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Sparkplug volunteers!
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trailbreaker writes: “Slim Fast worked for me ... kind of .”
trailbreaker writes: “I’d like a Big Mac please!”
trailbreaker writes: "My chin looks like a butt."
trailbreaker writes: "I have 2 tix to Justin Bieber's show, who's coming with me?"
Rainmaker writes: I volunteer as tribute!
DeathReviews writes: "Pull my finger!"
UnderYourCloset writes: Sparkplug: I volunteer to be the next person to be blown up by Jazz!
Black Hat writes: "My name is Sparkplug, and I DARE to be stupid!"
trailbreaker writes: "I ate all the Twinkies, Prime!"
Black Hat writes: Sparkplug: This is obviously God's will...
Jazz: What's the matter with joo?
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Nemesis Jason writes: Ah Ah Ah Ah, Staying live, Staying Alive
trailbreaker writes: Sparkplug shows everyone his studly "Saturday Night Fever" pose.....
Scatterlung writes: Optimus: You, Daniel Witwicky, have been found guilty of becoming the most annoying and pointless waste of animation time, and are hereby damned to an eternity of beatings and endless cruelty. Who here shall shoulder the burden of carrying out this senten
bringo writes: Yo! That's my porn!
Roadshadow writes: Sparkplug: And THIS is the finger that I used to pick my nose last night!
Jazz: That's it. To the crazy house with you.
snavej writes: Sparkplug: I am John Travolta! Staying alive, staying alive, staying aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

Bumblebee: May I please have your autograph?

Jazz: I pity the fools.
seminole1 writes: Jazz(thinking to himself): What the hell is he volunteering for...he'll only be in the way , wit his fat ass.
Roadshadow writes: Sparkplug: I got LAID everybody!
trailbreaker writes: "Prime, I got a tattoo of Huffer on my left butt cheek last night."
Roadshadow writes: Sparkplug: Durr, finger point up there!
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Zeedust writes: "As the only one here without a fender, I feel I have a unique perspetive, and blah blah blah..."

The REAL reason everyone was so eager to return to Cybertron.
Demonic Femme writes: Optimus Prime (off screen): Okay Autobot's, the Deceptico- gosh damn it! I stepped in another one of those foul icecream sandwhishes! Who's responsible for these?!!
Sparkplug: "I am sir!"
Decepticon Commander writes: Bumblebee:I would pay someone $5 if they would go to the bathroom for me.
Sparkplug:I will.
Jazz:That would be $2.50.
Decepticon Commander writes: Prime:Who wants a cookie?
Sparkplug:I do. I do.
Marv writes: Prime: ...first of all, I'll need a volunteer to...ah, yes, thank you Sparkplug, you'll be shouting insults at Devastator and Bruticus to distract them from us sneaking into the Decepticon base...
Jazz: Don't worry buddy, we'll b
Defcon writes: Why yes! I DID cut the cheese!
Zeedust writes: Sparkplug Witwicky, disco addict.
Kal-Seth writes: Sparkplug is the only beam in the transformers universe FOR the idea of Armada and "dissappers" after the movie
trailbreaker writes: "Prime, I got these pants on sale at Sears."
shockwave_inoz writes: OPTIMUS: "I want a volunteer to.."
SPARK (interrupting): "I'll do it, Op!"
OPTIMUS: "...clean out Grimlock's litter tray. Thankyou, Sparkplug."
JAZZ: "You're on your own
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Suzuki writes: Aren't you glad you used Dial? Don't you wish everybody did?
Shadow Fox writes: Sparkplug- Come ooonnnn Optimus let me do it. Look at me, I'm fat and human, I'll be forgotten about in less than a year into the series, I just want to go on 'one' mission so I'll have something good to write
Unknown writes: Sparkplug: Taxi!
Jazz: We don't have a Taxibot, Sparkplug.
Sparkplug: Oh.
Unknown writes: I bid $1.00 for the red van with the yellow stripe!
Unknown writes: Sparkplug: Kill Superion, not me!
BlItZeR writes: "I will bring down the rest of the village people for the party tonite"!!
Zeedust writes: All they said was, "Anyone who wants to help animate Armada, raise your hand." This tragedy wan't supposed to happen.
Unknown writes: Prime (in Cybertronian): "I need a volunteer for the suicide mission." Sparkplug: "What'd he say?" Jazz: "He said 'Who wants to go get donuts?'"
Zu Darkness writes: Sparkplug: I have an idea I have a bomb strap to myself just let me sneak into the depection base and I'll plant it. Jazz: Okay then. Picks up sparkplug and chucks him at megatron and wateches him blowup. Jazz: Damn he wasen'tk idding to
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Unknown writes: Sparkplug: I just want to let you know that Chip Chase, Raoul, Archeville, Sean Berger and myself, will not all be in the movie!
Zu Darkness writes: Sparkplug: I for one agree that the Aranda anime is much better than the origional. i get to go from a fat what ever the F--- I'm suppose to be to a minicon (blah blah blah). Jazz: Oh shut the F--- up already. shoots Sprakplug's head off
Unknown writes: Sparkpulg: okay i'll ---- the five year olds
Zu Darkness writes: I have a plan I'll use my magic finger and make all the despitions disapper. Jazz: Oh thats it: shoots Sparkplugs head off
Unknown writes: er...Prime......Bumble Bee is wearing Y-fronts
Unknown writes: I got a papercut
Unknown writes: Prime - anyone for an icecream, raise your hand.
Unknown writes: Sparkplug: Prime, I would be honored to fulfill this mission for you.
Bumblebee: Psst, Jazz, has anyone told Sparky here the chances of survival are slim?
Jazz: Hush Bumblebee. Some things must be learned by experience.
Unknown writes: "This finger has been inside Wheelie!"
Unknown writes: Sparkplug: Prime, I don't like the fact that I'm going to be a Minicon in Armada!
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Unknown writes: I will volunteer to take it up the ass from jazz!
Beast Simpson writes: Seeing as I'm the only organic lifeform here, I'll be the animal sacrifice.
Beast Simpson writes: I feel a rumbly in my tumbly. When're we gonna break for lunch?!?!
Zu Darkness writes: I got a plan. Send Yami in and he'll take care of those depectons insted.
zach writes: uhhh optimus can i go to the bathroom please
Unknown writes: Sparkplug: "Uhh, Prime? I can't transform but I can roll out with Bumblebee here."
Unknown writes: Why yes, I DO take it like a man.
Unknown writes: Sparkplug-This looks like a job for "Fat Homely Contrustion Man"! Away! *Farts into the air*
Unknown writes: Rasie your hand if you're some dumbass who wears a hardhat 24/7!
ryo777 writes: Sparky: Er, Prime. May I be excused? I hafta do a #2!!
Prime:Sure, Sparkplug.
Jazz: Damn, I thought ALL OLD Earth humans wore DEPENDS.
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ryo777 writes: Sparky: I volunteer Prime.
Jazz: HaHa, friggin LOSER, little does he know, he just volunteered to be the Dinobots OWN personal Pooper Scooper!
ryo777 writes: Dennis Leary: HEY!! STACEY!! Why don't YOU be ORIGINAL!! NOT ONLY is that LAME!!, but SOMEONE else already POSTED that!! STRAIGHT CORNY!!
ryo777 writes: Prime: Anyone KNOW the answer?
Prime: Er, yes Horshack, uh, I mean, Sparkplug?
Jazz: Great, now I'm getting flashbacks of "Welcome Back Kotter".
Bumblebee: I HATE playing 70s week!
ryo777 writes: Sparky: I tell ya Ironhide, that Viagra REALLY works. Mr. Happy grew SKY high!!
Jazz: A lil TOO MUCH INFO, pervo!!
Bumblebee: No, keep talking.
Jazz: DON'T encourage him,DUMB@SS!!
Silverwynde writes: Sparkplug: "Hey, I know where Cybertron is... it's up there!" Jazz: "No $&!+ Sherlock. Bumblebee, slap him."
Bumblebee: "You got it."
Unknown writes: i vote we have a bake sale for fund raising.
Unknown writes: Prime: Alright, who wants the suicide mission, where there is a 99.999999999% chance of getting killed? Sparkplug: I'll take it.
Unknown writes: I have a plan!
Jazz I hope it aint that stupid rin and hide routine again!
Sparkplug:......I withdraw my plan.
dino writes: Sparkplug: Hey Prime I'll do it. Jazz: bad move man. Sparkplug: why Jazz: you do not want to do it or want to know
frank writes: I ate the Twinkies, Prime!
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Sledge writes: "Yes, I was the one who farted"
Unknown writes: "Not Buttplug, Sparkplug. Get it right, Prime!"
starscream88 writes: Optimus was handing out the order from popeyes chicken: Who ordered the mega bucket with 50 buscuits and mashed taters, fries, gravy, extra wing, extra leg, oh and a DIET coke? Sparkplug: Right here Prime!
Stacey writes: Pull my finger.
Unknown writes: Jazz (thinking to himself): That a** of his is "Shining".
Unknown writes: Optimus: "Okay, who here thinks they can take Megatron in one-on-one combat? ...Sparkplug, how many drinks have you had today?"
Unknown writes: It was Colonel Mustard, in the hallway, with the candlestick!
Wolverine writes: While optimus and megatron are fighting sparkplug interrupts. "Hey Guess what? IM FAT!"
Unknown writes: Spike: I think I know the answer! *Farts*
Unknown writes: Optimus, can I get a drink?
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Unknown writes: "Up yours Megatron!!!"
Unknown writes: Pull my finger!
Unknown writes: I am a hobbit!!!
Unknown writes: I am BILL MURRAY!!!!!!
Unknown writes: I am NOT useless! Look, I can find the sky!
Unknown writes: prime are you really going to trade me for the soul purpose of seeing megatron nude
Unknown writes: jazz:damn sparkplug losse some fµ©king weight
Unknown writes: Someone pull my finger...
Unknown writes: It was me, Prime. I had the affair with Elita-1! What ya gonna do about it, sucka?
Unknown writes: Prime and megatron fights in front of the Autobots and the Decepticons and all of a sudden...
Starscream: Ok the rest of you, who thinks Megatron will win?
All the Decepticons raised their hands
Starscream: Who says Prime will win?
All the autobots ra
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Unknown writes: All those opposed to crucifying the pudgy, older human, raise your hands...
Unknown writes: Prime: Anyone has a suggestion?
Sparkplug raises his hand
Prime: yes sparkplug?
Sparkplug: I have one! Lets go to the culture club concert!!!
After sparkplug said that, all the autobots transformed and heads back to the ark
Unknown writes: Prime:Trivia time, Bots;How come Sparkplug isn't going to be in the movie, or season three?"
Sparkplug:"Same as you, Optimus;Im gonna die!"
Jazz:"That aint no $h!t, Mr.'I can eat the whole menu at Mc
Unknown writes: Hey!! one with everthing on it...and no damn anchovy's!!
Unknown writes: Let the most useless species in the Transformers series step forward
FortMax writes: Hello, my name is Sparkplug and I'm an alcholic

Optimus: .......... You have lower the IQs of every one in this room by at least 10 points. I hope you rot in hell.

Jazz: We could use him
Unknown writes: On Earth we call this "pulling the finger."
Unknown writes: SPARKPLUG:"I want to add that I won both the Ralph Kramden(Honeymooners)AND Archie Bunker(All in the family) look-alike contests.
Unknown writes: HOWZAT!
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Unknown writes: It's been 1 year since I stopped working the oil rig. My clothes are now a part of me.
Unknown writes: Optimus:"..and those AGAINST rescuing Spike?"
Unknown writes: Optimus:"Damage report, Sparkplug." Sparkplug: "I've got one heck of a splinter."
Unknown writes: I'll take a cheeseburger.
Dynamus Prime writes: MY FAVORITE COLOR IS BLUE!
Unknown writes: Prime: aNy volunteers?
(spark Plug raises his hand)
Prime than falls to the ground laughing insanely
and then gets back up and says "ok"
Unknown writes: Excuse me...How much does this job pay?
hyperconvoy69 writes: Hold on... I got one... arghhh... ( passes gas)
Unknown writes: Spark Plug: Uh...Prime....the Dicepticons are heading this direction.
Unknown writes: *urp*uhhh, i sware i only had *urp* uhhh one beer!
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Windcharger writes: "It's impossible to flag a cab down in this city, why did you guys have to go and become Action Masters?"
Unknown writes: YES! I am a worthless character of the show
Unknown writes: this finger has been in my ass for 4 years.
Unknown writes: Theres a boogie on my finger and it wont let go.
Unknown writes: Yes Prime, as a matter of fact I am a crappy character
Unknown writes: "Is it just me or do Bumblebee's nether regions take up more space in this shot that I do?"
Unknown writes: I'll give credit where credit's due. I challenged Jazz, and he refused to pull my finger.
Unknown writes: Sorry it was me.
Unknown writes: Jazz: **Shoot him now, ask questions later.**
Unknown writes: Ah ha.. I bet you can't guess were this fingers been!
ArCee,Cally and Danel all Blush.
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Jackpot writes: "I am Spartaplug!"
Unknown writes: Prime: Ok, since all of you cant be in the movie, which one of you is the Weakest Link ?!
Jackpot writes: It was creepy enough that Sparkplug somehow always managed to snag the Matrix by the end of his magic act, but the way he'd casually spin it on his finger made everyone more than a little wary.
Unknown writes: I just volunteered to be a stunt double in the "Village People" Movie!
Unknown writes: Hey Jazz, pull my finger. Okay (frrt)Geez, did eat alot of beans
Jackpot writes: With smug realization, he grazed the edge of the cel. All I need is a paintbrush, he thought. So simple, this whole time.
Unknown writes: Oh oh! Pick me, Prime! Pick me! I'm a highly trained assassin!
Unknown writes: "Now THIS is how you flag down a hooker."
Unknown writes: Say Sparkplug, which direction is the sky? Good boy!
Unknown writes: jazz said he'll go
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Unknown writes: I am calling BULLs£!t!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MEGATRON writes: Prime : Tracks is missing, does anyone know where he is?
Sparkplug : I looked in his room, I found his list of favourite gay sex shops. He'll be at one of them Prime
Unknown writes: Sparkplug: This is a job for... Oil Rig Man! Defender of Justice and hero of the Union!
With an oily flash, the protector of petrol strikes fear into the hearts of giant energy-thieving robots across the globe!
Snake writes: rasie your hand if your soooooo lame they wouldn't put you in the movie ,when they put ultra magnus and kup in
Unknown writes: Yeah me! I know a funny story! It all started in the winter of '41, the snow was so... Hey were are you all going!
MiGrAnE writes: hey jazz, pull my finger.
Unknown writes: May I take the lead, Optimus? I know this cave like the back of my hand! Then does Osama bin Laden!
; )
Jay Prime writes: Excuse me- what does God need with a starship?
Unknown writes: I have a dream that all Transformer Series will be shown in US...even Beast Wars NEO.
Unknown writes: Optimus: Hey! Who farted?
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Unknown writes: I know the answer to that question, teacher.
Unknown writes: SPARKPLUG: Hmm...North by Northeast...50 knots
Unknown writes: Bumblebee wants to go to the toilet, Optimus!
Shadowen writes: SPARKPLUG: I have a dream!

JAZZ: Yeah, brother!
prime writes: "Hey, beer man!"
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