Fire Convoy & Build Typhoon get close

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Fire Convoy & Build Typhoon get close
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Bee's Girlfriend writes: Okay, now we kiss... no that's boring. Let's get drunk on eachother!
Rainmaker writes: Prime: You know your visor looks like it is blending in with my shoulder right?
Typhoon: HOLY
Zeedust writes: Heavy Load: "Come on, give us a smile..."
Prime: "I don't have a MOUTH, dumbass."
Black Hat writes: Dont act all innocent with me. I know it was you who disabled T-AI's clothing protocols.
maroyasha writes: FC: Why are you looking at me like that?
BT: Fire Convoy you're my hero.
FC: Oh great. Another one quoting movies and junk!
Rodimus Prime writes: BT: "Is that the Matrix in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?"
ACStarscream writes: "Smile at me like that all you like. I'm still not giving you a pay rise."
darth_paul writes: Optimus: Who are you again? And why are you smiling at me?
BT: You'll find out soon enough big bot.
battlestrike writes: optimus:i wish i could quit you. build typhoon: TAKE ME NOW!!!
tian17 writes: Yo Mama: The Cybertron Edition, in TF sickness week, on MTV

Prime: my mamas so gay shes gayer than gay!

Prowl: dude, silverstreak, i bet megaman could diss better than Prime

Heavyload: Ya know wat Prime, ur right! I'm yo mama!

Prime: HOLY
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Dark Cyclone writes: Brokeback Mountain: Cybertron Edition
Mad_Mexicoy writes: Did you ever think we could be so happy?
Flame Cheetor writes: Fire convoy:this place is getting hot!
Build typhoon:Yeah,it is!
Fire Convoy:You're naughty,and i like that.
Build typhoon:I was build to be a gay!
Roadshadow writes: Optimus: Uhh, Heavy Load? Why are you smiling at me that way?
Heavy Load: Oh're soooooo sexy...
Optimus: @_@
Jetplague writes: You this light...with that look really, really, realy.....really.........really.....nice.
Shadow of Lio Convoy writes: Fire Convoy: Wanna make kids?
Build Typhoon: O.K!!!
snavej writes: Nice chin implant! Did you go to the same mecha-surgeon as me?
Judynator writes: BT: Oh budy! You have nice eye!
trailbreaker writes: Kids, better close your eyes.
Unknown writes: prime, i loved the way you handle those decepticons out there.

thanks, i try my best

kiss me you fool! kiss me!
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Unknown writes: BT: Did you know you have really beautiful eyes?

FC: Shut up and kiss me dammit!
galactus writes: gimme sum brokeback luv
Voyager Prime writes: Fire Convoy: The question is... do you feel lucky? (steps closer) Do ya, punk?

Build Typhoon: All right! All right! I'll never take sexy photos of Elita-1 again!

Fire Convoy: And...

Build Typhoon: And.. and "Beast Machines" was a
tiar180 writes: oh ya let's get it on wink wink
tiar180 writes: kiss me baby
Zeedust writes: "TRUK not MUNKY, Heavy Load, and don't you DARE forget it."
Not Sonic writes: oh typhoon i luv u so much i just want to... oh wait people are watching... "call me" he whispers
Roadshadow writes: Heavy Load: So, uh, have we met?
Quickdash writes: did i tell you that you look fab in red optimus?
Demonic Femme writes: "Okay, I think the bugs out."
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Warhead writes: mmmmmmm.... typoon your my freind
Armbullet writes: I got my eye on you, you four-eyed,yellow,Pansy!!
Marv writes: No sir, I DON'T want to buy a new trailer, I like my old one just fine. Now get out of my face!
Zeedust writes: Koji: "Do Autobot staring contests usually last five hours?"

T-ai: "The short ones do."

Koji: "I'll have my cell phone whith me. Call me when you're done."
juggaloG writes: Op: I like the yellow on you Build Team guys! Nice Wal-mart exclusive repaint!
HL: Thanks, op! I think we're the last of the RID line, BTW!
Op: Oh? too bad, it was a good line, even with the ugly Autobots! The Energon line is pretty cool, though, e
juggaloG writes: Op: I'm proud of what you & the rest of the Build Team did today, finally capturing Devastator once and for all. The Constructicons will have their ability to merge deactivated permanently immediately & will be imprisoned permanently. Good Wo
Nightshadow writes: Fire Convoy: I think its time i showed you how i feel about you.
Build Typhoon:
Fire Convoy: Are sexy? I know... now come..
Build Typhoon: No Sir, its your breath, it stinks.
Unknown writes: Fire Convoy: "If you tell anyone about this, I swear... I will kill you...!"
Shadow Fox writes: Optimus- I can just get lost in your eyes sometimes, this is so wrong..but yet it feels so right..kiss me now, I'm yours!!!
omega icecream writes: two gay guys on a groo vy ground.
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omega icecream writes: gay.
Unknown writes: Build Typhoon: "SHUCKY SHUKCY, TEN DOLLARS!!!" Fire Convoy: "No H-Way!!!"
Unknown writes: Fire Convoy & Build Typhoon about to kiss while they are drunk!
Unknown writes: So, uh, have we met?
DKusanagi writes: O.Prime: Heavyload, what are you doing. Heavyload: Oh nothing, new cologne? O.Prime: Yes it is... it's that new Energon Breeze for men...
Zeedust writes: Scorponok, off-screen: "He's a smirker! Mangle!"
Unknown writes: Fire Convoy: The truth, Build Typhoon! I WANT THE TRUTH!! NOW SPILL IT!! You've been scheming with the Destrons, haven't you?! HUH? HUH?! HUH??!!
Build Typhoon: Oh, of course not, Fire Convoy...but we're getting mighty close t
Zeedust writes: "All right, Heavy Load, what prank did you and Ultra Magnus set up THIS time?"
Zeedust writes: "I warned you to stay away from T-ai. You didn't listen. Now, Heavy Load? Now comes the pain..."
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Unknown writes: Heavy Load: "Did anyone ever tell you you've got beautiful optic sensors?" Optimus: "And I thought all you construction types were as straight as an arrow!"
Frostic_Prime writes: PRime: You cant tell but im not smiling...
Unknown writes: Fire convoy (i think): i hav to put a mask on your breath is so foul! build typhoon: i had garlic bread for lunch. what can i do otherwise?
Unknown writes: A veritable meeting of minds.
Dean writes: fire convoy:i just want to say i love build typhoon.Typhoon: oh fire convoy
Zu Darkness writes: What the F---k are you smiling at. You used to be a depection!
Beast Simpson writes: Thats my MOTHER, Build Typhoon.
Unknown writes: "Hey, didn't you used to be a rig or something?" Optimus:"I told you to shut up about that!"
Unknown writes: Build Typhoon: i know we are only robots but it could still work
pllleeeaaassseee kis me.
Fire Convoy:.....i don't got lips you gay freak.
Build Typhoon: thats why i love ya
Fire Convoy: get a knew micro procesor or upgrade to 1.0 at least
Unknown writes: build typhoon:Kiss me optimus , kiss me!!!
Optimus:i dont have a mouth and get the (censored) away from me!!!
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ionacus writes: i told you to stop loking at aleta 1 like that, you little f---ing bastard
PlasmaRadio writes: Prime: "What did I tell you about personal space."
Unknown writes: prime: ah! mon sharee!
heveyload: ah kiss me..... STUPID!
Chrono writes: Kiss me you fool
Unknown writes: Forget it, he's too young for you. Cradle robber.
Unknown writes: optimus: did i ever tell u, u have a beautiful eye
Unknown writes: optimus: *thinks: oh no hes comeing on to me again
Unknown writes: the next time you use that wet willy joke I will show you my sickness of beatyoura$$- itus
Anonymous Iggy writes: ...Want a tic tac?
frank writes: Autobot love machines
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Firestorm writes: Build Typhoon: Yessir- that Dentine got rid of the burbon smell.

Prime: Thanks- Alita hates it when I drink [hic].
Unknown writes: Behold, Optimus, the MIND TAKER!
Unknown writes: Heavy: Optimus, I have a crush on Wedge.
Unknown writes: OP:whats that on your breath? did you smoke gaskunk again? HL: no i just licked his a$$!
Chachi writes: Optimus&Heavy Load: "STARING CONTEST!"
Unknown writes: Hey, Good Buddy, I rented Deliverance
Unknown writes: *Emotional romantic music plays in the background.*
Unknown writes: Optimus: Heavy Load, no tongues please!
Unknown writes: Give me some sugar baby.
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Unknown writes: Show me the sugar!
Unknown writes: Heavy Load: Look into my eyes Prime. You are getting sleepy!
Unknown writes: heavyload: hey I look likt blitwing???
Prime: *looks close* look more like duke nukem...and you smell like $#!*
Chee-toy writes: Prime: Do I still have Chilli breath?
Unknown writes: You are so beautiful,to me, cant you see. Typhoon: oooh, this feels oh so right, it just tingles my sensors all over my body.
Unknown writes: optimus: got a 20 sack bro?
Unknown writes: Stan and Kyle standing in the background: dude, this is pretty #%@&ed up right here
Unknown writes: HeayLoad: I once had an affair with the original Optimus Prime

Optimus: Really?
henry writes: Prime: "If only I had lips..."
Unknown writes: prime: oh...honey..u are my only one...let me kiss your sexy mouth...
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Unknown writes: Prime: For the last time, Heavy Load, WIPE THAT STUPID GRIN OFF YOUR FACE!!! Heavy Load (drunk): Hey, pretty lady, how you knows my name?
BenH writes: Hasbro unveils its new Transformer series: "Days of our Bots"
Unknown writes: Is that leaking lubricant i smell??
Heather Prime writes: i yell speak of autobot say OPTIMUS PRIME AND HEAVY LOAD NOW COME HOME ARK OAKY AUTOBOT.......
Unknown writes: Prime: Have u been smokin weed man??? Gimme some!!!
Unknown writes: prowl:but prime I thought you were my lover
Unknown writes: Tell me something HL, do you swallow bitch?
Unknown writes: For the last time Heavy Load: NO I DONT USE MY POSITION TO GET WHAT I WANT WITH THE FEMBOTS.
Unknown writes: What do you think Prime? Should we go public on this?
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Unknown writes: What do you think Prime? Should we public on this?
Unknown writes: Say Prime, whatever happend to the Matrix? Matr.. what?
Unknown writes: Your name suites you baby
Unknown writes: Look at me sun: STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS!
Unknown writes: sideburn:go GET A GARAGE! Heavyload: hose me down prime
Unknown writes: Heavyload: Just leave it aaaallllllll to me
Unknown writes: heavyload: wait till the honeymoon prime
Unknown writes: heavyload: (cought) tell wedge i love him.
Unknown writes: Optimus: Aren't are faces getting a little close?
Heavy Load(Build Typhoon's English name): I swear! The execs at Hasbro offered me a lot o' cash to do this! I'm not actually serious!
Andrew writes: hey! your breath smells like my momma's s£!t stash
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Unicron writes: optimus: im not gay ok!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: National Enquirer headline:"Optimus Prime seen with gay lover!Rumor that Autbot leader is queer asa three dollar bill confirmed!'
Galvatron Z writes: Fire Convoy: "Gimme some sugar baby!"
Unknown writes: Optimus pulls Heavy Load aside and growls in a hushed tone, "Call me a Prime clone again and I'll make you,comprende?" HeavyLoad chuckles,"Bring it on,big man."
Unknown writes: Convoy: WHAT DID YOU SAY!!.....
Build typhoon: well i thought they way you were looking at wanted know!
FortMax writes: Just shup up and kiss me
Silverwolf writes: Are you sure we can make money with an alternate ending to Titanic?

Fire COnvoy: Just shut up and kiss me.
Unknown writes: hl: yeah, but i mean, what'ed the kids look like? no eyes, and no mouth
Unknown writes: Heavy Load: What? Uncomfortable with mysexuality, Prime?

Prime: You're lucky I'm completely incapable of emoting... and that I'm tied up...
Unknown writes: Prime: DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH??!!! HL: Umm.....what mouth??
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Bumblebee writes: Are you shaw we should get this close because my cock is up and not doin anythin so turn around so i can screw u
Black Arachnis writes: t.a.i.,use my hud system next time.
Unknown writes: you have beautiful eyes!
Dynamus Prime writes: HA HA! You blinked! Did not! Did to!
Stelartron writes: Heavy Load: Hey Optimus, I just heard that they're finally gonna put some femmes on our show!
Unknown writes: Heavy Load I told you to stop taking the human e-pills anymore!!!!!
Unknown writes: the sad result of a 50 to 1 manbot-femmbot ratio
jprime69 writes: Heavy Load: Gimme some sugar baby!
Unknown writes: Prime-If you trie to steal my energon sandwhich again...
Heavyload-I never will!(Damn he's one hot mama
Unknown writes: And you may now kiss the builder
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Unknown writes: Prime: Kill me and bring back the OLD prime!
Chains writes: come closer heavy load and I'll help you build something!! oh @#$% did i say that out loud?
Flamemaster Galvatron writes: Optimus: I don't want to sound like a queer or nothing..but I'd really like to make love to you tonight. Wedge: .....
Windcharger writes: Optimus: Are you ready, Wedge?
Wedge: Optimus, I've never done this before, please be gentle
Unknown writes: Optimus: (Whispering) Hey Heavy Load you ready to go to Hooters?

Heavy Load: Hold on let me check. Ten cases of beer, wads of cash, YUP I'm READY!

Optimus: (smiling) Excellent.
Unknown writes: Optimus: Pssst...I know a way to get rid of Wedge and make YOU, the leader of the Build Team.
Heavy Load: I'm listening...
Unknown writes: Prime: "Look, I believe
that freedom is the right of all sentient beings, but if you keep looking at me like that, I'll make an exception."
Unknown writes: Prime: "Look, I believe in that freedom is the right of all sentient beings, but if you keep looking at me like that, I'll make an exception."
Unknown writes: did you steal my sack lunch?!
cypher5 writes: PRIME...did you brush your teeth ?
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Unknown writes: Heveyload: Prime.
Prime: SSHH! You don't have to say any thing.
Unknown writes: 2 words fo ya Optimus:
Breath Mints!
Unknown writes: G !... and you wonder what happens when there are so many guy robots on the show!!!
Unknown writes: One word for you son: Plastics!
Brodimus Prime writes: Heavy Load: Optimus, what big eyes you have.
Optimus: All the better to see you with. Now get out of my face and go build something!!
Unknown writes: HEAVY LOAD: Ah! My hero!
OPTIMUS:EEEwwww!! Get away!
Bwg writes: Prime: Fool! Get that gay ass look off your face fore I shoot you!
Unknown writes: Uh, Heavy Load, do you always smile like that.
HL: Yeah, it's even on my toy.
Roddy writes: Optimus: "Uh, Wedge, your gun is digging into my hip."

Wedge: "That's not my gun."
Unknown writes: Fire Optimus: Y'know... I've always admired a strong chin and a pointy nose in a bot....
Heavy Load *snicker*
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Unknown writes: Stop that, it's disturbing.
Unknown writes: SNIFF SNIFF,U STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MEGATRON writes: Um, Fire Convoy?
Shut Up, I'm still messed up after living with that Elita-1 Bitch!
Unknown writes: I wanna kiss you all over and over
Unknown writes: I wanna kiss you all over and over
Unknown writes: I wanna kiss you all over and over
JP writes: Heavyload: "Psst Prime, ever noticed that many Japanese catoon characters have pointy little noses?"
Unknown writes: Prime: Kiss me you cocky prick...
HL: Only if you take your mask off first....
Mixmaster writes: Prime : Do you want to see some puppies, Little bot?
Unknown writes: Heavy Load: Psst! Prime! I got a secret to tell you.

Prime: Yeah?

Heavy Load: *whisper*

Prime: *blink....Blink blink*

heavy Load: *goofy looking smile.*

Prime: You are the most disusting bot i've ever met.

Heavy Load: *goofy loo
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Soundwave writes: Hey, Autobots have to be entertained without any fembots around!
Fortress Maximus writes: Heavyload: It's been so long...think the other Autobots can handle the truth now?
Prime: Which truth, that Wedge is our son or that your a woman?
Unknown writes: Heavyload: prime
Prime: heavyload
Heavyload: PRIME
Jay Prime writes: You have a chrome booger.
Unknown writes: Optimus and Heavyload decide to engage in a 4-day staring contest.
grimlock writes: shut up and kiss me bigbot
Unknown writes: Heavyload: Did I ever tell you how beautiful your optics look?
Optimus writes: Fire Convoy and Build Typhoon: The truth!
Unknown writes: Heavload: Oooo...a FIRE truck! THAT'S imposing! PRIME: Shut up!
Ultimate Optimus writes: Heavyload: *Sniff sniff* Hey! Your breath DOES smell like peppermint...Wait a tick! How can you breathe?
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Riseacon writes: Heavyload: Oh Prime...If only you had a mouth
Shrapnel writes: Hmm.... When I look into your eyes, I can see the back of your head
Unknown writes: Heavy Load: Look into my eyes, Prime. You are getting sleepier....
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