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Another Don Murphy Update, Michael Bay Officially signed!

Transformers News: Another Don Murphy Update, Michael Bay Officially signed!
Date: Sunday, May 29th 2005 3:56pm CDT
Category: Live Action Movie News
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s):

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The one and only Don Murphy has dropped another update on his site. In the thread it is confirmed that Michael Bay is now FINALLY officially signed as the director of the upcoming Transformers movie.

"The real fans on this site are just the greatest- despite all the mudslinging and madness and fan shit I really feel like we are building a community. I know we are doing something right when that TFW2005 site continues to poo poo us. They’ll pay to see the film three times just to tell us what we have done wrong.

Michael Bay is signed at this point for the film- BUT- he has to finish THE ISLAND and it’s not finished yet- before he can focus on TF. His Line Producer a great guy named Ian Bryce (HI IAN!) is dealing with department heads and other details. We were hoping to have a script last week but we don’t. But we will soon. Voice actors and Arcee and other things will be addressed at the right time. Welcome to the hell that is Producing- things move VERY slowly in my world. And yes, it is frustrating to me."

"So what is next for THE Project? Desanto and I will be at ComicCon. Someone had the idea to drop a big ass truck in the middle of the convention and wrap it up as “Coming Soon” – we hopefully killed that lameness. We want to have bags and tee shirts and posters- all teasers. The Official Site will go on line at the con. We want to create the first ever Official fan blog. You can come by to the booth, type in your thoughts on TF and get a T-Shirt, and the blog will be permanently online for all to see. It will kind of be like this board, but an ultimate resource to the filmmakers- if it works."

Don Murphy's Unofficial Competition

Transformers News: Don Murphy's Unofficial Competition
Date: Sunday, May 8th 2005 5:44pm CDT
Category: Live Action Movie News
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s):

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The Board of is bristling once again. Not only has the man behind the upcoming Transformers movie placed another update on the movie, but the producer has also opened up an unofficial competition for the fan base to enter.

ITEM- Initial Line Producer Meeting Happens! Tom Desanto and I sat down this week with Ian Bryce, the chap who will be responsible for the budget and schedule of the meeting. He worked with Michael Bay on THE ISLAND. We learned that the budget is gonna be around $125m if Dreamworks can wrangle it; that Michael is thrilled but the deal is NOT yet finished; and that we will have enormous pressure on us to get the film done right. But right it will get done!

ITEM- A Proposal to the Friends of Transformers! Okay, now this is certainly unique in the annals of fandom. I want to have access to a ONE hour reel (maximum). The purpose of the reel is to use a reference for what the fans like best about the property. It’s not that we all don’t know TF- I thought it would be great to actually have a physical reference reel that Bay, the actors, the producers, Spielberg- everybody could play it as a sort of ‘make sure we include as much of this as possible” thing. The winner will get something cool. I promise, once I figure out what it is. Here are the rules for this unofficial competition- 1) Whatever I say goes 2) you have to have access not only to your own cartoon dvds but also a way of editing them together 3) less is more 4) the first FIVE people to email me at Mrdonmurphy @ will be allowed to participate and given an address to send them to- the sooner I get them the better. After that, if none are chosen the winner, I’ll open it up to five more. Once more- a dvd/reel that is less than an hour that summarizes everything about the Transformers that the fans love. I don’t think any producer has ever opened this up like this before- let’s see what happens.

Don Murphy Update

Transformers News: Don Murphy Update
Date: Sunday, May 1st 2005 7:43pm CDT
Category: Live Action Movie News
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s):

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Don Murphy, yes the guy who is co-producing the upcoming Transformers movie, has made an update post on the board of his official website. Don Murphy can be found saying the following in his post;

Michael Bay’s deal is still not closed despite what you might think, but I’d make it 95% likely. Michael has a LINE producer partner (the guy responsible for making the film come in on time and on budget) named Ian Bryce- we have lunch hopefully on Tuesday when I will start to push for things like voice actors. Was supposed to be this week but his Father in law passed on. The script continues to be worked on….The website is gonna be up in just over a month… COMICON will have a big presence for the film- I’ll be there unless I am in London with COOL BREEZE with Michael Douglas so come say shit howdy…

Tomorrow I have lunch with George Lazenby..should be weird, will let you know why once I can….

Thanks for listening, thanks for caring about Susan and I think this will be a big week for Transformers!!!



Don Murphy Quotes Special

Transformers News: Don Murphy Quotes Special
Date: Sunday, April 17th 2005 4:47pm CDT
Category: Live Action Movie News
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s):

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Producer of the upcoming Transformers movie, Don Murphy, has been chatting up a spell for his site once again. In one of the threads on his own board, the producer has started answering a whole host of questions.

Here follow some quotes by Don Murphy taken from his board.

"Hey guess what- we have started to work on cool ComiCon stuff for TF- I will announce when I can."

"We have started some pre-visualization on the film- preliminary- looks fab."

"Hasbro needs to start the toy line in the next month to make the deadline to have toys out a month before our film."

"In John's script there were only 4 on each side...
(massive intake of breath as everyone goes what the fuck?)
Now the plans are 5 main ones.

Megs...Optimus... of course
Soundwave (no longer a blender) Bumblebee (thanks to Herbie not likely a Bug) Jazz.... Starscream.... RC.....more to come...."

"In the meeting on Thursday Hasbro all but DEMANDED that Soundwave mass shift.... the writers seemed okay with it...."

"Interestingly Ratchet is currently there too....
The writers want to make him an ambulance...
Dreamworks doesn't....
And Hasbro actually doesn't mind if he is an ambulance or a firetruck...."

"Hasbro seemed anxious to get Soundwave into musical form to unleash Ravage even if it made no sense."

"Official website ASAP- literally as soon as we can....
Final ten TFs chosen- 3 weeks
Colors/Models of those ten finalized JULY 1
Prep begin Sept 1
Shoot begin Dec 1
all Tentative"

"No Quintessions in Movie One.
The movie is gonna be much more of the origina film than it ever was before."

"The weridest thing about the meeting is that ONLY because of this board was anyone trying to protect G1 or the looks of Megs and Optimus. Hasbro doesn't mind what it is as long as they know as soon as possible. Dreamworks is intent on RE-inventing the property. You guys are being heard, but it is tougher now that it was PRE Bay, and it is not Bay it is lots of people trying to get this done. There were 29 people in the room."

"No idea about film 2 and 3
and it was sounding in that room like the Autobots may have been here since at least biblical times"

CNN talks Transformers!

Transformers News: CNN talks Transformers!
Date: Wednesday, April 6th 2005 6:42pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Jacob Montgomery

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Check out this article at for a wrap up of the current Michael Bay-related facts, summarizing Don Murphy's comments earlier today. This is one of the first main-stream (i.e. not a film site or Transformers site) to talk about Michael Bay working on the Transformers movie!

Michael Bay Reports Update

Transformers News: Michael Bay Reports Update
Date: Wednesday, April 6th 2005 5:31am CDT
Category: Live Action Movie News
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s):

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For the last few days rumors have been flying, about the envolvement of director Michael Bay and him directing the upcoming Transformers movie. Don Murphy himself has given the updates on what is going on at the moment.

Murphy explains the following on his board and had this to say:

There is NO deal
so anything could happen
But Variety will report in the morning
that Michael Bay is in negotiations to direct the film
He feels like a good choice for what we are trying to make
will let you know more when I can"

Since Variety is a subscription only site, Don Murphy was kind enough to post the article on his board.

To sum this all up, Michael Bay is in talks to direct the movie, but at the moment, the deal has not yet been cemented. As Murphy mentioned on his board;

"Bay got scared off Superman when Fat Knowles leaked it. Just up and left. If he did that here, then we are back to looking for a director. And you might not have gotten a good one.

So I know Michael is happy this is out in the world- great- but we need to be chilled and get him on board".

Michael Bay to direct upcoming Dreamworks Transformers movie?

Transformers News: Michael Bay to direct upcoming Dreamworks Transformers movie?
Date: Monday, April 4th 2005 12:33pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Rumors
Posted by: Alex Kingdom | Credit(s): LiegeCentrino, Toxman, Tusko, Maximal Prime

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We have no idea how true this is but Ain' has posted news that Michael Bay (director of Bad Boys, The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and Bad Boys 1 & 2) will direct the upcoming Transformers Movie.

However this isnt the first time Michael Bay has been wrongly connected with this movie. No word from Don Murphy on this either but see the story for yourself here at

Roland Emmerich is also stated as being interested in the Transformers movie but will most likely be shut out due to Dreamworks being quite pleased with Michael Bay's work on The Island (View official site).

Hasbro signed post-Cybertron deal with animation company GONZO?

Transformers News: Hasbro signed post-Cybertron deal with animation company GONZO?
Date: Friday, March 18th 2005 10:46am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Live Action Movie News, Rumors, Company News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Tim Gravely

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Fact or fiction? You decide ...

How do you like the work that Gonzo has done with Galaxy Force so far? If you're Hasbro, you're clearly overjoyed at the prospect of having such talented animators on board again.

Hasbro has just re-upped their contract with Gonzo, post-GF/Cybertron. Not only will Gonzo be producing a direct-to-DVD animated feature to tie into the new Dreamworks movie, but they will now be producing the movie tie-in TV series. (And exactly who was braindead enough not to expect THAT to happen?)

The real fun is still to come tho. Since Hasbro hopes that the movie will be a huge hit, they fully intend to milk it for all it's worth. They've placed a two season order with Gonzo, totalling 100 episodes.

Yes. 100 episodes over two seasons. Same as we've been getting, but now done with talent, skill and wit.

Yesterday's news about TF writers was actually OLD news

Transformers News: Yesterday's news about TF writers was actually OLD news
Date: Wednesday, March 16th 2005 8:55am CST
Categories: Site News, Live Action Movie News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Various sources

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The only reason I'm posting this is because we have received several emails regarding yesterday's news about the writers of the Transformers movie. While this might be news to some people, this news was originally posted by our very own movie news guru Raymond T almost a month ago in the news forum. You can view the original article posted on February 18th here.

For those of you who want the news repeated, here it is:

Writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are to write the DreamWorks/Paramount live-action adaptation of The Transformers, according to the Hollywood Reporter

Steven Spielberg is executive producing the film, based on the 1980s Hasbro toy line. The toy line revolved around two groups of robots, one led by Optimus Prime, who believes in tolerance and the sanctity of life, and the other by Megatron, who espouses survival of the fittest and the extermination of biological life.

Transformers Movie officially set for Thanksgiving 2006

Transformers News: Transformers Movie officially set for Thanksgiving 2006
Date: Tuesday, March 15th 2005 1:04pm CST
Category: Live Action Movie News
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s):

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Rumors had appeared about pushing back the release date of the upcoming movie on the net for a while now. But now Don Murphy, producer of the Transformers live action movie, has confirmed on his site/board that the release date for the movie has indeed been pushed back. The release has now been set for a Thanksgiving 2006 opening.

"Whereas before we were "shooting for" Summer 06 now we have officially announced we are coming out Thanksgiving 06".

November 17th, 2006 anyone?

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