Cyclonus gives Starscream some back up!

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Cyclonus gives Starscream some back up!
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ksol71339 writes: CYCLONUS:. " You have such a SWEET & TIGHT ass. "

STARSCREAM:. ( Thinking ) " How I wish that he were BUMBLEBEE."
Frenchhorngirl writes: Better second in command?
Fans be like: "BRING IT ON!!!"
Heckfire writes: "...and I call this position 'The Targetmaster'..."
"...sweet Primus, I can taste my own carburetor."
sonic boom writes: starscream: oh, here comes galvatron!
galvatron: cyclonus! people will think that your SHAGGING him!
starscream: oh, roll on armarda......
Dragon_Convoy writes: need more lube
Zeedust writes: Cyclonus: "Here you go, Mr Bay. He tried to run, but he didn't get far."

Micheal Bay: "Excellent... Now, please escort the prima donna here... to his new body!"

shadow minicon writes: Thats not what i ment when i said i needed back up!
bringo writes: Cyclonus: Take it. Just $%$# take it. Good boy. Now who's my bitch?
Starsceam: I am.

Cyclonus: That's right..
Demonic Femme writes: Cyclonis, "I searched all his pockets, Mighty Galvatron, and all I found was a picture.. er.. of your sister."
Galvatron, "WHAT?!!!"
Starscream, "Oh, no-"
"Galvatron, "What are you doing with MY SISTER!!??"
DarkDranzer writes: *After watching Cyclonus and Starscream
*Galvatron enters and is speechless of what he saw*

Cyclonus: Oh crap, Starscream I knew this was a bad idea!! Um mighty Galvatron, err hehehe...this isn't what it looks like, you believe me don't you
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DarkDranzer writes: *After watching Cyclonus and Starscream Galvatron remained speechless and a little green around the gills.*

Galvatron: I think I'm gonna be sick...
Tiedye writes: TEACHER- Allright class we will resite our breathing exercises for our two new members of our lamaze class.
CYCLONUS- I can't belive we got pregnant Starscream.
STARSCREAM- It only takes one time Cyclonus. Now get behind me and time my breathing.
Kal-Seth writes: Cyclonus: behold my PLUSHIE STARSCREAM!

Starscreams latest plan to rule the decepticons involed himself a jet transformer and alot of anime watching
Rainbow Starscream writes: Cyclonus: You know we could do this like those Armada morons do...

Starscream: I hear ya. Let's do it. Cyclonus -- supermode! POWERLINK!
Zeedust writes: Cyclonus: "Now that our guest of honor has arrived, this meeting of the Guys whose Body Starscream has Borrowed will come to order. Are there any questions before we begin?"

Waspinator: "Why Waspinator have to sit next to city-bot? It
Kal-Seth writes: Cyclonus: yea theres somrthing stuck up there, maybe it's the remote it would explain why everytime you fart the channel changes
Magnus writes: Now, you just keep talking like normal and I'm going to pretend my hands are yours. Trust me, it's going to be funny.
Zeedust writes: Cyclonus: "I don't care WHAT Scourge and Waspinator are threatening to do to you. I'm not helping you find a hiding place."
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: Okay Rocky, you've got one more chance, now get in there and knock'em dead!!
Starscream: Dammit... Cyclonus, have you been watching the Rocky movies again?
Cyclonus: It's very possible...
Unknown writes: Starscream you're alive!
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Unknown writes: "Megatron, is that you?!"
PredaKing writes: So this is what they call "back-up"
Unknown writes: Cyclonus:are you ready starscream. Starscream:OH YEAH!!!!
Shadowcon writes: Cyclonus: No, no! This is how you do the Heimlich Maneuver. Starscream: Hey! It's bad enough I have your fists in my gut but could you please keep your probe outta my ass.
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: Dammit, this is the last time I pull up your armor because you go and wax your hands. Starscream: Shut up! You know you love this you spikey, blue bitch. Cyclonus: (murmur)Don't do this to me Starscream.
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: Yup, that's right, a one and a two and a...
Starscream: I don't know you.
Unknown writes: Starscream: what do you want with me
Cyclonus: I want to talk, Starscream you are the most beutiful decepticon than Arcee, join us, Galvitron will never hear about this
Bruticus writes: "Cyclonus, I've been meaning to ask you this for a while . . . are you Thundercracker . . .or Skywarp?"
Unknown writes: "Don't worry Starscream, I'll help ya out with your constipation."
Unknown writes: CYCLONUS: i am giving you a hands on demonstration of what your a** would be after prison, know what i mean.
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Unknown writes: Cyclonus: Good thing I know the Heimlich! No, wait, I don't. Ah well, he'll just be back in a week.
Unknown writes: And now the next game we'll play on "Who's Line Is It Anyway" will be 'Helping Hands'. This game is for Starscream and Cyclonus...
Unknown writes: Ss: Cyclonus, dude you are freaking me out.
Unknown writes: ooooooohhhhh! cyclonus... wow your so small i can barley feel it. is it in yet?
Battle Angel writes: Look Galvatron! I fixed Starscream for you, now you can kick his tin can just like in the old days!
Unknown writes: Starscream: (hesitantly) Whaddya mean "spread 'em" ?
Unknown writes: Ss: Cyclonus, you are sooo invading my privacy. Now go away.
Unknown writes: I dont like this operation human sheild idea it always leads me to the hospital.
Sledge writes: "Starscream, don't transform or I'll be stuck in your tailpipe"
Unknown writes: Cyclonus:"Damnit, Starscream, laugh!"(As he tickles him)
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astrotrain's first friend writes: Starscream: What are you doing to me?! Cyclonus: i'm gonna rip your wings of muahahahahahahahahaha! Starscream: GET AWAY FROM ME YOU CRAZY OVERLAGED PURPLE BUNNY!
Scourge writes: Cyclonus: Screamer, how exactly did this thing get shoved up your tailpipe?
vash writes: cyclonus: man starscream you have such a nice ass.
starscream:I know optimus and most all of the decepticons told me, however optomus was better than you, you big purple get off before i sick pimp daddy megatron on your ass!
Unknown writes: SS: U sure are good at humping Cyc!
prime writes: Now thats what Im talking about Galvatron!!
Say my name bitch!!
Unknown writes: Starscream: GET OFF OF ME YOU FAGOT!
Unknown writes: at least i wasnt trying you out while you were dead.
Omega Supreme writes: Cyclonus: Why the hell are we standing here when we can fly?
Starscream: Good point!
Unknown writes: You where right, that is a nasty looking dent.
Nemesis writes: So, Starscream, you wanted a lube- job???
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Unknown writes: OOOOOOPSSSSS!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Starscream: ohh Cyclonis... Ohhh!! ohhh!!
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: BLUE 42! BLUE 42!! HIKE!!!
Blitzkrieg writes: Cyclonus: "Come on, Starscream! Back that ass up!" Starscream: "Let go of me, you freak!"
The Chosen One writes: Yes, that's a blaster in my pocket, you sick freak! ...I have no control over where it goes, though
FortMax writes: Starscream: Cyclonus! is that you
Cyclonus: heres a hint
Unknown writes: Starscream, the best lap dancer in the biz
Silverwolf writes: WHY THE fµ©k WON'T YOU STAY DEAD!

Starscream: It's because I love you, honost.
Unknown writes: Cyclonus, when I become Decepticon leader, you will be my second-in-command. :)
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Unknown writes: Starscream: Thank the maker I'm not Thundercracker, or this would be really weird.

Cyclonus: I'm never drinking with you again...
Super Prime writes: Cyclonus: Starscream, are you sure this is how the humans do it. Starscream: Yep I'm sure.
Super Prime writes: Cyclonus: Starscream, are you sure this is how the humans do it. Starscream: Yep I'm sure.
Unknown writes: Starscream has a Stalker with an Energon Knife
Unknown writes: Cyclonis Looks Pretty Jealous At Starcream's Ass
Dynamus Prime writes: Is it still there? Make it go away!!
Stelartron writes: Screamer: Look everybody! I just ran Cyclonus's underwear up the flagpole! *laughs*

Other Decepticons: (all stare at Starscream with "uh-oh" looks on their faces)

Screamer: (slowly stops laughing as he realizes that no one
Idiot writes: Yay! Piggieback!
Bumblebee writes: You now cyclonus i have always thought of you in a sexaul waybut i didn't know you were this good at sex, what thats comig out of your waist joint a robotic genitals aw baby bring it on awwwwwwwwwwwwww
Bumblebee writes: You now cyc;onus i have always thought of you in a sexaul waybut i didn't know you were this good at sex, what thats comig out of your waist joint a robotic genitals aw baby bring it on awwwwwwwwwwwwww
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Unknown writes: CYCLONUS:I'm jumping into you like SWAYZE did to WHOOPI GOLDBERG.Play "UNCHAINED MELODY" so we can dance with big-busted Deceptibabe.
Unknown writes: Hold it, Starscream! Yous ain't goin' nowhere!
Unknown writes: Hold it, Starscream! Yous ain't goin' nowhere!
Unknown writes: poor starscream made the mistake of pickeing up the soap
Unknown writes: Starscream:Give it to me harder cyclonus.
Cyclonus:Oh Yeah Baby
Singularity writes: Starscream:. o O(10 seconds in the game, if I can make this Jump Shot) Cyclonus: . o O(Seekers can't jump)
matt writes: (Cyclonus) Yeah, Starscream. Fight me! I love it when you fight me...! (Starscream ) What the...? Oh no; not again...!
Mirage writes: C'mon, you know I'm the baddest jet in the universe.
Unknown writes: Cyclonus, i TOLD you im not tickleish
Windcharger writes: Cyclonus: Yeah, take it Galvatron
Starscream: What did you just call me?
Cyclonus: Uh, i mean, take it Starscream
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las writes: Hey doc am I supposed to feel both hands on my shoulders?
Unknown writes: Feel anything yet?
Unknown writes: Look out there,sombody is looking at us.
Unknown writes: Due to the lack of sparks, anyone who caught Starscream and Cyclonus in the act only pondered Cyclonus's inferior robo genitals
Unknown writes: Whoooo's your daddy?
Unknown writes: Wha..shut off that damn camera!
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: Ya' put your right foot in...
Unknown writes: "Cyclonus!, I never knew you had a little Greek in you!"
Unknown writes: "Lubrication, Starscream? This is bad sodomy."
Unknown writes: C'mon everybody! TOTEM-POLE!!!!!
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Unknown writes: Cyclonus:" Nice moe, Starscream! Now I can't get the gerbil out!!"
Starscream:"Won't be the first."
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: I caught this one messing with the vending machines!
Bwg writes: Cyclonus: Want to feel my pig sticker? Starscream: What the fock?
Bwg writes: Cyclonus: Want to feel my pig sticker? Starscream: What the fock?
Bwg writes: Cyclonus: Want to feel my pig sticker? Starscream: What the fock?
Roddy writes: Starscream: "Little to the left. Back to the right."

Cyclonus: "There?"

Starscream: "No, that's my ventilation hole. My fueltank opening is right beside it."

Cyclonus: "Found
Unknown writes: Starscream: Behind me? Ha! you think I'd fall for that old trick?
Unknown writes: Hey check out my new backpack!
Ultimate Optimus writes: Cyclonus: So, you like it rough, huh! StarScream: Ummm....No, back off and I'll pretend I didn't hear that!
Unknown writes: Star Scream: Hey Cyclonus, guess what!

Cyclonus: What?

Brrrrt!(Star Scream farts)

Star Scream: HA! HA! HA!

Cyclonus: Ugh! I hate you more than ever!
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Unknown writes: Cyclonus: Faster! Starscream: Harder!
Cyclonus: faster!
Starscream : harder!
Cyclonus:ok i'll go harder only if you go faster.
APOLLO writes: Cyclonus:"Ever wonder why they colored me purple."

Unknown writes: Starscream: Cyclonus, wait wait.... is that a security camera?
Blitzwing writes: cyclonus: What's that smell?
Ravage writes: Don't worry I can save you with the heimlick!
Unknown writes: Please tell me Cyclonus is just adjussting starscreams wings... Please...
Ya know. Starscream really gets around if you take a look at the other captions with him in it ;-)
Unknown writes: BACK DAT ASS UP!
Unknown writes: Starscream: I said BUDDING, not BUTTING!
Unknown writes: Cyclonous: Galvatron! It's not what it looks like!
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Unknown writes: Come on. Pick up the soap.
Mtx writes: Damnit Starscream you've had this coming to you since episode one!
Leroy writes: Wonder Twins Unite!
Powerglide writes: Cyclous:"uh uh ohhh Starscream I didn't know you had it in you." Starscream:"Well this is the last time I let you transfer energon this way." Cyclous:"But its so warm." Starscream: "Y
Unknown writes: starscream: I am sorry,but I don't think this is how we combine into one....
ryanna writes: Ace & Gary The Ambigously gay duo!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: And the first thing I'm going to do when I take control of you Cyclonus, is walk right up to Galvatron and tell him that I have finally realised that his anger problem is a direct result of his obvious inferiority complex. Oh and then I'
Unknown writes: Starscream:Give me your beridium baloney!
Bombshell writes: Starscream decides to take the shot for Cyclonus, seeing as how he is a more bad ass jet than he is!
Unknown writes: "Now class, you wrap your arms around the choking victim's waist, making a ball in front of their stomach, and precede to...."
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Unknown writes: Hey Starscream, let me show you a trick.
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: Come on Starscream tell me what I want to hear. WHO'S YOUR DADDY??
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: Come on Starscream tell me what I want to hear. WHO'S YOUR DADDY??
Mtx writes: Damn I guess they don't call him "Mega"tron for nothing. He really opened you up.
Octavius Prime writes: Star Scream: No Galvatron you can't take him ! I love him !
Cyclonus: I umm uhh oh boy :: Gulp ::
Justin writes: Starscream: I hope optimus isent coming here he will make us a laughing stock
Galva: I dont know, but speaking of stocks wheres your anus damnit!
Starscream: oh its on my neck
Galva: It seems we have a problem
Optimus: Well well well...
Unknown writes: (cyclonus and starscream spend some quality time in oswald state jail)
Starscream: NOT AGAIN!
Jay Prime writes: Cyclonus: When I let go, you run full speed ahead, got it? Starscream: What about that wall? Cyclonus: Silence!!
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: Trust me! Just fall back and I promise I'll catch you.

Screamer: Weeeeell..okay. Here I go.
Unknown writes: Starscream: Have I earned my place in the new Decepticons, my leader Galvatron?

Galva: ~Uggg~ Yes my pet, yes.
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Unknown writes: *starscreem takes over cyclones body and rubbs him sefl in a sexly active way.
Izzy writes: Na na na na na, getting jiggy with it
Unknown writes: yeah..starscream thats it...yeah..yeah....
Unknown writes: Come back here Starscreem *Cyclonense grabs Starscreems ghost and throughs it to galvatron* Die again Starscreem.
Unknown writes: Cyclonus(singing): I put my hands up on your hips then I dip, you dip, we dip!
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