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Ratchet w/ gun
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Poyguimogul writes: I would have waited an' eternity for this Megatron, it's over.
Bee's Girlfriend writes: Ratchet: You have failed me yet again... wait, I'm not Megatron.
Bee: Yes, and I'm not Starscream, so GET YOUR GUN OUT OF MY FACE!
Rainmaker writes: I thought you're meant to be the medic, Ratchet!
Rainmaker writes: Ratchet: Turn your head and cough
trailbreaker writes: My hand is covered in blood !!
Rainmaker writes: "DIE, AUDIENCE!"
Frenchhorngirl writes: "OH MY GOD!!! I got mixed up with the Starscream meme!"
Lboogie609 writes: "Here's another example of "R&R"..."
Zeedust writes: "Don't move. This may sting a little."
Ratbat writes: So YOU'RE one of Michael Bay's CGI ripoffs!
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peacethroughtyranny writes: Ratchet: Its alright I'm an emergency vehicle, wait wrong line ughhhhhhh.... I got nothing
Ratbat writes: You're not the REAL GENERATION-ONE Optimus Prime! You're a Michael Bay-created RIPOFF!!
grimlock1972 writes: THis what Cybertronians call a hypodermic.
Skywarp64 writes: "Do not worry. I am an emergency vehicle."
Heckfire writes: F*** your Hippocratic Oath.
#Sideways# writes: "Dodge this."
michellatron writes: Say hello to my little FRIEND!

*click* *click*

Oh what the $*!#, come one guys! What kind of movie is this anyway, this isn't even a real gun!
Unknown writes: hasta laviesta babie
ACStarscream writes: You want a *second* opinion?
REGI ICE writes: We need YOU!
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Stormraid writes: If your'e a Decepticon- you probally don't wanna be seeing this...
Mad_Mexicoy writes: Go ahead.....Make my day..........
Road Turtle writes: After being replaced by Red Alert for both the Armada series, and Cybertron; only one word could describe the good doctor, Bitter.
Lunar_Convoy writes: Ratchet: "All right you Decepticon pinheads....This, is my BOOM STICK!"

Megs: "You expect to kill me with that pea shooter?"

Ratchet: "If I have too yes." *the gun grows bigger and has double barrels and mini rockets on
bringo writes: Click. Click.
Opps saftey is on.
Ok now.
Click. Click.
#$%# no clip.
Loading clip. Ok.
Now I am....wait come back I was getting ready to shoot...
bringo writes: Refusing to follow his oath to do no harm.
He feels the need to harm.
(Who knew Ratchet followed the hippocratic oath?)
Shadow of Lio Convoy writes: The names Ratchet: James Ratchet.
Autobot bubbs writes: Why you never want to skip out on paying a doctors bill...
-Ry- writes: "Michael bay, the madness stops here..."
Dynamax writes: Ratchet: The patient is suffering, I prescribe euthanasia.


Ratchet: Well....you need to be put out of our misery anyway. *BLAM* Oh GEAAAAAAARS, IT'S TIME FOR YOUR CHECK UP!
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Minicle writes: Ratchet: Well it worked for Shadow the Hedgehog.
Zeedust writes: First, do no harm. Second, make sure you know where the loopholes are in rule number one and when to use them.
SilentBlaster writes: Megatron: Its time to die Rachet!
Rachet: But ah ha i have my squirt gun!
Megatron: Your doomed. Did you know that?
Judynator writes: The guns, the Doctor and the Dread
oto80t writes: The Army Wants You!
snavej writes: Ratchet: It's no good, buddy, even I can't fix your busted wing mirror. Worse than that, you called me 'nurse'. I'll have to put you out of your misery. Oh, how it pains me to do this.

Starscream (out of shot): Hey, that
Superion_007 writes: You gotta be asking yourself, do I feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?!?
punycron writes: I said paper or plastic?
Unknown writes: Ratchet: I'm gangsta!!!!

Megatron: No I am!!!!

Wheelie: I'm gansta biatch!!!

(awkward silence)
seminole1 writes: I'll set your transistors on fire.
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seminole1 writes: Go ahead make my day.
Castle74 writes: Trust Me...I Know What I'm Doing.
Dragonoth writes: Say hello to my instrument of destruction.
Roadshadow writes: What happens when someone questions Ratchet's intelligence...
DeltaSilver88 writes: Ratchet *in a Russian accent*: "Let me introduce myself... Covert Agent Ratchet of the Autobot Secret Police."

Rumble&Frenzy: "GULP."

Soundwave *thinking*: "So that's why he was able to execute that ninja kick on Th
Marv writes: After Ironhide fell into that pond, it took several hours, lots of patience and Track's hairdryer to dry him out...
Zeedust writes: Typical HMO...
Blaster_6267 writes: You say "whats up doc" one more time...U'll be in so many peices that I won't even be able to fix you
Demonic Femme writes: Ratchet, thinking, '...okay... Skywarp doesn't see me... I'll get him... right in-between... the shoulders'
*Skywarp falls over*
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Ratchet: This is ridiculous
Director: Just one shot forthe companies profile
Ratchet: Ypu'll get ot
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galvanostril writes: ratchet "all that'll be left is..."
(next part in girl's voice)
"pieces, pieces, pieces of you, aw yeah!"
galvanostril writes: yeah you think this is weird, I found a sight with ratchet JUMP KICKING thundercracker!
galvanostril writes: seibertron.com

join us or die like fire convoy!
Zeedust writes: Okay, now go look at HoC Ratchet... His hand IS a gun.
Prowl Worshipper writes: Download THIS!
Prowl Worshipper writes: DON'T. CALL. ME. BONES.
Prowl Worshipper writes: Now, did anyone ELSE have a comment on my bedside manner?
Prowl Worshipper writes: YOU and HE did WHAT in my Med-bay?!
Ratbat writes: It's a rarity to see RATCHET--the Autobots' most experienced medic--carrying a GUN!!! :o
Ratbat writes: It's a rarity to see RATCHET
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Masterpiece Prowl writes: (Insert 007 theme music here)
octanius prime writes: BANG
cipher98 writes: Ratchet points gun at Megatron. Then the James bond theme comes on. Live and Let Die!
Zeedust writes: Ratchet: "You still wanna say somethin' about bedside manner, punk? Didn't think so."
juggaloG writes: Hey, Megatron, who's the "sissy medic" now?
Kal-Seth writes: Rachet decides to kill the writers of Energon before they can unleahs it upon the universe
shockwave_inoz writes: RATCH: "It was YOU, wasn't it...you swapped my red crest for a black one! You have exactly 5 seconds to hand it over..."
(To the blind: that chevron-shaped thing on his head!)
shockwave_inoz writes: RATCH: "You kin tak' mah gun... outta mah cawld dayed hainds!!" CHARTON HESTON: "Hey, that's MY line!" RATCH: "You wanna make somethin' of it, soft-skin?!!" IRONHIDE: &qu
Zeedust writes: Ratchet: "Bah weep granna weep nini bong, mother slagger... Nope, doesn't have the same ring to it..."
Zeedust writes: At long last, Ratchet hunts down the guy who bought all the Alternators to sell on eBay.
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Unknown writes: "Hasta la vista, baby."
Unknown writes: I know what you’re thinking, “Did he fire 53 laser bolts or only 52?” So I guess the question is, Decepticon, did you calculate the percentage ratio of favorable probabilities verses unfavorable in this altercation? Well? Did you? …PUNK!
gir writes: "alright Prime reach for the sky!"
Unknown writes: Sorry, Spike. But it was either you or the homosexual near 5th Avenue.
SilverStar writes: IF YOU PUT ME IN THE ARMADA SHOW I WILL SHOOT YOU IN THR A#S!! THEN KILL YOUR SORRY LAME BUTT! UNDERSTAND?! Aramada Actors nods there head fast. Ratchet: GOOD Humans, very good humans. NOW GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!
Zeedust writes: "You made me do this, Skir... You MADE ME..."
Frostic_Prime writes: I hope im holding this right (Shoots right in his face*) Damn thats the second time today!
Unknown writes: charging charging charging...God DANG IT WHEN IS THING GONNA FIRE!
Unknown writes: (to the tune of Aerosmith's 'Janie's Got A Gun)
Ratchet's got a gun, Ratchet's got a gun, his medic days are gone, now the Decepticons are on the run...
Unknown writes: Go ahead. Make my vorn.
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Zu Darkness writes: Rackett has a gun. Ironhide dialing 911. Jazz is on the run. Prowl's head came undone Oh what could of made Rackett snap. Maybe he was tired of Optuims C---. and so on and so on
Dean writes: names bond, ratchet bond
Rhys writes: TF:TM AUDITIONS

Ratchet: I would have waited an eternity for this, it's over Prime...

NELSON SHIN (DIRECTOR): I'm sorry Ratchet, you're just not evil enough to play Megatron, and NO! I will not reconsider your brutal death
Unknown writes: ratchits got a gun......
now we're on the run....
cuse ratchits got a gun
Unknown writes: stop writing porn about me Neo Prime Star
Unknown writes: Ratchet's re-action to TVGuide.com's 1 out of 5 star review of the Transformers movie. Ratchet: ONE BORING MESS HUH?!
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Hey, Bob Skir.....here is what I think about your gun control issues on Cybertron!
Unknown writes: Get away from those chickens!
Unknown writes: bourder patrol! Put your hands where i can see them!!!
Unknown writes: Bbbbbbbad! Bad to the bone!
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Beast Simpson writes: Americas Most Wanted, here i come!
MiGrAnE writes: do you feel lucky punk?
Unknown writes: You are putting me on PowerPuff Girls? You're so dead...BANG!!!!!
Unknown writes: The name's Rachet... Autobot Ratchet.
Unknown writes: Ratchet:tell me then die
decepticon:don't you mean or die........
Unknown writes: I've told you Ironhide.........STAY OUT of my "entertaniment" collection GOT IT!!!
Suzuki writes: I know what you’re thinking; “Did he fire six shots, or only five?” Well since this is a laser pistol and not a revolver, I don’t think it really matters…
Unknown writes: G,un what is this g,un?
Unknown writes: First we asked nicely now we're demanding UNCLE SAM WANT YOU!!!
Unknown writes: Come get some!
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Unknown writes: ractet2:My name is Rachet 2 you killed my father prepare to die. megatrone: nnnnnnnooooooo!
tfpredaking writes: Thank God!! This is last batch of CRAPPY Beastwars and Armada Sh*t to get rid of!! That stuff practically ruined our good name!!
Unknown writes: GOOD.....BAD.....IM THE GUY WITH THE GUN
ryo777 writes: Ratchet: KILL ANOTHER DOCTOR, eh?...PROTEST THIS ANTI-ABORTION -------S!!!
ryo777 writes: Ratchet: Now, now Blurr this WON'T hurt a bit...BLAM!!!!!
ryo777 writes: Ratchet: Now, now Blurr this WON'T hurt a bit...BLAM!!!!!
ryo777 writes: Ratchet: WHAT?!!! KILL ME IN THE MOVIE?!! Do you know HOW hard it is to get UNEMPLOYMENT?!!...TAKE THIS SUNBOW-CLASTER!!!
ryo777 writes: Ratchet: Man, I hope the store clerk doesn't REALIZE this a Megatron re-issue and NOT a REAL piece!!
Unknown writes: go ahead prime say REPAIRS one more time. i dare you.
Unknown writes: You're one of the "Armada" writers, aren't you? Nice meeting you.
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Unknown writes: Go ahead! Make my day! (If you can't figure that one out, you obviously don't get out very much.)
Unknown writes: I'm out of patients, guess I'll have to rustle upsome new ones..oh Bumblebee!
Unknown writes: Ratchet:The name's Ratchet,Nurse Ratchet. Spike:Dude,you've been watching WAY too many James Bond movies
Ratchet writes: here's your damn medication
Unknown writes: Replace US with Gigantor will you!?!?!? Take this cartoon network!!!!!!
Unknown writes: His face grim, his eyes dark holes of despair, Ratchet leveled the gun, showing that doctors too could go postal...
Unknown writes: His face grim, his eyes dark holes of despair, Ratchet leveled the gun, showing that doctors too could go postal...
Unknown writes: Yippy Ki-yay, mother ******
gabriel writes: New Targetmaster Rachet With Nebulan 2nd in command Iaocus as Gun!
Unknown writes: I can shoot fool , but it dont help me in TF TM when I get blown to bits.....
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Unknown writes: The names Bond. Ratchet Bond.
Sledge writes: "Okay Wheelie, step away from Tracks and put your pants back on !!"
Unknown writes: (Clint Eastwood voice) Are ya feelin' lucky punk?
Firestorm writes: You owe me $2,000,000 for your surgery. Now.
Unknown writes: make my day mother fµ©ker
Dynamus Prime writes: Ratchet: You go bye-bye.
Unknown writes: "You know, smoking cigarettes can kill you..."
Unknown writes: what no the hospitals miles awayi cant be bothered. human:please im in soo much pain it hurts bad help please. RATCHET: ok heres some anasthaetic
Unknown writes: ba weep gra na weep nini-what? ah who cares *bang*
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Rodimus Major writes: in the george lucas revamp of transformers the movie ratchet will actually have one gun instead of two and shoot ironhide before he goes down
Unknown writes: Damnit, for the last time, I AM NOT IRONHIDE!
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Okay, Starscream, back away from my Playstation 2. Slowly.
Zero writes: (heero yuy style) I will destroy you...
Unknown writes: you are the weakest link, goodbye!
Unknown writes: ..and then, he killed the dog..(Kung Pow fans will understand)
Unknown writes: (To the Director of Transformers the Movie)"This is what I think of your little movie."
prime writes: Say hello to my little friend
Unknown writes: Ratchet: (with gun) DIE BIN LADEN!
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Eat this!
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Unknown writes: Just give me an excuse!
Meister writes: My name is Ratchet, Mr Ratchet.
Unknown writes: Ratchet:(with gun)
See you in hell Megatron
Pokejedservo writes: This for giving "Transformers the Movie" a BOMB rating, Leonard Maltin!
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Damn, my gun was effected by those stupid human devices called the slow motion and pause button. I should have considered on going econo all the way next time.
Unknown writes: Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya. Prepare to die!
Omega Supreme writes: Ratchet: This is for killing me Megajerk!!
*Rachet blasts Megatron 10 times in the face at point blank range*
Megatron: You shot me?!,aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: I went to see a psychic today and she told me in 2005 I will be shot to death by megatron on an autobot shuttle, so you damn right im going take you out, Megatron.
Wolverine writes: I hate this lame hasbro capgun
Unknown writes: I...know...what...you...did...last...summer
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Unknown writes: Decepticon Scum, you now face Ratchet, and the destructive power of his Refridgerated Enema Gun.
Unknown writes: Ratchet: YOU WANT OSMOSIS?!
Everone offscreen: YOU GOT OSMOSIS!
Unknown writes: "Go ahead, make my day."
Unknown writes: Dodge this!!!!!
Unknown writes: I normally dont do this, but for you Bin Laden, I am gladly making an exception!
Unknown writes: Now, prepare to feel the power of my... FLASHLIGHT GUN??? But if this is HERE, wheres my REAL gun?
Unknown writes: Now, prepare to feel the power of my... FLASHLIGHT GUN??? But if this is here, wheres my REAL gun?
Unknown writes: Just tell me where bin Laden is and I guarantee he will talk!!
Scourge writes: This is for the gay jokes you human jerks posted about us!
Rodimus Prime writes: Ratchet: "Eenie, meenie..."
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Unknown writes: Ratchet: Hasta lavista beebii???
Director: CUT! stupid medic! its baby!
Ratchet: Oh why should I do this?! Im a damn medic!
Unknown writes: "I know what you're thinking. Did he fire six shots or only five? Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I've kinda lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnus, the most powerful handgun on Cybertron, and
Unknown writes: Rachet:I found osama!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Must I kill you" I mean i've told you not to go into my porno stash.
Unicron writes: Rachet:for the last time dont eat my fµ©king pie!!!!!
Unknown writes: Ok...one more time...WHO ate my cheesecake?
Unknown writes: Ratchet:"Gimme that lunch money, Daniel!I'll break Spike's
heart if you dont!"
Narrator:"Dont let this happen to you;dont smoke
Unknown writes: *Raises eyebrow* And this one's for fusing me with Megatron!!
The Chosen One writes: Okay... Which one of you animators painted my head-fin thing the wrong color?!
Unknown writes: ' You talkin' to me? i don't see anyone else here! are you talkin' to me!! '
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Unknown writes: (to the tune of a VERY controversial Ice-T song) Die, die! Die pig, die!!
FortMax writes: I said shaken not stirred, DAMNIT!
Stelartron writes: RACHET: Like my new flashlight? I got it at Disney World! See the micky face on it?
Silverwolf writes: *caps Cheetor repeatedly* That *huff* was for *huff* the fans *huff* Bitch. Now to Bob Skir's house.
Unknown writes: Trust me. I know what I'm doing.
Unknown writes: "Get in the truck ..or else..and don't tell Optimus I live this life of crime"
Unknown writes: "So YOU'RE the guy that designed my toy."
Unknown writes: Wow! there's a hidden mickey on his gun!
Unknown writes: Just when you thought you'd seen it all...Ratchet has a gun!!! I always thought Ratchet's job, as the Autobots' chief medic, was to heal, not kill! :)
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Wjeelie.....this is the only way I can stop you from ruining our lives.
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Dynamus Prime writes: Uh, I hate to tell you this, but that's not a real gun...(Why Ratchet sticks to repairs)
Black Arachnis writes: fooled ya huh, binladen?
Unknown writes: You talkin' back to your pimp,bitch!??!!??!?!?
Unknown writes: RATCHET:Why'd you cheat on me ,Ironhide?
Unknown writes: RATCHET:I demand that you make me a TARGETMASTER.
Unknown writes: R:open wide this won't hurt. "under his breath"
Unknown writes: R:open wide this won't hurt. "under his breath"
Unknown writes: i'm not a cigarette, you're a cigarette. Now you're going to die.
Unknown writes: I'm sorry Iron Hide.......we were meant to not
have heads.......so let it be.....
Unknown writes: I'm sorry Iron Hide.......we were meant to now have heads.......so let it be.....
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Scottimus Prime writes: That cat Ratchet's a bad mutha (shut yo' mouth!) I'm just talkin' 'bout Ratchet!
Unknown writes: i said no refried beans on the burrito.
Flamemaster Galvatron writes: Ratchet: "holding this gun will make me look tough, right?"

Camera man: "yeah just hold that pose *under his breath* you pansie.
Windcharger writes: "This is a .44 magnum, and it is capable of blowing your head clean off."
Windcharger writes: Ratchet: It's over, Prime

Optimus: Stop, I hate this game
Unknown writes: Kids, as a medic I know violence is never the answe-god damn it Wheelie, get away from the KY jelly *BlamBlam!*
Unknown writes: Anyone ELSE want to complain about my bedside manner?
Unknown writes: Hipocratic Oath be damned, sometimes a little harm needs to be done!
Unknown writes: Rachet stop pointing that flashlight in my optics, its not funny anymore.
Unknown writes: You did what in the Rose bush???
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Unknown writes: I would have wated an eturnity for this! Its over Hot Rod!
Unknown writes: It also doubles as a night light!
Unknown writes: I..SAID.."LAY..OFF..THE..REMOTE!!"
Unknown writes: "I know what your thinking. Did I fire five shots, or six. So I guess there's one question you gotta ask yourself. Do I feel lucky. Well. Do ya... punk?" *CLICK* "Aw, dammit."
AutobotLDR writes: "Hastla La Vista Baby"...No Wait "I told you to top beggen me prime"
Maxie-Astrotrain writes: Ratchet: Wheelie, I have tried everything to fix you.. but Im affraid your suffering and must be put down.. Wheelie: Whah?
:: BANG ::
Unknown writes: I got your candid camera right here pal
Unknown writes: Danial, You ARE the weakest link, good bye....*BLAM!* *autobots Cheer*
Unknown writes: Alright! Who was it?! Who
stole my Cybertronian Porno mag!! Hugh?!
Roadbuster writes: What was that about a shuttle tun to earth? I don't think so!
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Unknown writes: Thundercracker: Oh dear...This is gonna hurt isn't it?

Ratchet: Yep.
DARKAGEIS writes: "say what one more time, i dare you, i double dare you m****r f****r say what one more time!!!"
MEGATRON writes: Hasta La Vista, baby!
APOLLO writes: Ratchet:"Go ahead, bin Laden, Make My Day."
Unknown writes: "Wheeljack, if you grab my ass ONE more time!"
Unknown writes: Shut the fµ©k up!
Snake writes: crikey ,no more stupid repaint jokes
Mixmaster writes: What happens when Ratchet can't fix a bot...
Unknown writes: Put me in Robots in Disguise or else I will kill you!
Unknown writes: That's it Wheelie NO MORE Ryhming. And I'm Making sure of it. *BANG.*
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Unknown writes: Ratchet: "You Feeling Lucky Punk."
Rumble: "Depends. Does peeing myself count as lucky?"
Unknown writes: Wheelie, I think I should "repair" you this instant!
Unknown writes: Hope I'm this fast on the Draw, if a bunch of Decepticons over run a shuttle of something
Unknown writes: (to aerosmith song): "Ratchet's Got A Gun"
Unknown writes: Wheelie? or Daniel? Enie, Meine, Miney, MO!! BANG!!
Unknown writes: Go ahead punk, make my day! ... OK Mr Director, did I get the Dirty Harry role?
Sideshow Sideswipe writes: this is for making my toy with no head, you bastard!
Taggenagger writes: My name would be Blaster
Bombshell writes: "Write me out of the movie, will ya? TAKE THAT!"
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Unknown writes: "Go ahead, make my day!".
Riseacon writes: Ratchett wants you.....dead!
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