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Toy Fair 2017 - Transformers Fan Media Day: Forged to Fight, Overlord, Optimus Primal, TLK Steelbane, Dragonstorm, More #TFNY #HasbroToyFair

Transformers News: Toy Fair 2017 - Transformers Fan Media Day: Forged to Fight, Overlord, Optimus Primal, TLK Steelbane, Dragonstorm, More #TFNY #HasbroToyFair
Date: Saturday, February 18th 2017 12:37pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Event News, Company News
Posted by: Va'al

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Once again is bringing you the latest / greatest news from Hasbro's New York Toy Fair Fan Media Day event. This news story will continue to be updated as information and images are revealed. Enjoy!

February 18th, 2017

Presentation starts with Ben Montano ...

Mike from Kabam did presentation for Transformers Forged To Fight
First game to bring together the complete history of the Transformers franchise.
Multiple Generations to exist in single Universe
Features G1, Beast Wars and Movie Universe characters
Showed us a pretty awesome trailer that featured characters from those 3 Generations

John Warden and Ashley did Transformers Generations presentation
Prime Wars Trilogy
Power of the Primes ... 3rd chapter debuts in 2018, going to give us one big update

Titan Master Ramhorn
Legends Class roadburn, Cosmos (reissue), Seaspray
Deluxe Wave 2 (sic) Krok, Perceptor, Topsin, Kup and Quake
Wave 3: Twintwist with Flameout, Windblade with Scorchfire
Voyager Class: Octone (sic) with Murk from Optimus mold, Blitzwing with Hazard from Megatron mold (showed us a pic of all 3 Decepticon Triplechangers together)
Leader Class Overlord with Dreadnaut

Chaos on Velocitron Collection Pack celebrates speed ability
Includes Laser Optimus Prime, Nautica, Fastlane, Quickswitch and diecast Rodimus Prime Titan Master
Prime includes G2 decal on trailer

Siege on Cybertron Collection Pack celebrates strength ability
Pounce, Metalhawk, Tidal Wave from Broadside and Magnus Prime (Ginrai from Takara Tomy), with Titan Master Thunderwing

Titan Class Trypticon - fan vote winner
Showed us an updated Titan Masters commercial featuring the latest figures and Trypticon
In a world ... where only the strongest survive! The Mighty Trypticon!
Showed us the block foam model again that they showed us at Toy Fair 2016
Showed us the design process between Hasbro and Takara Tomy
Lots of layered detail
Includes Full-Tilt with Titan Master Necro
20" tall ... huge!
Eats Titan Masters!!!
Lots of play features with Titan Masters and other figures.

Power of the Primes Sneak Peek!
Talked about the fan vote
And the next Matrix bearer is ... Star Saber was the first to fall, Ultra Magnus didn't get it, left it between Beast Wars Optimus Primal and Deathsaurus ...

which means fans voted OPTIMUS PRIMAL as the next Matrix Bearer!!!

Showed us a new trailer for Robots In Disguise Combiner Force cartoon
Team Bee faces a new Decepticon threat
New threat is Menasor, showed Combiner Force Ultra Bee Combiner
Team Combiners - Wave 1: Grimlock is both legs, Drift, Bumblebee, Strongarm, Sideswipe

Menasor is made up of Motormaster, Dragstrip, Flashmark, Heatseeker, and one more
Galvatronus ... didn't get their names, made up of 5 figures

Optimus Prime Race Track Trailer ... over 3 feet long

Premier Edition
Steelbane transforms into a dragon
Slug with new deco
Voyager Class Grimlock
Brand new Voyager Class Scorn, very detailed
Premier Edition Deluxe: Bumblebee, looks amazing, new sculpt, black and red Drift, Crosshairs, new Voyager Megatron as jet, new Voyager Hound (vehicle mode is different than what we've seen, some type of Mercedes truck/vehicle)
Leader Class Megatron (jet mode) looks amazing! Lots of great detail, Cybertronian scribblings
Deluxe Sqweeks, looks really cute!

Allspark Tech (kiddie toys)
Allspark Tech Optimus Prime is brought to life with Allspark Cube
Allspark Cube knows which mode you are in, 20+ motion activated lights + sfx, Allspark Cube powers figure
Bumblebee, Drift, Hound, and Barricade
Giant transforming figure: dragon! Unleash Dragonstorm Mega Turbo Changer
Cyberfire reveals hidden messages

10th Anniversary of the Transformers Movie franchise
Global launch event
April 24th will be the day when transformers The Last Knight product officially hits the shelves. Reveal Your Shield campaign! Something new on Snapchat today

Show your alliance and Reveal your shield during 5 days of reveals, news and (something else ...)

That's it for now!

On to Marvel!!!

Guardians of the Galaxy (Transformers related)

and speaking of which, Guardians of the Galaxy 6" Wave 2: Death's Head 2

Top 5 Transformers Who Abandoned Their Faction

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Who Abandoned Their Faction
Date: Saturday, February 11th 2017 11:58am CST
Categories: Site Articles, Editorials, Top Lists
Posted by: D-Maximus_Prime

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Every 2 weeks, brings to you a Top 5 and occasional Top 10 list written by william-james88. But this week, we are gonna shake some things up a teensy bit. Guest analysis D-Maximus_Primal is here to give you a Top 5 list centered not on toys, but on the fiction that we all love to read and then buy the toys as a result. These are all the opinions of 1 person, so treat them as such as you read along. The point of these sorts of things is to have a lot of fun as well as get the community to tell us what you really think of the shape-shifting toys and characters that we all love. So strap in tight folks! All previous lists can be found here.

Top 5 Transformers Who Abandoned Their Faction

Now when it comes to Transformers, we generally have the 2 opposing factions, whether they be Autobot/Decepticon, Maximal/Predacon, Autobot/Predacon, Rescuebot/Morbot, etc. We usually like to think of the characters being dedicated to one side and only that side, and eventually winning or losing to their respective rivals. But oh so often this is nowhere near the case. Transformers are not black and white; rather, they have so many shades of gray that there are times that you can never truly be sure of a character's true sides and motive. For this reason, we have many different characters that have left their respective faction, whether it be from anger, sadness, betrayal, confusion, and occasionally mind control.

The purpose of this list is to look into those many characters that have left their faction in favor of either another faction or to abandon factions altogether. The list takes into account how important to the overall story the Transformer in question is with his/her actions and how this changed the course of that Transformers Series.

5. IDW Thundercracker

Our list starts off with the blue version of the original Seeker trio. When it came to TV shows, Thundercracker never got a good rap seeing as how he was simply a look-alike to one of the bigger shows stars and basically was second bananas to most everyone else in the show. Now the comics have done him far more justice. Initially joining up with the Decepticons to fight against inequality and to rule by means of "Peace Through Tyranny," All Hail Megatron showed us a different Thundercracker. Thundercracker hated slaughtering people and he realized that the Decepticons were not fighting those worthy of their attention. Realizing just how lost they had all become, he abandoned his Decepticon counterparts as Megatron fell to Optimus Prime and Spike Witwicky to save the humans and Autobots still in New York city. He took a hold of the nuclear missile aimed at them, took it to space, and destroyed it. All he got in return was a blast to the face from an angry Skywarp.

He would go on to play pivotal parts in the 2009-2011 ongoing, serving as air reinforcement for the Autobots at times and even turning down an invitation to rejoin the Decepticons. After the war ended, he simply chose to live on Earth, away from Cybertron, until the Cybertronians returned, and he once again stood more Autobot than Decepticon, helping save the humans from a zombie Thrust/Ramjet armada, interpreting Buster the dogs speech to show that Blackrock was shady and that the Autobots were not bad, and even saving Sunstreaker from Galvatron's mighty fusion cannon after combining with him among others against his will.

Thundercracker has done a lot to make up for what he had been a part of, and has proven to be an honorable character that, while gruff, is a good person at Spark.

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Who Abandoned Their Faction

4. Prime Dreadwing

Dreadwing was always my favorite Decepticon from Transformers: Prime, and I'll tell you why: he was never a truly bad guy. He may have fought for the bad guy and he may have been an explosives expert who blew up people, occasionally without them even knowing it, but he had something that no other Decepticon had: Honor. He cared deeply for his brother, and when he felt his death, he flew all the way to Earth to look for who had killed him and he would avenge his brother. Once he arrived though, he showed a distinct difference from his fellow Decepticons. He served Megatron with honor, preferring to get his mission done and preferably do it as clean as possible, even if it meant letting some Autobots live.

As Season 2 went on, we saw Dreadwing, now serving as second-in-command, gradually progress as a character. He went on questionable missions with Megatron, such as stealing Liege Maximo's arm. He also began to see that Megatron was not as morally balanced as he thought, as he dealt with Megatron not only letting Starscream live, but also welcoming him back into his ranks with full repairs, all after finding out Starscream had revived his brother as a zombie. The final straw broke, He decided the Decepticons were no longer the right people for him, but he refused to join the Autobots. So he did the only thing he could: He stole the Forge of Solus Prime, gave it to the Autobots, tried to kill Starscream to avenge his brother, and finally falling to Megatron in response to his threat against Starscream, one of the saddest deaths in Prime. But, as a result of his actions, the Autobots were able to make it to Cybertron and thus prevent Megatron from gaining total victory.

Dreadwing proved to be a conflicted character, between his brother and the Decepticons. And he made the tough choice and he made it when it counted. He is the reason Prime even went on from this point for had he not, Earth would be simply a new Cybertron. His betrayal ultimately led to Earth's salvation.

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Who Abandoned Their Faction

3. Dark of the Moon Sentinel Prime

Now this is a character that had to make his impact fast as he only had 2 and half hours to do so, and an impact he did make. In the past, Sentinel Prime had proven to be a jerk when he was given characterization or Optimus Prime's predecessor when he wasn't given it. When we came into the movie, Sentinel was assumed to be the ultimate good, the thing that would turn the tide against Megatron and the new and all-powerful Shockwave! But then, Sentinel outdid both of them. Quickly. Without any sort of warning, he turns out to be Megatron's partner, kills Ironhide (and Mudflap and Skids technically), teleports an armada of Decepticons to Earth, seemingly removes and destroys the rest of the Autobots, and begins to enslave humanity, not caring even a bit.

While ultimately falling in battle, Sentinel made a huge impact in the movie-verse. For one thing, he was the first bot to turn out to be a bad guy. For another, he declared that he was the Autobots, essentially helping to set up the Autobots future troubles since they too could be the big bad that brings about Armageddon. But, probably biggest of all, he shattered Optimus Prime, showing him what he thought had to be done and doing it with no regards for others, and then almost succeeding with the side effect of destroying part of Cybertron in the process. Sentinel has proven to be the traitor to his kind that the movies will be known by (at least so far).

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Who Abandoned Their Faction

2. IDW Megatron

If you thought this one would be left off the list, then you really don't know how big this one gets. Megatron. An Autobot.

Yes that's right. How best to finish off a 12 issue crossover event that shattered the multiverse and set up Season 2 for both Ex-RiD and MTMTE? Make the big bad from Transformers lore a good guy. Yep, that'll work!

Megatron, finally realizing how far he had fallen from his days of peaceful reform, took up the badge of his friend Bumblebee and made it his own. In the 2 years and some odd months since, Megatron has proven to be an interesting character. He finds it hard to resist at first, letting slip his hatred for organics and his desire to see himself survive. But then the wake-up calls start hitting hard and fast. Within 6 months of each other, he finds out that the Universe would be vastly better had he not existed, and that he is responsible for so many dead that is is almost unfathomable. And then he is given the showdown with the very figurehead of his evil and the notion that he will not survive. And we see just how far he has come. He hates who he was and he hates seeing what he created. He now rejects violence and he simply wants nothing more than to make up for his past mistakes, something almost no one is willing to let him do.

And his actions have had far reaching consequences. As a result of what has happened, Galvatron has taken over and the Decepticons are in shambles, some even choosing to go the route of doing good or just trying to live on in the post-war era. Soundwave feels so betrayed that he turns the humans against the Autobots thanks to Megatron's defection. Even the Decepticon Justice Division now reforms for the sole reason of picking up where he left off, after killing him first.

So Autobot Megatron has shattered his own world, his home universe, and the fiction behind Transformers. The ultimate evil is now the good. This is almost good enough to make number 1, but there is a very obvious reason why Megatron is not #1...

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Who Abandoned Their Faction

1. Beast Wars Dinobot

This character was a no-brainer really. This Beast War combatant started out as a Predacon, became a Maximal, switched back and then returned to the Maximals, and everytime he did switch something significant happened. The first time he switched sides, he evened the odds of Maximal to Predacon, and would go on to make a big battlefield difference due to him being a warrior. When he switched back, he would harbor in the Golden Disk saga which would eventually lead to Megatron learning he was on Prehistoric Earth and that he could change history. And when he changed to Maximal one last time, he faced down his former Predacons and won, destroying the Golden Disk and severely damaging Megatron's plans, at the cost of his own life. And when he died, it was with honor and he proved to be one of Cybertron's greatest heroes.

Few Transformers characters have proven to be as popular and as important as Dinobot. He was a Beast Wars star and still is to this day. He is the ultimate example of a bot who changed sides, and in the end made the biggest difference he could while proving to be true to the side that he joined with and died for.

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Who Abandoned Their Faction

Honorable Mentions

Prime Knockout is worthy of note considering he is the only Transformers: Prime character to officially switch sides and he did so to help stop Starscream and enable the Autobots to actually fight back against Unicron in Predacons Rising.

Armada Wheeljack was also up for consideration, but ultimately while he and Hot Shot had a lot of issues and eventually he got mostly over them, he didn't play the pivotal role I felt the others played in their respective series.

Revenge of the Fallen Jetfire was also a pivotal character as he helped the Autobots actually find the Matrix in the movie and essentially revived Optimus and then gave him a power boost, but there was much more that could have been done with him. He needed a bit more to live up to his potential.

Possible Transformers Titans Return Shockwave Revealed [Updated]

Transformers News: Possible Transformers Titans Return Shockwave Revealed [Updated]
Date: Sunday, February 5th 2017 3:45am CST
Categories: Toy News, Rumors
Posted by: Bronzewolf | Credit(s): Facebook, jamesbenjamin

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Big news, folks! Thanks to Facebook user Dallas Mace, we have a potential leak of an upcoming Titans Return deluxe figure: Shockwave! Now, this is still just a rumor, but as some Peg Tags at a North Carolina Walmart have revealed, we have a more than slight indication that a Deluxe Shockwave is in our future. Check out the provided photographic evidence!

UPDATE: Fellow Seibertronian jamesbenjamin points out that the barcode seen on the tag corresponds to that of Fall of Cybertron deluxe Shockwave from years ago, as seen below.

Transformers News: Possible Transformers Titans Return Shockwave Revealed [UPDATED]

We'd suggest diving into your bag of salt once more, and just consider this a misnamed placeholder for a new deluxe figure from the Titans Return line, though not the purple Decepticon commander after all.

Transformers News: Possible Transformers Titans Return Shockwave Revealed [UPDATED]

Transformers News: Possible Transformers Titans Return Shockwave Revealed [UPDATED]

This might seem a little *ahem* illogical, however, seeing as he just got a legend-class toy in the Combiner Wars toyline, but hey, at one time during CW we had two different sized versions of Skywarp on the shelves at the same time, so anything can happen!

Stay tuned to for more Transformers News and Rumors!

Transformers: Earth Wars Event: What Doesn't Kill You... and Kup and Hun-Gurrr Preview

Transformers News: Transformers: Earth Wars Event: What Doesn't Kill You... and Kup and Hun-Gurrr Preview
Date: Wednesday, February 1st 2017 2:32pm CST
Category: Game News
Posted by: D-Maximus_Prime | Credit(s): Earth Wars

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Transformers News: Re: Transformers: Earth Wars Real Time Strategy Combat Mobile App Game

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!Inspired by the prospect of Optimus Maximus and Bruticus, both factions enter the battlefield, feeling like they can't lose!

What Doesn't Kill You...

Transformers News: Re: Transformers: Earth Wars Real Time Strategy Combat Mobile App Game

Inspired by the prospect of Optimus Maximus and what he represents, the Autobotsenter the battlefield once again to defend Earth from Decepticons’ devious plans. Meanwhile, the presence of Bruticus, is filling Decepticons with confidence they haven't felt since the battles of Cybertron!Battle to lead your faction to victory and gain Alloy, Energon, Spark, 3-Star Shards, 4-Star Shards and up to 3X Normal XP! Start Date: 03/02/2017 11:00 UTCEnd Date: 06/02/2017 11:00 UTC How do I participate?
  • Reach HQ Level 4!
  • Tap the Event button!
  • Select an Event Battle Zone to fight in!
  • Win your battle and gather Battle Points!
  • Collect Prizes!Continue to earn Battle Points!
  • Prestiges Allowed: 60
  • Bonus Experience: Earn up to TRIPLE XP in Event Battle Zones!

Event Battle Zones

Transformers News: Re: Transformers: Earth Wars Real Time Strategy Combat Mobile App Game

Totaliser Prizes

Transformers News: Re: Transformers: Earth Wars Real Time Strategy Combat Mobile App Game

New Bots Preview

In an effort to increase VIP visibility into the processes of our development team, we would like to give you a sneak peak of two upcoming characters we're excited to be bringing to Transformers: Earth Wars. These characters are currently being created and designed by the art team, so this is the first time that they are being shown to players.  


Transformers News: Re: Transformers: Earth Wars Real Time Strategy Combat Mobile App Game
"Kup has been there, done that, got the T-shirt. There's almost nothing this veteran warhorse hasn't seen or experienced. Gruff and grizzled, Kup is forever waxing nostalgic about this battle or that narrow escape. Even if only half of his stories are true, it's still a packed life he's lived.  One thing's for sure - he's a born survivor."

Kup is an iconic character, and there have been a number of Kup toys released over the years. However, the one form that resonated with us the most was the classic G1 design from the 1986 animated movie. Who can forget Kup’s war stories of petro rabbits and other galactic adventures? We used the movie reference as a basis for the moodboards we compiled to get a feel for the character.

Transformers News: Re: Transformers: Earth Wars Real Time Strategy Combat Mobile App Game

We originally made Kup’s legs rounded to match his appearance in the movie, but unfortunately this made him look awkward in vehicle mode, so we switched to a classic design.
We pay close attention to the polygon count when modelling a character. If we exceed a particular number of polygons we may run into performance issues when the character is added to the game. Using lots of curves and rounded edges quickly increases the polygon count.

Transformers News: Re: Transformers: Earth Wars Real Time Strategy Combat Mobile App Game

When texturing characters, we often exaggerate particular colours and features. Given the small scale at which bots are shown during battle, this helps keep them distinctive and readable. In this example, we’ve accentuated the yellow details on Kup’s head and legs.


Transformers News: Re: Transformers: Earth Wars Real Time Strategy Combat Mobile App Game

"Hun-Gurrr is a creature of appetites. One he fulfills by stuffing his twin mouths with monstrous amounts of energy, raw materials, and fallen Autobots. The other - his love of battle - he sates through wanton destruction and mayhem.As leader of the Terrorcons, he makes an adept military commander, though he tends to issue orders with a full mouth, making him difficult to understand." Though Hun-Gurrr is a lesser known Transformers character and there have been fewer toys based on him, he certainly has a distinct and impressive countenance.

Transformers News: Re: Transformers: Earth Wars Real Time Strategy Combat Mobile App Game

With Hun-Gurrr's bot form, it was important to keep the colour distribution close to the original cartoon and toy design so that that he was easily recognizable. When it came to the Alt form, we felt that there were some areas in the design that we could push to heighten his ferocious appearance. The two heads were enlarged, giving us more room for lots of pointy teeth. The spikes down the neck and spine were accentuated to give sharper impact to his silhouette. To finish his look we gave him some claws reminiscent of a dragon.

Transformers News: Re: Transformers: Earth Wars Real Time Strategy Combat Mobile App Game

Next week, we’ll take a more detailed look at how we go about animating these characters and creating their transformation sequences. 

Abilities Poll Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in our New Abilities poll on BAND.  The two winning abilities were Battle Orders for the global VIP poll and Orbital Bounce for the JP VIP poll. We’ll be implementing both abilities for some of our future bots and sharing our progress with you. Tune into this week’s Twitch Stream to get a sneak-peak at Orbital Bounce.

Twitch Stream

Transformers News: Re: Transformers: Earth Wars Real Time Strategy Combat Mobile App Game

 LIVE Thursday: Did you hear that?!This week get behind-the-scenes, LISTEN at the SOUND in Transformers: Earth Wars.
Deb, coder Neil, and probably Adam too, take you on an auditory tour of your favorite Bots, as well as a preview of new bot ability Orbital Bounce!  Join us LIVE Thursday, February 2nd @ 5pm UTC.

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Roll Out!

IDW Lost Light #2 Review

Transformers News: IDW Lost Light #2 Review
Date: Wednesday, February 1st 2017 9:59am CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: D-Maximus_Prime | Credit(s): IDW

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I'm the Brains, You're the Brawn
A Semi-Spoilerish Review of Lost Light #2

Rodimus and Co. find themselves in a dangerous place. Even more dangerous than on a planet that exploded from the inside. That’s already pretty dangerous. But where they are now? Oh boy.

Transformers News: IDW Lost Light #2 Review
Playing the day away


Well, where do I begin?

We'll start with this: we have some plot action moving forward, like a lot. We've wrapped up the DJD battles, and we have moved on and started to venture back into the quest, despite the fact that we aren't on the ship and no one from the ship even makes an appearance for yet another issue (it's been almost a year). Taking cues from Drift and another member of the cast, we are progressing towards something quest related. It also appears that another long standing plot point is set to be resolved, which is exciting and interesting the way that it will end up getting done.

A second point of contention for attention is Megatron. As revealed last issue, half of the storyline is now occurring in a universe where Megatron never existed. What can we expect out of this you may ask? Well, I can tell you that Megatron is an interesting character to watch. Seeing his reaction to his new surroundings as well as what has transpired certainly places Megatron in an interesting situation that, in this issue at least, receives a deal of interest from reader and characters in the story. Overall, the "Megatron in a universe where he never existed" arc is doing good, and is keeping with the established traits Megatron has started to show over the past year. While we have yet to see what will become of Megatron and the functionists, it is comforting to know that he is still sticking close and comfortable with his developed path thus far.

Transformers News: IDW Lost Light #2 Review
Yeah, don't forget these 2

The parts of the story touching on Tailgate and Cyclonus are very well done as well, and it will be interesting to see how these 2, Rung, and Megatron come through the rest of the arc.


Art duties are once again taken up by Jack Lawrence, and 2 issues in I have yet to be completely impressed. The artwork, while not bad, does not feel like it fits the narrative of the book. The artwork comes across as slightly too exaggerated, with certain characters that have mouths suffering some with expressions. Proportions and some poses do not appear properly either, and characters such as the the Functionists enforcers and Swerve suffer for it. The enforcers just don't look as intimidating as they were portrayed originally, while Swerve pulls off a very awkward looking pose considering his design.

Transformers News: IDW Lost Light #2 Review
Yeah, I'm not sure his head is supposed to move like that

Joana Lafuente takes up coloring duties once more, and she does some very good work with the different shades for the different settings of this book. The coloring of Cybertron is appropriately very dark and very dreary, and the mixes of the burning colors with dark reds and red mixes make for a very convincing dark age.

Transformers News: IDW Lost Light #2 Review
Now that is a scene straight from hell

Meanwhile, the coloring of Necroworld is also well done, with the sunset painted in beautifully alongside the darkness of night when Cyclonus and Tailgate go for a stroll. It doesn't matter where it is, the colors work.

Transformers News: IDW Lost Light #2 Review
Lettering service and me service

Once more, Tom B. Long delivers in his lettering. The various points in time when characters get thrown and slammed around are pronounced with very convincing and very entertaining lettering, and the dialogue is done very well. Once more, a bang up effort.

Final Thoughts

Transformers News: IDW Lost Light #2 Review
When my friend won't stop telling me our arrest was my fault

Since the ending of More Than Meets The Eye and the beginning of Lost Light, I have had a hard time getting into the new book/season 3. While I can definitely state some positives, such as continuing with the same characters, touching more on the Functionists universe-a real treat really-and bringing another long-standing major plot thread forward, there is a disturbance in the force. A few complaints that I have.

The main complaint would be the art. It doesn't feel like it suits the book, and it feels at odds with what was previously established. It makes some scenes just difficult to look at and enjoy while reading the commentary. It feels more rounded, less detailed, and more "Robots in Disguise cartoon" than "More Than Meets The Eye."

The other major complaint comes from characters both new and not seen in forever. It was last March where we saw the mutineers take over the ship, and we have yet to touch on them again, which is a real disappointment for me. I've been aching to see this part of the crew and see what's happening in the fallout of the mutiny. I've also not taken very kindly to the new characters introduced. Anode has put me off quite a bit as she has generally come across to me as an unlikable character. Lug is a bit better, but I am unimpressed by either. It feels like the new characters are hogging some spotlight from those that really need it AKA the mutineers.

Overall, the book is not bad, it really isn't. Megatron in the Functionists universe, Rung, and Cyclonus and Tailgate are all great positives for the current ongoing. But it doesn't have that magic that it used to. The writing is still quite good, but the art and storyline don't match up to my liking, and I hope that we can work towards reclaiming some of that harmony for me.


Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update
Date: Saturday, January 28th 2017 12:30pm CST
Categories: Site Articles, Editorials, Top Lists
Posted by: william-james88

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Every two weeks, brings you a Top 5 list related to all things Transformers written by me, your fellow editor. These are my opinions (just like movie or game reviews hosted by sites are still just the opinion of one person) so what matters most is what you guys think of the topic or list, and I hope to see your own lists or comments on omissions and ranking. Let's have fun! All previous lists can be found here.

Top 5 Transformers Toys Better Than Their Updates

Let's face it, older Transformers toys can't really be compared to the modern toys due to the evolution in transformation, getting far more complex, the sleekness of the robot modes and the improved articulation. But that's fine, it doesn't take anything away from the older toys, it just makes us appreciate them in their own nostalgic bubble for the fun toys they were (and still are). We can respect the legacy of the original toys and have fun with the updates, be it in the Masterpiece or Classics line. However, 2016 taught me that there are original toys that not only hold up but offer so much more than their updates, and which I would definitely recommend getting over their updates. I looked for others that fit the bill and made a list so let's get to it!

5. Beast Machines Tankor compared to Generations Tankor

I have already raved about the original Tankor toy on three seperate lists: the best tanks, the best cybertronian vehicles and the best gimmicks since his double light piping gimmick is just too good, and that was just one of his 4 percfetly integrated gimicks which also included a spring loaded missile and optional twin buzzsaws which moved as you rolled him. He rightfully fits in all these lists since he is an excellent toy. The one thing he didn't do is look like the animation model, which plagued all Beast Machines toys, and that's it. I dont know about you, but that takes nothing away from this toy beign awesome. Proof of that comes with the update Tankor got in the Generations line. That toy looked show accurate and that was it. The articulation didnt seem to evolve in 15 years, all the gimicks were gone, the transformation was simplified (to reflect the show) and he just felt so light. And his accuracy was automatically gone when put next to any other figure since he was made into a puny deluxe, dwarfing him in size from what he looked like on the show. But that generations toy still has a place, I bought a few and made them the drones accompanying the awesome original Tankor toy.

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update

4. G1 Megatron compared to MP05 Masterpiece Megatron

I have a hard time understanding what they were going for with the initial MP release. It's as if all they did was just make the G1 toy insanely more complex, fragile and annoying to transform. This reminds me of a bad third party toy. I am talking about the ones which look different from the animation model to avoid being sued and then overly engineer something to the point where it's not fun to transform and far too fragile to do so. So you just transform it once (or never if it's in robot mode) and then leave it on a shelf forever, hoping it doesn't fall since it doesn't stand too well. I am not saying the G1 toy is better at everything, but MP 05 doesn't improve anything about the G1 toy. It doesn't look more like Megatron than the G1 toy did, nor does it have better proportions (those legs, yeeesh). I made a chart to show you what I mean:

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update

So all in all, I personally think the G1 toy is better. It's more fun to transform and has greater playability in both modes. Plus the gun mode is far more accurate to the actual gun size wise. If you had to choose between these two figures, you are better off with the G1 toy (they cost about the same anyway).

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update

3. Beast Wars Cheetor compared to [url=[url=/transformers-toys/gallery/classics-universe/cheetor/1677/1/]Universe - Classics 2.0 Cheetor[/url]

The pictures just work better than my words here. It looks like they just made it different for the sake of making him look different without thinking of making him visually appealing. The original was well articulated already and looked closer to the animation model, which the Universe toy doesn't look even close to, so I don't really know what purpose the Universe toys serves or who would want it.

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update
Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update

2. G1 1986 Sky Lynx compared to Generations Combiner Wars Sky Lynx

I think Generations Skylynx has a really cool looking combiner torso, I can't deny that. It acts as a fun what if, for sure, but that toy cannot in anyway replace the G1 toy as a decent representation of Skylynx in a collection (unlike Titans Return Blurr, who is a great update regardless of the gimmick he comes with). As described two weeks ago, there is a great history regarding G1 Skylynx and how it is different from every other Transformer toy, like his robot mode being the combination of two beasts . There is a ton of play value with that G1 toy, with it having 6 separate modes: Shuttle, transport rig, shuttle on transport rig, bird, lynx, mecha dinosaur. Also, the size works well for a toy that turns into a space shuttle. The update reduces the impressive size and while gutting the electronics feature is expected and not the worst thing, it removes the fact that he is the combination of two beasts. We don't get a separate Lynx component (which kind of blows when your toy is called Sky Lynx) and instead of the unique combination reinvented, we just have him turn into a combiner torso like every other voyager in the line. Or right, and it's a voyager, not the size I would expect for the magnificent skylynx (who transports Autobots through space).

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update

1. G1 1987 Fortress Maximus compared to Generations Titans Return Fortress Maximus

My opinion here is very similar to what I said abut Skylynx regarding playability being gutted but it is augmented here due to this toy not even being an original mold and being stuck with random vestigial features of Metroplex. I think this quote that I found on the boards sums it up well:

partholon wrote:Am I the only one that finds it baffling that the G1 bot with probably the MOST guns has bugger all in this update?
It's just mad.
I do agree that his city mode sucks. I mean Jesus! And I dont see why they couldn't have added a flap to the ramps so they cover his hands in city mode and actually touch the ground. I get ya can say its aircraft landing strips in battlestation mode, but it just looks weak in city mode. If I get the guy I'm going with some of the fan modes to try and ape his original better- bar that mess around with the surperfluous joints to come up with something I think looks better myself as just having his battlesation mode do the splits isnt up to scratch.
I agree with what some have said about not giving a toss about electronic lights and sounds. I'm buying a transformer- the alt modes the most important thing to me, not some "whoop whooop" nonsense.

You are not the only one Partholon. I know many say he has a great robot mode and that's how they will be keeping him, but that kind of defeats the point of him being a Transformer. The only kind of Transformer that makes him is an oversized action master. However, there is a silver lining. This lackluster release for what was once an iconic toy ends up bringing the original G1 toy back in the spotlight and lets it keep it's well earned place on the pedestal. There was no toy like G1 Fortress Maximus and now we know he cannot be defeated. No one has as glorious a base mode with as many fun playability features. And lucky us, since an Encore reissue of the original toy was released in very big numbers, owning the G1 toy is no longer a pipe dream. The G1 toy is now affordable and I strongly recommend it as it is one of the greatest Transformers toys of all time and definitely the number one toy which is better than its update.

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update
Can someone lend me a gun?

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update

Transformers News: Top 5 Transformers Toys which are better than their Update

Honourable Mentions:

I would like to mainly discuss the Titanium line here since that in general is my honorary mention. I dis have a Titanium toy on the list at first, it was Titanium Optimal Optimus. From a nice big toy, we get a small one with lame articulation and the lack of a Beast Mode (on a freaken Beast Wars character!). But then I saw that it didn't gel with the rest of the list. It didn't feel like Hasbro trying to update anything, just present characters in a different way. Kinda like the World's Smallest TFs line. They came after the G1 toys, but aren't trying to better them or update them, just present them differently (in this case, that means all die cast). That's how I feel about the Titanium line. Because or else, this whole list would be that line right? Like Fire Convoy and Optimal Optimus who are missing modes and Soundwave, which doesnt hold a candle to the original. Even though they are legitimate updates, they don't feel to have the same intentions as the other ones on the list. At least to me.

Full IDW Transformers and Hasbro Universe Comics Solicitations for April 2017

Transformers News: Full IDW Transformers and Hasbro Universe Comics Solicitations for April 2017
Date: Wednesday, January 25th 2017 7:47am CST
Category: Comic Book News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): IDW

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After a fairly substantial wait, we finally have the full solicitations for the IDW Publishing comics being released in April 2017, covering their Transformers and Transformers-related Hasbro Universe titles. Not included below, but available to find on Previews World, are the MASK, ROM and Micronauts titles - except for Wrath of Karza, as seen here - but Lost Light, Optimus Prime, Till All Are One, Revolutionaries are in, as are G.I. Joe (featuring Skywarp) and Aw Yeah! Revolution.

Check it all out below - and be warned: there are some spoilers to current story arcs!

Transformers News: Full IDW Transformers and Hasbro Universe Comics Solicitations for April 2017

Transformers: Lost Light #5
James Roberts (w) • Jack Lawrence (a & c)
It's TEAM RODIMUS versus a universe gone wrong! An alternate Cybertron is being torn apart as the malevolent Functionist Council implement a plan that's been millions of years in the making. But with victory within their reach, they find themselves up against someone who really shouldn't exist: MEGATRON.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Transformers: Lost Light #5—Subscription Variant
James Roberts (w) • Jack Lawrence (a) • Nick Roche (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Transformers: Lost Light #5—Alex Milne Variant
James Roberts (w) • Jack Lawrence (a) • Alex Milne (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
The end times are here for the crew of the Lost Light!
Variant cover by Jin Kim!

Transformers News: Full IDW Transformers and Hasbro Universe Comics Solicitations for April 2017

Optimus Prime #6
John Barber (w) • Kei Zama (a & c)
“NEW CYBERTRON”—CONCLUSION! As the Junkions reveal their ultimate plan, Optimus Prime makes a decision that will define the relationship between Earth and Cybertron for all time... but will Arcee be able to live with the fallout?
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Transformers News: Full IDW Transformers and Hasbro Universe Comics Solicitations for April 2017

Optimus Prime #6—Subscription Variant
John Barber (w) • Kei Zama (a) • Casey Coller (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Optimus Prime #6—Andrew Griffith Variant
John Barber (w) • Kei Zama (a) • Andrew Griffith (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Variant cover by Jin Kim!

Transformers News: Full IDW Transformers and Hasbro Universe Comics Solicitations for April 2017

Transformers: Till All Are One #9
Mairghread Scott (w) • Sara Pitre-Durocher (a & c)
After the costly victory against the Titans, Iacon is in shambles and Starscream finds himself on shakier ground than ever. The key to his political (and likely literal) survival rests in the outcome of a very unlikely event: the trial of the Council's first official war criminal—Chromia of Caminus!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Transformers: Till All Are One #9—Subscription Variant
Mairghread Scott (w) • Sara Pitre-Durocher (a) • Priscilla Tramontano (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Variant cover by Jin Kim!

Transformers News: Full IDW Transformers and Hasbro Universe Comics Solicitations for April 2017

Revolutionaries #5
John Barber (w) • Fico Ossio (a) • Robert Atkins (c)
M.A.S.K. vs. the ATOMIC MAN! The Revolutionaries uncover the deep, dark secret of Mike Power, the Atomic Man—and enlist the help of M.A.S.K. to bring in the long-lost agent! But there's more to Power's story than anyone imagined, in the oddest story of 2017!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Transformers News: Full IDW Transformers and Hasbro Universe Comics Solicitations for April 2017

Revolutionaries #5—Subscription Variant
John Barber (w) • Fico Ossio (a) • Ron Joseph (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Revolutionaries #5—Subscription Variant
John Barber (w) • Fico Ossio (a & c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Variant cover by Pierre Droal!

Transformers News: Full IDW Transformers and Hasbro Universe Comics Solicitations for April 2017

G.I. JOE #5
Aubrey Sitterson (w) • Giannis Milonogiannis (a) • Aaron Conley (c)
MONSTERS! G.I. JOE has fought Cobra, the Dreadnoks and more, but never before have they faced a threat like this: Gigantic, heaving abominations crawling up from the depths of the Earth itself. As teams of Joes struggle to respond to the unpredictable attacks, Scarlett must decide what to do with the enemy in the team's midst. Plus, the G.I. JOE leader reveals a troubling secret to her second-in-command, Roadblock.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

G.I. JOE #5—Subscription Variant
Aubrey Sitterson (w) • Giannis Milonogiannis (a & c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

G.I. JOE #5—Tom Feister Variant
Aubrey Sitterson (w) • Giannis Milonogiannis (a) • Tom Feister (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
New storyarc!
Variant cover by Tom Neely!

Transformers News: Full IDW Transformers and Hasbro Universe Comics Solicitations for April 2017

Micronauts: Wrath of Karza #1 (of 5)—SPOTLIGHT
Cullen Bunn & Jimmy Johnston (w) • Andrew Griffith (a) • Alex Ronald (c)
As one universe dies, another is invaded! Microspace — the home of the Micronauts — is collapsing. But Baron Karza has discovered a new universe in which the people of Microspace would thrive, a universe in which he would rule! The first world to be conquered is Earth, and the first enemies to be targeted are the TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE, M.A.S.K., and ROM!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Transformers News: Full IDW Transformers and Hasbro Universe Comics Solicitations for April 2017

Micronauts: Wrath of Karza #1 (of 5)—Subscription variant
Cullen Bunn & Jimmy Johnston (w) • Andrew Griffith (a) • Michael Golden (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Baron Karza invades Earth and the Micronauts will never, ever be the same!
Variant cover by Valentina Pinto, Paul Pope, and Michael Golden!

Transformers News: Full IDW Transformers and Hasbro Universe Comics Solicitations for April 2017

Revolution: Aw Yeah! #3 (of 5)
Art Baltazar (w & a & c)
THIS IS IT! The confrontations you’ve been waiting for! DESTRO vs ROM! Micronauts vs COBRA! The team-ups you’ve only imagined while playing with your action figures! ACROYEAR and BUMBLEBEE! SPACE GLIDER and SCARLET! Action? Excitement? Yes. This one has it all! Oh, and the evil BARON KARZA, too. By the EISNER AWARD Winning Cartoonist, ART BALTAZAR! Aw Yeah!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Revolution: Aw Yeah! #3—Subscription Variant
Art Baltazar (w & a) • Jay Fosgitt (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Eisner Award winning Cartoonist, Art Baltazar, brings his special brand of Aw-Yeah-someness to the new Hasbro Universe!
Variant cover by Franco!

New 'Power of the Primes' Fan Vote Now Open, Full Bios Revealed

Transformers News: New 'Power of the Primes' Fan Vote Now Open, Full Bios Revealed
Date: Monday, January 23rd 2017 10:39am CST
Category: Contests
Posted by: D-Maximus_Prime | Credit(s): Hasbro

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We are dropping by to let all of you know that voting for the next Prime has begun! You can find the vote HERE. We can also confirm for you which characters are in each category:

Honor: Hound, Ultra Magnus, Arcee
Chaos: Unknown Evil (AKA Deathsaurus), Thunderwing, Optimus Primal
Order: Megatron, Shockwave, Star Saber

Full bios have also been provided below. It is especially interesting considering Optimus Primal is considered 'Chaos', which did throw some fans for a loop. The Primal bio also implies he is the King of the IDW colony planet Eukaris, suggesting they are pulling some (but not all, cough Star Saber cough) comic strings into this vote.

You can vote everyday as long as the vote is active as well. So go to the link above and cast your vote! The next Matrix bearer is waiting!

Transformers News: New 'Power of the Primes' Fan Vote Now Open, Full Bios Revealed

These legendary warriors will lead with honor and carry on the noble legacy of Optimus Prime.

Transformers News: New 'Power of the Primes' Fan Vote Now Open, Full Bios Revealed

Function: Autobot Military Scout & Strategist

Traits: Loyal, dependable

Prime Pledge: Hound looks to forge his legacy on a single, straightforward vow: protect all living beings on Cybertron from tyranny.

Quote: “We must remember those that led us here. To turn back now would be to turn our backs on them.”

Transformers News: New 'Power of the Primes' Fan Vote Now Open, Full Bios Revealed

Function: Autobot City Commander

Traits: Noble, Bold

Prime Pledge: Ultra Magnus has sworn to honor his forefathers and wield the Matrix of Leadership with a sense of duty, justice, and honor worthy of their sacrifice.

Quote: “It is a hero’s duty to continue the fight until the final triumph is won.”

Transformers News: New 'Power of the Primes' Fan Vote Now Open, Full Bios Revealed

Function: Autobot Warrior

Traits: Proud, fierce

Prime Pledge: Arcee has witnessed the damage done by war. She vows to leave her warrior past behind and embrace a future of unity.

Quote: “I will never stop fighting for the future I know is possible.”

These powerful warlords will stop at nothing to become supreme leader of Cybertron, even if it means creating a chaotic world where only the strongest survive.

Transformers News: New 'Power of the Primes' Fan Vote Now Open, Full Bios Revealed

Function: To Be Revealed

Traits: Cruel, Menacing

Prime Pledge: This merciless agent of chaos will send the universe spiraling toward an unknown and unforeseen fate. Cybertron will be reborn in the image of this powerful dictator.

Quote: “For empires to rise, that which they are built on must first be destroyed.”

Transformers News: New 'Power of the Primes' Fan Vote Now Open, Full Bios Revealed

Function: Decepticon Aerial Espionage

Traits: Relentless, Sinister

Prime Pledge: Born with a unique spark that gives him a mysterious connection to the Matrix of Leadership, Thunderwing vows to use his ability to unleash unknown powers that lay dormant within the Matrix of Leadership.

Quote: “The Autobots had their chance and failed. Now the power of the Matrix of Leadership will be mine to hold, and yours to behold!”

Transformers News: New 'Power of the Primes' Fan Vote Now Open, Full Bios Revealed

Function: Maximal Leader, King of the Beast Planet Eukaris

Traits: Courageous, Unconventional

Prime Pledge: Optimus Primal heralds the coming of a new age of beasts. Those who follow him know he will keep fighting no matter how big the odds are against him.

Quote: “True strength is having the courage to trust that sometimes crazy works.”

"These commanders vow to leave the Autobot and Decepticon factions in the past and unite Cybertron under a new order."

Transformers News: New 'Power of the Primes' Fan Vote Now Open, Full Bios Revealed

Function: Longtime Decepticon Leader

Traits: Driven, Immensely Powerful

Prime Pledge: Tired of the war between the Autobots and Decepticons, Megatron stakes his claim on a final act of destruction: tear down the old system and usher in a new era of unity…under his rule.

Quote: “The old ways must fall, and only I have the power to strike the final blow.”

Transformers News: New 'Power of the Primes' Fan Vote Now Open, Full Bios Revealed

Function: Longtime Decepticon Leader

Traits: Calculating, megalomaniacal

Prime Pledge: Shockwave declares that Cybertron can only be saved through the creation of a strict order, and only he is brilliant enough to be the mastermind behind it all.

Quote: "The rashness of action has led us here. Now is the time that clarity of thought shall rule."

Transformers News: New 'Power of the Primes' Fan Vote Now Open, Full Bios Revealed

Function: Autobot Supreme Commander

Traits: Pure, Just

Prime Pledge: A valiant champion of peace, Star Saber vows to wield his mighty sword as a servant of hope who will fight for the good of all Transformers robots.

Quote: “The light of peace will illuminate the path to victory.”

Sunbow Transformers 'Fire in the Sky' Original Audio

Transformers News: Sunbow Transformers 'Fire in the Sky' Original Audio
Date: Thursday, January 12th 2017 4:41pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Digital Media News
Posted by: D-Maximus_Prime | Credit(s): Transformers At The Moon

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Transformers at the Moon are at it again with the recovering of old audio from the original G1 Sunbow cartoon, this time in the form of audio from episode 7 'Fire in the Sky!' This is a little bit of a unique situation, as the original audio was actually sent to the animators and just never used. Moonbug can explain below:
The audio is from an original slugged cassette and if from the sessions when Skyfire was still referred to as Jetfire. This audio was never used in the final released version.

From what we have been told by those in the industry, slugged tapes mean that the animation was done and thus any missing scene we find on those tapes means that there should (90% likelihood) have been animation produced that may still exist on a tape somewhere.

You can check out the video embedded below, along with a transcript of the missing dialogue. Enjoy!

#### Extended Scene ####
SKYWARP: We... we found something!
MEGATRON: So you did. Starscream, I want a clearer look.
STARSCREAM: You shall have it, leader.
MEGATRON: It appears to be a robot of unknown classification.

*NEW* RUMBLE: Look out -- You'll damage him! Let me do it ..
*NEW* STARSCREAM: Stay back! I've had enough of your bungling today! Wha---?!
*NEW* MEGATRON: Rumble's right -- I don't want the creature damaged. We may be able to revive him!
MEGATRON: With his size and probable strength, he will make an excellent Decepticon!

#### Extended Scene with switched audio ####
THUNDERCRACKER: Whatever it is, being on ice kept it fresh.
SKYWARP: But not perfect. Info center's down.
SOUNDWAVE: Also, cybermotor relays are useless **MOVED IN FINAL VERSION**
STARSCREAM: Then give him 50.000 volts to activate his memory monitor!
MEGATRON: Starscream, why are you so concerned about this creature?
STARSCREAM: Because I knew him once, a long time ago on Cybertron. Again! This time a million volts!

*NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: Converting wrist unit to nuclear-fusion cannon ... and ... firing!

STARSCREAM: Memory monitor activating!
MEGATRON: You knew him?
STARSCREAM: His name is Jetfire.

#### Extended Scene ####
STARSCREAM: Jetfire and I were both explorers from Cybertron.
MEGATRON:That must have been shortly before our final falling-out with the Autobots.

*NEW* MEGATRON: They refused to join us in our conquest of the universe so we declared war on them and all their weakling breed.

STARSCREAM: Yes. Skyfire and I were exploring what was an uncharted planet at that time. This one. Earth.

#### Extended Scene ####
JETFIRE: Aaahh... aahh... What happened? Starscream... it's you. You have... rescued me. But where am I? This is not Cybertron.
STARSCREAM: No. This is Earth, where you crashed many years ago.

*NEW* JETFIRE: How long have I been ... dysfunctional?
*NEW* STARSCREAM: Too long! Much has changed Jetfire.
*NEW* JETFIRE: But I will soon be operational again and we will resume our scientific explorations!

MEGATRON: I am Megatron, Jetfire.

#### Extended Scene ####
SKYFIRE: Destruction to all Autobots!

*NEW* IRONHIDE: He's a Decepticon!
*NEW* PRIME: Seek cover and return fire!
*NEW* IRONHIDE: You can dish it out, big fellah, but can you take it?!

SPARKPLUG WITWICKY: Hit the ice, Spike! He's gonna fire again!

#### Extended Scene ####
OPTIMUS PRIME:Possibly. There are hundreds of tunnels down here!
SPIKE WITWICKY: Please, help!

*NEW* SPARKPLUG: Can you hear us!

CLIFFJUMPER: Spike and Sparkplug!
OPTIMUS PRIME: Cliffjumper, be cautious!

2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task
Date: Friday, December 30th 2016 3:05pm CST
Categories: Site Articles, Editorials, Top Lists
Posted by: Va'al

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One more day is left, and this year will be over. If you look at 2016, there have been too high a number of dark moments outside of the life on the boards. But when you look at what our hobby, our fandom, our world of robots have produced, we actually struck some very good chords this year, wouldn't you agree? It has been a year of anniversaries, a year of milestones, a year of beasts and movies and comics, a year of toys, a year of endings and beginnings -- I suppose it's only right that we take some time now to make it...

A Year in Review - Transformers 2016

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task
Art: Kei Zama

That's right: we're back! We'll be taking a look at what happened since the end of 2015, a few categories at a time, as usual. Also, this dish is best served accompanied by a nice 2016 podcast episode. Trés joli.

Let's meet our hosts for the ride, then, shall we..? Introducing:

The Newsmongrels

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

The Twincasters

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Our Gracious Over Boards

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

...this guy
Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

We've rejigged the categories a little, to include more topics to cover outside of just the toys:

Favorite 2016 Transformers: Combiner Wars/Unite Warriors

Favorite 2016 Transformers: Titans Return/Takara Headmasters

Favorite 2016 Transformers: Robots in Disguise/Adventure

Favorite 2016 Transformers: None of the Above Figure

Favorite 2016 Transformers Masterpiece Figure (Hasbro or Takara)

...and now: Figure of the Year 2016

Favorite 2016 Transformers Comics-moment

Favorite 2016 Transformers Show-moment

Favorite 2016 Transformers Game-moment

Favourite 2016 fan creation: art, custom, video, comic, fiction

...and now: Moment of the Year

What are you looking forward to in 2017 for Transformers?

Are we ready for a trip down a plastic-cluttered, packaging-filled, variant cover-littered memory lane? Here... we... go!

Favorite 2016 Transformers: Combiner Wars/Unite Warriors

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Cobotron - At first I thought Grand Galvatron. That whole set did a real number for my imagination, and the decos come close to the very best of the line. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized there was one other toy from the line that I spent more time playing with and building my own stories around. I spent hours "scrambling" to find the perfect team to accompany him, and in doing so discovered that there isn't really a single limb that doesn't look good on him. I think he is the very best torso bot of the line, and he goes by Voyager Sky Lynx. The proportions in torso mode are near perfect, and although some seemed to have issues with loose joints, mine does not. His dino-bird mode is equally as fun, especially serving as a mount for another warrior. And while he looks smashing combined with the G2 Aerial Bots, his best looking feature is still that amazing high collared lynx head sculpt. MEOW!

Bronzewolf - While most would regard the CW era as wave after wave of retools and repaints, it did give us, most importantly, a combiner system that not only worked but worked well, and looked good at the same time. The likes of this we had never seen before, whether in G1 or those awful Movie "Combiners". It also gave us some updated versions of our favorite G1 characters, my favorite of which is Sky Lynx. While it, like almost all other figures from CW, has its faults (namely the inability to separate into lion/bird modes individually). It's a gorgeous looking representation of a character that has gone under-appreciated since the G1 days.

megatronus - Coming at the tail end of Combiner Wars, Sky Lynx is, in this staff member's opinion, the most superbly engineered voyager of the line. He encapsulates all of his G1 wackiness while making for a no-hassle combiner torso - what's not to like? What put him over the top - and this is a perversely personal point - was the devilish difficulty finding him at retail. That made finally finding him that much more delightful.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

ScottyP - Grand Galvatron came in late and saved Unite Warriors, as well as all of G1. Let me tell you why...

Editor's Note - Redacted Content: ScottyP wrote about 12,000 words of fan fiction about Grand Galvatron here. It was, well, not very good. In fact, were we to publish it, the whole of civilization may be set back about 12,000 years. That's right - one year for every word. There was this mess about how to properly extinguish a campfire, a romance plot involving time travel and Jennifer Love-Hewitt, a continuation of Budiansky's Skullgrin story arc for some reason, and all the while it just never got anywhere in terms of plot or character development. I think Thundercracker's Josh Boyfriend screenplays are likely infinitely better than every last sentence of this junk that was written by a usually upstanding Site Admin. For the potential entertainment of readers, the last dreadfully melodramatic line is left intact below.

And so it was that Curse Armada Thrust looked wistfully into the deep vacuum of time and thought the only thought that mattered any more: "It was all just a matter of... time."

william-james88 - Part of me wishes this year’s combiners came out last year. I say this because there is no doubt in my mind that this year’s combiner wars toys were better than last year’s by a fair margin. The teams were more diverse in terms of molds and transformations and several had that extra premium feel in terms of paint apps. Yet, there was that mold fatigue that was hard to go against. I remember looking at my G2 Menasor and while I was marveling at the paint apps and tampographs (especially on G2 Wildrider), I didn’t really have this urge to transform the components or put them together simply because any mystery was already uncovered when I transformed the original. While maybe beautiful, redecos rarely have that same special feeling of discovering a new puzzle and with a combiner you get that for several toys all at once. But Grand Galvatron found a way to go against all that. The decos, and especially the two new heads, really went a long way into making this the stand out set of the entire line. To the point where I still felt I was experiencing something new even though they were all redecos (especially the jets). So, while I really like Unite Warriors Computron, I think the best combiner of the year would go to Grand Galvatron.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Burn - Geez where does one start with this? Such a big line to choose from.

But for me, if there was one that really stood out it would be Computron. Not Hasbro or Takara though, a combination of them. (Something I did). While Takara went the extra mile with Nosecone, both did a fantastic job with Strafe (though Takara won there too).

Of course Hasbro gave us the plucky little wheel that could (melt) ... Scrounge!

Counterpunch - I could have turned my attention to the larger teams, particularly UW Computron, but Nosecone was such a delightful tooling that I felt he should get a nod all his own. It’s as if this base body was designed for our scientific drilling expert from the outset. The color choices, the blocky nature of the limbs, and the Japanese exclusive drill all pull together to make what is in my opinion, the nicest limb of the year in the CW/UW line.

D-Maximus_Prime - Hmm, kind of a difficult one for me really. I'm gonna have to say... Strafe. I love the Air Raid mold a lot and it really works for Strafe. Plus, he is the one Combiner Wars Technobot that got a good makeover and he can combine with Scrounge! Both Unite Warriors and Combiner Wars delivered good looking Strafe's, and I love this one. He is awesome. And considering the fact that I consider Computron to be the best Combiner we got from Combiner wars, Strafe is just so sweet.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Kurona - It's a really difficult choice for me, but I've really gotta go with Victorion. When I got her I couldn't stop being amazed with her; the remolding on each figure to make them more feminine was fantastic, it had my favourite CW Voyager, my favourite CW limb twice, Dustup really stood out from the rest of the Dead End mold uses as her own unique thing, the colours are great in person, the sword is absolutely phenomenal, the new feet and hands work so well... I can't stop going on about her. She's absolutely perfect, I'd say the only real disappointment is Jumpstream - I just don't like that Breakdown mold. But hey, car and leg mode are great so can't complain too much.

Va'al - Much like previous years, my toy habits are limited to very select figures at specific times. But I had been eyeing Victorion since her announcement, and the entire Hasbro team knew of my definitely-not-an-obsession with the set at BotCon, Earth Wars meetings, online... It uses one of the best torso molds in the line, it has the adorable motorbike that could, the sword is magnificent, and the Helitwins arrived to kick some sense into Alpha Bravo! Gotta love siblings...

Favorite 2016 Transformers: Titans Return (including Takara)

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Burn - While the end of Combiner Wars saw more and more repaints that I just wasn't interested in, it was off-set by the introduction of Titans Return. My initial stance was to ignore the likes of Blurr and Scourge who were already represented in my "Neo-G1" collection. But I grabbed them anyway. While not blow my mind impressive, they were okay.

But then there were the others. Hardhead was a fun figure. As was Chromedome. But the two stand out figures for me, and these only recently joined the collection, were Brainstorm and Triggerhappy. These guys look fantastic in both modes. Not to mention how great they are at different poses. If you have the chance, grab these guys. Totally worth it!

megatronus - Deluxe Brainstorm. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. While TR voyagers thus far have been fairly clunky with the occasional inspired touch, the deluxe figures have stolen the show. Of these, Walgreens-exclusive Brainstorm is best in show. Between the original mold, color scheme, streamlined transformation/alt mode, and remarkable poseability, Brainstorm checks off all my boxes. I remain amazed that I could be so sullen over mold-mate Blurr, but so ecstatic over Brainstorm... do you believe in magic?

Bronzewolf - So many excellent figures to choose from. Mindwipe is pretty good, with an engaging transformation with a great looking robot and bat mode. Takara PowerMaster Convoy looks stunning in robot mode and in truck mode, with a cab that looks just spectacular.

But my favorite had to be the Blurr/Brainstorm mold. Walgreens Brainstorm has amazing tampos and color scheme. They look slightly faded and yellowed, making it look like a vintage toy, which, for me, is awesome. The proportions of the mold are really good, and it just looks incredible on a shelf. Really a highlight so far of the TR line.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Kurona - The Titans finally returned! ... with bad UK distribution. And a ridiculous price hike in the UK. And while my own personal funds are declining. I'm poor, guys.

Anyway, this meant I was only able to get Chromedome, Weirdwolf Wolfwire and Buzzsaw (totally counts). I love them all, the Titan Master integration works really well, and I'm glad I finally have a Chromedome for my Lost Lighter shelf. Buuuut, much as I like Domey and much as I'm surprised at how much I've been liking Buzzsaw, it has to go to Wolfwire. Absolutely incredible figure, especially in wolf mode - that's what really sells him. They really went to town on that because there's no molding or paint app choices (Titan Master notwithstanding) I'd change, and standing on his own or among a bunch of other random 'cons he just looks really cool and unique. Oh, uh, the robot mode is cool too. But the wolf is amazing!

Cobotron - My absolute favorite gets a spot further down the line here, so I'll put my #2 in this one. The honor goes to Wolfwire Weirdwolf. I love it when a toy can achieve a nice deco simply by using it's plastic colors to do the work. Wolfy here does that. He also hits a few of my other Transformers sweet spots like, beast mode, and a sword. He is a well made figure with an awesome robot mode, an even better alt mode, and a pretty fun and interesting route to get from one to the other. The Headmaster gimmick goes a long way for me on all the figures from this line, but the idea of a little bot driving a giant robotic dire wolf just really turns a key for me.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

D-Maximus_Prime - Cerebros. No, really. That dude has so much character in him despite the fact that he turns into a head. He really does look awesome, poses really good, and he is the middle guy in the double Titanmaster gimmick. Plus, his head mode and his individual head sculpt are both amazing.

Shout out to Blurr. He will the favorite of many, but Cerebros wins for me.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

ScottyP - This pick was almost Cerebros because that toy/Reflector Pre-tool is great, but I'm giving the nod to Highbrow. I'll go with the Takara Legends version for the superior paint/color scheme and bonus Titan Master car. Plus, that version includes a comic where Highbrow saves Papika from Weirdwolf, who is slowly cutting off all of her clothes but ultimately does not succeed thanks to Highbrow's actions. Anime may not be real, but the fun you can have with Highbrow definitely is.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

william-james88 - While all Titans Return toys were fun, I found them rather simple. Legends Blurr was different though. He was quite complex for a deluxe and extremely satisfying. There was a great attention to detail, like how one leg stores the tail fin and how the tiny well rolling wheels are hidden flush in robot mode thanks to perfectly shaped holes. Plus the Takara paint job just makes him such a standout. To me, the only need for an MP Blurr is for the scale, but I am really curious as to how it could have a better look or transformation.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task
Photo: Counterpunch

Counterpunch - In a world where so many great figures are coming on line week after week, I have to acknowledge the one that I expected to be my biggest disappointment when he turned out to be one of my simplest joys: Hot Rod is excellent. Transformation, detailing, cherry red candy color, weaponry… he’s the total package for $15.99 or whatever. I love getting surprises like this and lately, they’ve felt few and far between with the predictability of the Combiner Wars line. Hot Rod may not have been a classic Headmaster, but this toy leaves me thinking… maybe he should have been.

Favorite 2016 Transformers: Robots in Disguise/Adventure

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Cobotron - Ahhhhh RID. The little line that could. Battle Packs were a hoot. Love that size class. It seems to be unanimous though, that the Warrior Class Decepticons were where it was at in 2016. I'm in. Heck, even Ratchet was better than I had expected, but the clear winner for me is Warrior Thunderhoof. In my book, he could have scrapped by on character design alone, but with everything else this figure has to offer added, he is the clear favorite.

D-Maximus_Prime - Warrior Thunderhoof. That guy is so awesome. He perfectly reflects his show model, which I love, and how many farm-formers have there ever been? Plus, he has antlers and hooves. His Transformation is fun and intuitive, and his robot mode is perfect looks-wise. Yes, he lacks some beef on his back, but he is literally awesome, so it matters not.

Va'al - I'll let this image speak for itself. And never talk to him or his son ever again.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

ScottyP - You're making me choose? From all this awesome stuff? Hrm. Warrior Thunderhoof by a nose. In fact, probably by a very small nose, like a reindeer nose. Now I'm disappointed that there was no special Holiday Edition Thunderhoof again, but I digress. Thunderhoof is all the best parts of the stellar design and engineering work that accompanied most of this year's Warrior Class Decepticon releases from Robots in Disguise. Distilled within this blue and black antlered mobster is wonderful articulation and even the occasionally hard to find alt-mode weapon storage. Of course, then there's the transformation itself, which has multiple wild steps that truly involve him folding up and over himself in a way that must be experienced to be understood. The Adventure deco is a thing of beauty, so if you can track that down for a reasonable amount it's the recommended version here.

william-james88 - This line kicked so much ass this year. It was easily the most fun I had in terms of looking at each figure individually. Hasbro told us we wold get Decepticons in 2016 and they delivered. Probably more than either of us would have expected with Megatronus, Quillfire, Thunderhoof, Fracture, Bisk, Scorponok and Starscream. All of them were winners, truly. All are very good toys, with fun designs and new tansformations. Picking my favourite is insanely hard so it will be a tie between Hasbro’s Warrior Fracture and Takara’s Warrior Thunderhoof. Both are ingenious designs and very satisfying. They also look amazing in both modes.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Bronzewolf - The minicons. I know, I know, but hear me out. These collectible little guys are super cool, and one of the closest things the US has to Arms Micron. There's a great array of different characters that take different forms, from beasts to bots and everything in between.

Kurona - Uhhhh, Dragonus. He's kinda cute but I don't like him that much BUT he's the only RiD figure I have. congrats u win

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task
Photo: Counterpunch

Counterpunch - I mention TAV Windblade here because of the stark contrast in detail and care that Takara is taking with their version of Robots in Disguise. The mold itself is adequate and is in many ways just not as interesting as some of the Decepticon troops who have been 2016's star performers for RiD. What is special though is how Windblade looks like she stepped of the screen. Takara remains the go-to source for those of us who like our figures to actually look like their fictional depictions.

Favorite 2016 Transformers: None of the Above Figure

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

megatronus - Botcon Predacus. I love this set, and not just because of the cartoon homaging headsculpts/deco or the expertly executed paint job. Nor just because that combined mode is a beast to behold. And certainly, it's not because of the shortcomings of basically all of the individual members. Rather, Tripredacus was my first Beast Wars toy (or set) I ever got (from my parents; Happy Hanukkah!). It's amazing to have a vicious-looking modern rendition on my shelf that can hark back to watching episodes of Beast Wars while holding my Tripredacus. Nearly everything about him harks back to either the original toy or Beast Wars cartoon while adding that modern, Generations-style twist with a combiner face that is spot on 90s ridiculousness. Love at first reveal.

D-Maximus_Prime - Botcon Magnaboss. Yes, he may be mostly stickers with 3 figures that already came out, but I managed to snag the stickers and he is awesome. Yeah, I customized him the other 2 limbs instead of finding Unit-3 and Tigatron, but those 2 figures use the same molds, so it is a good representation. He looks so awesome, and the stickers do some wonderful work. Really awesome addition to my collection!

Bronzewolf - Club exclusive Bluestreak! It might be another CW redeco, but I really appreciate the paint and Tampos, plus it's one of my favorite characters of all time. (Going for the Blue bluestreak deco gets bonus points, too.)


ScottyP - Takara Legends Skids. The extra paint detail makes this figure look like it just escaped an exploding shuttle, magnetized a car, then blew it up after throwing it at a Legislator. Sleep tight, soldier.


william-james88 - Kabaya Fortress Maximus. This was my first time with Kabaya and it was quite enjoyable. This is a great set which actually has paint. And there is no parts forming during transformation from city to bot. Plus it comes with the most adorable little Powerglide ever.


Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Cobotron - A pop fly to left field! Takara's Diaclone Reboot Dia-Battles V2. I know, I know, it's not a Transformer, but here me out. He is Transformer's Grandpa, and you wouldn't not invite Grandpa to the family New Year's Eve party, would you?

This figure is amazing. If you are a fan of Transformers, a fan of the art of Japanese robot toys, and more specifically a fan of the art of Takara, I can't recommend this toy enough. Over the years Takara has done some really wonderful work rebooting some of their older lines and Dia-Battles follows suit. This toy is impeccably engineered with off the charts articulation and functionality, has beautiful detailing and paint,and is just an absolute joy to behold.

The thing about this figure is the modularity. Out of the box it can be configured into 12 different modes, but with the connection system they've employed Takara has also left it open to improvisation for hours of endless play. It's this modular play pattern that makes this toy so much fun. A great call back to old play patterns of the Diaclone and Microman toy lines. Maybe you need a breather from Transformers but still in the form of a robot toy. Please, give this guy a try. Besides, like I said, he's family. And BTW, he and his Dia-nauts roll tight right along side the Titan Masters.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Counterpunch - Victorion. Here's the thing, Victorion was kind of a flat release. What I mean by that is, for something that should have been more hyped and celebrated, her set kind of came and went without much notice. Victorion is really the first Combiner Wars gift set to offer something truly new and unique. She helps plan the seeds of new thought and characters in the franchise. In a way I wish it had been a more general release and that the whole Torchbearer set was priced cheaper to get more people into the idea. I really look forward to the day when we're adding more characters and ideas to the mythos in a more routine way.

Favorite 2016 Transformers Masterpiece Figure (Hasbro or Takara)

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

ScottyP - I'm saving MP-32 for a later topic, so I'm going to write about my second favorite Masterpiece figure for 2016 and beg to the good Dr. Va'al that this doesn't get cut. If it does, at least leave this sentence and let me feel the sting of having words murdered by a technicality.

This is an unbelievably tough choice to make, and might even vary depending on mood, but I'm going to stick with MP-29 Shockwave here just in case the MP-33 Inferno feelings I'm having are because of his novelty. In other words, logic dictates this choice. Shockwave is an expressive and gorgeous piece in both form and function. The robot and gun modes are slick and clean. The total package of the figure, accessories (including a clever double-use for the gun stand where it helps hide the gun's back kibble in robot mode), and even some alternate stickers made the long wait for an updated version of G1 Shockwave worth it.

Also, as someone nearly thirty years behind the curve on one corner of Transformers fiction, this Decepticon's heroics/antics in Time Wars were "new to me" this year and made me love this cold purple evildoer even more.

megatronus - MP29 Shockwave. Besides for marking the shift to slavish cartoon accuracy - a key inflection point in the history of this line - Shockwave is simply an amazing specimen. Have you see that light piping? That hose? The parts integration? The smaller gun of himself - that he can hold! More than his features, which more or less speaks for themselves, the release of Shockwave marks the completion of Megatron's lieutenants in MP form - leading up to the big bad himself in 2017.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Burn - This one surprised me. While I was looking forward to him, I was looking forward to Inferno more. But as great as Inferno is, he just doesn't quite reach the level of awesomeness that is Ironhide.

I had my reservations about him from the pictures. But once I had him in hand, I was quickly won over. A boxy little van twists, turns, and folds into a stocky damn good looking robot. While Inferno gave us "ladder magic", I feel it was Ironhide that helped lead the engineering that gave us "ladder magic". Unfortunately his mold brother Ratchet just didn't match up due to his primarily white look.

william-james88 - Masterpiece Ironhide. I am so impressed with how they were able to incorporate the cartoon vibe in robot mode while also delivering a very realistic alt-mode. Ironhide is one of those character that never had a good figure (even the movie versions had trouble getting it right and giving us good toys). And for such an iconic character, that is just so odd but it makes this release that much sweeter. Takara went all out. Gorgeous alt-mode (well, for what it is), great robot mode which has the alt-mode disappear away aside from the perfect alt-mode integration (from the front). this is probably the purchase I was most hesitant of this year that surprised me most.


Counterpunch - Optimus Primal: 1. He's not made of boxes. 2. He's not strictly G1, though that's kind of the same thing as #1. 3. MP Optimus Primal is one of the best designed, best decoed toys in recent history. We should all be excited for what may come to pass with engineering like this for Beast Wars characters. I am eagerly anticipating a BW Megatron just on my experience with this. It shows that the MP line is more than a one trick monkey.

D-Maximus_Prime - Masterpiece Shattered Glass Optimus Prime. He is my first masterpiece, and as a result wins by default, though I'm not sure anyone could top him. He is a joy to behold, with marvelous paint work, a great evil feel to him, and a black badass trailer! The green Energon axe does it for me too, and the amount of detail put into him shows the love that he got. For even more articulated thoughts, you can see my review with plenty of pictures and all the love I can give this guy there.

Cobotron - The Masterpiece toy I had the most fun with this year was Loudpedal. YA! I know! He's a stinkin' repaint, AND of a figure that's maybe not the best in the line. I'm a huge sucker to call backs to ye olden days of pre-TF history. The deco is phenomenal, and I've always loved that almost knight's helmet head sculpt. He re-energized my MP Decepticon ranks in a way I didn't see coming. He and Exhaust are a terrible twosome of trouble making turds who's misadventures have been a treat to watch unfold on my Masterpiece shelves.

...and now: Figure of the Year

Burn - You know what? I'm not falling into this trap Va'al. This has been a fantastic year for figures. I'm not picking one that stands above all for the year. Far too many to choose from!

Va'al - Everyone else fell for it...

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Counterpunch - Fort Max was a really significant part of my childhood and one of my best Christmas memories. I remember seeing him on the shelf as a child and being shocked by the size of such a toy. Well, I had intended to wait for the Takara version on Max, but seeing one for myself in Toys R Us changed my mind. Some may gripe (at great length, while no one cares to listen) about how this is a Metroplex re-tool, but to me, this is the figure of the year because it is a really high quality piece and it did a great job of reminding me of the simple joy of spending $115 after coupons and discounts.

megatronus - Titan Fortress Maximus. He's a headmaster with a headmaster - inception in a nutshell. Fort Max borrows just enough tooling from Metroplex to be familiar, but shakes it up enough to effectively differentiate itself from the first 2 foot Titan and, more importantly, to be exciting. Now that he's gone on sale practically everywhere, you owe it to yourself to own a Transformer that could convincingly stand in for your toddler.

Bronzewolf - Since I didn't buy any MP's this year, I'll have to stick with mainline figures, and, with that in mind, Walgreen's Brainstorm would be my pick. I can write a book about how perfect he is in my opinion, and I'm sure others that were lucky enough to find him can, too. His stance and proportions are just amazing, he reminds me of a simpler Generations Springer in a way, where he feels and looks like a premium figure, but for a regular retail price. Just great.

Oh, and also Fort Max. He's cool too.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

D-Maximus_Prime - Eesh, toughy right there. We had several really good ones this year. But, I'm gonna have to go out on a limb here and probably differentiate from all the others here: Titans Return Alpha Trion.

Despite its shortcomings, this toy finally gave us all a retail release of the wise old sage from Transformers lore, and to me, there was a lot of love put into him. The 2 alt modes, despite not being completely perfect, homaged so much of this guys past it's crazy. I love the lion mode. It is to die for, the spaceship isn't that bad either guys, come on!

But what wins this one for me is the robot mode. It is beautifully detailed and painted, possibly with more paint then I have ever seen on a Hasbro figure. He has a majestic sword and literally no kibble. Plus, his warrior styled armor is so awesome and it makes him stand out. He is a figure that cannot disappear from your vision no matter how far back on the shelf he is. He is my favorite figure of 2016.

Cobotron - Transformers for me has never been about adhering to any one story line or fiction, but more about cherry picking bits and pieces to build my own imaginary world of robots at war. And the figures that really do it for me are the ones that most inspire me to play out my own stories. This past year the one figure that did that, and did it hard, was Titans Return Alpha Trion. The character design that went into his robot mode is absolutely fantastic! He pushed so many of my fantasy buttons, Transformers or other. The moment I laid eyes and mitts on this ancient, time tested, magic sword wielding, lion adorned, mustachioed robotic mystical knight, triangulated with his mythical beast and mighty battle cruiser alt modes, my head was reeling with ideas of magnificent adventure. And if that wasn't enough, he has the Headmasters gimmick thrown in the mix.

For me Alpha Trion was pure rocket fuel for my imaginary play time. He and Vector Prime have been drumming up some heavy adventures across my shelves for some time now, and those old goats show no signs of stopping until every last Con is made to pay!

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

william-james88 - While I am not a hardcore G1 fan (I was born in 88 and only learnt in 2014 that the G1 Ironhide toy had no head), I have become something of a purist in my adult life. As a kid, I actually did have a few Transformers toys (G2 Dreadwing) and I had Beast Wars toys and not only did I see them as different lines, but different things entirely. So while I generally do not care if a toy is its own thing and not show accurate, holding that Masterpiece Optimus Primal in my hand in beast mode brought a very new feeling in me as a collector. And the conversion is phenomenal. He truly morphs, the entire shape of the figure is redefined. It's genius, especially how it does it in so little space. Instead of having a vehicle turn into a mechanical robot, you have what is essentially an action figure morphing entirely from one form to the next. To finally have a toy that looks like the Optimus on the show (especially in beast mode) and to have him on the 20th anniversary of said show is truly magical and I cannot think of any other toy that should warrant the title of Figure of the Year.

ScottyP - MP-32 Optimus Primal transforms from gorilla to Maximal Commander, evolving the Masterpiece line in a way where both truck and monkey feel like they belong. This toy is as close as it gets to perfection for a beloved and iconic Transformers character. It was easy to imagine a Masterpiece Beast Wars figure falling flat in form and execution. Toys based on mid-90s CG models that would be impossible to scale to Generation One based MP figures in any practical sense, that also must have beast modes that show as little robot kibble as possible? The recipe for disaster was there, and yet factored in so minutely that it makes me wonder why I was ever worried in the first place. A slick transformation, shockingly clean design, clever accessories, superbly expressive pose-ability, and a genuinely cool light up gimmick make this the clear cut Transformers toy of the year. While picking a runner-up or two would be extraordinarily difficult, the top of the mountain is ruled by a gorilla. Send all complaints to the banana box for disposal.


Made it so far? Here's a break for you all, featuring a relatively recent discovery round these parts!

And now, back to the list, as we move away from toy talk; starting with...

Favorite 2016 Transformers Comics-moment

ScottyP - In a total cop-out to prevent me from making a choice (again) between Sins of the Wreckers and Dying of the Light, which I waffle between on the hour every seven to eight hours, here's a short personal anecdote instead.

I flew to New Orleans last month and took my recently acquired trade paperback of Dying of the Light along with me. As readers of the book will know (hopefully, that's all of you), as the issues progress time edges ever closer to sunset on Necroworld. For anyone not following, that refers to a literal sunset used as a narrative device and not a purely figurative one. Anyhow, as the second leg of my flight took off, sunset was a bit more than 30 minutes away so the skies were still mostly blue in Charlotte and I settled in to take the chance to relax and read. Geography will tell you that when flying west at sunset, you are chasing said sunset.

Despite having a window seat with a perfect view of the extra long and slow sunset, I didn't really grasp this until looking at this panel:

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me and/or there had been some unknown drop in cabin pressure and a lack of oxygen was driving my brain to view the page as much larger than it should be, but this was thankfully incorrect. What was really going on was that the color of the sky on the page more or less matched the exact color of the sky out the window. I had to keep reading, and did so at a slow, thoughtful pace (it was a re-read, after all) to find that the look of the world outside kept closely matching the world depicted on the page, getting gradually darker as the journey and the story progressed. The flight landed around twilight, with the book only marginally outpacing reality by the end. The last page I got to during that step of the journey? 'Thanks for traveling with me.'

Kurona - Dying of the Light. ALL of it. This probably shouldn't be surprising; if you know my Transformers opinions at all you'd know I adore MTMTE and consider it leagues above every other Transformers fiction (though a lot of the stuff filed under 'everything else' is still great, gimme Beast Wars and Animated any day)... and for that reason I don't actually want to say anything specific about it. I don't want to spoil what I consider to be top-notch fiction. I'll just say that Dying of the Light was an absolute thrillride from start to finish with everything I could want out of a series. except Nightbeat. Needed more Nightbeat

william-james88 - Definitely the end of More Than Meets the Eye. I liked seeing Megatron take down the DJD and how a lot of threads were wrapped up. I also really enjoyed Overlord’s reaction to the idea of finally taking down Megatron which shows how much the character has matured (I also finally read Last Stand of the Wreckers this year for the first time so the contrast was interesting). I am very curious of what is happening next. I love Blaster and can’t believe he would be such a $%!* to cooperate with Getaway. Something’s up.

Va'al has serious thoughts he has already expressed regarding that last point. More for the discussion, perhaps?

D-Maximus_Prime - More Than Meets The Eye #54, when Megatron walks onto the field of battle and silently blasts his enemies away, saving his comrades and sending them to safety. That page gives me goosebumps it's so beautiful. Alex Milne has never given us bad art, but that page alone is a masterpiece in its own right.

Shout out goes to the raising of Metrotitan by Optimus in Transformers #54.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Counterpunch - All Hail Optimus and the reaction panels: The reactions of the major story players in the face of Optimus' annexation of Earth was my favorite moment. I loved having a progressively heroic Megatron in one book with a progressively authoritarian Prime in another. The script was flipped, so to speak, for a time. I hope that these two characters slide further into a morally questionable gray zone.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Cobotron - With what little time adulthood/parenthood allows for the hobby these days I don't get around to reading many comics. Most my time is spent with the toys. But, for my birthday this year my brother gave me the full run in trades of Transformers VS G.I. Joe, and I have to say it was one of the most strange and wonderful comic book experiences I've ever had. The art is so out there and, the story telling is tongue-in-cheek. It blew my mind. I told my bro I loved that the art looks like a Funkadelic album cover, and he replied with a laugh, "Yeah! Prison art!".

At first glance the art looks so amateur, but the more I pored over every detail, I came to understand the genius of Tom Scioli. I felt like present day me was standing in eleven-year-old me's childhood bedroom doorway watching myself play one of my many TF/Joe mash ups. Or was I standing in the doorway of Scioli's childhood? Either way it was a great ride, and reminded me of the innocence and intricacies of a child's imagination. This series is not for for everyone, and I understand why. If you get it, GREAT! If you don't, you probably won't. And, that's OK. I would recommend these books to anyone, as long as they come at them with an open mind.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Va'al - Issue #5 of the slow-burning gem that is Till All Are One. This book has gone through so many repolishes, renamings, rebrandings, and even though Windblade is still mostly the titular character, the latest iteration is the best fitting to the ensemble, in terms of cast, story, scope and repercussions. May follow Transformers/ex RID/Optimus Prime for the core mythos and politics, several follow More Than Meets the Eye/Lost Light for the sad gay robots (get over it, it's a compliment) and the inevitable feelings and convoluted plots. I stick with TAAO, like the two Windblades before it, as it brings cosmic action, cosmic mythos, post-colonial themes, religious vs secular debates, still one of the best Starscreams around - visually and in writing. And the best collection of biting one-liners not reliant on continuity nerdery.


megatronus - When Revolution ended.

Va'al splurted out tea while reading this line, and had to take a break from editing.

Favorite 2016 Transformers Show-moment

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Kurona - A few things to get out of the way first. I don't watch Rescue Bots but from what I've seen, it's a pretty neat show. And while I've been enjoying RiD, I haven't found anything about it that I really like and really thrills me. So I can't point to any one thing about it and say "that's amazing" or "this is easily my favourite part". It's just kinda decent and meh.

And while it is arguably the worst Transformers show since Energon - I actually liked it less than Energon - yes, my favourite Show thing this year is from Machinima's Combiner Wars. Though if you've taken part in that board discussion, I think you all know what it is - it's Megs. It's friggin' Megs. It feels like every single amount of effort, originality and unique ideas went into this single solitary character because he is great. Maybe it's because CW was such a bad show that the one good thing seemed so much better, maybe it's because I haven't enjoyed a lot of cartoon Megatrons (aside from BW who is arguably a different archetype), but this guy freaking rocks. He's always enjoyable to watch, he's always got a quick quip, he has some character resolution... oh, yeah, and he turns into a super space gun in addition to having an actual vehicle mode. If you have to watch CW, just wait until you get to Megatron. He's the one good part, I swear.

william-james88 - This was a weak spot for Transformers this year. I really liked the interpretation of Megatron in Machinima’s Combiner Wars. He was so jovial, daring, untouchable and yet relentless all at once it was a joy to watch. It also showed me that the fandom was not bitter about change in the least. We will always be up for something new if it is done well.


D-Maximus_Prime - Bumblebee v. Bisk from "Bumblebee's Night Off" in Robots in Disguise. That is now ranked up there as my favorite fight scene from RiD, and second in the aligned continuity behind only the Predaking/Magnus/Wheeljack fight from Prime. The music, the lights, the whole thing was a great fight scene. I loved every second of it and I constantly rewatch that scene.

Shout out to the return of Starscream though. When he walks through that Space Bridge... Ooooooooooh maaaaaaaaaaan

Bronzewolf - Ratchet returning to the Aligned continuity. It's been a long time coming for the doc, and I'm glad to see him back on the screen. One piece of what made Prime such a great show has made a comeback to maybe make RID a bit better.

ScottyP - Steeljaw's first stroll through Glowstrike and Saberhorn's ship full of Decepticons in Robots in Disguise Season 2 Episode 3. Crazy colored Vehicons, Chompazoids, and even Crystal Widow!? It was a short but really fun scene that began to inform the ultimate direction Steeljaw took during the season. Honorable mention here to Grimlock making pretzels.

Counterpunch - My 2 year old decided that watching RiD with me was the way to spend good quality time. I particularly enjoyed when he told me definitively that Optimus was "red and black." I almost corrected him when I looked up at the screen to realize that he was right.

megatronus - Anytime Grimlock gets screen-time on RID. Grimlock has gone from one of the most annoying/perplexing characters on the show to one of the most entertaining. Pretzel, anyone?

Favorite Transformers Game-moment

Va'al - Cheating a little again here, but... Being part of the actual Earth Wars consultant/contributor/influencer group, my thoughts and face and voice and all! (My body will only and forever belong to Burn - though he never takes me up on the offer. ScottyP might...) I got to chat to the developers, finally meet Seibertron himself, and bring Alpha Bravo along for the ride to Space Ape Games.

megatronus - As a lifelong Transformers fan and long-term collector, I've struggled to share my hobby with those I love, particularly my wife. Well - love finds a way. Ever since I started playing Earth Wars beta back in February, I've been hooked. Once the game hit wide release in June, my wife decided to see what all the fuss is about - and now she's hooked. Say what you will about Earth Wars and mobile gaming, but I'm grateful to have found a channel through which to share this hobby.

D-Maximus_Prime - I only got the Earth Wars game recently, but I love using Vortex. His attack is fun and can be used so many times in one battle. Plus, he looks really cool in the game. He may be on my C-team, but he does not lose fights.

Kurona - Hm. Earth Wars can be very frustrating, and really stretches the limits of the free-to-play genre... but the one upside this brings is that it makes it VERY nice when you get a particular unit you want. I just got a 3-star Soundwave over a weekend, that was wicked.

But the real good thing is how good it feels to co-operate. Oh, sure, it's just contributing points towards an event or a war, but it feels good to have all that build up and feel like you're really helping out everyone else in addition to just yourself. That's what I love about this game. Co-operation.


Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Bronzewolf - That RID Augmented Reality game that I reviewed! I know it's random and not really a "game" perse, but man, it's a fun little thing to mess with for a bit. Check it out, it went underrated. ;)^ (The game, not my review. Well, you can check that out too if you want. ;) )

Favourite 2016 fan creation: art, custom, video, comic, fiction

Kurona - Thew. Just... just Thew. His reviews are just the most fun out there. I love him.

D-Maximus_Prime - Thew's Knockoff Beatdown: Ruination. I always enjoy his reviews, but I love a good beatdown of knockoffs. The fact that this one focused almost solely on Bruticus/Ruination KO's made it lots of fun, as well as the fact you can see how poorly made some of those guys are. Plus, I love a good pun or 50.

Bronzewolf - Cobotron's Bluestreak. Man, I'm a sucker for Streak, and when getting a combiner wars version was a pipe dream (which it still kind of is, if you don't count the club version), one herobro rose from the ashes: Cobotron. His Bluestreak is just great, very clean, and well-executed.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task
Image: Cyberpath

Cobotron - There is so much good fun stuff out there. Even in our own Transtopia. So I'm going to keep this one here in the Seibertron family. The wonderful photos of our friend and forum mate, Cyberpath. If you haven't seen his pics, you haven't been to the 'Awesome Pictures And Poses Thread'. His pictures are amazing, and I always look forward to seeing what eye candy he will post next.

I've poked and prodded him to start his own thread to showcase his work, but I've now become accustomed to seeing his pics scattered across the many threads that weave the tapestry of our forums. Thanks for sprucing up the joint CP!

megatronus - ScottyP's epic review of Transformers: Deviations is a must read.

ScottyP - With apologies to the amazing effort and creativity shown during October's #LostLightFest on the same platform - My pick goes to something from the amazing Twitter account of Inkybauds, longtime Transformers fan known for his involvement in the (now becoming legendary if I daresay) Transmasters fan club in the UK. Earlier this year, he created this series of three tweets (one, two, three) containing a list of fake, but hilarious and timely "Modern Transformers Names". Go laugh, then come back. This Kroktease article will be here when you get back.

Va'al - Not because I was behind the initial input of a couple of them - Burn was there with me at least all the times, just quiet about it - but I really enjoy the terrible threads that we create on Seibertron, from Civil War to Braingate, to the acronyms one, even my one-person campaign for Alpha Bravo to become the New Prime of Cybertron. Alpha Prime - It Just Sounds Right.

...and now: Moment of the Year


Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task
Image: Cyberpath

D-Maximus_Prime - Hard one to pin down... but I gotta say pre-ordering my first Masterpiece. I have yet to attend a Transformers convention but nothing felt quite like when TFSource opened their MP SG Prime pre-order. As soon as he was even teased, I wanted him, and as he is my first Masterpiece, he is incredibly special. First Masterpiece, and it is one of my favorite comics characters. Shattered Glass was an amazing comic, and I want more Shattered Glass stuff. I like it when the good guy is suddenly the bad and viceversa. Probably why I love Autobot Megatron in IDW so much...

ScottyP - Keeping it short: Masterpiece Ironhide was the first toy I got after having to cut Transformers purchasing off completely for six weeks towards the start of this year for reasons dictated by life. For some of you, this immediately has no impact, but please bear with me. For a serial buyer such as myself, who's bought literally hundreds of Transformers each year for the past 12 years, six weeks is an eternity. Getting Ironhide in and getting to experience a really great toy of a character I've always loved in a truly meaningful, focused way was one of several events in that stretch that helped me reflect on the reasons I collect these toys and follow these unconventional characters. Steady, brave, and shining in that beautiful red, Ironhide showed up in the mail one afternoon in late February and had to be savored. Would the impact have been the same if it had been, say, Black Tracks? Why did the character of Ironhide mean so much in that moment? Finding the answers to those questions led to a few new and exciting paths down untread trails of the hobby. Life can beat you up or threaten to destroy Autobot City in your own shuttle by slipping by the early warning system, sure. But when you feel like giving up, think about what Ironhide would do. Maybe second guess it a little because of the potential consequences. Ultimately, the answer remains the same - when life asks you to give up, look down that fusion cannon pointed at you and say 'No'.

Cobotron - Oh! You mean like the time I was 100% ready to just slagging hate Masterpiece Hot Rod for his cursed cartoon accuracy, then I got him, transformed him, and he held me in is arms sweetly, and showed me the error of my ways? 'Cause that was an awesome moment! (cont'd)

william-james88 - It was that week of those slow reveals from Takara of all the components for Computron. This was the Combiner with the biggest question mark throughout the first year of the line and it is so crazy how much of an adventure it turned out with Hasbro and Takara going in completely different paths. Takara knew theirs was a big deal and they let us savour it. First by slowly showing each figure in grey scale and then showing them to us in colour. I remember marveling at each one, especially when there was a time I thought I either would not get Computron or have him be made the cheapest way possible. I was so damn happy when I saw that giant drill in the silhouette. It turned out to be one of the best toys of the year and what I like was the fanfare that came with his reveal. It was a fun adventure from the Takara announcement to getting him in my hands.

megatronus - Back to Earth Wars - one of the things my wife loved about the game was the inclusion of the Torch Bearers on the Autobot side. That's right, the component members of Victorion, Pyra Magna and the rest, have representation in the game. Well, when Amazon had the Victorion box set on sale for $40 a few weeks back, I pounced. Now my wife has her very first Transformers - a lady combiner, no less! :x


Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Cobotron - (cont'd) Or the time the Wife not only agreed that I should go to BotCon, but said "you need to go to BotCon". It was my very first, and very sadly the last. I've never seen a dealer room dedicated to just Transformers, and I took full advantage of Candyland. Knocking out a few grails along the way. The whole thing was really great though. Just the vibe and camaraderie of the whole community. It was a real treat getting to meet folks, make friends, and talk the talk during a whole weekend dedicated to the thing we like. And, Va'al even swam all the way from France! That was AMAZING!

Counterpunch - A few people will acknowledge Botcon's closing hours as their moment of the year, but I think for me, it was arriving at Botcon 2016 and watching everything fall into place one last time. We were so chill and well behaved. There were only three of us in a room, instead of twelve. No one puked. No one got stuck in a tire swing at the hotel's fake beach. No one passed out in a hallway. We've come a long way baby.

Va'al - You kidding? I loved arriving at the second day of BotCon, with only a couple of people I'd actually already met, and finally get to see everyone in the flesh! From carytheone to Cobotron, to Sabrblade to the entire Twincast crew, the Audio Knights crew, some of the COMPETITION, the artists, the Hasbro team again... and just roll the entire weekend trolling the event with custom Alpha Bravo fanboi tshirts. :michaelbay:

Bronzewolf - Joining Seriously, I've been reading this site religiously for at least 5 years now (it became part of my daily routine) and I wouldn't trade the opportunity to write for it for anything. Love it, love the people, love the subject matter. Can't get better.
Va'al: Awww.


Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

Kurona - Dying of the Light for all reasons mentioned above. Again, don't want to spoil anything; but it's got everything I could want and just keeps going without ever hitting the brakes. An absolute Masterpiece.

Here comes the finale!

What are you looking forward to in 2017 for Transformers?
With no real order...

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

-Titan Trypticon: more kaiju, please!
-More Titans Returns: my quantity of fun is directly correlated to my quantity of headmasters.
-Next Gimmick: Powermasters? Pretenders? Beast Wars? I'm excited to see what's in store for Transformers.
-HasCon: As a Marvel Legends and Star Wars collector, I hope HasCon is a success.
-MP36 Megatron: No words. Just silent tears of joy.

The continuation of Titans Return figures, Trypticon is coming. Will be interesting to see how he turns out. Oh and then there's the movie. I won't be getting my hopes up for it, so here's hoping it surprises me, and here's hoping some of our readers surprise me and tone down the anti-Bay rhetoric that generates so many reported posts! :-P

The reveal of the next Beast Wars Masterpiece toy. I am hoping it is Megatron. Well, I wish it to be Dinobot but I really cannot imagine how that toy would ever work. How can he be such a slim dinosaur and turn into such a tall dark and handsome bot. The full reveal of Titan Class Trypticon is also something I look forward to but the fact that we can all picture how it will look like roughly and knowing that available space for more toys in my home is quickly diminishing kind of dampens my anticipation for the reveal, in comparison to my hopes for the next Masterpiece Beast Wars announcement.

The possibility that the next line of Transformers may give us toys of the original 13 Primes.

Classics UK Volume 6, and dare I dream Classics UK Volume 7 might also come out? I'm also looking forward to basically everyone being wrong about Power of the Primes, including me.

Oh, and finally finding out if that note Mr. Roberts left me at the end of MTMTE #38's script was a joke or a scolding (and no, I won't tell you what it said ;) )
Va'al knows. Va'al was there. Va'al was kinda responsible for it.

Titans Return and Lost Light. Quite possibly the most generic response I could have given... but can't really think of much else. MTMTE is my favourite Transformers fiction (and overall fiction at the moment), while Titans Return has really hit the ground running. The rest of IDW too, actually - TAAO is REALLY getting good, and Optimus Prime... looks decent.

I gotta say hopefully going to my first convention. Botcon may be no more, but I will still get out there go someplace. I gotta get to one of these and live it out. There is so much potential there that I need to experience.

Figure wise, I'm really looking forward to the Titans Return Leader Decepticons. The 2 we have revealed so far look amazing, and I really look forward to some lesser known guys getting some great attention from this line. (Please Nautica!!!)

Toys, toys, toys, and more toys. Titans, Powery Primes, Liony Convoys, MP Artfire, RID's Combiner Pants Force. I'm sure 2017 will be a breakneck switchback mountain road of reveals, that will make for a great ride. I also always look forward to the hunt, and swapping campfire stories with all here in Seibertown. To a better year than the last!

Perceptor. Bring it on, man. I've been kicking around grabbing a fanstoys Tesla, but waited because of the rumors of a mainline release. I'm so glad I did. I could not be happier with how he looks, and can't wait to pick him up.

I'm also looking forward to Trypticon's reveal and potential release, and The Last Knight. I'm being cautiously optimistic (perhaps more optimistic than I should be) about it. I'm very optimistic about the toys, though. Some of my favorite real-life cars finally embodied as transformers. I'm stoked, and I'm waiting with baited breath until they get revealed.

I'm also looking forward to continuing involvement with this great community and writing for Seibertron. I know it's sappy but talking transformers with you all is the highlight of my day, and always enjoyable. To 2017 and beyond!


On those words, we come to a close on a retrospective glimpse at a busy year in Transformers, Seibertronians, toys, comics, community and more... Now it's up to you! What made your 2016 special in Transformers? What do you hope our Gracious Robots Overlords [there's more than one?!] will bring in 2017, the next Movie Year? The Energon Pub is open at all hours - just grab a seat, and let it out.

May we all surrender our Intellectual Property, and achieve Total Brand Awareness.

Transformers News: 2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task
Photo: Nick Hardy

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