Figuring out Don Figueroa

Figuring out Don Figueroa

Sunday, January 18th, 2004 9:19pm CST

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Written by Supreme Convoy

Almost a year ago, I interviewed Don Figueroa about the first volume of the amazing War Within mini-series. Now Don’s career has taken another leap as the artist for the ongoing Transformers: G1 series written by Brad Mick which hits comic book stores January. And once again he’s taken a moment to answer questions about his life and work.

Supreme Convoy: First of all I gotta say how much I enjoyed the look of your work evolve. To be honest, I remember looking at the humans in Macromasters and they look a bit "fake." But I can see in the GI Joe vs. Transformers #1 cover you nailed the GI Joe crew.

Don Figueroa: That was a Jam-piece, I only did the TFs, and Dan Norton did the Joes/Cobra. Glad to know what you really think of my work though :(

Supreme Convoy: Oops, guess I was mistaken on that one :(

So how has your life changed since working with Dreamwave? Has it become a "rock star" lifestyle or still a "starving artist" lifestyle?

Don Figueroa: More of a hermit. But besides the lack of human contact. I'm glad I have a job that I enjoy working on. I guess the only down-side is that I'm stuck in the house more than usual.

Supreme Convoy: How did it feel to have completed a series like War Within that seems to be an instant fan favorite to whomever reads it?

Don Figueroa: Glad to hear people enjoyed it. I'm really proud of that series and I hope I get to do another one that is as successful.

Supreme Convoy: After the success of War Within, have other publishers asked you for projects? I'd like to see your work on a superhero book, maybe even Iron Man for obvious reasons.

Don Figueroa: I'd like to work on Iron Man someday, but it's been a while since I've read the comic. But for now, I'm happy working on Transformers.

Supreme Convoy: Is it a bit weird to see your artwork on Transformers merchandise like shirts, books, DVD covers?

Don Figueroa: Not really, I haven't seen much of my work in other merchandise. I did do a cover for the TF:TM DVD for the Australian release, but that's it. I haven't seen a shirts or anything like that with my artwork. There's probably a few out there though.

Supreme Convoy: What are you most looking forward to on the G1 series?

Don Figueroa: Just getting to work on the originals is great. There's no pressure of having to redesign them.

Supreme Convoy: And I'm assuming there'll be many easter eggs in the series just like you did in War Within?

Don Figueroa: Most Likely. Keep an eye on them

Supreme Convoy: Is there any particular reason why you weren't on board for War Within II? Was it because you were already signed on the ongoing G1 series?

Don Figueroa: Yeah, and because I was already working on Armada: Worlds Collide.

Supreme Convoy: Oh, and I have to say I enjoy the designs you did for GI Joe vs. Transformers and War Within II, especially with Skyfire who looks a lot like Strikefire from Macromasters.

Don Figueroa: Thanks. I'm always proud of that design.

Supreme Convoy: What can we expect to see in the new G1 series? Perhaps introducing new characters?

Don Figueroa: It's really up to Brad. If he wants to introduce a new bot. That's cool. I'm always up for it.

Supreme Convoy: Can you give us a quick rundown on the ongoing series?

Don Figueroa: I can't sorry. You'll just going to have to get the book ;)

Supreme Convoy: Any regrets in terms of what you wanted to do in the comics but just could do because of time or practicality?

Don Figueroa: Probably the way I laid out the panels and pages on the first War Within series. Looking back, I could have done it better and less confusing. I also wanted to do some "Director's cut" stuff in the TPB, but due to time, we never got to do it.

Supreme Convoy: What is your favorite piece of art that you have done so far?

Don Figueroa: The Convention exclusive cover for TF:G1 #1.

Supreme Convoy: What do you think it is about the Transformers saga that makes it so appealing to people even 20 years later?

Don Figueroa: Great Characters and great toys.

Supreme Convoy: Any other projects you are currently working on?

Don Figueroa: I have a couple of other projects I'd like to do if I have some extra time. As for now, they're just ideas.

Supreme Convoy: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Don Figueroa: Hopefully still working on comics, TFs or otherwise

Supreme Convoy: Have you had a chance to play our Heavy Metal War game? From personal experience, it's quite addicting.

Don Figueroa: No sorry, I haven't played a lot of games, especially video games, ever since I started working on comics. It just takes up way too much time.

Supreme Convoy: In the upcoming year, is there anything you're looking forward to? Like Energon, Masterpiece Optimus Prime, Alternators?

Don Figueroa: Yes, but I can't tell you what it is;)

Supreme Convoy: Just out of my fascination of Batman, is the image of Grimlock jumping off a cliff in War Within #2 suppose to be an homage to Dark Knight Returns?

Don Figueroa: Yep an homage, That Batman silhouette just looked so damn cool

Supreme Convoy: And I have to ask, what's the status on Macromasters? Is it still on the backburner? I'm always dying to hear any Macromasters news since it's been along time.

Don Figueroa: I can't work on it anymore, basically because I'm too busy nowadays, and I'm sure the storyline and art is out of date by now. if I ever decide to work on it again, I'd probably start over again

Supreme Convoy: Speaking of Macromasters, someone has archived the site here.

I'm still marveled at the level of work you put into those figures.

Don Figueroa: Thanks, I'm itching to get back into making a couple of new "Toys" just for the hell of it. but I used to get all cut-up and bruised working with plexiglass and I'm worried I might get injured and not be able to draw for a while. I'm thinking of using other materials like clay or more epoxy putty

I’d like to thank Don for another great interview. And just like last time for War Within, I’ll be definitely looking forward to the Wednesday when Transformers: G1 #1 comes in January.

Interestingly enough, when I was in high school Don's Macromasters was my favorite Transformers fan fiction. Currently in college, War Within is my favorite Transformers comic book. I wonder what Don will do next after I'm done with college... (*crosses fingers* Come on, Hasbro/Takara toy designer!)

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