Blitzwing gets covered in green slime!

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Blitzwing gets covered in green slime!
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snavej writes: Blitzwing died seventeen days later of excessive colour clash.
snavej writes: Soylent green? [Checks interweb.] OK, that's alright. Carry on. Kill all humans.
Rainmaker writes: Blitzwing: Please tell me this is slime!
itscramtastic writes: Oh no!! Mutagen?! I don't want to end up with three faces!!!!
william-james88 writes: Dammit Slimer! Now I need to call the ghost busters.
Black Hat writes: Blitzwing quickly regretted signing up for a leading role in the hentai production "Fun with Tentacles".
Heckfire writes:, what happens when I say "water?"
SilentBlaster writes: Blitswing just wanted to be a teenage mutant turtle, but it didnt work.
seminole1 writes: AH! Next time turn your head when your about to sneeze Tripticon.
Roadshadow writes: Blitzwing: I F***ING hate Nickelodeon...
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Unknown writes: I hate it when soundwave sneezes
shockblaster5 writes: Holy $#*t!!! Mixmaster, when I find you, I'll tear out that worthless CPU of yours, blast it into pieces, grind it into smaller parts, and then throw what's left of it into the ----ing sun!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kamakaze Thrower writes: Hasbro struck a deal with Nickelodion.
archangel_tears writes: so this is what happens when you snort paint. damn it starscream, you're not suppose to snort just anything for a killer buzz.
Scatterlung writes: "Technorganic?"
Ultimate Optimus writes: Blitzwing: Crumplezone, will you stop sneezing already?!?!?!
Roadshadow writes: This is Blitzwing after he got snorted into Trypticon's nose in a cocaine-bagged costume.
Dragonoth writes: Blitzwing: "Stupid organics and their pollution! We don't have this on Cybertron!"
Flashwave writes: EWW!!! I think Unicron's got a sinus cold!!
Exulted Unicron writes: Blitzwing gets a cameo role in Ghostbusters 3 and gets a BIIIIIG hug from Slimer
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Minicle writes: Blitzwing: Say, you know this acidic alien blood has rather a nice scent to it...
Minicle writes: Blitzwing: ALRIGHT! Which one of you Bastards snuck laxatives into Trypticon's water bowl again!?
Starbeam writes: Yes! It's SLIME! It will slowly dissolve your armor before my eyes!
-reference to anime "Bastard"
Castle74 writes: I feel so funky!
Phasewing writes: SLIMED!!
Road Turtle writes: "Ugh! Giant birds!!"
Road Turtle writes: Blitzwing, "....I don't Know! (GUSH!!!) You Can't Do That on Televison!!!"

(let's see if any old schoolers get this one....)
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: BW:So Megatron, how much more of this hair gel do I need to keep my head turrent from falling over?
Megs: That's not hair gel.
BW: Ew.
Montmorency writes: That's the last time I unclog your nose!
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Bruticus Buckeye writes: You used the He-Man Slime Pit playset when you played with your Transformers, too! Admit it!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blitzwing nearly covered in muppet blood faces his greatest foe Snuffleluffigus.
gauthic_angel7680 writes: Blitzwing: oh baby you know i like it when...god damn it galvatron. i told you i don't like it when you pull out!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blitzwing,"Hey I'm never gonna get this green goop outta my beautiful blond locks.Astrotrain is my hair okay?"
1337W422102 writes: Scene from "Wet N Wild Robots XXXtreme"
darkwind25 writes: Blitzwing's audition tape for "DoubleDare" back in the early 90's.
lockepsb writes: Blitzwing: "Damn you Nickelodeon!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blitzwing,"It's not easy being green..........."
JazZeke writes: After he made it big in Transformers, he auditioned for a bit role in Ghostbusters II. Here he is getting hit by Slimer. His line would have been "He slimed me," but Bill Murray threatened to walk when he learned they were going to give him &quo
Relic writes: *RUMBLE* "So that's why the planets called goo!"
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Relic writes: *BLITZWING* ... So their I was with this flesh bag looking down at me from the top of the pit screaming "It rubs the lotion on its' skin!"
Screambug writes: Blitzwing: "Eeeeewwwww...Omega Supreme should've covered his nose when he sneezed!"
Relic writes: *RUMBLE* "Let me get this straight the humans' head spun completely around?"
*RUMBLE* "I didn't know they could do that!"
*BLITZWING* "Yeah, well its' head spinning around wasn't
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Galvatron (yelling out a screen door): Bltizwing! Stop splashing in those puddles, and come in for dinner!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blitzwing,"YES! Damn that Po splattered nicely! DON'T RUN! One down three more Teletubbies to go."
Zeedust writes: Don't make Blitzwing angry. You won't like him when he's angry.
spaceduk writes: trypticon: ahh aahh chooooooooo
blitzwing: tissue? anyone?
Death Gunner writes: Blitzwing:"Wow my pits stink that bad?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blitzwing,"Arggggghhhh this is so........actually I look pretty sexy in green.Is there matching shoes?"
Emerarudo_chan writes: please tell me this is godzilla drool....*shudders*
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Emerarudo_chan writes: AHH! Acid, It Burns IT BUUUURRRNS!
DeltaOmega writes: Thats the last time i clean Unicron's nose!
1337W422102 writes: "This desert camo sucks big time."
1337W422102 writes: New AXE car wax and high-gloss buffing kits.

How dirty droids get clean!
Shermtron writes: Blitzwing:Mike Vick gave me herpies!!
Byrerprime writes: Blitzwing: I'm already a triple changer, now I'm going to change into a turtle too!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Protestors: Carbon fiber alloy is Murder!
Blitzwing: Dammit! Do you realize how much this new armor cost?!
Death Gunner writes: Galvatron:"I love you Blitzwing you will become my second in command"
Blitzwing:"What was that Galvatron?"
Galvatron:"I said get back to base you sniveling decepticon"
Blitzwing"Darn sewage clogged up my radio cercuit
Q42 writes: Blitzwing: Hey, Astrotrain, I think I found your gun.
Astrotrain: Really? I thought I'd left it behind when it fell into the sewage dump.
Blitzwing: Yeah, well, you might want to give it a good cleaning, and maybe put it in baking soda for a while.
Q42 writes: Somehow, I don't think that this stuff is "Eau de Cologne"...
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Q42 writes: "Jeez! When Unicron sneezes, everyone catches a cold!"
Q42 writes: "If I'd just stayed in the family restaurant business, this never would have happened...."
Marv writes: I'd ask what was in that bucket, but something tells me I'd regret ever asking...
Marv writes: It Could've been the battle fat Helm's deep, or that cool ghost army scene...but no, Galvatron had to re-enact the "Orc's emerge from a mud pool" scene from "the Lord of the Rings"!!!
Marv writes: I've been crawling through the sewers for hours, fighting off sludge monsters and wallowing in decaying refuge more repulsive than words could possibly describe...and worst of all, I couldn't find that penny Galvatron accidentally dropped into t
Marv writes: "Madame Lillycron's Armour Buffing Gel. Shake well before use, apply on towel-dry plating after showering. Avoid contact with optic sensors."
Marv writes: Darn Autobot taxidrivers! I bet he drove full-speed trough that puddle on purpose!
Marv writes: Devastator! Didn't your designer teach you to keep your end-effector in front of you mouth when you sneeze?
Marv writes: Blitzwing's attempt to repaint himself before Hasbro did it to him failed miserably...
Marv writes: So this stuff is good for my pores? That's nice...uh, what ARE pores, by the way?
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KaylaTheHedgehog writes: I knew there was something wrong when they asked me to stand on that 'X'.
Acelister writes: *Blitzwing sniffs*
Blitzwing: "What is this...? Hot sauce? Where did it come from?"
Giant: "You'll do nicely after that Ultra Magnus and Predacon lunch I just had..."
Blitzwing: "Nooooo!"
Acelister writes: SwampWing! You make mah heart sing... You make everythin'... Groovy... SwampWing...
Acelister writes: Starscream: "Your mighty leader has fallen! I, Starscream am your new leader!"
Blitzwing: "He only slipped, in and covered us all in this slime..."
Starscream: "But he has fallen..."
Blitzwing: "He got up while you w
Pristine_Matrix writes: And now, as I, Blitzwing bring your doom, know Autobot, that it is an honour to die by my ha....DUDE. TOTALLY NOT COOL. YOU RUINED MY SPEECH. WHAT IS THIS CRAP? WHO THREW IT AT ME? TRIGGERHAPPY? SCOURGE? ANSWER MEEEEE!!!!!
Acelister writes: Blitzwing: "How many people just sneezed on me?"
saiyan_prime writes: Curse these confounded Gummi Bears and their horrible Gummi Juice.
saiyan_prime writes: Cyclonus: Blitzwing! What happened? Are you OK?
Blitzwing: He slimed me....
Cyclonus: That's GREAT! ACTUAL, PHYSICAL CONTACT! Can you move?
Hey Soundwave! I'm with Blitzwing! He got slimed!
Soundwave: That's great, save some for me.
Acelister writes: Blitzwing: "'Squeeze that Smurf, Blitzwing!' He said... Happy now, Rumble?"
*Rumble is rolling on the floor laughing*
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Binaltech Bombshell writes: "Egon, your mucus."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Pleeeeease let that be Botannica's blood all over Blitzwing!
Arc the ZAKO writes: Optimus: Hmmm I can't beleive Wheeljack's Slime Gun really worked...
Blitzwing: I' for this!!
Wheeljack: It should start to harden....ooooh I'd say just about now
Blitzwing: I.....ll...k...ill....y...*stops*
elmekia writes: Ok this is absolutely the LAST TIME I am ever gonna attend Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Award!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blitzwing is eliminated in the Iron Chef competition,for getting a little crazy with his lima bean casseroll.

Made from lima beans....

...and Chip Chase.
nojimus writes: Wow what is this?
(Offscreen)Ultra Magnus: I can't deal with that right now!
Kevinus Prime writes: "I look a thousand years younger! Thanks, Estee Lauder!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Man, this new car wax is a bitch to wipe off."
Kevinus Prime writes: "OK, who started playing Wayne Newton around these Mars aliens?"
Kevinus Prime writes: "I love swimmimg in raw sewage!"
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Kevinus Prime writes: Trypticon: "WAAAACHHHOOOOOO!!!"
Lorekeeper writes: It THIS the headlight grease?
Casual Matt writes: *british accent* Well this is quite a sticky wicket.
ArctosPrime writes: Blitzwing: EWWWWW!!! Trypticon loogies!!!! IT BURNS THE "FLESH" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
Sustain writes: mummbling to self: Every time we go out something always happens....
To no one: Do you know how hard it is to get this stuff out of my joints???
Sustain writes: Starscream told me to fix the leak in the lowerdeck, but what the H%ll IS THIS!!
Sustain writes: The polution on this panet just keeps getting worse.
Sustain writes: Blitzwing: I told Galvatron I didn't want to paint the base.
Rumble: Shut up before I paint YOU some more!!
Powermaster Prime writes: "Owh come on Sharkticon,don't tell me this comes from you??"
overdrive writes: this was what happened the last time triptacon got a cold.
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Death Gunner writes: Galvatron:"Ahhh so your finally here, did you bring the green energon?"
Blitzwing:"So thats what this stuff is? I knew it was to early to spring clean"
Acelister writes: Blitzwing: "... And then it went SPANG! Right here against my head..."
Galvatron: "And when you awoke, you were covered in this slime?"
Blitzwing: "Well no, thats why I'm late. The slime is because I fell in that puddle o
Acelister writes: Horrific picture's of Blitzwing taking part in a Vulcan sacrifice ritual...
Acelister writes: Blitzwing: "Thats the last time I fight one of those Xenomorphs... What is this blood made out of, anyway? And what's that hissing/fizzing sound?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blitzwing,"Holy crap,all this green stuff was inside that homeless guy?"
Marcus Rush writes: Eww no, Ben Afleck spooge
ninjabot writes: Blitzwing: " That's the last time I'm going to Louisiana, they can have those byous!!!
*Devestator steps on him*
Blitzwing: *While still flat* Thanks....ow I think.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blitzwing,"Whoa what is the alege content of this swimming pool anyway?"
Armbullet writes: Now I shall Have superpowers!! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!
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Caelus writes: The evil Shredder decides to replace Bebop and Rocksteady by mutating Blitzwing and Astrotrain.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The new ehobby exclusive Snotwing isn't all that great,I think I'll pass on it.
1337W422102 writes: "Guess I couldn't hold it in. I KNEW I should have taken a rest stop before going through the space bridge..."
Zeedust writes: Nobody knew how Blitzwing wound up being the first transformer to get a sunburn, but one thing was clear: the aloe vera gel wasn't working.
Giga Prime writes: In the remake of Ghostbusters, Blitzwing plays Peter Venkman.
optimus9504 writes: Blitzwing said: "yucky, why I get green slime first place? yucky!"
dolenarda writes: Megatron always told me to run away if its Green when it should be Pink
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Blitzwing didn't know how to tell the other Decepticons about his consuming addiction to candy apple pops, but it had gotten so out of hand, most of them already knew about it.
OP Prime writes: Blitz:"I attack your world and all you can defend yourselves with, is SLIME!?"
Aliens: "It's not JUST slime its a METAL EATING acidic slime, that also is quite sticky. And did we mention it also gums up joints really well?"
Silent writes: oh why did i go to the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Show?
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wavelength writes: why does fort max sneeze when cerboros sneezes when spike sneezes
XeroSyphon writes: Ok, whoo didn't put cholorine in the pool?
Acelister writes: Blitzwing: "Okay class, now for *Wack!* Oww! Who put this bucket of slime above the door?"
Rumble: "Don't tell him its acid!"
Blitzwing: "Aww man, its everywhere..."
Acelister writes: Frenzy: "Uhh, you're too late for Halloween, pal..."
Blitzwing: "Do you know how many planets I had to shop at before I found this colour gunk?"
Acelister writes: Blitzwing: "Are you sure you want this colour, Megatron?"
G2 Megatron: "Yes! Now go get the purple..."
Bed Bugs writes: Blitzwing attempts to be a model and shows off "Elita's Secret".
cecilia writes: one never told Blitzwing that green is soooo last years colour?
Death Gunner writes: Blitzwing:"Galvatron?"
Galavatron:"You cant see me"
Carlito:"Thats not cool"
*spits cybertronion apple juice on Blitzwing*
Death Gunner writes: Starscream:"Ahhhh decepticons retreat"
Blitzwing:"Hey why are we retreating it's just me"
Starscream:" We know, we know"
Death Gunner writes: Megatron:"Ah blitzwing your here, took you long enough"
Blitzwing:"Next time someone else can take the sewer approach, do you know how many crocodiles are down there?"
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Acelister writes: Rodimus Prime: "These arn't the Autobot's you're looking for..."
Blitzwing: "These arn't the Autobot's I'm looking for..."
Rodimus Prime: "You want to cover yourself in slime..."
Blitzwing: &q
Acelister writes: Blitzwing: "And then you're sure she'll like me?"
*Kup and Hot Rod s------*
Kup: "Sure thing, lad... Just make sure that stuff's everywhere..."
Hot Rod: "Psst, Kup... What is it, anyway?"
Kup: "Not a
Acelister writes: Blitzwing: "What on Cybertron is in those water baloons?!"
Acelister writes: Blitzwing: "If I hear or see one more comment about this being because of Nickelodeon, I'm gonna bust some heads!"
Acelister writes: Blitzwing: "I'm melting! MELTING!"
Rumble: "Jeeze, he sure don't like havin' to wash..."
Acelister writes: Blitzwing: "Who switched my shampoo?!"
DarkDranzer writes: *Instead of being expelled from the Decepticons by Galvatron, Blitzwing was forced to clean out Trypticon's waste disposal unit for a month*

Blitzwing: "Note to Self: Go to Cybertron and tell Rodimus Prime that I accept his admission into the
Raverunner writes: The same thing happened to my Blitzwing toy! i was sitting on my toilet playing with him while evacuating my Taco Bell lunch when he suddenly lept from my hands and decided to go swimming in it...
thexfile writes: old blitzie uses to much greas in his hear after wanting to do his elvis impersonation....
this hapens when you have a bit to much of those energon drinks.....
thexfile writes: her we see the 1st paparatzie pix of blitzwing after he had a secret date withe that lovebal bal of slime from the goostbusters.... yes you herd it her 1st blitzwing and slimer ar an item !!!
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Chromia writes: It Burns! It buurns!!!
1337W422102 writes: I've heard of egging people, but this is rediculous!
jetty fire writes: Blitzwing you did the secert slime action.That was being a asswhole
Me am Grimwave writes: Eww! Dammit Trypticon, warn us next time before you sneeze!
scattershot78 writes: Blitzwing: Well this automobile anti-freeze will help me cool down so I can bash some autobrats!
Zeedust writes: Blitwing gets too close to Mike when Agent K steps in.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: My Blitzwing bellywasher has a leak in it.
Solidus writes: Hey! I said I'd volunteer for Generation 2, but you didn't say anything about this lousy repaint color scheme!
Solidus writes: Finally realizing that bright purple has no business in the military, Blitzwing decides to try his hand at a bit of camoflage.
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Ransom writes: Blitzwing lost yet another round of paintball.
Godfather Bluto writes: Blitzwing: That's the last time i stand underneath a drunk gelstat on his knees.
DeceptiGojira writes: Dammit¡¡ Frenzy, April´s fool was last Friday¡¡
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blitzwing,"Ahhhhh what the hell? Man I hate when we do battle against Gallagher!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blitzwing,"Dammit I hate kitbashers!"
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Blitzwing: Wait a second... This isn't paint, IT'S GASOLINE! (Skywarp drops a lit mathch on Blitzwing) AHHHH! IT BURNS! STOP! DROP! ROLL! (repeats it a few more times)
Trypticon: Blitzwing do funny dance. Me wanna try! (Drops and starts rolling
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Blitzwing is the first to be eliminated from the 4th annual Cybertron Paintball Tournament.
Masterpiece Prowl writes: That's the last time I guest star on Slime Time Live. At least I didn't get pied. (Wreck-Gar throws a pie and hits Blitzwing)
Me and my biiiiiig mouth.
Ransom writes: Blitzwing is shown what the art term "living canvas" means.
Q42 writes: Why is there always someone who brings eggs and tomatoes to a speech?
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Q42 writes: AAARRRGGHHHH!!! It's in my ear! It's in my EAR!!!!!
Q42 writes: I'm gonna need one long shower after this...
Thanatos Prime writes: Practical joke day in Kaon
Thanatos Prime writes: Oops, Megs is gonna be mad I broke my pretender shell...
Thanatos Prime writes: SLIMER GOT ME! Better call the ghostbusters
trailbreaker writes: Blitzwing accidentally steps into the Evil Horde Slime Pit.
trailbreaker writes: "Yuck! Trypticon just sneezed on me!!"
King Slick writes: Blitzwing: That's the last time I make an apperance on "You Can't Say That on Television!". I could go for some water...
*Blitzwing gets water dumped on him*
gruff writes: Janosz Poha: Why am I drippings with goo?
Ray Stanz: Man, I love you.
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Bed Bugs writes: Blitzwing: Stop it Mixmaster!
M.master: It wasn't me!
Menasor: Sorry, hehe.
Bed Bugs writes: The Quintessons punishment for being found "Guilty".

(Looks like a green Sharkticon is attacking him from behind)
Bed Bugs writes: Blitzwing: Does this make me look like G2 Megatron now?
Bed Bugs writes: Megatron: Damn it Blitzwing! You went out drinkin again, didn't you?!

Blitzwing: *hiccup*I don't know *hiccup* what you're *hiccup* talkin about *hiccup*.
Bed Bugs writes: Blitzwing: Ah, it's jobs like these that remind me why I almost joined the Autobots! Damn you Octane!
Bed Bugs writes: Not to be outdone, the Decepticons attempt to match the Autobots Autobot Spike project. Only they took Blitzwing and merged him with Swamp Thing. May I present, Swampwing!
Bed Bugs writes: Blitzwing: I thought you said this camo would make me hard to see!
Bed Bugs writes: The "evolved" form of Cosmic Rust.
Bed Bugs writes: During the movie, Blitzwing is getting up after landing on and killing Shrapnel.

Blitzwing: Ew! Insecticon guts!
Bed Bugs writes: Blitzwing: Hey! Astrotrain! You need to lay off the grease!
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Bed Bugs writes: After failing in "Triple-Takeover", Blitzwing is punished by being forced to clean up after Trypticon.
Bed Bugs writes: Wreck-Gar: We'll have you fixed up faster than 90 day waurantee, ---- a doodle doo!

Blitzwing: What in Seibertron's sake did you wipe on me?!
Bed Bugs writes: This is what happens when a transformer attempts to be a "Quad-changer".
Bed Bugs writes: Blitzwing: Quick! Get some Pepto Bismol, Trypticon's got the Diaharea again!
cecilia writes: They say that this is the best for the skin but why does it smell like ----?
HardHead writes: After a hard day's work, Blitzwing uses Panten Pro VI Transformer fluid: Because he's worth it
Mystery writes: GAH!!!!!!! If I'd known this was part of appearing at the Kids' Choice Awards, I wouldn't've come! (I didn't even get picked for a blimp...)
Jaw Crusher writes: Ah, nice to see some test art from 88 MPH Studios, though I really don't know if a Transformers/Ghosbusters crossover will fly.
Acelister writes: Blitzwing: "What are the odds of Menasor, Devestator AND Predaking all getting colds at the same time? Let alone sneezing at the same time!"
Black Arachnis writes: Blitzwing: "ah sonova!who`se the wiseguy that thinks it`s funny to toss paintbombs!I just had my barrel polished by a fembot!
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Ratbat writes: Blitzwing hated being on Nickelodeon's You Can't Do That On Television.
Ratbat writes: What the--? I'm trapped!!
Sustain writes: Blitzwing: Next time send Starscream to squish the Quints.
Raverunner writes: Dammit why did Galvatron have ME attack Unicron's Nose section?!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blitzwing,"Damn this is why I hate being a presenter at the Nickleodian kids awards show."
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