes: By hanging out in an industrial wasteland, Optimus was safe from computer game-related moral dilemmas and deaths (1980's style).
snavej writes: Why do I have white trousers when I am in so many terrifying situations? It can be so embarrassing sometimes! They call me Brownstreak.
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Fussion writes: This might be a tie for the longest posted "Caption Contest" right behind the Reflector one that was here for 5 or 6 weeks
kataridragon writes: ive been out here for soooooo long I think my paint is beginning to get sun bleached. Ultra Magnus is gonna be pissed when he finds out I have his style.
dismembled writes: My gosh! Is this ever going to change... What's it been now? 5 weeks, maybe 6? *Yawns* The least they could have done was put a half decent Transformer up...
Silver Wind writes: OP: (thinking) I'm so tired... When is Seibertron going to let me lay down? *yawns and then winces as his joints squeak*
Brooke writes: Because of all the pressure in Hollywood, Optimus Prime has gone anorexic. Here we see him doing butt crunches.
OP: And one and two and three and.......
Road Turtle writes: Optimus, "Um, excuse me, yeah, uh, you didn't happen to see a grey trailer around here did you? No? It opens up, and there's an automated gun turret that pops up and blows everything away; and it comes with a cute little grey scout car tha
Road Turtle writes: Optimus, "Who's Ginrai? Is he suppose to be some kind of God or something? And what's with his guts being on fire, can't someone just put him out? I mean really, I don't get it!"
zeroomegazx writes: .... looks like someone switched to duracell...
Road Turtle writes: Just released, MP5 Immaculate Uber Convoy, this time at 1:1 life size scale! Stay tuned though, in six months Takara will release MP6 Perfect Immaculate Uber Convoy, with Trailer! Then after that, MP7 God-Like Flawless Shiny Perfect Immaculate Uber Conv
Road Turtle writes: After discontinuing the successful World's Smallest Transformers, Takara soon released the ill-fated World's Largest Transformers. Needless to say, Takara was forced to recall the toy line when it was found that the figures would fall over and c
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Road Turtle writes: From the Island of Misfit Toys, a giant toy robot that turns into life size semi truck!
Bently Bear writes: Alright, who glued my boots together? Jazz! Bumblebee!!!
Familyguy1997 writes: The Autobots were seen today playing the worst game of hide and seek ever.
Familyguy1997 writes: My new job at the car factory sucks.
Wolfguard writes: Megatron's weapon, the "Time Freezer," appears to be working perfectly.
Halo2addict writes: CNC Part 2: Haunted?
Some of the local teens have gone exploring there, all have lost friends. They told me that Autobot City is haunted by the "ghosts" of the every Autobot and Decepticon who died there. According to some, it happens once ever
Halo2addict writes: "CNC Story Part 1: The Remanes of Autobot City"

After the death of Optimus Prime, the humans created a shrine to the great leader of the Autobots inside the remains of Autobot City.
Road Turtle writes: "Transformers, less than meets the eyes..."
Black Arachnis writes: "NOOOOO!!!NOT ANOTHER WEEK!!!"
DeathCaller writes: Optimus: *thinking* Megatron's going to steal the energy... Megatron's going to steal the energy... Must protect...Must... not move...GAH!! Primus!! My skip plate itches!!
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Flame3230 writes: Jetfire runs up
Optimus: Jetfire! Thank goodness you're here, I ran out of energon weeks ago, can you go get me some more.
Jetfire: Nope, Ihave a better idea.
Jetfire opens Optimus's chest and grabs the Matrix, then attempts to put it in his
kingmenasore writes: danger will robinson
PrimulArchangel writes: " CAN I GO HOME NOW ? "
Montar writes: This is Michael Bay's fault. I've been reduced to a oil pump.
Black Arachnis writes: ah come on! let me go already, I`m starting to rust in places I can`t mention here!
Hastur writes: I'm looking for the bones of Freddy Krueger. I hear he's been a baaad boy! I'll straighten him out! Maybe he will join the Autobot faction! We could use a set of kitchen knives.... wheeljack keeps butchering the viel cutlets all the tim
PhotoM25 writes: Finally! After bugging and bugging the Director for weeks and weeks. He finally got home and answers his phone at 3 a.m. He said for me to go to this factory and wait. Well I'm here and its been 5 weeks. But oh well they have to use me what else
ninjabot writes: Prime: Is this where I get my free oil change and waxing???
ninjabot writes: Prime: This will make a fine grave for Megatron!!!!
snavej writes: Told ya!
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snavej writes: If I stand here long enough, they'll completely run out of silly comments to post on this competition. They don't have a 1000-pound brain like me!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Jesus Christ what am I the Tinman of Oz?

I've been standing here for ages.

Will ONE of you mokes hand Ryan my damn oil can so he can lube the gears of UCC, and get a new picture up?
snavej writes: Against all this metalwork I am totally camouflaged. Totally invisible. Undetectable.

[A dog arrives and pees on his leg.]
snavej writes: I'm on a munky hunt. Seen any?
transformerguru writes: "I wonder if they will ever change this caption entry for the contest......?" ~ Prime
snavej writes: Freedom - to hang around oil refineries shooting at tin cans in a dangerous manner - is the right of all sentient beings.
Road Turtle writes: Prime, "...Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen,..."

David Bowie, "Bloody! It was only a movie you gromless pillock!&q
Steeleye writes: I may be made of cardboard now but wait until you see the CG they are going to apply to me.
snavej writes: In the bad neighbourhoods of Detroit, Optimus was always getting his wheels stolen. The thieves had discovered a local anaesthetic for Transformers, so Optimus never felt the wheels being removed.
Road Turtle writes: Prime / Metroplex discussion continued....

Metroplex, " Maximus is a county? He delegates things for me to do?"

O.P. "Of course he dose, he out ranks you. What?"

Metro, "...but if I'm the City, and he's the
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shortround writes: Hey mommy can we go see the largest cardboard optimus prime in the united states.
snavej writes: Hot Rod said he'd be back with the industrial strength haemorrhoid ointment but that was 5 weeks ago! I'll never be able to sit down again!
snavej writes: The appearance of Prime, even as a cardboard replica, was enough to deter 95% of criminals and Decepticons from whatever the hell they were about to do.
snavej writes: When I get fed up with some kid or other who's been hanging around all year, having to be rescued time and time again, I put him (or her) in my super pipe maze of doom behind me! None of them have found a way out yet!
snavej writes: The articulation on this version of Prime was so bad that he couldn't find his ass with both hands.
Road Turtle writes: Prime, "So Fortress Maximus is larger, big deal, you're sill bigger than Omega Supreme!"

Metroplex, "Omega's a tank and a rocket, he doesn't count. I'm just a town, and Maximus is a nation on to himself!"

indigirl writes: "Note to self... never let Sideswipe borrow 50 gallons of superglue...."
Prowl240z writes: Cardboard from the Dumpster.... Free
15 Galons of Paint .... 37.50
5 Rolls of Duct tape.... $9.00

Prime defending Planet Earth..... Priceless
Prowl240z writes: Holy Cardboard Mockups Batman!
Bobafatt writes: (singing) "If I only had a heart"
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Halo2addict writes: Optimus Prime: "Ratchet, you finally made a Decoy of me that looks as realistic the one you made for Ultra Magnus and the other G1 Autobots. Thanks, Bro!"
dismembled writes: Optimus: "Oh my god I'm still here... How many weeks has it been now... I've lost count..."
Seibertron writes: This is a test ' "
Kamakaze Thrower writes: The stiff articulation of G1 figures is very realistic to the real things.
Rebirth Megatron writes: And so in appreciation of all his hard work, the people of Earth erected a statue of Optimus. Unfortunately they needed alot of money to rebuild so they had to make it cheap. Prime(off panel): WHAT? THAT TOOK LIKE...$5 TO MAKE!! I SAVED YOU ALL AND T
eoshek writes: After Sunrise cancelled the G1 cartoon series, Optimus went down hill, even asking Go-Bots for Energon (I hear Leader-1 is still laughing at him)
agents writes: Look! It's moving. It's alive. It's alive... It's alive, it's moving, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, IT'S ALIVE!
Devolver writes: (in mid conversation between ratchet and hound)

Hound: you know that make over thing i was talkin bout

Ratchet: i know im seriously considering sending him to that "queer eye for the straight guy" show, i mean just look at him!!!
Optimusizzy writes: Oil cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Optimusizzy writes: Whith gas prices so high Optimus must limit his movement
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snavej writes: Will everybody please stop looking at leaked movie pictures and pay attention to me? Me me me me me!
Heavy B writes: if i stand perfectly still, no one will notice me.....
teejimusprime writes: prime: i've been playing red light, green light for the last 3 weeks..cliffjumper, when are you gonna turn green

cliffjumper: thats up to seibertron
Dr. Phibes writes: Well, don't stare at me like I'm freakin' Frankenstein!
snavej writes: Carrying a perfect replica of myself inside my trailer does not make me a weirdo or a pervert. Go and pick on the Decepticons, Tracks, you hypocrite!
swarlock writes: They DID what to me in the movie? Somebody call my agent!!!
LunarFormer writes: can't sleep... fake Megatron will eat me...
voltron2008 writes: Johnny could never get that E-Bay knock-off just right.
Sagitta writes: Optimus Prime's words after seeing the statue: "Remarkable effort indeed. I am honored to have been chosen as the artist's subject." .oO(Ugh! Just looking at that thing makes my joints stiffen to no end. Where's the oil when y
GWH811 writes: uhh?!, didn't I leave my trailer parked here?. Autobots!! Roll out and find my trailer.
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darth_paul writes: Give me back my Autobot insignias you kids! Come back here so I can teach you a lesson! Aw, come on… I can only move so fast! Dang it they got away!
snavej writes: Go back to acting school, THEY SAID!

Learn to produce facial expressions, THEY SAID!

[Loud grumbling]

There's gonna be a lot more accidental truck-related deaths soon in Hollywood! BOOYA!
TwV writes: One shall stand...
SSJ4MysticGohan writes: No... IM the juggernaught.... BITCH!
snavej writes: Sometimes I drive so wild, I think there's a big ape inside me, working the controls!
snavej writes: Aliens? No, ain't none a' them round here, son. Try Arizona!
Tom_Servo writes: "Every time I park my trailer in this neighborhood it gets stolen!"
snavej writes: In his darker moments, Optimus wished that he could be reincarnated as He-Man, or at least a Cabbage Patch Kid.
snavej writes: If I see that usurper from the new movie, I'll poke his eyes out with my smokestacks!
snavej writes: Optimus' secret shame - eating rusty metal, preferably covered with dust.
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† Sunstorm writes: i dont belong here i dont belong here i dont belong here i dont belong here...when the hell did i turn into wood?
Miken Ayers writes: People wanted THIS for the movie?! I can't even bend my god damn knees.
Vegeta01 writes: damned sun, 5 minutes and i'm left stiff!!
snavej writes: So Health and Safety said I couldn't give any more free truck rides to kids 'until I cleaned up the filth and rubbish in my cab, especially the broken glass and the unexploded Decepticon shells'. Tssch, rules, rules, rules!
G-Hac3 writes: Darn, TV does add 20 tons! Oh well I guess I have to cut back on energon goodies.
purpleninjax writes: I hope i can get to Michael Bay in time!
Tom_Servo writes: Where the hell are my keys?!
Suzuki writes: On Ebay: One-to-One scale G1 Optimus Prime, semi-mint condition, opening bid $1,000,000,000.00 No Decepticons please. Not intended for recreational use.

ELITA-1(reading that last line): Darnit!
Road Turtle writes: Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, domo...domo, domo...domo...
Sentinel Oreides writes: (sniff) i thought i was gonna be a kick-ass transtech bot....
Damn you,fanboys, damn you.....(sniff)
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sebbyr writes: I can't move... I'm out of fuel.. DAMN GAS PRICES!!!
actionfigure73 writes: Bay finally succumbed to the demands of the fans.
The fans complained anew.
Tiedye writes: Optimus-(Showing slide shows to the Autobot) "Since my retirement back in the 80's, I've had a lot of time on my hands,so I decided to do a little traveling." "Here you see me at the oldest beer brewary, and let my tell you. "
snavej writes: My friend behind me, Metroplex, has been having some digestive problems recently. Yesterday, he had a particularly difficult shi'ite and just left it on the ground. Michael Bay and his crew came along, liked the look of it, put it on a big truck an
Unknown writes: *Only Family Guy fans will get this:
The last time i took drugs, things just got too real:
"Holy Crap, I am freaking out!"
actionfigure73 writes: Macarena...can'
snavej writes: Optimus had collected all his droppings from the last 4 million years and had used them to build a big oil refinery (pictured).
RogueDeathangel writes: Prime: Yah, and it was THIS big. Jazz said I should go see the Doctor, but Jazz is a bit of a s**t. Guy owes me $50 dollars.
snavej writes: Have you got that, kids? Extreme violence is perfectly acceptable for family viewing but mild sexual innuendo is deeply corrupting. Robot violence is even more acceptable than human violence, even though robot violence is much more powerful.

Now, if
shockblaster5 writes: Dude, where's my trailer?
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xedi2020 writes: i.............can' bro
xedi2020 writes: Wait a minute.....( Prime stops for 1 minute).....why am I here????
A junkyard???? Oh no! Thy are going to make me a scrapmetal!! mommy!!!(Prime runs like a Baby....)
transformerguru writes: Ok now tell me for the 342nd time how DO I transform in the movie from a 10 ton semi to a lean and mean robot cyborg type character....
O. Prime writes: Does this form make me look too skinny? I mean look at me, I'm like the Olsen girl. Can I get a sandwich?
Pokejedservo writes: All I'm saying is that there is a reason why the 80's Transformers movie is animated.
josephex writes: Something is wrong. I think Michael Bay has removed the Matrix from me and has put an energon cube in its place.
snavej writes: Yeah, me an' Megatron got a secret deal goin' on. When one o' da warriors steps outta line, we send 'im on a mission close ta enemy territory. Somethin' tragic tends to happen to 'im, know what ah'm sayin'?!
snavej writes: I dare not move - I might scuff my chassis!
Road Turtle writes: Prime ,"I need a hug."
Megatron's true heir writes: On second thought i kinda like being able to move in a box than not being able to move
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J-Sinn writes: Really, I can turn into a truck, Honest!
ninjabot writes: Prime: I am ready form my close up now Mr. Bay!!!!!
shadow minicon writes: optimus: Hello my name is optimus prime,what is your name?

TransX writes: Hello! I'm Optimus Prime. What you are witnessing is what can happen to you if you don't get regular MELANOMA EXAMS! Now, we transformers don't have organic skin, and cannot get melanoma. BUT YOU DO! AND YOU - CAN!
shadow minicon writes: I.........can't..........move!..............
TenaciousMC writes: It's the RoboSapien Optimus Prime!
excaliberprime writes: By primuse I just realized I have no idea where my trailer goes when I stand up!
Road Turtle writes: "Today, on Power Rangers..."
Road Turtle writes: Optimus, "Michael, what's going on! I look worse than ever!"

Michael Bay, "The Gen-Xer's of your Trans-Fandom whined and moaned so bad that I said, Screw It, I'll do it their way!"

Optimus, "...but I'm al
Glaziertron writes: TRANSFORMERS WIZARD OF OZ:
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Glaziertron writes: "Ready or not, here I come!!"
Glaziertron writes: "I Banged Those Pipes Good."
Death-Ray Charles writes: America and allied forces Secret War Weapon
SiriusPrime writes: Optimus Prime: Excuse me kind sir. I'm looking for the yellow brick road.
snavej writes: They say that Pepsi has changed its colour scheme since the 1980's. I may have to repaint myself - more blue, less red and white. That could be good - I would be a less obvious target for Decepticons!
snavej writes: I'm going to watch a new holo-show on Cybertronian HTV tonight. It's called 'Chimpanzees: Humans in Disguise'.
snavej writes: Well, if you ask me, Megatron and the others don't really care what you think about their appearance. They also don't care if your movie succeeds or fails. They just want to do their 'thang' with the death and the destruction and the
shortround writes: Optimus Prime: "I'm hiding out here because the new live action movie is going to suck."
shadow minicon writes: Optimus: This is were i'm hiding till megatrons movie makeover is complet, till then thay can find one of the other primes to do my part.

G1 megatron: The megatron in the movie is not related to me what so ever!
trailbreaker writes: Optimus is stunned after seeing Michael Bay's version of Megatron, which looks like sh*t.
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snavej writes: Optimus: Are you Fortress Maximus or Metroplex? I can't tell any more. Whoever you are, you've really let yourself go!

Big hunk of machinery in background: *Burp*. Sorry!
snavej writes: Optimus: Who let Autobot City: Earth get this rusty and dirty?

[Hot Rod sneaks away.]
Shinobi Rendar writes: Watch this move deceptilosers. I call this one... THE ROBOT!
Roboto750 writes: (stands on desk) Oh Captain, My Captain!
Tyranitron writes: Prime: Urgh....that's the LAST time I go to Tiowana.......or any other southern countries below North America.........
Autobobby1 writes: Frozeeennn...solid. Can't Shatner! Cannot...feel buttocks!
shockwave_inoz writes: PRIME: "Dammit, Prowl - did you have to do my corset up so tight? Look how narrow my waist is, I can hardly breathe!!"
PROWL: "Well, I did say I would leave you breathless one day, sweety."
shadow minicon writes: Optimus: Take me to your leader......Wait thats not my line!

Megatron*off set* Hes finaly lost it!
Unknown writes: the guy in this suit will never know the touch of a woman lol
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Roadshadow writes: That's MR. PRIME to you, motherf***er!
Godfather Bluto writes: Danger! Will Robinson! Danger!... wait rather than spouting the dumb phrase a thousand times, why don't I just shot the problem in the back?
Cybertron's Last Hope writes: Will the real Optimus Prime please stand up...I repeat with the 'REAL' Optimus Prime please stand up....
fine you will do
Foo75 writes: Is this the best Michale Bay could do??
Acelister writes: Though the Conventioneer's sacrificed the virgin blood to the Idol, his spirit remained with the Matrix.
frappermac writes: this is the picture taken before he gets some work done on the new reality series "Celebrity Pimp My Ride"
frappermac writes: if you put a dollar in this thing, he transforms and makes that cool noise from the original cartoon!
frappermac writes: attempts to make a "My Buddy" doll based on Optimus Prime fell flat, as the lone prototype goes on eBay
snavej writes: Cut off my smoke stacks for safety reasons? Are you out of your frickin' minds?!
snavej writes: What happens when a human spends too long dancing 'The Robot'.

Look on the bright side - he/she becomes superior to a human in every known measure.
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Frobman writes: May I take your order?
snavej writes: Optimus: No, Roller, fetch the stick and bring it to me. Bring it back here. Here! Bring it! Stop sniffing that car's exhaust! Pick up the stick with your little grabber. That's it! Now don't... Oh, Primus, I should never have let R
ghettostep writes: PRIME: Excuse me, excuse me, Mr. Bay whats my motivation?
Road Turtle writes: Their World, Our Toys
transformerguru writes: All I WANT IS A HUG... have you seen what they've done to me sence G1 went off the air...
I've been living in this junkyard since the show ended.
Sentinel Maximus writes: Hey Michael, over here!,....Awww, Michael never looks my way.
optimalminus writes: hurry guys!
michael,i'm ready for the next scene!where is megatron?someone find me MEG right now .we need to repeat!
tian17 writes: What dimension is this! Everythings made of styrofoam! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Who would do this!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flame3230 writes: Megatron walks up: So thats where my punching bag went.
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Flame3230 writes: Guy in the costume: Hey kids, lets go kill Barney and the Teletubbies!
Kids: Yay!!!
GrimSqueaker writes: "Lets Do The Time Warp Again!!!!"
Unknown writes: OP: Mr. Bay, Mr. Bay... Hi im Optimus Prime, your transformers union rep for your upcoming project. We regret to inform you that if you proceed with this film without including any card-holding tf's, we'll have to shut you down.

Bay: What is
Dclone Soundwave writes: Dammit! Even my G1 toy has more articulation than this. Just wait till I find out who' responsible for this, I'M GONNA KICK 'EM IN THE ASS! "Til all are one", yeah right. Til they're all one with the pavement!
Atamus writes: "Will the real Optimus please stand up, please stand up?"
Atamus writes: Optimus auditioning for the role of Tin Man for the remake of The Wizard of Oz.
transformerguru writes: Ok you Saudi bastards quit selling fuel to China and only to America... because we live there.
transformerguru writes: Excuse me Mr. Bay I'm here to audition for your upcoming movie...
Screambug writes: I look fat!
trailbreaker writes: I want that in my game room !!!
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Cybertron Optimus writes: Action backside!
Thanatos Prime writes: Worker 1: That's G1 Prime.

Worker 2: How can you tell?

Worker 1: Look at him, no articulation!
Black Arachnis writes: Prime:"nobody realizes I`m actually Starscream!bwahahaha...err..oh crap, the camera was on wasn`t it?"
real_Angel writes: Hmm... I like these looks...
I think I am so full of myself that I will have toys made to resemble me... No, better yet! I will make a cartoon to resemble my noble self!
Tusko writes: Freedom is the right of all sentient beings, it is not their right to glue my legs together.
Death-Ray Charles writes: Can't......Move.....
Unknown writes: what did i drink last night
Archanubis writes: Do these pants make my butt look big?
snavej writes: Optimus (crazed by the summer heat): When I find out who has stolen my laser rifle, I will rip off their nuts and feed them to the chipmunks!
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snavej writes: OCP Executive: List your prime directives.

Optimus: 1. Preserve freedom 2. Make a good movie 3. Protect characters in computer games with my life 4. Stop the Decepticons from running drugs 5. Arrest Clarence and his gang 6. Make ED-209 fall down s
City Commander writes: Behold my glory! I am Master Prime, ruler of the universe! Bow before me in fear, mere mortals!
snavej writes: Optimus never goes anywhere without his 'emergency kit' - sticky tape, cardboard squares, paints, staples and so forth.
Unknown writes: (looking confused) "Why am I at the set of RoboCop???"
Giga Prime writes: "Autobots, attempt to transform, and roll out."
Ravage XK writes: Prime: "Brrrrrr, its chilly. Somebody get the De-icer, my windows are frozen".
Ratbat writes: Finally! My very own Classic Optimus Prime!
teejimusprime writes: Prime: you'd think with all the money to do a live action movie. They would atleast make me look better then this

Starscream: Atleast you don't look like my mother and waspinator had an intimate moment to make me in the new movie
dizee-d writes: optimus: I need to take a dump....
dabattousai writes: He looked bigger on TV.
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Powersurge writes: G1 Prime doing his Ginrai inpersonation, only with more articulation
Zeedust writes: "So," grumbled Farmer Witwicky, "Them bird ain't respectin' that old scarecrow of mine? This new one'll show 'em who's boss."
Zeedust writes: "Has anyone seen my trailer?"
Optimutt writes: See my boots? I am Space-explorer Prime!
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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #244 - Call Me Maybe
Twincast / Podcast #244:
"Call Me Maybe"
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Posted: Saturday, March 28th, 2020

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