Series: Transformers Classics, Transformers Henkei
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroups: Deluxe ClassTriplechangers
Transformers Classics Astrotrain gallery

Tech Specs

ASTROTRAIN thrives on panic and fear. Though he is mainly used as a transport vehicle for moving warriors and supplies, he only truly feels at home pounding AUTOBOT warriors into scrap metal. His ionic displacer rifle can scramble AUTOBOT sensors, causing confusion in the enemy ranks, and his huge bulk casts a terrifying shadow across a battlefield. Those AUTOBOTS who survive a fight with ASTROTRAIN often need only hear the echoing boom of his engines in the distance to once again quake in fear.

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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: It took Megatron nearly ten years to find Astrotrain's wreck where it lay covered in silt and new coral at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Human proxies run by Soundwave cut apart the deactivated triple changer and moved him piece by piece to the Arctic Ocean. The bodies of hundreds of humans the ships that moved Astrotrain's limbs litter the bottom of the Beaufort Sea, silent testaments to Megatron's rage.

Working from partial schematics kept by Shockwave and his own memories of Astrotrain's structure, Megatron labored for months. He painstakingly rewired the cooked circuitry and replaced the shattered armor plating of one of his most powerful warriors before finally bringing Astrotrain back online.

Immediately the huge Decepticon went to work making clandestine orbital hops from one side of the Earth to the other. Using human records of Starscream's rampage around the planet, Astrotrain built a computer model to track the scattered pieces of Decepticons destroyed during the battle. Slowly but surely, in bits and pieces, he delivered his leader's troops home.

Astrotrain does not question. He does not doubt. He remembers everything, from his arrival on Earth with Blitzwing to his deactivation in the skies over Buenos Aires. Most of all, he remembers obedience. As long as there is Megatron, there is a purpose to existance. As long as there is Megatron, he will serve.

The constant work of finding and fetching the scraps of his destroyed comrades wore on the warrior, however, he grew bored, craving the fury of battle. Megatron's near daily lectures on patience and the coming return of the Decepticons to glory could only do so much to ease Astrotrain's desire for action. The humans crawled like boreworms across the face of a world that should only belong to the Decepticons. The only peace he found was in the airless void above the Earth. The endless quiet of space calmed him and banked the fire that burned in his Spark until the day he came across humans in their primitive space station. That was the final straw. It wasn't enough that the fleshlings covered their world with their savage civilization; now they invaded Astrotrain's last refuge. It was more than he could stand. The ruins of the space station and half a hundred satellites poured through the skies of Earth like fiery rain for two days.
Abilities: Lacking the proper technology to upgrade his weaponry on Earth, Astrotrain makes do with an ionic displacer rifle identical to his original. It is still a powerful weapon, causing erratic disruptions even in shielded circuitry. Its effects on non-sentient machines are unpredicatable, but most Transformers can be disoriented or even temporarily deactivated by a direct shot. As before, he is far more deadly in close combat than in a firefight since he rivals Grimlock and Devastator in strength.
Weaknesses: Despite being highly intelligent, he lacks initiative. Without someone capable of offeriing direct commands, he tends to freeze up, except when he is in the grip of one of his periodic fits of rage.
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