Bumblebee unconscious w/ Seekers

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Bumblebee unconscious w/ Seekers
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Decepticon Stryker writes: Bumblebee: "Hey guys before you kill me.. Have you ever noticed this camera before?"
Bee's Girlfriend writes: You can tell I'm either faking being knocked out of dead because my optics are still open.
Rainmaker writes: Thundercracker: Hasbro, we think your new Titans Return Bumblebee needs some heel spurs for his lame backpack! Hahahaha!
Rainmaker writes: These knock offs are so lame
Black Hat writes: "Hey, Thundercracker, I think I found a use for my set of fake moustaches."
Lboogie609 writes: "Hey look Skywarp!, a little Bumble-Beeotch hehehe"
megatron1322 writes: You got knocked the f@#k! out!
peacethroughtyranny writes: SkyWarp: Never pass out when there's spray paint about!

Thundercracker: (evil laugh)
WarzoneBeta writes: Skywarp: Dude did he just ask what I think he did?
Thundercracker:Sorry kid we are just not that kind of evil.
Both: Sicko.
Bee: I don't want to die a virgin...
trailbreaker writes: Bumblebee fails the sobriety test....
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TFFanGirl writes: Thundercracker:Is he dead?

Skywarp: Lets see. *Pokes Bumblebee with a stick* Nope still alive.

Ironman21 writes: umm maybe we should you know ummm.....
1.your sick man
and 2. we're robots
mechislander writes: ...and STAY out!!
Thunderboomer writes: Skywarp: NO I WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR DIAPER
Thundercracker: This is so wrong
trailbreaker writes: Thundercracker - "Quick, tie his shoelaces together!"
Scatterlung writes: Skywarp: You think we should help?
Thundercracker: You think you should shut up?
Breeze writes: *one of them has a black marker* Time to practice drawing...
hot rod 907 writes: skywarp: as fun as beating up autobots can be, it sucks when you can kill a guy with one punch to the face!
darth_paul writes: TC: Look on the bright side BB, at least it's us and not Thurst and Ramjet!
SW: Heh-Heh, that's what she said!
BB: Oye!
Alphatron writes: Thundercracker: I wish to make a complaint on my robot.
Auto-Bot (Off-shot): Oh... yes, the Sparkplug. What's wrong with it?
TC: I'll tell you what's wrong with it: it's dead... that's what wrong with it.
A-B: No... it's r
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snavej writes: Thundercracker: Let this be a lesson to anyone who would try to steal my Play Station!

Skywarp: You mean 'Sabotage the base'.

Thundercracker: Oh yeah, that too.
soundwavegt writes: Well, we tried to warn 'im, that 240W is a beast when mixed with pure Energon!!!
Sondura1 writes: Skywarp:Hey wanna do stuff to him?
Thundercracker:Eww...like what?
Skywarp:Like write stupid stuff on him.
Minicle writes: Thundercracker: So that's the arse Megatron pulls his ideas out of...
Judynator writes: Bee: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Thundercracker: Hey Autobot! Wake up!
Bee: Shut up! Give me a break!
trailbreaker writes: Skywarp: "I had a feeling mini-bots had small ones, if you know what I mean."
starscream_the_eternal writes: Skywarp: "Crap! Do you think we slipped him too much GHB?"
Thundercracker: "I don't know? Lets put him in Megatrons bed and get the hell out of here."
Unknown writes: Hey lets strip him down and leave him in a corn field.
Unknown writes: Quick... take his pennies.
Roadshadow writes: Thundercracker: Wow, that little Autobot passed out.
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blaine71274 writes: You think we should tell him he's not transformers? Na, let him spin on it.
blaine71274 writes: Look at Bumblebees new Seeker houseshoes!
blaine71274 writes: Does it hurt when I step here? How about here?
grimlock2000 writes: Thundercracker: Hey, I didn't know Bumblebee slept with his eyes open.
Skywarp: The way he fights, I didn't know he slept.
bob242 writes: Hurry with those towels!! He's crowning!!!!
EnerJolt writes: Thunderblast: Heh heh! Your fender's gonna be sore in the morning, lil' bug!
A'Arab Zaraq writes: The Autobot Licking Contest had quite the mindblowing consequence...
Road Turtle writes: Thundercracker, "Primus, this guy's fat! Must suck to have a VW shaped body!"

Skywarp, "I bet when he looks down he can't find his dip stick!"
LunarFormer writes: Skywarp: So.... is he a classic Beetle, or one of the new ones, now?
Thundercracker: I dunno... how can you tell?
Skywarp: We'll need to give him what the humans call a "prostate exam"
Bumblebee *thinking*: oh Primus NO!
1337W422102 writes: TC: "I got the VW!"
SW: "I got the KY!"
Both: "Giggiddy giggidy goo!"
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1337W422102 writes: SW: "VW? Humph! More like VD!"
TC: "Seriously, dude, we have GOT to go see a medic, like, NOW."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Who's got the Astro-train Glide?"

(Great joke if you know the lubricant)
Kevinus Prime writes: "Hey! Ramjet! it's your turn! Did you bring 20 bucks?"
Kevinus Prime writes: Megatron: "When I told you to get someone yellow and useless, I meant STARSCREAM!"
snavej writes: Megatron (out of shot): How many college students did you manage to cram inside him?

Thundercracker: About 352, but then he passed out.

Skywarp: I really like teleporting things into other things.

Thundercracker: There are 14 in his tailpipe alon
snavej writes: Bumblebee (thinks): Don't panic, just kick them where it hurts, then run and hide in the shadows. Maybe some yellow shadows where I can blend in.
snavej writes: Thundercracker: Urgh, yellow! I would never let myself be sullied by yellow! Isn't that right, Skywarp?

Skywarp: Uh huh. Me neither.
snavej writes: Thundercracker: Hello, I'm your estate agent. Let me show you around this well-appointed secret underground bunker. It has many miles of tunnels that all look similar. There is hot and cold running energon in 25 chambers. Natural light is provide
Road Turtle writes: Skywarp, "Wow, he's out cold."

Thundercracker, "Dare you to rub his sign!"

Skywarp, "No, you rub it you perve; besides, it's not like you can't tell he's an Autobot. How many Decepticons do you know turn
Road Turtle writes: Thundercracker, "HA! One energon cube and he's out, what a light wieght!"

Skywarp, "So, if an Autobot gets drunk, who's the designated driver?"
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1337W422102 writes: She didn't want to..
She didn't want to..
She didnt' want to..
1337W422102 writes: BB: "Do not grieve; soon I shall be one with... Oh crap, I gave it back!"
Kamakaze Thrower writes: Starscream repaint pretender shells got too popular among the Decepticons.
snavej writes: Bumblebee had a secret weapon for situations like this. It was called 'VD'.
snavej writes: Thundercracker's teapot impression was too much for the pathetic Autobot spy.
Kamakaze Thrower writes: Dying by the hands of Starscream recolors proved how incredibly weak Bumblebee was.
Heavy B writes: SKYWARP: dude lets stick his hand in warm water
THUNDER CRACKER: that'll rule huh huh
BOTH: huh huh huh huh
Thanatos Prime writes: This is really an above veiw shot where Bumblebee is carrying his Thundercracker and Skywarp statues around....
b0bb33z3r writes: I've heard of hairy armpits... but this is ridiculous!!
Desslok writes: Skywarp, get the prosthetic anus, I'll get the probe.
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ImpulseGT writes: Bumble Bee "ZzzZzzZzz"
Bad Guy #1 "Hahahaha......"
Bad Guy #2 "Hahahahahaha.........."
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "It's a trick. Get an axe."
Brakethrough writes: During the fifties, the "how many villainous robots can you stick into a Volkswagon" fad was at its peak.
Brakethrough writes: (In the background) Radiohead: "You do it to yourself, ya do..."
Me am Grimwave writes: Thundercracker: Cool! Look Warp, I got me a new paper weight!
Death-Ray Charles writes: man...after that party...he was out like a rock all night
Blaster_6267 writes: Bumblebee: What did Tracks always tell me, "If I play dead, nobody will notice me!"
Thanatos Prime writes: TC: Hah! I shot Bumblebee!

SW: Big deal....
Thanatos Prime writes: Thundercraker: Well, I don't see any Autobots. Lets go back home!

Skywarp: Agreed!
dabattousai writes: Thundercracker: So this is the source of that rusty smell. There is a dead Autobot down here.

Skywarp: Good Cybertronian Gravy, lets get the sticks and start poking it *snickers*
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kunesukwan writes: passed out after smelling the cap,I told you autobots couldn`t handle their drinks
Frobman writes: What we've got here is a sleeping Autobot. You better be careful, because after disturbing its sleep, it will turn cranky and who knows what'll happen. We advice viewers with weak consitutions to avoid watching this next part.
snavej writes: Skywarp: Found the irritating little sneak!

Thundercracker: Well, I'll be darned: we really are good Seekers!
snavej writes: Thundercracker: It's amazing what a really loud fart will do!

Skywarp: Sure, you knocked out little Bumblebee here, but the smell is appalling!

Thundercracker: Sorry about that. I sucked a goose into my jet engine by accident this morning. It
Archanubis writes: Thundercracker: I see the Autobots aren't picking up their trash anymore.
Skywarp: Yeah, who do they think we are? Long Haul?
Acelister writes: Skywarp: "So what, is this the real one?"
Thundercracker: "Nah, this is from a kit."
Skywarp: "You kitbashed Bumblebee?"
Thundercracker: "Did you see what Megatron did to Rumble for making a kit of him?"
Starazor writes: Bumblebee practices the Art of Not Being Seen. Badly.
Jaw Crusher writes: Skywarp: "How many did he have?"
Thundercracker: "Just one."
Skywarp: "JUST ONE???"
Thundercracker: "Yeah, don't rub it in. Just take your hundred credits."
snavej writes: Skywarp: Hey Autobot, look on the bright side!

Thundercracker: Yeah, they say that the thrill feels more intense when your head's upside-down!

Bumblebee (thinks): It's bad enough that all the guys in Autobase abuse me, but now this. Thund
1337W422102 writes: I won the Caption Contest and all I got was this unconcious Autobot!
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Zeedust writes: Both: "DIBS ON HIS HORNS!"

Skywarp: "I take the left one, you take the right?"

Thundercracker: "Deal."
Not Sonic writes: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Not Sonic writes: oh no they want to have there way with me... and they want to feel up on my shiny metal hiney!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Demonic Femme writes: Starscream(off screen): Okay- there's threehundred dollars in his wallet. We'll divide it.
Thundercracker: Alright, but I've got dibs on his horns.
Skywarp: No- Starscream promised me his head.
Tc: Alright, what ever, just hand over the
trailbreaker writes: Bumblebee falls prey to a cruel fraternity prank.
Ultra Wheelshot writes: SW: Heh that teaches you to mess with us Starscream
BB: (to self) Just lay still they'll go away
TC: Lets pull his head off
SW: Too obvious
Starscream: (off screen) That is Bumblebee you idiots
Marv writes: TC: Look what Ravage dragged in this time!
SW: Yuck! Why do cats have to drag their prey
into the house anyway??
Marv writes: After hearing the shocking truth about the Volkwagen Bug's origin as the Nazi "Kraft Durch Freude Wagen", Bumblebee, of course, fainted...
Marv writes: Bumblebee is trully a master of disguise! Pretending to be a bearskin rug, he easily eludes Decepticon security...
Ratbat writes: [Thundercracker] We've FINALLY captured an Autobot, Skywarp! For millions of years, Megatron's put us on Starscream's level. But NO MORE! We've just EARNED Megatron's respect!
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Prowl Worshipper writes: T: Aaaaww, can I keep him, can I can I pleeeaase? I promise I'll feed him and walk him and play with him and I'll never never be lonely again!
S: You really were deprived as a child, weren't you, 'Cracker?
Zeedust writes: Thundercracker: "Give it up, Bumblebee. Robots can't get a suntan."

Skywarp: "Especially not inside a cave."
NightMare writes: well i'm done ur turn
Unknown writes: technically this is a bad time... but TF crossovers with megaman are a GREAT idea, and bumblebee's autobot symbol now has a monicle and mustache, notice the giant pens on the seeker's arms yet!?
Unknown writes: toy collecters are way to serious nowadays
Unknown writes: "Okay, Skywarp, go get me some duct tape, a jar of Vasoline, and a banana."
Zeedust writes: Seekers, singing: "I'm bringin' home a baby bumblebee..."
APOLLO writes: Skywarp: Jeez, Bumblebee, we knew you were the smallest Autobot, but we didn't think IT was that small.

Thundercracker: HAHAHAHA!!!
Unknown writes: Bb: If I ignore them, then maybe they'll go away. Slag, I'm getting a cramp in my leg, and my nose iches. Gotta... hold on... just a little... longer...
Unknown writes: Shouldn't we have got Megatron a key chain. They're only £3 each.
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Unknown writes: What a whimp. He's gone after just one little glas...
X-BoB 58 writes: (just play techno-possome
Beast Simpson writes: Bumblebee: Maybe if I act like a bear-skin rug they wont notice me...

Seekers: Where IS he!!!

Bumblebee: Heh heh heh...
Unknown writes: "Oh no Bumblebee is down for the Count. It looks like the Hardy boys are going up to the top rope and land the Decepticon Senton Bomb!"
Unknown writes: Skywarp: WOW i guess these new figures ARE anatomically correct!
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: Am I kick-butt or what? I kicked Bumblebee's pansy butt!

Skywarp: So what? Hell, even Sailor Moon, Hot Shot, McBain, Metabee and Dark Magician kicked his butt!

Thundercracker: So what are you saying? I'm a big wuss?
Unknown writes: Bumblebee:ha! the master of camouflage does it again!!!!!
Thundercracker: doesnt he know that we can see him?
Skywarp: shut up this is funny. let's not break his spirits.
dino writes: Bumblebee: Just wait until I get older. Skywarp: Your a robot you will stay the same size. Bumblebee: Darn
dino writes: Bumblebee Just wait until I get older. Skywarp: Your a robot you will stay the same size. Bumblebee: Darn
Silverwynde writes: (Bumblebee)"Okay... that's it... just stay still... when one of 'em walks over, kick 'em in the crotch..." (Thundercracker)"Uh, we can hear you, twerp."
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frank writes: Thundercracker -- "Hahaha! Bumblebee's penis is so tiny!"
Unknown writes: Skywarp's and Thundercracker's laughter soon turned to tears of agony after they were stung over and over again. Shouldn't mess with bees, guys!
Unknown writes: Back at Cybertron High, Bumblebee was always a target of Decepticon bullies....TC: Ha ha ha! BB:Please...I need my energon milk money.... Principal Prime: Alright, what's going on here!? TC & SW: Crap, gotta fly.
astrotrain's first friend writes: Thundercracker: He lookes more like a yellow cat than a bee
Pokejedservo writes: Skywarp: How do you like our new Thanksgiving turkey?
Unknown writes: BB:"Damn, I can just hear all those gay jokes right now."
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: Hey, Megatron! Ya like our new rug?
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: Look at all the pretty colours.
Unknown writes: SW has just finished raping BB, but unknown to TC he was the next victim...
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: LEAVE ME ALONE YOU JERKS!
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Unknown writes: Bumblebee: Stop it, leave me alone. MOMMY!
Unknown writes: BB: "Aw come on, guys? Do I really have to be the bitch again? Optimus never lets me be on top either!"
Unknown writes: We know return to Cybertronian Outtakes:
Skywarp I think we should give Megatron a little present Thundercracker: Yeah, like he really need a new sex toy...aw dammit
Director: CUT!!!!
Unknown writes: We know return to Cybertronian Outtakes:
Skywarp I think we should give Megatron a little presend Thundercracker: Yeah, like he really need a new sex toy...aw dammit
Director: CUT!!!!
optimuslives writes: Skywarp: Its really not all that funny thundercracker, that picture of my mom isnt that bad, is it?
Unknown writes: Skywarp: was it my breath???
Unknown writes: I think u tagged him to hard skywarp!!!
Unknown writes: BB: DAMMIT, forgot to transform AGAIN!
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Call Dirge and Thrust. We'll DVDA. Thundercracker: What about Ramjet and Starscream? Skywarp: Those poofs? They're having too much fun twirling themselves on Shockwave's gun-arm...
Dynamus Prime writes: Oh sure, they laugh now, but wait until they try to disassemble me, then we'll see who has the last laugh!
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FortMax writes: Well..I guess the canary didn't make it
Silverwolf writes: Skywarp: We could just throw him out of the cave.........

Thundercraker: No, get the camera, I know of some emabrassing postitions we can put him in first.
Unknown writes: "Bet he won't say anything else about our mom"
Unknown writes: Kick him and see if he's still alive, thundercracker!
Super Prime writes: Thundercracker: Hey Skywarp, lets get him drunk and leave on the side of the road. Skywarp: Yea he will never remember this day, before will leave him on the side of the road lets check his pockets to see if he has Energon money.
Black Arachnis writes: let`s paint him red and wipe his datatracks.thundercracker:yeah that`ll get em confused!!
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Lets pee on him!
Unknown writes: Bumblebee fainted after Pamela Anderson Lee flashed him.
Idiot writes: Lets disect it!
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Unknown writes: Thundercracker:Hey peel him open and see if that kid is inside
Unknown writes: Anatomy 101
Unknown writes: BB:thanks for the BJ felles.
sw:no problem big boy.
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: So THIS is what the humans call stoned....awwwwwww...
Jackpot writes: Figuring out which was the good shoulder-angel and which was the bad was made more difficult when they started tag-teaming and hog-tying him, chanting "Burn the Ark!" all the while.
Unknown writes: Bumblebee:"Ohhh..man,I shouldn't have had all
those kamakaze shots last night!"
Thundercracker:"The three kegs of beer didn't
help you none, either, ya Autoboozer!"
Skywarp:"At least he ca
Unknown writes: i love it when we tape ourselves to the celing
Unknown writes: BumbleBee: You may take my body but never my heart. Thundercraker: Thats what you think. Bring in the probe.
Unknown writes: You just had to pass on the breathmints eh Skywarp!
Unknown writes: BumbleBee: Sigh.. Gang raped again.
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Unknown writes: "Hey, beatin' up the little guys is easy!" Let's forget about Prime, Prowl, Jazz, and the rest, gang up on the Minibots!"
Unknown writes: After years of fighting Prime consented to the fate of the universe being decided ina football game. But, after the Autobot's quarterback Bumble-Bee gets sacked by the Decpeticons Defensive End's for the 420th time, Prime starts to thin
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: Ok clowns, THAT does it! As soon as I regain the feeling in my legs I am going to so kick your tailgates!
MEGATRON writes: Sky Warp: What do you think of my blow-up doll?
Thundercracker: Not as good as my wheelie one
Unknown writes: Thunder Cracker: Give us your popularity and we will not kill you!

Sky Warp: So what. They have already put me in the Wreckers comic.
Ratchet writes: Bee: I've fallen and I can't get up!
Mtx writes: Thundercracker: HEHEH He thought he could out drink us.
Optimus writes: He doesn't wear a cup, he wears a THIMBLE!
Mixmaster writes: Thundercracker : Yeah, love what you've done with the place Skywarp, the rock-effect wallpaper - nice touch. Not sure about the Bumblebee rug though.
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Unknown writes: Man! That must be some good shiiiiiit!
Soundwave writes: The drugs worked, now let's kick the little bugger's ass!
Lord Galvatron writes: Ya know, the only way this could be better is if it was Wheelie.
Unknown writes: I hope you lose your popularity.
Shrapnel writes: Skywarp:"hehehe....Roadkill!"
Unknown writes: Ha, you said you could drink us under the table you lightweight!
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