An army of Fast Tracks

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An army of Fast Tracks
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Emerje writes: Hey guys, I'm Lucky Draw Fasttrack!
MagnusLabel writes: Fast Tracks: “Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby!”
Ultra Markus writes: ok guys this is our time to shine! lets win this americas got talent!
Caleb.tron writes: This ain't the clone wars!
Octocon writes: It not my fault, my wife put my armour plating in with her's and the colours bleed over.
Swerve writes: Fast Track: The KO's are really getting ridiculous!
Seibertron writes: So you see ... I'm made of that Gold Plastic stuff. I really shouldn't be going into battle first.
Scatterlung writes: Haha, I thought ahead. Of course I'll get to play Bumblebee in the movie, I came in costume!
hot rod 907 writes: fast track: mr. anderson, welcome back. we missed you.

michal bay: I gotta stop casting nerds.
SilentBlaster writes: Fast Track: Bay this has gone too far.
Michael Bay: No it has'nt.
Fast Track: Um let see, clones where have I seen this before hmmmmmmmm oh yeah, Star wars 2.
Michael Bay: ............
Fast Track: Face it, your a star wars fan.
Michael Bay: I ..
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darth_paul writes: - Commander Cody, the time has come. Execute Order 66.
- Yes, my Lord.
Mad_Mexicoy writes: You guys totally copied me.....
Jetplague writes: Ok who farted? Come on, come on...own up back there. We can wait all day if we have too.


Ok, stop it! Just...just Stop! It's not funny anymore!
Tiedye writes: What's everybody looking at?
Tiedye writes: Fasttrack thought that if he had his own army of clones, He could give orders for a change, but so far a they want to do is stare at the stars.
Sondura1 writes: OK what company stole my mold and started makin a buttload of ripoffs?
Zeedust writes: After The Cheat was hit by the Quantum Surge, Strong Bad's life was never the same.
Zeedust writes: Gotcha! The REAL Fast Track is actually the second frm the left.
punycron writes: I'm attractive!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: From somewhere in th back - "FAST TRACKS IS A YELLOW COWARD!"

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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Jeez you guys are worse than the Mormons. Shoo!"
WithoutMorals writes: In retrospect, he wondered if colouring himself differently and standing out among the others was really a good thing. Especially with God Ginrai headed their way.
Grimlock_Prime writes: Hmmm... maybe now the boss will finally notice me.
Pokejedservo writes: Hasbro is gonna pick me as the next Cheetor. Oh please not even Takara would stoop that low...
Octocon writes: Yellow guy: "pssst, whats our gestault form again?"
UFO writes: The Dectpticons unawareley wait in line to get colored differnt and have their faction changed for Tracks's "Rainbow Army" which he plans to use to overthrow Optimus Prime. The funny thing is, they think that they're at a come coloredl
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Grey guy #15,"Quit staring at me ya yellow bastard."
Viper 16 writes: HAH! Grabbed the last yellow halloween costume...
DeceptiGojira writes: Ok, Who touched my ass?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Introducing Walmart's newest workers.

They don't take breaks, or eat, or sleep, or for unions, or need health care, or need to be paid.

There's no issue with immigration, or child labor in sweat shops, or unsafe work conditions, or a
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Who would have guessed that everyone would dressin costume as Fast Tracks for the opening of Transformers:The Motion Picture?

Only Ryan had the fore thought to include color in his costume, thereby winning the costume contest.
Arsenal 121 writes: I keep telling you, the dry cleaners mixed in some colors with my whites...
† Sunstorm writes: ya know? it is kinda creepy with silent clonecons behind me, staring at me while im scouting this area
Triformis writes: "Send in the clones, those taffy, laughy clones. Send in those soulful and doleful Schmaltz-by-the-bowlful clones. Send in the clones..."
starscream_the_eternal writes: "OK wich one of you guys were holding our tickets to "BROKE BACK MOUNTIAN"". "The theaters about to open their doors and I want to get a good seat."
Castle74 writes: It's not's lightish red!
TwV writes: You guys make me feel so special...
TwV writes: Guys. *This* is how you do a proper crotchthrust!
shockwave_inoz writes: FAST TRACKS (the - we assume - original!):
"Okay! Which one of you JERKWADS called me 'YELLOW'??!"
MR GREY (tenth row back, 17th across - I think): "MEEEE!!"
FAST TRACKS: "Uh... You, no I mean you, um which one of you
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1337W422102 writes: "Conformity blows."
Unknown writes: Cool I have friends now.
JPrime writes: This is why I hate shopping at the GAP.
SilentBlaster writes: I said CLOWNS not clones.
TheKindleman writes: ALRIGHT.......Which one of you put the "kick the can sign" on my back????!!!!
Road Turtle writes: Fast Track, "An army of me..this is just a little too Bjork..."
snavej writes: Well, mechs, I don't think we're going to win this. The picture quality is just too bad. Nevertheless, we must do our best - for the advertisers and the merchandisers.

[All together, loudly]
TFBuyer writes: I'll never find my way out of this friggin' House of Mirrors...
lord nagpalatron writes: decepticons clone ur self and im yellow leader
inadvertent imitation writes: Forsooth! We are legion!

You can quake with fear now. Please?
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Road Turtle writes: Fast Tracks, "Um, what's my line again?"
Cesium_Salami writes: Clones: "One of us, one of us..."
Fasttracks: "Not again...
Unknown writes: I the only one who doesn't blend in with the ground cover?
O. Prime writes: "The Fast Tracks go marching 1...uh...7 by 7 hoo-rah, hoo-rah!"
Damolisher writes: Yellow Fasttrack: "In the Navy, you learn to sail the 7 seas... Come on, you sad bastards, sing along!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Fast Tracks, "AHHHHH HELL NO! I demand a DNA test. No make that hundreds of DNA test, Judge Hatchet."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Fast Tracks woke up after the frat party to find his pals had painted him ---- yellow.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Fast Tracks,"ALLLLL RIGHT! Who farted?"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Weeeee shall overcoooooome...."
Kevinus Prime writes: Guess which one is Takara, and which ones are from Big Lots!
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Kevinus Prime writes: "Great! Now I can play with myself! Oops, that didn't come out right."
Damolisher writes: Fasttrack: *Cough.*
jaster701 writes: One of these thing is not like the other, can you tell me whitch one of these things just doesn't belong?
prw8201 writes: Now i know how smurfet feels.
crypto199 writes: Fast Track: These Star Wars Transformers have really gotten out of hand!
Unknown writes: Fast Tracks: Umm Daddy? Did you forget to tell me something?
Roadshadow writes: Yellow Fast Tracks: Dammit, I hate clones! Too much responsibility!
rockgokou writes: Q: What's one thing we all have in common?
A: We HATE Dungeons & Dragons!
Unknown writes: Somewhere in the crowd...
"She touched my Pepe', Steve."
Acelister writes: Alright, which one of you wise guys farted?
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Acelister writes: Fast Tracks: "I knew I shouldn't have had that brownie..."
Acelister writes: Fast Tracks: "You know guys... It's not technically illegal... It's just 'self love'..."
SilentBlaster writes: Thats right motha's run! WHAT? what are you guys lookin at?
Unknown writes: .......
... the hell?
Octocon writes: Grey one in line of sight replies: "sorry man, the autoshop said they werent getting anymore yellow paint in till next week"
Octocon writes: "BOMBSHELL!!! look how ugly you made these clones of me!"
Octocon writes: Yellow: "alright 1 & a 2 & a 3 & a 4..."

All sing together: " you are the sunshine of my life, oooow thats why we always....
D_J_D_99 writes: Oh, come on guy's. I thought we'd all Agreed to wear Yellow today?!?
Latavia writes: Will the real Flash Tracks please stand up, please stand.
trailbreaker writes: Who the f^ck are these guys??
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prowllooker writes: begun the clone wars have.
Mkall writes: Yellow: Right, here's the plan. There's 6 of us, and 5 days in a school week. Therefore each one of you can take a single day. Now what do we do about the bed?
Grey: We'll fight you for it
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: No, it's not an urban legend... Fast Tracks really *did* lose a Fast Tracks look-alike contest to the gray mech on the right.
Super Megatron writes: We know our toy sucks harder than Wheelie, but just think - in a few years time, Transformers: Armada are going to make us look like Jetfires by comparison.
rockgokou writes: Grey Fast Tracks:
At least we can DRIVE!
rockgokou writes: At least I know karate!
1337W422102 writes: I won the Caption Contest and all I got was this crappy army!
WithoutMorals writes: *sigh* "Look, you guys, you can't all be the Gray Ranger!"
Byrerprime writes: Yellow: You G1 bots are gonna crap your pants when my G2 ass goes for 3 thousand bucks. ROTFLMFAO
Blaster_6267 writes: And who said cloning was a bad idea???
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Death-Ray Charles writes: Yellow bot: SSSSssooooo......*sigh*.....uuhhh.....what.uh.....what do you guys wanna do?

Grey Bots: yeah! yeah i movie would be sweet!

Random Grey bot:I LOOVE horses!
Roadshadow writes: Yellow Bot: when do we invade Cybertron?
King Slick writes: Man...I've heard of bootleg CDs...but bootleg Transformers?
metalformer writes: The downside of having an army of clones: how the slag to tell who's who! >_<
Zeedust writes: "I had Vehicon Drones before they were cool! Wait, what do you mean they were never cool?"
קá†äñ Çøñvø¥×® writes: Hey you guys quit bitching! I got this color cuz I have 300 post.*mumbles* Stupid mini-cons.......
wavelength writes: aaaaaaaggggggggggggggghhhhhhhh its the galaxy defenders
Thanatos Prime writes: What in the world? Who the hell are these guys?
sumowrestler writes: "Hey, who made all of these cheap knockoffs? They didn't get the paint scheme right let alone my good looks. It isn't like I can be mass produced or anything."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Crap. Nobody CC'd me we were doing grey."
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "This? This is my network."
Unknown writes: Where's Waldo?
Powermaster Jazz writes: Behold my army of bootleg Optimus Primes!
Frobman writes: Fast Track: I thought I was special ...(sniff)
Frobman writes: Fear the grainy-ness of our low-budget camera recording! The intence yellow shall blind you forever!
Archanubis writes: My budding ability is out of control.
Brakethrough writes: Lineups for the much-anticipated Transformers live-action movie started forming today. Of course, so far only people who don't actually require food or sleep have been showing up.
Brakethrough writes: Eat your heart out, Reflector.
omega wing writes: Forget attack of the clones it transformer wars episode II attack of the fast tracks
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Velos writes: Anybody up for a game of football
Suzuki writes: *singing* One of these things is not like the others!

One of these things just isn't the same!

If you guess which is not like the others,

Then you've played our game!
Road Turtle writes: Fast track, "Uh, I feel like I'm being followed..."
Road Turtle writes: Fast Track yellow, "Now everyone follow my lead! 5-6-7-8! Turn and kick and Jazz Hands-Jazz Hands-Jazz Hands!"
Ratbat writes: Well, well, well...I have my own Armada.
Gasper writes: Incidentally, Dr. Wily started designing various bots towards the end of the Generation One Era.
Whelpd writes: Oh damn, I didn't think there was a dress code.
Caelus writes: Damn Hasbro and their incessant repaints!
dabattousai writes: Narrator: After the Decepticons saw Star Wars Episode II, they came up with a devious plan to create their own Clone Army using Fast Tracks as their experiment.
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