Blaster with foam on him

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Blaster with foam on him
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trailbreaker writes: "No Wheelie, the flocking goes on the Christmas tree, not me !! "
Rainmaker writes: G2 Blaster has a terrible color scheme
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Well, that escalated quickly."
Black Hat writes: Help! Someone cut me out of the frame-literally!
Skywarp64 writes: Who you gonna call?
grimlock1972 writes: Thats the last time I go watch Ghostbusters in super 3D
Heckfire writes: GRIMLOCK (offscreen): Grimlock swear that never happen before. Maybe we just cuddle for next half hour?
SentinelA writes: Can we get Omega Supreme some condoms...PLEASE?
Zottoman writes: Sorry Prime. Blurr just discovered masturbation.
Angelbot writes: When I said I wanted frosting on my energon cubes this isn't quite what I had in mind.
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Zinger writes: Blaster: Quick! Help me clean this up before someone captions this!
Swerve writes: Blaster: Well, there's a really funny story behind this...

Optimus: Which is... ?

Blaster: Well, Jazz is better at telling it then me... (runs off)

Jazz: Son of a...
trailbreaker writes: "That's the last time I go running naked in a blizzard with Kup!"
Mad_Mexicoy writes: There's actually a really funny story behind this........
hot rod 907 writes: COOL WHIP! USA!
Halo2addict writes: Hot Rod: What happened to YOU!
Blaster: Eject and I just finished a stunt doubles take from a movie staring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.
Hot Rod: Yeah, and...
Blaster: Well, Eject was hired as a stunt double for Tommy Lee Jones, and I was hired as
darth_paul writes: And you thought what happened to Starscream was bad!
darth_paul writes: Next on the Chocobot Action Adventure Comedy Hour… Introducing the White Chobobots!
Autobot bubbs writes: Allright, who gave the pidgeons ex-lax again?
Tiedye writes: Although you didn't see it. Blaster was in the Ghostbusters movie. He was one of the unlucky ones who couldn't find cover.
(BLASTER)- "You wouldn't belive what happened! I was walking pa
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Roadshadow writes: Blaster: Man, I REALLY hate sour cream.
cybertron2006 writes: Blaster: Holy crap! What is this junk?
Arcee: I think it is whipped cream.
Megatron (Offset): No! it is Nebleon gas!
Everyone: RUN!
Starazor writes: You think that's bad? You should see the kitchen!
Zeedust writes: Blaster Versus Tarantulas...

I guess we know who won round one.
Zeedust writes: Blaster, the Friendly Ghost.
Judynator writes: Blaster to Judynator in Haloween: Booooooooooo... I'm the Ghoooooooooooooooooosssssssssst....
Judy: Hello, Blaster.^^
punycron writes: Thumpity thump thump
Thumpity thump thump
Look at Blasty go...
joe350s10 writes: Great...just GREAT! I come in for a high gloss wax and the fuggin buffer breaks.
Magnus writes: B: Is this is the worst episode we have ever done?

OP: Yes.
SilentBlaster writes: Blaster: BOO!
Optimus: AGH!
Blaster: Ha ha i scared you, im a ghost.
Optimus: Your fired!
Blaster: WHAT!? But .....
Optimus: No butts your fired.
Blaster: Awman.
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Roadshadow writes: Blaster: Prime! We've been pie'd!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blaster,"It's fart retardant."

Prime,"No. Your retarded."
Neo_Rodimus_Prime writes: Blaster: I swear, i didn't know it was a fireworks and whipcream factory, i didn't even know there were those types of factories.
Other: right, so where my flamethower again?
KingJahnx writes: NEWS UPDATE: The Abonible Snow Man cought in this photogrpah. Is her real or a transformer imposter is up for you to decide. Tonight at 10 p.m./ 9 central.
KingJahnx writes: Dang it Jazz, it was suppose to be a wip cream bikini not a full body suit!
Grenade Face writes: Our spying strategy, Do you like?
Thanatos Prime writes: Blaster: I tried to think of the least threating creature possible.

Jazz: The stay-puff marshmallow man?
Thanatos Prime writes: And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling bots and their stupid kid...
Pokejedservo writes: Its been said that the Autobots never forgot about April Fool's Day but it was unsure whether if that was actually true. Needless to say Blaster is definitely no skeptic here.
grimlock2000 writes: Blaster: Next time i'm in the back seat and you go for a car wash, SHUT THE WINDOWS!

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technobilts writes: "Jazz, that foam is for putting out fires..."
Gearhead writes: "Dammit Superion, get that dandruff sorted!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blaster,"THIS? This is Hasbro's plans for Transformers in 2006?"

Prime,"Yup they call it Transformers: White Cream."

Blaster,"Where the hell is my agent?"
inadvertent imitation writes: "And I still don't know what a Buck Cake is."
master galvatron writes: Blaster: Wheel jack when I said clean my speakers I didn't mean this
trailbreaker writes: BLASTER -- "So kids, never EVER sniff liquid paper."
trailbreaker writes: BLASTER -- "Yes, I just finished my audition for a Gillette shaving cream commercial."
PrimulArchangel writes: Blaster: GET MY AGENT ON THE PHONE NOW!!!!!!!!! This is the second time they forgot to color me in and im tired of it !!!!!
Z3ROhour writes: Blaster: ummm... hi!
Arcee: Hey, is that hair gel? I totally ran out! THANKS!
Light Blade writes: Blaster: grrr....... spiiiike ......iiii .....willlll ....eeeat ......youuuu!!! wooooooooooo!

Spike: oh my god a twenty foot tall ghost run ahhhhhh!
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: So just then this Ickyak came tromping and stomping down the mountian...............................and it...well I think it raped me.
That's why I look like this.

True story.

No really it happened to Kup once too.

Ask him.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blaster shows he's onboard with the changes at by displaying his own simpler design!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Who'd have guessed that Ty Penington would have had an explosive cream filling?
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Blaster never liked it when Mr. Prime made him stay after school to clean the blackboard and erasers.
rockgokou writes: "Skeet so much they call me Billy Ocean!"
Immortal Starscream writes: Botcon? naa im heading to the Ghost Busters convention.... whaddya mean ya never heard of stay puft marshmellow man?
Unknown writes: Prowl: How did this happen!

Bumblebee: Well Remember when you told me not to touch the red button?

Prowl: Yes

Bumblebee:Well i touched it.

Prowl:Why would you do that?

BB:Wheelie told me to.
King Grimrob writes: agh....... coconut.....
Draco614 writes: Blaster- I was trying to make lunch for spike and this is what happened.

Inferno- well at least you taste ok
snavej writes: Blaster: All I need is one white glove and I will be totally free of racial abuse.

Unidentified Autobot: Except from Decepticoons.
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snavej writes: Abominable snowmen: at last the truth.
snavej writes: Blaster: those Asian animators went on strike and this is the best that the non-unionised animators could do at short notice.

Unidentified Autobot: We must move the animation operation. May I suggest the sweatshops of Quintessa?

Blaster: By a
Tzarinchilla writes: I thought candyfloss would be a great earth mode!
HardHead writes: *Shrug*
Kevinus Prime writes: "AWRIGHT! Who put Mr. Bubble in my cassette deck? And what is "April Fool"?
Kevinus Prime writes: Blaster: "Bless you!"
Inferno: "Thanks..."
Kevinus Prime writes: Well, I thought Maytag was an autobot, so I opened up his lid to say "HI", and...
DeceptiGojira writes: *Swoop pass flying* sorry¡¡
Dragonoth writes: Trypticon's sneeze is worse than his bite.
DeltaSeeker writes: Blaster: Hey, that's SNOW fair!
Jazz: Uh, that's my line.
Blaster: Oh, sorry...
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Thanatos Prime writes: Blaster: What? I thought "Do Not Touch" was a joke.

Prowl: That was 500 kg of Fire Extinguishing Potassium Bicarbonate. From now on you have kitchen duty

Blaster: Nuts.
Octocon writes: dude,that not cool, you dont come to the christmas fancy dress as the Ghost of Optimus Prime!
Archanubis writes: *alarm goes off*
Blaster: "Ah, slag! And just when I was getting into the spirit of the 'bubble bath.'"
Scourge_the_Hunter writes: Ironhide: Well Blaster, Ahm Afraid that ol yeller kitty cat o' your's has got the rabbies. Ain't seen one foam up so bad in a coons age. Naw, you take him out & tie him to that tree...
Blaster: But he's *sob* my best freind pa!
Primus C-00 writes: Candy Floss is a legitmate Earth form disguise? What? What? Why are you looking at me like that?
KrouseR writes: blaster; Arcee dang girl! thats alot of.....
Arcee; yeah blaster, thats why when me and optimus do it, he rases a force feild up.
Ratbat writes: Sorry, Optimus! It seems Sparkplug has gone crazy with the flame-retardant foam!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "What the hell is wrong with you, Bumblebee now help me get all this stupid silly string off of me."
ski_bones writes: Arcee: Is that hair gel?
shadow minicon writes: I knew i shouldnt of put that bomb on the foam making machine, damn it
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009* writes: Blaster(trying to sound spooky): OOOOoooOOOOooooo--

Prime: Shut up Blaster; Scooby Doo villians can do better than that.
1337W422102 writes: ...and that's why Spider-Man only made 1 appearance in The Transformers.
King Slick writes: Then all of the sudden, he exploded! Know I'm here covered in the guts of the Stay Puffed Mashmellow Man! Just keep me away from ice cream, hot fudge and cherries.

Grimlock (off screen): Someone say hot fudge?
Byrerprime writes: They should change his name to Ejact.
Screambug writes: Blaster: "I like to play in shaving cream, but I don't like it when it gets into my eyes, though."
Death-Ray Charles writes: I'll give ya 1o energon cubes if ya can guess what this stuff on me is!
Death-Ray Charles writes: BOO!
O. Prime writes: Come on Arcee, I thought you said you dug the Michilin Man!
nexus_rayne writes: fear not for i am the ghost of christmas music
Latavia writes: Blaster: Theres a pie joke in here some where.
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Frobman writes: This is the effect of a sting from a petro-wasp on a Transformer. Not pretty!
Galaxy_Convoy writes: "I told you we just can't walk through car washes! Do you listen to Blaster? Oh no, just because his alt mode is a boom box he would know nothing about car washes."
Zeedust writes: Dude, it's almost April. Little late for snowmen, don'tcha think?
Thanatos Prime writes: Well you're not lactose intolerant are you?
The Lord of Locusts writes: BLASTER: Are you sure this is how I become Twincast? I mean, shouldn't know, all over you?

SOUNDWAVE: That's not happening.
Godfather Bluto writes: Blaster: There is no PG-13 captaion for this pic.
DecepticonRedAlert writes: blaster:Thats the last time i make cotton candy

daniel takes a lick of him

daniel:looks like a tasty situation
Archanubis writes: Blaster: I had a bad experience with a popcorn popper.
Acelister writes: Blaster: "Was it supposed to do that, Daniel...?"
Daniel: "I... Don't know... That much white stuff never comes out of it when Wheelie does it..."
Hannibal Prime writes: Blaster-"We are never microwaving marshmellows again!"
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zopilote_z writes: v1.- Blaster.- Geez, I feel kinda transfoamy today!

v2.- Slag man! I just put that Barry manilow tapes on me and suddenly I´m covered with cotton candy
Unknown writes: HOW many times did I tell you I can't make decent eclairs? HOW many?
Unknown writes: ...and then Carley said, "Have you boys ever seen any of the RainWomen DVD's?"
Unknown writes: This one band camp...
Unknown writes: Blaster:
"....and this is why we pay our animators almost double of what we should?"
Acelister writes: Blaster: "Guys, I know the ghost trick didn't spook 'em on Halloween, but this time I've got the perfect plan!"
blaine71274 writes: I thought that tire foam would work on any surface.
blaine71274 writes: They said put on snow camo....I don't know what the hell snow camo is!
blaine71274 writes: Where'd she go?
Unknown writes: hey, you want to go some where cool?...........
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Frobman writes: "..... and that's why I'm not aloud back in Seaworld."
omega wing writes: Why did i let myself be a tester to wheeljacks new weapon the silly string launcher
omega wing writes: So that why you shouldnt pierce a shaving foam can i seee now
hellveticon_06 writes: ...spike said i could use his hair moose...
Jaw Crusher writes: "...and I'm gonna hold him and love him and squeeze him and keep him forever and name him George!"
Blaster_6267 writes: This isn't what it looks like Prime, I swear.
Talon523 writes: Sorry Prime, I was chasing a pot smoking hippie and his talking dog.
Archanubis writes: I'm not Blaster! I'm BUMBLEBEE!
New Omen writes: After hours of playing metal gear solid 3, Blaster thought anything could be camouflage.
Unknown writes: uuuummmm......maybe noone will notice!
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Frobman writes: I thought you said this was what all the hip kids do nowadays! I try to stay hip for years, dammit!
sto_vo_kor_2000 writes: Optimus-Blaster what is that white stuff all over you Blaster-I don't know Prime me and the Dinobots were after some con's in a small town when Grimlock knocks me in to a builting filled with it.Grimlock-Me Grimlock find Big sing with name it sa
UFO writes: Yeeeeahhh...I was taking a nice, warm, bubble bath until you called me here and IO didn't have enouh tim to whipe the bubbles off..
UFO writes: Well, you see, I was fighting Soundwave near a factory, he knocked me into it. Hard. Everything blew up....Funny thing though, it was a silly string factory!
Powersurge writes: Damn it, who has the can of spray foam
Powersurge writes: Would someone please take that bottle of wite-out away from Wheelie
UFO writes: Umm..I might have been playing with the foam soap dispensers at Wal-Mart...
Dragonoth writes: I am the ghost of Transformers past! G1 forever!
Thanos writes: I was just playing with it... then it went off in my hand!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blaster,"What do you mean welcome to the Klu Klux Klan?"
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blaster,"I fell in the cotton candy machine."
Colinus Maximus writes: NOW you tell me that the car wash is for cars only!
Delta Supreme writes: After playing disco on Party night, Blaster finds out the true meaning of "tarred and feathered"...
dabattousai writes: Blaster: Some amateur tried cutting me out of this scene with Photoshop, he completely missed my right hand.
Dclone Soundwave writes: Inferno, you're a lousy shot. And I thought you western 'bots could shoot.
קá†äñ Çøñvø¥×® writes: RAWR I AM THE STAY PUFF MARSHMELLOW MAN!!!!!!!!!
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