Bombshell gets indigestion

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Bombshell gets indigestion
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BG the Robit writes: *Bombshell lies in his own vomit, completely out*
Kickback: I TOLD you not to get that drunk, dude.
BG the Robit writes: Hey - holy crap!
ugh... *laying on the ground*
Dude, did someone shoot you- *sees the vomit he's laying in*
Help... *hurls for 5th time* Can't... get... up... *6th time* help... *7th*
Soundwave! We have a situation! *goes to his knees* And I think it'
ultraprime0914 writes: Ughh i feel like i'm gonna barf nuts and bolts
ultraprime0914 writes: Ughh i feel like i'm gonna barf nuts and bolts
UnderYourCloset writes: Bombshell has been friend-zoned.
trailbreaker writes: "Cosmic Rust all over my nipples!"
Zeedust writes: "My sticker's falling off! Quick, go get the Reprolabels before someone sees me like this!"
Sideswipe619 writes: Bombshell: uuuuuuggggggh I shouldn't have eaten shrapnel and rumble
Kickback: why?
Bombshell: they hate each other
peacethroughtyranny writes: Kickback: hey Bombshell OHHH MY GOD!!

Bombshell: (barf all over the floor) g..g..go get Soundwave

Kickback: what happen
Black Hat writes: I can't believe it...My best toy is a 3rd party product...
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BeastProwl writes: Bombshell: AHAA! AHA! HE JUST...RAN OUT THERE!
Kickback: Were's Shrapnel?
Shrapnel: Rout 66 huh? Wonder why they call it tha-
#Sideways# writes: "If I puke in this helmet..."
darth_paul writes: Kickback: What's up Bombshell?
Bombshell: I read somewhere that Coca Cola can dissolve the head off a nail and I didn't believe it so I drank some and now it's dissolving my inisides! ARRRAGGGHH!
hot rod 907 writes: WHERE THE HELL IS THE PEPTO BISMAL!?!
Dclone Soundwave writes: Kickback:"What's wrong with you?"

Bombshell:"My stomach hurts, but I don't even have a real mouth to put the food in. I'm so confused!"
bringo writes: Ah..oohh..wwheez..
Now I know why they call you "Kickback"..
Minicle writes: Bombshell: Ooo! That's the last time I play the Cello.

Kickback: ?
Starazor writes: If Skywarp ever makes dinner again, remind me to get takeout.
snavej writes: Bombshell: I shouldn't have put that cerebro shell in the supermodel's head. Now I keep feeling her barfing up breakfast, and lunch, and snacks, and dinner, and more snacks, and supper, and...

Kickback: So turn it off, fool!

Bombshell: Ma
starscream_the_eternal writes: Kickback: "What's wrong Bombshell".
Bombshell: "I've got heartburn again."
Kickback: "Regular episodes of heartburn could be a symptom of a bigger health problem called
chronic acid reflux."
Bombshell: "Rea
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The_Kirby writes: I need some anticid
Unknown writes: something inside me........... aaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!
(alien bursts out) i knew i shouldnt have had the special.
Stormshadow writes: Kickback: No no...
(Bomshell spews)
Kickback: ewww, wait...where did you get carrots?
Roadshadow writes: Kickback: What's wrong, Bombshell?
Bombshell: Dammit...I always knew 5 bean burritos and 12 Big Macs would lead to one hell of an indigestion...
Korium9 writes: You said you loved me!
Zeedust writes: He can drink hydrochloric acid without so much as being gassy afterwards...

Diet Cherry Vanilla Doctor Pepper, on the other hand, almost killed him.
Demonic Femme writes: Starscream (off screen): "Now! If anyone else wants me to blow a hole through their chest, be my guest!"
Kickback: "Oh no!no!"
Starscream: "Then GET TO WORK!"
gauthic_angel7680 writes: bombshell: oh sh*t here comes the big one. mexican food is coming back to haunt me. was it the lsd or the pot i ate... rippppppp.
sharpnell: run away.
Shrapnel: What is wrong with you?? wrong with you??
Kickback: He had one too many cerebro shells for dinner last night
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Screambug writes: "Ooh...a pretty bad heartburn from too much buffalo wings!"
Armbullet writes: bombshell you need to stop pruging
Prowl Worshipper writes: That's the last time I eat Thundercracker's cooking!
commander setinel writes: AAAHHHH to much tacos
commander setinel writes: AAAHHHH to much tacos
Marv writes: Whatsamatter buddy? Ate a little too much Autobot Base again?
cipher98 writes: Bombshell:Spark Attack! Kickback call 911!!
Zeedust writes: Bombshell: "Wild bean vines... Hard to digest..."

Kickback: "Oh no, I've seen how this one ends. I'm outta here."
trailbreaker writes: Bombshell after having a Big Mac attack....
Zeedust writes: Bombshel: "Bwahaha... ahaha... HAHAHA!"
Kickback: "What's so funny?"
Bomshell: "Shrapnel got hit in the head and thinks he's Waspinator! How's THAT for irony?"
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Zeedust writes: Bombshelll: "Primus in a stasis pod...."

Kickback: "What's wrong now?"

Bombshell: "They've got us listed on eBay as 'Incesticons' again..."

Kickback: &q
prim writes: hey that pizza we had yeah iam starting to get indigestion
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Bombshell,"Oh god I feels so empty inside." Kickback,"You too?"
Unknown writes: Bombshell: Ohhhhh, god...
Kickback: I told you not to eat that 8 day old cherry pie!
Unknown writes: After the previous episode of WWE Smackdown, Bombshell found and ate what was the same tacos with Eddie Guerrero's "special sauce" that The Big Show ate! Now Bombshell feels like he has to go to the toilet!
Unknown writes: hey...your tatoo came off, why won't mine...HELP, get it off, mom is going to kill me.
Unknown writes: bombshell- wow you're right kick back, thansk to jenny craig, i can finally see my feet.
Unknown writes: Bombshell : "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA !!!!"
Kickback : "Oh come on, it wasn't that funny."
Alphatron2k3 writes: Com'on Bombshell Armada isn't that bad you need to upchuck you lunch.
Zeedust writes: "Ugh... Figgin' Carbolite jellybeans..." (This one's based on a true story, folks...)
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Unknown writes: Bombshell: That is the LAST time I ever eat at Taco Bell's AGAIN! (pphrrt)
Kickback: Primus, that just reeks.
Nightshadow writes: Ohhh..... I knew I shouldn't have eaten Megatron's five-alarm chili!
Unknown writes: Note to self: NEVER, EVER drink Megatron's "Carrot juice" again.(see picture "Megatron's ultimate weapon" picture)
Unknown writes: Bombshell: Damn worthless stickers, keep peeling off.
Unknown writes: Dam, high engreon fuel.
Unknown writes: Bombshell : Ah ha ha ha ha! That's a good one, Kickback! Except the version I heard had a priest and a nun instead.
Ten-Four writes: "After a night of too much high-grade energon, thou must kneel before the commode and pray to the porcelain Gods." Kickback 12:01 am
Beast Simpson writes: Oooh....that Ex-Lax's kickin in...... I'll be right back!!
Unknown writes: It's Bombshell's time of the month.
Unknown writes: Bobshell just saw ARMADA. Now he'll REALLY be scarred for life.
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Unknown writes: Bombshell just saw "Batman and Robin." He'll be scarred for life!
Unknown writes: Ugh.... don't EVER try Megatron's cooking...
Unknown writes: bombshell- hey kickback when did i eat that?
Unknown writes: Kickback: It was not that funney!
Unknown writes: Go to denny's he said! the foods great he said! well Up yours shrapnel!!!!!!!
Manchester Devil writes: Bombshell: I should've known eating bricks was a bad idea!
Starscream: ha, ha, ha!
gabriel writes: oHHHHHH!!!!!! C O N S
T I P A I T I O N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kickback writes: Kickback, now where did you say those porto-potties are again? (darn tacos!)
Sledge writes: Kickback -- "I have some Mylanta right here Bombshell"
Pokejedservo writes: Alas, Bombshell was one of the many victims of the Nauseatingly shaky camera in "The Blair Witch Project".
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Unknown writes: Bombshell learns that there are no plans to include him in "Armada".
Unknown writes: Bombshell: Argh! my space-heart!
Kickback: Okay, you are never watching Gundam Wing again!
Unknown writes: Kickback: Almost to the bathroom, Bombshell, almost . . .
Bombshell: *Puuuuuuuke!*
Kickback: *Sigh* Too late. -.-;
Stacey writes: Bombshell: I need a TUMS the size of a hockey puck.
Unknown writes: Whoaahh... that nova power core is giving me heartburn! That is, if I have a heart!
Unknown writes: Bombshell: I think I have heartburn.
Omega Supreme writes: Bombshell:Oh man I really have a bad case of acid diahorea,that does it no more unleaded energon for me.
Unknown writes: Bombshell reacting to this weeks Fear Factor
Unknown writes: Bombshell tries to conceal it from his insecticon brothers, but he always starts to cry at the end of Titanic.
Unknown writes: Kuchh BULLs£!t!!Kuchh BULLs£!t!!
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Unknown writes: The Xenomorph! It's trying to get out! Where's Sigourney Weaver?!
Unknown writes: Kickback: Bombshell I told you that tacobell would upset your stomic! Bombshell: Shot up Im fine...... Awwwww god I tink it's coming out the wrong tail pipe! Kickback: Bombshell I been meaning to ask you? What the hell is that on your head...
Galvatron Z writes: Kickback: "Ummm is that thing on your head what I think it is?" Bombshell: "Shut up! It's just a bad haircut!" *Oh God, he knows!*
Silverwolf writes: Bombshell has a poor reaction to Kickbacks account of exactly what he and Megatron had done the night before.
Stelartron writes: KICKBACK: And so I says to the guy, that's no Sharkticon, that's my wife, wife!
Unknown writes: Announcer:Please support World Vision NOW and help these ,poor,hungry people from third world countries for only A dollar a day.
Unknown writes: "you should've seen yourself, kickback. I had no idea i could have so much fun with those cerebro shells"
Unknown writes: ACK!!.. My .. Heart.. *thud*

Kickback: I got dibs on his wallet!!!
Unknown writes: your sternum punches do hurt like heck
Unknown writes: Bombshell: I could sure use some of that Pepto Bismol right now!
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Unknown writes: BOMBSHELL:That Bin Laden tape looked so corny,I HAD TO LAUGH! SHRAPNEL:There, there.
Unknown writes: Me no feel good... damn tacos... *moan*
Unknown writes: ahhhhh!! the invisabel autobot!!
Unknown writes: Bombshell: I knew I shouldn't of ridden on top of Star Scream.....
Jackpot writes: "And THAT, my drunken, vomitous comrade, is why faceplates are a bad idea."
Unknown writes: HEART BURN AGHHHH!!!! wait we don't have hearts.... KICKBACK: then what the hell r u doing? shrapnel: I'm posing for these losers to make fun of us.
Unknown writes: I souldn't have ate that week old chili last night. Damn, what you do sh!t yourself
Jackpot writes: "Heimlich maneuver? Do you realize what that would look like to those jerks?"
Unknown writes: Uhh the pain!
Whats wrong!?!?

I'm not like other boys.

Every time there is a full moon I become......a teenage werewolf!!!
Unknown writes: A couple of Tums tablets, and you'll be okay!
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Unknown writes: Augh! Those White Castle burgers gave me serious stomach pain!
Snake writes: kickstand ,er back:
gee bombshell did you see RID megatron
Unknown writes: AY, MI ESTOMAGO!
Unknown writes: He's gonna chuck his energon cookies! TAKE COVER!
Unknown writes: TOYODA......OH WHAT A FEELING!!!!!!!!
MEGATRON writes: Dude, that was cruel! At least warn me when you're gonna let one like that rip
Optimus writes: God I HATE sticker ware!
Unknown writes: "I think you got me pregnant"
Unknown writes: I can't handle another 6 foot bong rip
Shrapnel writes: Bombshell: "HAHAHA They're calling you Shrapnel again!"
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Unknown writes: Bombshell:Gaaahk *gasp* guuh!

Kickback: Quick! Anyone knows Heimlich?
Unknown writes: Bombshell:"God, what did you do to do the residual energon dump?"
Sharpnel:"Who? Me?"
Unknown writes: Dude, it wasn't THAT funny.
Unknown writes: Oooohhh ... I knew I shouldn't have had that Energon Kebab. The chilli sauce's giving me spark burn!
Bombshell writes: Bombshell watches "Spaceballs" as Kickback watches in confusion.
Optimus Prime writes: Bombshell: I shouldn't have smelt what Shrapnel was cooking...
Unknown writes: I told you it was a bad idea to eat those bean boritos!
Unknown writes: Do we have to eat all those energon cubes, Kick Back... Ooh! I think I got a heart attack!
Shadowen writes: BOMBSHELL: D-damn your k-keg parties...

SHRAPNEL: Hey, it was your idea.
Riseacon writes: Ohhh, I thought that energon smelt funky.
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