Grimlocks little secret

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Grimlocks little secret
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transformnerd114 writes: Whispers: "Me Grimlock do cocaaaaiiiine."
ultraprime0914 writes: why is grims eyes look like that
Rainmaker writes: Junkion: ...and that is why we love junk!
Rainmaker writes: Me Grimlock thinks you should look into me eyes.
Lboogie609 writes: "Me Grimlock say: Junkion breath smell like 'Old, rusted Optimus Prime mouth cups!'"
Black Hat writes: Me Grimlock have lesser-known Manga mode!
BeastProwl writes: Why grandmother, what big eyes you have!
#Sideways# writes: "Grimlock have bad wedgie..."
SoundMaster1 writes: grimlock:did you know that grimlock not wearing underwear!
Unknown writes: "i play with my boats in the toilet"

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Ironman21 writes: For the last time grimlock I amnot a tiny bot I am a strong leader
Ironman21 writes: Me sorry to tell tiny bot this but tiny bot smell horrible what tiny bot no take bath
Swerve writes: Grimlock: Where did friend go? Me Grimlock hate Jurassic Park! Ever since movie tell people not move and Tyrannosaurus not see them anymore, Grimlock lose all friends!
hot rod 907 writes: grimlock: me grimlock think you are sexy!

junkion: BREAKING NEWS! I'm a dude!

grimlock: me grimlock knew that!
Tiedye writes: (Grimlock)Me can not find bathroom. Little red robot take Grimlock to bathroom.
(Robot)-Who do I look like your mother?!
(Grimlock)- Fine me go right here.(GRUNTING)
(Robot)- Ewww!! Now thats one big pile of SLAG!
Backspace writes: Grimlock: Me have big body, but have little secret.
WreckGar: Shoot...
Grimlock: You want Grimlock blast you?
WreckGar: No, not that..!!!! Straight to the point..!!!
Grimlock: Ohh.. Me no like me self now always robot mode. Even transform into dino
darth_paul writes: Wreck-Gar: For the last time, it was not a kiss.
Grimlock: Well, whatever it was, it was disgusting. If you had taken me back like I told you to, we would have been spared your little "kiss of life".
punycron writes: I just, you know, have always had intimacy issues. I guess it dates back to when I was a kid and... Ahem. I mean... Me eat you now!
Dclone Soundwave writes: "Me Grimlock want to be smart again. You Junkion fix Grimlock's brain!"

"Film at eleven!"

"Me Grimlock think you need new brain."
Roadshadow writes: Wreck Gar: Uhh...I guess this a really bad time to tell you that I used your tail as a mailbox last week.
Grimlcok: Now me know why I get Playboy magazines in Grimlcok's tail!
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blaine71274 writes: No I don't see anything in your teeth, I think you got it.
blaine71274 writes: You think Optimus' forearm stinks, smell my hand.
blaine71274 writes: Hey! You have big muscles! Let me feel that arm.
The_Fortress_Maximus writes: Wreck-Gar: Don't act like you've never seen one this big before
Scratimus_Prime writes: Don't forget your towel
snavej writes: Grimlock: This slow, tantric sex no good. Me feel nothing, except stiff neck. Perhaps me developing mecharabies or something. Me want money back!

Wreck-Gar: You won't feel anything until the 90-day mark. I told you to be patient!
Road Turtle writes: Grimlock, "We be here for Months! Me Grimlock sick of looking at you! You die! You die Now!"

Junkion, "But sir! It's not my - it's not my fau-*" (CrUnCh!)
Fussion writes: AAHHH man!!!!!!!

I've seen this one....

I hate reruns!!!!!!!
The_Fortress_Maximus writes: Grimlock: the penis goes where ?!?
snavej writes: Wreck-Gar: Welcome everyone to 'The Junkion Show'. I'm your host, Wreck-Gar! With me tonight is famous metal muncher and Dinobot leader Grimlock. [Canned applause.] Tell me, Grimlock, why are you so popular? People love you.

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Insurgent writes: Grimlock showed off his impression of Souron.
Vampire Hunter writes: Grimlock: pisst...PISSSSSSSSSSST!!!!
Wreckgar: WHAT!!
Grimlock: Me thinks that this caption is going to be on here for a while...!!!
preacher writes: Grimlock: Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, not around my eyes, look into my eyes.
I am Grimlock and I am stupid yes? Remember I am supid and...wake up!
Wreckgar: Huh?
Grimlock: Me Grimlock smaaaaart!
Wreckgar: Join Mensa today and increase brain
snavej writes: Wreck-Gar: Big Bird! I never thought I'd see you in person!

Grimlock (playing along): Yes, I am Big Bird, but can you see my invisible elephant friend, Mr. Snuffleupagus?

Wreck-Gar: Haven't seen that episode yet.

Junkion 1 (whispers, o
Voyager Prime writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock not mean to eat him! He tastes like chicken!

Wreck-Gar: So the mystery of "where's whiny little boy Daniel" has been solved. Tune in next week, folks, for... (gets eaten by Grimlock)

Grimlock: Rodimus! Me Grimloc
JPrime writes: Wreck-Gar: If you think this place smells bad, wait till I lift my arms.
Wreck-Tal Blast writes: Grimlock: Cybertron is destroyed and no one is left... However, I have great news! I just saved 30% on my car insurance...
snavej writes: Wreck-Gar cast a spell and, years later, Grimlock did indeed turn into a Ford Mustang. He was royally urinisated.
Thanatos Prime writes: WHAT BIKE MAN DO TO HIS FACE???
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Thanatos Prime writes: Grimlock, that's not toilet paper...
snavej writes: Wreck-Gar: No, it's OK, I don't need a blow job. I can detach my head and blow myself!

Grimlock [thinks]: Me not going to offer. Why he assume I offer? Head hurts. Perhaps Grimlock feel better kicking big butt across galaxy!
snavej writes: Wreck-Gar: I just heard that some archaeologists on Earth have found a Jurassic beaver. Interested?

Grimlock: You wrong on so many levels.
Road Turtle writes: Grimlock, "What?! You still here?! How long photo here! Nevermind! Me angry! Me eat you now!"
SilentBlaster writes: Grimlock:So thats what happens?
Wreck gar:Aha.
Grimlock:OH MY errr.... I mean OH YOUR GOD!!!
1337W422102 writes: The secret is no one bothers to change the UCC pictures anymore...
Velos writes: GRIMlock> Me is Hungry!
Wreck-Gar> GULP!!!!!!
snavej writes: Wreck-Gar: Arcee just rode me. She has thighs of steel! My sides will be aching for a month.

Grimlock: Ha ha haaa! Hey, why you no talk TV now?

Wreck-Gar: It's just an act for the tourists. Don't tell anyone.
snavej writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock household favourite; housewives' choice. You jive-talking weirdo.

Wreck-Gar: Flattery will get you nowhere, my friend.
hellveticon_06 writes: WRECK-GAR: *shhhh* dont move...t-rex hunt by

GRIMLOCK: me grimlock, no jurassic park-
reject! me will crush you!!!

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Blaster_6267 writes: Wreck-Gar: your good at this red light, green light game. You've been in that pose for about 3 weeks now.
snavej writes: Wreck-Gar: Today we are doing a special offer on brain augment chips.

Grimlock: What you implying? Me not stupid, just need time to think. You better not push your luck, bike boy!
Orin writes: Wreck-Gar: He can't see me if i just don't move...where's Jeff Goldblum when you need him...
Whelpd writes: Me like to eat you.
snavej writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock not comic relief, me king!

Wreck-Gar: Aye aye, captain!

Grimlock: No one mock Grimlock's optical condition and live! [Scene deleted - well above PG-13.]
Lizard Man writes: will you be my friend?
snavej writes: Wreck-Gar: I've always wanted to meet the Loch Ness monster!

Grimlock: We finish film sooner if you stop insulting me.

Wreck-Gar: True, true. By the way, my very funny play, Spamalot, will soon appear in the Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue,
snavej writes: Grimlock: Me eaten so many Sharkticons, me done huge log on floor. Me sorry.

Wreck-Gar: Fret not, sweet prince - on this planet, that can only improve things! (Sniffs) Boy, thata da spicy meatball! Ay caramba, una gato malodoro!
Archanubis writes: Me, Grimlock say it's been three weeks now. When me get out of pose? Grimlock's back starting to cramp!
snavej writes: Grimlock (thinks): Me must get new agent. Me not know about kissing scene until last minute. Me not happy about it. Maybe me ad lib a little about being a king. Yeah, sound good!
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tammysean2006 writes: I'll give you 2 candie bars and a coke, we'll keep it our little secret no one will ever know trust me.
snavej writes: Grimlock: Don't tell anyone but me and the Dinobots are auditioning for starring roles in the new Brady Bunch movie!

Wreck-Gar: Oh, too exciting! Too exciting! Tell me more! Tell me everything! I'm overheating; I think I'm going to f
snavej writes: With Grimlock's blasting bad breath, Wreck-Gar was very glad that he had installed those heavy-duty nose filters just last week.
Road Turtle writes: Junkion, "...and the bartender said to the bear , 'But that's a Barbiturate!' Get it? A Barbiturate!"

Grimlock, "NO! Joke Stupid! You Die! You Die NOW!"
EnerJolt writes: Come here, little robot. Me Grimlock have something to tell you.

Prowl240z writes: Dose this looks infected!?
Prowl240z writes: How you like my Grill!!! PLATNIUM AND ICE!!!!!
Prowl240z writes: God Grimlock I have such an erection!
Unknown writes: WRECK-GAR: If you don't move, he can't see you.
(Quote from Jurassic Park II)
Crashinibon writes: Rigid grill structure!
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Unknown writes: Junkion:Hey Mr. Hungry-Bot can I call you so?
1337W422102 writes: "Grimlock, about your eye... Have you been smoking up?"
dmprime27 writes: wreck-gar:greetings friend,do you have a minute to talk about the Lord?

Grimlock:If you no leave now you see him sooner!
dmprime27 writes: Me wish me could quit you!
redalert24 writes: psssttt....I'm Batman
shadow minicon writes: Grimlock: Time for hug!!

Junkion: Tick tock the clock says that allready?
shadow minicon writes: me don't think this good idear, in public bad
snavej writes: Grimlock: How much energon you give me for body of old leader Optimus Prime? It stowed in shuttle over there.

Junkion: We like a good fixer-upper! 10,000 energon cubes is our generous offer!
snavej writes: Junkion: We can go to this meeting. We can get through it successfully. Remember, as far as anyone knows, we're normal.

Grimlock: You just quoting from Simpsons again.

Junkion: Naturadiddly!

Grimlock: Me hate Flanders! [Bites Junkion in h
RexTalon writes: I really don't know what you're worried about, Grimlock. Plenty of Autobots have this problem. Last time I had it, it was THIS BIG before it finally started going away on it's own.
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snavej writes: Only Junkion dentists could maintain Grimlock's teeth. They were the alone in being able to repair themselves after the vicious appointments.
ninjabot writes: Grimlock: Talk that trash now punk!!!!

Wreck-Gar(Sweating oil and shaking): I didn't say anythin I swear!!!

Grimlock: You aint no TransFormer, you a Go-Bot!!!!
snavej writes: Junkion: Why no tattifilarious comments for this box?

Grimlock: Me and Dinobots just ate all the caption writers! Not very nice taste. Too much brown sauce.

Junkion: Partner, that wasn't brown sauce!
snavej writes: Grimlock: Have you got cream for me? Last battle aggravated them badly.

Junkion: All rightily can do, but first ensure removal of low-hanging Sharkticons on the affected area. Max Power!

Grimlock: Me know Max Power - he live in Springfield and he
Scratimus_Prime writes: Wreck-grar- So do you want to go to club Rainbow with me
shadow minicon writes: Grimlock: Me no kisser, me grimlock king.

Junkion: Now you are.
shadow minicon writes: This no place for that.
grimlock2000 writes: y would i even bother making a caption? okhfihfoihohuvhovhoighslkfosd fldkhojhgklsah akhfasklfha;ksfh akg lskaghasjl hgkshgsahgjas nvhslkhslk ghsn vlsdnvroihvsohvldhgsrogfosfighoshgroigh oaighosidhgioshfsiorhfoishg ghoisghshdgjhfhg jhgjgsjgh gjhjfhgiuh sf
Brakethrough writes: Junkion: GOJIRAAAAAA!

Grimlock: Twit.
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Brakethrough writes: Scene from "Jurassic Park 5: It Turns Out They're Robots".
UFO writes: Grim: Don't...kick...that..Ehhhh.....
*Grim crouches in pain*
Scratimus_Prime writes: I'm telling you Daniel "Likes" you
mexi-con writes: Let me tell you something Pendejo! Nobody messes w/ the Jesus!
PrimulArchangel writes: Grimlock " sniff sniff.....UGHHHHHHH!!! Me Grimlock say this is a good place for a stickup.."

Wreck-gar: i just took a shower last may.
DarkMechJock writes: DEAR GOD! That's the second biggest pimple I've ever seen!
snavej writes: Junkion: Can I have your autograph please, sir?

Grimlock: Little T. Rex arms too weak for that.

Junkion: Perhaps if you transformed?

Grimlock: Big robot arms too strong to sign autograph. Me would destroy autograph book and pen.

Junkion: Sigh
snavej writes: Grimlock's drug habit was becoming embarrassing.
snavej writes: No one could have imagined that, one day, a dinosaur would fall in love with a motorbike on a trash world.
KingJahnx writes: Hey it's only gas! everyone does it. What? you can't smell it you don't have a nose...
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Kevinus Prime writes: "Dammit Grimlock, its One-two-three, One-two-three...we'll never win 'Dancing with Celebrities' this way!"
UFO writes: G:Mmm, me Grimlock hungry!
J:Oh boy, not another one!
Kevinus Prime writes: "...and when Devastator hit Sludge, his eyes do THIS!"
snavej writes: Junkion: Hey Mister Funny Face, I've lost my teddy bear. Can you help me find him?

Grimlock: Me Grimlock not lost-and-found service, me Grimlock just been promoted to Emperor!

Kup (out of shot): Look, a teddy bear! We can cook it and eat it!
snavej writes: Grimlock: So you took Snarl apart for scrap metal when he came here on holiday last week? No wonder he not with us to fight Decepticons!

Junkion: Your friend right as rain by finale: honest injun! He will join you after the break at the big No Unicro
Road Turtle writes: Grimlock, "You motorcycle! Me want ride you! Me want ride you now!"

Junkion, "But sir, you're much too big! I'm only...No! let go! Ow! You're hurting me! THAT dosen't go There! Aaaggh!"

Road Turtle writes: Grimlock, "WHAT! Jessica and Nick split up?! NO, tell me not true! Not true! Noooooo!"
transformer_3008 writes: ME GRIMLOCK say you smill like butt!
Junkion- I fell in the toylet thats why my head is blue on top.
Me GRIMLOCK say you have tidy boul breath!
Kamakaze Thrower writes: A wild Grimlock will often fool it's prey into submission with it's gay-ish beast mode. Then it tears it's prey apart with it's massive enegon weapons in robot mode!
snavej writes: Junkion: Grandma, what big eyes you have!

Grimlock: Me ignore insult and say 'All the better to eat you with'.

Junkion: Do you have to practice to be that stupid?

Grimlock eats him. 24 hours later, he emerges from Grimlock's back
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grimlock2000 writes: Grimlock: Do you come with ravioli?
Wreck-Gar: Try Chef-Boy-R-Dee, "boy that stuff is good.'s that way!"
Death-Ray Charles writes: Wreck-Gar: OH1 HEY!! HEY!! HEY!!! not on the first date
1337W422102 writes: "Help me Grimlock eye all big!"

And you guys said G1 WASN'T animé...
Thanatos Prime writes: What Bike-man mean 'bout scary monster behind Grimlock?
Death-Ray Charles writes: dude...can i borrow a nickle,,,im tryin to make it through med school
Descybner writes: Grimm: Me grimlock wonders if junkion plays in Ninja Turtles?
Descybner writes: Wreck-gar:Hey! I know you! You play in 'Schnappi the crocodile'?
Descybner writes: Wreck-gar: I talk tv and eat energon!
Grimm: Me don't like talk, me eat tv ánd energon!
Thanatos Prime writes: Wreck-gar: Hey Mr. Sword Extension

dabattousai writes: Grimlock: Just between you and me, I only act dumb so I get the easy jobs like kicking ass and don't have to worry about computers...

(Autobot starts walking over)

Grimlock: ahem....Me Grimlock think this place is cool.
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Prime Nova writes: Junkion - Oh wow. Who drew you?
New Omen writes: Me Grimlock say you bad palm reader, me Grimlock always bash brains as dino, ill never be car, and who is this Ford Mustang you mentioned?
snavej writes: Junkion: Howdy, partner. Welcome to the Superific Junkion Intimate Problem Zone. Patent pending. How may we do you for?

Grimlock (looking around shiftily): You better sit down; this take a while.
snavej writes: Grimlock: Are you one responsible for caption competition?

Junkion: Negatory.

Grimlock: You tell me if you see him. He let many people say bad things about Transformers and their friends. Me Grimlock want to bite his ass!
snavej writes: Grimlock and Junkion simultaneously: WHOA! KILLER BREATH!
Jaw Crusher writes: "What you mean 'Optimus send Dinobots here 'cuz nobody like characters who talk funny'??? Yoda talk backwards for 900 years and everybody love HIM!"
Frobman writes: What! They not consider Me Grimlock to be in next movie?
Frobman writes: What! They not consider Me Grimlock to be in next movie?
Frobman writes: Me Grimlock no kissy-face! Me no swing that way!
Zeedust writes: For them,"Dare To Be Stupid" was more than just a song...

It was a way of life.
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Blaster_6267 writes: me Grimlock afraid of dark. You give Grimlock night-light
Demonic Femme writes: Grimlock, "What you talking 'bout? Me, Grimlock don't have astro-rust in teeth!
Marv writes: Get offa me!!! Aren't people making enough jokes about homosexuals on this contest as it is?!!!
Zeedust writes: Grimlock: "when me Grimoock lead Autobots, me Grimlock send ramapnt hordes of maintenence bots to you Junkion's planet.
Unknown writes: "Dare to be stupid" or "Dare to explore your sexuality?" You decide.
Unknown writes: Wreck-Gar closes his eyes, and after several seconds, looks up only to see Grimlock and say... "Sh*t, he's still there..."
Star Saber writes: OMG the replacement Barney!

Me Grimlock no barnie me bad ass!!!
Zeedust writes: Wreck-Gar holds REAL still because T-Rex can only see you if you move. Grimlock never saw Jurassic Park, and eats Wreck-Gar anyways.
Shellfox writes: YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT!!!!!!
Unknown writes: me grimlock like eric idol.
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Frostic_Prime writes: Wow grandma, what big teeth you have!
Unknown writes: Backstage on TF:TM

ERIC IDEL: Me an' the lads are makin' a new Python movie? 'The age of the Dinosaurs'. D'ya want the lead dinosaur role?
GRIMLOCK: No way, me Grimlock gonna be next leader. Roddimus Prime
Rhys writes: Ever wondered why none of the Junkions turned up in 'The Rebirth'.

GRIMLOCK: Tastes like Chicken.
Unknown writes: Grimlock discovers why Wreck-Gar is popular with the ladies.
Unknown writes: Grimlock: What are you looking at?!
Unknown writes: Kissy, Kissy?
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock Hungry! munch...munch...
Unknown writes: I like that one but you doing all wroung it's supposed to say like this " blak me Grimlock not kisser me Grimlock king" Dork. Good Luck
Beast Simpson writes: Grim: Is something in Grimlock's teeth???
ionacus writes: i cant say anything that hasnt been said already
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Unknown writes: are you talkn to me,are you talkn to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
macabremouse writes: Me Grimlock thinks you *sniff, sniff* smell like...good eatin
Me Grimlock writes: Let Me Grimlock get this straight. Why you sound like guy in Monty Python?
Unknown writes: Yummy!
Unknown writes: Grimlock-"You know about that Micheal Jackson special on Fox that "said" it had all the exclusive info that the ABC special didn't air? Well that wasn't all of it, I was at the interview. I somewhat of a M.J. r
Unknown writes: Junkion: Grimlock, I am your father's uncle's nephew's cousin's sister's aunt's best friend's roommate. Grimlock: So what does that make us? Junkion: Absolutely nothing.
Unknown writes: Wreck Gar: Tic Tac. Breathe friendly. Grimlock: Me no have bad breath!
Unknown writes: Grimlock: I have a confession to make...
Unknown writes: junkion- (thinking) oh my god he has green $hit in his teeth!
Unknown writes: Me Like CRACK
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Unknown writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock Gay!!!!
Unknown writes: junkion: let's elope to florida an have babies!
Grimlock: What the hell is wrong with you i am a guy! I like girls how many times must I run that through your big head!?!?!?
dino writes: Grimlock: hey who are you hey you have a tv in your stomach cool I want to watch The new He-Man series
Suzuki writes: What!? Me am just comic relief in movie?!
Sledge writes: What the hell happened to Grimlock's eye?
Unknown writes: grimlock: i'm the key master,are you the gate keeper
tony writes: "Psst, me Grimlock got secret, me really got I.Q of 500, me just play dumb because me like the money."
Unknown writes: Grimlick:"RID turned me int a what?!?!"
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Yuck, Me Grmlock not kisser, Me Grimlock king!
Chachi writes: "Me Grimlock say Junkions give funky Energon... Wohhh... Colorrrs..."
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Unknown writes: ANNOUNCER: Grimlock was speechless when his long time friend, Junkion 142, proposed marrage to him...
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Me? Kiss you?
Unknown writes: Junkion:Big hug!
Grimlock:You Junkions also watch Teletubbies?No wonder you talk funny!
Unknown writes: Uuuhhh... me Grimlock still not know what you talking bout Mr Perot.
Wolverine writes: Junkion: "So how was the date with rc last night?" Grimlock: "Well..lets just say she can give damn good lube jobs...if ya know what i mean!"
Super Prime writes: Grimlock: You say that there is a beast War toy called Grimlock and I am a machine in R.I.D
Unknown writes: What you mean I not get the part of Annie?
Unknown writes: Me Grimlock say, u better speak better before me Grimlock bite your head off!!!!
MarkuS writes: I'm a WHAT in RID?!
Thunderstreak writes: Oh no! Another Season 3 animation error!
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FortMax writes: Grimlock: I've never seen one THAT BIG before
Silverwolf writes: Suck my lusious gun nipples, won't you?
Unknown writes: GRIMLOCK:Wow. Now that's what I call JUNK FOOD.
Dynamus Prime writes: Now that your eyes are dialated, let's see what the problem is.
Unknown writes: Damn, Grimlock! Yous one big motherfµ©ker!!!!
Unknown writes: Me Grimlock told you to leave the toilet seat down!
Unknown writes: Grimlock and a Junkion playing a staring contest.
Jackpot writes: "You get me, Grimlock, HOW MANY channels?!"
Unknown writes: After returning from the Optomitrist, Grimlock found dialated optics didn't help his nearsightedness one bit.
Unknown writes: Junkion: Jeepers Creepers! Where'd you get those Peepers!
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Unknown writes: And this is why I'm leader,,so dont touch that dial.
Unknown writes: C is for Cookie and thats good enugh for me. HEY!
Unknown writes: ...that's it...that's it...nice doggy...good give me back my arm...good doggy...
Black Arachnis writes: me grimlock no like want him?
Unknown writes: Are you my mother?
MEGATRON writes: My Fuel Pump is this long.
Whoa, No wonder Starscream limping around
MEGATRON writes: Arcee does WHAT in bed?
MEGATRON writes: Arcees Like WHAT in bed?
Metroplex writes: BLAH! you say im poorly drawn.. And this coming from a transformer called wrecked car...
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Unknown writes: "Me Grimlock not know this about Wreck-gar!"
Lord Galvatron writes: Wreck-Gar: "My, what big eyes you have."
Grimlock: "The better to see you with, my dear."
rumble writes: Grimlock: You Junkion did WHAT at band camp?
Unknown writes: Grimlock: YUMMY!
Unknown writes: Ah crap me Grimlock stuck to your shoulder!
Unknown writes: Grimlock: YEEESH! Me guess there no showers on this planet!
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