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Transformers Deleted and Extended Audio for The Ultimate Doom Part 2

Transformers News: Transformers Deleted and Extended Audio for The Ultimate Doom Part 2
Date: Sunday, May 28th 2017 11:38am CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): TF@TM

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Courtesy of Transformers At The Moon once again, we have extended and deleted audio from the Sunbow G1 Episode "The Ultimate Doom Part 2"! Full information and transcript are also included after the embedded clip, below - check it out and let us know what you think!

This video contains cut & altered audio from the Transformers Generation One episode The Ultimate Doom Part 2. The audio is from an original cassette tape of a recording session when Skyfire was referred to as Jetfire and contains a missing scene.

700-09 Transformers show

Wally Burr gets Frank Welker to redo a ravage snarl

Burr: Eleven. This is Eleven Ravage Take one
Welker: Various snarls


As Rumble prepares to use his pile drivers the ground cracks. Megatron commands Soundwave to use disruptor waves against the Autobots.

Wally has the actors read three levels (A,B,C) of groans.

The scene is introduced by Jazz
Actors: Various groans


**Amended Scene due to use of Jetfire rather than Skyfire **

Wheeljack: Amazing! This volcano is becoming active again"
Optimus Prime; Autobots! Transform!
Skyfire: Holy halogen luminators!

**Skyfire swiftly transformers into jet mode and intercepts the endangered Autobots.

Skyfire: Have no fear, Jetfire is here! *amended line*


**Amended Scene due to use of Jetfire rather than Skyfire

Optimus Prime: I'm not certain, but for the moment, I feel we must not let the boy find out.
Spike: Find out what?
Optimus Prime: Spike, we have information that Sparkplug has been taken to Cybertron.
Spike: Dad? On Cybertron? Optimus Prime, let me take Jetfire. We'll get him back. *amended*


**Amended Scene due to use of Jetfire rather than Skyfire **

Autobots: Cheer
Trailbreaker: Let's see the trajectory map, Jetfire. *amended*
Skyfire: Roger. Coming up.
Trailbreaker: There's our position now. When we reach this point, I'll activate a jammer beam to mess up their scanners.
Bumblebee: Uh-oh, I think it's too late. Look!
Wheeljack: Jetfire! Missile shields up! *amended*



Once on Cyberton Spike falls into a trap and is quickly followed by

Bumblebee. The Autobots send Brawn in to help.
Spike: Yahh-ooww
Bumblebee: I'm comin' with ya!
Wheeljack: Brawn, follow them! We won't fit!
Brawn: Gotcha, Wheeljack!
Spike: I blew it, guys. We're sunk now!
Brawn: Not yet, we aren't.
Bumblebee: What is it?
Brawn: A ventilator shaft. It might be a way out.
Bumblebee: You really think so?
Brawn: Got any better ideas?
Spike: Which way?

**A panel lowers down behind them, closing off their retreat.**
Brawn: Forward.

**The following scene was removed**
*NEW* Spike: It's getting warm in here!
*NEW* Spike: Ouch .. ooohh
*NEW* Spike: Ohh, this metal's hot as an oven!
*NEW* Brawn: Here, climb on.
*NEW* Spike: *breaths in*
*NEW* Brawn: Must be some kind of automatic security system. The heat is supposed to burn out any foreign substances ..... us
*NEW* Bumblebee: I'm not a foriegn substance, this is my home planet!
*NEW* Spike: **gasping struggling for breath** I..I can't ... take ..much ... more
*NEW* Brawn: And you won't have to
*NEW* Spike: Yells, ahh ahh ohh, ohh

**End of new scene**

Review of IDW Transformers: Lost Light #5

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers: Lost Light #5
Date: Wednesday, May 10th 2017 2:38am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): IDW

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Means of Creation
A Review of Transformers: Lost Light #5

As spoiler-free as I can make it.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers: Lost Light #5
If there's light, there's shade.

Here we are on part 5 of 6, "Modes of Production", the latest chapter of author James Roberts' massive Transformers tale. With just forty pages to go when you start Lost Light #5, you may be wondering just how much will end up resolved by the end of "Dissolution". After all, there are several plots all running concurrently: a whole crew of characters from the book's namesake ship that have been displaced twice-over to the point of finding themselves in another reality, a new duo of characters that fans have been trying to figure out, tension between former Decepticons and parts of "Team Rodimus", a Whirl/Tailgate/Cyclonus soap opera side-plot, Nightbeat and Rung's ongoing conversations, Megatron and Terminus' interrupted reunion, the return of Roller to action, mysteries of the Functionist Council, more clarification to get to on Rung, and then finally there's the whole part where the alternate Cybertron our heroes are on is slowly being torn apart by a Luna 2 that's been converted into some sort of gigantic galactic recycling unit.

Phew. I've probably missed something.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers: Lost Light #5
Why is he suddenly Rick instead of Brainstorm?

With Mr. Roberts clearly going for some kind of plot-juggling world record, it falls to this review to try and decide how it's working out (that is the point of these, right?) It took some careful reflection and multiple reads, but to be completely honest, it's just impossible to know how good this issue is without being able to read issue 6.

Before you accuse yours truly of going for the review-cop-out world record, hear me out. Is the pacing of this issue justified, where very dense pages jump from point to point interspersing some of the main focus with secondary stories where needed, sometimes tangentially in Roller's case? Are the interludes, including one heavy exposition dump with respect to Rung, worth the space they're taking up in a book with so much going on? To repeat a question one can find in spades over both our own Energon Pub Forums and out there online: Is the space given to Anode and Lug in this arc deserving of its inclusion? I don't know because I don't know what they're for yet. "Knowing what someone turns into is not the same as knowing what someone's for", indeed.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers: Lost Light #5
The catch is that your friends stopped reading.

While the paragraph above wasn't directly critical, it does bring up a point that I'll just come out and say explicitly: "Dissolution" feels written as a trade paperback and the month-to-month reading cycle is suffering for it. I felt this way before during "Elegant Chaos", and that turned out quite amazingly well in the end. This issue has a healthy amount of effective, meaningful, and downright quality material that gives hope that everything is, indeed, fine.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers: Lost Light #5
Rescue Bots! Roll(er) to the Rescue!

One of these highlights involves an A-Lister of the Transformers franchise. Megatron and Terminus are one of the more fascinating duos in an issue/series/meta-series/universe of sometimes-robo-monogamy (platonic and otherwise) that Roberts has created. In this issue we see things progress logically, with some moments including Roller that are simply fantastic. Morality, peril, specters of the past, and peace through the tyranny of choice are all examined when these two are on the page. In a book with a big cast this is the kind of material that serves as an anchor, especially in this case as we're reminded of the ultimate reason that Megatron is caught up in all of this to begin with. Even readers jaded with this story - you know who you are and it's ok to have opinions - will have a hard time not wanting more of these two in my opinion.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers: Lost Light #5
That's a question you should ask yourself, Megatron. Wait...

Then there's this. Quite possibly the biggest mystery in Transformers comics of the past five-plus years is beginning to be brought into the light. Will this issue tell you what Rung does? Yes, and you'll need to read it to find out whether or not the answer is "Drilling! Takara Tomy loves drill tanks after all." Lost Light #5 stops just barely short of giving the total 360° answer about what Rung is for. If you've read the issue, you might take pause at that statement, because there was a very great deal explained. However, when reflecting on the last scene of the book I began to wonder if, perhaps, there are more to Functionist Universe Rung's present desires than... there appear to be.

What? What happened?

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers: Lost Light #5
Those Lunabots would be handy now, yeah?

Comics are a visual medium and I've said little about that side of this issue so far. This is probably worthy of at least a night in Fan Jail because it's almost perfect to me from this standpoint. Artist Jack Lawrence's characters continue to evolve visually in this issue in a pleasing way. In some cases, this evolution brings characters closer to looks established by Alex Milne while in others, Lawrence continues to put his own touch on the series. The line work, aided by Joana Lafuente's tonally appropriate color palettes and Tom B. Long's usual lettering masterwork, gives a book that is by my count 96% pure eye candy.

The 4% that's not? The final panel. I think this needed either a big splash spread or perhaps some different posing by one of the characters involved. The point is still made and wow, what a moment! That is a thing that has been built up since 2012! Unfortunately, the visual delivery came across somewhat underwhelming. Of course, maybe that is the real point and I don't truly grasp it, but that's the kind of fun chatter we can get to in course when you reply to this post to debate, opine, and converse in our Energon Pub Forums.

Returning to the good stuff, there are four really and truly outstanding covers available for this issue, including another installment in Nick Roche and Josh Burcham's beautiful series of character vignettes that you'll see in this review's News Story thumbnail. As always, you can find full credits and covers in our database entry for Lost Light #5, along with a list of characters that appear in the issue so do be aware of possible spoilers.

Some Spoilers Present Below
Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers: Lost Light #5

When reviewing Lost Light #4, I said that scores don't feel fair to big multi-part works. I stand by this even moreso for #5 as a standalone work. Taken as part of the whole, it's quite good, but with so much going on and the finish line so close, it ends up being partially victimized by its purpose and by the need for some of the resolutions occurring. The Anode interlude stops the pace dead for a reveal that, rather unfortunately for involved fans like myself, was guessed by the fandom at large two months ago. Brainstorm somehow became a wisecracking parody of himself at some point and I find myself missing the brutally clever scientist we used to know. There's more I could pick out for criticism but it wouldn't change the point, that being that despite all the good stuff in here, there's also just enough that feels off the mark to drag down the finished product.

This needs #6 and it needs it soon. Very possibly, this is an inappropriate score to give something that deserves much, much higher, and in moments it really genuinely does. However, without knowing what everything here was for this is all I can commit to from a strictly critical perspective. I will freely admit if this was too low in #6's review. For now and with a dose of hesitation -


Bonus! James Roberts' soundtrack suggestions for this issue:
  • Orlando - "Just For A Second"
  • Pedro The Lion - "Of Up And Coming Monarchs"
  • Tarwater - "All Of The Ants Left Paris"

Encore Bonus? Uniclock Update? Unfortunately, actual real world scary things and warmongering would make it a bit insensitive and tone deaf for me to continue including this little feature, which was intended to be a fun and possibly self-deprecating bit of humor. If that doesn't make sense to you, please do realize this was not inspired by 'Watchmen'.

The Last Knight TRU exclusive Mission to Cybertron Glyph Decoder

Transformers News: The Last Knight TRU exclusive Mission to Cybertron Glyph Decoder
Date: Wednesday, April 26th 2017 12:00pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Live Action Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Kurona

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A few days ago we reported on rumours of a little Toys-R-Us exclusive event called Mission to Cybertron, which appears to encompass the previously-leaked exclusive toys of Skullitron, Nitro and Megatron, and Infernocus and Quintessa.

Turns out those rumours are true, as fellow News Staff ScottyP just today found a Glyph Decoder in a Toys R Us at Cary, NC! This will help you decode the Glyph language found not only on the upcoming exclusive toys, but in quite a few other places in previous Transformers fiction too - it was for instance used in Revenge of the Fallen, and much more recently it was the language used by Vos of the DJD in IDW's More Than Meets The Eye. Take a look at the decoder below, save it for future use if you like and tell us if you've found it in your local TRU in the forums!

Transformers News: The Last Knight TRU exclusive Mission to Cybertron Glyph Decoder

Review of IDW Optimus Prime #6

Transformers News: Review of IDW Optimus Prime #6
Date: Wednesday, April 26th 2017 3:33am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): IDW

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Optimus ..Fine?
(Spoiler free-ish)

“NEW CYBERTRON”—CONCLUSION! As the Junkions reveal their ultimate plan, Optimus Prime makes a decision that will define the relationship between Earth and Cybertron for all time... but will Arcee be able to live with the fallout?

Transformers News: Review of IDW Optimus Prime #6
Good memory, kids


The first arc of Optimus Prime, the big core book at the heart of the Hasbro Universe (take that, Crown Jewel), comes to a close in this sixth issue, and we get some closure indeed on the multiple threads dangling through the story - and some more are left to unravel for the future...

Transformers News: Review of IDW Optimus Prime #6
Oooh juicy

We know John Barber's propensity for the caption technique, to aid with the narration and provide some 'behind the scenes' commentary for what is actually happening in the gutters between panels - but this time, despite the very good writing, it's perhaps the very first time I've found it clash a little with the story itself. Having Optimus Prime narrate his own arc just felt, at times.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Optimus Prime #6
shots fired

The other stories, the other faces, the other characters around which the issue and the arc revolve, on the other hand, are still really quite pleasing. There is a lot happening all in one place (if you want a hand in catching up on the roles, our database entry might help!), both in the past and in the present, and it's all satisfyingly tantalising for more story threads from here.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Optimus Prime #6
token human panel

The way in which Optimus is perceived on the many sides of the issues, from the colonist recruits to Aileron and Pyra Magna, to Soundwave and Jetfire's past and present outlook and opinions, to how Earth sees him as coloniser and invader - the story is in no way at its end, if anything we have a new fraught beginning of a much bigger story to be told. And then there's that last page...


Kei Zama is still so much joy to follow through the pages, be it for organic, Cybertronian, Cybertrorganic, landscapes, battles, dialogue or face-offs - be they blasting or verbal, in the present or past - and I'm extremely pleased to see the variations across the Sharkticon ranks as well and variety in humans, who do not obviously have designs as distinctive as the robot protagonists.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Optimus Prime #6

The issue also relies a lot on heavy visual cues for resolutions - as well as the trademark time shifts and parallels - allowing for more of Josh Burcham's effective colouring to blend with Zama's linework. The lighter moments, not necessarily in tone, are impressive where the writing may not reach, and any lingering shadow is that much darker for it.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Optimus Prime #6
FLASH (aahhaaa saviouroftheuniverse)

As for the lettering, I am still in awe at how Tom B. Long manages to juggle so many things at once in pages that can be extremely busy, between visuals and text. Never mind some of the fight scenes, the ink work and dynamism - we still follow narration; top marks. And cover wise, while the veteran roster of Zama/Burcham (SkyLynx rider), Coller/Bove (face-off), Griffith/Perez (Sharkpile) is a wonder to behold, I'd like to congratulate Jin Kim on some really solid output with IDW covers this month - see thumbnail for proof.

Spoilerish ahead

I was somehow expecting more from a conclusion, at this stage. Not that what we got wasn't a good one, mind you, but something felt a little underplayed - which might be beneficial for the wider game in the long run, and future stories, but leaves a little anticlimactic here. Soundwave's role, the explanation of his presence by Megatron's side, Jetfire's role in particular, feel well rounded enough to allow it, sure, but Optimus' actions are a bit.. whelming.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Optimus Prime #6

Things I am looking forwards to, nonetheless: Jazz and the exploration of his 'getting to know Earth' storyline, so very much. More Thundercracker in an active role. More challenges to Optimus, even - in spite of - apparent changes of heart/mind. Ramifications of his role in the eye of the new recruits. THAT ENDING PAGE.

. :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: - out of :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT:

Twincast / Podcast Episode #173 "Crossing The Rubicon"

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast Episode #173 "Crossing The Rubicon"
Date: Monday, April 24th 2017 5:52pm CDT
Categories: Site News, Digital Media News, Podcast
Posted by: Razorclaw0000

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Views: 15,494

It's been a while, but the Twincast / Podcast sister show, Mainframes, has returned with another episode, this time delving into the recent Till All Are One arc of issues 5 through 8. Buckle up with ScottyP, Dr Va'al, and Razorclaw0000 as we get launched head first from a falling Titan straight into your homes.

Episode #173 "Crossing The Rubicon" is available directly and in our RSS Feed, and should appear on iTunes and Stitcher Radio within 24 to 48 hours of when you see this news post.

Be aware that this episode is entirely about IDW Transformers comics and will completely spoil many storylines from several books, including many books before Till All Are One Issues 5-8, so listening after catching up with the most recent material is recommended if you wish to avoid spoilers.

We start with issue 5, "PING", discussing where the issue fits in the larger timeline around Revolution. We discuss the council meeting and politics, character designs, and the build-up of tensions from Titans Return. We further dig into the desperation of Windblade's awakening and transformation of Metroplex.

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast #173 "Crossing The Rubicon"
Till All Are Political?

We move onto issue 6, "Desperate Times", and the fast-paced action of the legion of undead Titans literally raining into Cybertron. We discuss the pace, obscure characters, and climax of the book and the foreshadowing it accomplishes despite the dialog-light splash pages.

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast #173 "Crossing The Rubicon"
Till All Are Squished

Coming to the penultimate issue of the arc, we discuss issue 7, "Desperate Measures". This issue ramps up the action, and we're discussing all of it, from Devastator and Strika, to Windblade and company's daring mission into Carcer, highlighting some of the lush artwork and edgy layouts pushing the artistic style even further. We discuss the implications in the larger lore, especially the Covenant of Primus, dropped in the final panels.

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast #173 "Crossing The Rubicon"
Till All Are NOT Squished

Finally, we wrap up with the bombshell of issue 8, "Rubicon", chewing on the title and its meaning, as well as the major reveal in this book. We discuss the narrative and artistic risks and payoff, future books and world building, art styles and heritage, and much more.

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast #173 "Crossing The Rubicon"
Till All Are Hacked

We digest a bit on the arc as a whole, including discussing upcoming issues and covers as well as the trade paper back release.

We hope you enjoyed this latest episode of Twincast / Podcast spin-off Mainframes, and stay tuned for future episodes as the ongoing IDW Transformers saga continues to unfold! We'll see you in the discussion thread for this episode which you can join in on by replying to this very news post.

Transformers: The Last Knight - Mission to Cybertron Details

Transformers News: Transformers: The Last Knight - Mission to Cybertron Details
Date: Sunday, April 23rd 2017 4:22am CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News, Rumors, Store News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): TFW2005

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Views: 32,442

Our friends over at TFW2005 have been able to find out more information about the glyphs we've been seeing on figures and instructions sheets across the Transformers: The Last Knight toyline, and may have confirmed a retailer exclusive (probably Toys'R'Us again, which is not good news internationally) sub-line for the movie toys: Mission to Cybertron.

The site was able to screencap instructions of a Glyph Decoder, then immediately taken down by Hasbro, then more 'decodable glyphs' appeared on the likes of Skullitron, Nitro and Megatron, and Infernocus and Quintessa. Now, fallen-revenge has found a promotional banner for Mission to Cybertron at a Toys'R'Us store in the US, making the speculation just that little more concrete! Check it out below, and let us know what you think in the Energon Pub.

Transformers News: Transformers: The Last Knight - Mission to Cybertron Details

Top Five Rivalries in Transformers Fiction

Transformers News: Top Five Rivalries in Transformers Fiction
Date: Saturday, April 22nd 2017 12:29pm CDT
Categories: Site Articles, Editorials, Top Lists
Posted by: Mindmaster

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Every two weeks, brings you a Top 5 list related to all things Transformers. This list is written by Mindmaster with some help from D-Maximus Primal and Kurona and edited by Seibertron and myself.and I would like to thank him for having taken the time. These are his opinions (just like movie or game reviews hosted by sites are still just the opinion of one person) so what matters most is what you guys think of the topic or list, and I hope to see your own lists or comments on omissions and ranking. Let's have fun! All previous lists can be found here.

Top Five Rivalries in Transformers Fiction

A franchise rich with characters isn't complete if it didn't have intense rivalries. After all, who doesn't like watching two characters with an intense hatred for each other fight to the death? Mindmaster here (Seibertron staff allumni and fellow board member) and this week on our "Top Five" list, we're taking a look at the fiercest rivalries seen in the history of the brand!

5. Star Saber and Deathsaurus

For Star Saber and Deathsaurus, nothing says "bitter rivalry" like two childhood friends who swore themselves to differing factions (or at least, that's what happened in the Victory manga). Star Saber and Deathsaurus were kids with a friendship, but that changed many years later, as they became the leaders of their respective factions. While the "childhood friends" part was never explored in the anime, their rivalry was clear one. -Mindmaster

Transformers News: Top Five Rivalries in Transformers Fiction
Transformers Victory Deathsaurus (Deszaras) Gallery

4. Arcee and Jhiaxus

If your robo-junk got cut off and you were forcibly experimented on to introduce gender to your species, you'd be pretty miffed yourself. Bent on gaining her vengeance, the being who would call herself Arcee devoted herself into hunting down ancient mad-scientist Jhiaxus, who was also responsible for IDW's equivalent of Micromasters and this universe's first combiner, the destructive Monstructor. This rivalry ended with Arcee finally getting the enjoyment of killing Jhiaxus (who was close enough to the Dead Universe to come back to life) again... and again... and again... and again... and again...

Transformers News: Top Five Rivalries in Transformers Fiction

3. Animated Ratchet and Lockdown

Lockdown and Ratchet became rivals in the Transformers Animated Cartoon (which is also where Lockdown originates from). The way the story goes, Lockdown permanently scarred Ratchet during the war, both physically and psychologically. He also took his best medical tool, and then when they met again, Ratchet beat the scrap out of him out of Revenge, going so far as to rip the EMP right off Lockdown, along with Prime's grapplers. And then the Revenge of the Fallen line made their rivalry known in the toy bios and how weapons from one are compatible with the other, just like animated. And then Lockdown was the one to kill Ratchet in the live action movies, keeping their rivalry going into movies.
Not to mention the initial rivals were a war weary old medic against a ruthless spiky bounty hunter with no allegiance.

Transformers News: Top Five Rivalries in Transformers Fiction

2. Depthcharge and Rampage

The rivalry of Depthcharge and Rampage is an intense one: after Rampage killed all save Depthcharge on Omicron Colony, Depthcharge became dangerously hellbent on tracking down the criminally insane murderer, apprehending him after killing and apparently eating Starbase Rugby's inhabitants. Fast forward (or rewind, technically speaking) to their debut in the Beast Wars cartoon, where while Rampage and Depthcharge nominally belonged Predacon and Maximal respectively, both tended to disobey their orders and go after each other. This bitter rivalry ended in the crossfire of the battle to stop Megatron from destroying the dormant Autobots, with Depthcharge piercing unstable Energon into Rampage's exposed spark, with the fiend cackling all the while, either embracing oblivion to end his tortuous life or because he was bat-s*** insane.

Transformers News: Top Five Rivalries in Transformers Fiction
Transformers Beast Wars Metals Rampage Gallery

1. Optimus Prime and Megatron

Alright, you knew this was coming, and of course it would. This is not only the most iconic rivalry in Transformers lore but also one of the most iconic rivalries in pop culture. Optimus and Megatron have been at each other's throats for over thirty years since their debut in 1984, whether one was a fan of the other (Generation One's episode "War Dawn"), a librarian and a miner who shared views on the oppressive caste system (Prime's "One Shall Stand, Part One"), or even blood brothers (as established by the live-action films). This is a rivalry that will brew for many, many more years to come. -Mindmaster and William-James88

Transformers News: Top Five Rivalries in Transformers Fiction
Transformers G1 1984 Megatron (Reissue) Gallery
Transformers News: Top Five Rivalries in Transformers Fiction
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Megatron Gallery
Transformers News: Top Five Rivalries in Transformers Fiction
Transformers Prime: First Edition Megatron Gallery

Honorable mentions

Armada's Hot Shot and Wheeljack

The rivalry of Hot Shot and Wheeljack is similar to that of the manga version of Victory's Star Saber and Deathsaurus, but with differences: imagine having been friends for a long time, but an ill-fated mission separated the both of you. Your friend tells you that he will come back to help, but never returns. On the verge of losing hope, someone finally comes to help, but it's not your friend, but someone completely unexpected: it's your enemy faction's leader, Megatron, who convinces you that your friend abandoned you! Having been rescued by Megatron and sworn fealty to the Decepticons, Wheeljack was emotionally torn apart by Hot Shot's "betrayal" (technically not true, as Hot Shot was prevented by his senior officers from going back and helping him), and swore to hunt down the Autobot and gain vengeance. Years later, both parties met again on the battlefield on Earth, as the war for the Mini-Cons raged on. Having discovered the Hot Shot was mentoring an even younger Side Swipe, the embittered Decepticon took this personally. Thankfully, unlike the rivalries previously listed, this one took a turn to Happy Ending Avenue: after both factions united to fight Unicron, Wheeljack seemed to forgive Hot Shot for abandoning him. -Mindmaster

Transformers News: Top Five Rivalries in Transformers Fiction

The Wreckers and Squadron X

Another bitter rivalry comes in the form of the Wreckers and their Decepticon counterparts, Squadron X, depicted as flashbacks in IDW's wildly-popular-to-this-day miniseries, "Last Stand of the Wreckers". During the war, Wrecker leader at-that-time Impactor became dangerously obsessed in bringing down the ruthless Decepticons, with both groups engaging in a final clash on the planet Pova. Having dealing a humiliating defeat to Squadron X, Impactor was told the unthinkable; to prevent a political incident between the Autobots and the planet's inhabitants who declared neutrality, Impactor had to free their prisoners. In response, Impactor promptly executed each member of Squadron X, earning him a cozy cell on the ill-fated penal colony of Garrus-9. Impactor would later blame his lieutenant-now-Springer, who testified against him in his court martial, for not agreeing with Squadron X'a demise. -Mindmaster

Transformers News: Top Five Rivalries in Transformers Fiction

Rung vs. Froid

One of the many ways in which IDW separates itself from other series in the franchise is by having many other forms of warfare and rivalry than simply punching and firing lasers at each other; and no finer is that represented than in the rivalry between the two psychologists Rung and Froid in MTMTE. Their story coming in right before the comic's multi-part finale, ample time is devoted to their history together - including plagiarism; diverging views on psychiatry methods; and a dark spot in Rung's very long career. Very different to your typical Transformers story, but it is nonetheless a rivalry that gives way to many story paths and even sheds light on the past of a certain Theoretician. So while this list contains battlefield tales that no doubt make for some amazing action, never forget the much more subtle and down-to-Cybertron battles concerning the psychological health that is just as important as the physical. -Kurona

Transformers News: Top Five Rivalries in Transformers Fiction

First Image of New Titan Changer Megatron for Transformers: The Last Knight Toyline

Transformers News: First Image of New Titan Changer Megatron for Transformers: The Last Knight Toyline
Date: Friday, April 14th 2017 4:09pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: william-james88 | Credit(s): TFW2005

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If you thought there weren't enough The Last Knight Megatron toys, we have one more for you. This Titan Changer Megatron toy has been revealed by Hasbro's Middle-East division. This is a 12″ toy that transforms from robot to jet in 5 Steps.
While below you will find the very first image of this toy, we did know we were getting this figure since February when Hasbro had given us all their product descriptions. The excerpt can be found below, along with the specific bio for this toy. The photos and bio were brought to light by TFW2005.

(Ages 6 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $14.99/Available: Fall 2017)

The action in the new TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT movie is big, and this assortment of TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT TITAN CHANGERS. The big, 12-inch figures feature transitions from bot to alt mode, converting between modes in 2-5 steps. The assortment features many fan-favorite characters from the movie, including OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE and MEGATRON. Available at most major retailers and on

Item Code: C0885
Dimensions (DxWxH in mm): 5.7×14.6×30.5


“Experience the thrill of the epic battle between Autobots and Decepticons with this Titan Changers figure that delivers the converting Transformers play kids love. This big, 12-inch scale Megatron figure switches from robot to jet mode in 5 exciting steps. In the explosive Transformers: The Last Knight movie, new evil will rise in an epic struggle where the fate of Earth hangs in the balance. Megatron is the true nemesis of Optimus Prime and his fight to protect the humans. Revived yet again, the ruthless Decepticon leader pursues his ultimate mission to restore Cybertron under his rule.”

Transformers News: First Image for New Titan Changer Megatron for Transformers: The Last Knight Toyline

Transformers News: First Image for New Titan Changer Megatron for Transformers: The Last Knight Toyline

New official trailer for Transformers The Last Knight

Transformers News: New official trailer for Transformers The Last Knight
Date: Wednesday, April 12th 2017 8:14am CDT
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Paramount released a new official trailer for Transformers The Last Knight was released this morning. The new trailer, narrated by Anthony Hopkins' character Sir Edmund Burton, features new footage such as the Knights of Cybertron, Optimus Prime's maker Quintessa, King Arthur, Optimus versus Bumblebee, Megatron, Decepticon beheadings and more!

Transformers The Last Knight, directed by Michael Bay, stars Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime, Frank Welker as Megatron, Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager, Anthony Hopkins as Sir Edmund Burton, Laura Haddock as Vivian Wembley, Isabela Moner as Izabella and Josh Duhamel as William Lennox. The film opens in theaters June 23rd, 2017.

Check it out on's Facebook page,'s YouTube channel or view the video below. Join our conversation about Transformers The Last Knight on's forums here.

"When all seems lost, a few brave souls can save everything we’ve ever known."

Synopsis: "The Last Knight shatters the core myths of the Transformers franchise, and redefines what it means to be a hero. Humans and Transformers are at war, Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving our future lies buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth. Saving our world falls upon the shoulders of an unlikely alliance: Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg); Bumblebee; an English Lord (Sir Anthony Hopkins); and an Oxford Professor (Laura Haddock).

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when we are called upon to make a difference. In Transformers: The Last Knight, the hunted will become heroes. Heroes will become villains. Only one world will survive: theirs, or ours."'s spoilers and thoughts about Transformers: The Last Knight CinemaCon footage

Transformers News:'s spoilers and thoughts about Transformers: The Last Knight CinemaCon footage
Date: Sunday, March 26th 2017 11:13pm CDT
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Transformers News:'s spoilers and thoughts about Transformers: The Last Knight CinemaCon footage

As many of you know by now, a small group of us were treated to an amazing experience courtesy of Paramount, Michael Bay, Bay Films and IMAX. It was an amazing experience to literally sit right next to Michael Bay in his studio while he was going through his computer files to find clips from Transformers: The Last Knight that he wanted to show us. The experience seemed way too familiar, much like one of us going over to one of our friends houses to show each other Transformers from our collections or showing something other coveted prized possession.

(Side note: I did my best to keep my eye on the file names on his monitor for some massive spoiler, but unfortunately didn't see anything more revealing than the footage we were shown or that has been seen in trailers ... I tried though!)




Michael Bay casually revealed to us in his office that Steven Spielberg, the legend himself, was involved on some level with the story aspect of The Last Knight, which I don't think has happened since the first movie. We weren't told much about his involvement, which Bay brought up matter-of-factly, but I got the impression that Spielberg was involved at least during the process with the writers room on some level. For how long? I don't know, but it was nice to know that he was once again involved with the storyline aspect of the Transformers film franchise.

The footage we were shown opens in the middle of an epic battle during Medieval Times, waged by two opposing forces. Bayhem literally begins from the moment the movie starts. If it's going to be a film directed by Michael Bay, we might as well embrace the Bayhem and enjoy the ride. Earlier in the day, while we were at Bay Films, Michael Bay showed us some behind the scenes footage of this opening sequence that was really cool to see. There's a pivotal human character, none other than Merlin, who was rather entertaining and fun to watch. The dragon Transformer that was seen in previous trailers is simply massive and the scene where he is flying near the cliff has been completed more (such as a moment where his wing splashes into the water). The dragon Transformer is the secret weapon, or one of the weapons, used to turn the tide for the "good" guys during the initial battle. After the battle, we are shown the Knights of the Roundtable accompanied by the Cybertronian Knights.

Transformers News:'s spoilers and thoughts about Transformers: The Last Knight CinemaCon footage

The entire Medieval Times battle sequence is some of what Michael Bay does best ... massive epic battles, beautiful scenery, all-out action, and humor. Wait until you see some of these shots on IMAX screens. It was a spectacular setup for what looks to be an extremely exciting movie. If anything, The Last Knight appears to be the ultimate culmination of Michael Bay working on the Transformers franchise for at least 12 years.

Transformers News:'s spoilers and thoughts about Transformers: The Last Knight CinemaCon footage

One of the things I'm most excited about that Bay stressed multiple times, is that this is a real 3D movie. The Last Knight was shot with specialized 3D cameras. He stressed adamantly that the best way to see The Last Knight will be in 3D on an IMAX screen. This is the real deal, unlike other Hollywood films where the 3D experience is done in post production. The film has been made with the IMAX 3D viewing experience in mind. He sold me on the idea while we were at Bay Films, especially after seeing this sneak peek at IMAX Headquarters. The scenes we were shown looked beautiful in a very dramatic and eye-catching way that fans should come to expect from Michael Bay.

A group of 4 boys who are at the destroyed Football Stadium, transitions to Canopy protecting Izabella (Isabela Moner) and her friends, Canopy is all that Izabella has left after her family was lost during the Chicago battle, Bumblebee and Cade saves the day. Canopy is a tertiary character who seemed to literally transform into a junk covered "canopy", or shelter, to provide protection to Izabella and the boys from the Movie Trailer exploring the destroyed football stadium. Transformers seem to be a regular thing on Earth now.

Transformers News:'s spoilers and thoughts about Transformers: The Last Knight CinemaCon footage

We also got to see a few extended scenes between Cade and Grimlock at the Junkyard, which I presume is owned by or worked at by Cade. If you were hoping to see Grimlock be the Autobot Leader type we all know him to rightfully be, it doesn't seem that we will be seeing him in that capacity here, at least not in the scenes that I saw. A new human friend or co-worker of Cade is introduced to us, who I think is played by Jerrod Carmichael, though I didn't get his character's name. I rather liked his character, he seemed to provide a way for the audience to connect more with what has been thrust upon these characters. A very tense and action packed chase scene unfolds with Cade, Izabella, and Jerrod Carmichael's character being chased by flying drones that look kind of like miniature Tie Fighters. I don't know or can't remember if these are TRF drones, but I'm assuming they are. At some point they encounter Cogman in an elevator, while trying to escape the drones. A drone attacks Cade, smashing him out of the glass window in the elevator, which leads to some pretty tense moments as our hero attempts to survive his fall. Eventually on the ground, Cogman introduces himself, Crosshairs and Bumblebee enter the scene, Cogman shows that he's pretty badass despite being shorter than an average human.

When Bumblebee and Cade Yeager approach the castle (house?) of Sir Edmond Burton (Anthony Hopkins), they are "accidentally" attacked by an old, senile tank Transformer from WWI era. After brief introductions and an apology from Sir Edmond Burton, Burton says something along the lines of "You want to know why the Transformers keep coming to Earth, don't you?" Implying that he seems to know why. Shortly thereafter, a much reluctant Vivian Wembley (Laura Haddock) is brought to Burton's castle via Hot Rod.

Transformers News:'s spoilers and thoughts about Transformers: The Last Knight CinemaCon footage

Here's a teaser for you guys that I'm sure longtime Transformers fans will appreciate, despite the different twist: so apparently Cogman is a Headmaster. Anthony Hopkins even called him so in the footage we saw. Michael Bay told us at Bay Studios that he was a Headmaster, and when asked to clarify, Bay said that Cogman rips off other Transformers heads and then becomes their head. I'm not sure if this was something I am supposed to talk about or not, but I think it's something that Transformers fans will really appreciate, especially with the current popularity of Titans Return. So, a slightly different twist on the concept, but a Headmaster nonetheless apparently. We didn't see footage of Cogman actually doing this, however. Voice actor for Cogman is the butler guy from Dowton Abbey.

Transformers News:'s spoilers and thoughts about Transformers: The Last Knight CinemaCon footage

Megatron and the Decepticons were missing from the footage we saw, minus their appearances in some carryover scenes from previous TLK trailers that were shown at the end of this footage montage. I suggested to Michael Bay that the footage be altered to include Megatron, so hopefully the final version of this CinemaCon footage will include some of Megatron and/or the Decepticons. However, if it doesn't, I'm assuming that is intentional because of the current marketing spin shown in this lithograph poster we received that includes the saying "Every Legend Has Its Secret", and shows the symbol from the sword melting into the Decepticon symbol. As with previous Transformers films, I'm assuming "The Last Knight" will have an alternate meaning than what most of us suspect or it will have a double meaning alluding to multiple plot scenarios.

Transformers News:'s spoilers and thoughts about Transformers: The Last Knight CinemaCon footage

We got to see more scenes of the Ospreys, underwater scenes, shots of the "horns" (which is what they were referred to in concept art we were shown by Bay), and more. I don't know what everything is leading toward. I can't get over that I saw 20 minutes of various clips and yet, thanks to some clever editing, the plot wasn't revealed. I don't know what the horns are, I don't know what's going on with the moon, I don't know what's dragging through Earth's atmosphere and, most importantly, I still don't know what the heck is going on with Optimus Prime or what the "Last Knight" refers to specifically.

Transformers News:'s spoilers and thoughts about Transformers: The Last Knight CinemaCon footage

Transformers News:'s spoilers and thoughts about Transformers: The Last Knight CinemaCon footage

As I said earlier, the movie seems very "big", very epic. The stakes seem much higher in this film. It's all building to something really big, which will serve as a launchpad for the Transformers Movie universe going forward. We've only got less than 3 months to go before Transformers The Last Knight opens in theaters on June 23rd so all shall be revealed very soon!

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