Unknown Transformer in The Last Knight

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Unknown Transformer in The Last Knight
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DeltaSilver88 writes: So, I scanned a movie called "Avengers"... now I look like Thanos. Greatest mistake I ever made. Now Iron Man is after me.
Nacelle writes: Psst, don't tell anyone I'm longhaul
Nacelle writes: Psst, don't tell anyone I'm longhaul
snavej writes: If I hide here long enough, the Razzie truck will arrive and I can blow it up, thus saving 'The Last Knight' movie from embarrassment. Autobots always try to help!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: I'm dirty...wash me.
SpaceKaseJase writes: OMG, has anyone seen my nose??!!!!!!
TFPhotoguy writes: I might have left the oven on
ebo716 writes: But... But... We know my name now
ksol71339 writes: " There's an EGG in my A--! "
Studleyavacado writes: He likes it in the aft...
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IAPETUS_PRIME writes: There is no point in being the "Unknown Transformer in The Last Knight" coz by now everyone must be knowing I am Canopy!
Torneira writes: I am Bumblebee's twin brother. Bumblobesity the name!
BG the Robit writes: I've been the latest caption for HOW LONG now?!
DarkEnergon writes: My face! This is really my face!
SweetEmoKing writes: For an ugly gift, I've got a lot of captions.
Optimum Supreme writes: Yeah, I'm gon clog your stores' TF shelves. What? You wanna fight? Bring it on. We gots the numbers.
EvasionModeBumblebee writes: Certainly, if he stared at it long enough, the pavement would reveal itself to be a Decepticon.
BG the Robit writes: *farts* *other TFs retch* Unknown- What?
OP- *coughs* You can't smell that?
Unknown- Does it LOOK like I have a giant nose like you? Or a nose at ALL?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Hehe...I tripped Sam...Sam? Oh no.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: NOBODY MOVE....lost a contact lens...
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Ohhhh that Titan's Return Sixshot is sweet.
Tailgun writes: NOOT NOOT
snavej writes: Through crazy-ass biotechnology, some lunatics turned Homer Simpson into a Transformer. Finally, he could eat the giant metal donut.
SweetEmoKing writes: "Ya'll can go home now. I just won the "worst Bayformer design" contest.
SweetEmoKing writes: Too human for the Decepticons, too creepy for the Autobots, and a lack of Quintesson existence, he gave way to over-eating.
Lunatic Prime writes: Just let ol' auntie give you a little kiss, my dear. Muh, muh, muh,...
Primus0 writes: PRIME! Give me back my face! I look like a horror film!
snavej writes: My real name is Gtnagaek;aidkha[pw;ssaenpwz.ldl;liaw but you can call me 'Golden Balls'. Yes, they're real gold!
snavej writes: I'm about five million years too old for this nonsense. Don't you have any respect for the ultra-aged?!
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Heckfire writes: "Wow, there is ugly, and then there's Bayformer ugly, I tellya. I mean, I scare small children just by existing."
SweetEmoKing writes: They call him Devastator for a reason....
snavej writes: Is this the home planet of the Tamagotchis? It is?! Oh damn, oh hell, we're all doomed if the humans realise that we are defenceless against those insidious little devices!
snavej writes: This Autobot (NBE 3472) was the source of the modern age ... of cycle helmets.
snavej writes: Look at the incredible detail on my body! All other animation can go and suck something. Maybe a piston.
snavej writes: I heard that Megatron infiltrated your internet. I bet Skynet didn't like that!
snavej writes: I am here for one reason only: to gay-marry a virgin-fresh combine harvester.
SweetEmoKing writes: Oh Primus, how many energon shakes did I binge last night?
snavej writes: How did our civil war start, you ask? Well, Optimus Prime wanted to store his trailer section in the corridor outside his apartment but his neighbour Megatron objected because it was an obstruction. One thing led to another, billions suffered and died .
snavej writes: I am the Autobot symbol. Look at my face. On second thoughts, don't look at me. You are very ugly. And you smell bad. Turn away immediately.
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snavej writes: Can you tell me why everything looks blue?!
snavej writes: Listen to me very carefully. You are feeling sleepy ... sleepy ... sleepy. [Pause] You will think that 'The Last Knight' is an excellent movie and worthy of many awards. [Snaps fingers] And you're back in the room!
snavej writes: I wish that I was in the actors' union. They're working me very hard and making me transform into Marky Mark's trailer after filming!
snavej writes: The Decepticons are on Mars, putting oddly shaped rocks in front of the Curiosity rover to make the human conspiracy theorists agitated.
snavej writes: I've just come from over the rainbow. It's overrated.
snavej writes: Kids, say no to drugs!
snavej writes: This 'look' comes from the toy cars in my attic, which were played with for several years and then neglected for thirty years. Oh dear, now I feel all wistful!
UnderYourCloset writes: And Hasbro has trademarked a new name for a Transformer. "Mr. Potato Tread".
UnderYourCloset writes: "Don't like my luscious lips? Fine. It's not easy being sexy."
UnderYourCloset writes: Only true men wear tank treads as a jacket.
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HadesPrime writes: Duude, that was wicked.
Ultra Markus writes: Bumblebee: OH NO! MY FACE!!!!!
Chillyn writes: What!!! There can never be enough b.b toys!
snavej writes: No, I don't want to join Breast Force. My breasts were removed years ago and replaced with hooters. I can hoot very well now! Yeah, I can play 'Dixie', like on 'The Dukes of Hazzard'.
snavej writes: The unknown Transformer was very glad of the Dulux paint matching service. He ordered several cans of 'Golden Sunrise' paint. After applying the paint, it took nine minutes for a bird to defecate on it.
snavej writes: Let's see, what's this video? Two fembots, one energon cube.........
snavej writes: Can't believe I didn't get the part of 'Old Blue Eyes'. Damn you, Will Smith!
Houstonian Prime writes: Help! I've fallen, and i can't get up...
trailbreaker writes: I need a good moisturizer.
snavej writes: Would you like me to tell you about all the people who have been inside me?
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snavej writes: I'm here to investigate the strange case of Shia LaBeouf. He is said to be an actual cannibal and he has access to the All Spark. That makes him extremely dangerous to humans and Transformers. [Search Rob Cantor]
snavej writes: By the power of Greyskull, where can I buy a chap-stick???!!! Space is murder on the lips!
snavej writes: Autobot crashes into Superbowl Half Time Show, kills Beyonce, breaks one of Katy Perry's fake fingernails, never lives it down.
snavej writes: I'm coming for you, Bay! It might take a few days, though. I transform into an old, slow truck. That will give you time to put your affairs in order, Bay!
snavej writes: So 'Thundercats' is NOT about feline animals with appalling flatulence?! Well, what do you know?!
snavej writes: Oi, snavej, you waste of space, stop writing captions and do your Christmas shopping! Self-referential lugnut!
snavej writes: Yeah, if you watch the trailer you can clearly see that this movie is a crossover with 'Gladiator' or possibly 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'. 'Ni!' Ha ha ha, that cracks me up!
snavej writes: Why is my chest totally black? They're still working on the animation. Pah, if we were on Cybertron the animation would have been finished last year!
snavej writes: You would not believe how much money I could make, selling my old Lego sets on eBay! Yeah, I still have them. No, I'm not a 'doosh' actually, I'm a heavily armed freedom fighter! Please bear that in mind if you value your 'ass'.
snavej writes: What do you mean, I have to do this movie? I wanted to play a character with charm, grace, gravitas and all that. I heard that they're doing a live-action version of the Power Puff Girls! It's not ridiculous, pal: I'm a friggin' Transformer!
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snavej writes: All he got for Christmas was socks, Travel Yahtzee and a bunch of flowers from an all-night gas station. On the day after, he was executed by the U.S. military. They never learnt his real name, so they called him 'Unlucky Frank'.
snavej writes: Beware: the Chaos Bringer is coming! What do you mean, who is that? Donald Trump, of course!
snavej writes: Why yes, I was going for the Homer Simpson look: thank you for noticing! I need to work on it, though.
snavej writes: How did I get here? The last thing I remember, I was drinking too much strong Cybertronian liquor in Swerve's Bar!
snavej writes: I'm sorry but I don't know the secrets of the universe. I do, however, have several small meteorites embedded in my leg. You're welcome to prise them out with a screwdriver. Flying through space can be tough, understand?
snavej writes: My mission on Earth is to stalk the female-type Autobot known as Windblade and to harass her in a very creepy way. It is such a secret mission that only you and I know about it. Oh, those metal curves!
snavej writes: Transformer: Take me to your leader.

Human: Which one?

Transformer: The most important one: her name is 'Grumpy Cat'.
snavej writes: I'm here to audition for the role of Herbie in the remake of 'The Love Bug'. Does anyone know a good agent?
snavej writes: Interesting website, Rotten Tomatoes. Let's see: 57%, 19%, 35%, 18%; I wonder what score we'll get?!
snavej writes: I could be known as Huffer, you know, because I do a lot of huffing. I hear that Earth has a wide range of chemicals that I could huff. My head's swimming just thinking about it!
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snavej writes: Staring contest? I GOT THIS!
snavej writes: Crashing into the middle of a major sports stadium: not the best way to stay in disguise.
snavej writes: Get this: Mark Wahlberg is actually Marky Mark in disguise! Who knew?! He's practically one of us! I still have so much to learn about Earth.
snavej writes: I swear by my microwave eyes that I will protect you, humans. Oh, I was too late. Somehow you have been burnt to death. [Wanders off casually] Nothing to see here!
snavej writes: I transform into a medium-sized rotavator. Whose coked-out idea was that? I'm going to my virtual trailer and I won't come out again until someone sorts out this deeply insulting fiasco.
snavej writes: Blow job, anyone?
snavej writes: Quick, I need a name! Which one do you think is best: Roughstuff, Clench, Flare-Up or Drill Nuts?
snavej writes: I'm here to advise the human race to eat their brussel sprouts. It is the only way to defeat evil!
snavej writes: Get away from me, humans! The film makers have stuffed my rear end with fiery explosives! Or possibly sage and onion mix. Either way, run!
snavej writes: Could you please direct me to the nearest dermatologist?!
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snavej writes: Arise, Potatotron!
Shauyaun writes: Unknown Transformer in The Last Knight :What do you mean "unknown"?!
Don't you recognize me?!
I'm one of the most well known Transformers out there along side OPTIMUS Prime and Starscream!
You guys sure you're Transformers fans?
Fine It's
Decepticon Stryker writes: Transformer: "Who am I? WHO AM I!?"
Bay: "You're a brand-new character!"
T: "Oh good!"
B: "Who'll die in a few seconds..."
T: "Okay..Wait what?"
Powermaster Swag writes: Hey, I just met you! But screw my name, now... cause I'm gonna die. In 5 flat seconds!
Quantum Surge writes: Food...water...atmosphere...
Towline writes: 20 Years after Robots in Disguise 2001 went off the air. Towline finally gets to achieve his life long dream. Being in a Michael Bay film.
claborn writes: After binging on too much energon, Wilson soon remembered by you don't transform under the influence.
UnderYourCloset writes: Gimme a cookie, THEN I'll jump out of the way of the principal's office.
DR0hNO writes: *fat guy voice* "Hey, got any doughnuts? im so hungry."
UnderYourCloset writes: Cocoa. I need... COCOA...
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Rainmaker writes: I'm new but it looks like I'm already dead
LE0KING writes: advocate xaaron?
Bumblevivisector writes: Bumblebee? But...I'm allergic to bee stings!
Sarahthecutevixen writes: Did anyone catch the serial number on that Space cruiser?
Sarahthecutevixen writes: Arise Bumble Trion
Nemesis Maximo writes: "This sidewalk needs salt."
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